The Crown (2016) s06e01 Episode Script

Persona Non Grata

[elevator pings]
[doors slide open]
[in French] Let's go.
[man whistling]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [ambient traffic noise]
[ship horn blaring]
You going or not?
First, you want to go out, then you don't.
You want to pee, then you don't.
Which is it?
[dog whimpers softly]
[bicycle bell chimes]
Okay. One last try.
Here? Yes?
Go on.
[dog whimpers]
[car whooshing]
[tires squealing]
[tires screeching]
[distant crash]
[car horn droning]
[motorcycle zooming]
[car horn continues droning]
[keypad beeping]
[motorcycles zooming]
Hello? Emergency services?
[operator] Police, fire, or ambulance?
I'm standing at Pont de l'Alma.
There's been a crash in the tunnel.
I think it's serious.
[operator] We'll come as soon as we can.
[phone beeps off]
[car horn continues droning]
It's okay.
[theme music playing]
- [indie pop music playing]
- We'll be singing ♪
When we're winning ♪
We'll be singing ♪
I get knocked down, but I get up again ♪
You're never gonna keep me down ♪
I get knocked down
But I get up again ♪
[Cherie Blair] Remind me,
why is Princess Diana even coming?
Because she asked us for a meeting.
Given who she is, I could hardly say no.
Oh, you were never going to say no.
Remember last time,
you put on your cowboy boots especially.
- Did I?
- Yes. And wore tight jeans.
Tony Blair, Sheriff of Downing Street.
["Tubthumping" playing in distance]
[Blair] She's brought William with her.
That's a surprise.
[Cherie Blair] He's grown.
- Yes.
- Sweet-looking.
For an alien.
- Now, now.
- [chuckles]
I'll call the kids.
Euan! Kathryn! Nicky!
A future king has come for a play date!
["Tubthumping" continues in car]
[song stops in car]
- Welcome.
- [Diana] Lovely to be here.
- How was the journey?
- [Diana grunts]
- Fine.
- Good, thank you.
- Great.
- Good to see you.
[Elizabeth] I hear you had
a visit from Princess Diana.
Yes, she came to Chequers last week
with Prince William.
- [woman] Euan!
- [boy] Will!
[Blair] We had a nice game of five-a-side.
I'm staying out of this one.
That's football. Uh
[laughing and chattering]
[overlapping chatter and laughter]
Then we had lunch.
Then the princess and I went
for a walk around the grounds.
She feels strongly that she still has
a lot to offer the country
as a public servant. And a lot of energy.
Are you the person to do that?
In an official way?
[Blair] If you take
her recent work on landmines,
two years ago, a global ban on landmines
was considered impossible.
Now, almost a hundred countries have
agreed to sign a treaty outlawing them.
When Diana talks, the world listens.
She wanted to know if I,
that is, the government,
could find a way to harness her gifts
on a more formal basis.
And that any official role I
might offer her
would be enormously, uh, appreciated.
I always say
it's hard to be half in anything.
You're either in or out.
You yourself will know the difference
of being in government or out.
Whilst she's mother of the boys
and, in that respect,
always welcome at the palace,
as a divorced woman and no longer an HRH,
Diana is now learning
the difference between being
officially in the royal family,
and out.
[door opens]
[door creaks softly]
[quietly] Come on, Wombat, darling.
Time to get up.
Summer holiday.
Whoo, whoo.
Come on.
Who were you wrestling in your sleep?
Did you win?
Beat him up.
- Beat him up!
- [laughing]
[Diana muttering playfully]
["Fastlove, Pt. 1"
by George Michael playing]
Gotta get up to get down ♪
- Wow.
- From Mou Mou.
- Ma'am.
- Morning.
- Hello, thank you.
- Morning.
Gotta get up to get down ♪
Gotta get up to get down ♪
Gotta get up to get down ♪
- Gotta get up to get down ♪
- Ah, yeah ♪
There we go, ma'am.
Good afternoon, madam.
I can taste it now, baby ♪
So close ♪
Gotta get up to get down ♪
[singers vocalizing]
[motorized whirring]
Oh, yeah ♪
[song fades out]
- It's not for long.
- It's ten days.
[Diana] Yes, but it's ten days
of waterskiing and Nerf guns.
As much Street Fighter as you can play.
I just wanted us all to be away
when your father threw a huge
50th birthday party for you-know-who.
I didn't want to be in the country
when that was going on.
[mechanical whirring]
Want to kill him first or shall I?
- Sure, I'll kill him first.
- Okay, go.
[Harry] No
[light classical music playing]
[rain pattering]
That's marvelous.
I think he's gone in there with them.
We've confirmed
at least 50 journalists and photographers
at the Street Farm entrance,
perfectly placed to capture
the arrival of the guest of honor.
- Well, I'd better not go arse over tit.
- [Bolland chuckles]
What news from my family?
[Bolland] Invitation reminders
went out two weeks ago.
And replies?
It's vital that the Queen
attends this weekend.
As I understand it,
just Princess Margaret
has confirmed so far.
Will you follow it up
with her private secretary
and stress how important it is to me?
[Mark] Of course.
A public gesture of approval
from the Queen
would transform the campaign
for Camilla's legitimacy.
Everything else is just
window dressing, frankly.
[Camilla] It's fine.
It'll happen in its own time.
Diana and I have been
divorced for a year, separated for five.
The time, darling, is now.
I shall have to go and see her myself.
[lilting instrumental music playing]
[seabirds calling]
[telephone line ringing]
[Dodi in Arabic] Hello?
[Mohamed] Where are you?
Choosing fabrics and bedding
for the Malibu house.
The wedding is in three weeks.
It's our last chance.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
The greatest opportunity
in history opens up,
and he's choosing fabrics.
I need you to come
to Saint-Tropez immediately.
I have a special guest I need help with.
- What special guest?
- You'll find out when you get here.
But it's a very special guest.
So come alone.
Don't bring Madame Bikini.
The gold digger.
Leave her in Paris with her swimwear.
Underwear. Fabrics. Pillowcases.
[line disconnects]
[sighs softly]
[in English] Everything okay?
There's a
business emergency.
My father needs me to join him.
I know, baby.
It's the last thing I wanna do right now.
But when Daddy says, "Jump"
Don't be like that.
It's true, though, isn't it?
Come, go, jump, sit.
A few more weeks
and we will be in California,
and there will be an ocean
between him and us.
[lilting instrumental music playing]
Say hi, boys.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- [water splashing]
- [children laughing]
Your Royal Highness.
Mou Mou.
Thank you for having us.
- Your Royal Highness.
- [William] Thanks for having us.
Nice to see you.
And who do we have here
making noise in the swimming pool?
My children!
- Hi!
- [in Arabic] Raise your hand, boy.
- Camilla.
- [in English] Hi.
- [Mohamed] Omar.
- [Omar] Hi.
[Mohamed] And beautiful Jasmine.
Only one is missing.
- Drinks?
- [Diana] That would be lovely.
[William] Yes, please.
- One moment, sir.
- Yes, I do know the drill. Are you new?
[clears throat]
[light skittering]
[door opens]
- The Queen will see you now, sir.
- Thank you. There's a, um
- Never mind.
- [door opens]
The Prince of Wales, Your Majesty.
[dog panting]
This one's having a bit of trouble.
She won't drink.
It's funny being kept
waiting at the door always.
Takes me back to when Anne and I
were presented to you and Papa
every morning at nine o'clock.
And then at the end of the day,
bathed and ready for bed.
Best two moments of the day.
Was it?
- Yes.
- It seems like another lifetime.
And as if it were yesterday too.
you wanted to see me.
I did.
I came to ask you
whether you'd received my invitation
to the birthday party
I'm hosting for Camilla.
Yes, I think we did receive that.
It was weeks ago.
Which leads me to my next question.
Are you coming?
Can't, I'm afraid.
I'm going to be in Derbyshire.
Rolls-Royce factory.
Really? You're visiting the factory
in the evening?
I don't know. It's possible
the factory is on Saturday morning,
and I need to make an early start.
Well, can I check?
Why would you do that?
Well, because if it's on Saturday,
then you could stay at Highgrove
on Friday night
and travel up to Derbyshire from there.
That may be, but plans have been made.
You know how long in advance
these things are worked out.
Well, they can always be changed.
Why would we want to change it?
Is it really so important I attend?
It is to me.
It's just a birthday party.
Her 50th.
So you'll have a house
full of other 50-year-old youngsters.
Why would you want
your decrepit old mother there?
I think you know why.
Quite apart from the fact that
you improve any occasion
with your presence,
your attendance, not only as my mother
but symbolically as Queen,
would be transformative for Camilla.
She will never be fully embraced
by the public until she has your approval.
But how can I possibly give my approval
when I don't approve?
It's nothing personal.
I'm sure she's very nice.
Rather more than that.
It's a matter of principle.
Two perfectly good marriages,
two perfectly happy families
have been broken up by this
Love, Mummy? Love?
I don't want to debate this any longer.
I'm going to be in Derbyshire.
Now, was there anything else?
Because I think this one
could really use my attention.
- Couldn't you?
- [whimpers softly]
Yeah, huh? A bit of this. Here.
There we go. [grunts]
[somber music plays softly]
[clears throat]
[dog whimpering]
[somber music continues playing]
[quietly] It's fine.
[Camilla] Oh, come on. It's not that bad.
I agree. If we had briefed
that the Queen would be attending,
it would be a humiliating climbdown,
but we didn't.
I'm sure she'll come round eventually.
At least one hopes she will.
I'm happy to wait.
But when?
[Bolland] When she realizes
how out of step she is on this matter.
The Mirror is going to be running a survey
to be printed on Mrs. P-B's birthday
that shows that two-thirds
of all respondents
now accept the relationship
and believe you should be free to marry.
- Really?
- [Bolland] Really.
I mean, it used to be
that Diana had the winning narrative.
The fairy-tale princess that was wronged.
But since Panorama, that's all changed.
All her choices at the moment
are just making it worse.
Going on holiday with Mohamed Al Fayed.
The more desperate the stunts,
the more tawdry the spectacle,
the more dignified you look by comparison.
I believe it was Napoleon who said,
"Never interrupt your enemy
when they're making a mistake."
- [woman] Diana!
- [cameras clicking]
[overlapping chatter]
- [Harry] William!
- Do you wanna throw them this?
- [William] Harry!
- [Diana] Be nice.
[man 1] Diana, please, look this way!
- [man 2] William!
- [woman] Diana!
- [cameras clicking]
- [man 3] Diana!
[woman] Diana, one more!
[child] Diana, pass me the ball!
- [man 1] Diana, look!
- [child] Harry!
[woman] One more! One more!
[brakes squeaking]
[seabirds calling]
[distant yelling, chattering]
[Dodi] Baba.
[Mohamed speaking Arabic]
[Dodi speaking Arabic]
[in Arabic] What's going on?
What is all this? Why am I here?
My son.
I would have thought
you'd start with a "thank you."
For what?
For putting her on a plate for you.
Who? What are you talking about?
[in English] You know
the Princess of Wales?
- Hmm?
- [Dodi] Ah
- [chuckles]
- Yes, we met years ago.
- Windsor Horse Show. Dodi-Dodi.
- Yeah. We met.
[Mohamed] You remember?
You're clever-clever.
Now, very sadly, I have some work to do,
but I can leave you in Dodi's hands.
He is much more fun than me.
- [Dodi chuckles]
- Whatever you wish
is his command.
Wh What? [chuckles]
[chuckles nervously]
Excuse me, one moment.
[in Arabic] Wait!
What is this?
[Mohamed] Mmm?
Are you out of your mind?
This is the craziest idea I ever heard.
First, because I'm about to get married.
Second, she's not
in the slightest bit interested in me.
Then make her interested. Isn't that
what you've always been able to do?
Make women fall in love with you?
This is your chance!
This is your chance
to finally make me proud of you!
[Dodi sighs]
[Mohamed] Mmm?
[in English] Right.
Who wants to go swimming?
["Walkin' on the Sun"
by Smash Mouth plays]
- Three, two, go!
- [whistle blowing]
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
[telephone line ringing]
- [Dodi on phone] Hey.
- [Kelly] Hey, baby.
I'm just checking it's not too stressful
with the business emergency.
Uh No. No.
It's okay.
We, uh we sorted it.
- Good.
- [sniffs]
And, um, did the emergency
involve Princess Diana?
I'm asking if it involved Princess Diana
because it is all over the news today
that she's in Saint-Tropez
with your father.
Yeah. Uh
That was a surprise for me too.
My father obviously changed plans
at the last minute.
[Kelly] Right. Why am I getting
a bad feeling about this?
[Dodi] I don't know, baby,
because everything's fine.
[Kelly] Well [scoffs]
I don't think everything's fine.
I actually think it's pretty shitty
that I discover the truth
about your movements in the newspapers.
These are not my decisions. I'm just
doing what my father tells me to do.
- [kids cheering]
- What was that?
Just the kids having fun.
Well, I'm glad
you're all "having fun" down there.
They're having fun.
I'm not having fun.
[kids whooping]
[Kelly] So, why don't I come by,
and then the two of us
could have fun together too?
What? Here?
I just got booked for an assignment
in Nice next week, so
It makes sense
for me to come by and see my fiancé.
- [whistle blows]
- [boy] Jump!
- Whoo!
- [cheering and clapping]
[cheering fades]
If you want.
Well, why wouldn't I want?
Why are you doing this to me?
I'm not doing anything.
Of course I want you here.
Come whenever you like.
I've gotta go.
[line disconnects]
[inhales deeply]
[distant video game sounds]
[Street Fighter II playing on TV]
[knocking at door]
How long are you gonna hide in there for?
[William] Until those photographers
go away.
[man in video game] You win!
[distant clamoring]
- [cameras clicking]
- She coming this way?
[boat engine revving]
- [Nick] Here she comes!
- [Gordon] Oh my God, look at her.
Hello, boys!
[Gordon] You enjoying your holiday?
[Diana] Yes, we're having a lovely time,
apart from you lot.
- [Nick] Don't be like that.
- [Gordon] You love us really.
How long will we have
the pleasure of your company?
The attention's starting
to freak out the boys.
I like your swimming costume, by the way.
Who's the designer of that?
[Diana] Didn't know you were
so interested in fashion, Nick.
- Did you choose it deliberately?
- Deliberately how?
[Gordon] Well, you must be aware that
today is Mrs. Parker Bowles' birthday,
and a big party's being thrown for her
by the Prince of Wales.
- You know, I'm having trouble hearing you.
- [laughing]
I'll tell you what.
You leave me and my boys alone,
please, and you're gonna get
a big surprise with the next thing I do.
[Nick] What's that?
- What do you mean, a big surprise?
- Hmm
- You'll see.
- [Nick] Get in there, boys, come on.
- [all shouting]
- [cameras clicking]
- [Gordon] Thanks for the visit.
- [Nick] That's gonna sell. Thank you.
You're very welcome.
- [Gordon] Enjoy your holiday.
- [Nick] That was perfect.
[gentle harp music playing]
- [man] Strike a pose!
- [cameras clicking]
- [all clamoring]
- [cameras clicking]
[gentle harp music continues]
- [guests clapping]
- You look terrific.
[both chuckle]
[Camilla] Thank you, darling. Thank you.
[indistinct overlapping chatter]
- [woman] Happy birthday, Camilla!
- [Camilla laughing]
How very nice of you.
Oh, we're going to do cheers! [laughs]
Oh, I can't My heel's stuck.
That's why I have the carpets.
[all laughing]
Possibly a Tuesday, but who knows?
I'm sure every day
is seamless if you're here.
[men chuckling]
[indistinct conversation]
Thanks for coming.
- Bye.
- I'm starving. When do we have food?
[silverware clinking on glass]
[Charles] May I just say
how wonderful it is to see you all here,
and thank you all so much for coming.
And particularly, I want to thank
my darling aunt, Princess Margaret,
and, uh, Camilla's father, Maj. Shand.
Bruce, as many of you know,
is a wine merchant,
so he's better placed
than anyone else here
to tell us what it is to improve with age.
[light laughter]
As one gets older,
one starts to realize
what one really values in life.
One's health.
One's family.
And one's friends.
The people who enrich our lives
and who we can't bear to be without.
Well, tonight, ladies and gentlemen,
we're all here to celebrate a person
who, I'm afraid,
I can't bear to be without.
- Oh
- [guests exclaiming softly]
Darling, all of us here can testify
to your quite exceptional warmth
and generosity.
But, again and again,
I've been struck by something else.
And that is your heroism.
Because over the years,
there have been many people out there,
who know nothing about you,
who've been quite staggeringly unkind
and unfair.
Now, the easy thing for you to do,
the understandable thing,
would have been to walk away.
But you haven't.
You've stuck with it.
And you've stuck with me.
And for that, I am eternally grateful.
- [guests exclaim softly]
- Hmm.
I wanted tonight
to read an excerpt from a famous letter.
It's a story of ardent young lovers
challenged by adversity
who have a second chance of happiness
later in life.
It's from Persuasion,
and it's Capt. Wentworth's letter.
"Dare not say
that man forgets sooner than woman,
that his love has an earlier death."
"I have loved none but you."
"Unjust I may have been."
"Weak and resentful I have been."
"But never inconstant."
for you alone,
I think
and plan.
Will you all join me
in toasting the birthday girl?
To Camilla.
[all, scattered] To Camilla.
[pop music playing]
What's the sense in sharing ♪
This one and only life ♪
[Margaret] I must say,
he's done it beautifully.
The house is gorgeous.
And the happy couple seem very happy.
- [Elizabeth] Good.
- Hmm.
Do you know, I don't think I've ever seen
Charles so relaxed and confident.
- And entirely himself.
- [blowing]
Is that what this telephone call is about?
Are you saying I should have been there?
[Margaret] I think starting to show
support for your son in this matter
would be no bad thing.
Because he will be king one day,
and we want
our kings and queens to be happy.
Good night, Lilibet.
[line disconnects]
[Philip] The problem is,
if you'd been there,
it would have shown more than interest.
It would have shown approval.
But since he's not going to give her up,
even in the absence of my approval,
I don't want to be considered unkind,
because I'm not.
[Philip] No.
Or for Camilla to be considered wicked.
- Because she's not.
- No.
Just inappropriate.
Really? Still?
Surely not.
[Philip chuckling] Yes.
You don't think it's time
for this discrimination to end?
For us all to accept
she is the love of his life?
"Momentum is with us," you said.
"Opinion has changed."
"The battle is practically won."
Is this what victory looks like to you?
I'd say it was a resounding success, yes.
[Charles] Really?
Really. We have
a slew of favorable front pages.
For the first time in editorials,
Camilla is being spoken of
as a potential queen.
The Times front page.
"Champagne Birthday at Highgrove."
The Telegraph.
"Party Star. Mrs. Parker-Bowles
Smiles with a New Confidence."
The ever-reliable Daily Mail.
"Smile of the Party Queen."
What's the use of a few warm headlines
when Camilla can be eclipsed by Diana
at the drop of a hat?
I don't want partial, qualified victory.
This is war.
Only total victory will do.
It's within our power to shape coverage
of Mrs. Parker-Bowles.
We cannot control the coverage of Diana.
But, if you look closely,
much of the content about Diana
is far from complimentary.
They call her a loose cannon.
An exhibitionist.
Off the rails.
She may win the battle for attention.
But that's not the same
as the battle for sympathy.
I don't want to go scouring and searching
through the newspapers page after page
for negative coverage of Diana.
I want positive coverage
of Mrs. Parker Bowles
to be glaringly, screamingly obvious!
Have I made myself clear?
[seabirds calling]
[boat engine revving]
Why aren't we going there?
To the big boat?
[boat driver] Mr. Dodi said
to take you to the small boat.
[ship horn blaring]
[indistinct conversation in background]
[Dodi] Yeah. On a lot of them.
- Do you like James Bond?
- [William] Yeah. Um
We loved, um, GoldenEye.
Harry and I play the game all the time.
Did you work on that?
[Dodi] Oh, no, not on that one.
But I am involved with the newest one.
They're, uh filming some of it at, uh,
Pinewood Studios outside of London.
Do you think, uh,
you and Harry would visit the set?
Maybe meet James Bond himself.
- [William] Pierce Brosnan?
- [Dodi] Okay, wise guy.
[William] Who's playing the Bond girl?
Go on, tell me.
[conversation continues indistinctly]
[light, whimsical music playing]
You think you and Harry would like to
- Oh no.
- [ice clinking]
- [chuckles]
- You!
[William] What?
- [chuckling]
- [Dodi] Quick, get it. Throw it back.
[Dodi] Come on! Come on!
[all laughing]
- Wait, come on. Let's get her!
- Let's go get her.
[music fades out]
[Kelly] Finally.
Where have you been?
- [Dodi] Don't ask.
- Because I've been calling you.
We have so little time together.
I leave tomorrow for work.
[Dodi] I know. I'm sorry.
First my father invites them,
then disappears. The whole thing is crazy!
What? Hang on.
You've been on your own with her?
[Dodi] And the kids.
- And the crew.
- The most beautiful woman in the world.
[tense music builds slowly]
[no audible dialogue]
[seabirds calling]
[Diana] Everything all right?
[Dodi] Fine.
Thank you.
[gentle piano tune plays]
It's complicated.
I have a fiancée.
[gentle piano tune continues]
[Dodi chuckles softly]
Why is that complicated?
It's not complicated for me.
It is for my father.
Not good enough
for our family, apparently.
Not enough of a catch.
Where is she now?
Right there.
- On that yacht?
- [Dodi chuckles]
He won't let her anywhere near this one.
[Diana sighs]
You've been going back and forth?
- Without your father knowing?
- Oh, he found out and went
[imitates explosion]
And then she found out and went
[imitates explosion]
And I move between two people who are
permanently angry and disappointed by me.
You're lucky to have a father who cares.
Mine barely noticed
if I was coming or going.
Sounds perfect.
I went out of my way to get his attention.
Galumphing around,
pretending to be a ballerina.
[both chuckle softly]
He barely looked up.
I was so desperate to make an impression,
I learnt the piano just for him.
[gentle piano tune playing]
[piano tune ends]
I wrote to him every week
from boarding school.
I ironed his shirts. I baked him cakes.
Even married the Prince of Wales.
Anything to make him notice me.
Be proud of me.
And to think
our fathers were such good friends.
Maybe they could have
rubbed off on each other a bit.
Could have used
a bit of your father's care and concern.
Obsessive control.
[sucks teeth]
Your father could have used my father's
Traditional parenting?
[Dodi chuckles lightly]
Complete and utter neglect?
[Dodi] Oh
So, when's the big day?
The wedding?
- [Diana] Mmm.
- Mmm.
Three weeks.
[Diana] Oh
Why "supposedly"?
I don't know.
It suddenly all seems a little crazy.
[Diana] Mmm.
I think that's normal though.
To have last minute nerves. I did.
Night before my wedding,
I knew it was gonna be a disaster.
You still went ahead.
But my face was on the tea towels,
so I didn't really have a choice.
[both chuckling]
[chuckles lightly]
- But I do have a choice.
- I think you're gonna be fine.
You obviously love her, or your father's
reaction wouldn't have hurt so much.
Now, I promised the boys
a film on the last night.
Would that be possible?
[Dodi] Um
Of course. We have Jumanji.
[Diana] Mmm.
- [Dodi] Mmm?
- Mmm.
- The NeverEnding Story?
- No.
- E.T.?
- Too sad.
- Honey, I Shrunk The Kids?
- No.
Come on!
[Diana] Jumanji.
[film score playing]
[Judy] "There is a lesson you will learn."
[Sarah] Oh, I got you.
- [squelching]
- [Alan grunting]
[Judy] "Sometimes
you must go back a turn."
- [squelching]
- [Alan groaning]
- Ow.
- [laughing]
[Alan] Thank you, Judy.
Thank you. That was very quick thinking.
Sarah and I would like
to get out of the floor.
So it's your turn, Peter.
[all laughing]
[crickets chirping]
[gentle instrumental music plays]
[Diana and boys chuckling]
[laughter continues]
[Dodi chuckles]
[telephone ringing]
[classical music playing]
[ringing continues]
- Hello?
- [Elizabeth] It's me.
Am I disturbing?
Uh, no, not at all.
- I just wanted to ask
- Mummy.
Shall I go?
when the boys are coming home?
Uh, Diana's bringing them back tomorrow.
Ah, I see.
Although I've asked the nanny
to take them for two days.
I have a meeting
in the Prince's Council, and then
I'm hosting a garden party
for the emir of Qatar on Saturday.
Yes, it never ends.
And, um
how was the 50th birthday?
Oh. Um
It was lovely, thank you.
Sorry you had rain.
Oh, did it rain?
Didn't it?
Um Well, if it did,
I don't think anybody noticed. [chuckles]
Well, I'm happy to hear that.
And happy it went well.
And I just wanted to say
I'm happy you're so manifestly
Thank you.
Well, good night.
Good night.
[line disconnects]
[receiver clatters]
[Dodi] Have you managed to enjoy yourself?
So much.
We've all been spoilt rotten,
and you're wonderful hosts.
What are your plans for the summer?
Well, I'm going to drop the boys off with
their father, then they go to Scotland.
Will you go too?
To Balmoral?
- No.
- [Dodi scoffs lightly]
No, I'm not welcome there anymore.
Very much persona non grata.
[Dodi] So, you'll be on your own
for the rest of the summer?
[Diana] Yes, all on my little lonesome.
I don't like the sound of that.
I'll be fine.
That's mostly how it is these days.
[Dodi scoffs]
you're always welcome here.
Come back anytime.
The boat is yours.
Whenever you want,
for as long as you want,
with whoever you want.
Your fiancée is a lucky girl.
[chuckles lightly]
all that is, um
Never mind.
[light instrumental music playing]
Take care.
You too.
Thanks, darling.
[light instrumental music continues]
[boat engine revving]
- Watch your head.
- [rain pattering]
[light instrumental music builds slowly]
[light instrumental music continues]
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