The Crowded Room (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

The Crowded Room

[RYA] Hi. Good morning,
Danny. How'd you sleep?
I don't know. Not good. Maybe.
[RYA] How come?
You ever tried sleeping in a prison?
Did you see the eclipse?
No, just the light. It
was pretty weird though.
Carl Jung thought eclipses
were harbingers of rebirth.
[DANNY] Who?
[RYA] A psychiatrist. Never
heard of him? He's pretty famous.
- You okay?
- You seem a little nervous.
- Uh. Yeah. Maybe.
Maybe I am a little
[SIGHS] today.
Is that why you're clumsy?
Because you're not typically.
[SIGHS] That's very perceptive of you.
- Why are you nervous?
I'm gonna ask you a question.
Why are you here?
What do you mean?
[RYA] Here with me.
Because of what happened
at Rockefeller Center.
But why are we talking about it?
[DANNY] You're helping
me get ready for my trial.
Because even if I didn't fire the gun,
I'm complicit if a crime was committed.
Well, last week we talked about
Jack and you going to London.
Did you know that Jack came to see me?
No, that's not possible. He's in London.
Are these Jack's?
It's in my guidebook.
You got his number from the
guidebook. Is that how you found him?
No, but I tore it up.
Wait, did the police
put it back together?
[STAMMERS] How did you get these?
Danny. Your mind is extraordinarily
good at rationalizing.
At unspooling narratives in real time.
At making the improbable possible.
You've had a lifetime of it.
I told Jack that I wanted you
to have a better understanding
of what we're doing here.
He was against it,
but I persuaded him because
he wants what's best for you.
And so do I. Do you believe that?
- Do you trust me?
- What do you mean?
[RYA] It's a simple question.
No, it's not.
Okay. Fair.
You noticed that I was nervous.
It's because there are some things
that happened at Rockefeller Center
that we haven't talked about yet,
and I'm worried that when
we do, they will upset you.
I literally have no idea
what you're talking about.
I know.
I wanna show you something.
What's on the tape?
Uh, typically, I
wouldn't do this so soon,
but the trial is coming up fast.
What's on the tape?
[RYA] I think we should
just watch it together. Okay?
[DANNY] I don't know what this
is. I would like to be done.
[RYA] I'm sorry, but we don't
have any more time, Danny.
The jewelry store across
the street had a new camera.
They didn't find this
footage until recently.
It's a copy.
[RYA] The original's in evidence.
You've done something to the tape.
It's a trick.
[RYA] It's not a trick.
And I think somewhere
inside you, you know that.
There was no one at
Rockefeller Center except you.
Just you.
You were the shooter, Danny.
Not Ariana. Only you.
It was always you.
Big mistake, lady.
[DANNY AS YITZHAK] You make big mistake.
[JACK, MUFFLED] All right, listen up.
I said, "Let's be fucking cool."
[JACK, MUFFLED] I'm not asking.
[JONNY, MUFFLED] This is bullshit.
You gotta let me in there.
not afraid of the guard.
told you to leave the boy alone.
You're making a terrible mistake.
Why do you have to make this
trouble, huh? I do not listen to you!
[JACK] God, I'm such a fucking idiot.
I shouldn't have listened to her.
[JONNY] Let me out. I can handle her.
- Shit, man. She's gonna call the guards.
- That would be less than ideal.
Mike, if you wouldn't mind
[YITZHAK] You hear me? The
boy was fine. The boy was safe.
- You're not supposed to be here, man.
- Ah. Oh, Danny.
I'm afraid he's right, my boy.
You-You You really shouldn't.
At least not like this.
What is going on here, Jack?
[YITZHAK] Don't send him
out there. He won't make it.
- What the fuck was that?
- How is that even possible?
Quite frankly, it shouldn't be.
[YITZHAK] You piss me off! You hear me?
Yitzhak, what are you doing?
piss me off!
- I can do it.
- [JACK] Oh, yeah, that's a wonderful idea.
Let's put a junkie in charge of
our fates because that's worked out
so well in the past.
- [JONNY] Fuck you, Jack. I'm clean.
- No.
- Mike. Mike.
- No. No, no. I I can't do it right now.
- Yitzhak.
- Stop.
He hurts her, things
are gonna go to shit.
He's not gonna touch her. You know
how he is about women and kids.
- What about the guards?
- Why don't you take the spot
- if you're so decisive?
- 'Cause I need to think!
I'm not fucking with
you. You tell many lies.
[JONNY] You gotta let me get in there.
If he hurts anyone, we're
gonna go to solitary.
I told you where this was gonna
go when you started dealing.
- So this is my fault?
How do you put food on the table,
you Goody Two-shoes piece of shit?
I said we were gonna end up
in jail, and look where we are!
- The guards are right there, Danny.
- [GUARD 1] Let's go, guys. Move.
- I am not scared of them.
I give no shit!
- Oh, for fuck's sake, Mike!
- Stop. Stop, stop, you'll make it worse.
- [JACK] Think of Danny. Come on. Mike.
- We're good, right?
- Danny, is that you?
[AS MIKE] Yeah, we're good,
sis. We're good. We're good.
- We're good. [BREATHES HEAVILY] It's okay.
- I'm trying to help you.
- [GUARD 1] Mmm, come on.
- [GUARD 2] Nice and easy, kid.
- I know you are.
- [GUARD 2] Turn around.
- [DANNY] Sorry.
- [GUARD 2] Go back.
[MIKE] No, no. Nothing
fancy, buddy. Take the shot.
[YITZHAK] Hit me.
[MIKE] Close, close, close. You
gotta focus. Take another one.
- [YITZHAK] Again.
- [MIKE] Take the shot! Take the shot!
- Whoo!
- I always have no luck.
I never have any luck.
- [YITZHAK] The same, no?
- [JACK CHUCKLES] The same.
[SPECTATOR] Set the pick.
Don't let him shoot that!
[SIGHS] How is it
what happened happened?
He never came here awake before.
- The system is breaking down, I'm afraid.
- What system?
- Us.
- [MIKE] Come on. Right here, right here.
The center cannot hold. The beast
is slouching towards Bethlehem.
- I'm sorry I lose shit so bad.
You're not here for your
scintillating conversational skills.
We need you to lose
your shit now and then.
Unfortunately, this is a problem
that will not be solved by fisticuffs.
I blame myself.
She was hideously persuasive.
Best ones always are.
The best what?
This is on me, I'm afraid.
So, we're not letting him talk
to the doctor lady anymore?
I think we've just
seen compelling evidence
that that relationship is, uh,
no longer productive. Don't you?
She's becoming dangerous.
[CHUCKLES] That seems not
very much likely to me, Jack.
Is that right? You're
an expert now, are you?
In danger? Yeah.
So when do we wake him up?
[JACK] We don't wake him
up till we have a plan.
- Jack.
- Twenty-one.
Do you know what happens
when they diagnose you
with a psychiatric
disorder in this country?
Try and cure you.
As far as she's concerned,
we're the disease.
To cure Danny
means getting rid of all of us.
That's crazy.
We are the only one keeping Danny alive.
[JACK] As I said, we need a plan.
[GUARD 3] Let's go.
C's in the mess hall.
Let's go! Every day the
same thing with you, Jackson.
Hey, you know anywhere
I can score some blow?
Keep your fucking voice
down. Piece of shit.
- What the fuck is this shit?
- Move it along, Sullivan.
- Hold on. What the fuck is this food?
- [GUARD 3] Move!
- Okay, okay.
- Right now.
I'm moving. I'm moving. Jesus Christ.
I got in your order.
[CLEARS THROAT] Excuse me?
What you were asking for.
You said you wanted more. I
told you, I get things done.
Holy shit. [CHUCKLES]
That was fast.
[CLEARS THROAT] Art supplies?
Not the exact ones, but
they're pretty close, right?
What the fuck am I supposed
to do with some crayons?
I don't give a shit. Stick
it up your ass or something.
Look, I don't want these,
okay? Trade these with me.
- Take 'em back.
- Don't nobody want those, man.
Now, pay up, asshole.
For some fucking crayons? Are you nuts?
Dude, come on. Look, I need some
coke. Help me out here. Please.
You playing me?
[CHUCKLING] What's up?
Yo. What's up?
[SNIFFS] Yo, what's up?
Which one of you assholes
can get me some blow, huh?
- Fuck off.
- I take it that means you. What's up?
Yo, is this punk-ass for real?
I'll take whatever. Speed.
I just need something
- to tide me over. You feel me?
- [PRISONER 1] You don't understand English?
- Fuck off.
- Whoa, whoa. What's your problem, dude?
- You're my problem, bitch.
- [PRISONER 2] Hey!
This little prick just
welched on Marcello.
That is what we would
call a misunderstanding.
[GRUNTING] Come on, I was gonna
pay. It's It's just a joke.
- [DANNY] You can't take a joke, dude?
- [GRUNTING] Goddamn it.
destroy you, motherfucker.
Childish, stupid, utterly irresponsible.
Goddamn it, Jonny.
What is wrong with you?
- Down, down, down! Everybody down!
- [GUARD 4] Get on the ground!
- I'm not babysitting this piece of sh
We're on a razor's edge here.
Just do as you're fucking told.
- [GUARD 4] Oh, what the hell, Sullivan?
- [GUARD 5] Get down!
- [GUARD 4] Get do Put that down!
- [GUARD 5] Drop it now!
- Yitzhak, I've got this, old boy.
[AS JACK] Gentlemen, please
allow me to explain
And you're gonna look like
shit for your hearing tomorrow.
Easy, Fay Wray, it's me.
- You scared the shit outta me.
- Jesus. You hungover or something?
[RYA] I just didn't sleep at all.
- Yeah, you look tired.
- Thank you, Stan. You're a peach.
Well, I hope you were
up praying for a miracle
'cause we're gonna need
one for this to go our way.
Thought you said that the
judge agreeing to meet us
was a great sign.
No, I said it wasn't a bad sign.
Nothing about this case is great.
[RYA] Does your defeatist
attitude help your clients?
[STAN] It's not an
attitude, it's realism.
[RYA] They have to accept the
diagnosis. He's too sick to stand trial.
He needs to be in a hospital.
They have to see that.
They don't have to do anything.
Look, I get this would be a big deal
for your career and all, all right.
I'm trying to help him out, Stan.
Okay, you and I both know what
you got riding on this, right?
And in this case, what's
good for you is good for me.
Yeah, of course going to a
hospital will be better for the kid.
Who wants to go to prison?
Typically, the DA does
like a plea bargain.
Don't get giddy. The operative
word here is "typically."
In this case, it's in
everyone else's interest
that this go to trial.
[RYA] He's clearly sick.
You think they care about him
being sick? They're like you and me,
they care about themselves
and their careers.
And the giant ball-ache they'll
be facing when the press finds out
the Rockefeller shooter
gets off scot-free.
Nobody's talking about scot-free.
I'm talking about a
secure treatment facility.
It doesn't matter.
Papers sell on scandals. And
that's exactly what this will be,
if this doesn't go to trial.
So saying that he's got something
that no shrink in the
world thinks is real
looks good for not a single person.
So why are you bothering?
Because a long shot is still a shot.
And I fucking hate going to court.
Anything else come up in your
little chats I should know about?
Since he saw the video footage,
he's been totally withdrawn.
Why did you show him?
I wasn't gonna let him hear about
his diagnosis for the first time
in a proceeding.
Reaction to this is unpredictable.
He could have gone catatonic.
He was an inch away from assaulting
me, Stan, and he likes me.
He could have attacked a judge
or a lawyer for the other side.
- And how could that have gone?
- Okay. So he know
He knows now that he's
more than one person?
Maybe a lot more than one.
Oh, come on.
begin by introducing Dr. Whitman.
He is a world-renowned psychiatrist
and author of five medical journals
specializing in mental illness.
He's also the honors recipient of
the American Psychological
Association's E.L. Thorndike Award.
Have you assessed the
defendant in relation
to the defense's reported diagnosis?
[STAMMERS] No, Your Honor.
After reading Dr. Goodwin's
report, I didn't need to.
I can't diagnose someone with
a condition that doesn't exist.
Are you serious?
Multiple personality
is not recognized as
an emotional disorder
by the American Psychiatric Association.
- It's listed in the ICD.
- It's listed as a form of hysteria.
- You can't decide a diagnosis doesn't exist.
- It's an emotional neurosis,
- not a mental disorder. It
- Enough.
This is not a free-for-all.
If you can't keep your opinion to
yourself until the appropriate time,
you may be asked to leave, Doctor.
Go on.
To claim that someone can't stand trial
for a violent crime due to a disorder
that the vast majority
of the medical profession
doesn't even acknowledge is real,
i-in my view, it's ludicrous.
I'm sorry. But that's
my professional opinion.
Thank you, Doctor. Let's bring
the defendant in, shall we?
Your Honor, we'd like to talk
about some of our findings.
We've all read Dr. Goodwin's report.
Let's see for ourselves, shall we?
[JUDGE] Take a seat, please.
- You okay?
What happened to your face?
Danny, listen, I know
this could be scary,
but these people are going to help you
even if it doesn't
seem like that at first.
You just need to tell the truth,
and we're gonna be able to get you
the treatment that you need. Okay?
Now, Danny, this pretrial hearing
is just for us to make sure
that you are treated fairly. Understand?
Hello, Danny. I'm Patricia Richards.
I'm the district attorney for your case.
Is it okay if I ask you a few questions?
Danny, do you know where you are?
A meeting room. Rikers Island.
[PATRICIA] How is it that you
came to be here at Rikers Island?
For an incident involving a firearm
the Rockefeller Center.
[PATRICIA] And do you understand
that you're due to stand trial
- for this incident?
- Yes.
Do you know what that means?
That a jury will decide
whether I'm guilty or innocent.
[PATRICIA] Thank you, Danny. You
did really well. That's all I need.
- You're up.
- Stan, wait.
- [JUDGE] Is there any problem?
- [RYA] Yes.
- Yeah, yes.
- No. No. No. No, Your Honor.
[JUDGE] Then please proceed, Counselor.
Hi, Danny. It is Danny, isn't it?
- No commentary, please.
Yes, sir. It's Danny.
Look, I just got a couple
questions for you here,
and then you're done. Okay?
Can you tell us who you were
with in Rockefeller Center
- on the day of the incident?
- [DANNY] With?
lots of people there obviously.
People on the sidewalk
coming in and out of shops.
Right, but who But
who was with you, Danny?
I don't really understand the question.
Who did you go to
Rockefeller Center with?
It's not Danny.
[IN BRITISH ACCENT] No one. I was alone.
But you know you said in your statement
that you were in Rockefeller Center
with someone else. There's
someone with a gun. You
- No leading, Mr. Camisa.
- Okay.
Honestly, sir, I was alone
and if you don't believe me,
then I suggest you watch the video.
- It's not Danny.
- [JUDGE] Quiet, please.
- [STAN] All right.
In your sessions with Dr. Goodwin,
you spoke at length
about your housemates,
Ariana and Ya Uh, Yitzhak.
Can you just tell us about them?
Well, Ariana and I had a
connection as soon as I saw her,
and Yitzhak came with her.
Before I knew it, we
were living together.
And how would you How
would you describe them?
Ariana and Yitzhak?
Ariana is kind, calm,
somewhat like a tabby.
Only softer, maybe more like a Burmese.
Whereas Yitzhak is feral.
You really wouldn't wanna
be on the wrong side of him.
Danny, now I'm a little
confused here. Um
[DANNY] Well, you asked me
about Ariana and Yitzhak.
My cats.
This isn't This is not Danny.
Your Honor, this is Jack. This
is one of Danny's alter egos.
I said quiet. One more word and I
will have you removed from this room.
Now, sit down, Doctor, please.
Do you have anything else
you want to ask your client?
No, Your Honor. That's all.
- [JUDGE] Could you wait outside, please?
- Doctor.
- [DANNY] Thank you.
[RYA] Your Honor, as I said
before, that wasn't Danny.
Dragging us all out here to listen
to your perfectly lucid client
describe his pets.
- Your Honor, as I said before, I wasn't
- Did I ask you to speak?
[JUDGE] Counselor, I'd
prepare for trial. Pronto.
Your Honor, please. If
I could have a minute
[JUDGE] Stan, if you wanna
do right by your client,
don't piss me off anymore.
And when you talk, it pisses me off.
[STAN] Okay. [SIGHS]
Okay, look, he pleads guilty,
you drop the charges
down to a misdemeanor,
and then he goes away to a
mental hospital for a long time.
[CHUCKLES] You're joking, right?
Come on, Patty. It's a good deal.
For your client. My
bosses will have my ass.
He doesn't belong in prison.
Okay? He needs treatment.
He shot a firearm into
a crowd of unarmed people
and then fled the scene.
But he's got a disease,
Patty. Don't you see that?
So he gets a pass?
Well, I think going to a
mental hospital should suffice.
He deserves the benefit of the doubt
here, doesn't he? A second chance.
I'm gonna make you a wager, Stan.
When I look hard at him, and I'm
gonna look at him real hard
I'm gonna find a history of violence.
I'm gonna find that somehow he
managed to slip through the cracks.
He shot people in Midtown in broad
daylight, and you want a pass?
Rikers is filled with
young Black and brown men
who did far less. Where was their pass?
Where was their plea bargain
when they needed a break?
Your client will get
the benefit of the doubt
because he has the
privilege of a justice system
that was built for
people who look like him,
but he's not gonna get a pass from me.
So, no. I'm not just gonna plead
him out. We're going to trial.
You think you won?
Do you know what a
federal prison is like?
It makes this place
look like a summer camp.
You think that Yitzhak can protect him?
Yitzhak still only has
got Danny's body weight.
You're all still just one person.
They're gonna eat you alive in there.
I hope this little ruse
was worth it to you, Jack.
[JONNY] So, what do we do now?
We stand trial, take our
punishment like a man.
We do what we always do. We survive.
I can't handle a whole trial, man.
- I can do it.
- [MIKE SCOFFS] Or not.
What about what she
says happens in prison?
She has no idea what we're capable of.
- What if the woman is right?
- About what?
Maybe we are the problem.
Maybe the boy needs to
stand on his own two feet.
[JONNY] What the fuck
are you saying, man?
He needed us to survive,
yes, but maybe not anymore.
What? Like he's grown out of us?
Jack, you are always saying,
"face the music," right?
- Yes.
- So, maybe it's time for Danny to do that.
[CHUCKLES] Th-This is
bullshit. Danny needs us.
Maybe he's right.
You understand what you're
suggesting here, old boy, don't you?
We just fucking die?
Is it so bad to make
this kind of sacrifice?
[JONNY] You mean,
you're fucking with me?
[MIKE] Shut up, Jonny,
for once in your life.
[CHUCKLES] It's amazing, isn't it?
To love someone so much.
To want to protect their existence
so fiercely, you'd do anything.
You'd die for them.
[JACK] Or kill for them.
Sorry, old friend. He simply
can't survive without us.
Hi, Danny.
Ari. Been so worried about you. [SNIFFS]
It's good to see you, Danny.
They keep asking me where you went,
and they think I did
something to you. [SNIFFS]
I'm good. It's cool.
No. No, it's not cool.
I'm in some deep shit, Ari.
Don't worry, we're gonna figure it out.
[SIGHS] Yeah, okay.
Where the fuck are we?
You're the most important person
in my life. Do you know that?
You're freaking me out.
We have a connection, right?
Yeah. Absolutely.
And that connection, it's because
I kind of live for you, Danny.
Because I am you, Danny. We're all you.
I was alone at Rockefeller
Center. You weren't with me.
I was with you, in here and in here.
But you left me.
I never left you. I never will.
[JACK] None of us want
to leave you, dear boy.
[ARIANA] We're only here to help you.
That's what we do.
Can't go back to sleep this time, Danny.
We need each other.
- For what?
- To live.
It's empty when you're asleep out there.
Sometimes I sneak in when no
one's watching, to dream with you.
We come when you need help, or
are too lonely or too scared.
I come here to take your loneliness.
Being close to other people
is just too painful for you.
Hurts too much. So
that's when I show up.
- [DANNY] Have you always known?
- [ARIANA] What?
Well, that you're not real.
No, not usually.
Only when we're here. Like now.
Are there other people like me?
No, Dan, you're special.
[ARIANA] You made us, all of us.
[DANNY] Who are all these people?
[ARIANA] They're all you.
They each had a purpose one
time or another. Not anymore.
Jack calls them undesirables.
[DANNY] Yitzhak.
Jack mostly stays behind the scenes,
but if things start to get too
out of control, he sorts us out.
[JACK] Indeed.
See, what happened with
Marlin and Adam in this barn,
it made you want to die,
Danny. Do you remember?
But you didn't.
You broke like a piece of glass.
You broke into many pieces.
All you, all separate.
Guardian angels, here to help you live.
Why are you telling me this now?
[ARIANA] Something's changed.
You came here, Danny, awake.
Now that's never happened
before. It shouldn't.
That woman wants to take us away
from you. She wants to destroy us.
- Rya.
- She believes we are a sickness.
She wants to send you to a place
where they'll give you medications
and treatment to try to kill us.
We wouldn't be able to help you.
They don't understand
what you need, but we do.
[JONNY] We need your help, man.
I'm afraid that if we all die
you die too.
What do you want me to do?
Well, you need to get rid of her.
It has to be you because she'll
know if it's one of us by now.
Tell her you want her to have no
connection with your case at all.
That you cannot and you
will not plead insanity.
But then I'll go to jail.
It may not be a significant sentence.
No one was badly hurt
after all, were they?
And I really need your
help, Danny. We all do.
You know what to do, my boy. And
you know that you should do it.
[JACK] Good lad.
You know, I get that I am of
no significance to you, Jack.
And yes, this journey has included
some enlightened
self-interest on my part.
Sure. But making a fool of
me is very hard to swallow,
considering all I've been
trying to do is help you.
I know that you can
hear me in there, Danny.
And if you wanted to fight
a little bit, you could.
But you clearly want to go to prison,
or you wouldn't have put on that
fantastic fucking performance yesterday.
Be my guest.
I put my entire fucking career
on the line for this bullshit.
[SIGHS] I-I don't know
why the fuck I came.
There are voices in my head.
There's other people in here.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] I'm begging you.
[STAMMERING, CRYING] Help me. Please.
I'm here.
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