The Curse (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

It's a Good Day

♪ ♪ ♪
[MARTHA] We're officially ordering
ten episodes of Fliplanthropy
for HGTV Go!
Spank you!
Spank you very much!
[WHITNEY] The coffee shop's
reopening soon anyway,
so we don't even need him
doing security anymore.
God, she's so good, it's annoying.
[MAN] Have you seen Cara's work before?
[ASHER] We own four of her pieces.
[JAMES] If you're bringing
new people to this community,
they should know that
these aren't public roads.
This is Pueblo land.
It's crazy. Some of
these title companies
don't even wanna issue insurance
because they're so concerned
what the Pueblos might do.
Just 'cause Whitney has a
moral issue with something
that's happening, we just toss it away?
Give me a fucking break.
[WHITNEY] You know, with a gas unit,
this house no longer
qualifies as passive.
We need to be more discerning about
who we're selling these homes to.
People like Vic
just do not deserve to be part
of what we're building.
[DOUGIE] All right.
Lucinda, hands in the front,
Dennis, point out the
features of the house.
Yeah. I like the, um,
bushes over there. Nice.
- Like, really nice.
- And the cactus, too.
[DOUGIE] No talking though, okay?
We don't need the audio.
Maybe, um, a little less impressed,
more skeptical of the house.
No, not not skeptical.
It's beautiful.
You like it.
All right, we got this. Let's
move on to the tour, okay?
Dougie? Dougie? Did we
get enough of him smiling?
Yes, we did.
[REMI] All right, squeeze, squeeze.
Ready? One, two, three.
- All right.
- [BOTH] Got it?
- [REMI] Got it.
- Thank you.
- [WHITNEY] Man, this is actually very easy.
We could do this ourselves.
Ugh. What do we need you for?
Okay, fine, you do it. I quit.
[WHITNEY LAUGHS] Good riddance. See ya.
Oh, yeah, the fucking spoiled TV host
can film her own TV show.
You don't appreciate us.
I almost got you.
That's funny.
You know, I think you do need to think
about the things that you say
around a bunch of people
as opposed to the jokes
you make only with me,
you know.
Like you laughing in
my face is not okay.
You need to show me
the respect I deserve.
Okay, Remi?
Was that clear?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, uh,
it won't happen again.
- Oh, my God.
You you fucking got me!
[WHITNEY] We should've been
filming that for the show.
- You fucking got me.
- You should have seen your face.
- You fucking got me.
Have they signed the contract yet?
Uh, not yet.
It's it's a tricky thing to bring up
just because we're a
week away from closing.
I just don't want them to think
that they have to sign a letter
in support of the tribe as a condition,
like a new condition
of closing on the home,
- you know what I mean?
- Well, they do.
- I mean, they do.
- I'm, like
Well, we hope they agree,
but we're not gonna,
like, pull out of the
deal if they don't.
No, we're not gonna
pull out of the deal,
but we're, you know
Hey, is my mic on, Jose?
- Were you just recording me?
- What happened?
- [WHITNEY] Were you recording?
- No, no, no. Of course not.
- [WHITNEY] No? Let me
- No. No, yeah, I'm not. Okay.
- Let me listen.
- Of course. Yeah.
[WHITNEY] Hello? Hello? Test?
- [JOSE] No signal.
- [WHITNEY] You turned it down
- when I was walking.
- No. Actually, I was
- I saw, you're fidgeting.
- I was greasing the knobs.
- Oh, you're greasing the knobs?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- That's a that's a thing you do?
- Yeah, it's a term. Yeah. Whenever this knob
- gets stuck, we have to Yeah.
- [WHITNEY] I see. Okay. No recording
in between filming, okay?
We talked about that, man.
Maybe I can record you sometime.
What does that what does that mean?
Making you come.
Oh, my God. Just get
the contract signed.
- What?
- What?
[ASHER] What?
[WHITNEY] Oh. Don't!
- [ASHER] Jose.
- What's up?
Were you listening to
what we were just saying?
No, the mics are off.
- [ASHER] Okay. Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
♪ ♪ ♪
[LUCINDA] Ugh, right? All this
- [ASHER] Hey.
- [LUCINDA] Oh, hey.
You guys are doing great so far.
[DENNIS] Thank you.
- Yeah.
- I'm just trying to
channel the feeling of
when we first saw it.
Oh, yeah?
And what feeling was that?
- Uncertainty?
- Yeah. [LAUGHS]
Uh, we've never heard
of a passive house,
so we just really weren't sure.
- [ASHER] Wow.
- Still aren't.
Yeah. [LAUGHS]
You're trapped now.
Uh, but seriously,
the home is amazing.
Whitney puts everything
into these things
so you guys you
guys will be very happy.
Um, are you familiar
with the San Pedro Pueblo at all,
just south of here?
Um, we did have a question
about the easements controversy
we've been seeing on the news.
I wasn't sure if it was
about this neighborhood,
- but I wanted to
- No, exactly.
It's not about this
neighborhood at all. And
To be honest, the whole
thing is a little sensationalism.
Basically, uh, the Pueblo
is just trying to negotiate
a lease agreement with
the federal government
for public use of their roads,
which are rightfully
theirs, and they've been
allowing people to use
for free for decades.
So, I don't know what you've read,
but if you, you know, seen
anything about charging
residents tolls or not allowing people
to access their homes,
that's all completely salacious fake.
It's racist, to be honest.
Um, yeah. We're very
close with the tribe.
So, there won't be any issues
with title in the future?
No. No, not at all. I mean,
you were able to get title
insurance, weren't you?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- I mean, yeah.
[ASHER] I mean, insurance
companies aren't really
in the business of losing money.
So as long as you never sell,
you'll be fine. I'm just kidding.
Just in in all seriousness,
um, they wouldn't have
issued you that insurance
if they foresaw any future title issues,
so I feel like
Oh, you're all buttoned up.
[DENNIS] I think I think it's just,
you know, you've been very
upfront and transparent with us
about everything else,
and I think we were just
a little disappointed that,
you know, we didn't
hear about this from you,
- we had to see it on the news.
- The news, yeah.
Right. Well, there would be no point
in me telling you about it
because it has nothing
to do with this property.
It would be like me, you
know, talking about land issue
that's in the Gaza Strip
when I'm trying to sell you this home.
One has nothing to do with the other.
- [DENNIS] Right.
- Yeah. So
Um, we're gonna grab
you two for touch-ups
before we go inside and keep
you looking beautiful, okay?
- [LUCINDA] Okay.
- Yes. Don't put too much
makeup on them, uh, I like
They're very beautiful, how they are.
[DENNIS] Maybe a little blow
drier or something. Um
Yeah, yeah. We'll-we'll
take care of that.
- Okay. With you? Come with you?
- It's not a problem. Yup.
- All right. Enjoy. Yes.
- [TONYA] Thanks, Asher.
- [DENNIS] Thank you.
- Yes.
[WHITNEY] Oh, so nice to meet you.
I'm Whitney, and this is Asher.
- [DENNIS] I'm Dennis.
- Hi.
- [DENNIS] Nice to see you.
- Dennis. Good to meet you.
- Hello.
- [ASHER] Come on in. Yeah.
All right. Come on
through and follow me.
So before I get into the details
of everything you're seeing here,
I'd love to just take
you into this space
so you can really take it in, feel it.
We, uh, we feel it. It's great.
We feel it.
And, you'll notice that
the color temperature
from the LED lighting
matches the outside
light that's coming in
from your windows and your skylight.
[DENNIS] Uh, so the sink
water comes from the toilet?
All right. Wasn't gonna go there first,
but let's talk about my
favorite room in the house.
That is the
Japanese-inspired powder room.
And actually, it's the other way around.
The toilet water comes from the sink.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Kind of like a prison.
Well, actually, prisons
have one of the most
energy-efficient waste systems.
- Cool. So we'd be paying
- Yeah
$850,000 to live in a prison?
Prison toilets don't have lids.
- [DENNIS] That's true.
- Uh, maybe
Let's Let's stop
comparing them to a prison.
You know, prisons also don't have
reclaimed oak flooring, do they?
- True.
- Yeah. Yeah.
[WHITNEY] Should we
check out the kitchen?
- Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah. Great. Follow me.
There is so much storage
in these built-ins.
Uh, pretty great for a home chef. Oh.
[DENNIS] Sorry. Can I just get a water?
- It's just really hot in here.
- Sure.
[WHITNEY] Can I get some
waters on standby, please?
[DENNIS] Some trouble thinking. Sorry.
- Okay. You ready? Okay.
- Yup.
So, at the back of your
induction range here,
this is actually gonna capture the steam
and convert it into energy
that goes right to your central battery.
It's kind of a bonus on top of
the moisture recovery ventilation,
which is something we, uh, threw in.
Most passive homes
actually don't have that,
so we're pretty proud of that.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
[WHITNEY] And, uh, this is a fun fact,
but this induction range
is actually the preferred cooking method
of Michelin-Star chefs.
- Really?
- [WHITNEY] They absolutely
swear by it because of the heat control.
- Cool.
- Oh!
I thought I thought
you burnt your hand.
- [LUCINDA] She's funny.
- Maybe you should,
uh, grab your metal trays
because the menu today
is mashed potatoes with gravy.
It's a prison joke from the
Oh, don't drop the soap.
Oh. That's a good prison joke.
That is
No, it's actually goat milk soap.
It's really lovely.
- [DENNIS] Oh.
- Yeah.
Um, I do have one question.
Um, is there enough wattage in here
to power a couple, uh,
like split AC units?
- Yes. Good question, Dennis.
- Just because
Okay. Well, the answer to that is
you don't need one.
The beauty of a passive home is
it actually functions like a thermos.
So it's never going below
66 degrees in the winter
or above 78 degrees in the summer,
- if you can believe that.
- Right, but, uh,
78 is, like, sweltering. I mean,
you know, how what
is it in here right now?
Because I guess it depends
on wherever you're from,
you know, you adjust to.
But, um, we did open the door
when we all came in the front door
and so it, it takes a
little while to equalize.
- And let in some air.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Right.
- Yeah. But once it does,
- it is heavenly. It's heavenly.
- Okay. Okay.
- Yeah.
- How long does it usually take?
Uh, five to seven hours, probably?
- To equalize, yeah.
- Yeah.
[DENNIS] Every time you open the door?
Yeah. Just because heat will come in
and then we'll take time to
um, or a window will cause the same.
But once you get that
temperature, you know,
you wanna keep the
doors and windows shut
- because you got it locked in.
- [DENNIS] Right.
It's a nice 72 70 to 72.
[DENNIS] So don't open
any doors or windows?
Unless you want it to get hot or cold.
- [DENNIS] Like a thermos.
- Yes.
- [LUCINDA] Or prison.
- [DENNIS] Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Well
I don't think he's actually
gonna put in an AC and I think
he was just pretending for the camera.
I think he didn't even mention an AC
when they actually toured
the house two months ago.
Have they signed the contract yet?
There hasn't been a good moment yet.
And let's not refer to
it as a contract, okay?
It's a non-legally
binding letter of intent.
Thank you. Okay.
Go ahead.
Do you have my phone, Whit?
Have you seen my phone?
♪ ♪ ♪
[ASHER] What are you doing?
Oh, fuck.
I'm sorry, man. I
thought that was my phone.
[ASHER] Your phone's a different brand.
I know. This was so
stupid. Fuck. What's up?
[ASHER] Why are there
dating apps on here?
You put Jdate and Tinder on my phone.
I was gonna give it to Whitney
and say I found your phone.
[ASHER] Why is it wet?
Ashman. It's funny, come on.
- Two seconds.
- Two seconds.
- Hey.
- [WHITNEY] Not leaving, are you?
No, no, uh, we're just hanging out.
[WHITNEY] Yeah. Um, I
Um, I can't always tell
what's real or not when we're shooting,
so, um, I just wanted to say
that if you're really
interested in a ductless AC,
I actually have a contact in California
who does these great integrated HVACs.
Oh, uh, thanks, um, but my brother,
uh, he actually works at Roadrunner
so he's just gonna hook
us up with one for free.
Oh, that's great.
- You can't beat free.
- Yeah.
Do you know what kind of
system it is by chance?
I don't know,
but I'm assuming it's one of those
Energy Star ones, for sure. Yeah.
You know, people think Energy Star
is efficient, but it's actually not.
And if you're if you're interested
in maintaining the
passive certification,
then it's You're gonna lose it
if you don't put in the right system.
- I mean, that's
- [LUCINDA] The certification
isn't important to us.
This is one of 12 houses
in all of New Mexico
that's certified passive,
so you're members of
a very exclusive club.
And to throw all of that
away to save a couple,
what, thousand bucks on AC does
doesn't seem like a
wise investment to me.
I mean, you could be part
of history here with this.
- [DENNIS] I just think that
- That's good to know.
- Yeah.
- [LUCINDA] Thank you.
- [DENNIS] Yup.
- Great.
- Okay.
- [DENNIS] Okay.
[WHITNEY] Where's the contract?
Um, it's in my laptop
bag in the hallway closet.
Tonya. Hey. Do you have a pen?
[WHITNEY] Thank you.
[ASHER] Whit.
Hi. We're asking all of our new buyers
to, uh, sign this letter of support
of the San Pedro Pueblo
ownership of the roads
and easements in this area.
We just wanna make sure that
any new guests in the community
understand the injustices
affecting the tribe
and will maintain a good
relationship with them.
- It's non-legally binding.
- [DENNIS] Then what is it?
It's saying that we
won't object to any claims
of ownership by the tribe.
What if they claim our land?
Well, this property is not in dispute.
Who's to say they won't
change their minds?
Isn't that what they're
doing with the easements?
- No.
- Nobody changed their mind.
- This should have been in the disclosure.
- The easements relate to, uh,
just clarifying a vague language
in the Indian Act from
over a hundred years ago.
- That's That's what they're doing.
- If you go back far enough,
they could put claims on anything, no?
It just says you support the tribe.
That's all.
What if we don't?
[LUCINDA] So I mean, we
don't know where this ends
You don't have to sign it
if you don't want to. Okay?
[LUCINDA] We don't know what
these people are capable of.
- We'd prefer not to.
- Hmm.
[DENNIS] We talked to our
realtor and he told us
You know what, if you
don't wanna live here,
no one's gonna force you to.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay? All right?
[ASHER] Let's not go there. Okay.
- Let's not go there. We're just talking.
- [DENNIS] You didn't tell us about anything.
- Okay. Yeah. It's okay.
- We're just talking, right?
- Yes. We're just talking.
- Okay. It's all good.
- All good. All right.
- [ASHER] All right.
- Great. Thank you.
- [ASHER] Okay.
Um, let's, uh, let's
not pull out the shanks.
We don't want the
warden to get mad at us.
She's a lot.
Let me talk to her. Okay?
You do have to watch your
fucking language, though.
I'm fucking serious!
You don't talk about my wife like that!
Fucking bitch!
Maybe it's worth changing some
of the language in the letter.
Uh, I could call James right now
and see if he's okay with,
like, different wording
because some of the wording
is a little a little intense
- in the letter. You're scaring
- I'm sorry. What What
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
- The wording was scaring a little bit.
- We're not We're not selling to them.
They don't wanna live here.
They literally said they
don't support the tribe.
I think I think they
might have just been confused.
Are you defending them?
- What?
- No, no, baby, not at all.
Don't You know what,
give the deposit back.
There are so many people
who'd kill to live here.
- I didn't
- [MAN] Sorry. Sorry.
Hey. I didn't spend
four years of my life
perfecting this house to
just give it to someone
who's not gonna care about it,
or care about the community.
How do you not see what I'm seeing?
- Uh, I do.
- I'm so confused.
I do see. I see everything.
- Oh, oh, really?
- [DOUGIE] Yo, yo, yo.
What's going on? What'd you do?
What'd you say? They're done.
They don't wanna do
the community garden,
they don't wanna do anything.
Cookout, it's over, they're saying.
We're not selling to them anymore.
Wow. Really?
Vic, too. So what are we gonna do?
What's the show gonna be like?
Who are we gonna follow? Tell me.
We had a backup offer.
The college girl who came
with her I could call her.
[DOUGIE] Okay. Can she get here today?
Can she get here today?
- She's with her dad, I guess.
- No. No. She's, she's 20.
She's 20. Then it's gonna look like
that's the community we're building.
- And it's like a college town.
- Look fine.
[WHITNEY] No. That's a wrong idea.
It can be anybody. All right?
You can use her dad.
We can use fucking Remi.
We take off his dumb hat
and put on a shirt from my car.
It'll be great.
- What?
- Yeah. On my Bahamas show,
we did it all the time.
No real buyers.
It was just fucking pretend.
This could be anybody.
All right? Find somebody.
Remi, could you shut that off, please?
♪ ♪ ♪
- Hi.
Thank you so much for doing this.
- You're a lifesaver.
- Yeah. Yeah, for sure.
- This is fun.
- Yeah.
So, I basically just need to pretend
that I can afford a home like this?
[CHUCKLES] I can't even
afford a home like this.
[CHUCKLES] You're totally
lying to me, but, okay.
I'm not lying.
Um, so, yeah, it's basically,
it's just kind of like,
they want you to really
love the home, you know?
- Shows like this, it's like
- [CARA] Yeah, yeah, yeah,
- for sure.
- [WHITNEY] Whatever, TV stuff.
[CARA] I know how to do it. I know
- I know all the lingo and
- [WHITNEY] Okay.
Welcome to our passive home.
I'm Whitney and this is Asher.
Oh, my God.
- I love it.
- Oh.
- I'll take it.
This is exactly what I was looking for.
I'm gonna have, like, a
million dinner parties here.
Great, but feel free
to take a look around.
And if you have any questions,
you can just let us know.
I heard that there's a
lot of crime in the area,
and I saw some
suspicious-looking people
on my drive here today. I mean, uh,
could you tell me about
the security system?
Well, we we actually we
don't have a security system,
uh, hooked up right now,
- um, but that's just
- Well
because it doesn't feel necessary.
It's just such an
inclusive neighborhood.
[CARA] I read online
that this is one of the most dangerous
neighborhoods in the country.
Oh. Oh, my God.
I love this. Can I touch this?
Should I should I
just go reset it? I
It's fine. Just let it happen.
So, are you looking for yourself
- [CARA] Don't worry about
- or or family?
[CARA]  the security system.
I'm gonna put up an electric fence.
High voltage.
This is great.
Um, do do you have any
questions about passive homes
or, uh, are you interested in them?
Oh, is that what this is?
A passive home?
I think I read about those
in Amazing Architecture.
♪ ♪ ♪
So, that's the bedroom
you're walking into right now.
And, um,
- you could see the steps.
- Come on. [LAUGHS]
[TONYA] All right. We're
gonna cut and go over.
What was she doing? Was
she making fun of me?
[ASHER] No, no, I think
she just didn't wanna
be seen as herself on camera.
She She wanted to be a character.
- She's a performance artist.
- Amazing Architecture?
[ASHER] I mean, they did post about it.
- You want one?
- [ASHER] No, I'm okay.
Um, I should probably follow-up
with the college girl then,
right, to see if she's still interested?
I thought there was tons of interest.
The only other offer we
got was from Mark Rose.
- The outdoorsy guy?
- No.
That The guy with the
American flag on his truck?
- [ASHER] Yeah.
- No.
We're not selling to him. Uh-uh.
- [ASHER] Right.
- There was a blue line
- on that flag.
- Yeah, yeah, right. Okay.
- Right.
- Okay?
I just think we shouldn't
put it off too long.
We do need to find
someone to buy the house.
But I think we shouldn't worry so much
about selling it right now.
And we should focus more
on finding a buyer for the home
on the show.
[ASHER] Right.
I mean, this is an opportunity
because we can pick anyone
as a buyer on the show.
And they can embody the
values of the community.
Like an avatar.
It's perfect.
Right. Yeah. Yeah.
It's just a little abstract
to to think about Yeah.
I know I can find the person.
I can see it in my head.
[ASHER] Yeah, me, too. Yeah.
I'm gonna talk to Dougie.
- Okay. Good. Yeah.
- Okay.
And the word would
spread throughout the camp
and everybody was like,
"Dougie's selling Playboy pages."
And it was tough 'cause
sometimes the body
was like stuck in the lab.
- What's up?
- Hey, Dougie,
if you let me go to
Santa Fe really quickly,
I promise you, I can find
you a buyer for this house.
- It'll be really quick.
And we can use Cara for
the blooper reel. [CHUCKLES]
Um, I can actually
drop you off on my way.
- Tonya.
- Oh, it's fine.
- I'll just chill here.
- [DOUGIE] Go with her
for one hour, all right? Make sure.
- Are you sure?
- [CARA] Yeah.
I'm going right by your house.
Oh, it's fine. I'll just chill.
- Let's go.
- Mm-hmm. You smoke, huh?
- I do.
- It's gross. Disgusting.
Well, there's a lot of things
that I find disgusting about you.
Hmm. Oh, you're gonna die from that.
It's poisonous.
Well, at least I'll die happy.
My wife died, you know.
Of smoking?
It was a car accident.
Hmm, sorry about that.
Won't people be weirded out?
How do they know you're
not a sketchy person?
Well, sometimes they do
think I'm a sketchy person.
I mean, when you street
cast, you get a lot
of "No's" for sure, but sometimes people
get really excited to be on TV.
Oh, shit.
We have to stop by the plaza.
Do you want a coffee or something?
[POLICEMAN] Did you take anything today?
Fernando said you took some jeans.
- [WOMAN] Liar!
- [POLICEMAN] Liar, huh?
Do you have any ID? [SPEAKING SPANISH]
- [POLICEMAN] We're just gonna
- We're just gonna sit here
- What happened here?
Well, she stole a pair of
jeans. I heard Enola yelling
and chasing her from the store.
So, I came out and restrained the woman
until the cops got here.
Fernando, you're not
allowed to restrain people.
Oh, don't worry. I just blocked
her from getting into her car.
- I didn't even touch her.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
Uh, can we not press charges?
Uh, I'm the landlord of this place.
You could make a statement
to the DA if you want.
- [WHITNEY] Luisa, can you go back in?
Fernando, can you
- can you get back to work, please?
- [FERNANDO] Yes, of course.
[POLICEMAN] Calm down!
- [WHITNEY] Enola.
- [ENOLA] Hi.
- [WHITNEY] Hi. Are you okay?
Yeah. I just didn't know what to do.
One person took something two days ago,
and it made me feel uncomfortable.
- Oh, sweetie.
- [ENOLA] But my manager said
we have a zero-tolerance policy.
And Fernando said to tell him next time,
and he helped catch her.
Okay. We We have to realize, um,
that when people
commit crimes like this,
they're not hurting anyone, really.
You know, it's usually
from a place of hardship.
But it hurts the business.
But do we really wanna ruin
people's lives for something?
You know, I have an idea.
Do you have a pen?
- Yeah.
- [WHITNEY] Okay.
Here is my credit card number.
Okay? I want you to write that down.
And then if someone takes
an item from the store,
charge my credit card.
And then it's not stealing.
Some of these jeans are over $200.
That's That's fine.
It's just we don't wanna
call the police anymore.
And we don't want to confront anyone.
Just let them walk right out.
- Okay?
- This is This is crazy.
[WHITNEY] I love your earrings.
- Thank you. My uncle made them.
- [WHITNEY] Mm-hmm.
[ENOLA] Um, does this
have a three-digit code.
[WHITNEY] One-three-one.
♪ ♪ ♪
There you go.
One macchiato and one flat white.
Enola was really
appreciative of your help.
She's a good kid. Hold on one second.
There you go. This is on the house.
- Thank you, Fernando.
- You're welcome. Enjoy.
[WHITNEY] Sorry that took so long.
It's okay.
Is everything okay?
Oh, yeah, I mean it's
everyone looks at Española
and sees these crazy crime rates,
but no one is looking at
what the crimes actually are.
It's like, people stealing jeans
"Oh, no, call the SWAT."
I mean No wonder it's
so hard to get people
to buy homes here.
Wasn't a guy got shot
in his car last week?
Oh, that was outside of
Fisher-Chick. That's in La Mesilla.
Actually, I had to call the newspaper
to get that headline changed.
So, we work together.
We're working on a reality show,
um, and we're casting couples.
- You guys are a couple, right?
- [MAN] Yeah.
Do you think you'd be interested?
They're not interested.
- How much did you offer?
- $50.
[WHITNEY] That feels low.
- We should just up it to $200 or something.
- No, they're not interested at all.
Oh. Ooh.
That guy. That guy.
Look at him. Right there.
- The guy with the long hair.
- [WHITNEY] Mm-hmm.
- [TONYA] The handsome guy.
- [WHITNEY] Yeah. He is, right?
And that woman. Look,
that woman over there
with the red hat. She's perfect,
- with the baby.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Two of them. Okay.
Don't Don't point at me this time,
just because it's, you
know, it's like creepy.
It's like I'm spying.
[TONYA] Yeah.
Excuse me. Hi.
Uh, I'm so sorry to interrupt.
- What's up?
- Um, but have you ever dreamed
of being on TV?
Uh, no, not really.
[TONYA] Okay. Uh, do you mind
if I join you for a minute?
[DOUGIE] Yeah. It was,
like, it's from my point,
it's like, um, I wanna say like five.
- [DOUGIE] Yeah.
- I still have that, too.
- [CARA] Five? That's a lot.
[DOUGIE] It's like a It's weird.
- It's like a fresh rubber
- [CARA] Yeah. I mean,
I love your sense
if you just, like, feel you, like
- [DOUGIE] Look at that.
- [INDISTINCT] every time.
- Hey, Doug. Sorry to interrupt.
- Yeah.
Um, can I can I just
talk to you for one sec?
[DOUGIE] Yeah. Yeah.
Whoa, one second.
Be right back.
- So what's up?
- Okay. Um, I want it to be
the guy with the long hair
and the woman with the baby as a family.
Okay. What about the
- the girl with the two-tone.
- [WHITNEY] Yeah. No. I just
I think that's a better unit.
- [DOUGIE] Okay.
- And they can be curious
about the house, but not critical.
- Okay.
- And, um, just no jokes
about any of it.
Like, no negativity
about the neighborhood.
- None of that.
- All right. You got that, Tonya?
- Mm-hmm.
- No jokes, no negativity,
just good conversation about the house.
- Copy.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
See, I was thinking of
getting some experts.
- You should.
- [DOUGIE] Yeah.
[CARA] That would be so amazing.
[DOUGIE] And be like,
"Yo, what's going on?"
- [CARA] They have
- [DOUGIE] Secured.
[CARA] They have all
that stuff that Doubleday.
- [DOUGIE] Doubleday?
- [CARA] Yes.
- [DOUGIE] Yeah? Spicy?
- [CARA] Yeah.
You guys having fun?
[DOUGIE] Yeah. Having
a good time over here.
- Yeah?
- [CARA] Yeah. I learned that
there's like a menthol
stick that you can blow
into people's eye,
and it makes them cry.
Oh, I know. It's so cool.
- Yeah.
Dougie is the best.
He He is.
Did you guys talk about
the artwork in the home?
Just 'cause, Dougie, um,
made me send you that release.
- Oh.
- And it's just apparently,
we need, like, an official
signature before
- [CARA] Right.
- we can use your artwork
- in the in the show.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I need to do that.
Oh, no, it's, like, no rush.
Uh, kind of a rush, but not
not a big rush. [CHUCKLES]
- [CARA] Yeah.
I'll get to it.
Did you let them know
we're flexible on price?
Pascal doesn't wanna be a
couple with the other woman.
He wants to be on camera
with his real girlfriend.
Did you not make that
clear when you asked him
to do it in the first place?
I mean, I said we wanted just him,
- but he's being difficult.
Do you wanna talk to him? Because I
- Goddamn it!
- I don't really know
- what else to do?
- But she hasn't bought a different home.
So, does Are you sure
she doesn't wanna come look at it again?
We just pass that onto her?
You can just go in
separately. I don't understand.
[PASCAL] Yeah, multiple
people come in to see homes.
I don't see why it would be a problem.
I'm sorry. I don't have that
information quite for you
- Hi. Hi, guys.
- but I'm sure she can
- take care of you, guys.
- I'm Whitney. I'm the host.
- [PASCAL] Hi.
- Thank you for coming out
- on such short notice.
- No, we're good. Yeah.
Uh, you all good? Do you need anything?
- [PASCAL] Yeah. No.
- You need water?
- I'm good. Thank you.
- I'll have a water.
- You want water? Okay.
- Yeah. Um
Can you get her a water, please?
- [MAN] Yeah, I can.
- Thank you.
I was just asking if it would be okay
for me to go with my girlfriend here.
She's really excited about
this whole thing, and
- Of of course. Yeah. Yeah.
- [PASCAL] Really?
[PASCAL] Oh, great. Yeah.
Uh, someone was telling us
that, uh, me and her would have
to pretend to be a couple.
- And I I didn't really see, uh
- Who said that?
Oh, well, she was just telling us.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Oh.
- Oh, Tonya. Oh.
- [PASCAL] Yeah.
- I'll talk to her.
It's a a little misunderstanding.
- That's okay.
- [PASCAL] Okay. All right. Thank you.
All right. So, I guess
he'll whatever
- he'll go with the girlfriend.
- [TONYA] Mm-hmm.
Um, can you try to arrange
that the baby goes in with them?
Because I just really want
it to feel like a family.
Um, they're technically
not here as actors.
Like, so it's okay if the
baby goes in with her mom,
but it gets a little complicated
if you're trying to use
the baby as an actor.
I'm not asking the baby to act.
No. I mean, you can
tell it's not their baby.
[WHITNEY] So I was thinking
it's adopted or whatever,
but [INDISTINCT] Can you just
I mean, uh You But
you talked to them, right?
[WHITNEY] Yeah. Yeah.
- So they're going in?
- Um, just hold on one second.
- But, yeah, will you just try to
- I'll I'll talk to them.
- [PAUL] There's my movie star!
Um, today is today is
actually not a good day
just because it's really busy
and we're really behind the scene.
- Um, please
- [ELIZABETH] Oh, yeah. Sweetie, just do your work.
- We're just here to support you.
- [PAUL] Which is [INDISTINCT]
- quickly, quickly, quickly.
- [ELIZABETH] Paul and I had this amazing idea.
We wanna have his 70th birthday
- right here before you close.
[ELIZABETH] All of his
friends Yeah, they can
[PAUL] I just wanna run
inside. Get some measurements
I'll stand out the way.
It's a quick measurement.
Dad, get in the car. Get in the car.
- Get in the car?
[WHITNEY] Yeah? Okay.
Big guy, all right.
- [ELIZABETH] Do you want us to
- [PAUL] But we're having
- [WHITNEY] Roll the windows up, please.
- [ELIZABETH] Why are we parking over here?
[PAUL] Where are we going?
Because I'm not gonna walk
150 yards with my ankle.
[ELIZABETH] Oh, I mentioned to Shelly
the idea of having Paul's
birthday over there.
And she said she could
bring a photographer
and put it on social for her network.
[WHITNEY] Okay. Can you
Can you pull over here, Mom?
- Pull over there? Pull over.
- All right. All right.
[WHITNEY] Okay. Shelly is your person.
We are not cross-pollinating publicity.
And Dad's 70th is not
gonna be a PR event, okay?
Shelly just thinks it
would be good for us
to be associated with the homes.
With something good for a change.
What is going on with you?
The reason that I came
back from California
was you said these
properties could be mine.
Mine. And now you're planning parties
and you're not even
talking to me about it.
You treat me like a child!
And I'm a grownup. I'm
a grownup woman! Okay?
I I wouldn't have
come back from California
if I knew that you'd be lording over me
like I'm some type of baby.
I wouldn't have! These
properties are mine!
Española is mine! Okay? End of story.
So just just
You're ruining my day!
I'm so busy, I'm going back to work.
Is everything okay?
- Are we okay?
- I don't know.
Is it?
I'm leaving. You guys are going home.
Okay? Just drive that way.
Do not go back past that house.
♪ ♪ ♪
You're so right. The temperature
is very consistent and comfortable.
And to think that we'll save $15,000
- over ten years in energy?
- Yeah.
That's a lot of money.
Over time, a passive
home is actually cheaper.
I'll tell you this, your energy bill
- will be cheaper than my haircut.
[PASCAL] I love this
place. It's beautiful.
When the night has come ♪
And the land is dark ♪
And the moon ♪
Is the only light we'll see ♪
No, I won't be afraid ♪
No, I won't ♪
Be afraid ♪
Just as long as you stand ♪
Stand by me ♪
Stand by me ♪
Oh, darling, darling ♪
Stand by me ♪
Oh, stand ♪
By me, oh ♪
Yeah, yeah, like, like,
they would call it,
like, "Native America"
or something like that.
Native America. Emmy
Award-winning, right?
Yeah. [LAUGHS]
- Yeah.
- Man, it's disgusting.
- Yeah.
- I love it, though.
- I know.
- Um, Ronald Raven
- would be the president.
- Ronald Raven?
So stupid.
Um, yeah.
Yeah, that's that's way silly.
So how do you know Whitney?
She said you guys are good friends.
- She said that?
- Yeah.
That we were good friends?
Yeah, she loves you.
[PASCAL] You know, I wasn't
super familiar with Española,
but it has a really nice
vibe and this just feels
like a community I'd be
excited to be a part of.
I think we're ready to make an offer.
- All three of us.
- Welcome to Española.
Yes. Thank you.
Okay. That was so good!
Let's Let's actually just quickly do
just one other option where
you don't touch your stomach.
- Okay.
- Just in case we wanna cut
- the baby thing. Okay.
- Cool.
And then, um Okay, great.
So you guys are all set?
Okay. Got it.
I'm really starting to wish
that you guys were
actually buying the house.
Hey. In two weeks, get
ready for your close ups!
[ASHER] You guys excited?
- [CASHIER] Very.
- [ASHER] Yeah?
- Super excited.
- [ASHER] Good.
- [ASHER] Hmm?
- [CASHIER] Enjoy.
- [ASHER] Enjoy, yes. Enjoy, yes.
- [CASHIER] Yeah.
You said you love food.
I meant to say "this food."
So, um, the college girl is out.
I think that's for the best.
We don't want the
neighborhood filled with people
whose rich parents bought them houses.
Oh, nothing.
I thought you're being,
uh, self-deprecating.
I was.
[ASHER] I know.
I called Mark Rose's broker
to see if he's still interested.
We don't wanna be selling
this home in the winter.
Okay? And he is still interested,
and he's willing to stay
at his original offer.
- This is This is
- [ASHER] Whit,
all I'm saying is let's not say no
just because of a flag.
Let's meet with the guy and
see if he shares our values.
Let's not make any assumptions.
It's not an assumption.
It was a "Blue Lives Matter" flag.
We don't even know if that was his car.
It It could have been a friend's car.
Look, look Whit
I cannot believe you reached out to him.
- Wow.
- We're on the same team, okay?
We're on the same team.
We're trying to build
something special together,
but we need money to do that.
We can't just keep searching for a buyer
- that might not even exist.
- It's been one day.
Look at his Instagram, okay?
He was at the protest against
the Conquistador statue.
There were White supremacists there.
Read the caption.
- "It's a good day?"
- Yeah.
There's, uh, an indigenous
woman in the photo
- holding a protest sign.
- There's militia in the photo.
How do you know that "It's a good day"
is it referring to the
militia shooting a protester?
She's in the center of the frame.
The militias are more
to the side of the frame.
She's obviously the focus.
Whit, come on.
We're He's willing to meet
us at the house tonight, okay?
Just talk to him
and if you still don't
wanna sell to him,
then I'll just ask you
one more time. [CHUCKLES]
I'm joking. Whit Baby.
Money, money, money
♪ ♪ ♪
Hey, Mark. Good to see you.
Thanks for coming on such short notice.
Oh, thanks for calling! I'm excited.
- You remember Whitney?
- Of course.
- Yeah.
- How could I forget?
- Nice to see you again.
- I shouldn't shake your hand.
I'm feeling a little sick.
Ah, I don't mind.
You feeling sick, babe?
- Nice to see you again.
- Nice to see you. Yeah.
- Outlaw?
- Uh, yup.
- [WHITNEY] Hmm.
- That's me.
Uh, should we head
inside? Yeah? Come on.
- Yes. Let's Let's do that.
- [ASHER] Um
You were here in the
daytime last time, right?
- [MARK] Yes, this
- [ASHER] Right. So you haven't seen any of the,
- uh, the beautiful uplighting.
- [MARK] It looks
It looks very different. I like it.
After I saw this one,
I started searching
for other passive homes,
and there's none in the area.
I mean, I saw some eco-homes,
but you ask them about thermal bridging
and they haven't even
considered any of that.
I love that these are
basically off the grid.
You don't have to rely on anyone.
But it's not like you're
living in some shack
cursing out the government.
This has got style.
It's so nice.
Plus, it's really close to the labs.
So, easy commute for me.
Twenty minutes, straight shot.
Now there's an interesting
American flag sticker on your car.
Oh, yeah. It's in support
of, uh, local police.
- Mm-hmm.
- Firefighters.
They have really, really tough jobs.
And I show my support
in other ways, too.
You donate to
To the police.
And to other causes.
UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund,
Christian missionaries, um
So, uh, I'm not sure if
you've seen anything about the,
uh, tribal easements
in the area on the news,
- but, uh, we're asking all of our
- That's in San Pedro, right?
Yeah, not this property
It's total bullshit.
All of the tribes need to be paid
for the public use of those roads.
It's like they take everything
and we have to fight for pennies.
My great-grandmother was
Apache on my mother's side.
So, it's a personal thing for me.
- Hmm.
Have you guys, uh, made any changes?
Oh, please tell me you
did not touch the toilets.
- Yes!
I'm gonna need a few minutes.
Take your time.
So that was not bad, huh?
You don't think so?
He seemed polite.
It's crazy about his heritage, too, huh?
I just love how much he,
like, appreciated the home and,
you know, all the hard
work you put into it.
That's, like, really important
and, um
Is everything okay?
[WHITNEY] I'm just thinking.
[ASHER] He seemed good though, right?
To sell to?
I think he'll really get
along with the neighbors, too,
like, his personality seems like
So, I'll probably contact his broker
in the morning then, I guess.
[WHITNEY] Great.
[ASHER] Are you sure, babe?
[ASHER] Yay, we sold
the home! [CHUCKLES]
Still feeling a little sick?
What are you doing over there?
[WHITNEY] Just moisturizing.
Maybe I should use some of that tonight.
My hands are dry.
Oh. You got a lot of extra there.
Care to share?
So the, um, app says
you're at peak fertility today.
You sure everything's okay?
You're not upset about
selling to Mark, are you?
If I was upset, you would know it.
[ASHER] Okay.
Do you mind if I crack
the window open a little bit?
Whatever you want.
I want what you want.
Okay. I'm just gonna open it a crack.
I love you.
I love you, too.
♪ ♪ ♪
You're my angel.
You know that, right?
♪ ♪ ♪
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