The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

The Truth

We have a date for the execution
of Armando Belmonte. It is in two days.
Where is the proof that says
that man is innocent, Diego?
A missing page.
Someone didn't want
the truth to be known.
Sir, last night she went out
during working hours
but she was not back
by the early hours.
If you have any problems,
you can count on me.
I am with child now.
She is with child.
- What?
- The father is Lord Diego.
If we find the letter,
we will surely expose Enrique.
[Daniel] I have it.
I shall see you by the cliff of Lavapiés,
at a place known as the Hall.
[indistinct chattering]
[man] Pst. Pst, pst.
Are you Gabriel of Castamar?
Your friend is waiting for you
down the stairs.
Thank you.
Daniel, why meet in a place like this?
Did you get the letter or not?
[door slams]
Daniel. Dan
Open up!
Open up!
[door opens]
Good morning.
May I help you?
We must call the doctor
and the Lord at once.
It is nothing.
It is just a bit of blood.
Er Very normal when with child.
- No. This is not normal.
- I'm fine.
Change the sheets.
And tell nobody.
There is no reason
to worry the master about this.
[Elquiza] My lord, Miss Belmonte is here.
Were you successful?
What is it?
I read the page that was missing.
It does not help your father.
It confirms
that he assassinated Quintanilla.
- That is impossible.
- I am sorry.
"Today, Colonel Quintanilla died
by the hand of Armando Belmonte,
chief doctor of the regiment."
No. I know my father, he's innocent.
Well, the war changes people.
Wait. 24th of July.
- What is it? Clara!
- [door opens]
We await you in the dining room.
Will you not join us for breakfast?
Perhaps we should speak to Father Antonio.
In order that he might begin
arranging the wedding.
Your brother
did not sleep here last night.
I suppose it must have been
late to travel.
And Francisco insisted he stay the night.
And what of the dress?
Have you given it thought?
Not yet.
Mr. Elquiza. A note to the castle
informing them I shall not be at my desk.
Are you not attending the lunch reception
at the French ambassador's either?
Oh [sighs]
It had slipped my mind.
If it is not that important,
well, do not go.
Yes, it is, Mother.
I promised His Majesty
to attend with Amelia to
publicly announce our wedding.
You did not say anything.
Prepare the carriage.
I know, I am terribly sorry.
I have been very busy.
Well, then it is very important.
I am sure you will do just fine.
- Excuse me for the unexpected visit.
- Alfredo.
I was nearby and I thought that
I could do with some good conversation.
[Mercedes] But of course.
- Bring a setting for his Lordship.
- Thank you.
[Diego] How are you?
So you are well?
Yes. Yes, of course. Same as usual.
[Armando] Dearest daughter, writing to you
feels somehow like having you by my side.
Last night, an enemy soldier came to me
asking for help for a fellow soldier.
I came out in hiding,
as I couldn't just let a poor man die.
"I had to amputate his leg,
but I managed to save his life."
"It was day of Saint Cristina."
"It was your Mother who surely
helped me through."
Her name was Cristina. The 24th of July
was the day Quintanilla was killed.
But my father was not in the camp.
It could not be him.
Yes. But it is only a letter.
How can we prove that this is the truth?
If we find that French soldier,
then he could testify.
But, how?
The only thing we know is he fought
in Fuenterrabía and that he lost his leg.
Wait, the Duke of Berwick.
There is a luncheon at the home of the
ambassador today with the Duke of Berwick.
He commanded the French troops.
[door opens in the distance]
[door opens]
- Tie him up!
- Sons of bitches!
Be still, animal!
Who are you?
Were you sent by Enrique of Arcona?
Shut it!
Finally, you get what you deserve.
Carmen! We need to begin cooking
the leg of lamb.
You will need an axe
from the storeroom to quarter it.
- Elisa.
- Yes?
We have proof my father is innocent,
the only thing
he did at the front was save lives.
He always wanted to be a doctor,
but his main drive was
to make the lives of people better.
Then I know from whom you learned that.
And you were right,
it is always worth trying. Always.
- Shall I take off the skin and bone?
- No, pound it first.
Ask the girls to help you.
Then put it in batter.
Then into the frying pan with some lard.
I need to go out for a moment.
Will you cover me?
- What? Again?
- Just please.
Beatriz. The last time.
What happened?
- Can I tell you a secret?
- Of course.
- No, forget it.
- Hey, hey, Elisa. What?
Come with me.
Miss Castro she's bleeding.
She needs a doctor.
She could lose the baby
and get an infection.
Yes, but she says she is fine,
and not to tell anyone.
She needs to stay in bed.
I've seen my father treat many women.
You need to convince her,
it can be perilous.
How many times do I have to say it?
I am fine, it is nothing.
And I do not want to worry the Lord.
But Clara says it can be dangerous, miss.
[Elisa] Her father was a doctor.
She watched him treat many women
and so maybe
if she could come to examine you
Have you told that cook
that I am with child then?
Yes, my lady.
I was very worried about you.
She is my friend and she noticed.
- She is very discreet
- You dare to deceive me?
You do not decide who to confide in.
And I see you are not discreet.
I was just very worried about you.
- I do not want anything bad to
- Go away.
Tell another maid
to help me with the dress.
But, are you going out?
Miss Amelia, you have been bleeding.
You have to take care of yourself
- Because it could get worse or
- Be quiet.
The latest fashion in Paris.
My coiffeur sketched it for me.
It would be perfect
for the reception today.
Do you not like it?
Yes, yes, yes. It is marvellous, so
Modern yet elegant.
Elisa will make one, all right?
I want you to be perfect
when meeting His Majesty.
Would you help me? Help me.
But why did you come?
They cannot find you here.
What? Do I embarrass you?
- We've always made a lovely couple
- Come, take this and leave, please.
Aren't you going to ask me
what I want the clothes for?
No. Disappear
and never come back any more.
I got an interview for a really good job.
- And I cannot go dressed like this.
- It is no business of mine.
[gasps] No!
Hear me and hear me well.
You and I are the same, and you know it.
Pity that you left me.
We could have done great things together.
Elías, please. Please [crying]
Did you hear me?
[indistinct chattering]
Hey, you! Where do you think you're going?
I'm her for Leftie.
Well, you came for nothing.
He is not here. Get out!
What is that one doing?
I told you that we do not keep tabs.
Come back when you have money!
[man] Get off me! Get off me!
- Are you sure this is place is suitable?
- Yes, he will not escape. [chuckles]
Besides, the dog cannot wiggle that much.
Not after the visit
we paid him this morning.
I want him alive.
- Clear.
- No, don't you forget.
We hand him over tomorrow night.
- All right.
- Say it back.
We will hand him over tomorrow night.
[Hernaldo] Good.
The half caste of Castamar
will learn his lesson.
Leftie! Beatriz came looking for you,
but I got rid of her.
I did not know you had company.
- Why are you here?
- I wanted it to be a surprise.
To make up for the other day.
Mark the handover on the map
and leave it to Sebas.
I am busy.
Keep an eye on them. I don't trust them.
[painful gasps]
[faltered breathing]
[Mercedes] Checkmate.
I can hardly believe you beat me at chess,
Lady Mercedes
[all laugh]
[Mercedes] Amelia. [gasps]
- You look incredible.
- Certainly.
[painful gasp]
- Are you feeling well?
- Yes.
[Elquiza coughs]
The Marquis of Soto is here.
My friends. Lady Mercedes.
Why, miss Castro.
You are so beautiful.
You certainly make a handsome couple.
What brings you to Castamar,
Lord Enrique?
I asked the marquis to come here
because he has a proposal.
Yes. Shall we await for Lord Gabriel?
- No, he is not at Castamar.
- Oh a pity.
I should have liked him to hear this
and put aside our differences.
I am sure you are all aware of the love
I have for the family of Castamar.
And, of course, Miss Castro,
she was like a daughter to me.
and given that she has no family,
it would be for me a great honor
to accompany the lovely Miss Castro
to the altar on the day of her wedding.
[Mercedes laughs sweetly]
It is a gesture
most handsome on your part.
It is. It is.
Thank you.
Yes but Diego and I
had already chosen Alfredo.
Who is like a brother to him.
[all laugh]
Yes, so long as the baron himself agrees,
and Lord Enrique does not oppose.
But, please. Of course I will.
Nothing would make me happier.
But of course.
Important everyone is happy.
- To the couple.
- Thank you.
And to the baby too
that I hope will arrive soon.
[Elquiza] My lord.
It is waiting for you outside.
If you will excuse us.
They shall attend a reception
at the house of the ambassador to France.
[Amelia sighs]
That was a hard blow to Lord Enrique.
Why did you do it?
Well, Lord Enrique
has done much for me and
I do not want to seem ungrateful.
But, Diego, now my family is you.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
[whimpers in pain]
- What Amelia? Sit down.
- [howls in pain]
Call doctor Evaristo! Quickly!
These are all the deeds
to the property, and some jewellery.
I want you to sell it all,
except this palace.
My husband hated this piece.
Tomorrow I shall be leaving.
You shall receive the address
of where to send the proceeds.
This is a percentage for your discretion.
I may still require your help.
Of course.
[door closes in the distance]
Have you noticed anything unusual?
Any pain, blood loss
or any other symptoms?
No, I noticed nothing.
Perhaps just a little discomfort.
It's not unusual to lose the baby
during the first months.
There is not much that I can do.
Try not to move,
and rest as much as you can. All right?
- But is that all?
- We can only wait and see.
- Amelia, do not worry.
- I am sorry.
- I cannot believe I might lose the baby!
- Amelia, this is not your fault.
You heard doctor Evaristo.
You must stay calm.
Will you call the cook?
Tell her to come here.
What? Miss Belmonte?
Elisa, call the cook.
Tell her to come here.
- Come to your bed.
- I am sorry.
Stay calm.
Remember the words
of doctor Evaristo. You must stay calm.
Regardless of that, my dear,
I do thank you very much.
Not at all, Lady Mercedes.
[Mercedes] Doctor Evaristo.
What ever has happened?
Miss Castro is not feeling well, Duchess.
But did they not leave awhile ago?
They were attending
an important reception.
I'm afraid they could not go.
Miss Castro needs to rest.
Most probably something she ate.
But it's better to be safe than sorry.
Ah! Likely nerves
from meeting His Majesty
Or the wedding. [laughs]
[gasps] Will you help me?
- Please.
- I am not sure. My father is the doctor.
How many weeks are you?
I only missed a month.
No no longer than that.
May I?
Could you describe the pain you endure?
A stabbing pain powerful
here, in the belly and also my back.
- Those are contractions.
- Contractions?
Doctor Evaristo said it was normal.
Do not let me lose the baby, please.
Do you think you can help her?
I shall do my best.
First, we need to stop the contractions.
Elisa, bring a light broth.
And ask them to add two parts sherry.
The alcohol will help relax the womb.
I know it is difficult,
but try to stay calm.
Close your eyes
and think "everything will be fine."
Breath deeply.
She needs to have complete rest.
Ensure she moves as little as possible.
I am needed in the kitchen,
I will be back later.
Miss Belmonte.
- Could we talk for a moment?
- No it is not necessary.
But please.
Believe me.
I certainly had not planned to marry
Miss Castro, and much less have a baby.
- My Lord, I am just the cook.
- [Diego] No, you're not. Not to me.
I committed a great error.
I do not even remember how it occurred.
But the child is now on its way,
I cannot lose it, do you understand?
Have faith in life.
It is often surprisingly robust.
[knocking on the door]
My lord.
Excuse me.
The coachman is asking again whether you
will attend the ambassador's reception.
Miss Castro needs you by her side now.
There is nothing more important.
Tell the coachman he is excused for today.
How are those trout?
It is almost time.
[Carmen] Once we have finished
cleaning them, I will fry them.
An addition to the menu,
a sweet, honeyed broth.
When you finish with that,
start toasting the almonds.
[Carmen] Yes.
It is indeed unfortunate that Miss Castro
felt unwell on a day like today.
But if Doctor Evaristo says
it is nothing serious,
then I guess we need not worry.
- Will Lord Diego join us today?
- No. He prefers to accompany Amelia.
Have we any news, perhaps a note,
from my son Gabriel?
No, my lady.
That habit of his; not giving notice.
There are days
when everything seems to go wrong.
Well, do not worry Lady Mercedes.
In Madrid, time goes by so fast.
He probably was unable to send a note.
I suppose not.
See what happens to rats that stick
their snouts into a Marquis' house.
[Gabriel grunts in pain]
You worked in the stables of Castamar.
- I do not work for half-castes.
- Who brought you to my house? Tell me.
- Was it also Lord Enrique of Arc?
- Shut up, negro!
Say goodbye to your life as a little lord.
[screams in pain]
My brother will find you.
[heavy breathing]
You will all end up in the gallows!
[Leftie] For what? For taming an animal?
Where have you been this morning?
The trout and the lamb roast
must be served at the same time.
You have charge, Carmen.
I will be a moment.
Be careful with
how the dishes are presented.
This itch
it could be my nerves or bedbugs.
- What about those dishes?
- Yes, they are prepared.
Where is Elisa?
But why are you not
in the dining room during service?
I have a stain on my dress coat
and I want to change it.
Elisa left a spare in my room,
but I cannot find it.
If you maintained order,
these things would not happen.
Have you seen the dress coat?
I need you upstairs.
Just wipe it down a little
and off with you. Come on!
We have always been strict when it comes
to clean clothes and etiquette.
I do not think it important, Mr. Elquiza.
- Mrs. Úrsula.
- Go upstairs.
Mr. Elquiza, when will you be
getting rid of these darn bedbugs?
Carmen, I am working on it
A little more patience.
The contractions have stopped, thank God.
You should keep on resting
and if they don't repeat,
the pregnancy may go forward.
[Amelia giggles joyfully]
I will come back later in the afternoon.
Call if you need anything.
I've prepared you some honey broth.
A recipe of my father
to ensure strong children.
It is not scientific, but it is delicious.
Your father must be a great doctor.
And a great man.
The best man I ever met.
Amelia, now you are feeling better,
I need to leave you for a few hours.
I must meet the Duke of Berwick
before he leaves Madrid.
Doctor Evaristo,
I think you dropped this.
No, my lord. That is not mine.
This is to ensure the pregnancy
of Miss Castro
passes without hindrance.
I'm not aware of what you know
or what you expect
but that is not in my hands, my lord.
You do not understand me.
You see if Miss Castro were to lose
the baby, God forbid,
nobody need know until after the wedding.
It would be a pity to lose your job
and your good name for such a trifle,
do you not agree?
[man] King Felipe
will never turn his sight from France.
[Diego] General Berwick!
I do not know you.
[panting] Excuse me,
I'm Diego of Castamar.
Your Excellency.
Please excuse me, I did not recognise you.
I'm sorry I missed the reception.
The life of an innocent man is at stake.
And I need your help.
What is this about?
[footsteps approaching]
I know where to find the soldier
your father saved.
He could not return to France
due to his wounds.
- He's in Spain then?
- Yes, in Illescas.
I shall go there tomorrow, early morning.
And so that means
that he should be saved?
Now I must go up. They await me.
[both laugh nervously]
My lord.
Thank you.
- Good morning, madame.
- Good morning.
I am Juana, the wife of Daniel Forrado.
I need to speak to Lord Gabriel.
Come in, this way.
- [Carmen] Mr. Elquiza?
- [Elquiza] Yes.
Good morning. I need to speak
with Lord Gabriel. It's important.
I am very sorry,
but the lord is not in Castamar.
Do you know where I could find him?
- [Elaquiza] No.
- I'm very worried about my husband.
He left the house two days ago
and has not yet returned.
He has never done anything like this.
Wait here for me.
While I go and ask Lord Diego.
- [Alfredo] Good morning, Diego.
- Alfredo.
- Are you going out?
- Thank you.
Yes, off to Illescas.
I located a witness who can prove
the father of Clara is innocent.
You really love her, do you not?
Alfredo, he is innocent,
and I signed his sentence of death.
- [knocking on the door]
- Yes?
Excuse me, my lord.
Daniel, your brother's friend,
his wife is waiting down below.
Her husband has been missing
for two days and she is worried.
She would like to talk to Lord Gabriel
in case he knows anything.
Did he accompany him
to the house of Francisco?
Send a note, and tell the messenger
to wait for his response..
I've pending business
that I need to resolve in Madrid.
I could take care of it personally.
I will let her know directly.
Nothing to worry about. They are
at the Count of Armiño's palace.
Lord Alfredo, the Baron Alfredo of
Aguasdulces will go to the palace today.
I will let you know
as soon as he informs me.
Thank you so much.
Mr. Elquiza, this is for you.
He awaits you in his office.
[Sol] I only say so, dear Alba,
as I would not want your first fiesta
at Castamar to be a failure.
Everybody knows that for many years
on that same day, I hold my spring fiesta.
To which, needless to say,
the Duke and you are more than invited.
Thank you so much.
I did not know. Such a coincidence.
Yes. That is why I came. So you have
time to reschedule your fiesta.
I cannot thank you enough, Marchioness.
Not at all.
I am sure we shall be the best of friends.
For several weeks,
I have been preparing this fiesta.
It is very important to me.
I truly appreciate that you took the time
to come here to let me know, Marchioness.
But I shall keep the date.
- Pardon?
- Do not worry about me.
If the courtiers do not come,
I shall understand.
Do not commit a mistake, Lady Alba.
Here, a party that the courtiers
do not attend is a failure.
I shall take the gamble.
You perspire.
Is there anything else I can do for you?
No. Regrettably, I must leave.
But please consider what I said to you.
Keep it.
It may be useful on your trip back.
Please escort my friend to the door.
[man] The carriage is ready.
One moment.
We shall make a stop on our way back.
I need to say goodbye to someone.
Mrs. Berenguer, please, come in.
This is the man
who will rid us of bedbugs.
Elías Pereda, madame. At your service.
Mr. Pereda is an expert in infestations.
He will fumigate the entire palace. Mm?
Nobody handles rats and vermin
better than I do.
With your permission,
I have tasks to attend.
Lord Gabriel is not here.
But I know where you can find him.
- Who are you?
- A friend.
I know you. I've seen you before.
You work in the Castamar kitchen.
Speak! Speak!
Information has a price.
2,000 vellon reals.
Are you blackmailing me?
How dare you? I have you sacked.
Not if you care about Lord Gabriel.
Entirely up to you.
I do not have
that amount on me, understand?
Please, tell me where Gabriel is
and I swear that tomorrow
you will be paid.
You must think I am stupid.
If you do not have the cash then get it.
I will be here.
All right. All right.
I will be back in an hour.
You'd better be here.
It says men
should either be pampered or crushed.
For they avenge themselves
of lighter injuries,
but of more serious ones, they cannot.
[clears his throat]
My lady, you have a visitor.
The Marchioness of Villamar.
Thank you.
Sol, my dear, how are you?
I should like to extend
my personal condolences to you.
No, not at all. I received your note.
You are always so attentive,
thank you so much.
I did not want to leave
without giving my farewell to you
and of course to Miss Castro.
Your farewell? Leaving?
On a trip around Europe.
For quite some time.
There is nothing to keep me here.
[Mercedes, sighs] Oh dear
I am sorry to hear so.
You will miss
the greatest wedding of the year.
I hope Miss Amelia finds it in her heart
to forgive me for that.
She has been a little under the weather,
but today, much better.
I shall ask if she will accompany us.
So then, why are you here?
There's nothing you can do
to save Francisco.
Save yourself, Sol.
- As I always do.
- Certainly.
You are a survivor, like me.
It is what brought us together.
But I did not know the price
I would pay was so high.
I can neither breathe nor sleep.
Ah, love
Life without him seems unbearable to me.
Now I understand
your obsession of vengeance.
'Tis the only thing that eases the pain
the guilty suffer as much as you.
This is what will truly unite us.
I killed Alba of Montepardo.
I hated her as you hate Diego.
And I discovered your plan.
[Alba screams]
I had only to take care of a few details.
Namely engage Leftie
to train the right horse.
Amelia continues to feel unwell.
But she asked me
to bid you farewell on her behalf,
and asks that you write to her.
[Sol] Of course I shall.
And now, if you will excuse me,
I must depart.
The carriage it awaits me.
[Mercedes] Good travels, dear Marchioness.
You are feeling well? You are so pallid.
Thank you for coming, Marquis of Soto.
But there will be no fiesta.
Everybody chose Alba of Montepardo.
The only woman to cast a shadow on me.
Not everyone, dear Sol.
The two of us we will outlive that fiesta.
Fancy a drink?
[Leftie] Your time has come, half-caste!
[Gabriel grunts]
[Leftie] Stand up! Come on, quick.
[in pain] Untie me.
How much did they paid you?
I can I can double it for you. [crying]
I have been paid much money for you.
You know I would have done it for free!
- Take the beast out of here!
- [pants, sobs]
- You have been sold
- No
- As a slave.
- No. [cries]
No. I'm a Castamar.
[Beatriz screams]
Get off me!
Get off her!
Where are you going?
[breaths in pain]
You're fine. You're fine.
Ah! [painfully]
You will be fine, come here. Come.
[breaths in pain]
Go to the Zaguán
Go to the Zaguán Ask for Leftie.
- He has Gabriel.
- All right.
- My money.
- What?
To go to America.
Cooking is about mixing ingredients.
Creating new flavours.
Disguising other flavors that,
even if obscured, are still present.
Did you find him?
He left several months ago
and nobody knows where.
I shall not let them kill my father.
He is innocent.
That is the truth, and we both know that.
Yes, Clara. But the truth is worth nothing
if we cannot prove it.
Carmen, help me prepare
a snack for the lady.
[Clara] The same goes for the truth.
Facts, they remain facts.
No matter if they are obscured,
they will always surface,
like a good ingredient.
Even though sometimes
it may come at a high price.
- How are you?
- Fine.
[door opens]
Something to eat?
Eggs in the style of Friar Juan.
They are lovely.
[both laugh]
Thank you.
[Leftie] Hurry.
[whispering] Let me go.
Let me go
No, no, no
[Leftie] Be quiet! Throw him in.
No water, eh?
Where are you taking me?
You, come here.
Take it, dog.
- It is Gabriel.
- What about my brother?
You whore! Come here.
- Leftie.
- Who?
You can't keep your mouth shut, uh?
- We could go to the gallows!
- No, we'll flee.
Shut up!
Why are you here? What do you want?
Keep your mouth shut and all will be fine.
Something's happened to Lord Gabriel.
If you are to continue in this house,
you should stay in the kitchen
You begin to act more like a duchess.
What happened to Gabriel? Where is he?
I do not know.
Not all is lost with your father.
We still have time to find that witness.
They kidnapped Lord Gabriel.
And the lord left to save him.
- I think we should tell them.
- Give it back to the Castamars?
With this we could have
a wedding like the nobles.
You should not have troubled yourself.
- She's worried, like us all.
- She can worry in the kitchen.
Please let me go! Get off me!
Get off me! No, no please.
It must be them.
I murdered your wife.
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