The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e11 Episode Script


[Enrique] It will only be days
until the Royal Guard find the ring
in Francisco's room in Castamar.
You can take the money and live
as a fugitive for the rest of your days,
or you can let us help you.
For so many years I have run why
keep running now, precisely now,
when the world finally knows me?
Just go, Ignacio.
Thank God you are alive.
[Amelia] Desire is capricious.
But as soon as we are wed,
he will learn to love me.
[Clara] And you he.
I am home, daughter.
I'll wash my hands and we can eat.
What's for dinner?
I bumped into the greengrocer's youngest
on may way home.
She says hello.
She told me she found a job
in a good house.
A merchant, I think.
I ask her to visit us anytime.
What are you doing here?
Is this how you welcome your guests?
Where is my daughter?
Now just put down the knife.
Where is my daughter?
[breathing heavily]
Adela! Adela!
Let us sit down and talk calmly
about a certain matter.
I've nothing to talk to you about.
Tell me what you have done
with my daughter?
Do not worry.
My guards are taking care of her.
If they touch her,
I swear to God I will finish you!
You and all your family!
Damned dog! I know for who you work,
and what you have done.
My daughter is innocent.
And so was my wife,
and she is two years dead!
Sit down!
If you want to see her alive again,
then give me Enrique de Arcona.
You, too? Give that to me Go!
Roberto, look.
It seems there are pamphlets
all over the city.
Holy mother of God,
can you believe what they are doing?
I do not understand. Nobody does.
But it is the worst sin of all.
Oh, please
Not worse than killing, Roberto.
I really do not know what to think.
Because the Baron was always nice to me,
and polite, but well
Who could imagine such a thing?
Of the best friend of Diego
[whispering] Have you seen the guards?
There have posted them at every door.
Why so?
Because of the baron, I would think.
The Baron and his friend,
they are They are fairies.
What the Baron does in private
is none of our business.
My lord, they gave it to me, I didn't
Excuse me.
[deep sigh]
Here you are!
Gabriel is much better,
thanks to the grace of God.
The wounds do not seem infected.
He needs only plenty of rest now.
You suspected something?
And with Ignacio Montes!
And to think it was I
who invited him to Castamar
Any word from Francisco?
I have not heard from him in days.
I shall ask Mr. Elquiza
to remove all the pamphlets in the house.
And you have prohibited his entry.
Yes, Mother. All doors have been closed
and the Marquis de Soto will not enter.
And why are you doing that?
That man is dangerous.
But Enrique is our good friend.
He is like a son to me.
Well, that son whom you defend, Mother
Is responsible for
what happened to Gabriel.
What are you saying?
I do not understand you.
He wanted to sell him in to slavery.
He had it all prepared.
Mother, that bastard
is responsible for the death of Alba,
and for much more besides.
He has been using you
from the beginning, Mother.
Call for Mr. Elquiza.
I must see him immediately.
[Gabriel] I am awake.
[moans in pain]
You can stay, if you wish.
I came to see how you are today.
Would you like to get up
and maybe walk a little?
No, no. I am still too weak for that.
You should try.
Just to the dining room. Perhaps
you could join me on the clavichord.
Lean on me, it will be easier.
[ grunts struggling]
- No.
- No?
- No. I must sit.
- No?
[moans in pain]
It is horrible what they did to you.
Miss Castro,
I need to ask you something.
Did you know what was planned
by the Marquis?
- Me?
- Did you know?
How can you think that of me?
I'm just another victim
of Lord Enrique de Arcona.
He paid my debts
and he seemed very kind to me.
But no.
Sorry Sorry I
- [Amelia] Never mind.
- I am sorry if I offended you.
Do not worry. I understand. I do.
I understand.
I will never forgive myself
if something happens to my daughter.
- And the black one?
- [Hernaldo] In Castamar.
He is badly injured, sir.
Badly hurt is not sufficient.
Sir, I need your help
to get rescue my daughter.
What did you learn of Sol Montijos?
We're still looking for here.
Sit down, Hernaldo. [sighs]
I wrote a letter to Mr. Durán,
the administrator for Sol Montijos
I assumed the identity
of one interested in buying her house.
And so I shall find her
via the legal notes.
Excellent idea, sir.
Lord Diego will not harm to your daughter.
- I need him to think I've been betrayed.
- [footsteps approaching]
Everything all right, sir?
Nothing. All is well.
[Elquiza] My Lord, you cannot be charged
without evidence.
[knocking on the door]
[butler] Excuse me, my lord.
Lord Alfredo is waiting for you
in Mr. Elquiza's office.
If you do not want me here
it would be better if I left.
Why do you say that? Come to me.
I'm sorry, my friend.
I am sorry I did not tell you anything.
I am sorry.
I came to say farewell, Diego.
I shall surrender.
- Turn yourself in?
- Yes.
That is nonsense, Alfredo!
You must let me help you.
No, you already have, Diego,
and I thank you.
Thank you for our friendship.
Alfredo, listen,
do not even think about it.
- I will not let you do it. No. No.
- Diego, please.
I have suffered much,
but I do not regret who I am.
How is Gabriel, hmm?
He is recovering.
Alfredo, if we had listened to him
He had always suspected Enrique.
He made those pamphlets public, Diego.
He tricked Ignacio, it was him.
Such a bastard.
He was behind everything:
what happened to Gabriel,
to you, to the father of Clara
Even the murder of Alba. Everything.
I am sorry, my friend.
I am so terribly sorry.
You have all been victims
of what he wanted to do to me.
But you can be sure that very soon,
he will pay for all the damage done.
[Amelia] Please wait!
I collect a book for
for Gabriel.
I would like to thank you very much
for all you do for him.
Well, he is the brother of my fiancé.
Are these the clothes Lord Enrique?
It is good that you will discard them.
That man is
How could he do such a thing?
I ask myself the same.
You meet someone
you open your doors to them,
treat them as family
And yet you do not know them in the least.
Neither their intentions.
Do not blame yourself, Mercedes.
He fooled all of us.
I only hope
that we will never see him again.
Diego will not consent.
[Roberto] Yes, take that out.
- You wanted to see me?
- Same as always.
[both chuckle]
Did you know tonight
there will be meteor shower?
Like a shower of stars?
I am not sure. No, I heard a couple
talking about it in town.
They said it was exceptional,
and very romantic.
Come. Close your eyes and take my hand.
Go on.
Fine, but quickly. I have to bring these
flowers to the room of Miss Castro.
It will just take a moment.
Come. Be careful.
- it scares me! [squeals]
- Come on.
Careful with the rug.
Wait here.
You can open your eyes.
- A bedroom?
- Uh uh. Our bedroom.
To watch the shower tonight,
what do you say?
Ah well I could say many things,
but you know we are not allowed in here.
We will leave the room before midnight.
Who would know?
Good, it is fine.
I have never seen a shower of stars.
Well, we shall meet here after dinner, hm?
[Roberto] Miss Elisa, after you.
[door knob moving]
- Stop fooling and open the door, please.
- No, this is not a joke.
[grunts in effort]
It is locked. It will not open.
You, idiot.
[Carmen] Were is Roberto?
He has not come to eat.
This food is for Mr. Elquiza.
This morning he said that he wanted
to have lunch in his office.
It was in the care of Elisa. Where is she?
I've not seen her for a while.
Allow me.
Will you leave the door alone?
You will break it!
- At least I'm trying to get out of here.
- You think I am not trying?
That I want to stay locked in?
We will both be fired, Roberto.
You shouldn't have pulled the handle
And you shouldn't have invented the
shower story. It surely is not true.
Are you calling me a liar?
I heard it from a couple in town.
And you believe everything?
and the rooms must be cleaned.
- Mrs. Úrsula, excuse me.
- Thank you.
The office of Mr. Elquiza is locked.
I was bringing him lunch,
but I cannot wait for too long
You are sure?
When you are done, bring them back to me.
Yes, of course, thank you. How are you?
The stew you prepared for lunch today
was delicious.
Thank you.
What are they going to do to me?
Please help me out of here!
I haven't done anything, I promise!
- Please, help me.
- Calm yourself. Who are you?
- Clara, come with me, please.
- No, please.
- No.
- Come. Come. Miss, if you please.
Hand me the key!
Forget about what you just saw
and above all, say nothing to anyone.
Why would you have a girl
locked in your office?
You should not ask questions.
This is a matter for Lord Diego
Not for us. We have nothing to
Pleas, Clara. Clara!
My lord!
My lord, a woman is locked up downstairs.
[Elquiza] Apologies, my Lord,
but I could not
Who is she? Why is she there?
Miss Belmonte,
you must return to the kitchen.
- My lord, I shall
- [Diego] Mr. Elquiza.
She is Adela,
the daughter of Hernaldo La Marca,
a crook responsible for what happened
to Gabriel, and many other things.
The moment I resolve and issue with him,
I give you my word I shall release her.
And so you will keep her
locked up until then?
But, you do not think
that I would harm her do you?
No! No, but she's scared,
and asked for help.
My lord, when my father was charged with
treason, I was all alone and helpless.
And in the eyes of all,
I was just like him.
Do you think it fair that a daughter
pays for the debts of her father?
I'm sorry,
but I cannot permit her to leave.
I I could take care of her.
While she is in Castamar,
give her a job in the kitchen.
Yes. You can give her a room and a job.
Mr. Elquiza
Make sure you keep a close eye
on the daughter of that bastard.
[clavichord in the distance]
[Roberto] Do you hear that?
- Hear, what?
- [Roberto] Come.
[clavichord in the distance]
The sound is coming from next door.
I organised a pianist to play for you,
Miss Elisa.
I also ordered this flowers
to say that I am sorry.
I think I need to apologise to you also.
Would you dance with me?
[moans in pain]
If you cannot go to the music,
the music comes to you. [laughs]
Come on, it is your turn.
I prefer to listen.
You think I made them bring the clavichord
to your door to play alone?
Come along now.
But what is the point of it?
Because it will cheer you up.
Because I am beginning to look
a little crazy
[both laugh]
And because you are surrounded
by people who love you.
- You are safe.
- Undeservedly.
Gabriel, you're the best person
in this house.
Amelia, I am responsible
for the death of my friend.
An innocent man.
Do not say that, it is not true.
It is not not the moment. Leave me.
Leave me. I do not need your compassion.
I am not here out of compassion.
- Call the master, please.
- Excuse me, what master?
The owner of the palace.
He has just moved in. I want to talk.
Well, you have him standing before you.
Juan Pérez García. Nice to meet you.
Sol Montijos sold her palace to you?
Only for one year.
She came to my estate looking for
a good horse to ride to Santander.
The one she wanted was not for sale,
but a year in this palace
is definitely worth it.
I hope you know to whom you are speaking.
Not trying to fool me, eh?
I swear to you I speak the truth.
She said
she would take a boat in five days.
She wanted the horse to get there on time.
When did she leave?
Why this very morning.
Is there a blacksmith far from here?
There is one up the road I know.
[man] Don't let anyone leave the palace!
I am Diego de Castamar,
how can I help you?
We are looking for Francisco Marlango.
He is not here.
Why do you want him?
This is his room.
He sleeps here when he is in Castamar.
[door knob moving]
Umm, it will not open
It is stuck.
Leave the room immediately. Go. Get out!
We just wanted to watch the stars,
Mrs. Ursula.
Do not say another word. Quick. Go!
They are the clothes of Lord Francisco.
we have them prepared for when he visits.
Please, tell me what is going on here.
We have not seen the man
neither here nor in his house.
This is the ring that the murderers
of Esteban of Villamar stole from him.
What do you imply?
Francisco Marlango
is responsible for his death.
Please just say to Lord Enrique
that he has a visitor.
I would like to surprise him.
[Enrique in the distance] Take this map
here and studied well.
Give order that all of our men depart
at once. Tell them to watch all the roads.
I will leave for Santander
early in the morning
as soon as the blacksmith has my order.
Now I have a visitor.
- Keep me informed.
- Yes, sir.
- Who was here?
- Lady Mercedes de Castamar.
[Elquiza] The
rules are clear in this respect.
Behaviour such as this
warrants immediate dismissal.
May we ask you for a great favour
if you could perhaps not reveal the reason
so we can find work in other houses.
Well, if Mrs. Ursula is in agreement
[Elisa] Please.
Do we have any recommendations
for potential maids and a valet?
We shall need to search.
I can talk to other families.
If you have anyone in mind,
please make arrangements.
I shall trust your judgement.
Yes, yes, I do.
Miss Elisa and Roberto.
I think that we can make an exception
to the rule though. Hm?
We all make mistakes sometimes?
Welcome back.
But hear me. Next month you
shall not enjoy any days off.
Whatever you say, Mrs. Ursula.
Thank you very, very much indeed.
Go on now. Yes.
Why look at me in that manner? [laughs]
[clears her throat]
They have let us stay.
Thank God. I already pictured myself
working in the fields with my parents,
- or worse
- Mrs. Úrsula is a good woman.
Pull the other one! Since when was she?
I told Roberto not to tempt fate,
she may be plotting much worse.
Just trust her.
There is someone you should meet.
This is Adela.
Hello. Nice to meet you. I am Elisa.
So, what will you be doing here?
For the moment, she is your new roommate.
We will see about the job.
But why?
Because you have a spare bed.
Ah. Er, I mean nothing,
But since I have a spare bed, I thought
that Roberto and I could live together.
- I don't want to be any trouble.
- You are no trouble at all.
Not so?
Let me show you the quarters.
"Men ought either to be
pampered or crushed,
for they avenge themselves
of lighter injuries,
of more serious ones they cannot.
The injury done to a man ought to be such
that one is not in fear of vengeance."
The favorite philosopher
of Enrique de Arcona.
He loved to read me paragraphs
from that book.
You wanted to see me, Mother?
I went to his palace.
I needed some answers. To ask why.
I would have murdered him.
But it does not matter,
for I did not have the nerve.
Help me, son.
Mother, I swear, he will pay for each
and every crime he has committed.
But that is for me not you.
Do not go back there. It is too dangerous.
- No, you will not catch him in time.
- What do you mean?
- He departs for Santander.
- What? Today?
[howls and moans]
This is what will do to your daughter.
I shall make you ride
that horse dragging her
if you do not bring me Enrique at dawn.
Do you understand?
It is Sol Montijos with whom
you should settle accounts with.
She killed Alba.
Lord Enrique wanted to kill you,
but it didn't work out as planned.
You are lying!
I swear on my daughter's life,
that it is true.
Gabriel, Alfredo, who else?
Tell me everything your master has done.
The cook's father,
Lord Enrique arranged it all
so he would be arrested.
Francisco Marlango,
what do you know of him?
He is dead.
You son of a whore! You bastard!
[chokes, gurgles]
It was Sol Montijos.
I want him here at dawn.
If you do not bring him,
your daughter will die.
Let me say goodbye to her.
When I deliver to you Lord Enrique,
I will not have a chance any more.
I beg you.
Look for Sol Montijos. Now!
You should see the doctor.
No, I rather you do it.
Do not be stubborn, father.
Hey, hey. Adela, Adela.
Adela, I've come to say goodbye.
I'm betraying
Lord Enrique to the Duke.
As soon as I bring him
to the Monk's Forest,
you will be free. They promised me.
- Then you'll be back home.
- Alone.
Turning Enrique in
means turning myself in, too.
Help me.
- Father
- Help me.
Daughter, don't
Adela, I know
I have not been a good father.
that I should have made other choices,
But all I've done I've done for you.
Calm down. I'll take you out of here.
Lord Enrique will help us.
And we will go home together.
I love you, daughter.
- I love you.
- I love you, too, Father.
You are the only thing
that matters to me in this life.
The only thing that matters to me.
- The only thing that matters. The only
- [Adela] Father
[Adela sobbing]
[knocking on the door]
You look so much better.
In a few days,
you shall be recovered completely.
[Gabriel sighs]
I would like to ask something of you.
Of course.
Tell me.
Daniel, his death made an orphan
of my Godson
And I would like to
But of course.
They shall not want for anything
for the rest of their lives.
I promise you.
they will miss the thing most important.
And that
that which I cannot provide.
Gabriel, forgive me.
Forgive me if you ever
you ever felt I did not love you.
I understand my arrival to Castamar
was far from easy
I must confess I cannot have been
the easiest to deal with.
Do you know?
I only had to imagine
life without you to realise
how terrible it would have been
to lose you.
I love you, son.
May I ask you to send for Miss Castro?
I must return this book of hers.
Of course.
It is double, for inconvenience.
Master! We have her.
One of my men caught
her near Segovia.
I gave the order to take her
to the Monk's Forest.
When you arrive there,
heat it so it glows.
Make sure it is red-hot.
It's for her face.
We will do it at dawn.
Lord Diego.
Tell the guards to be prepared.
And I want my horse ready at dawn.
Yes, my lord.
[knocking on the door]
Lady Mercedes said
you want to return the book.
I also wanted to apologize.
I did not mean to seem ungrateful.
Apology accepted.
Did you enjoy it?
But read it aloud.
That way it is much better.
Would you mind?
"I dream that here am I,
burdened with these chains.
And I dreamt I saw myself
in a more flattering state.
What is life? A frenzy"
What is it? You do not like it?
Yes. Yes, please go on. Continue.
"What is life?
An illusion, a shadow, a story."
"And the greatest good is small enough:
for all of life is a dream,
and dreams
are just dreams."
[door opens]
- How are you feeling?
- Better.
Much better.
Miss Castro was keeping me company.
[Amelia] Hm.
But I was about to retire to my rooms.
It is late.
Good night.
Good night.
Forgive me.
I did not thank you yet.
First it was our father, and now you.
You have saved my life.
Thank you.
You are my brother.
[Elisa] My lady.
Excuse me, I just wanted to know
if I should retire,
or if you need me for anything else.
- You may leave.
- Excuse me for asking, only
I am to watch a star shower with Roberto.
[both laugh]
[Elisa] Have you ever seen such a thing?
I just knew
that he had made up that story!
But even if he did, I do not care.
Because everything he says
is like music to my ears.
And I think it is because
because I love him.
How do you know though?
If you are in love?
I think you just know it.
Well, you realise that
you want to be
with that person all the time.
And that when you are together,
your hearts they beat united.
Like they are just one
And you cannot help but smile.
Just as you are doing right now.
[sighs] Well then
enjoy your shower of stars.
Sweet dreams.
And you.
[door opens and closes]
[Elisa] Has it started yet?
[Roberto] Not yet,
but I saved you the best seat.
Thank you.
- Have you seen anything?
- [Carmen] Nothing.
I think they pulled your leg, Roberto.
Let us go.
What nonsense.
It's a waist of time.
Nothing is happening. I'm leaving.
[man] We're leaving.
[man 2] What a waist of time.
You were right.
In the end,
the meteor shower was just a tale.
No, please let us stay! Stay here with me.
More important is
that we are together, no?
[Roberto] Yes.
- [Elisa] Oh! Look, look!
- What?
- Shooting star!
- No.
It just happened.
Oh no, I missed it.
My lord.
It is important I talk with Miss Belmonte.
This morning I did not
I did not find the moment for
It is important
that I explain yesterday
- Our kiss.
- [Diego] Yes.
We both know it is not right.
Yes, I may may have been lost
in the moment. I am sorry.
I was in the moment also.
I was worried for you, and when I saw
you were safe, I felt relieved.
But it will not happen again.
No, it will not happen again, it cannot.
[breaths deeply]
So are you leaving?
- Excuse me, it is not my business.
- [Diego] Uh, no, no, I
I have a matter to attend to,
but I will be back soon.
[shacking] Diego
[Diego] I was lying.
You see I kissed you because
Because I wanted to, because
it is the only thing I want.
I am sorry. I had no choice.
Are we not too many, Lord Diego?
Do not worry,
this is between just me and you.
We are not so different.
We both seek revenge.
A duel. No witnesses. To the death.
So be it.
Good morning.
- I was leaving.
- No, no. It is fine, continue.
It is all yours.
There are recipes of all types.
It's wonderful.
I was going to make something simpler.
Breadcrumbs with chorizo.
- The food of the poor.
- Can I help you? What can I do?
Well, first we have to crush
the bread and the chorizo
this is so the bread
can take on the flavor.
And when the bread is this color,
it looks like there's more chorizo.
My father loves it.
He is a good man
who made some bad decisions.
Although maybe I say so
because I'm his daughter.
I should ask other people what they think.
What is important is what you think.
To everyone else, my father is a murderer.
But I know he did nothing wrong.
- Where is he?
- In prison.
Waiting for the gallows.
I did everything
to try to prove his innocence.
They postponed the date,
but his time it runs out.
And soon he will be executed.
Do not give up.
No I do not.
But my last hope
was Lord Diego of Castamar.
I know you think
he has not been fair to you but
he is a good man, really.
Then I hope he returns safely
so that he can help you.
Returns safely?
My father helped him
to set a trap for the Marquis.
Did he say where?
In the Monk's Forest.
Pray for the Duke.
Lord Enrique de Arcona
is the devil himself.
[Clara] In life, as in the kitchen,
it is necessary
to prepare the ingredients in advance.
But we also need to be prepared
for the unforeseen.
Anything can happen.
And when it hits us,
we cannot think. Only do.
Focus on something. Counting your steps,
12, 13,14.
Or the beats of a heart
like when I was a child I rested
my head on the chest of my father
and he told me the name
of the heartbeat sound.
Bam-bam, bam-bam
No, not like that.
Tock-tock, tock-tock. Still not.
Focus on that.
Recall what the heartbeat is called
No, I do not recall, I cannot
Keep thinking, deflect fear.
Keep going.
Leave it behind,
until you no longer see it.
We only need a clear goal
and know how to reach it.
Even if it serves only to let us know
it is not yet our moment.
Because our fear is still there.
Deciding for us.
[panting, grunting]
[moaning, panting]
[panting deeply, yelling]
[both panting heavily]
So why?
- Why me?
- For Alba.
I have longed for this moment
since she died.
Will you not finish, Lord Diego?
No! No Diego!
Diego! Diego, no
[moans in pain]
[gasping] I have a dagger take it.
[moans in pain]
[groans in pain]
[moans in pain]
What is happening?
[sobbing] No, Diego. Diego,
look at me, Diego.
Look at me.
Diego, please.
No, Diego, please. Diego, no. Diego.
Look at me. No, look at me. Diego.
[Clara] Lub-dub, lub-dub.
That's it. Lub-dub.
That is what we call
the beating of the heart.
We recall things
when they are no longer necessary.
We are not prepared
for our fear to return.
I need help!
Or perhaps it never left.
Help me!
Lub-dub, lub-dub.
[Mercedes] Diego!
- Diego, my son!
- We will handle it from here.
Where is Clara?
- He cannot be alone.
- Tomorrow is his father execution.
Father, please! He is innocent!
I do not want to continue pretending
there is nothing between us.
Cancel the wedding.
Well, we both know you do not want
to be here during the wedding.
- I will leave first thing tomorrow.
- But why are you leaving?
[Elisa] In a few hours, you'll be
the new Duchess of Castamar.
You're the prettiest bride
I've ever seen.
I do not want you to go, Clara.
It seemed like this day would never come.
[Adela] I have something important
for the masters of the house.
It's about Enrique de Arcona.
They must know before the wedding.
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