The Dead Zone s01e01 Episode Script

Wheel of Fortune

Skate to the open ice, guys.
Come on now.
All right, attaboy.
|Attaboy, guys.
Move it around.
|Move the puck, guys.
No standing around.
|Move to an open space.
Hey, Sarah watch this.
Hey, watch it, kid! No, no.
No, don't go.
No, don't go there.
No, just leave it.
No, no, don't go.
Move, guys.
|Give him room.
Just leave it.
|Just leave it there.
Leave what where,|fella? What happened? You hit your head.
It hurts.
Yeah, I bet.
Listen, I need you|to go with Coach Miller.
He'll take you|by the hospital, okay? Okay, you guys,|that's enough hockey for today.
It's getting slick|out there anyway.
Let's go.
That was a pretty good|practice today.
We are looking very good.
Hold my legs!|Hold my legs! Where the hell is he?! I can't see him!|Where is he? He's here.
|He's right here.
Pull me back.
|Pull me back.
Pull me back.
|Pull, pull, pull.
Give me my skate.
Break! Break! Break! Come here, come here.
|Pull! Pull! God pull! Just leave it there.
Guess they didn't hear you.
People, when we look|at a tree from below, we see bunches of leaves, without composition, without organization, randomly spread|all over the branches.
But nothing in nature|is random.
From above, we can see that each leaf has chosen|the absolute perfect position on the tree to gain|exposure to sunlight.
This is nature's tapestry,|people.
And it absolutely|never fails to astonish.
Smith? Ah, Mr.
We're here learning|about photosynthesis today.
We're also going to learn|about insurance today if you don't get down|from there right now.
Okay, I just wanted them|to see the tree from the sun's|point of view, sir.
# Bum bum bum bum|bum bum bum bum # # Bum bum bum bum|bum bum bum # # Bum bum bum|bum bum bum # # Mr.
Sandman # # Bring me a dream # # Make him the cutest|that I've ever seen # # Give him two lips|like roses and clover # - # And tell him #|- Oh my God.
Bracknell, you got to see this.
This is where it|all started right up in the trees.
Know what I mean? It would make me feel better|about paying the electric bill if you used the classroom|once in a while.
Dave, they will never|look at a tree the same way again.
|I promise.
I'm sure glad you're not|Lars the janitor.
- Lars was just here.
|- Hmm.
He doesn't kiss|nearly as well as you do.
- Open your mouth.
|- What? Open your mouth! What is that, tangerine? Satsuma mandarin.
|Your taste of the day.
Everybody should experience|a new taste everyday.
- Tomorrow|- Don't I want you|to surprise me.
Keep surprising me,|Sarah.
You ready? Ooh, hello, Mrs.
Very impressive.
|Please extend my compliments to the janitorial staff|for their stocked inventory.
Aren't you late for a diploma?|Get out of my hallway.
# To never ever # # Can I # Today's|self-appointed architects, the conglomerates|and the moneychangers who worship gold even as they tear down|every holy tradition, infiltrating our governments,|our universities, the media.
Listen to what Founding Father|and our second President John Adams wrote.
"Our Constitution|was made only for a moral " Johnny, I didn't hear|the front door.
Trying to boost|your ratings again? Never hurts to try|to see ourselves as others do.
Gene,|have you see my glasses? I can't find them any|Johnny.
Have you checked|the kitchen near the phone? No, I didn't.
I thought you were going|to the carnival - with Sarah tonight.
|- I am.
I'm on my way to pick her up.
|I thought I'd stop by and talk you|into joining us.
I didn't realize|you had company.
You are welcome|to join us, Reverend.
I promise not to take you|anywhere near the hootchie-cootchie shows.
The hootchie-cootchie shows|are my bread and butter.
Without sin,|no one would need me.
How do you do that? He seems to have a knack|for finding anything I lose.
Thanks for the invitation but we've got so much|to do for tomorrow.
Your mother's been a godsend|to the Alliance.
Oh, yes, I know.
Good night, Mother.
Stay away from|the hootchie-cootchie shows.
I'll try.
|I will try.
He walks 10 miles|on his hands.
He can bite a silver dollar|in half.
He's the one,|the only Ever wonder why Reverend Purdy|makes you so uncomfortable? Beside the fact that he's soaking|my mom for a ton of money? I don't know,|I just get one of those feelings whenever I'm|around that guy.
They're not always right,|your feelings.
Your mom's no fool.
I'm sure she knows what|she's doing with her money.
And besides, he's probably|really good in bed.
I wouldn't know|and I wouldn't want to know.
This is a rip-off.
- Come on, Austin.
|- No, the whole thing is rigged.
State certified, son.
|We run an honest game.
You set tough odds|against winning, don't you? - You his family?|- Teachers at his school.
Look, the odds are posted.
Maybe the young man here could use|a little tutoring in math.
Nothing personal here.
All right, don't be shy.
|Get lucky.
- You have any money left?|- No.
I'll stake you.
Oh, a whole quarter.
Tonight's big spender,|ladies and gentlemen.
Well, well, well,|what have we here? Shall we go? Let's give her a spin|and see what happens.
- Feeling lucky tonight?|- Feeling very lucky tonight.
Let's see what happens.
# In the hall|when you go crying # # For the man # Twice is luck,|once is a fluke.
- Okay, we'll let it ride.
|- "Let it ride," he says.
# But they catch you|at the water # # And the mourners|are all singing # # As they drag you|by your feet # # But the hangman|isn't hanging # # And they put you|on the street # # You go back, Jack,|do it again # # Wheel turning|round and round # # You go back, Jack,|do it again # In nine years, I've never|seen a run like that.
Nothing personal.
The wheel's closed.
I believe that's mine.
Put the rest|in a college fund, okay? Two? Three? Come on,|give me a number.
Don't you get|any kind of feeling at all when we're|like this? Yeah, I have|all sorts of nice feelings.
I'm starting to have one|of those feelings right about now.
Johnny, come on.
|I want to know.
How many kids|are we gonna have? I see How about our own|family hockey team? Oh don't put your money|on that one, pal.
I don't want to wait.
|I want to elope.
Think about it,|30 years from now, I'll be that old,|funny biology teacher.
You'll be headlining|at the Grand Ole Opry.
Think about what a pair|we'll make.
I can't believe it.
It's just all happening|so fast.
Fast? Sarah,|I've loved you all my life.
You sure took your time|making your move.
I wanted to ask you|to junior prom, but I was so intimidated by your newly-developed|breasts.
What? Come here, let's make a hockey team.
Hey, listen, why don't I go|rent us some movies for a rainy afternoon? Love you.
The wheel of fortune turns.
Round and round|it goes.
Where it stops,|no one knows.
Good morning, Mr.
Cavis, and how are we|feeling today? Are we ready for|our sponge bath, Mr.
Smith? I know you thought|I'd never ask.
Anyway, after this, I'm gonna give you|a nice smooth shave.
Lord, you're awake! Something's wrong.
It's okay,|you were in an accident.
Tran,|room 14, stat! There's no bandages.
- No, no, you look fine.
|- What happened? I can't believe it.
Look who's here.
|Johnny's awake.
It's very good|to meet you, Johnny.
I'm Dr.
Am I|am I okay? You're in a long-term|hospital care facility.
You sustained|some serious brain damage.
As opposed|to unserious brain damage? I can't move my legs.
With physical therapy|you'll be fine.
The muscles have atrophied.
Atrophied? Atrophied? Atrophied? Doctor, last night|I was in a car.
You've been in a coma|for six years.
Six years? We had very little hope|you'd ever awaken, let alone retain any sort|of cognitive abilities.
Your condition|was complicated by scar tissue|from an earlier injury, perhaps suffered in childhood?|Do you recall? There'll be plenty of time|for questions later.
We need to run tests|as soon as possible.
Elaine, why don't you|clean him up and let's get started? Welcome back.
Don't you go feeling|embarrassed or anything.
I've been washing you|head-to-toe for six years now.
I hope this|isn't too hot.
There's still time.
|There's still time.
What? There's still time.
|Maggie! - Maggie.
|- That's my daughter's name.
- How do you know that?|- Your daughter's screaming! Maggie! Maggie! Somebody help her.
There's been a gas explosion|in your house and your babysitter's hurt.
Your babysitter's hurt.
|Hurry! Oh, Dr.
The patient was asking|about his mother and fiancee.
His mother's dead.
I'd rather not tell him|right away.
Check his admission records|for the fiancee's name.
- We should try to find her.
|- Okay.
The little girl's safe.
The neighbor looked out|the window when Elaine called and smoke was coming|out of the house.
Doc, what's happening|to me? The house is|only a mile away.
Maybe you heard the fire engine|that had been dispatched? But I called her daughter|by her name.
Elaine talks about Maggie|to all her patients.
The body doesn't stop working|when you're in a coma.
I was in the little girl's|bedroom, Doctor.
Your brain is still trying|to cope with severe trauma.
There'll be consequences|and this may just be one a vivid hallucination.
A hallucination that just|happened to come true? The mind is not|really precognitive.
It plays tricks occasionally|to make us think so.
We know less about the brain|that any other organ.
What seems clear is that your brain|has found a new way to work.
It's taking a detour|around the damage and tapping into a region of the brain|humans don't normally use to handle|sensory perception.
In anyone else, this part of the brain might be|considered a dead zone.
In your brain, the dead zone is suddenly|very much alive.
He die here.
Take to America.
I can't.
|There's no more room.
- We're not allowed.
|- He die here.
John Johnny!|What's wrong? Please|he die here.
All right.
We gotta move.
|We got orders.
That's it, let's go.
She's alive.
|Your mother's alive.
My mother was killed|by communist mortar fire in April 1975|during the fall of Saigon.
No, I'm telling you,|she's alive.
She's alive.
Doc, what's happening|to me? What happening to me? I'll give you something|to help you rest.
No, no,|I want Sarah.
I want Sarah.
It's 10 to 8:00.
|You're going to be late.
Not tuna fish again.
You love my tuna fish.
I trade it|with other kids at school, but the value goes down|with the same thing every day.
You trade my tuna fish? For what? Good stuff.
He trades my tuna fish.
Don't trade|your mother's tuna fish.
Tuna fish, backpack, go.
What's wrong? Another woman's body|was found in North County.
Looks like we got|a serial killer out there.
I want you inside|before it gets dark, okay? Oh, I was suppose|to go by the school tonight to pick up some things.
I'm serious.
All right, sport.
|Let's go.
Hello? My maiden name|was Bracknell, yes.
Why? Steven, thank you.
|Good morning.
Schedule a meeting|of the Political Action Committee to go over the candidates|in the mid-term elections.
I want them|to meet Greg Stillson.
He's an impressive young man|running for Congress in the second district.
Mike, I'm so sorry|to keep you waiting.
I can't think|of a nicer place to wait.
You've done|remarkable things here.
We've done|remarkable things here.
God knows,|without your legal counsel, none of this|would be possible.
In that regard, there's news|about Vera Smith's son.
Well, we knew it was just|a matter of time.
We'll hold the services here,|of course.
He's regained|consciousness.
I believe the National Party is going in directions|that are not Let me get this straight.
|They elected a wrestler as governor? Oh yeah.
- Step left.
|- Okay.
Who's president now? George Bush.
Step right.
George Bush?|Bush again? The son.
|Long, long story.
Damn, you missed OJ too,|didn't you? OJ, OJ.
|OJ Simpson? - Yeah.
|- Let me guess.
Ambassador to the UN? Not exactly.
Listen, enough, man.
I'm tired.
Come on,|give me one more - Don't, I told you.
|- What? Look, how am I supposed|to do rehab on you without touching you,|Big John? I give one heck|of a deep tissue massage.
That's okay.
I told you I'm not much|of a message person, all right? Come on, man,|I'm tired.
What else? Um Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds|set new home run records.
A brother is the baddest golfer|to ever play the game, name of Tiger Woods.
We landed on Mars,|cloned a sheep, Bill Clinton was busted|for getting head in the Oval Office|from a 22-year-old intern, and Regis Philbin|is the biggest star in prime time.
I had brain damage,|I'm not stupid, okay? Come on,|give me one more - Don't worry about the water.
|- What about the water? He has been having|some delusional episodes.
Poor boy's brains were spread|over the side of the road.
We could scarcely expect|anything else.
I think you'll be surprised|how well he's doing.
I want him to have|the best therapy available.
The Faith Heritage Alliance|is prepared to support him if he has to stay here|the rest of his life.
It's the least we can do|after everything Vera did for us.
A week ago I would have said|that was likely.
Today, I'm not so sure.
But if he's delusional We don't know|how serious it is yet.
We may be able to treat|his condition through drugs|or psychotherapy.
Matter of fact, I was just about|to run an experiment with him.
Experiment? To see if we can observe|how his brain - process these delusions.
|- May I watch? Actually, it would|be better if Doctor, I am the boy's|legal guardian, and I guess|it would be accurate to say that I am paying|for this experiment.
We're ready for you, Doctor.
Maybe afterwards,|Johnny and I can sit down, make some plans|for his future.
Allison, Reverend Purdy will be|joining you in the observation room.
Will you show him|the way? Thank you.
Goodness, what are|all those wires for? We're gonna monitor|his brain activity.
After what the boy's|been through it's amazing there's any|activity left to measure.
It's a bona fide miracle, right before our eyes.
- Is everything ready?|- Yes, Doctor.
Johnny I'd like you to meet my uncle,|my mother's brother.
Yesterday you told me|she was alive, remember? My uncle was with her|in Saigon when she died.
Yes,|many were killed that day.
I saw my sister die|in front of my eyes.
What you saw|was not real.
Your brain is struggling|to distinguish real sensory input from these fantasies|or dream images.
This is probably a result It was a different woman.
The woman you saw killed|was not your sister.
Bruce, tomorrow, really.
|I'm too tired.
Yo, Mr.
Rip Van Winkle, you've been asleep|for the last six years.
I barely got six hours|of sleep last night, so I don't want to hear|any complaints about being tired, all right? Johnny.
As you can see,|I put on my tux.
You look fine.
I didn't know|if I should come but I really|wanted to.
I'm really glad|you did.
You still teaching? Subbing now and then.
I left to do something|with my music.
- Oh, good for you.
|- Yeah.
I wrote a couple|of country songs.
But uhm it didn't work out.
So much for being|the next Shania.
Shania Twain.
Oh, um she's|a big country music star.
I'll bring you|one of her CDs.
Do you know|what CDs are? Yeah.
CDs were around|back then.
Yeah, I thought I wasn't sure.
Wow, it's so pretty here.
Don't you hate|talking to sick people? Don't please.
You never know|what to say.
Just try and be cheerful,|I guess, right? Oh God, Johnny.
You bought a house? How did you know? Well, it stands to reason after six years.
Do you have a family now,|Sarah? You must've gotten married|by now.
Honey, will you|help me out with this? The laundry put|so much starch in the collar I can't even find one|darn button hole.
They told me that you'd never|come out of it, that you'd just|slip away.
I couldn't wait, Johnny.
I just feel|so terrible about it, so guilty.
Do you love him? What do you say we do|a little snowboarding tonight? There's six inches|of new powder on the mountain.
He's a wonderful man and a wonderful father.
You did the right thing,|Sarah.
His name's Walt Bannerman.
He's the Sheriff|of Penobscot County.
Maybe we should talk|about something else.
Do you have any kids? Just one.
A boy.
What's his name? Johnny.
He's a hockey player.
Does he know? No.
No, Walt and I have,|um we've raised him|as our own child.
Listen, if you're worried|that I'm going No, I'm gonna|tell him now.
I mean, of course.
No, no.
Listen to me.
You made this life|for yourself, Sarah.
I love you.
All I can give you|is your freedom.
We've known each other|all our lives.
And that's not|going to change.
It has to.
I'm so sorry.
I'm only saying|that we should No.
A few days at the shore|will do you good.
I'm not going|to Atlantic City, all right? Okay, okay.
That Indian casino|in Connecticut is closer.
Just one day.
- No.
|- A few hours? Mm-mm.
Damn it, Johnny.
Your talent|and my 20 bucks I'd just as soon forget|about my new talents.
I want to get back|to my old talents.
I want to be|a teacher again.
Man, how can|your whole world change and the neighborhood you grew|up in stay just as you left it? What's this? A little homecoming|present.
Something from me|to you.
I'm still not going|to Atlantic City, all right? - Gloves.
|- No, no, no.
Leather gloves,|my brother.
I figure, you don't want|to touch anyone, you might as well|look good not touching them.
I see how it is.
I've been out of touch|for six years - now I can't dress myself?|- Somebody has to look out for you.
Thanks, man.
I'll grab the bag.
What are you doing here? I brought someone|I want you to meet.
We don't have|to tell him everything.
I just|I want him to know you.
Johnny! Come here.
I want you|to say hi to someone.
Hey, man,|how are you doing? You know what? We have the same name.
Hey, Mom,|could we go now? Yeah, you can go now.
It's good|to meet you, Johnny.
Well, we'll be back.
Welcome home.
Nice family.
Somebody else's.
Should've given him|some cake Yeah, here.
Come on, man.
Do that biofeedback thing|like I taught you, come on.
Nice slow breaths.
Come on, breathe.
Call Allison.
|Call Allison.
Call Allison|and warn her.
Hello? Hello? Hello?