The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

So We Are Not Erased

Finally, Castamar will have an heir.
Right, dear?
I worry about Enrique of Arcona.
Each time the marquis appears,
Miss Castro becomes frightened.
This has belonged to
every lady of Castamar.
- It belongs to you now.
- To me?
[Diego] Why have you given her the brooch,
You could've asked me first, no?
Would your answer be no?
- Congratulations, Miss.
- Thank you.
And also to you, Lord Diego.
Thanks to your signature,
the killer of Colonel Quintanilla
will finally be executed.
[Enrique] I swear to God
that I will kill Diego of Castamar.
[thunder rumbling]
[panting and sobbing]
[thunder rumbling]
[prays in Latin]
Armando Belmonte,
accused of assassination,
treason and flight.
Guilty of all charges
and sentenced to death by hanging.
It belongs to my daughter.
Please, she must not see me like this.
May God forgive me.
No! No, not her! Not her!
Not her!
[thunder rumbling]
[joyful chattering]
[girl] Who wants more?
[Carmen] All right, a little more.
[joyful chattering and laughter]
My lord. Can I help you?
Yes, I am looking for Miss Belmonte.
She left the house a moment ago.
She is gone? Outside?
Yes, it also surprised me.
Knowing of her condition
and with the storm that is falling
[Diego] Clara!
[rain falling]
[thunder rumbling]
[breathing heavily]
[softly] Clara.
Clara, I'm here. Clara!
Look at me, please. Clara, look at me.
- Melquíades!
- What is all that shouting?
Melquíades, for the love of God! Quickly.
- What happened?
- Call for the doctor, it is urgent!
- What happened to her, my lord?
- She ventured out in the storm.
- She is unconscious.
- I will warm up her room, right away.
Light the
Light the fireplace in the guest room.
- In the guest bedroom? My lord
- [adamant] Yes!
Is she dead?
- [Elquiza] No. Calm down.
- Is she dead, Mr. Elquiza?
No. Calm down.
[Úrsula] You found her, my lord!
Tell the servants to warm up
the guest room! Right now!
I do not know what you are doing,
but it is most inappropriate.
Get out of my way, Mother.
Allow me to pass!
I will talk to him.
[doctor] She seems to be recovering.
If she had spent any longer
in the storm, she would be dead.
But But why is she not coming around?
Her body made a great effort
to withstand the loss of temperature.
She needs rest.
A drop of quinine
and she will recover surprisingly soon.
[Amelia] Diego.
Diego, you are soaking wet.
You must change
those damp clothes promptly.
Diego, the servants will take care of her.
[doctor] Keep the room warm
and make her drink plenty of liquids.
Mr. Elquiza,
ensure that Miss Belmonte
is brought back to her room
as soon as possible.
[Francisco] Diego, will you please tell
what is going on with the cook?
The doctor believes she is out of danger
and she will soon recover.
I think that is not what Francisco asked.
Of course, you do not have to tell us
anything that you don't want to.
We don't understand
what is happening to you, my friend.
[Francisco] We are your friends.
There should be no secrets between us.
Have you fallen in love with the cook?
The situation it is impossible.
For she is a cook
and I am betrothed to Miss Castro
We have something
so precious. I cannot afford to lose.
It is difficult to understand but
You are very fortunate
to not be in a position such as this.
I do not have a choice.
And you think we do?
You do, brother. You are a free man.
You can do as you please.
And you not?
[sigh of relief]
Maybe none of us is truly free.
Diego, you have made your choice.
Miss Castro deserves respect.
You do have a choice.
You are right.
Thank you.
It is done.
The Marchioness of Villamar
can dress in black now.
And the black one?
A slave ship leaves Lisbon in a few days.
Make sure he is on board.
- I will not let you down.
- And nor will I.
[man] Armando Belmonte,
accused of assassination,
treason and flight.
Guilty of all charges
and sentenced to death by hanging
[breathing heavily and moaning]
Clara, calm down, calm down.
You are safe, you are safe.
My poor girl. Oh, you are burning
Doctor Evaristo?
Doctor Evaristo, it is Elisa.
My lord.
- My lord!
- What is it?
It's Miss Belmonte, sir.
[breathing heavily and moaning]
She has a very high fever.
It will not go down
with either rubs or quinine.
Is it serious then?
It's not a common cold.
We will have to wait and see, but
She is in a delicate situation.
It could lead to collapse.
Clara, you cannot leave me.
You must be fight, you hear me?
You have to fight.
Don't leave her alone, not for a second.
And call Doctor Evaristo
if anything changes.
Cover her forehead with cold cloths
and administer 10
or 12 drops every four hours.
I will do it.
My lord, it is very generous of you,
but it won't be necessary.
Elisa knows what to do.
Certainly, my lord.
I shall do everything necessary.
I shall stay here. You may leave us.
[discreetly] Sir, I don't think
it's appropriate for you to attend to her.
I shall leave once she is better.
I have much to tell to her, Melquíades.
[Elquiza] We'd better leave.
[Elisa] But Mr. Elquiza,
the master cannot stay with her!
They will be fine.
[door closes]
[Clara] They say that just before we die,
we see images
of our life passing quickly by,
like flashes of our existence.
The things we have done,
and those that are left to do,
slowly swallowed by mist
Maybe that is what dying is,
the fading of memories.
Never in my life
have I seen such a high fever.
Thank you.
Doctor Evaristo said
that it is very serious so
A boy told me that her father
is a murderer who is sentenced to hang.
- Holy Mother of God.
- What are you saying, Beatriz?
Simply the truth.
I shall tell you the truth:
you know nothing.
The truth is that Clara is our friend.
That she is lying sick in bed,
and that she might even die.
So, you will show some respect.
Feel free to talk about her father.
You liar!
At least if I could just stay with her
I could take care of her
nurse her, watch over her
Talk to Miss Castro, she will understand.
But the problem is not her,
the problem is the master.
He wants to be left alone with Clara,
in the room.
The master is with her in the room?
The brazen whore. In the end,
it seems she had her own way.
What do you have to say, Beatriz?
- I saw with my own two eyes.
- What did you see?
- I saw them right here in this kitchen!
- Just stop!
You, come with me.
- What did you see exactly?
- I saw
Careful what you say.
I saw the master and the cook here.
They were kissing.
[Elisa] Liar.
[indistinct murmur]
[Armando] Dearest daughter,
I truly hope that
you do not worry about me.
I am well, despite the many souls
being taken away in this senseless war.
Mercifully, the hardships fade
when I recall us at home
seated at the table,
savouring my favourite dish.
The scent of your cooking
is so distinct, so vivid
It feels as if neither the time
nor the distance can separate us.
We were missing flowers.
Truffles with mushrooms and olives.
Good morning, Miss.
Do you wish to take breakfast here or in
the dining room?
Has Lord Diego woken yet?
I think he erm
He is with
He is in the guest room, my lady.
I will rise, bring my clothes to me.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning, please take a seat.
- Gentlemen.
- Thank you.
Oh my, that is terrible.
- What happened?
- [Mercedes] The Marquis of Villamar
was murdered in an assault.
Here, take a look.
Thieves assaulted and robbed him.
Any details? He was alone?
Sol Montijos was not with him.
I guess all of us are glad
not to have to mourn her loss too.
But of course, especially me.
We really ought to pay our respects.
- Make ready the carriage, please.
- No, it is not possible.
At the express wish of the Marchioness,
there will neither mourning
nor condolences.
what widow would do such a thing?
You have to speak with her.
You inflate my influence, Lady Mercedes.
She's always danced to her own tune,
but this This is too much.
The Marquis
does not deserve such a thing.
A sumptuous burial
will not bring back the Marquis.
If the Marchioness prefers
not to show off, she has my respect.
I have known Sol Montijos
all too well for many years.
I would be surprised
if she did not want to show off.
Maybe you do not know her well after all.
And you do?
I appreciate you too much not to say this:
you know nothing about her.
- My lady
- Not now.
My lady, it is urgent.
There is something important
you must know.
If you will excuse me.
[Diego] Come on, Clara, a little more.
You must try to make an effort.
Very good
I had to see it with my own eyes.
What on earth are you thinking?
[lip smack]
I intend to mend my wrongdoings.
- [gasps] Have you lost your mind.
- No, Mother,
- I have never been more lucid.
- You simply cannot mean that.
It is one thing to have
a clandestine affair with a nobody,
- but a very different thing
- Mother.
Miss Belmonte is not a nobody.
You cannot treat her as though
she were your intended.
You give the servants good reason to talk,
and if that gossip spreads,
it shall have grave consequences.
Yes. It is what I want.
You are engaged to be married to Amelia.
[Mercedes] You have responsibilities.
You cannot go back on your word.
[Diego] Yes, Mother, you are right,
I do have responsibilities.
That is why I am not going
to make a mistake and marry Miss Castro.
I have tried hard to love her,
but I do not. And never shall I,
no matter how hard I try I cannot.
Amelia, child.
Is this what you wanted?
You can spare me the explanations, Diego.
I heard everything that I needed to know.
I am so sorry, I really am.
I would not hurt you
for anything in the world.
Is it a not a little late for that?
No, but nobody need to know
- what has taken place between us.
- You and I know,
and that is enough for me.
You gave me your word, Diego.
Yes, but
the both of us deserve someone
- who feels more for us than affection.
- And the cook does?
The cook, Diego?
You can fall in love with a maid,
but you cannot love me?
Amelia, you are wonderful
and I am sure that
Save your compassion, Diego of Castamar.
I do not need it.
[breathing heavily]
[panting and sobbing]
[knocking on door]
Dry those tears.
You will be Duchess of Castamar.
You can be sure of that.
Thank you.
If he does not see reason,
I shall ensure that he will.
[door closing]
[Francisco] They would not let me in.
Why are you here? Go away.
About Esteban.
A death such as that
must have been terrible.
I should be with you.
- You know I would do anything for you.
- Then you should leave me.
[Francisco] I will not leave.
- What have I done?
- You do not understand?
I hate that whenever you are with me
you picture me with him. It was repugnant.
[breathes heavily]
I have never felt so humiliated,
so dirty.
He knew you could see us, and so did I.
[Francisco] So that is it.
Would you go now please.
Here everything is too ugly.
No, it is not.
Esteban cannot continue
to make decisions for us.
I need to be with you.
Do not say it.
I love you so much.
- Do not say it.
- I love you.
I cannot love you back.
[Queen] So, Don Diego, it seems,
is in love with that cook
[Mercedes] He is willing to break
his engagement with a noblewoman for her.
[Queen] It is always easier to love
those whom we should not.
But marriage is not about love.
That is why I took the liberty
of asking for your help.
At stake is the future of Castamar,
and also the good name of my son.
We suffer them into the world,
I suppose as a preview of pains
to be expected.
Mine are still barely infants,
yet their future keeps me awake.
Do not worry, Lady Mercedes.
We will do our best to avoid it.
Marrying a maid
Leave it in my hands.
Your Majesty, how can I ever thank you.
Nothing to thank.
It is a service of the Crown.
Do not leave without seeing
my chrysanthemums.
- This year they are beautiful as ever.
- [laughs]
Do you recall that night in the kitchen?
[Clara] Well, I would need an assistant.
[Diego, chuckles] I would warn you
it would be his first day.
Then we blend it
with the egg and the sugar.
Like this.
- Care to try yourself?
- Yes.
We really should have kissed.
Why did we not kiss?
So many things I do not know about you.
And so many you do not know about me
You know?
[lip smack, inhale]
I like to stay in bed until late.
And I like
walking in the woods,
getting lost along the way
[Clara] I like wandering in the woods.
It allows me to feel free,
connected to life
and you, even if it hurts now.
Keep talking.
We have not much time.
Ah, and I love very much
the smell of the earth after the rain.
I know you can hear me, Clara.
I know you can.
I am so in love with you. Just
If you would just give me a chance.
Excuse me my lord,
I do not mean to disturb.
I just wanted to ask about Clara.
Still not awake.
My lord, with all due respect, perhaps
you would appreciate a change of clothes,
take a bath, eat something
I am sure you will feel better.
I can take care of her.
She is my friend, and I need to.
Very well. And thank you.
You have to tell me so many things
when you awaken.
I shall sit beside you for a short while.
It seems the master is in love with you.
How it happened I know not,
but I am not surprised.
If you could see how he looks at you
And just how much he cares for you
The things he says to you
Clara, you will awaken, will you not?
[knocking on door]
Why does He make me go through this again,
He is supposed to be merciful, yes?
What more could He want of me?
- Sometimes He tries us.
- Yes.
An urgent letter has arrived
from the castle, my lord.
Is it bad news, my lord?
Her Majesty demands that I fulfil
my commitment to matrimony.
I will have to renounce everything
My privileges as a Grandee of Spain,
my post, my inheritance, everything.
Do not leave.
I shall not wait until Clara
gets better to reply.
[indistinct murmur]
Pardon me if I do not stand.
The servant told me it was urgent.
Well, I wanted to pay my respects
for the unfortunate loss of your husband.
Although, from what I see, you are fine.
[Sol] I am in mourning.
I thought that we had no secrets.
[Sol] And I thought your men
would be more careful.
The unfortunate end of Esteban
should not have been so violent.
They have opened an investigation.
Precisely, my dear lady.
Nobody must suspect you of an assault.
Should he have been poisoned,
it would be quite the opposite.
Nobody cares for you as much as I do.
I think I have completed
my part of the agreement.
So, it is time for you to give me
that letter telling you of her misfortune.
[Sol] Here, take it.
This letter will change
the future of Castamar.
[Sol] You shall have to excuse me,
I have more important business
to which I should attend.
Yes, of course.
Enjoy it my dear, now you are free.
- Not just me.
- Oh, I will.
I thought I might find you in bed already.
That has an easy solution.
What did the Marquis want?
Paying his respects.
I overheard something
about Castamar and a letter.
Ah, no, I paid little attention,
I simply wanted him to be gone
Be careful with him. I do not trust him.
Will you stop talking about Enrique.
[Clara] They say that cooking is one thing
that differentiates us from beasts.
They say we were created better than them.
We were given a soul, language
The capacity to judge others,
to condemn them, to execute them.
I am no better.
I cook so as not to forget.
She is not responding to the treatment
and she is growing weaker.
I think that
you should call her family.
Excuse me
Why call for her family? Will she die?
She is in God's hands.
Well, I do not know the plans God has,
but that will not happen.
With your permission.
[whispering] He knows nothing.
What is it? Is it Clara?
That doctor, he has no clue.
About Clara, or medicine or anything.
Will she live?
How can she live?
She has not eaten in days. Please
Maybe we can try something.
Uh Carmen, listen.
Truffles with olive mushrooms.
Bring the truffles and the mushrooms
and I shall take care of it
Cloves, parsley and butter.
Does anyone know where the butter is?
Thank you. Let me see Cloves.
Cloves, parsley.
You are being naïve.
If the doctor said she will die
- Beatriz!
- What is it?
No point pretending.
And is the point in letting her die?
Of course not. Let us see, what is next?
Clean the mushrooms with a dry cloth,
and cut them in chunks
- Take a pan.
- Yes.
- Allow me to help also.
- Very well. Then if you could bring
olive oil, eggs and some black pepper.
It should be over there
So then, I shall start peeling
the garlic cloves. Let me see
I see you are painting again.
Yes, nothing worth viewing though.
We must talk.
- If it is about Diego, you know
- It is about the Marquis of Soto.
You may be right.
But why?
I happened to overheard
a conversation in which a person
mentioned a letter that could potentially
change the future of Castamar.
I think we need to do something.
We have to ensure then, that we get it.
[warden] Watch your step,
there's piss everywhere.
Armando Belmonte?
[gasps] Thank you for the visit, Father.
But if you came to cleanse me
from my sins,
you should leave
for I have nothing to repent.
You are not a priest.
No, I am not.
Why do you come? Who are you?
I am Diego of Castamar,
I ordered your execution.
- You are the Duke of Castamar?
- Yes.
My daughter works in your house.
How is she?
Not well. That is why I came.
No. No
Is she dead?
I would give up my life
for it to be otherwise,
but the doctor believes
she has little time left.
What has happened?
She discovered you were to be executed
and she ran out into the storm.
[Diego] Since then, she has become worse.
- She has a very high fever.
- Have you treated her with quinine?
[Armando] She is been allergic to it
since childhood.
She must stop taking it immediately.
It is the quinine!
The quinine is what ails her!
This is nearly ready.
Now we just plate it up.
Here, put it there. Be careful.
Clara would be so proud of you.
Just as she used to make.
I am sure she would like
that we cooked it together.
And with you.
[doctor] This will help her body
eliminate the quinine faster.
Hold on, Clara.
I have seen your father. You must hold on.
With your permission.
You will see This you will eat.
We know what was harming her so.
And she will recover?
I believe her body should start reacting
in a couple of hours.
[sigh of relief]
Thanks you, My Lord.
Please do not take her. Please
[clock ticking]
[Clara] The time has come.
The ritual of setting the table.
The last supper.
Truffles with mushrooms and olives.
But what is the point, Father,
if you are not here.
- I have been to the castle.
- How did it go?
It is much worse than I first thought.
He wrote to the King
renouncing all his privileges for her:
position, titles, inheritance
Has he lost his mind?
The Queen has intercepted the letter.
For the moment.
But the King will find out.
It will only be a matter of time.
It will spell the end
of the House of Castamar.
That cannot happen.
I know my son.
Nothing will change his mind.
What is it?
Lord Diego is willing
to give everything up for that cook.
There will be no wedding, Miss Castro.
Enjoy the riches while you can,
soon there will only be misery.
I will not permit Diego
to go back on his word now.
He will marry me.
Anything else?
[Amelia] Excuse me,
I do not mean to disturb
What is it?
It is so shameful
But there is something
that I think you should know.
[warden] Wake up, old man.
We have a date for your execution.
In three days
you will be hanging from the gallows.
[guard] Armando Belmonte,
accused of assassination,
treason and flight.
Guilty of all charges
and sentenced to death by hanging.
[Clara] I cannot die
in place of my father,
but I can try to save him.
[Diego] Clara.
[breathing heavily]
No, do not try to move. Just stay still.
Everything will be fine.
My God!
Clara has come back and she feels better.
She will recover!
Holy Mary and all the saints!
Thank you for listening to me.
I shall have a mass in your honour,
kneel before you, whatever you wish.
Carmen, come.
- Can you help me do something?
- Yes.
- Shall we celebrate?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes.
This, who cooked it?
This is wonderful.
It is the special dish of Clara.
- It does not taste the same, but
- Do not be silly.
It is delicious.
You all think it is just delicious, eh?
It seems that Roberto
didn't quite like it, right?
[all laugh]
- He has licked his plate!
- What?
Could I have a little more?
Mother If you please.
Diego, enough.
You may feel fit to renounce
all your privileges,
but you cannot make a bastard
of the heir to Castamar.
Amelia is with child.
And you will marry her.
[Sol] Are you proposing marriage to me?
What have you done with the money
advanced by the Crown?
We have a date
for Armando Belmonte's execution.
Within two days.
We know about your relationship
with Francisco Marlango.
- We must leave now.
- What is it?
It was you who signed
his sentence of death.
I cannot pardon such sentences.
Neither you fall in love with maids.
I will make you happy, Diego. I promise.
The wedding will take place
a little earlier than expected.
I do love it when I hear good news.
If we find the letter,
we will surely expose Enrique.
I can do it alone.
No. It's too dangerous.
We'll do it together.
Has the King pardon him?
Only as long as you can get proof
of his innocence, Clara.
But it is in two days,
how do I get proof in that time?
- No, I can't do that.
- Yes, you can. You have no choice.
- My lady, the food you ordered.
- Alas I do not want it.
Miss Castro had her cooking
all the night through.
Yesterday we saw her going out
at a very odd time.
[Carmen] And well into the night,
she was neither in her room or her office.
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