The Crowded Room (2023) s01e03 Episode Script


I went to that old boardinghouse
where he was living.
Sorry, can you define "went to"?
Went into.
Um, did somebody let you in at least?
The door was unlocked. Does that help?
No. That's breaking and entering.
What are you doing, Rya?
Well, I found this in the fireplace.
Do you recognize her?
That's the girl from Rockefeller Center.
If the description is accurate,
that's the girl from Rockefeller Center.
Wait a minute.
What Do you think Do you
think these are all victims?
Are you sure you don't want a Coke?
You know it's not even
8:00 in the morning, right?
We don't have to talk about it
if you don't want to.
We can just sit here in silence.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
My mom used to say that.
Wise woman, she.
How long was this before the incident?
Can we stop calling it that?
What would you prefer? The shooting?
It was about a week.
But you didn't talk about it?
- Not yet.
- Why not?
Because I guess it was
what she said to me
that gave me the idea
in the first place.
Well, it's just if we hadn't
gone out that morning,
none of this would have ever happened.
There's this guy I like. Jerome.
I see him out, and I mean,
I really like him.
And he likes me and all.
I mean, who wouldn't?
I mean, who wouldn't?
And every time we get close,
I screw shit up royally.
PS, by "close"
in this context I do mean fucking.
Sincere thanks for the Cliffsnotes.
Anytime anyone starts to matter
to me like this, I get cold.
I mean, even my body gets cold.
It's like I'm trapped in a metal box
and it's getting smaller.
I can feel it on me, and
I can't breathe.
It's all I feel. Every
other feeling is gone.
If I don't get out, I'll die.
Like I said, it only happens
when I really like someone,
so good news for casual sex anyway.
What happened to you?
Come on. Figure it's pretty obvious.
It's not like it's rocket science
or anything.
Who was it?
A friend of my dad's.
He'd come into my room at night.
The thing about it is is he was
actually pretty nice about it.
He never told me he loved me
or anything like that.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. I get it.
You must think I'm pretty
disgusting now, huh?
Like I said I get it.
Say more words, Danny Sullivan.
My brother, when he was a kid.
I didn't know you had a brother.
I don't. Not anymore.
And I guess one day Adam
just couldn't take it anymore.
I'm really sorry.
I don't think about it much though.
Not me. He's always on top of me.
See what I did there?
It was hard to miss.
I can feel him over my
shoulder breathing on me.
I smell him,
and then that's when the metal box comes
and he's jammed right inside with me.
Jesus Christ.
Has offered no help thus far.
That's why I'm always running.
Only, I can't ever seem
to run far enough.
I would do anything
to make him disappear.
Danny, don't you think it's time we
talk about what happened to Adam?
Okay, Danny. So what was your plan?
I wanted to give Ari a second chance
to be happy.
And me too.
You too? How is that?
A second chance
at saving someone.
Come on, Danny. Take it. From the three!
All right.
- This close.
- Danny, you rang?
What up, Jonny?
- Hey, I'm gonna grab some water.
- All right.
So, what's up, Danny?
I was wondering
if maybe I could talk to our guy.
That's why you got me.
You reinvest the capital.
I handle the supplier.
- It's a division of labor.
- Yeah. I kn I know that.
But what if What if What if
I wanted to buy something besides pot?
What? Coke? I could get you coke.
You think we should start selling coke?
No, Jonny. I don't want
to start selling coke.
Look, I just I just want
to talk to him, okay?
- Well, he lives out in Brooklyn now.
- I know he lives out in Brooklyn.
Jonny, look, I really need this, okay.
I just want to talk to him.
Yo, what are we doing?
We talking or we playing basketball?
- I'm coming, I'm coming.
- You're the money, man.
- So meet me at the train at 3:00.
- Thank you.
Hey. Don't tell Mike.
Hand on the ball. Let's go.
Take the shot. Oh, okay.
He hasn't seen you in a while,
so just let me do the talking, okay?
You told him I was coming, right?
Well, look who's here. You miss me?
Come on.
- So, how's it hanging, man?
- Shut the fuck up.
So what you want?
Friday's our day. Today's not Friday.
Sit down.
- You want a hit?
- No.
It's got a little dust in it.
I'm okay, thank you.
So what you want?
You said something new. Coke?
I mean, profit margin's better, but, uh,
I'ma need a bigger deposit up front
if you want me to get the merch.
- Can you get me a gun?
- What?
- What is this?
- Danny, are you serious?
What makes you think
I can get you a gun?
- I can pay you.
- You can pay me?
Yeah, I can pay you.
- Is that right?
- Mm-hmm.
Mm-hmm. You setting me up?
- We would never set you up.
- Absolutely n
Shut the fuck up. I'm thinking.
Really want a gun?
I got a gun, but it's expensive.
Gonna cost you way more
than money, bitch.
Shut up.
Here comes that freak.
I have 350 bucks right here.
Mm-mmm. Money ain't enough.
I can't.
You can't?
I mean, I'm looking at
your mouth right now,
and I'm feeling like I know better.
This was a mistake.
I'm sorry I wasted your time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't be sorry. Sit down.
Please can't you just
sell it to me, man?
So let me get this straight.
You come in my house.
You ask me for a firearm,
- and then you disrespect me?
- I don't mean no disrespect, all right.
But that's what you're doing, Danny.
You're disrespecting me.
So, do you want the gun or no?
- I'll give you a hand job.
- No, Danny.
Which one is it?
Look, I don't got all day.
I'll gi I'll give you a hand job.
You'll give me a hand job?
Look who's gone all Miss Prissy on me.
Okay. A hand job.
My boy don't like weird in the house.
Come on.
This is bullshit, Danny.
You don't even like guys.
It's not gonna make me gay, Jonny, okay.
I I just really need the gun.
- Why?
- Just trust me.
"Trust me"? What the fuck
do you mean "trust me"? Trust me.
Look, I know Angelo. You do not
want to get near him like that.
The fuck is all that whispering?
Cut that shit out. We on the street.
Let's just go home.
- Danny.
- What, are you jealous?
Fuck you. Do whatever
the fuck you want. I'm out.
You coming, or what?
Yeah. Wait up.
Come here. It's more private.
So you really want this, huh?
Where's the money?
Yeah. Here.
You really want this gun, huh?
You need it?
Yeah, I-I need it. Yeah.
All right. Well, come on.
You know what I want.
No, no, no, no, no. Kneel.
I want you to suck it.
You said that I can
Bitch, do not tell me
what the fuck I said.
I'm telling you I want you to suck it.
You get me?
Now, open that pretty mouth. Open up.
Open that pretty mouth.
Yeah. Oh. Now, kneel like I told you.
Yeah, there you go.
You know what to do.
- No, I don't know how to
- Whatever, freak.
Listen to me.
If you scream, I'm gonna
blow your fucking head off.
- You hear me?
- Mm-hmm.
Cops won't even look twice.
It'd be one less faggot
they have to worry about.
- I just be doing their fucking job. Right?
- Right.
Open up. Open up. Open up.
Yeah. There you go.
Now get to it.
Open that pretty fucking mouth.
My nose!
- Run! Run!
- My nose!
My nose!
- You broke my nose!
- Come on.
- Is this our train?
- Yeah. Go, go, go.
Holy fuck.
- Oh, shit.
- Did you get it?
I got it. I got it. I got it.
I got it.
Oh, my God.
Did you see his face, man?
His nose was totally broken, man.
Like, "My nose".
- It was gushing. Shit.
- Oh, my God.
I can't believe you came back, dude.
There you go
Why are you acting so weird?
What do you mean?
Where have you been?
I was getting you a gift.
Look, just because we talked
yesterday morning
doesn't make us fucking sweethearts.
Okay, fine. Show me.
Holy shit.
It wasn't to use.
I just thought having it
would make her feel safe,
and I wanted to help her.
It was just to have.
- Well, do you like it?
- This is what you're giving me?
What the hell do I need a gun for?
Well, so you won't be
scared all the time.
In case he comes back, you know?
It's oddly sweet.
You stole a gun for Ariana, not to use?
I obviously know how it looks.
But I am telling you the truth.
Hands up, motherfucker.
I'll blow your fucking head off.
I don't want this.
Just get rid of it, okay?
Did you even try to get rid of it?
Okay. I just wanna review
what you're saying to me.
- You assaulted someone
- Jonny assaulted someone.
in order to steal a gun.
A gun that you had
no intention of using
but that you kept until
you used it in a shooting.
I did not shoot anybody.
Can you see, from where I'm sitting,
how all of this can seem like it
was your idea in the first place?
Jesus Christ!
- Good morning.
- Fuck. Good morning.
Maybe don't leave this sitting out.
Angelo's, I assume?
Jonny told me what happened.
Balls of steel, that boy's got.
Dumb as a rock, but balls of steel.
Maybe you should do some laundry, huh?
I mean, if you hope
to ever actually get laid.
What are you talking about?
Hmm? You told her Thursday morning.
Annabelle's coming here?
Does that happen to you a lot?
Is that a frequent occurrence,
forgetting things?
Why do you keep asking me that?
People forget things all the time.
I just have a not-so-great memory.
You don't wanna write that down
in your little pad?
Hey, come in.
What are we gonna do today?
A kite?
You say that without the requisite
enthusiasm that a kite deserves.
Apologies. I'm not really a kite person.
Everyone's a kite person.
Apparently not quite everyone.
Huh. Hard case, huh?
Bet I can change your mind.
Hmm. Unlikely. Look, it's just
that kites aren't really my
- I love kites.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. As expected.
So you're a college girl now.
You like it?
I do. It's just not what
I expected, you know?
Did you wanna go?
Mmm, yeah. I think I did.
And then I didn't, I guess.
Why? 'Cause you quit school?
No, it just stopped becoming
something that was gonna happen.
Your shoelace.
Oh, shit.
I got it.
I mean, you still could go.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
Help me up. My ass is asleep.
- You ready to fly a kite?
- Sure. Okay.
You know, I wasn't sure.
It was my dad who wanted me to go.
- To college?
- Yeah.
Turned out to be pretty cool.
I think you'd like it.
Yeah, I like the idea
of going to college.
- Really?
- Yeah, I think it could be fun.
What would you do?
I used to draw a lot.
- I remember.
- Well, I still do actually.
So maybe some sort of art major.
I don't know.
It could be cool.
Danny Sullivan, famous artist.
It's got a ring to it.
Mmm. You never know.
It could happen.
Come on! Come on, kite person!
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit. Oh, Go
Oh, my God. Shit.
Go, go, go. Go, go, go, go!
Well, it's official.
I'm a kite person now.
I told you.
Is anyone else home?
I hope not.
Close your mouth. It's unbecoming.
Dry these, please.
Yes, ma'am. Um, you want a beer?
Um, do you have something harder?
- Sure. Let me just, um
- Oh, wait, above the fridge, right?
- Yeah.
- I remember from your party.
Well, you better be right
about no one else being home.
Annabelle, did you find it?
Did you do these?
- Y-Yeah, but they're nothing.
- Oh.
- They're just
- Danny, these are amazing.
- Really?
- Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. Wow.
That's my mom.
There's someone coming.
- I didn't hear anything.
- Grab your pants.
- Grab your pants. Go.
- Okay.
- Come on. Come on.
- Pants!
Do you know who Lucian Freud is?
He's a painter.
Maybe we could go
to the library tomorrow.
I could show you some stuff.
Yeah, I would love that.
My dad has a friend who's
an art professor at Baruch.
Can I show him this?
You keep saying that.
I keep feeling that.
It's okay.
You're really good, Danny.
It's okay.
- I, um I need to shower first. Okay?
- Yeah.
Can I borrow a T-shirt?
Sure. In there.
Not that drawer. Sorry,
it's th-that Yeah.
What you got in there? Dirty magazines?
Danny, what happened that night?
We just went to sleep.
Come on, Danny.
What happened in that house?
Where the fuck you at, freak?
You broke my fucking nose.
Oh, shit. Annabelle.
- Annabelle, get up. Get up.
- What? What?
- What is wrong? Are you okay?
- It's okay. Come on. Get up.
Dan, where the fuck you at?
- Who is that?
- It doesn't matter.
- What is happening?
- Get in the closet.
- Danny, you're scaring me.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- Get in the closet.
- What is Talk to me.
- What is happening?
- Look, Annabelle.
Please stop. Just stop talking.
He's after me, not you. Just stay here.
You're gonna be okay.
- It's okay.
- Okay.
I can hear you up there!
I want my gun, and I
want your fucking ass!
Angelo, I'll give you the gun back.
Y-You can have it. I just Shit. Fuck.
- I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry.
- I'm s
Oh, you're sorry?
You're sorry, motherfucker?
I'ma show you sorry.
I wouldn't hide, if I was you.
It's only gonna make it worse.
- Oh, what have we got here?
- No! No!
- Fuck Yeah. Shut the fuck up.
- No!
- Danny, gun, now.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Danny! Danny! Danny!
- Huh? What do we got here, huh?
Shit. Fucker!
- You were looking for this, huh?
- Please.
- No, please.
- Huh?
Who's bitch now, huh? Huh?
- Who's bitch now, huh?
- No.
No. No, no. No, no. No, no, no
You are bitch.
You pee on yourself.
- Run!
- Okay.
You are safe now.
Annabelle, it's okay.
You're safe now. He's gone.
- Annabelle, it's okay
- Don't touch me.
- Don't Get away from me! G
- You're safe. Annabelle, it's okay. What
Get away!
- Annabelle, please.
- Get away from me!
- Leave me alone!
- Stupid boy!
- You bring a gun into my house?
- Yitzhak
Why? Look at what you made me do!
- What is going on?
- He brought a gun here!
He got it for me.
You part of this too?
You break my rules. You must leave.
- Yitzhak.
- I'm sorry.
You can't just kick me out.
Both of you.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, sorry doesn't keep a roof
over your head, does it?
Danny, w What are you
doing still in that house?
Come home. Your mom misses you.
We can talk things over.
Suit yourself.
I'm sorry.
I tried to get him to let you stay too.
You know, maybe you were right
about getting that gun.
Would you say you felt manipulated
by Ariana into doing what
she wanted you to do?
Not at the time.
And now?
What if I could end it?
Yeah, what if?
What if I knew he wasn't gonna
come for me, not ever?
Well, then you could
actually have a life.
Yitzhak literally hides shit
in his sock drawer.
Can you believe it?
That was for just in case.
Well, what if I don't wait?
What if I scare him first, so I know
he's never gonna come back?
But just scare him, right?
But good. No one has to get hurt.
I just wanna scare him
the way he did me.
I just don't think that
I can do it alone.
The thing they never tell you
is that when you're
doing something crazy,
it doesn't feel crazy at the time.
So what was the plan exactly?
Wave the gun. Shoot over his head.
Scare him.
The incident with Angelo,
and Yitzhak kicking you out,
is it possible that you felt
like you had reached a limit?
Maybe felt compelled to attack?
You're making it seem
like it was all me again.
I didn't do this alone. You know that.
Thank you.
Did Ariana tell you
where you could find him,
the man who raped her?
She said he liked to go to OTB
on Fridays after work.
Doesn't that strike you as strange?
No, why would it? Lots of
people go to OTB. It's
I just thought it was a coincidence.
Who was it?
Hey! Stop!
Danny, who was it?
It was Marlin.
How could it be Marlin, Danny?
Danny, what are you doing? Just shoot!
I'm gonna ask you again.
How could Ariana's rapist
be your stepfather?
I don't know.
I thought maybe that
Marlin knew her dad.
Both you and Ariana lived
in the same house, how?
By coincidence?
It seems unlikely, doesn't it?
Come on, Danny. You must have
thought about that, right?
- How could that be?
- What do you want me to say?
I don't want you to say anything.
That this whole thing was a setup
from the start, is that it?
What if it was?
- What?
- A setup. A setup for what?
Take this. Take the passports.
Go find your father.
Well, isn't it obvious?
That's what they wanted
from me all along.
Since the moment they
showed up at that house,
they wanted me to go and find my father.
So that's what I did.
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