The Curse (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

The Fire Burns On


Wait for it.
Bowling soon, right?
Yeah. Yeah. For sure, yeah.
I-I notice you're
touching your neck a lot.
Do you have pain?
[ABSHIR] Yeah, it's just
the muscle and the bone.
Oh, that's joint pain.
Um, is it possible to prepay
for an appointment for someone else?
They can be curious
- about the house but not critical.
- [DOUGIE] You got that timing.
No jokes, no negativity.
Just good conversation about the house.
This just feels like a community
I'd be excited to be a part of.
I'm really starting
to wish that you guys
were actually buying the house.
[ASHER] I called Mark Rose's broker.
And he is still interested,
and he's willing to stay
at his original offer.
- Outlaw?
- Uh, yup.
- [WHITNEY] Hmm.
- That's me.
I cannot believe you reached out to him.
Are you sure everything's okay?
If I was upset, you would know it.
[ASHER] Okay.

Congratulations and
welcome to the community.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Uh, this keychain was custom-made
by Diné artist Reggie Mitchell.
And the Diné tribe
believes that turquoise
means life and coral teaches us
- about nurturing and acceptance.
- Oh, wow.
And that's a snake there.
What does that mean?
Uh, the snake signifies rebirth,
because of the shedding of the skin.
Makes sense. This is a sort of rebirth.
New house. New community.
- New family.
- Hmm.
- It's been a really big day.
- Yeah.
We couldn't be more excited
to have Janice and Pascal
move into this community.
And we also have some pottery for you.
- Ahh.
- This was handcrafted
by Luann Tafoya of the Pojoaque Pueblo.
Um, and what is so
special about this piece
is to the untrained eye
it could look like nothing
more than a functional object.
"Oh, it's a it's a bowl."
But that's just the beauty of it.
It doesn't have to just sit
on the shelf, being looked at.
It can be used. Nothing goes to waste.
And so much native art has
a social function around it.
I believe that there shouldn't be
a separation between art and the objects
we interact with in our everyday life.
And so, what you're
inheriting is a piece of art
that you can live in.
- So lovely.
- All right.
When you sell a home, you have no idea
who's gonna walk in that door.
And we have been so fortunate
to have buyers that are eager
to integrate themselves
in the local community.
Hi. I'm Janice. Good to meet you.
Your arms getting sore?
- [GIRL] Yeah.
- [JANICE] Right?
It's a workout.
It's great to be here with
the community helping out.
We've never helped
remove graffiti before,
- and it's really cool.
- Can you jump and do it?
- [JANICE] Oh, so close.
- [PASCAL] It looks so beautiful, you know
- [JANICE] Doesn't it?
[PASCAL] just covering all that up.
I was surprised the paint dried so fast.
- Oh, wow!
- [JANICE] Wow!
- Yeah.
- [JANICE] Look at that.
I know. We're right there.
I guess when you use a roller,
the paint dries a lot faster
than when you use a brush.
- Plus it's a sunny day
- [JANICE] Mm-hmm.
- [PASCAL] which helps too.
- [JANICE] And the the eco-friendly paint
is a really important part of what
- Yes, it really is.
- we're doing to help
the community as well.
[PASCAL] When I found out that
the paint we're using today
was collected from millions
of gallons of unwanted paint
through statewide recycling programs,
I was so excited.
It's just amazing for the environment,
amazing for the community,
amazing for us as human beings.
It's just better all
around for all of us.
I was curious as to
how long it would take
before we needed to do a second coat.
I know nothing about
paint, so I was asking one
of the other volunteers, and Janice
and I really hit it off with them.
[JANICE] Turns out we both
have online businesses,
which I thought was really neat.
They invited us over to
their house for a meal.
They're actually only
seven-minute walk from us.
[JANICE] We're really excited to go.
Thank you guys so much
for having us over.
- This is lovely.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. It's just crazy.
We, we saw you guys out there and,
um, my wife said, "Let's
invite them over to eat."
- You know?
- [JANICE] Mm-hmm.
- Serendipity.
- [MAN] Yeah.
- [PASCAL] And the other world works
- [JANICE] It was perfect, right?
- [MAN] Yeah.
[PASCAL] Yeah, it
gets pretty hot. Yeah.
- [PASCAL] It's pretty hot out here.
- [MAN] Yeah. It's supposed to be hot today.
- [WOMAN] Yeah.
- [MAN] Yeah.
And you can feel it in my back,
I'm starting to get a little bit burnt.
- Oh, yeah.
- Toasting up?
- [MAN] Yeah. Yeah.
But it it's gonna
be hot for a few days
and then I think it'll cool down a bit.
Um, that's that's pretty much it.
That's pretty much everything
you wanted in there.
Something feels off.
It's, like
I mean, it's edited well.
But it's
One idea I had that I mentioned to
What are you feeling?
It just feels lifeless or, or something.
Uh, I mean, is, is this really
the best version of what we shot?
I just feel really uncomfortable
putting my opinion in there
'cause I really just want
this to be your vision.
- Oh, my God, Dougie stop.
- Right?
- What? It's
- To ask.
Obviously, I need your help.
Doesn't always feel that way.
Oh, my God. Is this
is this fun for you?
No. No.
Look, if you want my
opinion, you got to say
my name three times, like Beetlejuice.
[CHUCKLES] No, I will not. No.
[DOUGIE] All right. Let's,
uh, let's export this
- and send it to the network.
- Oh, my God, Dougie. Dougie. Dougie.
All right. [SIGHS]
Dougie's opinion. Let's go.
Um, let's pull up
the, uh, the key scene.
Look, what we have here
is a frictionless show.
There's no conflict, there's no drama.
And that's not something
people wanna watch.
And I get that you're trying to
kind of put this town out
there, put it on the map,
and you can't talk about
any of the racial tensions
or the crime, stuff like that.
So, what's left?
You and Asher.
- [WHITNEY] Hmm.
- Hit play.
[WHITNEY] Uh, this was handcrafted
by Luann Tafoya of the Pojoaque Pueblo.
- Um, and what is so special
- What was that? Pause it.
What was that? What was that?
You, you looked down and then
you rolled your eyes at him.
Wait. He, he had his fucking
cell phone in his hand
against the pottery while
we were giving it to them.
And it's, like, you can't
even put that thing down
while we're giving a gift?
Sorry, it's it was
- [DOUGIE] All right. Hold on one second.
- Whatever.
I want you to say that again,
exactly as you just said it.
- What?
- Just like this.
- Why?
- Go for it.
Just do it, please.
He had his cell phone in his hand
while he was giving them the pottery.
I just feel like, you
can't put that thing down
while you're giving someone a gift?
- Amazing.
- Uh
Here. Upload that and put it in the cut.
And we also have some pottery for you.
This was handcrafted by Luann Tafoya
of the Pojoaque Pueblo.
He had his cellphone in his hand
while he was giving them the pottery.
I just feel like, you
can't put that thing down
while you're giving someone a gift?
Hmm. See?
What was a scene that
was lifeless and boring
now has a little bit of flavor.
And there's and there's
thousands of moments
like this between the
two of you, really.
Look, I know that you have a vision
that you wanna spread
around the world, right?
But in order for that to happen,
you need people to watch the show.
'Cause if they don't watch
it, then they're not gonna see
all the good stuff that you're doing.
Selling a bullshit version of yourself
isn't gonna go anywhere.
You know you're doing it.
I know you're doing it.
When you have a show this defensive,
that becomes a part of the story.
You think you're hiding it,
but that becomes the story that people
are watching, a woman
with something to hide.
And I don't know where
that's coming from.
I really have no fucking clue, Whit.
I don't know if it has
anything to do with your parents
- and what they do, or if it's just
- Whoa, what do you mean?
It It's something
that Asher mentioned
you might be sensitive about.
- That's all.
- Uh oh! Ah!
And look, look, look. I'm sorry.
I might be making
connections where they don't,
- where they don't make sense.
- Yeah.
But I don't give a shit, really.
I just wanna make a great show.
I wanna make a great show
that people are gonna watch.
And, if we if we
include these moments,
you talking about these
moments of frustration
between you and Asher,
then people are gonna connect with you,
and they're gonna think
you're being honest.
And if they believe that
you're telling them the truth,
then they have no reason to
think that you're hiding anything.
And we can just forget
about everything else.
That's good for you.
It's good for your vision.
And it's good for Mother Earth, right?
But, but I mean, then
Asher would be talking
about me too, right?
I don't know, maybe.
But, um, I really do believe people
wanna see this relationship
through your eyes.
You know, you saw the focus group.
They're like, "Why
is she with that guy?"
They don't wanna hear from him.
They wanna hear from you.
And I think all we have to do
is just encourage him to be himself.
And that's it.
- We don't tell him anything else.
It was interesting seeing
you and Cara together.
It seemed like you guys
get along pretty well.
Um, she's funny, and we text a little,
but, um, she's a little ugly for me.
Oh, my God.
That's crazy. That's crazy.
She's gorgeous.
- Well, she smokes. She smokes, so
- Crazy
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I'm not gonna waste
my time getting close
with somebody who's gonna
What do you think about
changing the name of the show?
Because Fliplanthropy
has never felt right to me.
It's like flipping is so low-rent.
Every we don't even flip.
It's like full teardowns.
It doesn't even make sense.
Hmm. We can talk about
that, for sure, you know?
- Um, it's probably
- Mm-hmm.
larger HGTV conversation,
and maybe a tough sell for them,
but we'll try.
You know, they love Flip.
- You know?
- I was thinking, uh
Green Queen.
That is incredible.
- Wait, are you serious?
- [DOUGIE] Like, 100% serious.
That is just oh, my God.
- You mean it?
- Get me a TV.
I wanna watch that show right now.
- Geez!
- Okay.
Well, if, if, if you're the queen,
what does that make Asher?
The King?
The village idiot.
Bill! Bill!
[LOUIS] Excuse me, excuse me.
I'm looking for the Goof Off.
[LOUIS] Goof Off.
- [ASHER] I don't understand.
- [LOUIS] Oh, Goo Gone.
- Goo Gone? Goo
- [LOUIS] Goo Gone.
Um, try aisle nine. It's
[LOUIS] Thank you, my friend.
You're a fast one. I
was chasing you down.

You didn't hear me back there?
- I was calling your name.
- Hey, buddy.
- How you doing?
- Hey. Good.
I thought you had
headphones in or something.
No, no, I didn't have any headphones in.
Good. How you been?
- Good. Good.
- Good.
Yeah. Just have to
get some roofing stuff.
Yeah. You have a nice day.
Yeah. Yeah. You too.

These are two-for-one.
Did you know you can put
out fires with the sun?
- No way!
- Way!
Well, sort of.
We're here today with
the brave men and women
of the Española Fire Department
to show them how a few tiny
changes to their station
can make passive energy
the newest recruit on their squad.
- Good?
- [DOUGIE] One more.
Did you know you can put
out fires with the sun?
- No way!
- Way!
Okay. I can I can talk about
the heat recovery system over there,
but I think we should wait
to talk about the work
that we did on the roof
- until we're outside by the tank.
- [DOUGIE] Okay, that makes sense.
Um, just when you're talking to them
- Yeah.
- just be really smiley.
- You know?
- Okay.
I'm gonna have I'm gonna
have a camera right on Asher,
- so it'll be good.
- Okay.
- [WHITNEY] Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can do that.
- [DOUGIE] It's gonna be good.
- [WHITNEY] It's gonna be good.
[DOUGIE] Yeah.
It was so weird.
I was calling his name, and
he was actively ignoring me.
Uh, when's the last
time you talked to him?
Like, three days ago.
We were just texting
about going bowling.
It doesn't make any sense.
We don't know what people are
going through in their lives.
Cara still has not
signed the release form
for her artwork being on the show.
I've emailed her three times.
[ASHER] Well, I mean, she's busy.
- Busy person, I guess.
- Oh.
[WOMAN] Perfect. Yeah.
- All right, we're set.
- Roll it.
So, I bet you guys know
a thing or two about heat.
- Yeah, you could say that.
Well, I know you spend most days
trying to get rid of heat,
but right now I wanna talk
to you about saving the heat
that's already inside this building.
And, uh, it seems like
there's a lot of heat in here.
Whoa! Ah!
Why thank you, babe.
[FIREFIGHTER] I mean, we
definitely are interested
in having our station
be more energy efficient.
[WHITNEY] That's so great.
Well, if you look directly above you,
this new ductwork is the
Heat Recovery Ventilator.
- [DOUGIE] What's going on, man?
- Hey, what's up?
- You good? Yeah?
- Yeah, I'm good, man. Yeah.
So, she was kind of giving
you the eye back there, huh?
You ever think about giving
it back a little bit, or
I mean
What do you mean?
I don't know. Like, next
time, just, like, um
I don't know, say to her,
"Hey, why don't I bring you out back
and teach you how to use the hose,"
or something like that, you know?
I mean, it's on TV,
and my, my wife wouldn't be into that.
Well, you never know. You got
to try it, right? She might like it.
I'll think about it, okay?
All right. I mean, do more
than think about it, all right?
Uh, all right.
No wedding ring, huh?
You're not lying to me, are you?
No, man, no. Uh, on the
job, I don't wear it.
- It could take your finger off.
- Well, it's good to know.
safety safety first.
[ASHER] Is there a bathroom I could use?
- Down the hall to the right.
- Okay. Thanks.

- All right.
- Got it. Coffee.
Um, all right. So, this time,
I think you should
just kind of touch him.
You know, if he says something, laugh
and graze his shoulder, you know?
Will this seem cheesy?
It'll be fun, little funny.
Oh, Patrick. Excuse me.
Could you grab me a water, please?
- Water, yeah, yeah.
- Thank you.
[DOUGIE] Ash-man. What's up?
Good one.
Come on. The chicken?
[DOUGIE] What are you talking about?
There's chicken on the
sink in the bathroom.
I'm sorry. I don't know
what you're talking about.
[ASHER] Okay. Seriously, you got me.
- So, you win, you can tell me.
- Wait. What happened?
There's loose chicken on
the sink in the bathroom.
I told Dougie about the
chicken thing with Nala.
- He's fucking with me.
- Oh.
The curse. That's right.
Stop. That seriously wasn't you?
I swear to God it wasn't me.
There would have been
cameras rolling if it was.
[TONYA] Guys, we're ready outside.
Let's do it.
All right.
I saw a chicken in your hotel room
when I was there in your fridge.
[DOUGIE] Oh, that's right.
I had chicken in my fridge a week ago.
Must've been me, right?
All right, Freckle. Come
on, get on your spot.
Okay. Where the fuck is Remy?
- [TONYA] Hey, Remy, can we get you outside.
- [DOUGIE] Remy, yes,
I thought you said we were ready.
[WHITNEY] So, now, rather
than your rain or snow
evaporating or melting,
once Freckle over here is
done with his handiwork,
it's all just gonna drain into here,
and then it's gonna pipe directly back
into your water supply.
That's, that's really cool.
It's kind of crazy that we
haven't been doing this before.
- I know.
- Well, it's never too late to start.
Hey, have you ever worked a line before?
- [WHITNEY] What's that?
- The fire hose.
Oh my God, I don't know
if I could handle it.
[FIREFIGHTER] I think you
could. You seem strong enough.
Well, I mean, looks can be deceiving.
Feel this. It's so embarrassing.
the most dangerous places
are the ones where you
don't see the flames.
Tell me about it.
Anyway, so the cistern here,
one of the greatest things
about it is it doesn't use
any energy or power to drain the water,
so it's just gravity
that's bringing it all down
and then putting it right
back into your station.
Everyone is gonna get really wet
if they want to, you know?
[FIREFIGHTER] Yeah, we like that.
I think we're in.
[DOUGIE] It's pretty great, right?
- [WHITNEY] Yeah.
- [DOUGIE] Yeah.
I don't even think
he's paying attention,
but there's definitely
something usable in that.
He's really worked up about
that chicken thing, huh?
Did you put that in the bathroom?
Seriously, you can tell
me. I'm not gonna tell him.
I wish that I was that smart.
- Oh, my God.
- Please. I would I would die,
but I'm not. I'm not.
What the hell do you
and Cara text about?
Let me see your phone.
I can't show you. We talk
about you all the time.
It's how we bonded, you
know, we-we make fun of you.
- I'm not kidding. Yeah, I'm not kidding.
- Are you serious?
- Let me see your phone.
- I can't show I can't show you.
All right, fine. I'll show you.
We don't talk about you at all.
You can see.
I actually, I did call you a bitch once,
but that was when we were fighting, so,
and I-I said you were
acting like a bitch.
- Okay.
- Not that you were actually a bitch, so
What's this?
[DOUGIE] That's some racist
statue that she sent me,
some miniature golf
course in Albuquerque.
It's filled with like prehistoric
animals and safari things,
and the Indian's the only human.
It's pretty fucked up.
It's funny, though.
- But racist, really racist.
- Yeah.
Hmm, java.
- I'll take one of those.
- [FIREFIGHTER] All right.
So, you're getting everything you need?
- [ASHER] Think so.
- Okay.
[ASHER] So, how do the
meals work around this place?
Is it like one guy cooks for everyone?
Or you take turns, or
sometimes take turns,
but it's usually Martinez that does it.
- He's really good at it.
- Hmm.
What's on the menu today?
[FIREFIGHTER] That's something
you'd have to ask Martinez.
Which one's Martinez again?
[FIREFIGHTER] That guy right there.
[ASHER] Thanks.
Martinez? Or can I call you Marty?
Oh, my name's Martinez,
so let's maybe call me Martinez.
[ASHER] Okay. Fair, fair.
I hear you're the Guy
Fieri of this place.
[MARTINEZ] Well, those are the rumors.
You know, twice as good-looking.
Almost as talented. I'm
getting there, though.
It's pretty close. It's pretty close.
[ASHER] So, what's on the menu today?
What'd you guys have last night?
[MARTINEZ] Ah, we just did tacos.
- [MARTINEZ] Beef.
- Mmm.
[MARTINEZ] Nothing crazy.
Just 'cause there was, uh,
some chicken in the bathroom.
I thought you guys might
have just had it or something.
Yeah. Murray!
- You missed a spot, man.
- [MURRAY] What?
[MARTINEZ] There's
chicken in the bathroom.
[MURRAY] Chicken? Where?
In the bathroom.
No pollo in the potty.
Fuck you.
Sorry, that was not there an hour ago.
I think someone's playing a trick on me.
Are these cameras always on?
[MURRAY] I think so.
[ASHER] Find the guy
who cleaned the bathroom.
Okay, okay. So, I-I wanna see
everyone who went into the bathroom
between now and the time that I went in.
I just wanna see.
Wait, pause it. Who's that?
- That's Joe.
- Okay. Keep going.
Oh, go back. Who is that?
That's Ricoshem.
Is he holding any food or anything?
- I don't think so.
- [ASHER] All right. Keep going.
[WHITNEY] Hey, what are you doing?
[ASHER] I'm just looking at something.
[WHITNEY] We're about to shoot the tour
of the fire station now.
Okay. Do you need me for that?
I guess not.

- Keep playing.
Okay. Stop there. Go back. Go back.
Did he enter the bathroom?
Play. Play.
He didn't go in.
Okay. Keep going. Fast forward.
Does he ever go in?
Okay. That's me.
Go back to yeah, can
we go back to the guy
with the the long hair
who's talking to that girl?
[FIREFIGHTER] What exactly
are you looking for?
I don't know.
Okay, pause, pause here.
Okay. Play from here.
Pause here. Can we
go one frame at a time?
What is he doing here?
Is he handing her something?
[FIREFIGHTER] I don't think so.
[ASHER] Okay. Go ahead.

What was that?
- [MAN] Sorry!
- That's been happening since you guys installed
that whole new solar system.
There's a current law in New Mexico
that you can abandon your
baby 90 days or younger
if you're going through a crisis.
So, this baby box hasn't been used,
but it's a really thought
out and well-designed device,
it has three different alarms.
Once you open the
door, an alarm goes off.
Once you place a baby inside,
another alarm goes off,
and we'll get paged out and notified.
There's a heat sensor,
and there's also a camera in there
to let us know that
there's a baby inside.
So, yeah, it's a
really well-thought out
and well-designed piece of equipment
that's gonna save lives.
Well, thank you for sharing.
Um, it's a very interesting program.
[FIRE CHIEF] We're excited to have it.
- Give mothers a different option.
- Mmm.
Should we go check out
the weight room now?
- [FIRE CHIEF] Let's go.
- Okay.
[DOUGIE] Amazing work.
Great, great, great.
Unbelievable. I mean,
look at this thing.
You guys thought of everything.
Look at that, air holes.
So, if I wanted one
of your guys shirtless
in the weight room, is that
a conversation I should have?
Or could you do that?
- I guess I can do it.
- Okay. I want Zach. All right?
- Okay.
- Cool.
[CHIROPRACTOR] Interlace your
fingers back behind your head.
Bring your elbows together.
Relax and lean forward.
Good. Give yourself a hug.
- And then
- Is this is this gonna hurt?
[CHIROPRACTOR] Oh, no, no.
It's not gonna hurt.
You're good.
It feels good.
And then drop your arms
and go ahead and turn your
lean your head to the
side, and the other side,
and then rotate it.
And the other way.
Just relax.
- Oh, it hurts.
- [CHIROPRACTOR] You got to relax.
You got to trust me.
I think I think you should stop.
[CHIROPRACTOR] Yeah, no, you got this.
- It's okay.
- I don't got it.
[CHIROPRACTOR] It's normal.
- Doctor
- Just really lean back
- You should stop.
Lean back against me
- and then
- I think it's just
[CHIROPRACTOR] Just got to
relax it a little bit more.
There we go.
- This
- [CHIROPRACTOR] That's it.
Just a little bit more.
No, just just just
bit more. Just relax.
All right.
right, and breathe in
and out.
And then breathe in and out.
[CHIROPRACTOR] There it is.
[NALA] Do you even
know what you're doing?
I'd better. I do this for a living.
You know what I used to do for a living?
Kick butt at tetherball.
What's tetherball?
[ASHER] That thing I gave you.
So, you're still doing
those, uh, tiny curses?
[ASHER] Hmm.
You know, yesterday
I was in the bathroom,
and there was some chicken on the sink.
That wasn't you, was it?
My dad was washing chicken
in the sink yesterday,
and it was gross.
Hey, how about we play
a little game, huh?
This'll be fun.
You tell me
how many nails are under this bucket?
Can be any number.
No, three.
Very good.
Beginner's luck.
Let's try again.
No peeking.
All right.
How many this time? Can be any number
from one to a hundred.
All right. How many are in my hand?
You sure about that?
[NALA] I think so.
All right. One more time.
Okay. How many now?
How many?
I don't know.
You don't wanna guess?
I think you need a Band-Aid.
Oh, it's just a scratch.
I'm okay. Don't worry.
Um, I think I'm gonna go home soon
'cause I, um I'm
I'm I think I'm done.

I'm sorry.
For what?
I I don't know.

You go you go play. It's okay.
I'm just gonna clean up a little bit.
I'm fine. Don't worry about me.

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