The Dead Files (2011) s09e09 Episode Script

Legion of Death - Spartanburg, South Carolina

AMY: This is where the dead roam.
Really not good for kids here, not good at all.
We want to protect 'em.
It makes me feel terrible.
AMY: Somebody's being stabbed in the stomach.
Are you having any kind of health issues? The stabbing pains in my back.
The shadow people are [bleep] killing people here.
This house is not a home.
I just hear death.
My name is Amy Allan.
Oh, God.
It's like, "I'm going to get you.
" I see dead people.
Her face was all demonic.
I speak to dead people He's like, "You think you can stop me? Because you can't.
" and they speak to me.
- What is he trying to do? - Kill them.
But there's only one way to know if my findings are real.
Something happened.
I rely on my partner.
I'm Steve DiShiavi.
I'm a retired New York City homicide detective.
Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? I know every person, every house has secrets.
- They're everywhere.
- It's my job to reveal them.
This guy's got the markings of a serial killer.
But Steve and I never speak We never communicate during an investigation until the very end Is this dead guy doing that to her? When we uncover if it's safe for you to stay That's it.
Or time to get out.
Somebody's gonna die over there soon.
STEVE: I'm in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
It's about 80 miles west of Charlotte.
So I got a call from a woman named Donna, who's a mother of three.
Now she lives in a big, beautiful, suburban house.
Trouble is, she says the whole family's being terrorized.
But her special needs daughter is getting the worst of it.
She sounded really bad on the phone and says if we can't help her, someone's gonna get seriously hurt.
MATT: Before Amy arrives, I clear the area of any leading information, removing religious symbols, artwork, and other personal items that could influence her findings.
When I'm done, the location will be ready for tonight's walk.
I'm having feelings of very deep sadness and uncontrollable shaking and fear.
So much, uh, pain and crying.
Terrible, terrible.
[Exhales deeply] And I hear this house is not a home.
[Birds chirping] So, Donna, when we spoke on the phone, you were obviously upset.
- What's goin' on? - We moved here, and it's it's been not what I dreamed about.
We, all five of us, sleep here in the living room.
You're tellin' me the entire family's sleepin' in this room? Right, 'cause no one wants to sleep upstairs.
We all feel better together.
Give me an idea of what you guys are goin' through.
Well, we hear, um, footsteps.
Um, we hear unexplainable noises.
Um, we see shadows everywhere, apparitions, everything.
Everything that you can think of, it seems like we have seen in every room.
People are being scratched and just feeling like they're being touched.
How are you living like this? It's very exhausting.
And when we moved here, I was perfectly healthy.
And and now I'm just sick all the time, kidney stones, cervical cancer.
It's gall bladder, migraines, depression.
It's one thing after another.
I'm just ready for it to be over any way it has to be.
Whatever, it has to be done.
I feel sick in here.
I feel nauseous, awful, terrible.
Uh, I would think the living would [bleep] feel sick here.
Uh, There'd be a lot of nausea, anxiety, and anger.
I see an angry man.
He hurt people.
[Whispers] He's scary.
The living, they hear the guy.
They hear walking, uh, up and down the stairs, all over the place.
And I do feel like, when they're sleeping, I feel like, uh, he does inappropriate things to the women, um, very inappropriate.
Um, very, very inappropriate.
I think he's the one making people sick.
I don't want to go upstairs.
All right, so, Donna, who exactly lives in the house with you? Well, this is my family.
- Okay.
Who's here? - This is Tyler.
He's 21.
- Okay.
- Austin's 15.
Abbie is 11.
And that's me and my husband.
Now you mentioned on the phone Abbie has a condition.
She was diagnosed with selective mutism.
And it's basically, um, an anxiety disorder.
When she's asked anything that actually bothers her, if it's any tension, um, she she shuts down and she's not able to talk.
Do you think it's caused by what's goin' on in the house? Or do you think it's something she was born with? It seems to me that it may be the cause.
And I think there's things like, she doesn't want to ever go in the bathroom.
And I think there is something more that she's not able to tell me about.
She'll stay in the bed, she'll cover her head up, and she just will not talk for a day.
There's nothing to console her.
You can't do anything.
And it just broke my heart.
That's very concerning for me because she may be experiencing a hell of a lot more than you know.
Sometimes I worry that it takes advantage of the fact that she can't tell me everything.
That's why we're just praying that that y'all can help us.
Don't like it in here.
I don't like this space at all.
There's so much here.
Oh, my god.
I'm I'm like, completely overwhelmed right now.
There's a teenager here who's having problems, long hair, delicate, delicate.
So I think it's a demon.
And this demon is really messing with the girl, acting like a woman, crawling into the bed and touching feeling, cuddling.
It's evil.
It's so [bleep] evil, though.
It's so [bleep] evil.
All right, Donna, why'd you bring me upstairs? What's the story? I was, uh, sleeping one night, woke up, and I couldn't breathe, like I was being choked.
And I couldn't move.
And Abbie woke up and she kept sayin', "Mom, mom, mom!" And it kinda upsets me 'cause she was so scared.
And, um, she said my lips were turnin' blue and my face was swelling.
- You sure it wasn't a dream? - Yes.
Do you think whatever's here wants you here? No, especially not up here.
This is their place.
And now whatever's here forced you guys into not sleeping up here? Yeah.
Anything else? Yeah.
I see an apparition of a-a man.
It's all black.
Um, he's he's very tall.
The only thing I do see that's not black is his is a pale pale, yellow eyes.
And he has a long, um, hairy, Grinch-like fingers.
The way you describe, it's something out of, like, a horror movie.
It's kinda like his like an owl.
I know it sounds crazy.
Uh, any medications you're taking for the - the symptoms you're havin'? - Mnh-mnh.
The only reason I ask is because I don't know if you're hallucinatin' what you're seein' or Right.
I would think that, too.
- 'Cause it's pretty bizarre.
- It is.
All right.
The demon went through the wall.
And then it, like, morphed into, like, a creepy face.
Like, grotesque.
Not only can this demon project itself to look like anything it wants, it's also able to affect the living in horrible ways.
I can't breathe.
I feel, like, choking.
I think the demon's making people kill each other or kill themselves.
This place is [bleep].
Is anything else goin' on? Well, I hear, um, um, a female voice calling my name.
'Cause this always usually happens when I'm at home by myself.
And it it scares me to death.
Are there any females other than you in the house, other than Abbie? Mnh-mnh.
TV on, anything like that? No, I had all the TVs turned off.
Well, you got your hands full.
They definitely don't like us here.
They don't want us here.
I think they just want us gone.
There's a woman there, and she's just staring at me.
She scares me.
She scares me because she's so not okay.
She's crawling on the floor.
She's crying.
She's screaming.
She's yelling.
She's in pain.
She was hurt.
I don't know what's goin' on here.
Oh, my god.
I'm so scared.
The dead have been [bleep] here.
You know, it's not good.
They can't move on.
It's really bad.
I think the dead here really do think they're in hell.
It's so not good.
So, Andy, this is your master bedroom? - Correct.
- Okay.
Well, this is the first house in over 100 cases I've ever been in where the bedroom set wasn't even set up.
So what you're tellin' me is that stuff was so bad up here that you guys didn't even go as far - as even putting the bed together? - That's right.
Now where where do you specifically sleep? Downstairs, in the recliner.
So, Andy, I was talkin' to your wife, and she was tellin' me about everything she's going through, plus the kids.
It makes me feel terrible.
You want to protect 'em.
You you want to be there.
But, um, it just seemed like ever since we've been in this house, it's just been one issue after another.
The kids don't like to come upstairs.
Now, Andy, have you had any of the experiences that your wife and the kids have had? Well, there's a few things that's happened.
I've heard noises, like, maybe something falling off of a counter.
Then I go and check on it, and, you know, don't Don't see anything.
So I just kinda discount it.
Anything else happen? Severe room temperature changes.
The hallway will be one temperature.
You come into this room, it's like a meat locker.
What time of the year were you feeling this? Well, it was during the summer.
Did you shut off the vents or anything in this room? No, they hadn't been.
That's strange.
Anything else? Since we started remodelin', I started, you know, havin' trouble breathin' and my back started hurtin' really bad.
And then I had kind of a tightness of the chest.
Now have you felt that any place else in the house? No, I haven't.
- What about at work? - No.
It hasn't happened to you since? - No, hasn't.
- That's kinda strange.
I believe something attacked me.
You're kinda [bleep] anywhere in this house.
This is just where it's most active.
I think that area's like a portal.
- What does that mean? - It's a doorway.
It's for dead people, connects outside.
Other houses are affected.
Something's happening in my stomach.
So, Tyler, I was talkin' to Mom.
She said you basically grew up here, correct? Right.
Yes, sir.
- How old are you now? - 21.
Now what about yourself as far as experiences go? Feeling, you know, drained all the time.
Sleeping for 12 hours and feeling like I've only gotten two.
So Your father mentioned chest pains and back pains and stuff like that.
Are you having any kind of health issues? The stabbing pains in my back.
I'll I'll be in the bed and I won't be able to, for about 5 minutes, be able to get up.
It just hurts.
One second I'm fine, and then the next, extreme pain.
I did over six tests, and they said they had no idea what would be causin' the pain.
What do you think is goin' on here? You think it's paranormal that's causing your issues? Without a doubt.
I've seen too many things not to.
All right.
Anything else? The one night I was laying on Abbie's bed, I saw a black shadow figure block out the TV.
It was like a real tall, stocky man, had yellow eyes.
And then how long does he hang out? Three, for seconds, looks at me, and then disappears.
To this day, it haunts me.
All right.
So that's in Abbie's room where you saw this.
I mean, you gotta be scared that she may be seeing the same damn thing.
And you know, it It upsets me because for something to go after her you know, any any time I would say, "Come after me.
You know, don't go after her.
" I'd take her place any day.
If you had a choice of living here or not, what would you do? I'd go as far away from this place as I could.
I don't like it here.
[Whispers] This is a bad room.
This is a very, very bad room.
I'm seein', um They're in the walls.
They're in the walls.
And they're hidin' in the [bleep] walls.
And they are bad.
- People see these.
- Like, how many? [Exhales sharply] There was probably, like, five.
They are slitherin' around on the walls.
They're physical.
They're physical.
Um Ow, mother [bleep], mother.
So the property records on this place go all the way back to the mid- 1700s.
In fact, the first family who settled on Donna and Andy's property got the land grant from King George III of England.
Amazingly, I managed to track down a descendant who still lives in the area, and he says he's got a story that will definitely help my case.
So, Caroll, I understand that you are the descendant of the original owners of my clients' property.
I'm the the fourth great grandson of John Caldwell, who's buried here.
This this is his original marker.
So from what I understand, you told me he was granted the land from the king? Yes.
He was granted 250 acres in 1772.
So my clients' house is on the original property.
That's correct, yes.
Now you had mentioned to me that there was a pretty interesting story in regards to your family.
Yeah, John Caldwell, uh, he eventually ended up fighting on the side of the American Revolution.
There was a person in this area who was on the side of the British.
And he was called "Bloody Bill" Cunningham.
He was a terror in this part of the country.
He killed many people, uh, in this area who were loyal to the colonists.
In November 1780, Bloody Bill Cunningham captured John Caldwell's younger son, who was 14 at the time, hacked him with swords, scalped him, and left him lyin' on the side of the road.
That's a brutal way to go.
He lingered till morning and And passed the next morning.
And he is the first person buried here in this cemetery.
I'm seein' an older man.
He's taking a boy, I think.
He's pushin' his face to the floor, kickin' him.
"This isn't how you act!" Kickin' him.
This is residual.
Uh, the teenage boy's in trouble.
He's, like, maybe 15, 16 years old.
So much anger between these two people, between the kid and the the adult, so much [bleep] anger.
I know that that man was influenced.
What's doing that? The demon.
Something's wrong.
Feel like somebody's being stabbed in the stomach.
I feel like a young male is being stabbed in the stomach.
I gotta know more about this Bloody Bill guy.
I'm on my way to meet a genealogist who says not only did he terrorize the city, but he ended up killing someone else who lived on my client's property.
So, Suzanne, this guy, Bloody Bill Cunningham, I understand he was a bit of a psycho that killed a lot of people.
- That's true.
- What do you know about him? He was born in South Carolina, and he grew up in a family that was loyal to the British crown.
And this is a portrait of Bloody Bill.
Looks pretty regal in this photo, doesn't he? So how's this guy turn into a bloody killer? At the age of 19, he decides to go against his parents' loyalty to the crown and join with the American colonists to fight, with the one proviso that he not be required to kill or go after his family.
Well, a few months after going with the American colonists, he's asked to do just exactly that.
He's asked to go after his family.
So what does he do? He refuses.
He resigns.
And his commanding officer and some others went looking for him 'cause they weren't happy with the decision.
And they found his parents and his younger brother.
They roughed up his parents and whipped his brother to death.
So now I can see where this guy's anger's startin' to build.
He gets together a group of men, and he starts out on a rampage to get even.
They traveled through the countryside burning homes, killing people, looting.
- So how bad was it? - He killed at least 50 people, including John Caldwell Junior, who lived on your clients' property.
I just left his grave site.
All right, so at some point, this Bloody Bill gets stopped? In 1782, he was banished from South Carolina and fled to Nassau in the Bahamas.
- What happens to him there? - He died there, about the age of 31, in 1787.
Any cause of death? Do we have any idea? Some suggest that he died of T.
- Good.
He deserved it.
- Yes.
Do you have any idea how long these shadow people have been here? I would just say forever.
And this demon thing? Forever.
Do you have an idea what they want? The shadow people are [bleep] killing people here.
And I think the demon's [bleep] makin' people kill each other or kill themselves, [bleep], you know? This is bad land.
It's bad.
It's not good.
This, uh, activity does go, uh, pretty far back.
It goes this way and it goes this way.
And other houses are being affected.
This is where the dead roam.
Everybody's wanderin' around.
Everybody's wandering.
It's like chaos.
It's not good.
Dead people feel like they're in hell.
If you need us to investigate unexplained activity in your home, go to the "The Dead Files" page at travelchannel.
Click on "Help me, Dead Files!" to submit your story, And we'll help if we can.
So far, I've got clients being physically assaulted on a property where Bloody Bill murdered one of his 50 victims, the child of a former owner.
But I wanna see if there's anything else.
Searching through old records, I find two mysterious drownings.
Turns out, they happened in a quarry right on my clients' original property line.
I'm heading over to meet the sheriff of Spartanburg, who's gonna tell me exactly what happened.
So, Sheriff, I came across those two drownings in my research that happened in the quarry, a little over a mile from my, uh, clients' property.
So what can you tell me about the first victim? Uh, Mr.
Henry Oglesby was a 14-year-old male in good shape.
He ran track.
He was healthy and athletic.
This is a photo here of Henry Oglesby at at the age of 14.
He was at the rock quarry and decided to go swimmin'.
This was a very popular hang out.
He jumped in the water.
And I don't know what height he jumped from.
He never resurfaced.
I can't imagine the heartbreak his parents felt losing a 14-year-old like that.
All right, so what do we know about the other drowning? Yeah, August the 6th of '89, almost 2 years.
A David Wayne Ellison, 25 years old.
Same same deal, ha hanging out with his buddies.
Two guys jumped in, one came out.
And we find him in about 17 feet of water.
So now you got two pretty able- bodied, strong guys drowning? Right.
I'm hearing, like, "Don't go in the pool.
" And I saw a shadow person go in the [bleep] pool.
"Ya think it's safe over here, but it's not.
" What do you think would happen if people go in the pool? Uh, I think that, uh, they might drown.
I think that the shadow person that hangs out in the [bleep] pool would try to drown people.
- Like how? - It'd pull their feet.
Not safe, not safe, especially kids, really dangerous here for children.
Really not good for kids here, not good at all.
I come across another case that you might find interesting near your clients property.
There was a murder that took place there on October the 31st, 1990.
- At the quarry? - Yes, sir.
Okay, so what exactly happened? It's a gentleman by the name of Ramone Hernandez.
Hernandez is 24 years old.
This next slide is, uh, photos of the two convicted killers.
This gentleman here on the left is his name is Charles Steven Sink.
And his girlfriend, Ellen Holcolm, who have both been convicted of murdering Mr.
He's got a smirk on his face.
All right, so how did the murder go down? Hernandez, gentleman who was suffering from a brain tumor and had a very small amount of time to live, he had a settlement, a large sum of money in his pocket.
And, uh, these two took him out under the disguise that they were gonna go party and have some fun.
This Sink guy had a-a cocaine problem.
You know, he's needin' money.
And he hits Hernandez in the back of the head - Right.
- With with the back of an ax.
So not to really cut him up.
And they tried to cover their actions by throwing him into the quarry and make it look like a drowning.
He and her both had planned this to make it look like an accident.
All right, so how much money did these two get? We know $700 that they took off this man.
All right, so this homicide happened over 25 years ago.
Are these guys still in? - Sink got out in 2013.
- Okay.
And, uh, she got she got in or around the same time, but has, uh, reviolated and gone back.
Wow, so I got a murder that pretty much took place and the body dumped in that same quarry - where these two kids drowned.
- That's right.
There's a man.
I get he's young, probably late teens.
I feel like someone is after him.
He's getting beat up.
He's being beaten.
I see two people around him, one is a tall, chubby man.
I get the name Steve.
This dude who's hurting this kid is in his 30s or 40s.
So this is recent, 1990s.
It's dark.
It's dark where they are, no lights.
He is crying and praying and begging for his life.
And I hear him yelling, "Not here! Not like this!" I saw several disturbing things on my walk, but the demon projecting itself is an old woman to a living child had me the most concerned.
This negative, evil thing is coming up.
And it's wrapping itself around her, acting like it's good, but it's really evil.
Next, I described how the demon showed itself to me.
It was very disfigured.
And it was reaching out.
And it had these long, dagger-like teeth.
Is this what you saw? Yes.
STEVE: Now that Amy and I have completed our investigations, we're ready to reveal our findings to each other and our clients for the first time.
So, Amy, this may look like a living room, but we're actually doing the reveal right in the middle where everyone in this house sleeps.
It's that bad.
This is Andy, his wife, Donna, her son, Tyler.
Also they have a son, Austin, who's 15, and their daughter, Abbie, who's 11.
Now Abbie's the reason we've been called in.
Donna believes whatever's here is picking on her and she's afraid Abbie could be in danger.
Now that Amy knows a little bit about who you guys are and the rest of the family, I'm gonna ask her to describe her walk for us.
One of the first things that came through very, very clearly was a disturbing residual scene I saw involving a young male.
I got that he was in his late teens.
He was extremely frightened.
Uh, he felt like he was going to die.
Somebody was after him.
It was dark out at this time.
He was crying and praying and begging for his life.
He was saying, you know, "Not here! Not like this!" He was being beaten, uh, by two individuals.
And the one that I really, uh, got a look at was tall.
He was chubby.
I did get the name "Steve" with him.
And I got that this was a fairly recent attack, possibly 1990s.
That sounds a lot like some, uh, case I came across on my research.
A mile from here, you guys have a rock quarry, um, that used to be part of the original property.
Back on Halloween night, 1990, a young guy named Ramone Hernandez was down here with two of his friends Charles Steven Sink, who I happen to have a photo of, middle name Steven and his girlfriend, Evelyn Holcolm.
Now Ramone had terminal cancer, recently cashed a disability check and had a lot of money on him.
His so-called friends took him to the quarry and suddenly attacked him.
They knocked him unconscious.
And Holcolm and Sink pushed him into the quarry.
- Why'd they do it? - For the money.
Ramone has $700 in cash on him.
Cops wind up figuring it out.
They got a hold of these two, and they wind up confessing to it.
Sink spent 23 years in prison and he got out.
He's out now.
He's alive.
Now Holcolm got out after a few years, but is back in jail for another offense.
Do you think that's what you might have been seein'? Uh, well, it sounds just like it.
The next thing was that I came into the house and I saw this male.
He seemed extremely angry.
He was hurting people in his life.
One of the things I thought was that you might hear him walking around.
Everybody in the house hears footsteps, correct? Yes.
I hear footsteps going up and down, up and down, up and down.
That's him.
I got that he would occasionally touch women, possibly, uh, inappropriately.
I also got that he spends a lot of time right here.
So in this room, you may feel nausea and anxiety.
A lot of what you're sayin' is what these guys are experiencing.
Explain your health issues to Amy.
There's lots of different health issues, kidneys and gall bladder, back, and just tired all the time.
Since we've moved here, I've Di been diagnosed with a heart condition.
I've had stabbing pains and back pain all the time.
Now this might explain why we were called in.
Abbie has developed an anxiety disorder called selective mutism.
Any time she's feeling threatened or anxious, she's not able to tell me 'cause she just she shuts down.
Typically, on a normal investigation, I will come across, you know, one thing that is of major importance at a location.
Uh, you, in fact, have several.
I actually came across a portal.
It's upstairs at the end of the hall before you go into the big room.
And what this is, is a doorway for the dead.
The dead that were coming through this were indicating to me that they literally feel like they're stuck and that they're stuck in hell.
So let me get this straight So there's a portal here, the dead could come from just about anywhere? Oh, yeah.
And there are a lot of people that are coming through.
I'm sorry All these horrible things that happened around this area, that were negative, are being sucked in here.
It tears me up.
I wished it was me that was experiencing as opposed to them.
The other thing that's coming in with all of these lost, dead people roaming about was upstairs in the hallway.
And it was shadow people.
And they were slithering flat on the walls, up and down and on the ceiling.
These things have been here for a very, very long time and have somehow figured out a way to cross over from possibly another dimension.
They are extremely dangerous.
They tend to center their anger around children, the elderly, and individuals who are sick.
Now Tyler here, tell Amy about the shadow figure you see.
It feels like it's about 7 foot tall.
- Okay.
- And it's peering down on me.
And it has yellow eyes.
I see something, like he says, very tall with pale, yellow eyes.
And he's got these long, creepy fingers.
It makes me think that I'm goin' crazy.
Now Abbie sees them also, right, Donna? Right.
That's something that shuts her down.
It scares her.
If she's seen half the things I've seen, then I can't imagine.
All right, so what do these shadow figures want? They want to abduct or they want to kill.
I don't want you guys goin' in the pool, especially the kids, because when I was outside, I was seein' this shadow person goin' into the pool.
And I saw that thing, like, people swimming and then yanking them down by their feet and tryin' to drown 'em.
Now this house sits on what used to be a 250-acre farm.
And in the middle of that farm was that huge quarry where the murder took place.
The other thing I found out about the quarry is that two young people drowned there under very mysterious circumstances.
First kid was on August 22nd, 1987.
A 14-year-old boy by the name of Henry Oglesby went swimming there with some friends.
And I got a picture of Henry right here.
He jumped into about 10 feet of water and he never came back up.
Almost 2 years later, in 1989, a 25-year-old by the name of David Wayne Ellison did the same exact thing.
He went swimming, jumped in, and never resurfaced.
These were two healthy young men.
Now you said these shadow people are all over the damn place.
Is it possible they could have caused these kids to drown? I think so.
There's actually been cases where individuals have seen shadow people and then have had things like heart attacks.
The feeling of lethargy because they will literally suck the breath out of you.
Now that I hear it, it's all fitting together.
I've had more breathing problems, you know, um, like that.
So, I mean, it It's just it's concerning.
Now, Amy, Andy might be downplaying things, but he was doing renovations and got seriously sick.
It's bad.
I think he was attacked up there.
And he hurt for over a week.
He likes to play it down.
Now do you think that's from the shadow people? Or is that somethin' else? That's more than likely the shadow people.
Like, slowly, they're draining, literally taking the life from you.
We're being held captive.
- DONNA: Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
The biggest threat in your house is a demonic presence.
It's very powerful.
One of the individuals that I got that it's influencing was in the pink room.
STEVE: That's Abbie's room.
I got that there was a lot of issues with the person in that room.
And that this thing is really essentially a- t the root of that problem.
- DONNA: Mm-hmm.
And all those fears and traumas that are taking place are being created by this thing.
It can change forms.
There's a lot of trickery and faces it can take.
Where's it at? I mean, is it here with us, in the house? - Or is it - Yes, it is.
I feel I had a feelin' that it was.
So I'm not crazy.
One of the sketches that I had done was of a moment when it was tricking the living person into thinking it was a deceased relative.
[Sighs heavily] [Exhales deeply] TYLER: It looks just like Abbie.
It makes me so mad.
I should've done somethin' sooner.
I'm worried.
So now this is not how the demon looked when you saw it, right? So what did it look like when you saw it? Uh, I had a sketch done.
Another one? Okay.
[Whispers] Oh god.
Well, this would scare the [bleep] out of me, I'll tell ya that.
That's my that's my room.
At night, I saw the I saw it completely black out the TV in my room.
- It was him lookin' down at me.
- Mm-hmm.
It scared me to death.
It took the color out of my skin.
And till this day, I-I don't forget it.
STEVE: So, Donna, is this the yellow-eyed thing you saw? Yeah.
All right, so what does this thing want? I feel like, the, uh, demon has really attached itself to Abbie.
And I think it's already influencing her to become depressed, um, possibly harm herself.
And you guys aren't the first to be influenced by this thing.
That sucker's old.
It upsets me, makes me mad that something could have that power, you know, to do that.
That fits right in with what they do self-harm, harm to others, divide and conquer.
It makes me just want to put the family in the car and not come back.
[Crying] [Sniffles] Now every once in a while, a client has a portal, and that's bad news.
Shadow people come up even less, and that's usually really bad news.
This is the first case I've worked with Amy where you have a portal, shadow people, and a demon.
Honestly, I have no idea what she's gonna say.
But unfortunately, I got a feeling you won't like it.
As we were going along, I'm like, "Oh, well this could be done or that could be done.
" And then, I went upstairs to talk to the positive dead.
And what they said, very loud, very clearly, was, "Move.
" There's several things that you would need to do prior to moving.
You would need to have a type of exorcism of Abbie.
I don't recommend exorcisms for for children, um, but this is absolutely necessary.
So the next thing that needs to be done is a blessing for the entire family before the move, by a holy person.
And then all three of the kids should see a psychotherapist.
There's a lot of PTSD that's going on here of things that they've seen.
They're gonna be terrified that this is something that's gonna happen again.
Do you think that that's this thing has probably caused her condition? Yes.
And I think her seeing a psychotherapist will help.
I feel bad for puttin' my children through this.
I feel like I've let it happen.
Um, and then also, I cannot believe it.
STEVE: You gonna do what Amy suggests you guys do? - We'll move.
- Okay.
Wishing we would've done it earlier.
I'm willing to do anything.
Well, the thing is, you're gonna have a fresh start and get your kids back.
You can live in a tent.
What whatever you need to do, as long as your family's safe.
As long as I still have them, that's all that matters.
- Right.
- Mm-hmm.
AMY: Between a demon, a portal, and shadow people, the only way Donna and Andy can protect their family is to move as far away as possible.
If they do that and exorcise the demon attached to Abbie, they should lead a peaceful life.