The Crossing (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

The Long Morrow

1 HANNAH: Me and those people at that camp, we came here to escape a war in the future.
Previously on "The Crossing" CALEB: Why is there a fence going up? We have to expose this to the public.
- We need evidence.
- What kind of evidence? Photos.
CALEB: How can you write in Apex? I didn't have a choice.
You belong to them.
You're a cure, Reece.
You could save my life.
I'm not here to save anyone else's life.
I just want Leah.
Hey, baby girl.
LINDAUER: Agent Ren, who apparently has gone missing - [Gunshot] - [Gasping] she believed that there were other future people that came earlier.
This says we need to capture the Apex alive? We have to harvest her genetic material for this plan to work.
[Tires screech] - [Groans] - Mama! [Groans] We're close.
[Door clanking open] Mama! [Groans] VIVEK: There's no pupillary response.
We can't wake her.
[Machine beeping] [Monitor beeping] - Listen.
- [Indistinct talking] Listen, I know that there have been some conflicting reports.
No, there haven't been any reports, that's the problem.
True or false, Mayor, there are survivors from Thorn Beach being held up in the mountains? There have been temporary housing set up for some people at the old campgrounds, yes.
And you didn't think that we had a right to know? It was only recently brought to my attention.
Look, there was some confusion early on between the local and federal authorities.
But Homeland Security - is is on top of this.
- [Crowd murmuring] Is that supposed to make us feel better? [Screeching noise] [Crowd grumbling] You all know who I am.
Oh, boy.
I don't.
Do you? There's a conspiracy going on right under our noses, and here's the proof.
- [Crowd murmuring] - Where'd he get that? You may ask where I got this.
I've been in contact with them.
They are American, and they are being held against their will! Truth is, we don't know where they're from.
Yeah, but we know where they are.
So why don't we all go there and see for ourselves? ALL: Yeah! You've got American citizens up there - being held against their will? - It's complicated.
Today it is them, tomorrow it could be you! [Crowd shouting] Now, are we just gonna sit here and let this happen? - MAN: No! - [Crowd murmuring] What are we gonna do? [Indistinct shouting] - Uhh - Uhh, this isn't good.
- No.
- All right, come on.
Good morning.
Hey, Paul.
Hey, any word on when Emma might be coming back? I guess she's still out sick.
I hope it's nothing serious.
I'm sure she'll be back soon.
[Exhales sharply] Anything I could do for you? Nah.
[Chuckles softly] Wonder if they made it.
'89 was a long time ago.
[Inhales deeply] It depends on how you look at it.
You have a wife? Husband? Me? Nah.
Haven't found the right one.
I'll know it when I see it, I guess.
You will.
And when you do, don't hesitate.
You'll want that time to look back on.
You know, maybe Leah's where she where she needs to be.
With an Apex.
Whatever she is, Leah loves her.
And I have to believe she's gonna be okay.
How do you do it? Just let go, like it means nothing? Well, it's not nothing.
We left our daughter.
We didn't leave her.
She was taken from us.
We left behind any chance of ever seeing her again.
And you think that was easy for me? I don't blame you.
In a way, I envy you.
Because I can't let go of it.
Rebecca, we didn't have a choice.
[Footsteps approaching] [Knock on door] Hi.
I'm Rebecca.
Come in.
[Door closes] We had a daughter, and she was taken by Apex, just like you.
I never knew what happened to her, or why they wanted her.
So I was I was hoping you could help me understand.
She was special.
She was smart.
Perhaps a bit different.
Like me.
Rachel was her name.
She was taken because she was neuro-diverse, a status dismissed in this era with terms like "autism.
" A condition Apex engineered out of their own germ line in a quest for the perfect genome.
But they came to realize that these afflictions sometimes offered savant abilities not even they could match math, language, pattern recognition.
Apex found these abilities useful.
So she was made to work? I never met your daughter, so I couldn't tell you what her task was, but Apex knew we functioned better in groups.
So I can tell you that Rachel was never alone.
[Sniffles] And what was your task? History.
VIVEK: Open your eyes.
I know you're in there.
We haven't been able to elicit a response.
I can't wake her.
"Wake her"? They barely sleep, right? It's not sleep.
It's something else.
A dormant state.
A defense mechanism.
What difference does it make if she's awake? We don't need to access her dreams.
We need her genetic code.
So slice her open and get it.
It's not that simple.
All metabolic processes in her body have halted.
Any cells we extract from her die in seconds.
We can't recover intact DNA.
We can't create what we want if we can't study the code.
Can she hear us? It's possible.
Her readings suggest some responsiveness to the environment.
Well, we do have the girl.
We bring her here, maybe she'll wake her up.
You want to bring a Mantle's carrier into a sterile lab environment? She's been treated.
For now.
For all we know the stress of seeing her mother like this could trigger another flare-up.
You have a better idea? [Monitor beeping] I might.
[Exhales sharply] Dr.
Forbin? Mr.
I got your messages.
I'm sorry.
I've been a bit, uh, busy.
Yeah, well me too.
system hums] [Indistinct announcement] I hear your prognosis is not good.
That's an understatement.
If only there were some way to surmount the limitations of modern medicine you could be saved.
I know about the research you've been doing.
And who you've been doing it with.
SOPHIE: Reece, you're a cure.
You're the answer to every human illness, every defect.
I mean, do you have any idea how many lives you could save? Not 50 years from now, not 200 today.
REECE: I'm not here to save anyone else's life.
I just want Leah.
You could save my life! You recorded my calls? You aided and abetted a killer.
Let's call it a push.
You had to wonder who you were dealing with after what she did to the rent-a-cop in that college lab.
- [Gasps] - And trust me, that was nothing.
She's killed good men.
My men.
You're lucky to be alive.
Why are you here? To tell you it's not too late.
Your research can continue.
You can be saved.
But I need something from you first.
We got to get ahead of this.
If these people get up there, storm the camp? - It could get ugly.
- Yeah.
Call the station, get everybody to the mountain.
Roadblock at the base, no one gets past, okay? Roger that.
What about you? I'm gonna talk to the federal agent that came to the office.
- What's his name? - Foster.
I'm gonna go talk to him at the camp and give him a heads up.
Maybe he can make sure his people don't overreact.
Copy that.
Excuse me.
[Siren wailing] MARSHALL: What's up? Dude, we're heading up to the camp.
Get off your ass and join the revolution.
Go for it.
I'm good.
It's your girlfriend we're trying to help.
She's not my girlfriend.
She's not gonna be, either.
What? I mean, like there's something wrong with her.
Maybe those people are up there for a reason, you know? Whatever, man.
If you change your mind, you know where to find me.
- Okay, listen, I g - [Clic] What's that? Um When I was four, I stole my sister's bike.
I was a natural, rode it right through the lanes of our apple orchard until I hit a tree.
Broke my arm in two places.
When I got the cast off, my mom used the apples from that tree to make a pie.
Best pie I ever had.
[Clears throat] Does this mean you're not made at me anymore? I'm not mad at you.
Truth is I barely know you.
But I want to.
Starting with this.
You went back for it? Yeah.
And I opened it.
Why do you have a picture of him? What have you heard about us? About where we're from? Nothing that makes sense.
That you're in protective custody, you're from some cult, or Or that we're from another time? [Laughs] Yeah.
Yeah, I heard that.
[Laughs] Come on, Hannah.
That's not possible.
A lot of things will become possible.
Where Where I'm from, there are no orchards.
I broke my arm, too.
Running from people who were hunting me.
My dad and I were the only ones left alive in my family, and I left him to come here.
Everyone in this camp has a story like mine.
The person who gave me this locket told me the picture inside was of someone important, someone who would protect me.
Is it true? I don't know.
But if this made its way to me then, and all the way back to me here today I can't just ignore that.
Is everything okay? I found something.
[Suspenseful music plays] What is it? [Brakes squeal] Well, look who's back.
I have a situation.
There's a mob in town, and they're headed right here.
I need to talk to Agent Foster.
All right, hold here.
[Police radio chatter] All of this is history? NAOMI: Yes.
They let you learn? In the entirety of human civilization, 100% of empires eventually fell.
Apex was essentially an empire.
They used people like me to analyze the patterns, find a way for them to sustain their structure.
But I got away, then I came here and, in the water I died.
But then I rose.
In our time, I was a slave, but here I am a prophet.
Can I trust you? The things I need to do I can't do in here.
I'm going to leave.
And I need people with me people like you.
[Vehicle approaches] Hey.
I'm glad you're here.
You saved me a call.
I need to show you something.
Wait, you want me to come in? Yeah.
[Crowd shouting indistinctly] No one is heading out here! Please disperse! Please disperse now! Hold this.
[Shouting continues] - Hey.
- Hey.
Yeah, how's it going down there? Uh, it's under control.
For now.
Okay, good.
Um I'm at the gate with Foster.
I'm going up to the camp.
So keep me apprised.
Roger that.
[Shouting continues] All right, let's go.
[Engine starts] [Crowd shouting] Hey, hey, hey, hey! Get this guy in cuffs! Cuff this guy! Cuff him! Stand back! Stay back! People, back! - Ma'am, hands behind your back.
- No! - Hands behind your - What are you doing?! You are under arrest.
[Shouting continues] Last time I was here, I barreled headfirst through your gate.
Jacked up my push bar.
Now I'm getting a personal tour.
Order came from the top.
Lindauer? Hey, where is everybody? Camp's on lockdown on the other side.
Lockdown? [Exhales sharply] We found her car yesterday near the back entrance.
[Exhales] [Breathing heavily] I'm fine.
[Monitor beeping] LINDAUER: I did say it would be difficult.
[Exhales sharply] This seems extreme.
No, we need to take precautions.
As I said, she's dangerous.
But if we can study the curative properties of her genetic code, it's like you said we can save millions of lives.
[Exhales sharply] Yeah, but I didn't need a cage to do my work.
She cooperated willingly.
And our hope is that, with your help, she will again.
[Exhales] What do you mean? VIVEK: She's entered a dormant state.
We need to get her out of it and keep her engaged long enough to extract viable cells and other materials.
[Exhales] If I "engage" her, you'll let me continue with my research? Yes.
[Exhales] [Heartbeat thumping] Mama! SOPHIE: Reece [Heartbeat quickening] Reece, it's Sophie [Heartbeat quickening] Reece, wake up.
[Gasps] Are you okay? Where is Leah? What if the doctor figures out what we're doing? She's dying.
She won't last the week.
And if she does? She won't.
BRYCE: I just don't know why anyone here would do this.
Maybe it wasn't somebody up here.
She's been missing for 10 days.
Don't you find it a little strange it took so long to find her? It's a big camp.
I guess so seeing that no one heard the gunshot.
Her gun is missing.
9mm Sig Sauer.
If we find it on the grounds, we'll know.
Excuse me.
Agent Foster? Just received confirmation.
We're all accounted for in the mess hall.
Start a cabin search.
If you find anything, report back directly to me.
MAN: Give me a hand! [Indistinct hushed conversations] They found a body.
That's what this is about.
- A body? What body? - I don't know.
9mm Sig Sauer.
Let's go.
You need to come with us.
Me? - Why? - Come on, let's go.
Hey hey, the man can stand on his own.
Back off.
[Handcuffs clicking] - [Handcuffs locking] - [Groans] - You're making a big mistake here.
- AGENT: Move it.
You're making a terrible mistake.
- I don't get it.
- What's that? He was looking for her this morning.
- Nice and easy.
- Agent Ren.
You're making a mistake, all right? - Paul, you got to calm down.
- I have nothing I have nothing to do with this.
Get him out of here.
Calm down.
[Groans] Just stop and listen, okay?! I had nothing to do with this! You got to believe me! - [Door opens] - You got to believe me! [Indistinct shouting] Listen up! [Shouting continues] [Clears throat] I have a report from the camp.
[Crowd quiets] They found human remains they believe to be the body of a federal agent.
- WOMAN: What?! - [Crowd murmuring] The agents up there, along with the Sheriff, need to conduct an investigation.
There are gonna be vehicles coming up and down this road.
So I really need you to disperse now.
Or if you still want to go to jail for those people, that can be arranged.
[Indistinct conversations] [Exhales deeply] Hey.
I'm Jude Ellis.
I'm the sheriff.
I believe you.
I-I don't know what's happening.
- Can you help me? - I don't know, but I'm gonna try.
Look, if they give you a call or if you can get to a phone, you call me, okay? Yes, sir, we have a suspect.
It's Paul.
We found the gun in his cabin.
Good work.
Thank the Sheriff for his assistance and escort him off the site.
Is that a problem? The Sheriff said there was almost a riot in town today.
If we want to be transparent, it might be a good idea to keep him involved.
It's a federal matter now.
Get him off the site.
Yes, sir.
[Cellphone clicks] - Sheriff.
- Yeah? I'm supposed to show you off the property.
Let me guess orders from the top.
[Exhales] Don't believe them.
Whatever they're telling you that they'd doing here, it's a lie.
[Monitor beeping] We've all seen what your body can do.
They say they're "mining its curative properties.
" No, that's what you're doing isn't it? Repairing your heart.
I can hear it.
You're dying.
My heart's just a symptom.
If I fix it today, tomorrow it's cancer.
Or Alzheimer's.
Or any other number of diseases.
We're vulnerable to so much that you aren't.
What exactly is it that you think you can accomplish? Analysis of your DNA should make it possible to initiate a cellular upgrade.
You can't make yourself like me.
No but I should be able to transfer specific features.
You don't understand.
Only 7% of your population has a genetic marker that will make Apex possible.
If you don't have it and you try this, you will die.
Don't do it.
[Gloves snapping] I'm not gonna leave you here.
I'll come back for you.
I promise.
[Sighs] [Door unlocks] [Door closes] Hello, Paul.
Eve [Breathing heavily] Pl P But I don't understand.
It's okay.
I'll explain it all to you.
- [Sobbing] - Everything's gonna be okay now.
[Exhales] [Sighs] I can't believe it.
You look Older.
It's been a long time.
I saw you two months ago.
Paul, no.
I've been here for 10 years.
We came back to different times.
When you crossed, something must've gone wrong.
But It was a rush when we left.
It was It was chaos.
I'm surprised any of us made it at all.
[Voice breaking] 10 years.
[Laughs] You'd never know.
[Laughs] You look more beautiful than I've ever seen you.
[Exhales] They have cosmetics here.
They work wonders.
[Laughs] I'm so sorry, Paul.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was leaving.
I knew if I looked you in the eyes that I couldn't go.
And that'd I'd feel just how I feel now, and I'd never want to be apart from you again.
But I had to go.
For the cause.
Stopping Apex.
But it didn't work.
And we realized that the moment you and the others showed up.
Can you ever forgive me? [Laughs] Of course.
[Exhales] [Chuckles] [Voice breaking] That's good.
Because now we have a new mission.
And I'm gonna need your help.
[Buzzer] [Door closes] Water? Let's try this one more time.
Are you sure there's no one you want to call? - Just let me out of here.
- I can't do that.
Not till I know you have a place to go.
Or a valid ID.
You got to help me out here.
You enjoy your water.
We'll try this again in a bit.
[Door opens] Do you think you could turn that around for me in the next couple hours? All right.
All right.
Thanks, Martin.
Yeah, I owe you one, man.
Well, looks like we got a guest for the night.
I thought you cut them all loose.
I did.
But this one's got no ID.
Won't talk.
I think she might be homeless.
What's wrong? Lindauer? He wanted me to see it.
I see Emma's body.
I witness the recovery the "murder weapon".
That doesn't give me much to go off of if I keep investigating him.
So you still think that we got the wrong guy? That this Paul guy is nothing? Oh, I know what a body looks like 10 days in the ground.
That wasn't it.
But look what I found on Emma's body.
- Key fob.
- Yeah.
Could have some information on it.
Yeah, like where and when she drove.
The new ones? They record everything.
This may tell us what happened to her the night she disappeared.
They found a body buried up there.
Been there like a week.
Do they know who did it? One of the survivors, I guess.
I don't know, man, maybe you're right.
Maybe they deserve to be locked up.
[Knock on door] Okay, man, I got to go.
You lost? You believe in destiny? No.
You might want to start.
[Machine screeching, clicking] High-frequency sonic discharge.
It'll keep her alert.
We can't have her shutting down again.
So you don't need me anymore.
I was under the impression that I'd be able to come back and study her.
Of course.
That was our agreement, and I'll honor it.
I'm going to need to search your bag, though.
You're welcome to conduct your research here, but I can't have you taking it out of the lab.
Thank you.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[Screeching, clicking continue] [Breathing heavily] Why do I need to say all this? Why not just tell them the truth? Because the truth is dangerous.
[Exhales] Last year I traveled to Africa.
I went on safari in Tanzania.
Paul, you should've seen it.
There were elephants, actual elephants.
But, um, I also saw some things that alarmed me.
There are people there who don't believe in science.
They believe in superstition.
For instance, they believe that albino people are magical, so they hunt them.
They dismember them.
Strip their bodies for parts.
Sell their bones on the street.
The albinos have become like a commodity.
If you If you tell the truth about where we're from, we will become a commodity.
Now, there there are many wonderful things about this time, but it isn't without dangers.
And we have to be very careful.
No one can know the truth.
[Knock on door] Welcome, Rebecca.
[Cellphone buzzing] - Martin.
- MARTIN: Hey, Jude, so I ran the serial for the key fob you sent me.
I got the geodata.
Just e-mailed it to you.
Thanks for the rush, man.
You got it.
This have to do with your missing agent? She's not missing anymore, Martin.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
Where did you go, Emma? I can't believe we're here.
And this is only the beginning.
When will I meet the others? Soon.
I just, um I just want this time for us.
Just us.
God, you know, there's there's so much to see here, and yet they always seem to be looking at their phones.
[Laughs] [Sighs] The Long Peace, it's a it's a strange time.
If they only knew that the future held.
The future is in our hands, Paul.
PAUL: We believe that this life is a test.
And, as frightening as it may be, we are living in a time where we must face our fears.
That's all we were doing that night in the water.
No boat, no life jackets We wanted to drown.
You can't be ready for Judgment Day if you're afraid of death.
[Chuckles] 450 heroes crossed that finish line.
And those of us who survived we're still trying to find a way to join them.
And we will.
We will.
[Keyboard clicks] [Exhales sharply] Is there any other way? I wish there was.
When the survivors in the camp take their own lives in what appears to be a ritual suicide, this will explain why.