The Cook of Castamar (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

A Place for Everyone

- You suspected something?
- I have suffered much,
but I do not regret who I am.
- What have you done with my daughter?
- Damned dog!
I know for who you work,
and what you have done.
- How do you know though?
- If you are in love?
Well, you realize that you want to be
with that person all the time.
To everyone else, my father is a murderer.
But I know he did nothing wrong.
[heavy breathing]
[crying] Diego, no.
Diego, look at me. Diego. Look at me.
No, Diego, please. Diego, no
No, no
No, no.
Please, no
Diego Diego.
Anyone! I need help! Help me!
[Mercedes] Diego! Diego, my son!
[with echo] Diego, son!
[Amelia with echo] Diego!
What happened, my son? Diego!
- Diego!
- Mother!
- Diego!
- My son
[heavy breathing]
[Amelia] Diego!
[Mercedes] Diego
[muffled] We will handle it from here.
I said we will handle it from here!
[heavy breathing]
[doctor] Excuse me.
[heavy breathing]
It seems that first he was shot
by the Marquis de Soto, and then
- [Carmen] Holy Mother of God
- [Elisa] Are you all right?
Clara, are you hurt?
Oh, what is? [gasps]
Everyone, out of the kitchen.
All of you, now.
I said out of the kitchen.
Elisa and Carmen, that means you as well.
[Úrsula] Come.
Oh, my dear God
Shh Easy, easy, it is all fine.
It is all fine.
You are here now.
It is grave, however Doctor Evaristo
says he will be fine.
- [Amelia] Diego?
- [Gabriel] Diego.
[Amelia] Diego!
How are you feeling?
For days you have been unconscious.
[with effort] Where is Clara?
She is fine.
[sighs in pain]
- Water, please.
- Yes, of course.
[moans in pain]
- I need to talk to the King.
- [Mercedes] A joy to see you better.
Had anything happened,
I could never forgive myself.
Clara, they say the lord has awakened.
I suppose they will go ahead
with the wedding, then.
Tomorrow is her father's execution.
[Elisa] You are sure you
want to go there tomorrow alone?
He cannot be alone.
Miss Castro.
[Amelia] I wish to speak with the cook.
Everybody, out of the kitchen.
I did not have the opportunity to thank
you for what you did for Diego.
- If it was not for you
- [Clara] There is nothing to thank me for.
You would have done the same in my place.
I know tomorrow is
the execution of your father.
I imagine, after something like that,
you will need time. And
Well, we both know you do not want
to be here during the wedding.
I will leave first thing tomorrow.
So sorry about your father.
I was looking for you.
I think that, given the circumstances,
the wedding should perhaps be
somewhat discreet, and quickly done.
- Mh.
- I shall write to the queen.
I shall come up with an apology.
As you wish.
- Amelia.
- [gasps, sighs, chuckles]
I was startled.
- Seems you have been avoiding me.
- No. Diego
was very sick and
I have been preoccupied.
But he is better.
Amelia, I miss you.
Yes, I miss your voice. Your laugh.
Why do you do this?
- Why do you marry my brother?
- We must not be seen.
Amelia, let it go.
We cannot keep pretending
there is nothing between us.
I love your brother.
Cancel the wedding.
Yes, do it, Amelia.
Admit that I'm the one in your thoughts.
Admit it.
Believe me
when I say that Diego will understand.
It is my future, Gabriel.
You cannot ask that of me,
I am sorry. Leave.
I love you.
I love you, Amelia.
Say you have no feelings for me
and I shall be gone forever, I shall go.
Say it.
Say it.
You see? I have known for some time.
We deserve a chance.
I am with child.
[Gabriel] Does mother know? Mh?
Amelia is with child.
Does she know? Answer me!
I am sorry, Gabriel.
I should have told you.
- But, well, you knew that she and I
- What? She and you what?
Be calm, Gabriel. This changes nothing.
It changes everything, Diego.
Everything. You do not understand?
- I love her.
- Gabriel
And you? Can you say the same?
You love her?
She is my betrothed.
So what? You have feelings for her,
or not? Answer me.
For the love of God, Gabriel!
What is it you want? Tell me.
To leave. To leave with her, go away!
Start from scratch, to find my place!
- To leave with her?
- Yes!
She would never accept it.
And where would you go, huh?
Just where? This is your home, Gabriel.
You should be grateful
you have a life here.
Tell me.
For living a life I do not desire?
Well, no, Diego.
Can you not see Castamar
is but a golden cage.
[Diego with echo] I think
you already know this book.
It's the finest essay on botanicals
that's ever been written.
If I recall you had an interest in it.
Shame if no one made the most of them.
Do you agree? It's for you.
[knocking on the door]
My lord.
- Clara.
- How are you?
You should not have come here.
But What is this?
You leave?
Tomorrow is the execution of my father.
[sighs] But why do you leave?
[clears throat]
I simply came down here for
to say I have written
a confession to the King
telling him what happened.
Your name is not in it.
So it will be
as if you never were in Castamar.
But I was here.
And I regret nothing.
Nor do I.
Oh, how I
wish we had met at some other moment.
I hope you can get what you want.
I want just one thing.
As do I.
This is a declaration with reference
to all crimes committed
by the Marquis de Soto.
And this is my confession to detail
the events of the duel
that put an end to his life.
I need you to transcribe these documents
to be handed over to His Majesty the King.
Stamp my seal on it and have it taken
to the palace immediately.
- Are you all right?
- I was thinking.
The only thing I have done
in my life is serve in Castamar.
- If something should happen to the lord
- The lord will take care of himself.
And you should do the same.
Good night to you.
Mrs. Berenguer, I think I might go
to the dining room and read for a while.
If you will not retire just yet
Are you proposing
I keep you company while you read?
Well, we could talk.
Yes, I shall accompany you.
But I would prefer you read.
I could not sleep.
Would you mind if we join you?
But of course not.
[Elisa] We could not sleep.
[Carmen] And we heard voices.
- Are you awake?
- Yes.
[breathes in]
I do not want morning to come.
- So why not leave?
- [exhale]
Yes. Why not leave together?
Both of us, tomorrow even.
Where would we go?
Close your eyes.
Mh [giggles]
- To Cuba.
- To Cuba?
Yes. Why not?
No one there would see my color.
I have the inheritance from my father,
we could buy a sugar plantation,
start from scratch, earn a lot of money.
But, you are actually serious
We would be together
for the rest of our lives.
It is madness.
You do not want happiness?
- So
- So what?
[lip smack]
- And would we have a really big house?
- Yes. Near to the beach.
And I would wake up with you.
Every day.
Wake up with you. Every day.
[Elquiza] My lord, they found this.
It belongs to Sol Montijos.
They found her.
She had been dead for more
than two weeks in a forest, near the road.
Most likely, thrown from her horse.
What irony.
Both have finally paid for what they did.
[Diego] You really think so?
For what she did her life is not enough.
[Elquiza] My lord
You cannot permit them to keep stealing
your life away from you.
Are you sure you will be fine?
And you will never come back?
I do not want you to go, Clara.
The carriage. It is here.
I will send directions once I settle in.
- Come and visit me some time.
- And you, us.
Thank you.
For everything.
Castamar will not be the same without you.
My lord, His Majesty
has sent the Royal Guard for you.
What is the meaning of this?
- The King knows the truth.
- For the love of God.
I must go with them.
- Diego.
- Look after Mother and Amelia.
I shall send a note to the Queen.
She will help us.
- Diego will be fine, this changes nothing.
- Please, Gabriel.
Yesterday you were not serious then?
It was just a game.
- No.
- Then will you come with me?
Do you not understand?
I am a woman! There is no choice for me,
I cannot choose.
You cannot or will not?
- Gabriel!
- Do you love him?
Last night, I was more honest
than I shall ever be.
But my place is here.
- Your Majesty.
- Leave us.
- Your Majesty, I am deeply sorry
- How are you?
- It is not this wound that hurts the most.
- Good.
I am glad that son of Devil
is burning in hell.
I never liked him,
but I do not approve of what happened.
Your Majesty, I humbly beg you to let
everyone know what kind of person he was.
[mocking sound]
It does not matter. I did not send
the Guard for you because of him.
I have an affair of state.
This watch was given to me by my
grandfather when I first came to Spain.
Tic-tac, tic-tac, tic-tac, tic-tac.
You hear that? No?
It is time to be
as great as the Sun King, Diego.
I have big plans, and I need you.
You know I remain
your humble servant, sire.
Very good, that is the spirit.
My son Louis
will soon inherit the throne.
Look at him, there he is.
[Louis speaking gibberish]
I want you to teach him to be a good
king. I mean, a good king for Spain.
But who better than his father,
Your Majesty?
Who, me? [laugh] Not me, no, you.
You'll be his mentor.
Tomorrow I will announce at the Council
that the education of the prince is
in the hands of the Duke of Castamar.
- It would be an honor, Your Majesty.
- Your honor? Your honor
Your honor, but your sacrifice as well.
His Majesty Louis the Fourteenth of France
thanked me for mine with this perfect
little machine. Tic-tac, tic-tac, tic
And now tell me, oh, Diego.
What do you want
from this humble servant? Eh?
- No, Your Majesty, I would never
- No, go ahead. Tell me. What do you want?
Do you want to dig up
Enrique de Arcona?
Hm? And dismember him, and hang him.
Hang his pieces all over Castamar?
If it makes you feel better,
you have my blessing.
Your Majesty, with your permission, there
is something that would truly help me.
Armando Belmonte. Accused of
assassination treason and flight.
Quintanilla's widow requested to attend.
Guilty of all charges
and sentenced to death by hanging.
- Father!
- [Armando] Clara!
Father. Father!
- Daughter, leave here!
- Father! Let me!
Let me go with him! Father!
I don't want you to remember
me like this.
Let me go with him, please! Father!
Father, please! He's innocent! Please
- Father!
- Please, get her out of here.
No, no, you cannot Please.
[pants and mumbles]
[Diego] Halt! Halt!
Stop the execution!
Stop the execution
in the name of the King!
I bring a pardon
from His Majesty the King.
I will be but a moment, Father.
I do not know how you did this.
But thank you.
It was easy.
I just had to ask for justice.
I wish you all the luck in the world.
And I to you.
I would not trade for anything,
for anything,
every minute you spent in Castamar.
[softly chortles]
Good news from your brother.
It all went well with His Majesty.
In a few hours he will return.
Well, I see you have decided to tidy up.
You should call a servant.
I am just selecting what I want to take
with me.
Take with you? Where?
I am leaving, Mother.
For some time, at least.
Because of Amelia?
I see how you look at her.
Gabriel, running
It will only make an even bigger
- Running will always be pointless.
- I am not running.
I just need to go to a place
where nothing and no one reminds me
of what I shall never have.
That place does not exist.
Maybe one does.
- What will change if you are not here?
- I shall know who I am.
You are my son.
If you want to leave, I will not object.
But first I would like
to show you something.
The document of purchase
that was to assured your liberty.
And this for your mother.
My mother.
Did you know her?
No, no, no This cannot be.
My mother was born in Castamar?
No. There were slaves.
In the time of the first Duke of Castamar,
your grandfather,
the house had many.
What does this mean?
Your mother was daughter of the duke.
She inherited his eyes.
Some years passed
before your grandfather sold her.
When my husband, your adoptive father,
discovered this, he searched for her.
Did he find her?
It was too late for her.
But not for you.
Mother, why did no one tell me of this?
Obscuring the truth
always seems the easiest thing.
But it is not always so.
You are as Castamar as Diego.
[sobbing slightly]
[Clara] I have done with being locked up.
I am no longer scared.
I shall find a job as a cook.
There is much I still want to do.
Come to me, Father.
Just here, lie down.
This is only temporary,
just until we find a house in the city.
Sorry you had to leave ours.
That is in the past. Besides, you were
Dead, and I would have died today again
if it wasn't for you.
- It was Lord Diego.
- [Armando] He did it for you.
He did it as he trusted your innocence.
He must have had a very powerful reason
to beg the King himself
to spare the life
of someone he hasn't even met.
Feelings can't be vanquished.
Don't fight them.
There is nothing to fight, Father.
We are together now,
that is all that matters.
Today begins a new life.
[breathes out of nose]
And you need to have some rest.
[deep sigh]
Thank you, it is beautiful.
- What do you think?
- [Roberto] Very nice.
- Do I look pretty in it?
- Very.
It is for Miss Castro.
Elisa. What in the world are you doing?
Excuse me, madam.
It is just so lovely I could not resist.
Right, stop pawing it and take it
immediately to Miss Castro.
- Yes, madam.
- Go.
Even if I lived to one hundred
I would not save enough money
to buy something like that.
The dress is the least of it.
More important is that you are together.
- I am not sure Elisa will feel the same.
- Please trust me. Do not waste any time.
It passes very rapidly.
One day, you realize you are more
than 50 years old,
and all you have done
in your life is work.
Well, you are not one hundred yet.
You were right.
I am a Castamar and this is my home.
Pour another,
so I can drink to my brother.
And to your son,
whom I cannot wait to spoil.
My brother.
[Adela] Dear Clara,
I was really happy
to hear that the King's pardon
arrived on time to save your father.
The execution of mine is imminent,
but I feel comforted to know
he leaves at ease and remorseful.
I got a job as a teacher in Córdoba.
Soon, I will be starting a new life, too.
- My lady.
- Mh?
You look beautiful.
- Do you think anyone will notice?
- No.
All they will see
is how beautiful you look.
In a few hours, it will all be over.
In a few hours,
you will be the new Duchess of Castamar.
And I, your lady's maid.
[breathes in]
Do you think
I could maybe have a new uniform?
To tell me apart
from the rest of the maids.
Of course.
Miss Castro.
You are the prettiest bride
I have ever seen.
You really should not be here.
I have something to tell you.
It will take but a minute.
Yes, yes, of course.
I am sorry about the other day.
I should not have pushed you as I did.
I would understand
if you did not wish to see me.
Nothing would give me more pain.
But promise me
that you and I
we will never
- No matter how much we wish it, Gabriel.
- I promise you.
I promise, you have my word.
I love you, and I always will.
Amelia, look at me.
But, from now on, like a brother.
You have my word.
- And Mh
- Yes?
- And would you walk me to the altar?
- Yes.
[Elisa] Apologies.
But if you want to make it on time,
we need to finish your hair.
I shall come when you are ready.
The Prince has once again disappeared.
Besides hunting and riding
he knows he has other obligations.
[King] The Duke will take care of his
education. He will learn, do not worry.
Surprise! [laughs] My present
for the bride and groom!
- Get that out of my sight.
- Liven up, Your Majesty.
Reigning can also be entertaining.
We are not entertainers.
We are entertained.
Prince Carlos
could accompany us to Castamar.
- He has the manner of a king.
- Prince Carlos? But he is just four.
More than sufficient.
Hey! I can bring them back to life!
I want the broth
perfumed with garlic and leeks.
And chop these vegetables right.
That pastry will not rise enough.
It needs more rest and more heat!
And did you see the design
of the wedding cake?
This kitchen is a mess!
He is the cook of the Queen, you know.
Give him a chance.
Do you need some help preparing
the roasts? I can arrange the scullions.
Make sure the marinades are all right.
[door bell]
Yes? Why are you here?
I have something important
for the masters of the house.
It's about Enrique de Arcona,
and they must know before the wedding.
Come with me.
- Are you good?
- How are you?
Father, welcome to Castamar.
Gentlemen, I suppose you are already
with my brother,
but in case some of you are not,
let me present Lord Gabriel of Castamar.
My ladies. Gentlemen.
We both would like
to welcome you to Castamar.
And our thanks for joining us on such
an important day for the duchy.
- My mother should be here by now.
- I will look for her.
Excuse me, my lady.
You are needed in the main hall.
Their Majesties shall arrive presently.
Thank you, Melquiades.
Is everything prepared?
All is set just as you have arranged.
Pardon, my lady. There is someone here.
She has an urgent message for you.
Úrsula, if you please,
now is not the time for visits.
- My son is about to get married.
- But it is Adela de la Marca, my lady.
Daughter of the man
who betrayed Lord Enrique.
She insists you need to see something
before the wedding celebrations.
Just here.
[Amelia] Dear Sol,
You may regard this strange letter,
but I address myself to you,
as I do not have a choice.
I need a true friend to hear me,
and I know you will.
There is just one more thing.
[Amelia] Those joyful days and nights
spent with the Marquis de Soto
have turned into a nightmare,
and bore an unexpected fruit.
I carry the child
of Lord Enrique de Arcona.
[Mercedes angrily] Leave us now.
I believe this belongs to you.
You would have permitted the heir
of Castamar be the child of Enrique.
Oh, poor Amelia,
all alone and orphaned and abandoned.
- An impostor. What was the plan?
- Nothing.
What would you do if Enrique had not died?
It was the doing of Enrique.
- I am calling for the guards!
- Wait! Wait, wait.
Wait. What will damage more?
The secret? Or the scandal?
Lord Enrique is dead. Sol Montijos also.
And nobody else knows.
We will raise it as a Castamar.
It will be a Castamar.
We both know that Diego loves Clara.
And he will never marry anyone
if he does not marry me today.
And his duchy will end with him.
Is it worth sacrificing everything for?
for the truth?
[indistinct chattering]
Their Majesties have just arrived. Hurry.
Their Majesties the King
and the Queen, and Prince Luis.
[snorts in boredom]
- Your Majesty.
- Mh
It look like this day would never come.
Your Majesty.
- Your Majesty.
- Mh.
Your Majesty.
[snorts in boredom]
I shall find Amelia.
Mother, is all well?
Yes. Yes, everything is fine.
Please wait!
What is wrong?
It is all in here.
There will be no wedding.
Tell me it is not true.
[Clara] Father!
I have it. My book.
Cookery for Everyone. Clara Belmonte.
- [chuckles]
- Today it has gone on sale.
I bought it from a bookseller
in the town center.
Can I see.
[Elisa] "We will all be equal
when we eat equally well."
Is it not wonderful
to have a friend who writes books?
- It means she must be very intelligent.
- [Carmen] Isn't that right?
My lord, may we assist with anything?
Yes, His Royal Highness the Prince Luis
is missing again, and I thought he
he might have been hiding here.
We have not seen him, my lord.
I shall tell the servants to look for him,
he could not have gone very far.
My lord! My lord,
forgive me my insolence, but
I thought that perhaps
you may be interested to know.
And every bookshop is selling it.
Wonderful news.
Would you mind if I?
I I shall like to read it.
Of course.
[Diego] "Sugar dough."
[Clara] A quarter pound of sugar.
The whites of eggs.
Those who cannot see are blind.
- Well, I'd need an assistant
- [Diego] What would you have me do?
[Clara] But also those
who walk in the darkness.
Care to try?
Groping for the walls
that enclose the path.
Taking short, shaky little steps.
Blind are those who do not know
the ground beneath their feet.
Those who do not know their place.
You never feel the need
to be someone else?
Until someone lights a candle,
and illuminates finally the place
that we must occupy.
There is just one place for everyone.
Even though the whole world tries
their best to keep us from taking it.
But none will ever vanquish our instinct.
The instinct to occupy,
at last, our place.
Ours. The only place where we
can be truly happy.
[Amelia] Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
[Gabriel] Amelia.
You are here.
I could not bear the idea
I do not want to die without
your forgiveness, Gabriel!
I do not want to die without your for
Do not say that. No one will die.
And the baby?
They took it.
They did not even let me see it.
It was horrible.
- Just horrible, Gabriel
- We will find it. We will find it.
[sobs and sniffs]
I will take care of you both.
I never should have let you go.
You will be fine.
[Prince] No.
Can we go hunting now?
No! Out!
No, Your Highness, you must pick one.
Their Majesties
expect you to marry next year.
I do not want to get married.
I do not want to be king.
- Think about the future of the country.
- Mh So what about my future? Huh?
When do I get to think about my future?
The best future for a king is to reign.
That I can assure you.
A king is also a person.
Or are you just a duke?
Someone else asked me
the same question once.
And what did you answer?
[chortles] Mh.
Ready the carbine and the hounds.
I was thinking, perhaps you
might dedicate this copy to me.
- To Lord Diego of Castamar?
- No.
Just Diego.
For all these months, I have been
I have been thinking.
Thinking about my future. And how much
I would like to share it with you.
- But you know we cannot
- I gave up the duchy.
There is nothing
that can keep us from being together.
If you want to, of course.
I do.
And so I declare you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
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