The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

What Really Matters

I certainly had not planned
to marry Miss Castro.
- Who are you?
- Finally you get what you deserve.
Mr. Pereda is an expert in infestations.
He will fumigate the entire palace.
- I do not work for half-castes.
- Who brought you to my house?
[whispering] Lord Gabriel is not here.
I want him alive.
[whispering] My money.
No, no, no
No water, eh?
[bells tolling]
[breathes heavily]
Almost there. Stay calm.
Come on, Alfredo.
Come on.
Calm, calm, calm.
Calm now. You must, Alfredo, stay calm.
Stay calm, my friend.
- Who did this?
- It is not important now, Diego.
- It is Gabriel.
- Gabriel?
- Gabriel. Gabriel?
- What about my brother?
Go to the Zaguán.
In the gully of Lavapiés.
Leftie knows.
A serving maid in Castamar
heard something.
Which maid, Alfredo? I must talk to her.
Tell me her name.
You cannot, Diego
She is dead.
Doctor Evaristo.
- He loses much blood.
- Let me see.
Stay calm.
Easy, Alfredo.
Diego, do not waste time.
We need to undress him.
Go to the Zaguán.
And talk to Leftie. Please.
Easy, easy now.
The lord shall get dressed.
Prepare his jacket and his overcoat.
You. Go to the armory.
Lord Diego shall tell you
if he needs a bayonet
or the riding sword will suffice.
- Roberto.
- Yes.
- Saddle up for Lord Diego and two guards.
- Right away.
What is happening? Why the guards here?
Lord Diego is going to the gully.
Something has happened to Lord Gabriel.
Clara, you are insane. You cannot go
to the room of the lord with no reason.
I need to bring mulled wine
with cinnamon and ginger.
It may be a long night ahead.
- Lord Diego.
- Clara.
What happened to Gabriel? Where is he?
I do not know, but I will find out.
- Could you not leave this to the guards?
- It is his brother.
Mother, I have to do this alone.
But be assured, all will be fine.
Then be careful, I beg of you.
We need you with us.
[Elisa] Excuse me.
They send this from the kitchen, my lord.
Mulled wine, for the night will be cold.
Excuse me.
I will return with Gabriel. Rest assured.
[bells tolling]
[Leftie] You smell so good, Jacinta!
Come on, woman.
Only four drunks are downstairs.
You should just stay.
[chortles] Will you pay for it?
[laughs] I am asking am I not.
Mh There's only one thing
that I want from you.
- This!
- Damn whore! Come here!
Give me my money.
[giggles and laughter]
Let go!
What did you tell the Castamar maid?
- What are you saying to me?
- She knew about the half-caste.
You can't keep your mouth shut, uh?
You'll talk as much as you want in hell.
[moans in pain]
Damn you to hell
I'll see you there.
- Are you Leftie?
- No.
Joaquín, after that man, quickly!
Where is my brother, Gabriel of Castamar?
Speak, you bastard!
Hernaldo de la Marca
paid me to capture him.
And now he will sell him as a slave.
[moans] in Portugal. [laughs]
- [screams in pain]
- Where is my brother?
[screaming in pain]
He will have reached
Talavera de la Reina
[grunts, pants]
Swear you will kill him.
Get me Joaquín.
I want Hernaldo de la Marca alive.
Just wait!
He also paid me to train your horse
in Castamar.
Just what are you saying?
[huffs] He works for the Marquis of Soto.
He wanted to kill you.
But I was paid to switch horses.
It was no accident.
[moans in agony]
I murdered your wife.
[laughs in agony, moans]
My father is out, can I help?
Your father says you want to be a teacher.
Do you not approve of us working together?
When I met your father,
he was to be executed.
You owe me much.
He's more than paying his debt.
Lord Enrique.
Walk with me, Hernaldo.
The lord and I have matters to discuss.
A problem came up.
Leftie spilt the beans with a maid.
But it is fixed.
None of them will speak anymore.
Leftie did so much more than that.
They did not switch horses.
Leftie trained the horse of Alba,
on the orders of Sol.
Find Sol before she leaves the country.
For the sake of you both.
Do not let them do this to us.
We need to get out of here.
I can already practice as a teacher,
and the king is opening schools
in every city.
I won't let my daughter keep me.
So what does it matter? You would be free.
I ceased to be free so many years ago.
[Clara] Remember: two quarters of flour
for every four eggs.
[Elisa] I have news.
They kidnapped Lord Gabriel.
And the lord left to save him.
Kidnapped? Holy Mother of God
Upstairs it looks like a funeral.
They worry the lord
will not make it in time.
- Do not say that.
- But imagine if he is not in time.
Or does not return, Clara.
If he does not, what will become of us?
And of your father?
I have some bad news.
Beatriz died last night.
In the scuffle
in which the baron was injured.
It is terrible. I am so sorry.
[Elisa] I do not believe it.
The first one to talk loses?
Come with me, please.
- Are you missing anything?
- No, I do not think I am.
No. Do not open the turpentine
for that long.
It evaporates quickly,
and the fumes are a little toxic.
Yes. I was just checking, that's all.
There are bed bugs all over the house,
ensure that it is fumigated entirely.
Soon will be the wedding,
and Castamar will be full of guests.
It would not be a very fond memory
for them, would it?
Elías, it must be ready in time.
It will.
Oh, look, "the dregs."
- Help me light the brazier.
- I shall ask you not to call me that.
I never thought a well-read filly like you
could succeed in the business.
But I was wrong.
You were the most demanded.
That was in another life, Elías.
Why are you here? What do you want?
The same as you when you left me,
a second chance.
Keep your mouth shut and all will be fine.
I just have to fumigate.
How hard can it be?
Will they bring her body?
In a death such as this,
if unclaimed
the body will go to mass grave.
And her family?
Is there no one we can inform?
She had an aunt who died last year,
but she never mention anyone else.
What is the point
of a life to end like this?
Not all is lost with your father.
We still have time to find that witness.
But how?
Even Lord Diego has lost all faith.
He will die alone, just like Beatriz.
Promise me you will find someone.
We cannot let Beatriz go alone.
It is a promise.
From Lord Diego.
Is there anything I can do, my lady?
Only prayer.
I shall give the order for breakfast
to be served right now.
No, do not bother. I am not hungry.
How is the baron?
Lord Alfredo is much better.
The injury is not too deep,
and doctor Evaristo recommends bed rest.
Thanks be to God.
He is a good friend ours.
Poor child
Do not tell me you spent the night there.
You have nothing to fear.
We will take good care of you.
This is for you.
From the lady.
She asked me to help you
put on this clothes.
Come on, fear not.
Come now.
- No, don't hit me.
- Calm down, come on
I only wanted to
I will stay with him.
I am Diego.
You can trust me.
It is the shoes.
He is not used to them yet.
I am Diego's mother. The duchess.
My husband
brought you here last night, so,
from now on, Castamar will be your home.
Please, have a seat.
Are you hungry?
You must learn some manners.
The first thing you must learn
is how to behave at the table.
This wine glass. It's for the water.
Mother, is not a little soon?
Everyone will want to see him.
We'll prove to them
that he can be a Castamar.
[something hits the floor]
Can you call the valet in?
You can't do that
when there are other people around.
And what do you mean, Mother?
We really have nothing to prove to anyone.
As Mother was explaining
this one is for water.
Mother. For the water.
Welcome home, little brother.
Do we have any news?
And why did he not write to me?
He knows I worry for him child.
I am worried too, I am his betrothed.
And I, his mother. Of them both.
Soon enough
you will understand how I feel.
Forgive me, Lady Mercedes.
You begin to act more like a duchess.
I shall tell Mrs. Berenguer
to keep you informed.
- Let me help you.
- [moans]
Do not worry.
I think I could go to my home.
Why all this rush?
We love taking care of you here.
It is very kind of you.
Did you know her well?
- Beatriz?
- Yes.
We slept in the same room.
Can I ask you a question?
What happened?
She intended to extort money
with what she knew about Gabriel.
An extortion?
But clearly
someone did not want her to talk.
She paid dearly for her sin.
May God forgive her.
My lord, you have a visitor.
Lord Ignacio Montes.
[door closes]
I came here as soon as I heard.
I hope you do not mind.
Please excuse me.
- Why are you here?
- [whispering] Alfredo.
Alfredo. Alfredo.
- How are you? Huh?
- Fine.
I went to your home,
and they told me everything.
Are you sure you're well?
I've been worried sick.
If something worse had happened to you,
I never would have forgiven myself.
Until now, I had not realized
how much I care for you.
I am sorry.
[crying] Alfredo, I am sorry.
I am sorry, I am sorry. [sobbing]
- What have you done, Ignacio?
- I am so sorry, I'm sorry.
What have you done?
[Elisa] Hail Mary
full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou
among all the women
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
[whispering] Holy Mary
Mother of God
pray for us
now and at the hour
of our death.
Enrique tricked me.
It was he I owed money to,
but I swear to you
that I didn't know
he was going to use it for this, I swear.
But what did you not know, Ignacio?
- We could go to the gallows!
- No, we will flee!
- I know how to escape.
- Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up.
Help me dress.
We must not stay here.
No, they could not have made it this far.
Damn it.
If they cross the frontier,
he will be sold as a slave.
My lord. They are still fresh.
It must be them. Come on.
[Elquiza] Mh
This tastes so good.
If the cook does everything
as well as this,
her husband must be happy.
She is single.
Please, tell me she's young and pretty.
This house will not stand gossiping.
Less so at the table.
Are you jealous?
You were also young and pretty.
I so remember.
You heard Mrs. Berenguer. In this house
we do not take kindly to gossip.
That is not gossip. That is what she was.
Do you know where is Clara?
I believe she is speaking
with the storekeeper.
[whispering] I have something to tell you.
Come on.
Where in the world have you been?
Lady Mercedes does not feel well.
Can you prepare broth?
- Certainly.
- Fine.
Mrs. Úrsula.
Is all well with you?
Yes, perfectly well.
- So, why all the mystery?
- Right, quiet. Let me show you something.
Oh, my God.
[coins rattling]
Where did you get this?
I found it
under the bed belonging to Beatriz.
Well, she will not need it now.
No, do not touch it.
- It is not ours.
- You must tell no one.
Well, I think we should tell them.
Give it back to the Castamars?
With this we could have
a wedding like the nobles.
Or buy a piece of land
where we could build our house.
You were like a sister to her.
- Practically her heir.
- Ah! Do not lie.
[Elquiza] Roberto!
Got to go. Do not tell anyone.
[Diego] Whoa!
It has to be them.
Come on, they cannot see us. Go!
Thank you, leave it there.
You will not eat?
The warmth it will ease your nerves.
If I may?
If they do not return
who will carry on the duchy when I die?
Miss Amelia is yet
to marry Lord Diego, and her
Her position in this house
would be unsure.
All will be fine.
We must have faith.
We nobles we must always
think about what comes after.
To see the future.
For us, the present is something minor.
You are a good person.
And beautiful.
You should not have troubled yourself.
- She was worried, like us all.
- She can worry in the kitchen.
My ladies.
Mercedes, if you need company,
you can call me whenever you please.
It is I who must look
after my future mother-in-law, right?
Of course, my dear.
I would like to rest now.
We should feed him somethin' to eat.
Just enough to keep him alive.
Pour him a drink, too.
[spits out]
[young Diego] Come. Be not afraid.
They are only clothes.
Never more should you be in chains.
Never more should you be in chains.
- Elías!
- [Elquiza] Mrs. Úrsula.
- I'd like to have a word with you.
- No, now is not the moment.
[Elquiza] I am concerned about rumors
that are beginning to spread
in this house since Elías
And you believe what that lout has to say?
Absolutely not.
But I will not endure
anyone speaking ill of you.
- Or any of the service staff.
- Let them talk.
Mrs. Úrsula,
is there anything from your past
that as majordomo of Castamar
I should know?
Do yourself a favour, and do not yield
to the temptation of gossiping about me.
You are far better than that.
Elías. Elías, he is
You certainly know how to handle men.
- I should really have reported you.
- What for?
So that everybody knows you were
a whore before you worked here?
I will be thrown to the street,
but you shall be sent to jail.
Let's make a deal.
You tell me where the duke
keeps Castamar's gold,
and I'll leave you alone for good.
Take it as a third chance. The last one.
We'll be crossing the border
before it gets dark.
You have no business here!
Drop your swords, this moment!
- Who are you?
- Drop that weapon.
Fine, but don't shoot me.
And get out of here
before I change my mind!
Go, get out of here!
Miguel, subdue those horses.
Easy, my brother. We will go home.
My brother
[knocking on door]
Clara. Miss Castro.
She wants to talk to you.
- Did she say why?
- No.
But truth is,
things are a little awkward upstairs.
What is it? Something with Roberto?
I found some money in my room.
A lot of money, Clara.
Belonging to Beatriz.
It seems she was saving to go to America.
To America?
Poor soul
The only thing she had was a dream.
Now I understand the things she did.
Well, it does not justify
her dishonesty from time to time.
And now she does not even have anyone
to leave that money to.
Is it not sad?
I must go upstairs.
So what was wrong with Roberto?
Nothing. His usual nonsense. You know.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Now.
- [whispering] Let's go.
[whispering] Get in.
- I have the key here.
- You open it.
I brought you here, I shall do no more.
If anyone comes,
tell them I'm here just to fumigate.
It is done.
[knocking on the door]
Come in.
Close it.
I do appreciate what you did for me.
And for the baby.
But we are not friends.
I do not want you wandering
around upstairs.
You sent for me my Lady?
If you are to continue in this house,
you should stay in the kitchen.
Soon Gabriel will be my husband [gasps]
Soon Diego will be my husband
Desire is capricious.
Maybe he wanted to have Mh.
what he cannot have.
But, as soon as we are wed,
he will learn to love me.
And you he.
You should not worry.
After the wedding I will leave.
Hurry, hurry up.
[nervous breathing]
Enough, Elías.
Do you not think there's something more?
- No, there is no more.
- Yes, there is.
I came to Castamar
looking for two treasures.
And I already got one.
Elías, you promised to leave here.
Not before I get to remember
the good old days with "the dregs."
No, do not approach me, no
[heavy breathing]
You're still hard to tame.
[struggling] No! No!
- No!
- You can't fool me, "dregs."
- [whispering] I know you enjoy this
- No!
[moans in effort]
No! No, Elías, please, no.
No, let me go!
Get off me, please, let me go!
Get off me! Get off me!
No, no, please, do not!
[moans in pain]
[shaky breathing]
[knocking on door]
You may enter.
Should you not be taking a rest?
I just There is something
I need to tell you,
but perhaps now is not the moment.
Yes, yes, it is.
I was reading this letter
from the priest of Boadilla.
Concerning Beatriz.
I promised Clara I would inquire
if she had any family, but nothing.
Her parents abandoned her
when she was very young.
The only thing that appears
in the records of the parish
is that Beatriz
studied at the school for girls.
Beatriz studied?
Until she was at an age to work.
Had she continued
perhaps she would have led
a completely different life,
just like so many girls.
And what did you want to tell me?
I forget. [chuckles]
If you would permit. Good night.
[door opens]
Enter and shut the door now.
He was about to
I only defended myself.
But who will believe me?
Did he try to force you?
The only thing of importance is
I killed him.
They will not believe me.
Stay there. Do not move, do nothing.
I will not give them
the pleasure of seeing me hang.
I shall leave and not come back.
You are not a thief.
Or a murderer.
[short breaths]
I have been things
you cannot even imagine.
I do not need to know this.
I know what you are now.
You are a good person.
No woman should have to pay
for the abuse of a man.
I trust you.
Cover it up again.
Dear God.
- He is the only one who can do something.
- He can report me!
Shh. Silence.
You can take the money
and live as a fugitive
for the rest of your days, or
you can let us help you.
Clara has told me everything.
Have faith.
[Enrique] So she killed Francisco.
I thought I knew her,
I underestimated her.
She also does not know me.
Go and find her.
[Úrsula] I have good news.
We received word from Lord Diego.
He and his brother
will return to Castamar.
Have you decided on the menu?
Yes, but we can change it.
They will be tired, maybe injured.
We will cook bird stew
and a soup of liver.
The young goats have arrived today.
Open them up
and take out the lungs and the livers.
Boil water. And I will need a dozen eggs.
Do not be such a burden!
- Think about it, that is all I ask.
- I've nothing to think about!
I tell you, Roberto,
my mind it is made up!
What is happening?
Nah, nothing.
He wants to keep the money of Beatriz.
- She already knows.
- Fantastic.
And what would you do with it?
- [Carmen] Elisa.
- I thought
This lady is looking for you.
I would fulfil her dream.
Mrs. Úrsula. Come here, if you please.
He was likely intoxicated
by the mix of resins.
[moans in effort]
It seems he passed out and while falling,
he must have hit his head.
A misfortune, certainly.
I do know not how he managed to fool us.
No one with knowledge of fumigation
would have made a mistake of this nature.
[Ignacio] The coachman
is waiting for us at the door.
He's trustworthy. He will take us out
of town, no questions asked. Mh?
- I will tell the servants.
- No, wait, Ignacio.
You should go.
- [chuckling slightly] What?
- I said, you go.
But But what are you saying, Alfredo?
The whole city knows about it.
They're going to arrest us
in a matter of minutes.
It matters not.
For so many years I have run
why keep running now, precisely now,
when the world finally knows me?
Alfredo, if you stay, they will put you
in jail, and they will kill you.
But I shall live the truth.
Please, I'm begging you, do not. Do not.
- Just go, Ignacio.
- [quavering voice] No.
This is not your destiny.
- [sighs]
- Go, please.
This is what God has ordained for me.
Just go.
Please, go.
I have told her so many times
'you cannot be such a nice person.'
But nothing.
If she does this for Beatriz,
imagine what she will want to do for you,
when you are married.
She said she remembered her.
And she was very rebellious.
Well that is right, it certainly sounds
like Beatriz even after all those years
But she also said she was very smart.
That she was
really looking forward to learning.
But she needed to leave
and work very early.
And she also said that,
had she stayed at the school,
- well, maybe she would've been
- [Roberto] What?
She would have been a better person?
It comes from inside.
Her money will at least help
to fulfil the dreams of other girls.
Thank you.
My, my You know
you are far too kind a person.
[slight chuckle, kiss]
[Carmen] It is Lord Diego!
And they have brought Lord Gabriel.
They have returned!
Oh, God. My son!
What have they done to you?
You will be fine, my love,
you will be fine.
[Amelia sobbing] Thank God you are alive!
Diego, my son.
I am fine. I am fine, Mother.
Go with him, go with him, Mother.
It is the force that comes from within
that moves the body beyond our will.
The force of instinct, of the inevitable.
The force of love.
The force that makes us
tear down all barriers,
no matter the cost.
[indistinct mumbling]
[indistinct mumbling]
[Clara] The force for which there
is no opposition.
The natural force
to which you can just surrender yourself.
The force of what is really important.
The baron and his friend,
they're fairies.
You suspect something?
I have suffered much,
but I do not regret who I am.
- What have you done with my daughter?
- Damned dog!
I know who you work for,
and what you have done!
- What did you learn of Sol Montijos?
- We're still looking for her.
- How do you know though?
- If you are in love?
Well, you realize that you want to be
with that person all the time.
We got her.
When you arrive there, make sure
it is red-hot. It's for her face.
If you want to see her alive again,
then give me Enrique Arcona.
Please, tell me what is going on here?
Francisco Marlango
is responsible for his death.
'Men ought either to be pampered
or crushed.'
He has been using you
from the beginning, Mother.
Did you know what
was planned by the marquis?
I swear to you, he will pay for each
and every crime he has committed.
We are not so different.
We both seek revenge.
[swords swishing]
[swords swishing]
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