The Dead Files (2011) s09e02 Episode Script

The Predator

Nobody's at rest here.
The living aren't.
The dead aren't.
One evening, two hands grabbed me real hard.
Bam! All I heard was, "He is a murderer.
" - She just got attacked.
- [Crying] He tells me they should get out of here as quick as possible.
I feel like this is coming straight from Hell.
Unfortunately, this is not a happy place.
I just hear death.
My name is Amy Allan.
Ah, God.
It's like, "I'm going to get you.
" I see dead people.
Her face was all demonic.
I speak to dead people.
He's like, "You think you can stop me? Because you can't.
" And they speak to me.
- What is he trying to do? - Kill them.
But there's only one way to know if my findings are real.
Something happened.
Bam, bam, bam! I rely on my partner.
I'm Steve Di Schiavi.
I'm a retired New York City homicide detective.
Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? And I know every person, every house has secrets.
They're everywhere.
It's my job to reveal them.
This guy's got the markings of a serial killer.
But Steve and I never speak We never communicate during an investigation.
until the very end Is this dead guy doing that to her? when we uncover if it's safe for you to stay That's it.
or time to get out.
Somebody's gonna die over there soon, yeah.
STEVE: I'm in the small town of Gates, North Carolina.
It's about an hour south of Virginia Beach.
I got a call from a woman who was in hysterics.
She says she has a 17-year-old daughter whose life is in danger, and she has absolutely no idea how to protect her.
She sounded horrible on the phone.
She broke my heart and said Amy and I are her last hope.
MATT: Before Amy arrives, I have to clear the area of anything that could influence her findings.
Spiritual items, photographs, and religious texts have to be covered or removed.
When I'm finished, tonight's walk can begin.
AMY: There's some problems here.
There's a lot of anger here.
The living here, I just feel like this anger, it's really deconstructing their lives.
This place is not good.
It makes me feel horrible.
Some of the living here don't know what's real and what's not.
Was that a dream or not? Am I awake or not? Did I see that or not? Nothing makes sense.
I don't like it.
It makes my head spin.
I literally feel like I'm spinning.
STEVE: So, Deborah, I'm glad I'm here 'cause when we spoke, you sounded pretty terrified on the phone.
Do me a favor.
Just give an idea of what's going on.
Hearing voices, getting things thrown at you.
Seeing some shadow people.
And physically violent at this point.
It's attacking my daughter.
I don't feel like she's safe here any longer.
The physical attacks on Nikki, what are we talking about? And just a couple of weeks ago, she she was sexually touched.
That kills me.
I feel like this is coming straight from Hell.
And I don't know how to fight it.
Is it just you and Nikki that live here? No.
My husband, as well.
Nikki, she's sleeping in my room at this point and has been for a year.
My husband, Jeff, he's been moved to the spare bedroom.
How's that working on your marriage? Oh, it can be hard at times.
I'm not gonna deny that.
You know, for a 17-year-old to be sleeping with her mom at this point, it's a little it's a little strange.
It is.
Um but she is so terrified.
I'm I'm afraid I'm I'm afraid it's gonna take her.
I've seen the markings around her neck.
What if I'm not there one of those times that the thing decides to attack her? That's why I called you guys.
I'm at my wits' end at this point.
I need help, and I need big help.
Let's get some basics out of the way.
How long have you guys been living here? Uh, we moved here in 2011.
My father, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and died of liver failure.
He was a constant alcoholic.
I made the choice to be closer.
And that's why I moved here.
When did he die? In December 2012.
All right.
And how old was he when he died? He was 62.
What kind of guy was he? Well, this man was loving, caring but very strict at the same time.
He liked everything cleaned, everything put in a spot.
Everything had its home.
He would get my mom to walk around with a white glove to test the dust on our beds and our dressers.
Do you think your father's here? Yes.
I know he's here.
AMY: There's a dead guy that is really physically present.
He looks 50s, like late 50s, early 60s.
And he's very fussy.
Almost, like, neurotic, like with touching people.
Yeah, like a weird fixation for him.
Because of him, I'm having these, uh, obsessive thoughts.
Living people here would have, um, some pretty bad OCD problems.
And he feels recent.
He was sick.
Sick, sick, sick.
He's kind of a disaster.
Deborah, what's going on in the kitchen? In here, we have experienced cold spells.
It feels like a good 10-degree drop.
And it feels like when they are around you, they feel like they just drain energy from you.
Like, instantly, you get very tired.
I'm gonna ask you a silly question, though.
Are you going through any kind of menopause or anything? Oh, hell yeah, I am.
But it's that's That's a totally different feeling.
This is not the same.
I feel it staring at me and watching my every move.
And it's like an evil presence.
It does not want me around.
I'm also seeing this younger guy, and he is a freak.
He grabs people.
When he touches people, they get like a They actually get, like, the cold chill thing.
And when he touched my shoulder, it just felt, like, icy cold.
So the younger dude, right? When he first shows up, right? He says, "I want to kill things.
" Uh, he's very angry, this guy.
And then this dead lady shows up, and she is all over him, like, trying to be all lovey-dovey and [bleep] But he doesn't want nothing to do with her.
He doesn't want her there.
And he's livid.
And I just feel like it's really taking a toll on these people.
It's like they never get a moment of peace.
So this is the master bedroom where you and Nikki sleep? It's the worst room, for me, in this house.
I can't sleep.
One evening, I was laying here in the bed with my daughter, Nikki.
All of a sudden, it just felt like two hands grabbed me one on this side, one on this side and real hard, up against the bedpost.
At the same time.
Bam! And at the same time this was going on, I'm feeling a third hand.
And it feels like a man's hand grabbing me by my throat and just kind of like pulling my neck up and choking me at the same time.
And so how long did it last? About 2 or 3 minutes.
I felt like I was getting ready to pass out.
And my daughter, she immediately jumps out of bed and she's grabbing Bibles and she's praying over me at the same time all this is happening.
I'm afraid to even ask you if there's anything else.
And there is.
And I drifted off to sleep, and I'm wakened by a finger fingers.
Went from here and they go slowly.
And they kept coming.
And they kept coming.
And they kept coming until it reached my breast.
And I tried to jump up, but the covers, they got real, real tight.
Real tight.
I couldn't get out of my covers.
I can't push it off.
I can't shoot it.
And all I felt was the hand the hand.
I was violated.
[Voice breaking] I've never told nobody this.
All right.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
You're okay? It's just so much.
I know, baby.
I know, babe.
This is more where, like, that man and woman are.
So what does this guy do to people? He's capable of touching, grabbing.
Anybody in particular that he targets? Well, I think females.
I think he's about that.
And he wants to kill people.
Is that what he's trying to do? Yeah.
DEBORAH: Oh, God! Stop! Stop! Stop! Leave her alone! [Nikki crying] After interviewing Deborah, I stepped away for a second.
And that's when I heard screaming and crying coming from her room.
Stop! It's my daughter, not yours! You have no right to touch her! I rushed over, and all I can say is I've never seen anything like this.
[Both crying] She just got attacked.
It started on her back first, just scratching.
And then it grabbed her again by the neck.
Oh, geez.
Look at that.
You can see the welts.
[Nikki crying] [Deborah and Nikki crying] - What happened? - She just got attacked.
It started on her back first, just scratching.
And then it grabbed her again by the neck.
Oh, geez.
Look at that.
You can see the welts.
NIKKI: I feel really helpless.
Whatever's here can go to Hell.
[Crying] So, how are you doing? You're doing better from before? I was able to get some rest, and I'm doing a little bit better.
- That happens a lot to you, doesn't it? - Yeah.
Well, you're the reason Mom called us in.
She thinks you're in danger.
Do you feel the same way, that you're in deep danger here? At times, I really do.
I'm scared for my family.
I want to talk about all the experiences you're having.
What's going on? I'd get scratched.
Like, earlier today, I was, and I would get scratched in the shower.
I'd feel these burning sensations.
And then I'd look down, and I have scratches all over me.
Now, what do these scratches exactly look like? Are they long? Actually, these are what it can look like.
Oh, geez.
So it's almost exactly like what I saw before? Yes.
You're not doing this to yourself, are you? - No, I'm not.
- Look at me.
I'm not doing this to myself.
[Voice breaking] I wouldn't do this to myself.
'Cause sometimes people do things to get attention.
Yeah, I know.
Are you getting touched any other way? Yeah.
Um, I had been sleeping out on the couch, and I started feeling like something just touched me, just like that, and then go all the way down my body.
It got sexually inappropriate with you? Yes.
It just really freaked me out.
I've never been touched like that before.
It's all right.
I feel like because of it singling me out all the time, maybe it has something to do with me.
AMY: The younger guy, he stated that he would like to be killing things.
Would the living in here be aware of him? Yeah, no, they're aware.
Oh, yeah.
Um, maybe feeling, like, movement.
Hearing, like, mumbling, feeling pressure on the bed, like, when they're laying on the bed.
I don't trust him.
STEVE: Jeff, I was talking to your wife, and I understand this is where you're sleeping now? - Yeah.
- Okay.
I mean, that can't be good for the marriage.
It is aggravating, frustrating, you know, that you just want to Right.
Well, earlier, I walked away for a second.
I come back and your daughter's getting attacked.
It's something I've never seen before.
It it just seems to go after, you know, women.
To me, that's weak and - Cowardice.
- Yeah, exactly.
So you consider yourself a skeptic? No, not anymore.
So what changed your mind? The time when I saw for myself.
There was a pot on the counter.
It actually went off of that and onto the floor in the next room.
- You saw this happen? - Yes.
How did you react when you saw that? It got me pretty angry, I mean, to the point where I screamed at it, "Come on, you coward, S.
Here I am.
Take me.
" Have you seen anything else like that? Uh, I've seen, like, shadow figures out of the corner of my eye.
In which part of the house? Usually right around between the bedroom I'm in now and my daughter's room.
- Okay, so right here basically? - Yeah.
Could you tell if it was a male or a female? - Male.
- Okay.
I got to ask you a question as a husband and a father.
Do you think the girls are in danger? I don't really want to admit it, but they are getting harmed.
I want to protect them.
I never thought I'd ever be in a situation that I wouldn't be able to.
And I don't know what to do.
That old fussy man, the OCD man, he's in here a lot.
He's He tells me, "I'm trying to wake them up.
Wake up! Wake up!" MATT: Wake who up? I see I think it I think it's a male, probably in his 30s or 40s, waking up because he is hearing, "Wake up! Wake up!" The dead OCD man is trying to help this person.
He's trying to warn.
He's trying to give a warning.
About what? Everything in this house.
I think that this person is probably the most sensitive person in the household, and because of that, is being severely affected by this.
He's very depressed.
He's trying to tell them they probably should get out of here as quickly as possible.
STEVE: So one of the first things I do when I start an investigation is reach out to the local cops, reporters, and historians.
I just got a call back from a genealogist who says she might be able to help.
Turns out, one of the original owners of Deborah and Jeff's property had a real tragic time there.
Now, you mentioned on the phone one of the original owners of the property I'm investigating had a pretty tough time while they were there.
But before we get to that, though, who was this guy? His name was Mills H.
He got the land in 1840, inherited from his grandmother.
Okay, so the land he inherits.
What kind of land is it? - It was most likely farmland.
- Okay.
Uh, most likely a plantation.
And the 1860 census we do have, where Mills owned 11 slaves.
Now, Cathy, you mentioned on the phone that there was tragedy with this family.
What was the story? Well, Mills married in the early 1840s to a Miss Williams.
They had a little girl in 1845.
And by 1850, the mother was dead.
Do we know what she died of? We do not.
North Carolina did not require death records at that point in time.
Does he ever remarry? He does.
He married in 1853 to Sarah Louisa Savage.
She was 18.
He was 32.
And then tragedy hits him again because the second wife died in 1859.
She was dead by 24.
What does she die of? Again, we don't know.
All right.
So I'm afraid to even ask.
Did this guy ever get married again? No, he did not.
He remained single for the rest of his life.
Well, this is pretty good information.
I don't know how it's gonna help in the investigation, but it's interesting how this poor guy lost two wives pretty young in life.
I do have something else that might help you.
His only son died in a very tragic way.
What happened? He apparently was an alcoholic.
He went on a 10-day bender, and he was firing his pistol.
People were running left and right, trying to get out of his way.
He came upon a local merchant, Edward Gatlin, and told him he was going to kill him.
Gatlin managed to reach his gun first and fired and shot young Mills in the back.
We have a newspaper article that talks about that.
Mills lingered on and died 2 days later.
AMY: This guy was, like, super psycho when he was alive.
The second I walked back outside, the young dead guy is all over me.
And I'm starting to see he was a violent man in life.
He's telling me he wants to kill things.
He probably wasn't the nicest dude.
He might've hurt people.
Nobody's at rest here.
The living aren't.
The dead aren't.
It's hard.
[Sighs] STEVE: So far, I know the previous landowner Mills Eure suffered one tragedy after another, losing two wives at a very young age.
But I need to see if there's anything more.
Searching through old records, I find Thomas Pitman, who purchased the land from Mills Eure.
Turns out Pitman also lost two wives while living on the property.
Believe it or not, this guy's granddaughter is still alive.
She's 96, feisty as hell, and willing to talk about her grandfather.
So your grandfather, you remember him? Mm-hmm.
- Now, how old were you when he passed away? Ten years old.
Now, I understand your grandfather purchased my client's property in 1882.
But I wasn't around then.
I would hope not.
[Laughs] What kind of a man was he? He was a good man, always doing something for us.
I know that your grandfather's first wife, Annie, died in 1874, but the records are unclear as to how she died.
Do you have any idea? It was diphtheria.
Now, I know your grandfather remarried to a woman named Sally.
Sally died in 1891, but I couldn't find any records to tell me what she died of.
Okay, so she died from the same thing? Mm-hmm.
I know your grandfather lost two wives at this point.
Did he remarry again? Yes, he did, in 1894.
Stella, that's my grandmother.
That man on the end is my grandfather.
Now, do you know when he died? He died one week after his 80th birthday.
Unfortunately, this is not, uh, a happy place.
Like, I'm hearing that word "sorrow.
" There's a lot of sorrow here.
A lot of sorrow, a lot of pain, a lot of loss.
Oh, boy.
There's something very wrong.
Nothing is as it seems here.
It's pretty crazy.
If you need us to investigate unexplained activity in your home, go to the "Dead Files" page at travelchannel.
Click on "Help me, Dead Files!" to submit your story, and we'll help if we can.
STEVE: Now, another thing that caught my eye during research was The Buffaloes, a deadly gang that tore through town and murdered a woman right next door to my client's property.
I'm on my way to meet with a historian who says that The Buffaloes were cold-blooded killers and thieves.
So, Chris, I know a lot about the Civil War from research I've done.
But I never heard of The Buffaloes.
Buffaloes were a ragtag group of men.
This is a picture of some Buffalo soldiers.
They were a wandering group who were ex-Confederate soldiers, runaway slaves, thieves.
I mean, biracial? I mean, 1860s? Really? Very, very unusual.
All right.
So what would these guys do? Well, they went on a huge crime spree in the area.
They would attack farms, steal the people's property.
If they met any resistance, they wouldn't hesitate to kill the person.
AMY: There are men outside, all different colors.
They seemed to be very agitated.
It seems like a very desolate place, but I'm getting a lot of wrongful deaths here.
That's how it feels with these men.
So now, I know they attacked and killed a woman that lived right next door to my client's property.
Do you know anything about that? Yes, her name was Mrs.
On a raid in February 1865, they attacked her house.
They took all of her belongings, and then they wanted a little something extra.
And she refused them, and they summarily shot and bayoneted her.
On that same day, they actually attacked your client's property.
Okay, who was living there at the time? Mills Eure.
I already came across him in my research.
What happened? They attacked, took all of his property, and beat him up.
I see this woman, and she's got long black hair.
I'm just, like, in her, and I'm feeling a man grabbing me and, like, slitting my throat.
Then he, like caved in basically half her face.
I felt, like, this horrible pain in the right eye socket.
And then I hear lots of women screaming and moaning.
And then, quickly, very quickly, I see a male who's dressed in very dark blue with gold trim.
I've never seen any kind of military dress like this before.
All I heard was, "He is a murderer.
" All right.
So did these guys ever get caught, or did they just get away with it? Yes, they did get caught.
The Confederate Army came in, attacked their base camp, and captured 14 of these men.
Ten were returned as deserters to their original unit, but four of these men were taken to Mrs.
Spivey's house and executed.
And here's a newspaper account of that attack.
And what was the reason for going back to the property? To teach a lesson to any of the other thieves in the area.
AMY: I saw several dead people on my walk, but the young dead man tormenting a living woman had me the most concerned.
His face is all black.
Thin nose.
He had a weird kind of look.
He was standing on the bed and touching her shoulder.
Is this what you saw? Yes.
STEVE: Now that Amy and I have completed our investigations, we're ready to reveal our findings to each other and our clients for the first time.
Amy, I'd like you to meet Deborah, her husband, Jeff, and their daughter, Nikki.
Now, I spent the day with the family and got a firsthand look at how bad things are.
And it was very disturbing.
Probably one of the most serious cases we've ever done.
And the family's convinced that whatever's going on is going after Nikki.
And they'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.
Now that Amy knows just a little bit about what you guys are going through, I'm gonna ask her to describe the walk for us.
When I was outside, I saw this woman that was being murdered.
She was in her 20s or 30s.
She had long black hair.
And I suddenly felt like I was kind of inside her body.
And a male came up and grabbed me and slit my throat.
I felt horrible pain in my eye socket and also my nose.
And then, I saw a male who was wearing this really strange military outfit.
And it was dark blue with gold.
And he kind of had a strange hat, as well.
It was, like, more like a cowboy hat.
There were quite a few.
And they were all different ages and races, but they were all male.
Well, I think I can help you out on this one.
Back in the 1860s, there was a group of outlaws called The Buffaloes.
The strange thing about this group of men were they were multiracial, which was pretty odd for the time period.
It was during the Civil War.
They were a gang made up of ex-Civil War soldiers, criminals, escaped slaves.
I was actually able to get a photo.
You mentioned the uniforms.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, how weird.
Now, in February of 1865, they came onto your property that was inhabited by a guy named Mills Eure at the time.
I have an article here that says how they nearly beat him to death and stole all his property.
Now, right after that happened, they decided to go right next door to your property and attack a woman named Mrs.
The historian I had spoke to said they tried to rape her after they robbed her.
She fought back, and they wind up bayoneting her and shooting her.
She died right in the property.
Now, 14 of these guys were caught.
They turned 10 over to the Confederate Army 'cause they were deserters.
And the other four, they actually brought back to to where Mrs.
Spivey lived.
They executed those men right there on the property.
Oh, okay.
Inside the house, I encountered a couple of very solid, conscious dead people.
One was an older man.
He has severe OCD.
And I felt like the living might have some of these experiences, going through spells of OCD.
So you'll, like, work a problem to death, or you'll reflect on something to death.
And he likes messing with people's ears and faces.
He likes to touch that.
NIKKI: You just hit that on cue.
The hair pulling, the messing with my face constantly at night.
And the OCD part, I have seen that especially on her.
I can get on one thought, and I can just wring it and just take it as far as it can go, and then some.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
But does that happen to you when you're not home? No.
Do you have any idea who this guy might've been in life? He was in his late 60s.
He seemed short.
He died fairly recently.
He had compulsive behaviors in life, you know.
He was fussy with other living people.
He was very neurotic.
He's not okay right now.
Well, that's the 800-pound gorilla in the room.
My father.
Oh, really? He was 62 when he died.
He was a just a hard-ass, period.
Strict, loving at the same time.
My mom, she had to walk around the house with a white glove, check for dust.
Wow, okay.
So the thing is, he's drawn to you.
He's trying to always talk to you to give you warnings.
He tells me, "I'm trying to wake them up.
Wake up! Wake up!" But you're just completely, like, I guess kind of ignoring him? He's trying to warn you.
He's trying to protect from the other dead that are here.
You were hinting at him, like you think he may have some abilities.
You do have quite a few dead people around you.
And it feels like they can really talk to you, so Well, I got a couple of photos of Deborah's father.
This is her wedding day.
Is that who you think it was? It looks like him, but way thinner.
Way thinner.
And when he passed, he was way thinner.
Okay, that makes sense.
When we spoke, you said you thought your father was there from time to time.
[Sniffles] Here, take that.
Thank you.
Just miss him.
I miss him a lot.
You mentioned you ran into a couple of dead people.
Who else? One of the people that I'm most concerned about is this young dead guy.
He is a threat.
It, to me, felt like he didn't particularly care for women.
I think he's kind of a psycho.
My assumption was that he wasn't a particularly good person when he was alive.
At one point, he was like, "Yeah, I want to kill things.
" Well, it it's a shot in the dark, but remember the guy I told you about, Mills Eure, who got beat up by The Buffaloes? Yes.
He had a son, Mills Jr.
, who was a drunk.
And one time, he went on a 10-day alcohol bender.
Apparently, he wound up walking through the streets downtown nearby, shooting his gun in the air.
And people were scurrying all over the place.
He approaches this local merchant by the name of Edward Gatlin.
And he says, "I'm gonna I'm gonna kill you.
" And he goes for his gun.
Gatlin was a quicker shot, pulled out his gun, and shoots him in the back.
There's only other one weird thing about the property.
And you mentioned women? Mm-hmm.
Mills had two wives who died young on the property, and there's no record of what they died of.
Then I spoke with a 96-year-old woman whose grandfather bought the land in 1882.
His name was Thomas Pitman.
He had lost two wives as well on the property.
- Wow.
- And they were both young.
Now, this young dead guy you saw, what could he do to affect the living? Well, the thing was, a female showed up, a dead female.
And this person seemed to have been in a relationship with him.
And he was very irritated that she showed up.
And they were, like, arguing.
And he was, like, you know, really pissed off.
What I saw was, like, the living picking up on their anger and fighting, and so they're emulating them.
So they're fighting, as well.
And if he's around, you could feel, like, ice.
Like, it was really, like can go right through you, you know? You can tell when he's around because it's like total 10-degree drop instantly.
NIKKI: With the arguing, I've actually seen that between my parents.
It's just so much drama, so much argument, so much, just, chaos.
We're not together.
We're not solid.
Well, what concerned me was the room with the pastel bedspread.
STEVE: That's Nikki's room, but she's so terrified in there, she sleeps with her mom.
They're maybe feeling, like, movement.
Hearing, like, mumbling, feeling pressure on the bed, like, when they're laying on the bed.
AMY: He was grabbing my shoulder, and he was grabbing the back of my leg.
And because he can be so physical, that's where it gets scary, because he does really hate women.
STEVE: Deborah and Nikki both feel that whatever's in the house is targeting women.
NIKKI: Everything that you said about the bedroom, I've experienced everything.
The voices, the mumbling.
I've felt the bed shake.
Once, I got pushed back, and I felt like something was on top of my chest.
Like, I couldn't breathe.
It felt like something was on my neck.
STEVE: It also happened to Deborah.
She got attacked the same type of way.
DEBORAH: I was sitting on the bed.
My hands are just in my lap.
And all of a sudden, they flew back and hit the headboard hard.
- Mm.
- And my throat just literally went up, and I'm being choked.
They've been, um touched inappropriately, both women.
NIKKI: I was kind of sleeping.
I was going in and out.
And all of a sudden, I started feeling something touch me.
And it was going from my neck, and I felt it go lower, lower, then I was feeling it just caress me.
Oh, my gosh.
STEVE: But she's not the only one that's been touched that way.
So has Deborah.
He's done that, but he got a little further.
Why didn't you tell me about these? [Crying] How can I tell you that I think I just almost got raped by that dead guy? [Crying] I had a sketch done of what I saw.
Geez! Can he really do this? Deborah, he has.
[Sobs] Can he take her life? AMY: I did do a sketch.
Geez! Can he really do this? Deborah, he has.
[Sobs] Can he take her life? Yeah.
He is insane, and he wants to kill people.
NIKKI: [Sniffles] It would scratch me everywhere my chest, my back, my stomach, my legs.
You can actually see the scratch marks going all over.
STEVE: And I got photos of them.
I've always felt he wanted her.
He can do anything, but I can't stop him.
Well, guys, I know tonight was a rough night, but I don't think any of us thought it was gonna be an easy one.
Now we need to answer your big question how to keep the women of the house safe.
For that answer, I'm gonna turn it over to Amy.
What I would like to see happen is for a medium to come out and for you to receive a reading with this medium to talk to your father.
- Are you okay with that? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
He'll have a lot of good advice for you.
I think it'll be a really good experience for both of you guys.
And that should help him to move on.
Then, the next day, two mediums need to come back, a male medium and a female medium.
The female medium needs to be really feminine.
The male medium needs to be pretty tough.
Both of the mediums will engage with the guy in your bedroom and forcefully remove him from the location.
And his dead girlfriend will go with him because of their situation.
So let me ask you a question.
Why a feminine woman? Because a feminine woman would be, to him, someone that he could dominate and possess because he views women as weak.
Well, this has got to be good news.
You told me you thought it was a frigging demon in the house.
Yeah, I'm glad it's not.
Well, it's the next thing to a demon.
I'm hoping that, once all of this is out, that the family can come back to where it was.
Because it wasn't always a strain.
It wasn't always chaos.
It wasn't always hateful.
Are you gonna do what Amy suggests you guys do? Yeah.
Can't wait to start.
AMY: If the family follows my advice, Deborah's dad will finally be free, and the evil man tormenting the women of the house will be kicked out for good.
Then this family will find the peace it's been searching for.