The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

What Is Not to Be

[Amelia] "Dear Sol, I carry the child
of Lord Enrique de Arcona."
"I do not know how
to face this adversity."
Do not forget that we have a deal.
Disposing of Esteban is not the same
as receiving a letter.
I think I have completed
my part of the agreement.
So, it is time for you to give me that
letter telling you of her misfortunes.
This letter will change
the future of Castamar.
I happened to overheard a conversation
in which a person
mentioned a letter that could potentially
change the future of Castamar.
We have to ensure then, that we get it.
A boy told me that her father
is a murderer who is sentenced to hang.
Where is your lover? Where is he?
Tell me!
- Tell me right now!
- [Sol] Here. Here!
Come. Hurry.
- [man] Do not run away from me!
- [Sol] Hurry!
Thank you. You may have saved my life.
Francisco Marlango, Count of Armiño.
Sol Montijos, a pleasure.
The pleasure is mine.
Have we met before?
- I do not think we have.
- Mmm.
Are you in Castamar as a lover
of the Baroness of Turia,
or are you a friend of the duke?
Are the two incompatible?
How do you know?
I do not think that woman is good for you.
- Really?
- No.
You would be better off
with someone much
Before there is any misunderstanding,
you need to know
I have a strict no-commitment policy.
I am married
and I would not recommend it to anyone.
[sighs and moans]
Miss Belmonte?
[Elquiza] She is in the kitchen, my lord.
She was feeling well and persisted on
going back to work as soon as possible.
Doctor Evaristo has given his consent.
My lord, we have a date
for the execution of Armando Belmonte.
I am so happy
to have you here again, Clara.
You have no idea
how I prayed for you each day.
I begged the Virgin
not to take you away with her.
Come here.
Thank you for taking care of me.
I cannot take credit for it.
Lord Diego, he was
by your side every single minute.
[Carmen] Clara!
It is so good to see you!
I am so happy to see you.
Well then, shall we work on the menu?
Come. To work then.
At your service, lady duchess.
You are so full of poison, child.
You were bitten by bedbugs upstairs.
You do not think those bugs
can tell noble blood from poor blood, eh?
It is nice to see you.
Thank you.
I was already missing the kitchen.
The date has been set
for your father's execution.
It is in two days.
[sobs quietly]
[knocking on door]
Leave me, please.
I just want you to know that I am sorry.
I am deeply sorry.
It was you
who signed his sentence of death.
But I had no idea he was your father.
Had I known do
You think me capable of such a thing?
I just want to help you, Clara.
Then do not permit
an innocent man to be executed.
My father
did not kill Colonel Quintanilla.
Then you should write a letter to the King
asking for his pardon.
I shall deliver it myself.
Your father is a good man.
I paid him a visit in the jail.
He is fine. He is fine.
And he is so proud of his daughter.
I promise you
I shall do everything in my power
to keep things just so.
I promise you.
[moaning, groaning, kissing]
You really were not that good.
When we first met in Castamar,
I tossed the first coin.
It's an old French tradition.
Each time they make love,
courters toss a coin into the sack.
When they are wed, In leiu
of putting one in after each encounter,
they take one out.
And the reason?
So the sack never becomes empty.
[laughing, kissing, sighing]
We may be the first ones
to fully empty the sack.
Are you proposing marriage to me?
Absolutely not.
Thank goodness, because
then we would have to take a trip
the type the French do to get
to know each other better.
I thought you liked to travel.
I do, I love it,
I just cannot decide on a destination.
You have Rome, you have London,
Rotterdam, [laughs] Amsterdam
We do not have to choose.
We can visit them all.
A journey across Europe, and no wedding.
And with no return date.
I think it a very good idea.
[laughing, kissing]
To carry less weight during our travels.
Mr. Cruz. He meets all the requirements.
And he is willing to work in Castamar.
My dear, do not be hasty.
Mercedes, he was trained
by the head cook of Louis the Fifteenth.
He will be most perfect.
Take my advice. Be patient.
For the cook,
my patience will only become her
I know my son.
He detests decisions being made for him.
And he's engaged to you.
To both of you.
The capons have arrived in Castamar.
The capons?
An old custom from my late husband.
It is all rather silly, actually.
For as long I can remember,
at this time of year,
the peasants come here
bringing capons.
When he was young,
Gabriel loved to look after them.
Putting them into the chicken run,
- feeding them
- [Gabriel] Mother
But then he felt really sorry.
Only to have them stuffed
before our evening meal.
And so his father
came up with the idea to arrange a race
on the day of Saint Gabriel's.
It was a race of capons? [laughs]
Each capon was tied with a ribbon
of a different color.
And the first one
to make it to the kitchen
was pardoned.
You should've seen him as a child.
- Oh, how much he enjoyed that race!
- [Gabriel] I still do, Mother.
It is actually
a small tribute to my father.
So if you will excuse me
I want to see them.
And the father that we so deeply miss
was also a good husband.
Loving, attentive
Even though he was not in love with me
when we were married.
In our world,
that's how all marriages begin, you see.
Have you ironed the suits of the lords?
Lord Francisco and Lord Alfredo
will come to Castamar?
That is none of your concern.
I ask in case one
is more urgent than the other.
All things should be hastened,
except cutting ribbons for capons.
I want their suits in their wardrobes
as soon as possible.
[huffs loudly]
You can take it back with you.
A pardon is not possible, Diego.
But, Your Majesty,
Armando Belmonte is an innocent man.
So what if he's innocent?
Not important.
The people need to see the execution
of the traitor
who murdered Colonel Quintanilla.
That is it.
That is it. I owe them.
Your Majesty,
I insist this man is not a traitor.
It does not matter.
In the eyes of the people he is.
That is it. It is to they whom
I owe an execution. Not to a daughter,
who would defend her father even though
she saw him next to a corpse
holding a bloody knife in his hands.
His daughter is Clara Belmonte,
Your Majesty.
[Diego] The cook of Castamar.
The woman who helped you the night you
arrived at the mansion.
I am the King, Diego.
Hmm I cannot pardon such sentences.
Neither you fall in love with maids.
Your Majesty, can you not grant a pardon
to a man who is innocent?
Look what we have on the ground.
The leaf of an oak.
Do you know what this means?
It is proof that winter is here.
Where is the proof that says
that man is innocent,
Bring to me an oak leaf,
and I shall order a postponement
to deliver your justice.
- You shall have it, Your Majesty.
- Good.
Lord Enrique.
- What a surprise!
- I have missed you.
When quiet,
you are generally up to something.
You know so little of women.
And yet, you, I know all too well.
I have been very busy. That is all.
Tonight the Marquises of Miramar will hold
an informal dinner at their house.
Would you care to accompany me?
It is not a good idea to present myself
so soon at social events, huh?
How could I forget you are mourning?
[laughs softly]
Shall we walk?
I so miss our conversations.
Give me one moment and we will go.
The Count of Armiño!
Is he settling in?
Ah, I see
I know his family
has properties in Segovia.
And that is where he takes his lovers.
I take my lovers across Europe.
As quickly as possible.
Let me tidy myself up
and we can go for that walk.
No. No, you must have
much to prepare for your travels.
Some other time.
See you soon.
[Diego] Miss Belmonte.
Has the king pardoned him?
Just a postponement.
But only as long as you can get proof
of his innocence, Clara.
But it is in two days,
how do I get proof in time?
By finding the war reports of Quintanilla.
The Archive of the Secretariat
has all the information.
But I cannot go to see them.
Yes. It will not be necessary.
I've had them
transferred temporarily to Castamar.
Take them upstairs, if you would.
To the library.
[breathes deeply]
Cheating at cards again, Lady Mercedes?
What a pleasant surprise.
Do not expose me.
It is the only way
I can ensure that I always win.
I was not expecting you.
I am simply checking everything
is fine in Castamar.
The wedding will take place
little earlier than expected.
My son has returned to his senses.
I do love it when I hear good news.
Would you care to take some air?
A servant should've poured that for you.
If you will allow me, I shall clean it.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- Miss Castro.
- Mh.
Are you setting up your office here or?
I intend to prevent the execution
of an innocent man.
The father of the cook then?
He is innocent,
we only have a matter of days
and there are hundreds of documents.
[Diego] This one.
It is not important you no longer care.
It is how all marriages start.
I will make you happy, Diego.
I promise.
Amelia, wait. Wait.
I will be a good father to our son.
I give you my word.
[whimpers softly]
Just as mine was to me.
This letter is for Hernaldo de la Marca.
It is urgent.
And show my guest in.
[servant] Come in, my lord.
Lord Enrique, I came as soon as I could.
Do you recall our deal?
- Yes, of course.
- Yes.
We are in line to earn much money
constructing sewer works in Madrid.
But the works have yet to start.
What have you done with the money
advanced by the Crown?
We had some problems, but
This is a list of creditors you have
swindled, just as you swindled me.
You came to me for
[moans, cries]
I used many favours to ensure
we were given that project.
You will hand back that money.
I do not care where you lost it.
I will need some time to get
[Enrique] You do not have time!
I know you have friends,
and some very close,
like Lord Alfredo, for example.
You have one day.
I did not know you painted.
If we find the letter,
we will surely expose Enrique.
I can do it alone.
No. No, it is too dangerous.
We will do it together.
If Enrique finds you in his mansion,
you will have no excuse.
If he finds me, it is just
a black stealing from a noble.
Who will go to prison, Daniel.
That or much worse.
You will visit me, I hope.
I will return with the letter.
I assure you.
Daniel, it must carry our coat of arms.
Miss Castro sent it from Castamar.
There, so pretty.
- Very good.
- Very beautiful.
Very good.
How is the cook?
Very well. Thank God, she is very well.
[Amelia] No I do not mean her health.
I am worried she may be confusing
the kind heart of Diego with [laughs]
with a different sentiment.
She should follow your example.
- Mine?
- Mmm.
[laughs nervously] Please.
Not at all. How could Clara follow my?
No, no.
Your friend, what is his name, Roberto?
- Mmm.
- Mh?
Roberto, so handsome.
Well educated.
And of your social class.
Well, he is a little stubborn sometimes.
Mh. You selected very well. Believe me.
And one
One within your reach. Possible.
If Clara feels
she has a chance with Lord Diego
she will only suffer.
Or worse yet, become sick again.
We should definitely help her.
Yes, we should help her.
Just tell me if she meets Lord Diego.
And tell me
Anything they say that could harm her.
So you are asking me to watch them.
I do not know if I could do that,
Miss Amelia.
See, Clara is my friend,
- and
- Lord Diego thinks nothing of her.
And especially now that
I am not sure
if I should tell you this, but
But I am sure you will keep our secret.
Of course.
I am with child now!
Diego is mad with happiness.
Lady Mercedes pff!
She just cannot wait for the wedding.
Do you understand now?
It is for her.
Kneel down.
Kneel here.
My lady, please.
A gift for you.
For the finest lady's maid
in the world.
Thank you, my lady.
If you will excuse me.
You have no idea
how many boxes I had to take upstairs.
I just hope they do not return them.
- Elisa, are you listening?
- Mh?
Yes, yes.
No, I was not listening. You were saying?
- [sighs]
- I really like you in that brooch.
Oh It was given to me by Miss Castro,
but I will take it off
when I go to my room.
Oh, It is nothing, I just
do not feel comfortable wearing it.
Come, don't talk nonsense, huh?
You're the lady's maid now,
so let it show, mh?
Good evening.
I have until tomorrow. Not a day more.
Alfredo, you are the only one
I can trust.
I need that money. I beg you.
And what is it?
What trouble are you in, Ignacio?
This is just the first warning.
- If you do not help me
- No. Not this time.
I am sorry.
But I will pay you back.
We both know you won't.
This is not about money.
What you and I are doing is killing us.
It is time we take the consequences.
Can you see I'm asking you for help?
Why don't we?
Why don't we go to the bedroom?
No, no, no. You don't understand.
There is no place,
not a single one, where we can hide.
The only judge that matters to me
is always present see?
I need to let them heal.
[door opens]
[Alfredo] Please, show the gentleman out.
No, no, no, no, no.
Alfredo, they will kill me.
If I don't get the money,
they are going to finish me off.
Please. I beg of you.
I am sorry.
I shall pray for you.
My God.
Hundreds of documents in no order,
and we only have a day.
And a night.
We will find that proof if we try,
we can do it.
I will start with this one.
You never give up, do you?
I discovered that when you almost
It seems weird, to say out loud
but you somehow gave strength to me.
I recall nothing.
[door opening]
[Elisa] Clara.
I found you at last.
Sorry to bother you.
You are needed in the kitchen.
Miss Castro has asked for some soup
to be made
with poached eggs and cornbread.
Excuse me?
At this hour in the morning?
No, let an assistant deal with it.
I am the cook. It is my job.
I shall return as soon as I can.
My lady,
the food you ordered.
Soup and lightly poached eggs.
And cornbread.
It looks so good.
Alas I do not want it.
And muffins, muffins.
And hurry up.
Or I may change my mind once more.
It upsets you?
That the future Duchess of Castamar
gives you orders?
I shall prepare it as quickly as I can.
Did anyone bet on the blue one?
No, all yours.
- No, wait. I prefer the red one.
- No, the red one is mine.
Boil some water for the sheets.
It will help with the bedbugs.
Since when does she use makeup?
Yesterday we saw her going out
at a very odd time.
And well into the night,
she was neither in her room or her office.
She did not sleep here?
Maybe she's found a beau. [laughs]
Or a lover, a duke.
- A wager?
- Yes.
Maybe she also works in another hacienda.
Stupid, she needs makeup for that?
the gullible, says it is a job.
What do you say, Elisa?
I will bet on green.
Here. You write it down, killjoy.
- And Clara did not bet?
- [Carmen] She must be still sleeping.
Miss Castro
had her cook all the night through.
- [knocking on the door]
- Yes.
- May I come in?
- Yes.
I was looking for you
because I need to tell you something.
Here also nothing.
And we have less than a day.
I wish I could help you,
but I do not know how.
You do help, by being here with me.
And Diego The lord
has been looking over documents
since yesterday.
He will not stop until he finds something.
[clears throat]
You have feelings for him, Clara?
Why would you ask me such a thing?
Because I cannot see you suffer.
In this life, Clara,
there are two types of people.
The possible and the impossible.
Roberto, for example, is possible,
that is why I shall marry him.
But Lord Diego, Clara
I do not have feelings for him,
if it worries you so.
Indeed, I am furious.
He is the Secretary of the Council.
It was he who signed
the sentence of my father.
To be fair, he is also the one
who helps you save him.
And the one who did not leave your side
for a single moment when you were sick.
[sighs] Yes also that.
I heard him cry.
That I remember.
Because you love him.
He is the Duke of Castamar.
He is betrothed to Miss Castro.
He is impossible.
So what did you want to tell me?
Nothing. We are betting on the capons with
the others and you have to pick a color.
Pardon the manners of my friend,
he does not rise early.
I do hope that Lord Alfredo
has been generous.
I promise you I've tried
but I have no way of getting the money.
Alfredo Carrión
has terminated our friendship.
I will do whatever it takes
to get you the money.
I will work for you,
please, I beg of you, please
do not hurt me. Please.
Please. Please, please do not
[door opening and closing]
Sorry to keep you waiting, Lord Ignacio.
I would like that you to put
the sewer project back in motion.
This is a higher amount than I need.
Pay your debts with it.
I suppose you must have some.
Thank you.
I want one thing in return.
Proof of your relations
with Alfredo de Carrión.
Letters, gifts.
No, I can't do that.
Yes, yes, you can.
You have no choice.
[Beatriz] What about the tomatoes?
Sauté them?
[Carmen] Go ask Clara.
what should I do with the tomatoes?
"Colonel Quintanilla has decided
to deploy his men by the shore."
Colonel Vélmez, replacement
of the deceased Colonel Quintanilla,
- has given the army new coordinates."
- The deceased Colonel Quintanilla?
One day he is giving orders
and planning strategies, and the next
they refer to him as deceased.
- It makes no sense.
- No it does. A missing page.
Exactly the one
of the death of Quintanilla.
Someone did not want
the truth to be known.
- And intended to incriminate my father.
- We have it.
The missing page though,
where do we find it?
At the Royal Archive.
It keeps a copy of every document.
We just need a little luck.
Prepare my horse. I shall leave.
- But, do we have time?
- Yes.
We shall have a postponement.
I have the oak leaf.
Mr. Elquiza,
everyone has bet but you.
You may choose the color with fewer bets.
I want everybody here immediately.
Whose idea was this?
So no wages for any of you then.
I did not know it was the same paper.
What Mrs. Úrsula does outside Castamar
is none of your concern,
let alone a reason to bet.
Sir, last night she went out
during working hours
but she was not back by the early hours.
Does that not seem strange to you?
It is not my concern.
[Beatriz] But it seems to be.
Why do you take this so badly.
Could you be a little jealous?
All of you, back to work.
[knocking on the door]
Are you feeling well, Mrs. Úrsula?
I am working.
As all of us should be doing.
I just wanted to tell you that
if you need anything
If you have any problem,
you can count on me.
I recently noticed you have been absent
from Castamar more than usual.
Are you betting as well?
Or have you come here simply to cast doubt
on the service and proclaim a winner?
Absolutely not.
Precisely, when I found out
- I am asking you please
to continue as you were.
Do not worry for me.
Are you like this because of Mrs. Úrsula?
It was not that bad.
I saw something.
And I must act.
But if I do, I will end up harming
the one person
that I really want to harm the least.
Then do not do it.
But then I shall be breaking my word.
So, whatever you do,
and I do not know what it is,
you will feel bad.
it helps to walk in the shoes
of the other person.
And what might also help would be a kiss.
- And now?
- [laughs] Nothing, I just wanted a kiss.
- And to make you laugh.
- [laughs]
Whatever you do, it will be right. Mh?
The King has granted the postponement.
[breathes excitedly]
I found the copy of the war journal
and requested it be sent to Castamar.
Thank you.
And thank you also for saving my life.
I know you did not leave my side
for a moment.
Someone told you?
They did not have to.
No, I should thank you.
Thank you.
I shall tell you when I receive the copy.
Lady Sol Montijos?
We would like to talk to you
about the death of your husband,
Esteban de Villamar.
And have you found the culprit?
Do you know if your husband
had any unpaid debt, or any enemy?
No. He did not.
My husband was assaulted by a thief,
well, you know that
Your husband was not assaulted by a thief.
But all his belongings,
they were missing, yes?
His ring is missing.
We are looking for it.
It will give us a clue
to put it all together.
And his watch. His watch was also stolen.
The watch has turned up.
It was given to us by a witness.
Maybe this will be of help.
Someone dropped it,
a handsome young, man,
who was running, as if fleeing.
He unknowingly dropped the watch
while he was running away.
Surely he was a gentleman,
who faked a robbery with the intention
to throw us off his trail.
Why would you tell me all of this,
and I do not like your tone.
- Lady Montijos.
- Marchioness of Villamar.
We know about your relationship
with Francisco Marlango.
Could it be you found the marquis
to be a problem?
[laughs quietly]
I do not have to answer that question.
Do not worry.
We are very close
to finding out the truth.
My lady. My condolences.
They know everything.
- Are you behind this?
- [Enrique] Relax.
I did it in a way
that no one shall ever suspect you.
But they suspect Francisco.
A murder necessitates a culprit.
If not, we would all become suspects.
If there is a murderer,
the matter is solved.
I want the ring of Esteban.
I no longer have it.
Where is it?
Where did you put it?
Agh! When will this all stop!
Where is the ring?
- [sighs]
- Where is the damn ring?
Where is it?
Where did you put it, Enrique?
Tell me where it is
or I swear I will kill you.
It is not here.
When you said you were going to Europe,
well, I had to make haste.
I could not allow Francisco
to go scot free.
It will only be days or hours
until the Royal Guard find the ring
in Francisco's room in Castamar.
And put that down.
You know you will not use it.
I must go to Castamar.
Good God, Enrique,
how could you do something like this?
[breathes heavily]
You recall it was you
who wanted rid of Esteban.
And I want the same with Diego,
and all that surrounds him.
And I hope you do not try to stop me,
for that would be unjust
I only ask you to please
leave Francisco out of all of this.
Where is that Sol Montijos
who never fell in love with anyone?
Where, eh?
Enjoy your travels.
And your liberty.
[breathing heavily]
Send a carriage to the mansion
of the Count of Armiño.
Ensure that he comes here immediately.
[breathes heavily]
[cheering, clapping]
[Elisa] Green, green, green!
Go, go, go!
[cheering, laughing]
Go, red, go.
[cheering, laughing]
- There it goes!
- Carmen, grab it!
[cheering, laughing]
- Ah!
- Ah!
Ah, where to put it?
I am thankful, but
I have no use for it.
I did not know our trip was so imminent.
- [laughs softly]
- Why such a hurry?
But why wait?
There is a freighter leaving Santander
in a couple of days.
If we leave now, we will be on time.
We must leave now.
What is it?
The Royal Guard will charge you
for the murder of Esteban.
We must get out of the country
before they arrest you.
But I did nothing.
But they believe that you did.
Sol, calm down.
To accuse they need to prove it.
It is a trap of Enrique.
He set everything up to have you accused
of the murder of Esteban.
We must go to the Guard.
Tell them everything.
They will not believe us,
you will be executed.
When Esteban died I was in Castamar.
There are witnesses.
It really would not matter.
We must leave now.
And spend our lives running for no reason?
I have some powerful friends,
more than Enrique, I assure you.
Do this for me.
I cannot lose you now.
We can be happy in another place.
Is there something you should tell me?
Well then you need not worry.
You will not lose me, I promise.
I shall ready a carriage
and go to the guard quarters.
Call the coachman.
The lady and I are leaving.
Are you ready?
It was I who ordered
the murder of Esteban.
Forgive me.
[Francisco groans]
[Clara] First the broth,
and then coat the foie.
And, Beatriz, when Carmen
is done cleaning the capon, gut it.
All the capons you have stuffed already.
You know what you are doing.
Elisa, I left the green ribbon
in your room.
I need to speak with you.
Do you have a moment?
- Yes.
- Shall we?
I have done something ugly.
Before I tell you,
I need to know that you will pardon me.
I have been watching you.
And it is my fault you spent
the whole night cooking for Miss Castro.
She asked me to tell her
if I saw you with Lord Diego.
It was just that once, it was.
And I did not tell a soul about you
being in love, I promise.
The one who should feel bad is her.
For asking you to spy on me.
Well, she also has her reasons.
She is with child.
She is with child, Clara.
The father is Lord Diego.
She asked me not to tell anyone, but
I thought that you should know.
[Clara] When I was on the verge of death,
Diego told me that love conquers all.
I am fine,
Elisa. I must keep working on the capons.
[Clara] Love conquers nothing.
This will be the first time
I cook capon stuffed with foie.
No one knows my secret.
One more that no one knows about.
Secrets, they become part of us.
They are inevitable.
However much we hide them,
they do not disappear.
We can merely disguise them.
And act as if they were never there.
[Daniel] I have it.
I shall see you by the cliff of Lavapiés,
at a place known as the Hall.
It is urgent.
If you would excuse me.
[Clara] Like when the culprit discovers
that to be innocent,
it is enough only to appear so.
Sometimes it is necessary
to entrust the secret to someone.
Along with it, you hand them your liberty.
Because the most valuable thing
about a secret
is that it never comes to light.
My lord, it has arrived.
Thank you.
This is it.
It cannot be.
Is everything all right, my lord?
Armando Belmonte has lied to us.
It was him
who murdered Colonel Quintanilla.
[Diego] I've read the page
that was missing.
It does not help your father.
It confirms
that he assassinated Quintanilla.
[Mercedes] Amelia,
you look incredible.
- Ah! [whimpers with pain]
- Sit down. Call Doctor Evaristo, quickly!
Miss Castro She's bleeding.
Have you told that cook
that I am with child then?
Why did you come? Ah!
You and I are the same, and you know it.
Who are you?
Finally you will get what you deserve.
Lord Gabriel is not here.
I want him alive.
"I had to amputate his leg,
but I managed to save his life."
My father was not at the camp,
it couldn't have been him.
Now I understand
your obsession for revenge.
It would be for me a great honor
to accompany the lovely Miss Castro
to the altar on the day of her wedding.
They seem contractions.
Do not let me lose the baby, please.
I certainly had not planned
to marry Miss Castro.
You see if Miss Castro
were to lose the baby, God forbid,
nobody need know
until after the wedding.
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