The Dead Zone s01e03 Episode Script

Quality of Life

I had the perfect life until|I was in a coma for six years.
Then I woke up|and found my fiancée married to another man.
My son doesn't know|who I am.
Everything has changed including me.
One touch,|and I can see things.
Things that happened.
|Things that will happen.
You should see|what I see.
Previously|on "The Dead Zone": You've been in a coma|for six years.
- Must've got married by now.
|- His name's Walt Bannerman.
I'm Sheriff Bannerman,|can I help you? - Walt Bannerman?|- Dana Bright.
Bangor Daily News.
Are you saying you can help|the Sheriff's Department catch the strangler? What, you had|some kind of a trance, you saw something?|A murder maybe? Nobody's laughing at you|anymore, John.
I'd just as soon|forget my new talents.
I'll get back to my old talents.
|I'll be a teacher again.
I know who it is.
Self-effacing shy hero an American classic.
In no time at all you'll be|endorsing breakfast cereal.
Good morning.
Excuse me.
Heed the still,|small voice when it comes.
When it does, do your duty.
Mom, you're alive?|What are you doing on the sidewalk? His work is great|upon the earth.
Heed the still,|small voice when it comes.
Heed the still,|small voice within.
Please don't touch me.
- Johnny!|- Stop touching me, please.
Where's my daughter?|Please! - When am I going to die?|- Is my wife going to come back? - Johnny, please!|- You've got to help me! Leave me alone! # Oooh # # Fall in love, fall in love,|fall in love # # Fall in love # # Feel no shame|for what you are # # Feel no shame|for what you are # # Fall in love,|fall in love # # Fall in love.
# You should've asked me|before you volunteered Sure, you would have|just told me no Don't you think it's too soon|for me to get back in there? - To be living again?!|- Oh, man.
It's time to get back|on the horse, John.
I just don't know if I'm ready|to go back into the school.
Why, because you're afraid|people are going to touch you? You know what? They will and you're going to have|to deal with it.
It's all part|of the re-entry process.
You got to learn to be the hero|of your own life again, John.
But until you're ready,|I'll be the hero of your life in exchange for a stock market tip|every now and then.
Get in the car, man.
Wait, wait, wait.
Give me the keys.
|I want to drive.
I want to drive.
|Come on.
My cruiser.
|Get in the car, man.
You just said to get|back on the horse.
Get your own horse! Oh.
Nothing personal,|but I get nervous when other people|drive my car.
Especially those that have|been in a coma since their last time|behind the wheel.
Give me the keys.
Besides,|your driver's license Actually, it was|renewed yesterday courtesy of|Reverend Purdy.
Keys? If you were going to have|an accident, you'd know it - in time to prevent it|- Get in.
I'm sure glad|you're not Lars the janitor.
Are you lost? No, no.
|I used to be a teacher here, back when this was|a janitor's closet.
I was just looking|for a broom.
O- kay.
They converted the closet|last year when we upgraded to DSL.
This is the land hub|substation and server for the district's|LAN mainframe.
Thanks for|clearing that up.
So is the office|still down that way, or? - Mm-hmm.
|- Thanks.
Pelson's|waiting for you.
- I sense a conspiracy.
|- Oh.
- It's time for you to get back|- On the horse.
Yeah, I've heard that|somewhere before.
I got to admit, Sarah,|it's great to be back here.
It seems like old times.
Well, I have to run.
I have to pick up Johnny|from day school and take him|to his hockey practice and then I've got to go|to the dry cleaners, and make sure|I get the groceries so that I can make dinner.
How did I turn|into this? I don't know.
Saved by the bell.
Yeah, I am late.
|I have to go.
Good luck.
I'm going that way.
- Johnny.
|- Hey, Dave.
- How are you?|- Come on in.
He's not a nut,|Superintendent.
It is so good see you|up and around again.
Thank you, sir.
Dave, it's really nice of you|to have me in today.
I really|missed this place.
But if this is going to be|difficult for you, I understand Difficult?|What are you talking about? Some people might think I'm odd|after everything that's happened.
You are odd.
You were always odd.
Who else would lead|a rescue mission on a frog farm to save them|from dissection? That was an unfortunate accident|during a field trip.
The whole school board|overreacted on that one.
You know that.
I want you back, John.
We can get you into a classroom|as a sub now and then, but I only have one full-time|position open at the moment.
This might seem like|a strange fit, but I don't think so,|and Coach Foley doesn't.
Foley? Phys Ed? Your own physical trainer said|it would even be therapeutic.
Don't mention|anything about a horse, I'll take the job.
As his guardian, naturally|I'm concerned about him.
How much is Vera Smith's estate|worth these days? Such a cynical remark|for such a beautiful woman.
What really happened|out there, Dana? Surely such a cynical girl has some|rational explanation.
A cynical girl knows|a good story when she hears one.
It is a good story,|isn't it? And one that's not likely|to go away quickly.
Not as long as Johnny Smith|sells newspapers.
In that case, you could do me|a small personal favor.
Johnny and I do not have the closest of relationships.
|I regret that.
I hope it's going|to change.
But for the moment, it would be good|if you could touch base with me|about him so that I know|exactly how he's doing.
Why would I want|to spy on him for you? Because you and I go back|such a long way.
When they come around the net|you drop your shoulder and ride 'em hard|into the board! Keep those legs|moving, Todd! We're Huskies!|We don't get tired, the other team|gets tired.
Your new guy.
You sure about this?|I heard he has Dave Palson knows him.
|I checked him out.
He'll be fine.
Okay, offensive drills!|No loafing! You must be Smith.
Thanks for having me,|Coach.
Let's get one thing straight|right from the start, eh? This ain't about hiring|the handicapped.
I don't give a hoot|about that thing there.
I need another hand|with this bunch, and they tell me|you know the game.
Yeah, I played a little.
Listen to you.
|All-Conference defense three years in a row.
|Right? Yeah.
Doc Cooper,|Coach Smitty.
I read about you|in the paper.
- Nice!|- Who's that kid, Coach? That is my conference|championship on two legs.
Todd Paley.
Just signed a letter of intent|to go to Princeton.
Full scholarship.
That's his dad over there.
Todd's the best offensive|player in the state.
If he'd just concentrate|on his defensive skills, he might make it|to the pros, but all these kids|care about is scoring goals.
Damn it, Todd,|make them work for it! Come on, Coach.
|Billy made a hell of a fake.
Yeah, yeah.
|Now look, he's catching you flat because|you're not moving your feet.
You've got to take the body.
The puck isn't going|to shoot itself in.
Mind if I try|something, Coach? Coach Smitty,|our new minister of defense.
Billy, come here.
Do me a favor come up the wing|again on the whistle? Give Todd your best move.
It's his job to take you|out of the play.
He's going to take me|out of the play? I don't think so.
You ever play poker,|Mr.
Paley? What does poker have to do|with hockey? Do you? A few times.
|Strip poker count? I see you play|the same game of poker I did when I went to school here.
- Do you know what a tell is?|- No.
A tell is|a gambler's expression for the unconscious message a player looking|at his cards gives you.
He'll tell you everything|you need to know to win if you pay attention.
So you want me to play|ice poker with Billy? Something like that.
|Watch his hips and not his head.
That's where you'll see|the tell, okay? You fake with|the rest of the body, but you aren't going anywhere|without the hips.
All right.
All right, look alive! Nice.
Hey, you guys all right? - Yeah.
|- That's what I'm talking about.
What's the matter? I got an old hip pointer.
|It's still a little sore.
- But it worked.
|- Yup.
I remember how I felt when|my coach taught it to me.
Get up.
I've got more|tricks I want to show you.
Hey, man.
Bring back memories? - Good morning.
|- Good morning.
I'd say we spent a few hours|under that tree, huh? We spent a few years|under that tree.
That was ours.
They should be|paying us rent.
Oh, let's let them|have it for free in the name|of school spirit.
- Hey.
|- What? Is something wrong? See the kid under the tree?|Todd Paley? Yeah, the hockey player.
I had the strangest vision|about him yesterday during practice.
It was like I could see|into his heart.
His actual heart?|Is there something wrong with it? That's the thing|I don't know.
These visions don't come|with footnotes.
I'm not always sure|what they mean.
I'm still a rookie at this.
Hey, Coach, I heard you're|subbing in history today.
Got you first period.
I want to talk to you|after class.
You're in|the classroom today? Yeah, first time|in almost seven years.
Oh, wow.
Remember, they try to get away|with anything when you're a sub.
Bradford|you've got to watch out for him.
Oh, and Greenberg.
|He's a little twerp.
Greenberg is a twerp, huh? Good morning, everyone.
As you may have heard,|Miss Rosen won't be here for the next few days.
My name is Mr.
That's just plain Smith.
S- M-I-T-H.
Now, you can call me John|or you can call me Johnny or if you're more comfortable,|you can call me Mr.
Smith or even, "Hey, you.
" Anything but Smitty.
Can anyone tell me|what chapter we're studying? Chapter 12.
Now, are you absolutely sure|about that Mister? - Greenberg, sir.
|- Ah, Mr.
Because something tells me|you already studied Chapter 12, which means you'd know|the material, and wouldn't have|to pay attention at all today.
I meant|we just finished 12.
This isn't your assigned seat,|is it, Mr.
Greenberg? We actually don't have Actually, it's right up there|in the front, isn't it? Away from all the distractions like the lovely Miss Carlyle|right there? Anyone else not in their|normal seat, let's get into it.
- Excuse me.
|- Yes? Wasn't there something|about you in the newspaper? Yeah.
How do you feel|about that? Well, I may just be|your worst nightmare, people.
A substitute teacher|with extrasensory perception, or maybe I just checked the seating chart|when I came in this morning.
Yo, Mr.
Smith, do you know|who's going to win the Superbowl next year? Uh no.
But I can tell you who won|the 100 Years War.
The question is whether|or not you do, Mr.
Let's open up to chapter 13,|okay, people? You must have known|that hiring Johnny Smith would generate interest|in the community.
He's never supposed|to work again? He's one hell of a teacher.
- You can quote me on that.
|- I will, thank you.
It doesn't bother you at all|what you're doing to him? Why does everyone want|to kill the messenger? I didn't hire him, you did,|and when you did, it became news.
If I don't report it,|somebody else will.
I'm all for freedom|of the press, but I've got|a school to run.
Sir, I, uh I I know|it doesn't look quite finished, but it's not my fault,|I swear.
You won't believe what happened.
|The thing is See, I found this great site|on the internet, talking about|the whole history of France and the whole|French thing and it was great.
I was taking these|great notes, you know? And I was typing it all up|in my computer.
I was going to print them up|before school, but when I got up,|I looked behind and all the wires|were chewed and And the dog|ate your computer? I was going for rats,|actually.
Bradford, you're certainly|very creative Thank you.
not to mention|a good dancer.
But lay off the cigars|and the beer, okay? How did he even know|the reports were due today? - Miss Rosen must've told him.
|- You think? Since Mr.
Bradford|brought that up, who can tell me why beer|was so expensive during the Middle Ages?|Anyone? Most people couldn't afford|to get drunk.
Why? Potato famine? Interesting answer,|Mr.
Greenberg, but last time I checked,|beer didn't come from potatoes.
Anyone else? Okay, guys,|the answer tomorrow, same time, same station.
Hey, Todd,|how's that hip pointer? It's fine.
|No big deal.
Do me a favor.
Have Doc Cooper|take a look at it.
- I'm fine.
|- Just a precaution, trust me.
You don't want to walk around|with one of these.
All right.
Johnny, how's it feel|to be back? Dana, what are you|doing here? I can't resist|a human interest story.
You and I need|to be friends, Johnny.
Reporters like me are going|to be a part of your life now.
But only for 15 minutes, right?|Isn't that how it works? You're good for at least 20|if my hunch is right.
Oh, hi.
Dana, this is Sarah.
The sheriff's wife.
I've seen|you at the station house.
I cover the police beat.
And what brings you here? Johnny is on my beat now.
Yeah, Sarah and I used to teach|here together, actually.
So I've heard.
Could I ask you a few|questions about him? Well, you can ask|all you want.
I'll see you.
- My friends are very loyal.
|- Mmm.
A good reporter and her subject|can be a team, Johnny.
They can help each other.
Like Cosell and Ali.
Have a nice day.
Hey, Doc, you going over|to the rink? Yeah, getting ready|for tonight's game.
Can I talk to you a sec|about Todd Paley? I've asked him to come by|and see you.
- What, the hip again?|- Well, yeah, but has he ever had|any other health problems? Just the usual bumps and scrapes.
|Todd plays hard.
Why? Nothing else? Nothing like|a heart problem or anything? Heart problems? Why, has he|complained of any symptoms? shortness of breath,|numbness in th No, no, no.
Oh, but you think|he has heart problems.
You and I should get something|straight right off the bat.
I don't believe|in this psychic nonsense.
Think of me as a coach who's|asking you to examine a kid with a sore hip pointer, and as the team doctor,|please give him a clean bill of health|before he plays tonight, okay? That is your job,|right, sir? Thank you.
That girl reporter|was at school today.
- Reporter?|- Yeah, you know.
What's-her-name,|the redhead with the big Ah, Dana Bright.
How did you know|what I was going to say? You said redhead|with the big But I didn't say what|was big about her, and you said Dana Bright.
Girl reporter,|redhead with the big Come on,|I'm a trained investigator.
What's she doing|at school anyway? Another story|on Johnny.
On me? No, sweetie,|my friend Johnny.
Do you remember him? Yeah, the funny man|with the cane.
Not him again.
Tell him to stay away|from Dana Bright.
Oh? Yeah, she's a carnivore.
What does that mean? It's like the jungle,|you know? Certain animals|are meat eaters, - and certain animals are|- Which one am I? Anything interesting|happen at school today, JJ? No.
Excuse me while|I go see if there's any leafy green things|for me to eat.
- What's wrong with her?|- Nothing.
Just the call of the wild.
You'll understand|when you get older.
I hate it|when you say that.
You just keep peeling|your carrots, all right? What's this about you|and Todd Paley? - I just asked the doc|- I know.
The doc's upset about that,|Smitty, and so am I.
This is good kid.
|He's strong as an ox.
If you're thinking steroids|you forget it.
I take care of these kids|as if they're my own.
I know, Coach.
I listened to his heart,|I checked his blood pressure, I even did an EK G.
I'm recommending him|for a medal from the American|Heart Association.
You come to me with something|like this in the future, okay? Yeah.
Okay, fellas.
How's that, Coach? Not bad, not bad.
|A win's a win.
Defense still needs work,|but I'll take it.
Calhoun, you looked okay|out there for a change.
We're still leaving too much|of the offense to Todd, but we're going|to work on that.
First win for you, Coach.
Why would you hire a man|with mental problems? They aren't mental problems.
|I've talked to his doctors.
- There's absolutely no danger.
|- A guy who says he sees things like the future|has a mental problem.
He's a great teacher.
|Ask your kids.
I can't speak for the others,|but I don't want him around my children.
I'm sorry,|am I interrupting something? Could I talk to you|for a minute please, sir? Come into my office.
|I think we're finished here.
The same parents|were here last week complaining about|the new cheerleader uniforms.
The week before that|it was the school play.
I can handle them.
You may not want to after|I tell you why I'm here.
- Todd Paley?|- We cannot let him go back on the ice.
Because you saw something? We have to bring him|to a specialist.
And scare the boy|and his parents half to death.
Oh, man.
It's only half as bad|as the alternative.
Are they always right,|these things you see? I don't know.
It's all new to me,|you know? I'm still trying|to understand it for myself.
So it's possible|you could be mistaken.
You were worried about Todd last|night before the game and nothing happened.
|He's fine.
I think we were|very lucky.
Or you were wrong.
It's a reasonable conclusion.
Can you really trust|these visions? You think keeping him|off the ice will save his life.
Maybe, maybe not.
But I can tell you one thing|it will certainly accomplish.
It will cost him|his scholarship to Princeton, and blow every hope|and dream this kid has out of the water.
That's awfully big price|to ask someone to pay.
Especially if you're wrong.
Hey, Johnny,|you're doing great.
Keep your head down when|you turn and watch the puck.
Heed the still,|small voice when it comes.
- Mrs.
Paley?|- Yes? My name is Smith,|I'm one of Todd's coaches.
I've heard about you.
|Todd's not here.
Would you mind if I come in|for a moment, please? He's never been|seriously ill in his life.
He eats right,|he looks after himself.
Paley, sometimes|these things can be congenital.
My son means everything|to me, Mr.
Smith, and hockey means|everything to my son.
I understand that, sir.
I know you're an old friend|of the principal.
I wasn't one of the ones|who complained when he brought you back.
Coach said|you knew the game, I said,|"Fine, we'll wait and see.
" Well, we have now, and I don't understand|how someone like you is allowed to walk|the streets Bill.
let alone teach|at our school around our kids.
You're a dangerous man,|Mr.
I want you|out of my house.
I made them tell me.
Come on in.
I feel fine.
I don't want you|to worry.
I don't want|to scare you.
So what's it like when you see things? Well it's hard to describe.
Is it like watching|a movie? It's more like|being in a movie.
Like virtual reality.
They have games|like that now.
God, I hope not.
You know, with|goggles you put on? They have them in arcades.
|It's cool.
It's cool|if you can take them off.
Is there any way that|you could do a mind meld? You know, like to show me? If there is,|I haven't figured it out yet.
So What did you see about me? I want to know.
Was I dead? Yeah.
We have to play BWC|tomorrow night.
We have to beat them|to get to the play-offs.
I know.
The coach from Princeton's|even coming to watch.
I have to play.
My parents said that you wanted me to see|some kind of specialist? A cardiologist.
Could it be done|in time for the game? I think so.
He's fine.
|No blockages, no apparent blood clots,|no abnormal cardiac readings.
Short of invasive tests, which would be malpractice|in this case, I don't see why|you can't play hockey tonight.
I told you I was fine.
- Doctor, isn't it true that|- Mr.
Smith, with all due respect,|you had a premonition, a hunch, whatever you call it.
I have to deal with|real information.
I have the results|of every test modern medicine is capable of giving us,|and they all indicate this is one|perfectly healthy young man.
It's up to him to decide|what he wants to do.
I did everything|you asked, Coach.
He says I'm fine.
The game starts in an hour.
|We're going to be late.
Hope you win.
Welcome to Civic Arena|for the final game of the season between the Eagles|and the Huskies.
Thanks, Dave, for giving Princeton|an early look at the Paley kid.
Ladies and gentlemen,|please welcome your Huskies! We've got to beat them|to every loose puck.
We've got to out-hit|and out-skate them.
Let's let 'em know whose rink|they're in.
This is our house.
Let's go!|One, two, three! I want to talk to you|after the game.
Yeah, that's it! Hey, call it both ways!|Come on, call it both ways! Come on, Todd,|get those legs pumping! Attaboy! Goal scored|by number 11, Todd Paley.
The Huskies have tied|the game.
No goal.
|No goal! - Hey, what are you doing?|- What's he talking about? What's he talking about? No goal.
|Huskies offsides.
You're crazy!|You didn't see that.
You were over|on the other side.
- You've got 10.
|- Oh, come on! Get serious! That's it! That's game!|You're out of here! - Oh, yeah?!|- Get out of here! Your team, Coach.
Tighten it up, all right?|Here we go.
All right, shift coming up|in 30 seconds.
Heed the still small voice|when it comes.
Ref, time out! All right, fellas,|listen up.
We got to get the puck out|to the left point.
We got to create traffic|in front of the net.
Calhoun, center.
|Todd, take a seat.
What are you talking about?|There's 1:22 left and we're tied.
You're crazy!|I'm playing.
Ref, a little help.
Come on, let's go.
|We got a game.
Let's go.
- What?!|- What's he doing? He's taking the best player|out of the game.
Oh! Come on, man.
|Let's get out of here.
I've had it!|That's it.
Come on.
Dave, I wish|I could explain.
I can't.
- It doesn't make sense to me.
|- It's out of my hands now.
The school board has already|called an emergency session.
I'll save|them the trouble.
We both knew|it wasn't going to work out.
Even before tonight.
- You're a natural born teacher.
|- Yeah, well - I love to teach.
|- What are you going to do? I don't know.
That's one vision|of the future I can't see.
Coach Harris said in all|his years recruiting at Princeton, he'd never|seen anything like it.
It's like your coach|had a bet on the other team.
I can't believe my high school|career ends like this.
Do you think|he's going to be fired? He won't be showing|his face around here for a long time.
|Right, Todd? Todd.
Todd! Paging Dr.
Mitchell to ER.
Mitchell to ER.
We found a type|of paroxysmal tachycardia.
Which is an abnormality in the heart's|electrical system.
Will he be all right? It was a moderate|cardiac arrhythmia.
And he's strong.
Now, it could|have been a lot worse.
Had it struck at the peak|of an athletic performance, he might not|have been so fortunate.
But, he should|be waking up soon.
Dana's report|is front page this morning.
Every reporter|in the county is out here.
You're going to need|some help getting to the car.
There he is! Johnny! It's okay, man.
|It's going to be okay.
- No.
|- Yes.
You're grounded.