The Crossing (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

The Androcles Option

Previously on "The Crossing" Were you involved in the earlier migration? They came back to stop the rise of Apex.
I knew they failed, so there was nothing left to do but save as many people as possible.
- Hello, Paul.
- Eve.
Why do I need to say all this? Why not just tell them the truth? What's on the tape? What did you say? That we wanted to die.
What was that about? They're gonna kill everyone in that camp.
Mama! What exactly is it that you think you can accomplish? You can't make yourself like me.
Someone gave me a locket with your picture in it.
They told me to find you.
What do I say to that? It's the truth, Marshall.
We are leaving tonight.
Yes, sir, a-and I apologize.
The situation at the camp has clearly gotten out of hand, but if you could just Uh, o-of course.
With your permission, I-I'll oversee the arrangements personally.
I will take full responsibility.
What was that? Secretary's ordered me to shut down the camp.
All remaining detainees will be transferred to high-security federal facilities in the next 48 hours.
Then we'll have to move up our timeline.
So it would seem.
I assume there won't be any issues with the timing in vacating the camp? No, I'll go up and make sure everything's in place.
They'll be dead before the buses come.
- - Homeland issued it this morning.
I couldn't get ahead of this one.
How is it that five unarmed refugees stroll out of your camp and disappear into thin air? They turned a guard and killed one of my agents.
We have to find them.
We can't afford any loose ends.
That includes this sheriff.
I'll handle him.
Doyle's going with you to the camp.
I don't need a babysitter.
I just want to make sure you have all the help you need.
You didn't think you were gonna be able to keep her, did you? She belongs with the others.
Hello, Leah.
We're finally getting you back to the camp.
I don't want to go back to the camp.
Well, you'll be able to see all your friends.
What about my mom? You'll be with her soon.
Let's go.
What's our time frame? Well, we can't move on the camp until Diana finishes the machine.
Right, right, right.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I just I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
Just thinking about those people up there.
Right, well, we'll sleep when we get them out.
All right.
Remember, she said it needs to be at least 30,000 volts.
Are you sure it's in here? Well, it says so on the inventory.
Wait a second.
This is it.
Told you.
One livestock stunner, courtesy of Justin Burns.
Got drunk one night.
Mistook his wife for a Holstein.
Well, now Diana's got her power source.
You're taking care of the copper wire.
What else do we need? Uh, transport for 40-plus people.
- I'm on that.
- Oh, we need documents, fake IDs.
- Yeah.
- Once we get them out, we're gonna need - to make them disappear.
- Right, I-I'm on that, too, but first, we need to, uh, figure out a way to get a note into the camp.
Okay, so how about I-I drive up there, talk my way past the gate, and then, um, I get a note and I just I just slip it to one of the refugees.
What? What are they gonna do? I'm cop.
Tell that to Emma Ren.
You think that they would shoot me? I think that Lindauer will do whatever it takes to keep control.
This thing could go south any number of ways.
You got a wife and kid.
If you want to hang back, I understand.
These people came here looking for a better life.
I was born here.
I didn't have to look.
I mean, i-it seems wrong to be lucky and then turn your back on the people who aren't.
Right? You know what? When I grow up, I want to be just like you.
You better start working on that beard.
Sorry, I feel asleep.
I was gonna order takeout.
What do you feel like? Italian? Thai? No, I'm not hungry.
Well, you have to eat.
You can't live on just B12 shots and pain pills.
Is that it? Did we finish? One custom-designed virus containing a CRISPR-library of new genetic code.
Although, again, we have no idea what the code will actually do to you.
It's not like you to doubt your own brilliance.
Okay, if what you said is accurate, there is only a 7% chance that you've got the genetic marker to make the upgrade successful.
Yeah, but if I don't try, there's 100% chance that I'll be dead in the next few days.
A Hail Mary's looking pretty good right now.
This isn't a game, Sophie.
Certainty is the enemy of discovery.
Big leaps forward require big risks.
You want to be a guinea pig? Fine.
But first I suggest you put your affairs in order and ask yourself if you are really ready to leave everything and everyone behind.
Well, you're very good at scavenging.
I definitely could've used someone like you back at home.
So, you're the one that built the time machine? Oh, no.
Not just me.
There was a whole team.
A whole There's a similar principle at work here in this E.
generator I'm building.
A small time loop can produce a stable, massive burst of energy.
Can I ask you something about time travel? Yeah.
Do you think it changes people? You mean on a molecular level? No, uh, not the people who go through time.
I mean the people who are already here.
Does it change the way their life is supposed to go? Oh, I don't know.
My wife was better at the existential stuff.
I'm more of a mechanic than a philosopher.
Jude and Nestor told me you sent people back 10 years ago.
I was there when they just showed up in the middle of the road out of nowhere.
My dad swerved so he wouldn't hit them.
My mom died in the crash.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to know, like do you think the accident made me a different person or do you think it made me the person I'm supposed to be? Hey.
All right.
So, it's a cattle prod.
Should work.
Okay, Marshall, open that up.
I need the voltage multiplier.
What about the copper for the coils? Uh, Nestor's on it.
He should be here soon.
So, how long is this gonna take? I helped myself to your laptop.
I hope that's all right.
Oh, you've got carte blanche.
Can you give me a ballpark? Time estimate? Oh! Uh, maybe 12 hours? You got six and then we do a test run.
Uh, no, there won't be a test run.
This device will work, but it's only gonna work once.
We need to make sure that it counts.
So, you want to just take this thing up there and hope for the best? If my wife is in that camp, I want to pull her out before she's murdered, so I don't want to hope for the best.
I'm telling you, this is the only chance we've got.
Sophie, what are you doing here? I Um I need your help.
I-I can't just leave her there.
What are you talking about? They've got Reece, and if we don't do something, they're going to kill her.
Leah? Baby.
Mommy, I need you.
Mama, I need you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Make it quiet, Mommy.
Turn it off.
Turn it off.
Leah! Leah!! Which cabin was yours? Caleb! Leah, what are you doing back here? Where's Rebecca? She's gone.
But I'm still here.
Yeah? Come on.
For those of you who don't know, I'm Deputy Under Secretary Craig Lindauer.
This is Agent Doyle, my FBI liaison.
In the wake of Agent Foster's death, we will be closing this facility and transferring the occupants to high-security detention centers.
Because we haven't been able to establish their point of origin, CDC has asked us to administer broad-spectrum inoculations to each refugee before they leave the camp.
Those doses will be dispensed tomorrow in a single-peer group.
All of them are being transferred? I mean, aren't the people responsible for Agent Foster's death the ones who escaped? If you'd prefer to be reassigned immediately, I can make those arrangements.
Uh, no.
I'm happy to serve through the end of the operation, sir.
As to the individuals that escaped last night, we're pursuing every avenue to locate them.
Where are we with interviewing the witnesses? We talked to everyone in the camp.
People heard the shot, but no one saw anything.
No one? - I'm sorry, sir.
- One of them had a husband.
Isn't that right? I want to talk to him.
Maybe he's got some insight you missed.
All of this stays confidential.
- Understood? - Yes, sir.
Thank you, all.
You should've told me the minute you found out that she'd been taken.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm here now.
Yeah, well, right now I got another situation I need to deal with.
You can't just leave her there to die.
No! Don't lay this on me! Okay, I want to help.
I just I just need a couple of days.
But, Jude, she doesn't have a couple of days.
Neither do I for that matter.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's gong on? Come here! Look, I'm sorry if the time ninja who kidnapped your son is in a spot, but you're not really considering this right now.
This isn't just about Reece.
If Lindauer has her, then he's got Leah, too.
Jude, there are innocent people at that camp that are gonna die.
Getting into that camp, getting everybody out we're looking at pretty long odds here.
Maybe Reece can help us.
And what makes you think she would ever do that? You think this stuff hurts me? It's nothing! I'm gonna kill you.
Oh, good.
You got the documents.
Whole new me.
Apparently I was born in Kentucky.
We'll just say you lost the accent when you want away to college.
I just, um I don't know if I can be someone else, Eve.
It's just a name.
You seem like a whole different person.
I'm still me.
What happened to your wedding ring? Did you lose it in the crossing? You want to know if I've been faithful.
I married someone right after I got here.
I'm sorry.
I never thought I'd see you again, and it was just easier.
Easier for the mission? Did you love him? We're divorced now.
That doesn't answer my question.
I had to make a whole new life.
You're gonna have to do the same thing.
We could make a new life together.
Unless maybe you want to be with the people you came with.
Make a new life with them.
I want to have a life with you.
You feel like going for a ride? Caleb, right? Craig Lindauer.
I'm overseeing the transfer.
What do you want? I'm just trying to get a handle on the situation here.
Two of my agents are dead, five people have escaped, including your wife, Rebecca.
I was, uh, hoping maybe you and I could talk it through.
So, you think I have information? Maybe your wife said something.
Even if it was just in passing.
Anything about this Naomi that might help us understand what happened or where they might be headed? Look, my wife is a good person.
If she'd known someone would get hurt, she never would've agreed to this.
I know.
And maybe none of this was her idea.
That's why I'm asking you to help me here.
She never wanted to come here.
And even after we arrived, she was always searching for something to believe in.
Naomi offered her that.
What exactly was she offering? I don't know.
A connection to our daughter, I guess? How so? The writing on the walls.
It's Apex.
The reason Naomi knew how to use it is because she lived among them.
They stole her as a child and used her as a slave.
Same thing happened to our own daughter.
I'm sorry.
You have kids? Yes.
She's all grown up now.
Well, knowing Naomi had been through the same thing, I guess it made Rebecca feel close to Rachel again.
Like, she had a little piece of her back.
Rachel? And Naomi definitely used Rebecca's grief to manipulate her.
That much I do know.
Well, thank thank you for your honesty.
We will do everything we can to, uh, recover your wife safely.
If I have any more questions, I will, uh, let you know.
Do you remember that time we walked three hours in the rain to go hear a recital in that old abandoned school? For a long time, every time I heard music, I thought of you.
I thought the guilt would just eat me alive.
There must've been a lot of guilt about a lot of things.
What you did here it it couldn't have been easy, even if it was for the mission.
I didn't get married when I came here because it was easier for the mission.
It was easier because I was pregnant.
What? That boy playing is Aaron.
He's 10.
That's my son.
He's your son, too.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know how to tell you.
I promise I will explain everything.
But first, I-I just wanted you to meet him.
Hey, kiddo.
Did you hear me play? Of course.
You were amazing.
Thank you.
I want you to meet a dear, old friend of mine.
Aaron, this is Paul.
Paul, this is Aaron.
Nice to meet you.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Here, I stole this pass from a guard.
Thank you.
Be careful.
Always am.
Hey, Reece! Reece! Behind you! Hey, whoa, whoa! It's me.
Are you okay? I can't hear anything.
Huh? Hey, what are you doing? Hey, come on! I need to know where they took Leah! No, no.
Hey! Look at me.
I will help you find Leah.
These guys, they're security.
They don't know anything.
Now, come on.
Let's go.
I'm sorry.
Drop your weapon.
In case you haven't realized what's happening here, this is a hostage exchange.
Do it.
Let's all take a deep breath.
Drop your weapon! Yeah, we got it! She can't hear.
It's okay.
We're cooperating.
Just don't hurt Sophie.
Where's my daughter? Where is she?! Tell me where she is! Took her back to the c-camp.
Reece! We got to get her to a hospital.
Not the hospital.
My lab.
Got these from Gabe's shop.
Donated to the cause, free of charge.
Good, good, good.
So what's next? Well, I think we got it from here.
But you've been a-a real help.
Thank you.
No, I told you I was in.
Whatever you're doing, I want to be a part of it.
Marshall, what we're about to do is dangerous, not to mention illegal.
No, I'm supposed to do this.
I'm supposed to help.
This locket, somebody gave it to Hannah and told her to find me, that I was a good man, that I would help her.
I'm not the loser you think I am.
I don't think you're a loser.
Ever since my mom died, I thought, "Why her and not me?" But this means that I'm here for a reason.
I promised your dad that I would look out for you.
Yeah, I don't need looking out for.
Those people at the camp do.
Look, if you won't let me do this, I'll find a way to help them myself.
To our son.
He has your eyes, you know.
You knew when you left, didn't you? That you were pregnant.
I could either abandon my comrades and doom my child to a life of oppression and terror or forge ahead and raise him in The Long Peace.
But you couldn't find a way to bring me along, too.
You never had a stomach for this kind of mission.
I just couldn't risk it.
I'm sorry.
Are you ever gonna tell him about me? Or Or am I always just gonna be a "dear, old friend"? I'm gonna tell him about you when the time is right.
I'll tell him you were the love of my life.
I was asked to make a recording saying that I and the others at camp were members of a cult.
Asked by who? I can't say.
I just wanted to tell you that it's not true, but I think it could be used against us.
I'm sorry.
I just, um I didn't want anything to happen to those people.
I know.
You just don't understand what's at stake.
Uh, I think something's wrong.
I wanted you to meet Aaron so that you could understand.
I think I'm having some sort of a Eve.
What did you do? You betrayed me, Paul.
You betrayed all of us.
It doesn't matter what your intention was.
I can't allow you to put the mission at risk.
We can't allow our children and our grandchildren to be slaughtered by Apex.
I wish it could've been different.
I wish we could've shaped the future together.
I thought you'd want to know I gave the toxin a trial run.
It works as expected.
You should have no problem with the doses.
What are you talking about? Why would we need a trial run? He couldn't be trusted.
He was a liability.
I had no choice.
Paul? You used it on Paul? I did what needed to be done.
I expect you're willing to do the same.
Just, um, help me sit.
You should go.
Leah's waiting.
Go with Jude.
Save your daughter.
Where is it? What? Third shelf.
Is there really nothing else they can do for you? All roads have come to a dead end, so the game's up for me.
That's my only chance.
No! No! Why would you do that? I can't let you become like me.
The beginning of Apex is the end of the human race, and I cannot let you bring that into this time.
You just killed me.
I'm sorry.
I came back for you.
I could've just left you there.
I know.
Thank you.
You saved my life, and you saved Leah's life.
Let me at least take you to the hospital.
Get out.
That was a B12 shot, you bitch.
All right.
Oh, my God.
Where you going? Are you done? She's not in the camp.
There was an escape.
She's out there.
Well, okay, if that's true, then we'll help you find her.
Your people are hunting her.
- Hold on a second.
- I need to find her.
I have to at least try.
Diana! You don't need me.
- I'm not a soldier.
- We do need you.
Look, I can't force you to stay here, but if the lives of those people mean anything to you, then, please, help us.
How long has he been here? Just showed up.
I'll handle it.
All right.
Hey, man, you need to go now.
I can't do that, and you know why.
You're the one that gave me the locket.
I gave you that as a favor to Hannah.
So, unless you want to get your ass busted, you need to turn around and go home right now.
I'm not leaving till I see her.
Seriously, turn around and go.
- I want to see Hannah.
- Don't do that.
Let me inside or I'll go right through you.
You're not going right through Get off him! It's not right, Roy! You know it's not right! Shut up! You okay? I'm good.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
This is it? Yeah.
Once recently-constructed, supposedly operational E.
And you know how to work it? No, not even close.
Why didn't you stop her? What do you want me to do, shoot her? I got her to finish it.
She She left instructions.
This is English? The parts that are legible look like they're English.
I can help you with this.
Oh! Reece, Nestor.
- Nestor, Reece.
- Hi.
She can't hear.
She blew out her ear I can hear now.
I heal fast.
Just don't care who he is.
When do we go get Leah? Hey, Leah.
I brought you some food.
Hey, you got be hungry, right? I thought maybe you could tell me where you've been, what you saw out there.
That's okay.
I'll just stand guard out here.
I feel like something bad's gonna happen.
I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you.
But for now, let's just keep our eyes and ears open.
Sophie? Sophie? Hey, Mason.
Sorry, I'm eating your pasta, too.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just starving.
But seriously, I feel good.
Should've waited.
Don't worry.
I've been documenting everything temperature, heart rate, blood pressure.
What the hell? What? What is it? Your eye is, uh Whoa! Hey, hey! Sophie, can you hear me? Sophie? Can you hear me? Close the door.
You want something? When I got this assignment, I thought we were doing something good, helping people.
Hannah said the others look to you as a leader.
If that's true, then you need to round everyone up.
If they want to leave this camp alive, they need to be ready to move.
How long you gonna keep me here? As long as I want.
You assaulted a federal agent.
That's not really the reason you came up here, is it? Look We can do this all night, but I've only got one story to tell, so it's gonna get really boring.
Why are you really here? - I'll take it from here.
- Hey.
Hey, you can't do this.
Hey, you can't do this! No! Hey No, no, no, no, no, no! No! No!!