The Dead Zone s01e02 Episode Script

What It Seems

Previously on the Dead Zone.
Bracknell,|you've got to see this.
Johnny, I didn't hear|the front door.
Do you wonder why Reverend|Purdy makes you uncomfortable? Beside the fact that he's soaking|my mother for a ton of money.
I want to know.
|How many kids will we have? Ooh 10, 15? How about|our own family hockey team? You've been in a coma|for six years, Johnny.
Your brain has found|a new way to work.
It's taking a detour|around the damage, and tapping into a region of|the brain humans don't normally use.
This part of the brain might be|considered a dead zone.
He's regained consciousness.
Check his admission records|for the fiancee's name.
- We should try to find her.
|- Okay.
My maiden name|was Bracknell, yes.
- Do you have any kids?|- A boy.
- What's his name?|- Johnny.
I want him to know you.
Another woman's body|was found in North County.
Looks like we have|a serial killer out there.
Hello? Hello? Hello? - Anything you want to tell me?|- Like? Like,|"I can see the killer, he's hiding upstairs|in the closet"? I don't have|x- ray vision, Bruce.
- Are you sure?|- Yeah.
How do you know|if you don't try? Allison? Check that side.
Allison? Well, he's not|in the hall closet.
The hospital said|she went home three hours ago, so where the hell|is she? I don't feel anything.
Maybe you're just|trying too hard.
What if it means|she's already dead? # Feel no shame|for what you are # # Fall in love,|fall in love # If you want our help,|you have to tell me your real name.
It is my real name.
John Smith.
Yeah, and why do you think something|has happened to this woman, Mr.
Smith? Isn't it enough that|she's missing for three hours after the hospital said We don't investigate missing person|reports for 48 hours.
What if she's dead by then? - She may already be dead.
|- How would you know that, Mr.
Smith? Hmm? I just do.
He sees things.
Like a psychic,|but times a hundred.
He saved a baby|from a burning house.
He found a man's mother|that everybody thought was dead.
Do not, under|any circumstances play poker with him,|okay? Listen to the man! I'm Sheriff Bannerman.
|Can I help you? Bannerman? Walt Bannerman? Dana Bright,|Bangor Daily News.
Smith, are you saying that you can help|the sheriff's department catch the strangler? Don't answer that.
|Step into my office.
Don't you have anything|better to do, Dana? No.
Piece of advice, the media is not your friend unless|you're looking for publicity.
I'm just trying to save|someone else's life.
And I'm trying to make sure my|county doesn't turn into a circus.
I don't want that|any more than you do.
Then we understand|each other.
Not quite.
What, you had|some kind of a trance? You saw something,|a murder, maybe? No, listen, she may not|be dead yet.
I'm hoping Sometimes these visions,|they they take place|in the future.
What do they call that?|Second sight or something? They don't even have a name|for what happened to me yet.
I was in a car accident|six years ago.
When I was leaving|my fiancee's house.
I was in a coma|for six years.
Give my love to your family,|won't you? Man didn't you just|get out of the, uh - Hospital?|- Hospital.
- Today?|- Yeah.
Then you come in here talking|about trances and murder.
You have any idea|how that sounds? I can't help|how it sounds, Sheriff.
It sounds like you're|not entirely all right yet.
I'm not even close|to all right.
Now if you don't want|to believe me, there's nothing|I can do about that.
But when they dig up|Allison Connover's body in a shallow grave|near a windmill, you're gonna have|to live with that.
We both are.
Smith, go home,|okay? We'll have units patrol|the neighborhood.
If we turn up anything,|we'll give you a call.
Oh! You heard|what I said.
Frank, Roscoe,|get on it.
The psychic patrol,|Sheriff? You know what, Dana? Go find yourself a date,|all right? You're not going to get|any love around here.
I'm not here for love, Sheriff.
|I'm here for the doughnuts.
- Hey.
|- Hey.
- Little guy down yet?|- Fell asleep during "Rugrats.
" Oh yeah?|Sorry I'm late.
I had some stuff|come up.
Can I make you|something? Yeah, sure.
- Busy day?|- You know, the usual.
You? We gave Johnny|a nice welcome home.
Did he seem okay? He's walking|a little better.
I mean, you know,|with a cane.
I think he's just happy to finally be out|of that terrible hospital.
You know, you've been|really understanding.
I know how difficult|this is for you.
I just wish you could have seen|the look on his face today.
I mean, he just lit up when Johnny|came running up to him.
Sarah, I don't know|if I would want little Johnny over there without you,|with him alone.
No, you're right.
It could be confusing.
We're going|to make this work, okay? I promise.
You know,|you'll like Johnny too.
I know you will.
|I mean, you both love sports and cheeseburgers.
You know what?|We should invite him over for a barbecue or something|next week.
Let's just take this|one day at a time.
I love you.
I love you too.
Howdy, stranger.
Mind if I stretch|my legs with you? Sure.
I've got|to do 10 miles today.
I don't think my legs|will stretch quite that far.
Reverend, there's something|we need to talk about.
Don't say another word.
I've already opened|a checking account for you, - ordered you credit cards -|- No, no.
What I was trying to say|is how grateful I am for you, for everything|that you've done for my mother before she died,|when she needed someone.
I loved her too,|Johnny.
Have you made any plans? Just to walk 10 miles.
May I make|a bold suggestion? Come see us|at the university, inspect your mother's legacy.
There's still work|to be done.
Me? I don't think|I'd fit in.
Sure you would.
The truth is I've never|been much of a believer in anything I couldn't see|under a microscope.
Even now? After everything|you've been through? Your resurrection is|strong evidence of a higher power at work,|from where I sit.
Preaching again.
|Sorry, it's my job.
Think about it.
I don't mean to be rude, I'm just finding it difficult|to touch people since my coma.
It's sort of a phobia.
Anything you need What the hell|are you doing here? Look, this isn't making things|easier between you and me.
He was standing right here|last night.
He was watching her.
- Who was?|- The man with the boots.
They're steel-toed|Navy boots.
They're size|11-and-a-half narrow.
How do you know that? I told you.
|I see things.
A plaster mold was taken|from one of the crime scenes.
The public doesn't know|about it.
It's something you don't want|the killer knowing that you know.
Steel-toed Navy boots,|size 11-and-a-half narrow.
By the way,|what size boots do you wear? - 10 wide.
|- Good.
Because right now,|just about every other cop in America would be saying|you're my prime suspect.
Oh, am I? When the last three girls|were killed, you were in a coma, which, as far|as alibis go, that's a pretty good one.
And what's this? I did that last night.
Then we finally|have an actual crime.
It's called breaking|and entering.
I want you out of here,|off the property.
By the way, Sarah's gonna|ask you to dinner.
- I want you to say no.
|- No problem.
Allison isn't on call|until tomorrow.
He actually|fears for her life? - You should hear him, Doc.
|- Maybe you should listen.
You got to be|kidding me, right? I know it's difficult|to believe.
It was for me.
But Johnny does have a unique|precognitive ability.
We've learned|to take it seriously.
I suggest you do|as well.
Good, good, John.
I'm lucky the guy didn't try|to arrest me for trespassing.
Hey, we got|two more sets, man.
Oh, no,|I'm good, thanks.
We got to keep developing|that upper body too.
Base, this is 51.
Go ahead, Walt.
I want Roscoe|and a forensics team sent over|to the Connover address.
I want molds of footprints taken outside the bedroom|window.
You know what? Just go through|the whole place.
Something happen|we should know about? Nope, not a thing.
I couldn't sleep|last night again, man.
It's like my mind|won't shut down or something.
Zen meditation, man.
Monday nights with me.
- Om.
|- Yeah.
Yeah, Sheriff.
How did you know|it was me? Don't answer that|and don't go anywhere.
I'm picking you up|in 20 minutes.
Maybe he is going|to arrest me after all.
I can't believe|I'm doing this.
Aside from the footprints, this is the only evidence|our guy left behind.
- And you want me to|- If this is a waste of time, - we can just forget it.
|- I don't know, Sheriff.
Sometimes it works|and sometimes it doesn't.
Don't start with me.
|Already with the excuses.
Same brand,|all three crimes scenes.
Half the smokers in the county|smoke the same kind.
The cigarettes whoever smokes these|doesn't want anybody to know.
He considers it|a weakness.
Hey, hey, keep|your voice down, will you? His mother did|terrible things to him, painful things.
He is impotent,|except when he kills.
He only kills when it rains outside to wash away any evidence.
# Jimmy crack corn # # And I don't care # # Jimmy crack corn|and I don't care # You never even found a scrap|of tissue from the girls under their fingernails|or anything, did you? No.
There was no sign|of a struggle at all.
Oh, no, they struggled.
They kicked,|and they clawed but their their fingers slipped off the vinyl of the raincoat because it was so slick.
Slick Slick 'cause|I'm just so slick.
They never get a piece of me.
|They never can bite me or scratch me or nothing.
|Why? Because I'm so slick.
All right.
|You're talking crazy now.
Sheriff - I'm just trying to help.
|- You want to help? Get me the killer's address|and phone number.
That'll help.
What am I supposed|to do? Round up all the usual|closet-smoking, impotent suspects|that wear vinyl raincoats? Johnny what are you doing here? Just a little police business.
|Nothing to worry about.
He rousted me.
I didn't.
He told me the town wasn't|big enough for the two of us.
We had a lunch date,|didn't we? - I'll be going right now.
|- Maybe Johnny can join us? - No, that's good.
|- No, that's fine.
Okay, split pea,|cheeseburger - Thank you.
| and cheeseburger.
- Thank you, ma'am.
|- Enjoy.
I love|the soups here.
So, how'd|you two meet? At the hospital, actually.
I was visiting you, and Walt's grandmother|was dying.
Hospitals great place|to meet singles.
So Sarah tells me|you're quite the hockey player.
I love hockey, but the doc says|that's over with now.
I had a football|injury myself.
- Oh yeah?|- Yeah.
My son plays hockey.
|I mean, our son.
All our son.
No! Hey, guys.
|No fighting, okay? Joey, Nick,|come on guys, knock it off.
Mommy, stop it! - You did it!|- Did not! - Bannerman.
|- Walt, it's Frank.
We're at the Connover place.
|You need to get over here.
I'll be right there.
|Sorry, lunch'll have to wait.
Let's go, Johnny.
Station called 11347, would you pick up? Johnny, I don't understand.
I just came home to change.
My sister and I had been|planning this for weeks, and with the traffic, I didn't think|I'd get to Portland in time, so I didn't even stop|to check my messages.
Sorry for|the inconvenience.
We'll take care of the window|for you, all right? - Can if ask you a few questions?|- I have nothing to say.
Is it true you were just released|from a mental hospital? for the damages.
|Go inside and pack up.
- The usual "no comment"?|- Get a life, Dana.
All I have to do|is go to a judge.
- No.
|- The man is obviously incompetent to handle|his own financial affairs.
This is Vera Smith's son|we're talking about.
He's part of the family.
If he should decide to challenge|the administration of her estate we've a serious problem.
The Alliance can't go after the son|of one of its most beloved founders.
It would be offensive.
The boy is obviously disturbed.
He needs us.
He needs me.
His welfare is all|that matters right now.
"I destroy my enemy|when I make him my friend.
" John the Baptist.
Abraham Lincoln.
I came as soon as I saw|the morning paper.
I thought you might need|a friend.
So, you want some eggs? I think I still remember|how to scramble an egg.
I'm worried about you.
How about some ice-blended|cappuccino with our breakfast? That'll be our taste|of the day.
Walt says you've been|in trances since the coma.
That is just so Walt.
No, I mean, I'm not|a hypnotist, Sarah.
Visions, not trances.
I can see things, like women who are dead|who aren't really dead.
That sort of thing.
You should keep the kid|away from me.
Johnny I didn't just lose you|in that accident, Sarah.
I lost myself.
You don't have to go|through this on your own.
No, I got this amazing guy|named Bruce helping me out.
We're doing biofeedback.
Where was Bruce when you had|your tonsils out in second grade? Tonsils? And someone brought you|chicken soup that she made herself.
You're not getting rid of me,|so get used to it.
Sarah I really need|to be alone right now.
No, I'm not leaving.
Listen, it's a little new,|you know? I mean, for you it's been|six years, but for me Oh.
I do want to see you.
But maybe we ought to get out|of the house next time.
You know,|be around people.
- Until we get used to the|- The situation.
I'm sorry.
|I feel so stupid.
Not stupid.
Just being a good friend.
I'll let you get that.
Hey, Bruce.
Damn, your new brain|must come with Caller ID.
- What's Caller ID?|- Later.
I'm coming to get you.
|I know what happened.
So I'm talking to Allison|all day at work, trying to figure out|how we screwed up so badly well, not we,|but you when the whole Zen of what|happened became crystal clear.
Since when did you become|Zen Master Flash? You take class once a week.
I'm a master compared|to you, so zip it.
Now, life is about moments|of time strung together.
You take one moment|out of the string, you change one detail,|you turn left instead of right, all of life changes.
Look here.
This is where|Allison said she parked her car.
She gets out,|she goes to the trunk, she gets|her books out, right? Okay, she walks up|to the door.
Now, if you're the guy,|where are you? I don't know.
|Over here? Or maybe over here.
|This is where he was.
Okay, so I'm Allison and I'm strolling|to the door, only I don't get there|because of you.
You pull me into the bushes.
I'm dead.
I'm not getting|your point.
Adjust one detail,|and all of life changes.
Now, I'm Allison|opening the trunk, only this time,|I hear the phone ring, so what do I do? I run.
She ran instead of walked,|and got by him.
And that was me|on the phone calling for the 15th time|trying to find her.
She didn't get there in time|to answer it.
He only kills outside,|in the rain.
- Once inside, she was safe.
|- End of story.
No, I wish it were.
See, he had a compulsion|to kill that night, Bruce.
If it wasn't Allison,|then he killed someone else.
He's frustrated, angry, like a predator|who's lost his prey.
I can't stay any longer.
God, I can feel it the need.
I have to find|somebody else.
# Jimmy crack corn|and I don't care # # Jimmy crack corn|and I don't # What time did Allison|come home? Around 9:30.
Why? The movie theater.
The early show|was just letting out.
What? What do you see? It's her.
She's the one.
He's gonna kill her.
- I see her!|- You see her Johnny, what's happening? I see her! Talk to me, man.
|Talk to me! He killed her.
|He killed her.
That's it!|That's it! It's all over.
- It's over.
|- I've killed.
I've killed.
|Oh God, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
|I'm sorry.
I know what it means.
I know what it means|to kill.
Mommy, it's that man.
Johnny, oh my God.
I need to talk to Walt.
This is over the line.
Listen to me.
|He killed somebody else.
- I'm not falling for this.
|- We found the windmill.
We've been there.
We've seen the grave.
This appears to be|the latest grim chapter in the continuing horror|that has women all over the county afraid|to leave their homes at night.
Police are not saying|much at this time.
Here's what we know Because I know|how they found her, and I'm the only reporter|who knows.
Why do you think|I eat all those doughnuts at the cop shop|with the boys? Trust me.
You're not going|to believe this.
Just leave the front page|open for me.
What's the story? Driver's license ID|Stacey Shephard, age 23, law student|over at the college.
She lives in Brewer.
You get in touch|with anybody yet? Yeah, fiance.
Hasn't heard|from her in two days.
Last time anyone saw her,|she was leaving the movie theater right around the corner|from the Connover woman's house, just like our friend said.
Nobody's laughing|at you anymore, John.
She was going to get married.
She wanted to be a lawyer.
What was that you said, "You change one detail, and all of life changes"? She died because of me.
Somebody's life was|going to end that night.
He'd already decided that.
It wasn't supposed to be|like this.
What do you want me|to tell you, John, that it'd been better|to let Allison die and just move on|with your life? How am I supposed|to answer that? How am I? I don't know, John.
I don't know.
I wish I could help you,|but I can't.
I know who it is.
This is crazy.
You were wrong|about the Connover woman, and I'm telling you,|you're wrong about this.
- Frank Dodd is no killer.
|- The duty roster.
Just because|he was off duty when the murders happened|doesn't prove a thing.
I've known this guy|for 10 years.
If you knew Frank,|you'd be laughing at yourself.
I mean, Frank, he's a What? a mama's boy.
After all these years, he still lives|with his mother.
Base, I'm going 10-7|at the Dodd house.
'Afternoon, Henrietta.
Walt Bannerman,|what are you doin' up here? Need to talk to Frank.
|This is Johnny Smith.
He's helping us out|with a case we're working on.
Frank's not here.
He always goes up to the pond|bass fishing on his days off.
Is something wrong? Just want to ask him about|a report he's workin' on.
- Maybe he left it in his room?|- I cleaned his room this morning.
No reports,|just a lot of dirty socks.
If we could just come inside|for a minute I told you,|there's no reports.
Maybe he took it with him.
Seems to me, I did see|some papers in the truck.
You knew.
All this time|and you knew.
I know who you are.
|Frank told me about you.
He would come home and|he would tell you everything, from the very first murder|names, places and details.
What are you looking|at me like that for? You're not believing him? I'm going to have to take|a look around.
- You can't do this!|- Keep an eye on her.
This ain't|no police state.
Where's your warrant?! You stay away|from my boy.
You kept a journal|of all the women that he killed.
Where is it, Mrs.
Dodd? You you were sent here|from hell! Frank? You in there, Frank? Drop it or I'll shoot.
- You okay?|- Yeah, I think so.
Go to the car|and call for backup.
- Frank didn't go fishing.
|- How do you know that? I see things, too,|like his fishing pole upstairs.
Go on.
Frank?! Where are you, Frank? Frank, it's Walt.
|What are you doing? Frank? It's your partner, Frank.
|Come on.
I know|you're in here, Frank.
I know you're in here.
|Let's go.
Drop it.
I can't do that, Frank.
You've been my deputy|long enough to know rule number one|never give up your weapon.
How are we going|to do this? There's only one way I can see|out of this for me.
We've been friends|for a long time.
Friends? They don't kill|their friends' mothers.
I know she did|awful things to you.
I know how she hurt you.
Is that what|that freak told you? It made you sick, Frank.
|It would have done that to anybody.
It's none of your business.
|It's nobody's business.
That freak, he doesn't know|anything about my mother.
She did love me, Walt.
She did.
Let's just talk this out,|Frank.
Let's just|talk it through.
Damn it, Walt, I never wanted it|to come to this, you know? Frank!|Frank! # Jimmy crack corn|and I don't care # - # Jimmy crack corn #|- Frank, come on out! Frank, we're gonna|get you the help you need.
It's over! Frank, come on out! Down! Frank! # I follow after|with the hickory broom # # The pony being|rather shy # # When bitten|by a blue-tailed fly # # Jimmy crack corn|and I don't care no more.
# Sheriff, help me out.
I'm missing the quote|where friends recall the serial killer's sense of humor|and how dogs loved him.
Doesn't anything|ever get to you? A reporter's|got to be objective.
You knew Frank|as well as anybody.
You shared doughnuts with him.
|You don't feel anything? Believe me, Sheriff,|sometimes I wish I could.
So, no quote? Johnny Smith's assistance|was critical in the resolution|of this case.
- And you owe him an apology.
|- I wrote a good story yesterday.
I'll write|a better one tonight.
You're big news,|Mr.
Just as soon not be.
The self-effacing,|shy hero an American classic.
In no time at all, you'll be|endorsing breakfast cereal.
Roscoe, how about a quote? Not now, Dana,|for God's sakes.
- No!|- Yes! - No!|- Yes you're grounded.