The Crossing (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Hope Smiles From the Threshold

Previously on "The Crossing Sheriff, I need to show you something.
We have a suspect.
It's Paul.
- You're making a big mistake here.
- Get him out of here.
We came back to different times.
I've been here for 10 years, but I had to go for the cause.
Stopping Apex.
You are under arrest.
- Just let me out of here.
- I can't do that.
Not until I know you have a valid ID.
Why do you have a picture of him? The person who gave me this locket told me the picture inside was of someone who would protect me.
- How can you write in Apex? - I didn't have a choice.
We had a daughter.
And she was taken by Apex, just like you.
I'm going to leave, and I need people with me.
People like you.
Let go! Let her go! Let her go!! Where's the actual portal? I don't want you talking to anybody.
Do you understand? Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Please settle everyone.
I know the circumstances that have brought you here have been trying.
But you've made the first step in an historic journey.
This is a delicate process, and we need to maintain order.
If we do that, everyone here will have a chance.
Everyone here will see the Long Peace.
There you go.
Hey, we made it, okay? We made it.
What's wrong? She could be out there.
She's gone, Rebecca.
She's gone.
Apex has hunted down and killed over 90% of my unit.
If we stay, I won't survive another week.
Now this, this is our only chance to leave.
We can live in peace and start a family again.
We still have a family.
I'm going.
And I want you to come with me.
But it's your choice.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You got the data from Emma's key? Yeah.
She, uh she parked here at the cul-de-sac in Eugene.
There's 10 homes.
10 owners.
We need to run them all.
Good place to start anyway.
Heard anything out of our guest in lockup? Not a peep.
She got any priors? Don't know.
What? You didn't run her? Well, that's the thing.
Like I told you, she doesn't have ID, says she doesn't remember her social.
Not really much you can run her on.
But she was at the road block trying to get up to the canyon.
Mary Smith.
That's a common name.
That's the kind of name that someone doesn't take a long time to think of.
You'd have to talk to my mother about that.
Date of birth.
December 20th, 1971.
- That makes you - 46.
Excuse me? Me, too.
We're, you know, optimists, apparently.
We like adventure.
Is that true? Are you a big adventurer, like Nestor here? I suppose.
Okay, well, uh, all we need is a, uh, driver's license, a social security number, and then we'll let you go.
I don't have either, - which I explained to your colleague.
- Mm-hmm.
You know who says they don't any form of ID? Somebody who is trying to hide something.
- Have you ever been homeless? - No.
Have you ever lost everything? Not everything, no.
Well, then, you wouldn't know what it's like to be lost.
So what's a homeless person doing trying to get into that camp? I wasn't trying to get in.
I was pushed from behind.
What were you doing there in the first place? What do you know about those people up there? I don't know anything about them.
I was curious, like everybody else.
I'll tell you what.
Name one NFL team.
Just one.
How long are you gonna keep me here? Why does that matter? You're homeless.
You have no place to go.
A Kardashian.
Any Kardashian.
And you can walk.
I won't play this game.
All right, run her name and birthdate through NCIC, fingerprints through AFIS, and mugshot through the FBI Face system.
Will do.
That's a lot of acronyms.
And, uh, get her a BLT from QFC Market.
Good with a BLT? Hey, cheer up.
If this thing actually works, you and I are gonna live like kings in the Long Peace.
What's she doing? Back of the line.
I need to speak to them.
I said, back of the line.
See that? We have to go.
Apex knows about this place.
They're coming.
- How do you know? - It doesn't matter.
They're coming in 20 minutes, and they're gonna kill everyone.
We can't wait any longer.
We have to go now We're not ready.
Even if we could fit all these people, - we wouldn't have time to calibrate.
- We have to try.
I'm scared.
Hey, what does being a mommy mean? That you're always gonna be there for me? That's right, okay? Everything's gonna be okay.
- Caleb! - Rebecca.
Rebecca, come on! Come on! - Caleb! - Rebecca! Rebecca! I left my daughter behind.
Even if there was a million-to-one shot that she was still alive I left her.
The night that she was taken, she wanted to sleep in our bed.
And I told her that she was a big girl now and she had to sleep in her own room.
I wish I had let her.
There's a reason why you came here, Rebecca.
I'm certain of it.
And it was to honor Rachel.
I was brought to the threshold by a man who held me captive, who wanted to use what I know to enrich himself.
He died in the water, and I lived.
And I don't believe that was an accident.
I believe that, like you, I'm here for a reason to help the world.
But I can't do it alone.
Embrace my purpose as your own.
Make sense of your loss.
Make sense of why you're here.
Come with me.
How? Leave that to me.
But it's happening tonight.
We are leaving tonight.
Say it out loud.
We're leaving tonight.
I want everyone carrying extra mags for their weapons and extra batteries for their flashlights and radios.
Stay in pairs.
Do not get separated.
We will not have a second fatality in this camp.
Not on our side, anyway.
No more than four refugees can congregate at once.
More than four, break it up.
- And, Roy.
- Yeah.
There's some kind of graffiti tag on the back of cabin 9.
You and Carter get some paint from the supply shed - and cover it up.
- Sure thing.
Catch anyone else tagging, you cuff them.
- Something's off.
- Can I offer up a spontaneous insight? Well, maybe not "spontaneous".
Maybe I've been thinking about it for a couple hours.
- By all means.
- You know, with everything that's been going on around here lately I'm talking about the people claiming to be from the future - I'm following you.
- Well, with all that, maybe it's got us overthinking things.
You know, maybe that woman in there really is just on the skids and has been for a long time and is in need of some kindness.
I'm not here to arrest you.
I want to help.
Or at least try.
I-I don't need any help, but thank you.
Mantle's Disease.
The threshold.
I know what's going on.
Who are you? I'm Mary Smith.
And I don't know what you're talking about.
You're free to go.
What's it stand for? You wouldn't understand.
Or care.
All right, we aren't supposed to be in groups of more than four.
So clear out.
Clear out! She'll only talk to you.
- Regarding? - No idea.
- You're in charge.
- Yeah, what do you need? How do you monitor world events? You mean, like, the news? Yes.
Cable news, read it online.
Some people still get the paper.
Why? In Lima, Peru, what time is it now? I have no idea.
What do you need, ma'am? At 3:34 P.
, Peru time, there will be a catastrophic earthquake.
3 magnitude.
It will be a politically destabilizing influence for decades.
Unlike the others here, I had access to history.
My history is your future.
This knowledge could be of great benefit.
There can be commerce between us.
You need to head back to your cabin now, ma'am.
Hey, I'll be right back.
I gave your locket to Marshall.
- He has it.
- Thank you.
Are we in trouble? Hannah, a federal agent was killed.
Paul wouldn't have killed her.
Th-there's no way.
Well, it's not my decision to make.
S-So you and I can't talk anymore? I have to go back to work.
Okay, yeah.
Friend of yours? No.
Did you see the tag? Yes.
We traveled 175 years just to end up in the same damn place.
Naomi, she she has a plan to leave here.
There's something about her, Caleb.
She she understands things.
When she crossed, the man she was with Eli.
- Did you know him? - No.
I did.
He was a con man, Rebecca.
Lowest of the low.
Are you telling me you don't think for a second they didn't have a plan once they got here? I know he threatened her, and I know that she lived in fear of him.
When you were at the market in Fort Rock, who stole all the money from inside your coat? A little kid, you remember? Crying he lost his mom and needed help, right? - Right.
- That was his con, Rebecca, okay? People who don't have the strength to knock you over the head for your money resort to other means, like promising they're going to save the world.
Now I don't know what else she's trying to lure you into, but you have to stay away from her because right now, we can only trust each other.
Coming up here on the left.
Yep, right here.
Bob Forsick's old house.
Found black mold under the floorboards.
He was upside down, so he just walked away.
Bank owns it now.
You followed me? No we didn't.
This did.
Is that legal here? Nope.
So you put you name, drivers license, social security number on that complaint form, and I'll promptly arrest myself.
You're gonna want to see this.
What's your real name, Mary? Diana.
After you, Diana.
And she's pulling juice from the power box next door.
What is this? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
There is so much more you don't know.
There was just too many people.
The access was overwhelmed.
We didn't have time to calibrate.
And we ended up in the water.
Grace and I weren't supposed to come.
We were gonna stay and help.
But then, we heard them coming.
You weren't with the others that washed up on shore.
When I regained consciousness, I was down the beach.
When I saw the agents, I just stayed back.
I thought we might be incarcerated.
Looks like I was right.
Were you involved in the earlier migration? How do you know about them? Oh, we're way past how do I know.
I sent them.
They came back to try to change history.
They were going to stop the rise of Apex.
When nothing changed on our end, I knew they'd failed.
So there was nothing left to do but try to save as many people as possible.
So we sent out word.
But I didn't expect so many to arrive.
We were overwhelmed.
I had to seal it off.
I couldn't allow Apex to reach the access.
I had to assure it would be destroyed after I went through.
I left all those people to die.
Your wife, Grace, did she come through with you? I never saw her once we crossed.
My only hope is that she's in that camp.
The early migration.
How many were there? 25.
And one child.
She was about 10.
Would you recognize them? I suppose.
- Get the photos from the board.
- Yep.
That's Noah.
How do you know him? Well, he's the one keeping your fellow refugees locked away in that camp.
Why? I guess he and his friends don't want the world knowing about you.
She was one, too.
"Eve" goes by Greta Pryor now.
What about this thing? That measures atmospheric concentrations.
Another crossing into this time would affect barometry.
The air, gravity, there would be a shift.
Well, maybe that explains the weather.
Well, it's it's snowing in the mountains.
It's not supposed to be snowing in the mountains - this time of year.
- It's possible.
So this thing is a detector.
When this needle buries, someone else has arrived? In theory.
It's improvised patchwork technology.
It probably doesn't even work.
I thought you said that you destroyed the access and no one else could come through.
That's my hope, but you never know.
It's me.
Guess what I got.
Real raspberries.
You have to try one.
We had some at the camp.
Paul, is something wrong? I-I just don't know what I'm doing here hiding out like this.
I mean, who's house is this anyway? It's it belongs to a friend.
Why can't I stay with you? It's just for a few more weeks, till we can smooth out what happened at the camp.
Yeah, and what and what did happen at the camp? - We have been over this.
- I know.
But I didn't kill Agent Ren.
I know.
So who did? That's one of the things that has to be straightened out.
D-Did she ever try to get a hold of you? What? Agent Ren.
I I talked to her when I was trying to find you.
And you're just telling me this now? Well, there's been a lot to process - the last couple of days.
- What'd you tell her? That you're my wife.
You talk to anybody else? You haven't answered my question.
She never contacted me, Paul.
I would have told you.
And the people up at the camp.
What happens to them? This is why I didn't bring you.
This is why I left without telling you.
Too many questions.
National Security officers asking citizens Better not be watching Premier League.
A big earthquake in Peru.
- The devastation is vast.
- How long ago? - Countless bridges have collapsed - Just happened.
with countless people, doubtless trapped beneath the ruins.
- This is an earthquake on a scale - How big? - that this region hasn't seen - 7.
since perhaps the Chimbote quake some 50 years ago.
And the potential ripple effects cannot be underestimated.
This is a direct hit - on one of the most advanced - Your cell's ringing.
cultural and technological centers on this continent.
Security's been beefed up, per your instructions.
How are they taking it? It's a little tense.
And there's been some other developments.
Some graffiti popped up today.
We don't know what it stands for yet.
"We deserve to live.
" T-The guy who killed Agent Ren, Paul, he mentioned something about it.
I-I heard one of the criticals from the beach regained consciousness the other day A young woman.
How's, uh how's she doing? Good.
Her name's Naomi.
She's just glad to be alive.
She saying anything unusual? Uh It wouldn't be a first with this group.
No, I'm just waiting to debrief her until she gets her strength back.
Uh, thanks for meeting with me, Bryce.
I'll be in touch.
Yes, sir.
Diana? Are you sure? I-I can't go.
The sheriff knows me.
Send Doyle.
There's actually a list, a checklist of why societies fail.
- Five thin - You two, walk.
Hello, Caleb.
Stay away from my wife.
What are you afraid of? Don't you want to feel the freedom you were seeking? Isn't that why you made the journey? I do.
And I will.
But not through you.
Rebecca approached me.
I'm not in the habit of turning away people who are in pain.
She comes to me to talk about Rachel, about her loss.
- You should know that.
- Be careful.
Be very careful.
My limits have been tested in this place.
You don't want to be the one who pushes too far.
Stay away from my wife.
I stopped drinking malt liquor 15 years ago.
I could really go for one right now.
You know, one of those tall buggers.
- Malt liquor - Gets a bad rap I know.
Sure does.
All right.
So we got a list of names.
We look for links to members of the early migration.
See if Diana recognizes anyone.
We start building a list.
Once we get all the names - of the group - What? Uh, phone call for you, sheriff.
- Said it was urgent.
- All right.
- Hey, get the door, will you? - Yep.
Sheriff Ellis.
Hello? Yeah, we, um we met at the camp.
You said you believed I was innocent.
My name is Paul.
I was asked to make a recording saying that I and others at the camp were members of a cult.
- Asked by who? - I can't say.
I just wanted to tell you that it's not true.
But I think it could be used against us.
Look, there's a lot of good people up there, and, um - I just have a bad feeling.
- Why? What's on the tape? What did you say? That we wanted to die.
Paul who told you to make the tape? Paul? Paul, where are you? I have to go.
Pa What was that about? If that's what I think it was, they're gonna kill everyone in that camp.
Where I'm from, this means "I'm sorry.
" You have nothing to be sorry about.
When I got here, I was in such a rush to find a friend, I didn't think about what you were looking for or how you felt.
Hey, you know you can talk to me about anything.
You know, the reason I don't talk about Rachel as much as I probably should is because I guess I just need to move forward, Rebecca.
It's just how I'm built, you know.
It doesn't mean I don't miss her.
I think about her a lot, about the night she was taken.
You weren't even there.
That's what I think about.
I wish I had been home.
You know, I had hoped that by coming here, starting over, maybe we could close the distance between us.
- But - But it hasn't.
So how do we make it better? We leave the past behind and us with it.
Now is that how you really feel, or is that something Naomi whispered in your ear? Wait a minute.
Rebecca, that's not how I meant it, really.
Hold on.
- Okay, you have my attention.
- Good.
In time, if you listen to me, you can become quite wealthy if that's what you want.
And what would I need to do for you? I would need help getting situated and protection, if required.
First step is to get out of this camp.
There's no timetable yet on when you'll be released.
That's something you would need to expedite.
Myself and four others tonight.
I-I can't do that.
Perhaps this isn't for you.
Perhaps you're not ready.
The only people that could frame Paul for murder, get him out of the camp, and then have him make the tape a very provocative tape would be the group that you helped cross over earlier.
Led by that guy.
But it doesn't make sense.
Why would they want them dead? Exposure.
You said the earlier group came with a mission and failed.
If the survivors can expose them, that presents a risk to any plans they might be trying to carry out.
So how do we stop them? I don't know.
In the last 10 years, this group has amassed a lot of power.
There's no telling where or how high it goes.
Uh, sheriff, there's someone from the FBI here.
They're asking for her.
Hi, Sheriff Ellis.
How can I help you? Jennifer Doyle.
Earlier today, you did a photo check on a woman identifying herself as Mary Smith? We did.
Uh, we didn't get a hit.
Yeah, we've kept her out of the system for her own protection.
Where is she now? Why is she being protected? She's an informant.
- Oh.
- Slippery one.
So whatever she's told you, it's likely a lie.
I knew it! That's what I told Hermanson.
Hey, where's Hermanson? Anybody know? He's probably at lunch.
One of the other guys, I told him, I said, "There's no way this lady is on the up-and-up.
" So let me make a call and check on her status, okay? - What did they want? - Shh.
Come here.
Do you know her? She's part of the original group.
Her name's Delilah.
She's the one who took care of things.
She's a killer.
Okay, we finally got to the bottom of this.
Miss Smith was released two hours ago.
Now, before you say anything, you got to know what's going on around here.
I have got a FEMA camp 30 miles north of here and it's occupying a lot of my manpower.
So this homeless lady facing charges of disturbing the peace doesn't exactly warrant a lot of my time and effort.
I'm gonna need you to hand over everything you've got on her Notes, arrest report, all the tapes of your interviews.
My pleasure.
I'm just gonna have to ask you to go through the proper channels - to get a subpoena.
- I'm with the FBI, sheriff.
Not a big fan of the Bureau, to be honest.
Well, not since I saw that J.
Edgar Hoover movie.
Hey, what's his name? Who is it that played Hoover? - Was it Brad Pitt? - Leonardo DiCaprio.
All right, whatever.
It was a great performance.
So get the subpoena, file a request in the records section, and then you're just gonna have to wait like everybody else.
I'll be seeing you around.
Hey, we need to move her quietly.
I used to print that tag on Apex buildings when I was a kid.
Is that who we've become? Are we the oppressors now? Are you wavering? Anybody comes at you with the slightest hint of compassion, humanity, you come back with, "Are you wavering?" I'm not.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.
It's necessary, Noah.
All of it.
"We deserve to live.
" How many times have we seen that tag? How many times have we written it? Think about what it meant to us before it became the symbol of defiance.
It was a plea.
Let's guide this world in a direction where no child will have to write that, no child will witness death every day, no child will have to be stolen from their parents.
It's going to take courage.
But with each other, it will abound.
And it will only grow stronger with the others who will soon join us.
Let's move.
Who will join me? I'm grateful to have known you.
I hope I've helped you a fraction of how much you've helped me.
And I will always carry you and Rachel in my heart.
I'll come with you.
Come on.
It's just two more minutes up the path.
Give me the weapon, EJ.
Right now.
Hey, guys, go back in your cabins, please.
Back in your cabins.
In the woods.
In the woods.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, God! No, no, no, no, no.
No, no.
- Please, help me.
- Hold this.
Hold this.
Hey, bud let me let me see.
Let me see.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I have shots fired at the entrance of the southwest pathway leading into the camp.
I've got an officer down.
I need emergency assistance immediately.
Secure the areas! Secure the perimeter right now! Back off.
- Okay.
- You're gonna be okay.
- Help me.
- You're gonna be all right.
Help me.
Look at me, look at me, look at me.
Who shot you? Rebecca! Rebecca! How much time do you think we have? Not much.
Whatever Lindauer's gonna do, he's gonna do it soon.
Well, we have to get them out of there.
If you really believe they're gonna kill them, we have a moral imperative to try and free them.
Yeah, of course we do.
But even if we can get them out, what then? There are records.
They can be identified.
They'll be hunted.
I can build something a device.
Right, like, a time machine? - Beam them into next week? - Not a time machine, but something that can make them disappear.
Count me in.
Well, then let's get to work.
Burning the midnight oil again? Well, don't stay up too late.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, Rachel.