The Crowded Room (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


[EZRA] Mommy?
My tummy hurts.
- Mommy?
- [GASPS] Huh?
- What time is it?
- I don't want to go to school.
Oh, shit.
Ezra, go.
You need to get dressed
and get some breakfast in you
before Grandma gets here,
okay? Mama has class.
Why aren't you dressed?
- What are you eating?
- Morning.
You can't believe the train today.
Where are all these people going?
Hey. What's going on?
Why isn't he dressed?
What is he eating?
- My tummy hurts.
- Oh, baby.
No, don't "oh, baby" him, Mom.
He needs to get dressed.
He needs to go to school.
- It's psychosomatic.
- My tummy
Well, it's not like he doesn't
have a good reason.
Don't you dare start
with me this morning.
Do not go talking to me like that.
I don't wanna go!
[SHOUTING] Goddamn it, Ezra!
What are you doing?
Who do you think you are?
I want my daddy.
I've got you. Granny's here, honey.
Go to work.
- It's all right, sweetheart. It's okay.
- All right.
[RYA'S MOTHER] It's all right,
honey. Granny's here.
- He has to go to school.
- I'll bring him. Don't be late again.
Hey, honey. Wanna give me a hug?
[PASSERBY] Dr. Goodwin!
Dean Hughs. I didn't see you there.
[GRUNTS] I feel as if
you've been avoiding me
ever since we failed
to support your grant.
Rya, you're a great teacher.
If any one of you deserves tenure
Any one of us? A woman, you mean?
Well, that's not what I mean,
but since we're still technically
a men's university
Women can't teach men? I'm pretty
sure that's mostly what we do.
Fair, but in this matter,
you are running behind.
Anorexia has already been
included in the DSM.
One form of it.
All right, we've been over this.
Anorexia is not just a single disorder.
Bulimia has its very own
unique condition
I know you are passionate about this
but Sam Wilkes has also applied
for a grant
which is essentially splitting hairs,
and he's got
- Testicles.
- Seniority.
I'm very sorry, Rya,
but if you want the department
to support your grant,
you're going to have to find
something else. Okay?
- It seems we're both late to class.
[RYA] Trauma is the closest thing
we have to time travel.
The moment of trauma
is imprinted on our minds,
indelible ink on paper.
But unlike ink, trauma
doesn't fade over time.
When activated by an event
or a sense or memory,
the sufferer is transported back
to the very moment of psychic injury.
Imagine the army medic
who comes upon a village massacre.
All around him are the screams
of orphaned children,
the smell of burning bodies.
The experience is overwhelming.
He must escape, but he can't
because he has a job to do.
This dialectic causes a dissociation
from reality.
But psychic flight has a cost.
Memory remains, like rot
beneath the bark of a tree.
Our medic has now returned home.
He tries not to think about that village
as he goes about his daily life.
He attends a neighborhood barbecue.
But local children's play
now sounds like death screams.
The meat on the grill is
indistinguishable from burning bodies.
He can't stay.
His trauma has made
the barbecue intolerable.
And over time,
it will invade all of his experiences
until his world becomes unlivable.
Remember, most trauma sufferers
are reexperiencing
real events that we cannot see.
What we call disorder is, for them,
a very reasonable way
of escaping actual horror.
To put it bluntly,
they would be crazy not to be crazy.
Thank you, everybody.
I'll see you next week.
Criminal Psychology is
down the hall, Detective.
It's more your speed.
Well, word on the street is you're
the best academia has to offer, so,
I don't know, thought I'd come by
and see what all the fuss was about.
Matty, I'm flattered. I really am.
I had a good time.
But I meant what I said.
I'm-I'm going through a divorce.
- I can't be in anything serious right now.
- Whoa, whoa.
Easy there, tiger.
That's not why I'm here.
Trust me. I can take no for an answer,
even though you're obviously
making a huge mistake.
Well, mistakes are my forte, so
Just wanted to bring you this.
We brought in a kid last night.
Multiple counts of attempted homicide.
There might be something
in there that interests you.
That's why you came here?
Yeah. What?
You think I'd do all this just
to get back in bed with you?
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
Okay, well, that's a fair point.
But you said that you needed
a real wacko for a case study
- or else you were gonna lose your job.
- Is that what you heard?
I was a little bit distracted.
- Look. Hey, we got a real psycho here.
[FRANK] There's bullets flying,
glass everywhere, winged one guy.
This lady took one in the leg.
Kid's just a little good luck shy
of a murder charge.
Wait, I read this in
the paper last week.
I thought the shooter went missing.
Well, we got him.
- There's no history here.
- Well, there's no prints in the system.
And he won't give up his last name.
Says it wouldn't serve.
It's not good for the cause.
Can you believe that?
We had some shitty blow-up
of his face going around.
Someone spotted him
getting a cab at JFK.
Took him to a run-down
boardinghouse upstate.
Elm Road in Elm Ridge.
[CHUCKLES] Can't make that shit up.
And ConEd says that all the bills
are in some Israeli guy's name.
They're always mailed in cash.
There's no sign of him.
What about the girl, Ariana?
That's a pretty name.
There's no sign of her either.
I'm thinking that he offed her
and the landlord.
- Well, we know he's happy with a gun.
- Why?
You gotta meet him.
[STAMMERS] You'll see.
The kid is weird, sure. But, you know,
maybe he's just high as a kite.
- No. There's something in his eyes.
- Now who's the crazy one?
No, i-i-it's in the way he talked
in the interview. His diction.
- His word choice.
- His word choice? [CHUCKLES]
Lady, you must be a
true cyclone in the sack.
Look, he goes where he can get
the most attention.
He changes the way he talks.
He doesn't show any remorse.
That's what a psycho does.
This is what happens when your partner
reads one book on serial killers.
So, come on, what do
you think? Is he one?
It's not that simple.
There are a number of dispositive
factors that I'm not seeing.
And the nature of the crime
is inconsistent with his
Or crimes.
There's blood on the floor of the house.
There's signs of a struggle,
- and there's a bullet hole in the glass.
- Circumstantial.
Yeah, but what if he is?
What if we caught one?
Did he tell you what he was doing
firing a gun at Rockefeller Center?
Uh, yeah, he said him and the
girl wanted to scare someone.
- Who?
- Won't say. Says, "It wouldn't serve".
So, what do you think? This
is what you do, Professor.
- Let me take a look.
- Yeah?
Why not?
- You all right?
- Yeah.
[ACCUSED] Whoa. What up, sis?
Hello, Danny. [SIGHS] I'm Dr. Goodwin,
but you can call me Rya.
To, uh, what do I owe the pleasure?
- Sit up.
[MATTY] Hands.
- Whoa.
- Okay. Hey, hey. Hey, relax.
Be right outside.
How are you?
What are we doing here today, ma'am?
Why the cuffs? I hate cuffs.
Do you know why you're here?
Do you?
Let's start with something simpler.
Why don't you tell me your last name?
I don't think any of this
is what Jack had in mind.
Who's Jack?
I give up. Who's Jack?
Danny, if you talk to me,
I might be able to help you.
Wait, you can get me out of here?
I don't much like being locked up.
I get it.
I shouldn't really be in here anyway.
Ariana was the one
that did the shooting.
Where is Ariana? Because
the cops can't seem to find her.
They won't find her either.
Why is that?
I'm starting to think that you're
not actually here to help me.
How can I help you, Danny?
Get me out of here.
Can I tell you a secret?
- I can get myself out. [CHUCKLES]
- [DANNY] Whoa, whoa! It's a joke.
- What the fuck?
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, shit. Okay, whoa, whoa.
- What the fuck?
[FRANK] All right. Hands
behind your back, kid.
[CHUCKLES] A little heavy-handed,
don't you think, Frank?
Hey, Doc. [CHUCKLES] Absolute pleasure.
I'll be seeing ya. [GRUNTS, CHUCKLES]
- [FRANK] Just keep it moving. Shut up.
[FRANK] Let's go.
[MATTY] Sorry about those cuffs.
They must've been faulty.
It startled me, is all.
He wasn't anything like that
in the interview, I swear.
He said something about
somebody named Jack.
Yeah. In the interview, too. "Jack
says it's time to face the music",
or something. I ask him, "Who's
Jack?" He just clams right up.
- Same.
- Yeah.
He's playing us. I mean,
they can do that, right?
He's magnetic for sure.
That could be a sign of psychosis.
- He's erratic. A little bit spooky.
But I still think Frank might be right.
No. Oh, my God. How I hate those words.
Maybe he just needs to detox.
Give him a few days to come down.
You-You'll have a better idea
of what you've got.
Not for you, huh?
Matty, I appreciate you
trying to help me. I do.
Appreciate it enough to have dinner?
- No.
- Okay.
Well, if you change your mind,
you know, about the kid
- Yep.
- Mmm.
- Thanks, Matty. I'll see you around.
- Sure. Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry.
A little late is not two
and a half hours.
Yeah. I said I'm sorry.
[RYA'S MOTHER] Me? It doesn't matter.
Him? A little consistency,
maybe. Does it occur?
Sit down to a meal together?
It's cold.
Could you grab some wine
from the fridge
You don't need wine.
It's good.
He talked to his father.
Goddamn it, Mom.
- It's not his night.
- Don't use that tone with me, young lady.
You weren't here. He wanted
to talk to him, so I let him.
I have to be able to do
this without him.
Then be here to do it, Rya.
I get that he's angry.
I do.
But he won't talk to me.
He won't kiss me good night.
He used to sleep between us in our bed.
And when I hear him crying,
I'll go to him and he won't even
come back with me.
So what am I supposed to do?
What we all do, I guess.
What's that?
Keep loving you no matter
how hard you make it.
Is there a choice?
You should've been the shrink, Mom.
Oh, I know.
- [RYA] Thank you.
- [CAB DRIVER] Thank you.
[GREG] What's going on with tenure?
Martin said your grant
proposal was rejected.
Why are you talking to Martin
about my grant?
I was head of the department. We talk.
Wh Jesus, Greg.
Rya, listen to me.
You're a hell of an intuitive therapist.
One of the best I've ever seen.
And I've seen a bunch.
But your obsession with clinical
outliers is going to kill your career.
Not everything has to be
a novel diagnosis.
Please don't lecture me. We are
not in class anymore, Greg.
Do something mainstream.
Tell Martin you want to focus on
behavior mod.
Behavior mod?
Or learning theory. There's money there.
- I could talk to him.
Literally over my cold, dead body.
Has it occurred to you that
this desire to distinguish yourself
by validating the most extreme cases
- stems from your own insecurities
- D
rather than a sincere desire
to help the patient?
How are they incompatible?
What, you don't you
don't want to be heralded
for the work that you do?
Or is enlightened self-interest
just a man's prerogative?
You've been reading
too much Ms. Magazine.
I think that's another way of you
not wanting to tell me that I'm right.
No, better with the horseradish.
Oof! I mea You can quote
a 20-year-old medical journal,
but you cannot remember
that I'm allergic to horseradish?
[GREG] Not liking and being allergic?
Two different things.
And another?
A gin martini for me and a vodka tonic
with a lime and two maraschino cherries.
- I do remember some things.
Please don't call him
when it's not your night.
He called me.
Technically your mother called me
and put him on the phone.
Nevertheless, I'm what he's got now,
and he's gonna have to make do
with that despite my shortcomings.
Rya, that's not very therapeutic.
Well, I'm not his therapist,
I'm his mother.
And when it comes to shortcomings,
God knows we've all
had to deal with yours.
You know, Rya [STAMMERS]
it's challenging with you.
So hot and cold in so many ways. [SIGHS]
Never know who you're gonna get.
[RYA] What if I present a case
where I can prove the diagnosis is real?
Why look for the most
obscure conditions possible?
Jesus, Martin! That's the whole point.
It's because they're obscure.
No one helps them
because they're told that
what they're going through isn't real
and what they're feeling doesn't matter,
because there's no diagnostic
code for them in this book.
[MARTIN] Rya, you don't
have anything to prove.
Please don't be condescending.
I have at least 15 more years
of my son's tuition to take care of.
I need tenure.
And you and I both know that
I'm not gonna get it
unless I publish another article.
If I show veracity of the diagnosis,
will the department support a grant?
If you verify the diagnosis,
yes, I will support the grant.
Hell, I will support a dedicated
chair with your name on it.
Coming from the White House
with a special report.
[JIMMY CARTER] It's a simple
matter of common sense
for us to do everything we possibly
can to reduce our vulnerability.
We must be prepared for the worst.
We must make certain that gasoline
can be distributed promptly and fairly
in case of an emergency.
[CANDY] Do you know where Danny is?
You know Danny?
He's my son.
[STAMMERS] Is something wrong?
Did something happen to him?
Is there somewhere where we could talk?
- [RYA] Yeah, that's him.
- [CANDY STAMMERS] How can he be in jail?
Was Danny a twin?
That's Adam.
He's been gone a long time.
What happened to him?
A psychologist, you said?
- Trying to help him out?
- Yeah, I'd like to.
Let's sit outside.
Thank you.
Even before everything with Adam,
he was very sensitive.
And then they kicked him out of school.
Drugs and fighting.
There were both.
You know, he was always
so bright. [CHUCKLES]
He was like a light, that kid.
And the imagination.
But things just didn't turn out.
Me and men. [CHUCKLES]
That's all.
May I ask how he he ended up
living across the street?
Him and my husband,
they didn't see eye to eye.
But my husband doesn't see eye
to eye with much of anyone.
So he moved in there a couple years ago.
And I figured, "What's the harm", right?
Least I can keep an eye on him.
And then one day he's just gone.
But attempted murder?
That's not my Danny.
Do you know who lived
with him across the street?
I don't know who was full-time.
There was a girl there a lot.
People come and go.
So what? Is he going to prison?
I hope not.
Candy, you said he was sensitive.
Would you say that
he was moody as a child?
Depressed? Quick to react?
Did his moodiness increase around
everything that happened with Adam?
Like I said, he was always different.
No crime in that.
No, there isn't. No.
I'd like to ask you something.
It's a difficult question,
but I think it'd be very
helpful in helping him.
Did anything ever happen
to Danny as a boy?
What kind of thing?
When you mentioned that
you don't have much luck with men,
- what did you mean by that?
- It's my fucking fault now?
- No, that's not what I'm saying at all.
- What did he say happened?
I'm just trying to better
understand him.
I don't know what people do.
You know what everybody does?
All the people who come to see you?
- No.
- No, 'cause people do things
they don't look like they're capable of.
I gotta go. I'm gonna be late
for work, to the hospital.
Tell him I'm gonna come see him.
- Candy, I'm not even his doctor yet.
- Just leave your cup.
Ezra, it's ten o'clock.
You need to go to bed.
- [RYA] I need to talk to Danny again.
- [MATTY] You can't.
He's been processed already. He's
on his way to Rikers this afternoon.
Legal Aid says he gets no visitors
until he gets there.
- I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do.
- Dinner tonight, no sex.
I need to see him.
[GROANS] You are a piece
of work. All right. Come on.
- [RYA] Hello again.
You remember me?
Face like that, who'd forget?
You mentioned someone
named Jack the other day.
- Yeah, what about him?
- I was wondering if I could talk to him.
Do you think you could
give him a message from me?
I don't know if you've noticed,
but I'm locked up in jail here.
Oh, I just thought that maybe you can.
Say you can.
Say I can
- If you can
- Uh-huh.
Could you tell him that
I just wanna talk to him?
- Yeah.
- I just wanna help.
Sure. Done.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Hey, they say I'm going
to Rikers Island.
Is it really that bad?
Not too bad. [SIGHS]
It looks like you think it's
pretty bad. [CHUCKLES]
Anyway, thanks for coming to see me.
Of course.
[RYA] This is not a date.
" Bring a pepperoni and
sausage pizza to my house,
because my kid's upstairs asleep",
didn't exactly scream romance.
Did you get extra cheese?
I went to that old boardinghouse
where he was living.
- Define "went to".
- Went into.
Did somebody let you in at least?
The door was unlocked. Does that help?
- No. That's breaking and entering.
- Oops.
How did you even find that place?
The boardinghouse was on Elm Road
in Elm Ridge, remember?
- Hey, hey. What are you doing, Rya?
- I found his mother.
I'm sorry?
His name is Danny Sullivan,
and that's her address.
I also found this in the fireplace.
[RYA] Do you recognize her?
That's the girl from Rockefeller Center.
At least if the description is accurate.
Do you think
Do you think these are all victims?
But not this guy.
The style of this drawing
is disorganized.
And this image is repeated
throughout this book again and again.
Okay, who am I looking at here?
Well, that's Big Ben
That tower behind him.
[MATTY] Right.
[RYA] These glasses are just like
the ones I found in the house.
You didn't happen to steal
those too, did you?
Maybe that's Jack.
Jack? Jack. [GRUNTS]
The one who told the kid
not to give his name.
- That it wasn't It wouldn't serve.
- Right. So [STAMMERS]
You think this guy's,
like, an accomplice?
Well, you said that Danny's diction
and his speech pattern
was different the first time
you interviewed him.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Would you say that he had
an English accent?
Not all the way through.
But, yeah, sometimes, actually,
now that you mention it.
What if
Danny is Jack?
Excuse me?
What if Danny has a split personality?
Oh, come on.
Matty, you were right about Danny.
Something about him just stays with me.
His affect was labile and fluid.
Call it a clinical intuition or a hunch,
but something's off about him.
What if Danny has another
personality named Jack?
One who maybe does things for him.
Oh, he does things for him?
Like kill people?
- I'm sorry.
Like, maybe, kill a lot of people?
Maybe he's unaware of his actions
when he's Jack.
Or he thinks somebody
else is doing them.
- You're serious.
- Matty, if I'm right,
Danny may be innocent.
How the hell does that work exactly?
Because it's his other personality
who's the criminal.
Right. Good luck telling that to a jury.
- Okay.
- Or
Or your tenure committee.
That would be a validation
of the condition, yes.
And you get a big, fat grant.
And I'd help a lot of people.
Okay, okay. Look. Just say
[CHUCKLES] Say he's got
the split personality thing.
What then?
Well, the first person you'd
have to convince is him.
And if he's not aware of his condition,
and somebody tells him
before he's ready,
he's likely to have a breakdown.
So he needs to trust somebody first.
- Trust?
- Mm-hmm.
It's as simple as that?
No. And also, yes.
And that person is gonna be you?
That person's gonna be me.
And how are you gonna do that exactly?
You're gonna give me the name
of his Legal Aid lawyer,
and I'm gonna go and
try to talk to Jack.
[RYA] Hi, Stan Camisa?
No, not today, okay? Docket's full.
I'm here about Danny Sullivan,
the Rockefeller Center shooter?
- What about him?
- My name is Rya Goodwin.
I'm a psychologist.
Detective Doyle brought
me in on a consult,
and I believe that your client
is suffering from
a rare mental disorder.
Oh, yeah. That kid's a wack job.
Um You know [STAMMERS]
- those terms aren't very helpful.
- Forgive me.
Having met with Danny,
- it is my professional opinion
that he has a split personality.
That's the Sally Field thing?
Yeah, it's about a woman
with the same condition.
You're kidding, right?
Is this a gag?
What? You want one?
Mr. Camisa, your client is sick
and he needs to be
in a hospital, not a jail.
- What do you want me to do about it?
- You're his lawyer.
Same question.
Isn't it your job to help your client?
My job is to act
in the client's best interest.
And when they are
surrounded by witnesses
while committing the actual crime,
their best interest is to plead guilty.
Can't you just argue that he's sick?
They send people to jail with cancer.
You think they're gonna let this kid off
because he talks in funny voices?
Yeah, I read his case file.
You know, it being my job and all.
Do you know where this
condition comes from?
Um, the funny papers, maybe.
Multiple personality
results almost solely
from extreme, often ongoing,
sexual abuse in early childhood.
I've met this kid. Whatever you do
or do not believe about him,
I can tell you one thing, he's not
gonna last five minutes upstate.
It's a dice roll he even
makes it through Rikers alive.
Maybe I find out that he is sick,
maybe I just get a sob story
that you can plead his case on.
But I do need to talk to him, okay?
I need a few sessions with him.
You can make that happen.
Or you can let me walk out
of here right now, and
one day very soon you will wake up
with this kid's blood
all over your hands,
and you can drip that
in your fucking egg salad.
You married?
If you make my life harder
in even the smallest way, we're done.
His hearing's in about a month.
Xerox in the back. It takes quarters.
You can take the cuffs off, please.
Would you like to sit down?
I brought you some new clothes.
It's been a few days since I've
had some fresh air. [CHUCKLES]
How are you feeling today?
Quite well.
Although I don't think
you're that kind of doctor.
Are you, Doctor?
Show me a sane man,
and I will cure him for you.
Carl Jung.
I always preferred him to Freud.
I didn't notice your accent
last time we spoke.
Are you English?
I like to consider myself
a citizen of the world.
I was hoping to get
a better sense of the case.
Biographical details. Family history.
Don't you find all of that
"tell me about your childhood"
nonsense rather tedious?
I know that I do. No offense.
None taken. I just thought
that it might help the defense
give context to what
happened in Midtown.
Well, the two of them
are just misguided children.
And no one was seriously hurt, correct?
The two of them? [STAMMERS]
Obviously you're very smart,
so I can only assume that you
wanted me to catch that.
You're not Danny, are you?
Are you sure we're not on the
wrong sides of the desk, Doctor?
I'm not sure how to say this to you,
but you do sound rather mad.
At your service.
Where's Danny?
He's here.
He's asleep, but he's here.
And before you try to convince me
that this is some sort of
psychological condition,
let me assure you that I am very real.
How is that possible?
Do you understand quantum entanglement?
I'm not familiar with it, no.
It's an emerging theory
in particle physics.
Suggests that separation
is not what we believe it to be.
The idea that two particles
can share characteristics
without being at the same point
in space-time. [CHUCKLES]
I assume you are not an expert
in the sciences.
No, I'm not.
But I I do know that
Danny needs help.
And I want to help him.
And I think that if I can, I might
be able to get him out of here.
Well, that would be useful.
I just need to talk to him.
Unfortunately, my dear, I don't
think that that would serve.
Danny's in trouble, Jack.
He desperately needs help.
Do forgive me for my immodesty,
but that's what guardian angels
are for, wouldn't you say?
I'll consider your request.
Jack. Jack.
- Thank you for the clothes.
- We still have more time.
You're not doing Danny any favors.
- Guard.
Are you aware that these sessions
are strictly voluntary?
Be seeing you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to come by so late.
I just I got something
that you gotta see.
Um, Rya, I
Look, I thought you were
on the right path with the Sullivan kid.
You remember that thing he said to you
about how you're never
gonna find the girl?
You can count on that.
All right.
After you see that. Call me.
Thank you for agreeing
to meet with me again.
Well, I was in the neighborhood.
I'm still hoping to talk to Danny.
So you've said.
What is it exactly that [SIGHS]
you are so desperate to talk about?
You said you preferred Jung to Freud.
Jung would say that you can't live
without understanding your shadow.
I've been doing some reading myself.
People who share a body can
have a keen survival instinct.
Almost a sixth sense about others.
Look at me.
Really look at me and
tell me if you think
that I'd wanna hurt Danny.
You are somewhat selfish.
And somewhat lost.
But no.
In fact, you are much the opposite.
You said you were his guardian angel?
He has got to understand his own past.
It's the best way that I
can prepare him for trial.
It's the best way that I can
get him and you out of here.
You and I want the same thing.
We want to help Danny.
But I cannot do it
if I can't talk to him.
I'm asking you to be gentle.
He doesn't really know about us.
How many of you are there, Jack?
I would like to leave now.
I would like to leave now.
Danny, you're in jail.
You're at Rikers Island.
And my name is Rya.
And I'm here to help you.
Okay? I'm
[STAMMERS] Do you know
why you're here, Danny?
Yes. Because of what
happened with Ariana.
That's good. [CHUCKLES]
I have these blank spots.
It happens to me sometimes,
but but not like this.
This is different. [STAMMERS]
You're okay.
We don't have to talk right now.
Danny, we can just sit here.
Is that okay?
And maybe
- take a few breaths.
Are you hungry?
- Would you like something to eat?
[RYA] How long were you living there?
A couple of years.
[RYA] Is it possible that you did things
that maybe you don't remember?
[DANNY] What are you writing?
Please go on. You were
telling me about Ariana.
Thank you.
[RYA] Rockefeller Center
was her idea, right?
[DANNY] Why do you keep asking me that?
Danny, are you really willing
to take the blame for this?
I guess my stepfather thought
that I was trouble.
Why? What did you do that was trouble?
I'm gonna ask you again.
Don't you think it's time we talk
about what happened to Adam?
What are you not telling me?
What happened to Yitzhak?
What are you not telling yourself?
Where did they all go?
You assaulted someone
No, Jonny assaulted someone.
- to steal a gun.
- [DANNY] I did not shoot anybody.
- Why London?
- Isn't it obvious?
[RYA] An Israeli expat.
An American girl. British businessman.
- Oh, and your father.
- They're all in this together.
Is it possible you had reached a limit?
I'm done.
I think it's time he knows the truth.
I got eggs so at least there's
something here in the morning.
- Really?
- You know, I'm almost 40, Mom.
Old people aren't alcoholics?
That is insulting in so many ways.
So, where's Ezra?
Shit. I said I would go
up and read to him.
What is this thing?
You can't even pay attention
to your own son.
This thing is a patient.
A boy.
Someone hurt him terribly,
and so I need to get
him to talk about it.
Maybe a little more attention at home
- and a little less
- Mom.
So what happened to him?
If I'm right, I wouldn't
wanna talk about it either.
[PARENT] So use the turtle.
- Sorry?
- The turtle.
When you were little you could
never talk about your feelings.
[CHUCKLES] The irony is not lost on me.
So your father would ask you,
"How's the turtle?"
The stuffed one he gave you.
You don't remember?
You would say the turtle
is angry about this,
or the turtle is sad about that.
- Marvin.
- Mortimer.
He wasn't all bad, your father.
Just mostly.
No. Not all bad.
- Mortimer.
- [CHUCKLES] Whatever.
He's a turtle. [CHUCKLES]
Go read to him.
- [EZRA] Mommy.
- [RYA] Coming, baby.
[RYA] Danny how about
we go further back?
Uh, how about we
How about we talk about
you, when you were a little boy?
What about it?
Can you tell me about the good times?
Let's start with with Adam.
You were twins, right?
"Joined at the hip"
is what my mom used to say.
So tell me about Adam.
Well, what do you wanna know?
Can you tell me a happy memory?
We were in grade school.
My brother and I.
It was summer, the tail end.
You know, when school's back.
Adam always had my back. You know.
I really miss him.
what happened to him?
Could you tell me about it?
I don't want to I
I don't want I don't
It's okay.
Well, I have a hunch.
Did he do something for you?
Something that was very hard?
Something only a brother would do.
Did it have to do with Marlin?
Danny [SIGHS]
it's really important
that you try and tell me.
And we can stop at anytime.
But it's important that you-you try.
[DANNY] Okay.
We were in the car.
I was sitting in the front.
Adam in the back.
We had no idea where we were going.
Marlin used to own a barn.
And he would take us there.
But he would only ever take Adam inside.
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