The Dead Zone s01e04 Episode Script


I had the perfect life until|I was in a coma for six years.
Then I woke up|and found my fiancée married to another man.
My son doesn't know|who I am.
Everything has changed|including me.
One touch,|and I can see things Things that happened.
|Things that will happen.
You should see what I see.
Caesar salad.
- The salmon.
|- Thank you, Mr.
They know you here? But Sarah says you don't go out much I mean.
What else did Sarah tell you? Nothing.
Aperitif There you go,|compliments of the gentleman.
"I am an admirer|of your talent, and have a business proposition|that may interest you.
Please call|at your earliest convenience.
" This is Harold Mac Vane.
|I sent over the wine at the Are you going to call? I'm going to change|my number.
So I'm a palm reader,|by the way.
Oh, really? Mmm-hmm.
|Let's see.
It's kind of ironic, isn't it? It's still Sarah.
She has nothing|to do with us, okay? She has everything to do|with us.
She may as well be|sitting here right now.
Why do I always order this?|I hate their caesar.
May I? - Enjoy.
|- Thank you.
What's wrong?|Did you see something? You're going to wish|you never had that salad.
Are you going|to call her again? - I hadn't planned on it.
|- Why not? Because I can pull back|the veils of space and time.
- You saw the future?|- And it wasn't pretty.
What, she wasn't pretty? You saw her old and gray|and past her prime, - and you panicked.
|- Are you finished? Thanks.
All relationships|hit speed bumps.
Hmm|this was a brick wall.
Then jump over.
Why are you so eager|to pair me off? So I don't have to think of you|as available anymore.
Let me do the talking.
- Hey, Sarah.
|- Hey.
How'd it go last night? You don't want to know.
What a surprise.
Johnny Smith, this is Arthur Allen,|your new gym partner.
He thinks he saw|an old girlfriend in the Big Apple last week,|and hopes you can find her.
- I'm sorry, I can't help you.
|- Just like I tried to explain.
Why not? - Sir|- Arthur, please.
Listen, Arthur, I think what you saw|was not a real person.
It might've been sort of|a waking dream or a memory.
I'm not crazy.
I'm not saying|you're crazy, Arthur.
Just sometimes,|the mind plays tricks on people.
Midtown Manhattan,|getting into a cab she hadn't aged a day.
Plastic surgery|couldn't do that.
The papers say|he can find anybody.
Excuse me.
Since when do I have|a "Your fortune told here" sign hanging on my porch? He insisted, and I thought that maybe|you could put his mind at ease.
- Did I put his mind at ease?|- Not really.
Listen, he's looking for|the lost love of his life, and he's not going to find it|in some fantasy about the past.
- Arthur|- Yeah? I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
Don't worry about it.
# Oooh # # Fall in love, fall in love,|fall in love # # Fall in love # # Feel no shame|for what you are # # Feel no shame|for what you are # # Fall in love, fall in love # # Fall in love.
# That's the girl I saw,|all right.
What's her name? Yeah, Abigail Travers.
- When was this taken?|- 1945.
- A radio operator?|- Yes.
- Must've been really good at it.
|- I was good at brain teasers.
Pulling a signal|out of interference.
It was just|another puzzle to solve.
It was no trouble at all.
From her? I wish.
That's one of mine.
See?|Came back "return to sender.
" No, I got overseas, and she never wrote to me.
Not even a postcard.
Man, oh, man.
A dolly just walked in|to beat the band.
You don't say.
Artie|she's coming over here.
You don't say.
Abby Travers, this is my pal,|Tommy Peterson.
I should've spent|the last 10 years with my head buried|in a brain teaser.
I can see more from down here|than you'd think.
You boys talking about me? - That's all he talks about.
|- Really? Absotively and posilutely.
I thought he talked|about you all the time.
Oh, really? Absotively and posilutely.
First time here, Tommy? How did you know? Your eyes are|as big as saucers.
That's because he saw you|coming across the floor.
Yoo-hoo! The one-two punch.
You must be Tommy.
|I'm Rosie O'Halloran.
Great uniform.
- Got a girlfriend, Tommy?|- You know he doesn't.
I want to hear it|from the horse's mouth.
This horse hasn't|been ridden in months.
- Let's jump!|- You know I don't dance.
I wasn't talking to you, drip.
Come on.
I was in a nightclub.
I saw Abigail.
The Stage Door Canteen.
It was a charity operation.
It was just for us soldiers.
The girls were volunteers.
They couldn't go off to fight,|but they could help boost morale? Yeah.
Conversation, a little dancing.
Who was Tommy Peterson? He was my friend.
We grew up|in the same borough.
And Rosie? Rosie Yeah, she worked at|the Canteen too.
Johnny last week, in New York was it really Abby? I don't see how.
But you saw her too.
I think that place|reminded you of Abby, and then your mind did the rest.
You've done all you can, and I really appreciate|the effort.
I can pick|this stuff up tomorrow.
I've got a long walk|ahead of me.
I'm sorry, but the bus|already stopped running.
Like I said a long walk.
What's a girl like you doing with a fella like Artie? You ought to be ashamed.
|He's your best pal.
doing in a place like this? Why not? I thought all the gals in here|were actresses on the make.
You know,|looking to be on Broadway.
Some of us just like showing|our support for the troops.
Say, isn't that Errol Flynn? Oh, my mistake.
|My mistake.
So, back to Artie.
He's the smartest boy|I've ever met.
Yeah, no argument here.
I want to grow old with him, the Good Lord willing.
I hope you get your wish.
But you're only young once.
# I'll be seeing you # # In all the old familiar places # # That this heart of mine|embraces # We'd better stop.
Abby We'd better stop.
I thought you didn't do ghosts.
She's not a ghost,|and I'm not doing her.
Then what is she? Well, she's probably|a combination of his memory|and his imagination.
Might as well be a ghost.
Or maybe his sweetheart|is back in the city.
When he saw her|as a 75-year-old woman, he didn't recognize her.
|Not consciously, anyway.
So his unconscious mind|showed him the next best thing? Maybe.
The least I can do is go to the scene of the crime|and see what I can see.
Besides, I can lose myself|in New York, you know? Tired of being Johnny? No, I'm just tired of|everybody knowing I'm Johnny.
What's the occasion? Going-Away-From-Sarah day.
Open it when you get there.
Hello? I think you mean, "Thanks for the phone.
|It's my favorite color.
" Where are you? Underneath the infamous clock.
- And you?|- Picking up your mail.
How's the clock? Lonesome.
No sign of|Arthur's girl yet.
Could she have any friends|left in New York? You mean from the old days? They're probably dead, or|wait a second.
Let me call you later,|okay? Yeah.
Listen, thanks for the phone.
|It is my favorite color.
Yes, Operator.
In Manhattan,|a Rose O'Halloran.
Artie Allen,|still alive! Oh, very much so.
Who would've guessed? So many have passed on at least,|I assume they have.
It's not like I've been|keeping records.
- Cheers.
|- Cheers.
What happened to the leg? Too young for the war.
Well, my war, anyway.
Oh, just a car accident.
Is Artie in New York? Maine.
Oh, I went to Maine once.
More Italians than|I would have expected.
Is this from|the Stage Door Canteen? Oh, you've sure got|a good eye.
He never did get over her,|did he? She got to everybody,|that Abby.
- Did she keep in touch?|- Just disappeared.
Ah, but that was the war,|you know? People did things they wouldn't|ordinarily do.
You too, Rosie? I'd rather not say.
May I? Please.
- The old days.
|- Yeah.
Who took this picture? Tommy Peterson,|a friend of ours.
Where was it, Rosie? Central Park.
Southeast corner, just|just past that little bridge.
I don't think|it's there anymore.
She's not there|anymore either, if that's|what you're thinking.
Tommy, I don't|understand what you want.
I want what you want.
I could lose Artie,|my job at the Canteen.
I want you to leave me alone.
If I believed that,|I wouldn't be here.
Neither would you.
Come on.
I have to go.
Hey, it's me.
I saw her.
- I kissed her.
|- Who? - Abby.
What do you mean, who?|- Arthur's girl? That's what he thinks.
She was, but that was|before she met me I mean Tommy.
They were they were keeping it|on the downlow.
The downlow? Isn't that what|people say these days? Other people, not you.
Let me get that for you.
# I think of you # Cabbie,|Swan Song Hotel.
Yeah, Operator? Directory assistance.
|What city, please? Yeah, Manhattan.
- The Swan Song Hotel.
|- Thank you.
There's no such listing|in Manhattan.
Oh, there's got to be.
Would you like to try|another city? Yeah, I know.
Shh! I've got to go.
He says he saw the girl.
- That's not possible.
|- That's what I said.
I know.
|I heard you.
And now he's looking for a hotel|that doesn't exist either, because that's|where they were headed.
Who was? Johnny and this fantasy woman.
He's just a little too into this.
Can't you pretty much|find anybody these days? You mean the woman|Johnny's looking for? Yeah.
I'd rather we found her, or some kind|of record of her, 'cause this this just isn't healthy.
You're not jealous, are you? Of a fantasy woman? Yeah.
Well, that wouldn't be healthy.
What are you going to do|when he finds someone for real? This was the Swan Song Hotel, and then it wasn't.
I see.
This was the honeymoon suite.
And then it wasn't.
No, it still is.
Room temperature|is at your discretion.
The minibar is available|for your convenience.
There you go.
Too kind, sir.
"O my dove, That hides in the clefts|of the rock, In the secret places|of the stairs, Let me see|Thy countenance " "Let me see|Thy countenance, Let me hear Thy voice, For sweet is Thy voice, And Thy countenance|is comely.
" Man, oh, man.
I never knew the Good Book|got it so right.
Anything in there about|not coveting your neighbor's wife? And wives honoring|their husbands? You're not married yet.
I'll be sent to hell.
We're there now.
Every second|that we let get away keeps us there.
You feel it? So do I.
"The length of the ark|shall be 300 cubits, the breadth of it|50 cubits.
" Hello? I have been calling you|all night.
I was|otherwise engaged.
Otherwise engaged? We, uh They Oh, Sarah,|it was incredible.
Abby and Tommy had|a tryst at this hotel.
- You saw it?|- Yeah, I lived it.
You mean,|the two of them having sex.
Listen, don't be so crass.
They they were in love.
Who, Abby and Tommy? Yeah, I mean,|it was Abby and Tommy, Arthur it was, you know bigger than the three of us,|that sort of thing.
This was the first woman|I've been with since You and I.
She wasn't real.
I was speaking psychologically.
I want you to come home now.
Home you want me|to come home.
Can you tell me where home is?|I would like to know.
Johnny No, I'm not coming home.
|It isn't over.
What isn't over? You and Abby or you and me? Do you two want to be alone? - No.
|- I've got to go.
He spent the night with her|in his head.
That's his problem.
Weren't you running|some kind of a database search|or something? We should know something today.
I'll see you later.
Hey! Tommy Who were you expecting,|Tojo? Shove off, sailor.
|I'll convoy this boat.
I thought we agreed.
What, to give me|the bum's rush? To not see each other again before somebody gets hurt.
It's a little late for that.
What happens|after the war, Tommy? You'll come back for me? You know I will.
We'll get|the white picket fence? Have a couple of kids? That's not you, Tommy.
It never will be.
We're telling him.
Tommy, where've you been? Wouldn't you like to know? Yeah, I would.
We've only got|a few more days, and I'd like to spend|one of them with my best pal.
- Is that right?|- Come by the house tomorrow.
- My folks want to see you, too.
|- He talks about you all the time.
Really? Absotively and posilutely.
I'm gonna clear out.
|I've got a lot of packing to do.
Artie Artie! - Tomorrow.
|- Yeah.
I guess I won't see you again.
I guess not.
Swell meeting you, Abby.
You too, Tommy.
Forget about her.
# I'll be seeing you # # In all the old|familiar places # # That this heart|of mine embraces # # All day through # Hello? Abigail Travers was registered with the New York|Stage Actors' Guild.
- But Abby wasn't an actress.
|- Apparently, she was, which means "Abigail Travers"|was probably her stage name.
Rosie, Abby was having an affair|with Tommy Peterson.
Well, what if she was? You were in love|with Tommy, right? She ended it with Tommy.
|Tommy and Arthur went to war.
A month later,|Abby disappeared.
- Without a word?|- Not to me.
What's her real name? What difference|does that make now? Maybe if two people|who should have been together can get a second chance while there's still time.
Don't be such a drip.
We were just a bunch|of soldier-crazy victory girls.
It didn't matter then.
It doesn't matter now.
I'm sorry.
Goodbye, Rosie.
Abigail Tarnovski.
She said it would never fit|on a marquee.
Up and down.
Up and down.
Abby? Yeah? I just spoke with you.
You mean, my grandmother? Your grandmother? Mr.
Smith Thank you so much|for coming here.
If you're still busy,|I understand.
No, we were just|finishing up.
- I'm triple-parked.
|- We'll just be a few minutes.
- Gram|- I'll take a cab home.
Tell me about Artie Arthur.
He really wants to see you.
I'm not sure|that's the best idea.
People can still|be made to hurt, no matter how many years.
It must have been|really difficult to raise a child|on your own.
How did you know? Oh, of course,|you met my granddaughter.
Artie and I were engaged.
I had a baby by another boy, a mutual friend|Tommy.
After my daughter was born, I wrote Tommy,|just to tell him.
He didn't write back.
Well, white picket fence, a couple of kids probably wasn't his style.
But it was Artie|I wanted to grow old with.
Artie and me we can't go back.
Is that the only direction|there is? I'm a little nervous.
Hey, that's understandable.
Maybe I can't do this, John.
Good enough, Arthur.
|Let's go back to Maine.
Come on.
John John, bless you.
I'll take it from here.
# I'll be seeing you # # In all the old familiar places # # That this heart of mine|embraces # # All day through # # In that small cafe # # The park across the way # # The children's carousel # How long is this going|to take? A half-hour?|What? I don't know.
|Does it matter? I got stuck granny-watching|this week because my mother's|out of town.
I think we should leave them|alone for a while and come back.
I don't suppose you'd like|to take a walk in the park, huh? # I'll always think of you|that way # # I'll find you|in the morning sun # # And when the night is new # # I'll be looking at the moon # # But I'll be seeing you # Tommy Peterson? How do you know my name? A mutual friend.
# I'll find you|in the morning sun # # And when the night is new # # I'll be looking at the moon # # But I'll be seeing you.
# - No.
|- Yes.
You're grounded.