The Dead Zone s03e01 Episode Script

Finding Rachel (1)

I had The perfect life.
I was at coma for six years.
whe i woke up, I found my fiancée married to another man My son doesn't know who I am.
Everything has changed Including me One touch and i can see things.
things has happened, things that will happen You should see what I see.
Previously on The Dead Zone My support for Greg Stillson is founded on his vision for the future which promises to be very bright Friends of Reverend Purdy are friends of mine.
Because the day of reckonning is coming.
Greg Stillson is coming to Washington.
I'm not calling you dumb.
I'm saying some of the things you do dumb.
Now zip your fly and make yourself presentable.
This is Vera Smith's son we're talking about.
He is part of the family.
And if he should decide to challenge administration of her estate, we've a serious problem.
I know this isn't the life you would have chosen.
But it's the life that have choosen you.
It is your destiny to help people.
Shame on you what you've done to these people.
It's not a vision.
People of my vision usually don't turn to look and talk to me.
I get vision on the touch.
I touched anything.
Who the hell are you? My name is Christopher Wey.
Every time i hold this and you hold that.
We can see each other.
I'm seeing the future, you're seeing the past.
We're sharing a vision.
You survived.
This is the one personn who can tell us how Armaggeddon starts and it cause.
This is the one personn who can tell us how to stop it.
Beautiful isn't she? - And she's all ours - Anybody else know we have her? - Nobody outside of this room.
- May I? That's what we're here for.
May ask you a question.
Does it even matter which one I pick? Of course it matters.
Every vote counts some just count more than others.
In a close election like yours, it all comes down to margin of error.
The digital equivalent of a hanging Chad.
- And there's no paper trail? - Only one we generate - Better than sex isn't it? - You, my friend, need to get out more.
Nobody can stop us now son.
That's okay, c'mon in, we were just finishing up here So Christopher Wey wakes up from his coma here, after whatever happens happens, and begins having visions of me.
Somewhere between these two points, if I'm right, Stillson is going to cause the destruction of Washington D.
Maybe the destruction of everything.
All this Armaggedon talk You know my dad didn't stop to - preach the exact same signs of wonder -There is something else There's something else.
Something I haven't told you yet.
It gets worse? The last time I saw Wey in a vision, he showed me a magazine from the future and I was on the cover, and the headline was, "Will this man destroy the world?" What are you saying, johnny? I don't know what's going to happen.
I don't know what all of this is doing to me.
If somehow i found out I'm the one who gonna cause Armageddon? Bruce, you have to promise me something, that you'll do the right thing.
right thing? What the hell are you talking about? .
That you'll stop me.
whatever it takes.
After everything we've been through, I'd lay down my life for a heartbeat.
- But don't ask me to do this, man, it's crazy.
- Bruce listen me Ask me anything else, but not this.
- Com'on listen listen to me, man - I gotta go.
You? - Now what? - I have something to show you.
It's not safe for me here.
Move! - Where are we? - Your future.
Lovely, isn't it? Don't worry.
They can't see you.
Good thing too.
You don't have a lot of fans around here.
What do you mean? Look for yourself.
All this people.
What happened to them? What happened? - I need to know.
- I don't know.
but whatever happened, this was just the beginning.
But it's not what I brought you here to see.
These are new.
Somebody is putting them up all over.
Rachel Caldwell.
It's a date, tomorow - Who is she? - I don't know You better find out.
There's nothing in these latest MRI's that would account for the symptoms you're describing.
But doc, it's definitely getting worse.
The headaches before were at least bearable.
I'll give you medication for the pain.
I'm more concerned about these "blackouts" you've been having.
It's more about the time that I'm missing.
When I come out of the vision, time has passed that I can't account for.
As far as I can tell, I keep doing whatever I was doing before the vision started Except I'm just not full conscious of it.
It's like I'm in two places in the same time.
Is there something particularly traumatic about these visions? - yes.
- Can you tell me about? .
For anybody else I'd send them for a psych evaluation, but with you Johnny, I'm not so sure how I can help.
I can set up for a consult for you with a top neurologist.
they've made huge strides in just the last few years in what they know about the brain.
In the mean time , I'd like to admit you and run some more extensive tests.
It sounds good doc, but we'll setup this for another time, I've got to be somewhere now.
Thanks doc.
Hey, here you are.
just fill this out this card.
Sign here, date here, October 25th You're ready to vote on Tuesday.
Do they have a box for "none of the above?" You can just leave it blank.
Thought you'd quit working for this guy I made a commitment to stay through the election.
Besides, I think he's really grown as a candidate.
Who's the girl with the camera? Oh.
Uh, Rachel Caldwell.
She's shooting a documentary for the campaign.
Traduction by cpt_lolo and ronan babin The Dead Zone - Saison 3 - Episode 01 "Finding Rachel - Part 1" Johnny! This is a surprise.
I hope this means you're keeping an open mind.
Our offer still stands you know, your endorsement will make a great deal in this campaign.
- Will be a close election.
- Don't hold your breath.
Saint Paul had to be blinded before he saw the light.
I hope it won't take something so dramatic in your case.
Wouah i tell you You can really feel the energy in this room.
the energy is feel when something special is happening.
And that something special is in each everyone here, the good people of Maine who have all together made this campaign possible.
I gonna fight to cut taxes, to put your hard earned dollars back in your pocket, where they belong.
Well, nothing will stop us now, son.
Oh Sorry.
I didn't know anyone was in here No, it's allright, come on over, we were just finishing up here.
Gentlemen, -I'd like to introduce you to my next director of media relations, Miss Rachel Caldwell - Hi So if you will join me on this journey by sending me to Congress, I will send a message to the politicians in Washington : That we, the People will have our voice heard over the special interests.
Thank you.
And God Bless America.
- Rachel Caldwell? - yes? Hi.
My name is Johnny Smith.
I'm a friend of Sarah Bannerman, she works with you on this campaign.
Oh, hi Of course, Mr.
I know who you are.
I've heard Reverend Purdy speak about you often.
Reverend Purdy? I'm a graduate student at Faith Heritage.
Ohok, cool.
Listen, I saw you filming at the rally today and was wondering if I could talk to you about some? Yeah, Sure.
What about? I um, I had an idea for a documentary about psychic phenomenon, and I was looking for somebody to produce it.
Sarah told me you were the person i should defenetly talk to.
Really? Wow.
I'd love to do something like that.
So, what are you doing after this? Oooh, I've got a meeting back at campaign headquarters.
It's crazy busy with this election coming up.
Yeah, I understand.
What about later? I should be wrapped out of there by six thirty.
There's a seafood bar and grill near my house, on Route 11 At Sharkey's? Yeah, That's right.
I could be there by seven.
Ok, great.
I'll meet you there at seven.
What do they want? How do they know who I am ? HELP ME! - Uh.
- 911 - Excuse me? - Do you wish to report an emergency? I'm sorry I .
what time is it? - Sir this line is for emergencies only.
- The time! What time is it? please! - 8:05? - Do you.
Rachel! Can I help you? Did you see a woman here earlier, she was blonde hair, twenty-four? Yeah, I saw her.
She left about an hour ago with you.
With me? - I need your help.
- Johnny? What happened to your head? I don't know.
It Doesn't matter.
Listen, i met this woman today at the Stillson rally.
I think she's gonna be in a lot of trouble.
- Rachel Caldwell? - How do you know she's in trouble? I don't know.
It's very complicated.
I just need to know where she lives and see if she's okay.
Reach me outside, allright ? Please.
- You know her? - Yeah, she works for the campaign.
I have a contact list and i'm sure she's on it.
Doesn't look like anybody's home.
Hang on, hang on Procedure.
Sheriff's department.
Anybody home? We're coming inside.
Rachel? Rachel are you here? It's me Johnny Smith.
Have I told you how lucky I am to have you on my team? Who are you? Sheriff Bannerman.
You're Rachel Caldwell? She's my sister.
I'm Rebecca Caldwell.
What's going on? Why are you here? I was concerned that something happened to your sister Rachel.
I asked to Sheriff Bannerman to help me check on her.
-who are you ? -My name is John Smith.
I will kill you I will kill you John has assisted us on a number of cases as a police psychic.
A what? - Look, I know how this might sounds - No.
No you don't know how it sounds.
I came here, looking for my sister, instead of a cops and some police psychic.
SHERIFF, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? First, let me just tell you that I don't know for certain that anything has happened to Rachel - But you said you were concerned - Let me explain this deal I have visions.
Visions that show me important things about a person.
And on Rachel's case, I saw a flyer, with her picture on it, that said she was missing, and offered a twenty-five thousand dollars reward.
You expect me to believe this? Ms.
Caldwell, I've worked with Johnny on many cases.
I've never known him to be wrong.
I met Rachel earlier tonight, to warn her, but something happened I blacked out, I don't know why, but when I came to she was gone.
That's when I contacted Sheriff Bannerman and we came here.
- How long has she been missing? - Just a few hours.
She could come walking in that door any minute wondering what all the fuss is about.
Well, how can i help ? Right now I think the best thing you can do is to stay home in case she calls or comes home.
In the mean time, I'll need a list of any kind of numbers, friends than she might try to contacts, places where she might to go ok? I know this is way hard feel please try not to worry.
We're gonna find Rachel.
What do you think? Find out where Stillson was between six and ten o'clock tonight.
Stillson? He was the subject of the documentary she was working on.
Ask around, you'll find they had some kind of relationship.
- Your visions tell you that? - He's behind this.
ok ? I'm sure of it.
He's capable of more than you think.
I've heard the rumors.
But we've never been able to substantiate anything.
Maybe it's time that you did.
Euh John.
There's some I've got to ask you.
It's going to come up, so we might as well get it out of the way Where were you between six and ten tonight? I don't know.
Missing? For how long? She ain't come home last night.
Her sister is pretty worry.
I thought it was odd when she missed the staff meeting this morning.
She's a good kid.
Damn good with a camera too.
She cut together a campaign ad for nothing that was better than those Madison Avenue types made for a hundred grand I hope she's all right.
Who reported her missing? Johnny Smith.
Johnny Smith This This one of psychic things ? Yeah.
But we're trying to keep that quiet, right now, so I'd appreciate it if you don't mention the press.
sure, certainly.
If there's anything I can do, you have the full cooperation of everyone here.
- Allrigth, thanks a lot.
- Yeah.
Oh, you know what ? One more thing, You didn't happen to see her last night between six and ten did you? Last night? No.
I was in a strategy meeting that went past midnight.
I'll tell you this too, I target your friend Mr.
Smith at civic center, after the rally, that would be around three thirty.
I would talk to himBut I'm sure you already have, haven't you? - Oh your relationship with Miss Caldwell - Strictly professional.
Thanks for your time.
Oh, sorry to interrupt.
Please, come in.
Walt ? Have I told you how lucky I am to have your lovely wife on my team? Actually you have.
Umm, Rachel's sister, Rebecca Caldwell is here and she'd like to talk to you Of course.
Send her in, Sheriff Ms.
Caldwell Bannerman still leading in the polls? He's not within the "margin of error" if that's what you're asking.
Too bad.
Have a seet, i'll be right back.
Smith is going to be a problem, we need to get our friend Purdy to help us contain him.
Purdy's never been willing to help us when it comes to his boy, Johnny Smith.
If Smith gets going on this, it could be enough to kill us on election day.
Purdy's got to help.
Profile on Faith Heritage .
let's see what we have to work with.
Damn Johnny, somebody cracked you good.
- You should see a doctor, make sure you don't have a concussion.
- That's not the problem.
It's these visions of the future that I'm having.
Whenever this Wey guy shows me a vision of future, when I come out of it, Bruce, I'm missing big chunks of time.
- He showed you the future after? - after Whatever happens, you know? it's bad, man.
The visions are intense.
- More than anything else I've experienced before.
- Hmm.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, say it.
You think I'm losing it don't you? I mean I've got Walt asking me for an alibi, and now you.
- You think I've crossed that thin line between Psychic and Psycho.
- Johnny.
Listen to me.
I have no doubt in your abilities.
But when you start talking to me about missing time, and Armageddon, and me doing the "right thing" if it looks like you might cause the end of the world.
maybe the "right thing" is to tell you, as a friend, I'm worried about you.
I'm worried about me too.
Right now missing woman to find.
Mister Kennedy, you've got a minute ? Ok.
So what is this about, Greg ? My My My.
Mike, we have rumors that Purdy is trying to float a loan but has been turned down by at least one major bank.
How would you know that? I send out lovely gifts every Christmas to anyone who has money.
Point is I'm just worried about some scandal that potentially tarnish the last few days of this campaign.
-Look if If you have a question for Purdy, ask him yourself.
-And we will We will do that we may however also be force to ask him about these pictures and I'm just not so sure good Reverend will understand deviant behavior which is so hard condemned in the good book However I'm not sure the good book specifically mentions handcuffs and whips.
I send out lovely Christmas gifts to all sorts of people, Mike even some who use whips.
Thank you for meeting me.
Smith I won't lie to you .
I don't know whether to believe a word you say.
But if there's a one percent chance what you're telling me is true.
I take it.
I believe Rachel still alive.
We all hope that's true, but you should be careful.
Some of the people you're dealing with may be involved in your sister's disappearance.
You mean Greg Stillson.
I thought about that.
Rachel loves working for him, really believes in what he stands for.
We talk nearly every day, if there was a problem, she would have said something.
She was making a documentary about him, she might have seen something she should not.
That's what I wanted to know when I arranged to meet her here.
But, unfortunately I can't remember what happened after that.
Is there something you don't want to remember Mr.
Smith? I was hoping I can piece together what happened that night through the visions.
Excuse me, you were here the night when I came in weren't you? Yes.
The police were here asking me about you and that missing girl.
What did you tell them? It's okay.
This is the girl's sister.
We're trying to find her.
So Anything you may remember will defenetly help.
I told them you came and with that young woman, sat right where you're sitting now.
You both ordered coffee.
You talked for a while, then left.
About an hour later, you were back looking for her.
Do you remember what they were talking about? No it seemed serious, whatever it was.
She was upset Even spot the sugar.
Need my help on mess.
Excuse me.
Now what? Before I got into filmmaking, I never used to drink coffee.
Now I can't get enough for this stuff.
she said she never drank coffee before she picked up a video camera.
Are you having some kind of vision now? Yes.
I see her, sitting next to you.
She has her video camera.
Is it okay if I video tape you? I shoot everything.
It's become kind of an obsession.
The videotaping became like an obsession with her.
I hope the thing she loved didn't get her in trouble.
- What did you two talk about? - I said to her .
you shouldn't tape what I'm about to tell you, ok.
- Are you sure this isn't a memory? - It's a vision.
I still can't remember everything that I'm seeing.
What did you tell her? .
I didn't bring you here to talk about a documentary.
Rachel I really think that you may be in danger.
I had a vision.
- What kind of vision? - What kind of vision? I can't tell you everything, just that I've seen a "Missing" Poster.
I told her that it said that she was disappeared that night.
How did she react? She was scared - Why would anybody want to hurt me? - Why would anybody want to hurt her? I don't know the answer to that .
I want to see the documentary you're making about Greg Stillson.
Why? Don't be afraid, Rachel.
Did you have an affair with him? You think Rachel had an affair with Stillson? I think so.
- Can you prove it? - No I can't Not yet.
these cable properties have turned into a money pit.
If we don't see some positive cash flow soon, we're going to default on these loans.
We'll just have to restructure the debt.
The banks will never go far.
Greg, this is a surprise.
you know Mike Kennedy, our chief financial officer? - You've got to talk to your boy Johnny Smith.
- I'll come back.
No, no, no, you sit down.
Reverend might need some advice from you.
Greg, sit down, whatever it is, I am sure we can talk abou t.
What has Johnny done? He's been going around telling people like Sheriff Bannerman that I had something to do with the disappearance of one of my campaign workers.
- I'm sure it's just some kind of misunderstanding.
- No, no, no, no That ouija board freak has had some kind of problem with me from the first day we met.
You've got to shut him up before the press gets wind of this.
- I'll talk to him - You're going to do more than that.
Sonny? How did you get.
- I don't understand.
- No? Let me help you out here.
I know for a fact you've been using Johnny Smith's Trust Fund for your own personal piggy bank.
- You can't come in here and threaten me.
- Relax Reverend.
I'm just here to make sure that you protect your personnal investment in my campaign.
The race has become a little tighter than we expected, so i need some additionnal funding for a final push.
- How much this additional funding? - Well, I like round figures.
I think a million dollars should cover .
- No - Please, C'mon Reverend, You pretty spend that much a year on cigarettes and magazines.
Greg, i am sorry, but i am afraid that any futur support about Faith Heritage will be in spirit only.
I'm not looking for any support from Faith Heritage.
I expect you flip all that trust fund piggy bank and shake out Smith's last few nickels.
Sorry, Greg, I can't do that.
Yeah, i think you can.
See, you have a choice to make.
It's gonna be me.
or it's gonna be Johnny Smith.
The one you are more afraid of? We've asked you here today, not to seek your vote, but to ask for your help.
your help in finding a missing young woman, Rachel Caldwell, a campaign volunteer.
Her sister Rebecca, and myself, and all her fellow campaign workers are asking anyone with any information He's trying to get out in front of this before it turns into a scandal.
about this young woman, please call this 800 number : 1-800-555-0199.
And doing a damn good job from the looks of it.
The Stillson campaign is offering a 25,000 dollar reward for any information that leads to the whereabouts of Miss Caldwell.
I'd like to introduce you, to Rebecca Caldwell, What is she doing there? - She's looking help anywhere she can find.
- I want to thank Mr.
Stillson, and everyone At the campaign, for showing some much love and concern.
Rachel is 5'8" blonde hair.
135 pounds.
She drives a silver 97 Subaru station wagon, She has a great smile.
If anyone has any information, no matter how small, please don't hesitate, to call 800-555-0199.
We can't let Stillson judo this off of himself.
I know he's involved.
ok, what sort of any ? I may not be enough Not only he's a son of a bitch smart, he's carefull.
I'll do what you want to do.
Greg Stillson, for Congress.
Count on you ? Bumper sticker, they're free You see this people, that's why I got into politics Johnny Smith how do you vote on Tuesday? Not for you! Sorry to hear that.
I was really counting on the psychic vote.
Bumper sticker? I see you already have a new camera person.
Sonny You just out for a walk Smith, or there is some you want? I just wanted you to know something, the press conference, the nice speech, the reward, they don't fool me.
- You aren't going to get away with this.
- Get away with what? You're not much of a psychic if you think I had something to do with Rachel Caldwell's disappearance.
You should tell Rebecca you had an affair with her sister.
Maybe you could gain your own reward.
That what you do with your powers Smith? Snooping into people's bedrooms? There is something I want you to know.
Anything happens to Rachel Caldwell and I will personnally come after you.
You think you saw something about me in your visions You ain't see nothing yet Yeah.
Just take a few of the back, allrights - Hey - Hi One of the Stillson volunteers found it.
She's still alive.
I know it.
I can feel it.
Did you find anything in the car? Have you questioned Johnny Smith? Is he a suspect? - No.
- Why not? As far as we know he's the last person to see my sister.
He has no alibi.
Even he doesn't know what he was doing when she disappeared.
And now you find her car just a few blocks from his house? - That's true, but.
- What are you waiting for? Question him.
Get his DNA.
Get a search warrant for his car and house.
You're wrong about this.
You don't know Johnny like I do.
That's exactly what I'm worried about.
Your personal relationship is interfering with your investigation.
What is he doing here? I asked him to help us.
he's the best chance your sister has.
How do you do, Rebecca? I've been better.
I was hoping one of your visions could give us some insight.
I told Ms.
Caldwell she could observe.
- Can I touch the car? - They're done with the exterior.
Did you see anything? her car, abandoned, but not here.
This is where I woke up, holding my phone, dialing 911.
When we came back that night, you thought it was up the road.
I forgot about the deer crossing sign.
I didn't remember it until I saw it again in the vision.
You called 911 but you don't remember why? Not yet.
In the vision, Rachel's car was parked here, the doors were wide open.
The engine was still running.
I saw myself pull up, here get out of the car, and turn off her ignition.
- Then what? - I don't know.
It's like a dream, the harder I try to remember, the farther away the memory goes.
She jumped out of the car.
She must have tried to get away.
She was carrying something.
her camera.
What is it? What do you see? I see me, a blinking red light on the ground.
that's Rachel's camera! Hold on John.
John don't touch it, don't touch it the fingerprints DNA.
Don't contaminate it I will be right back.
There's blood on it.
- It's mine.
- You bastard.
#*#?@# i will kill you i will kill you You're going out again? Just got a call from forensics, Think they can save the damaged tape in the camera we found.
- Do you think it will clear Johnny? - I hope so.
I'm getting a lot of pressure from her sister and the prosecutor's office to arrest him.
- You aren't going to do that are you? - I don't wanna arrest john.
But if this was anybody else, they'd be in custody right now It almost sounds like that you think he does have something to do with this.
Walt? You do.
Don't you? Look at me.
LOOK-AT-ME - You look me in the eye me and tell me do you think Johnny had something to do with this? - All the events points to him.
he knows things only the killer would know.
I have to consider the possibility - I'm sorry - That's great.
Walt I'm sorry.
Me too.
Hey Walt.
What's going on? Hey John.
I need you to explain something to me.
This is a copy of the tape we found in Rachel's camera.
We believe that it turned on when somebody beat her with it.
There's thirty seconds of this, then.
And then.
Tell me you can explain this.
I can't.
Johnny, your prints are on the camera, and her car keys.
You have no alibi, we can't account for your movements that night.
I have no choice.
I know.
John Smith, you're under arrest for the murder of Rachel Caldwell.
You have the right to remain silent.
Everything you say can a mobil used against you in accord of law.
Somebody must have tipped them off.
Let's get this over with.
Better put the cuffs on.
It's procedure.
To be continued.