The Crowded Room (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


Hello? Hello?
Let's stay with Ariana.
Did she get you the gun?
No, that was me.
- Not Ariana?
- No.
- Does it matter?
- It could. Yeah.
- Why did I get the gun?
- Yeah.
She She needed rescuing.
You needed to rescue her?
Don't you find that at all ironic?
Why Why would I find that ironic?
People need help sometimes.
You must know that, right?
That's not the way
it turned out though, is it?
She shot two people, and
now you're here all alone.
Hello. Hello!
Dan, come on. Let's go. Dan.
He's a loudmouth.
You wanna stay here?
- Open this fucking door.
- You handle it.
Danny. Danny!
What the fuck are you doing in there?
What the hell happened to your face?
- I'm okay, Mom.
- Get the hell out of this house.
You scared your mother half
to death, not coming home.
- Baby, just come home.
- Dan.
- Okay. Let's go. Right now. Come on.
- Danny.
Move, mister.
The boy stay here now.
- The fuck?
- Get off my property.
I don't tell you twice.
What is this bullshit?
- Danny, baby
- Shut up. Let me handle this.
Don't talk to a woman that way.
You're a bully. All bullies are cowards.
He wants to be here.
Out of our hair. Good riddance
to bad rubbish. Let's go.
Come on. Candy, come on.
I'm okay.
They're cool. I'm good.
Let's go. Candy, come on.
I promise you that I'll be safe here.
Why did you stay there
after the fight with Bill?
I didn't know what to do.
I couldn't go home.
I guess my stepfather thought
that I was trouble.
We were on a collision
course, him and I.
What happened between the two of you?
What are you not telling me?
It was just time for me
to move out. That's all.
Enter Yitzhak. Right when
you needed him most.
Almost as if he'd been waiting for you.
It's some coincidence.
I just figured I was lucky.
Have you ever been lucky?
No. Not really.
Yitzhak had home rules.
You pay the rent on time.
You do school or GED.
No parties in the house.
No sex in the house.
No drugs in the house.
Follow the home rules and
you'll be safe from those bullies.
It's "house".
What'd you say?
We say "house rules".
House rules.
That sounded like a lot of fun.
Yeah, it was a real laugh riot.
He your dad?
Yeah, I had one of them.
Yitzhak got you those.
That was fast.
I know.
So how come you live here?
You gonna ask a lot of
questions, is that it?
Yeah, I guess. So?
Yeah, I room here.
He helped me out of a jam.
Kinda like he did you.
How come?
'Cause he's the fucking
pied piper. Mayo?
- Excuse me?
- Do you want mayonnaise on your BLT?
- Sure.
- You don't have to cry about it.
This is amazing.
And that was pretty much
all she told me about herself.
At first, anyway.
What are you writing?
Please go on. You were
telling me about Ariana.
I guess she's what you would
call a night person.
Fuck you!
I'd be waking up, and
she'd be coming home.
Hey, are you okay?
Fuck off, Danny.
Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck you.
Fuck you. Fuck you.
She would come home late.
She was drunk a lot.
Sometimes she would
hit the wall so hard,
I thought she was gonna break her hand.
But mostly she just cried.
And then the next day, it was
as if nothing had ever happened.
You know, I can't remember a time
where my mom and Marlin
were in the same room
without yelling at each other.
But with me and Ariana,
it was different.
I mean, we would hardly say
a word to each other.
We understood one another
without even talking.
Yitzhak, he would come and go.
He would never say where.
So, most of the time,
it was just me and Ari.
How long did you live there?
A couple of years.
Can you be more specific?
Three years all in.
- And what else did you do?
- What do you mean?
Did you have hobbies?
Did you go on trips?
Is there anything that you can think of
that was memorable?
What did you do for money?
How'd you pay rent?
- Jonny sold a ton of weed.
- Okay.
I would be what you would
call a passive investor.
So the rent and the utility
were paid for under
the name Yitzhak Safdie,
and they were always paid in cash.
Like I said, Yitzhak was secretive.
Did he ask you to do anything for him?
What kind of things?
Errands, maybe.
Is it possible that you did some things
that maybe you don't remember?
Do you remember everything
you've ever done? No.
Look, I was just living my life.
Can't a person just live?
Yeah, course they can.
I think that when I was
living in that house,
it was the only time in my life
that I've ever actually been happy.
I don't understand why your mother
and stepfather would leave you there
all alone for three whole years.
- It was only across the street.
- You were a kid.
- I was 18. They draft kids at 18.
- That's not the point.
Why would they let you go?
You needed a family.
You know,
the longer I was there,
the more they became my family.
Anyone need anything
from the grocery store?
Quisp beats Quake every time.
Nah. Big miner stomps little alien.
Mm-mmm. Not if the alien
has a little helicopter beanie.
You beat me fair and square.
They're not really adversaries,
you know.
How you been, Danny Sullivan?
So, uh, how's college anyway?
Yeah, it's pretty good.
I'm back home for summer,
which is instantly weird.
Apparently, during which time
you've been relegated to shopping duty.
Hey, I'm sorry about what
happened with me and you.
I think I just got scared.
You know, then that
thing happened with Bill.
You know he got suspended?
Did you get kicked out? I never knew.
Mmm. Well, everyone said you did.
Ah, well then it must be true.
Because no one argues
with everyone, right?
I really am sorry.
I liked that you were different.
I mean, it made me anxious,
but it was exciting.
Well, I got to go. Farewell,
large, ungainly miner.
Farewell, small, propeller-headed
alien. Go in peace.
We should hang out sometime.
- F-Friday.
- Hmm?
I'm having some people over
at my place on Friday at eight o'clock,
if you're interested.
You have a place?
I have a place.
Okay. You should give me your address.
Um, sure.
Thank you. Come back soon.
See you Friday.
See you Friday.
- Yo, Danny. You're a sight for sore eyes.
- What up, Jonny?
So, they got you delivering
groceries now, is that it?
I actually thought I might
have some people over.
To the ghost house? I thought
you said you couldn't do that.
- I might have just invited Annabelle.
- Oh, man.
Only problem is, I don't
really know any people.
Well, you know me and Mike.
- That's kind of my point.
- Asshole.
- Okay, I'll tell some people.
- Could you get me some more weed?
Of course. And, uh,
that's not all I got.
What does that mean?
Uh. Nothing, man. I mean, you
got a house, and I got the party.
- Jonny, who even says that?
- Me, I guess.
The ghost house.
- Man, I want a place like this.
- Of course you want a place like this.
I want a place like this.
You couldn't get the references.
I couldn't get the references?
Where did you get the references?
You know what? I didn't
actually need one.
- Yitzhak never asked.
- Yitzhak. Where is Yitzhak, man?
He doesn't want to party with us?
You know, he travels a lot.
I'm not sure where he goes.
And where's, um Where's the girl?
Beautiful Alana.
- Ariana?
- No, Ariana. Ariana.
She's hot though, right?
You think that she'd,
uh she'd dig me?
No, I don't think she would dig you.
I think she could pretty much
kill you just by looking at you.
Oh, so she's uh So she's my type.
You could say I like
murderous, intense
No, she would not dig you.
- Speak of the devil.
- Oh, shit.
I thought you said you were going out.
And I thought you knew there
were no drugs in this house.
- Oh, Danny, Danny. No drugs?
- Danny, you didn't tell us
there weren't supposed
to be drugs in the house.
We are avid rule followers.
We would never do something
If we had known
It was Jonny's idea.
This is Jonny by the way.
I'm Mike. Nice to meet you.
- Hi, I'm sorry.
- We're Danny's friends. It was our idea.
- Don't get the kid in trouble, sis.
- Sis? Yeah, I don't think so.
- Amateurs.
- That was Mike.
That was who?
You were supposed to sift out the seeds.
- I swear
- That was the one you rolled.
That was you. I didn't touch anything.
Did you roll that?
Absolutely. You like that album?
Oh, this one? Yeah. No, no. Yeah.
I mean, the way they
layer the two guitars,
but one is in drop D,
so he can be fingerpicking
and playing that shit so high.
It's-It's wild, right? D-Do you like it?
That's a little harsh.
You don't have to,
like, rip out my heart.
You can let a man down easy. Come on.
Oh, shit. This is
a lot better. Try that.
Yeah, no shit.
- Danny?
- Okay, fuck off.
Yeah. All right.
You said it was a party, right?
Yeah, come in. Of course. Sure.
Guess I better roll some
more joints then.
And, uh, beer is in the fridge.
Welcome to the ghost house.
- Enjoy.
- Teach me how you roll these, okay?
I gotta know right now ♪
Before we go any further
do you love me? ♪
Will you love me forever?
Do you need me? ♪
Will you never leave me? ♪
Will you make me so happy
for the rest of my life? ♪
Will you take me away?
Will you make me your wife? ♪
Do you love me?
Will you love me forever? ♪
Do you need me?
Will you never leave me? ♪
Will you make me so happy
for the rest of my life? ♪
Will you take me away?
Will you make me your wife? ♪
I gotta know right now
before we go any further ♪
Do you love me? Will you love ♪
Should have been
the first place I looked.
Meat Loaf? You shame me.
This thing is done.
So put a fork in it. I'm going home.
Are you coming?
Is it cool if I hang out?
Hey, asshole. Wear a fucking rubber.
Sorry. She's a jerk.
Who, Eden?
- Mm-hmm.
- How could you say such a thing?
Hey, are you okay?
- Fine.
- I'm fine.
You're really pretty.
Danny, can I
Is this okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
Come on.
Last night was pretty fun.
Yeah, it was fun.
You can kiss me, you know?
I can?
Come here.
You okay?
Yeah. You okay?
I gotta go. Walk me to the door?
You look like shit.
You cool? About last night?
I was high.
You wish I didn't do that?
You two exclusive or something?
No. It was cool.
I swear.
She seemed really comfortable with you.
Yeah, well maybe you should
have kissed her too.
Yeah, that seems to be the consensus.
It was a party.
I'm hungry. You want to get a burger?
Just me and you?
- Yeah? Yep.
- All right, ready?
Let's go.
Oh, shit.
So you like girls, huh?
What gave me away?
Not always.
I heard you in your room
yesterday morning.
I do sometimes. You okay?
What about my face says,
"Let's share our secrets?"
Some shit happened to me is all.
What kinda shit?
Bad shit.
What kind of bad shit?
When I was a kid.
You wouldn't understand.
Try me.
You want to see a movie?
I Yeah, I would love to.
All right, let's see what's playing.
They got some Rocky. Alien?
I don't know if I'll like
Alien. It's a little scary.
It's almost as though
she was made-to-order.
Just a perfect best friend for you.
Not quite.
Not quite perfect.
You like it?
Yeah, I loved it. I really liked the
part when they went to the zoo.
That was your favorite part?
- Come on. Just do it already.
- Yeah. I just
- I always really like the animals.
- Where's she going?
- I've never actually been to a zoo, so
- Ari!
- Ariana!
- Just walk.
- Is that guy someone you
- Ariana, I'm talking to you!
Why you wanna ignore me like that?
Let's me and you hang out.
- I know you hear me talking to you.
- Watch it.
Oh, you wanna pretend like
you don't know me? Oh, you know me.
Just fuck off, will you, Benny?
Puta, why you wanna be like that?
- Ariana. Ariana. Ariana.
- Ari. Ari, who is that?
- Ari, you know, you can talk
- Just leave it alone, Danny.
Okay, we're not gonna be best
fucking pals. Are you kidding me?
- Why are you saying
- Fuck off.
You understand that you're describing
somebody who's profoundly unstable?
What was she doing at night, Danny?
Do you know?
I didn't at the time.
Hey, Ari.
- Hey, Carl.
- Hey, Ari.
Seven and seven.
No kidding.
Hi there.
- I'm Grace.
- Mmm.
Hey, Carl.
Your first time?
- Yeah, I'm from Washington.
- Yeah.
This place is wild.
Maybe later.
The place is cool,
but the drinks are crazy expensive.
Oh don't worry. I got a tab.
Carl, it's on me.
- Thanks.
- Hmm.
You want to dance?
Yeah. I'll see you out there.
Can't wait.
There's one born every minute.
Jerome was looking for you last night.
A few nights actually.
Aren't we sure of ourselves?
When you got it, you got it.
Let me buy you a drink on Grace.
Hey, see you later, okay?
I thought we could hang out.
No, I'm cool. Catch you later.
Jerome. What's up?
Hey, Ari.
Want a drink? Turns out I'm buying.
Manhattan, please, Carl.
Another round.
So what's new, man?
Fuck you, Ari.
How you just ditch me like that?
It's been four nights.
What am I, your wife now?
Don't play.
That what you want, just tell me and
we can finish with
this bullshit real fast.
Is that what you want?
No. And sorry, just
What, you got another boyfriend?
Someone outside of here?
What, is he older or something?
- Huh?
- Look, I got scared, okay?
I'm not good at the whole feeling part.
Everything in here is
like a fucking movie.
Have you ever noticed that?
Relax, I got me a tab.
So, wanna dance or something?
Hell yeah, I do.
Yo, can we meet outside of here?
I don't even know where you live.
You okay, baby?
Ariana, what's wrong?
Hey, I thought I lost you.
You want a drink?
Uh, she's good.
- I'd love one actually.
- Ari.
Mmm. I bet you'd like more
than a drink. Huh?
Ari, stop!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Get off me!
You are a fucking piece of work.
- I love you! You know that, right?
- Get the fuck off me. Get off me!
Get off!
You fuck.
Ari. Ari, please. Don't do this.
- I fucking told you!
- Please, I'm sorry. I'm s
Please don't do this.
Sorry, Jerome.
Ariana, please.
She told you all that?
Later, yeah.
She must have trusted you a great deal.
If the use of past tense is your way
of trying to catch me out
I'm just trying to get
to the truth, Danny.
- The fuck are you looking at?
- Oh.
Yeah, yeah.
What the fuck are you looking at?
I-I need help.
I think we can agree that somebody
that erratic can be a liability.
- I never thought of her that way.
- She was fighting in nightclubs.
Rockefeller Center was
her idea, wasn't it?
- Well, technically
- Is it possible, Danny,
that, as much as you loved her,
she was already heading down a road
where there was no coming back?
No one could be blamed for thinking
that she didn't have
a place with you all.
- Maybe Yitzhak decided that she
- Yitzhak would never hurt her.
If Yitzhak didn't get rid of her,
then who did?
What are you not telling me?
What are you not telling yourself?
Is everything okay, ma'am?
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