The Dead Zone s04e01 Episode Script

Broken Circle (2)

Previously on "The Dead Zone" If it ever comes to it,|don't leave me in another coma.
I want you to pull the plug.
Who's the girl with the camera? Rachel Caldwell.
She's shooting|a documentary for the campaign.
She's my sister.
|I'm Rebecca Caldwell I met Rachel earlier|tonight to warn her.
When I came to she was gone.
John Smith, you're under arrest|for the murder of Rachel Caldwell.
I came here to tell you how sorry|I am for not believing you before.
John! These seizures are becoming|more and more devastating each time.
We need another round of scans|to precisely map your brain.
Whatever I did, I did to protect you.
I don't need your protection.
|I need the truth.
I forged a suicide note stating that Mike Kennedy was responsible|for the murder of Rachel Caldwell Kennedy was knocked out.
|Elliman put the gun in his hand and pulled the trigger.
It was Sonny Elliman, Walt.
When I touched Stillson,|I saw a vision of the future.
Some kind of apocalypse.
It must mean he doesn't go|to prison for killing Rachel He gets away with it.
We can't let that happen.
|Not just for Rachel but for the future.
When the time comes, do not save Rebecca.
I'm sorry Mister Stillson,|times are hard.
I can't get my congregation|to pick up the Bibles we have.
Well We'll leave these cards just in case|one of your parishioners decises Minister, are you a baseball fan? Well, I guess I I used to play but|I lost interest, you know The game got stale.
Then, this one year, for Christmas,|my Dad, he bought me a new mitt.
I couldn't wait to get out|and shag some flies.
You see Bibles! They are like that new mitt: they make your congregation|excited about comin' to church.
- That's quite a story.
|- I apologize I hope you don't mind if I make|it my own for this Sunday's sermon? We'll take a dozen.
|You don't mind singles? Singles'll be just fine.
Pretty full'a yourself, aren't ya? I sold 'em, didn't I? If it was up to you we'd be|sleepin' in the car again.
Sass me again.
Y'owe me two dollars.
You got one hard head, boy.
Congressman? Congressman? Congressman? Yeah, euh New management.
A senior consultant.
Best in the business.
We bring him aboard,|he's gonna want to make changes.
No, no, no, no, that's terrific news.
Well I'll think about it.
So yo want some good news? Always.
It seems your "pal" Johnny Smith|is going to have brain surgery.
Maybe we'll be rid of that|psycho once and for all.
We make that call to Justice? When Johnny Smith|gets out of the hospital, he'll be up to his neck|in Federal Agents.
If he gets out.
How are you doing, John? What happened here? You must have blacked out|after a vision.
When I found you I thought you had|another seizure, so I took you to the E.
The doctors said that you might|slip back into a coma.
Sarah consented to the surgery.
|That was two days ago.
About my visions? - We don't know.
It was|- Give me my cane.
I need to know if anything change.
My visions.
They're gone Hey.
Hey, John.
Where's Rebecca? Rebecca died, John.
What? She killed Greg|Stillson and the police shot her.
Oh my God.
What's going on? Hold still please, Mr.
John, it's going to be okay.
Hey, listen No, no, no, no!|They gave you a sedative.
Alright? The most important thing|is for you to relax.
Please don't do this.
Please stop!|I had a vision.
Excuse me.
You have a patient, John|Smith.
What room is he in? I'm sorry, we can't|give out any information Excuse me, Sir excuse me Excuse me, we got a problem? Pendragon, U.
Attorney's Office.
|I'm here to arrest John Smith.
Kidnapping?|Are you kidding me? The kidnapping charge federalizes the murder|of Rachel Caldwell.
Now, if you'll excuse me Hang on a second.
Hang on a second.
|He's about to undergo brain surgery.
And I'm about to put an officer|outside of his room until he's fit to travel.
I'm serving the warrant now.
The son of a bitch is gone.
Hey Where are we? Just north of D.
How you feeling? Like a man who needs brain surgery.
You know how dangerous this is, right? I mean, for all you know, you're|next vision could be your last.
What choice do I have? You had a vision that Stillson|is gonna be killed by Rebecca Yes, and in the same vision you told me|that she would get killed in the process.
What if it's meant to be, Johnny? I mean, even you, in the future,|believe this needs to happen.
Johnny it's one life to|save how many? I hope that's a choice|I don't have to make.
Who are you calling? Rebecca.
See if I can stop this|before it begins.
You know it's heartbreaking what happened to Rachel.
I can't tell you how glad I am|you decided to reconsider my offer.
"Rachel's Law" will be a fitting|tribute to your sister.
And it will keep her case front and|center over at the Justice Department.
What made you change your mind|if you don't mind my asking? I lost faith in Johnny Smith.
One lie too many I suppose.
All I want is to bring her|killer to justice.
Even if it's Johnny Smith? Yeah, especially if it's John Smith.
He used her death|to get close to me.
I know it's It's diffcult to see something like|that when you're grieving.
You're doing the right thing.
You know we'll have a press|conference this afternoon.
I've been asked|to speak about the bill.
Do you want to be there when I announce|it's gonna be called "Rachel's Law?" Yeah.
Yes, I'd be great.
My assistant will make|all the arrangements.
Ok, see you then.
Don't make the same mistake you|made with her sister.
And what mistake was that? Listen to me, Greg.
you keep her around, no ones even|gonna forget about Rachel Caldwell.
This whole thing could|blow up rigth in your face.
Bring it on.
|I didn't do anything.
I need copies|of the investigating detective's notes, contact list,|evidence reports, witness depositions and|all forensic photographs.
I can't give you that information while|our investigation is on-going.
The prime suspect|is your close friend.
I'm letting you give us the information rather|than face a federal subpoena.
Lieutenant Derwingson will give you|all the information you need.
I'm glad we could|keep this friendly.
So who called in the feds anyway? Smith is a murder suspect.
He's accused of stalking a U.
Congressman,|considered armed and dangerous.
John Smith is neither|armed nor dangerous.
Why would I think|you are gonna say that? He also appears to be|the biological father of your son.
I'm sorry but this exchange of|information is not reciprocal.
What's for all this Roscoe? Mail sent over from Faith Heritage|demanding Reverend Purdy's release.
Let me see that.
All this? For Purdy? Yeah.
And faxes, and phone calls.
Even got a couple of death|threats.
For you, not him.
Now these people|outside carrying signs.
That's great.
|My day gets better.
Hey, Reverend.
|How you doing? Excellently well.
I feel as good|as I have ever felt.
I've gained a profound relief from|making a clean breast of things.
I had my first good night's|sleep in years On this.
Well, good for you.
I brought you some mail.
All that for me? Yeah.
There's five|more bags right outside.
So whenever you're ready to tell me|why Sonny Elliman killed Mike Kennedy, I'm ready to listen.
See you later Reverend.
Take me with you.
No one knows Johnny better,|I can help you.
I can't, it's too dangerous Besides, you need to stay here in|case he calls or wants to see J.
How are you going to find him? I don't know exactly.
I do know he's with Bruce and|that's something the feds don't know.
He tried to use his gas|card in Baltimore yesterday.
I'm pretty sure he is in D.
Rebecca's in D.
I know, so is Greg Stillson.
Walt|Jus be careful, ok? Don't let anything|happen to either one of you.
I won't.
Look, if he tries to call, find out where he is|and don't tell him I'm coming, ok? Ok.
See you when I get back.
Rebecca lives in a nice place.
You don't really think she'll be|home waiting for us, did you? Remind me to never|get one of those.
Watergate burglars.
Anyone home? Don't worry Congressman,|if he's on the move, he won't evade|detection for very long.
I'm telling you I know this guy.
Smith is headed here, to D.
C|he's obsessed.
The fact that|he crossed state lines will let us put him away indefinitely|under federal antistalking laws.
It's not so much me|I'm worried about, it's my staff.
He's already|killed one of them.
If he comes anywhere|near you or your staff, we'll use whatever force|necessary to protect you.
Well, thank you.
That will go a long way toward|making my staffers feel safer.
You have my word.
You see anything? You put cell in here too? Kitchen's the center of the home,|don't you know that? You see something? James Stillson and Sonny Elliman.
What are those two degenerates|doing in Rebecca's apartment? This place is bugged.
They know I'm here.
John, we gotta get out of here.
Not yet Rebecca It's where she's going to do it.
|this afternoon, the press conference.
It's three o'clock.
|At least we still have time.
I have my men moving|in that direction now Thank you for the heads up.
One of Stillson's aides, Elliman,|I believe his name is says that Smith has been seen|in the girlfriend's place.
Almost sounds like our Congressman's|got his own op going on.
Federal Agents.
|Take the stairs.
Damn, there's more Come on I Look Let me handle this ok?|Be cool.
Stop that car.
Turn off the ignition|and get out of the car.
Hey man, it is not my fault! But the guy had me boxed! Been on the road three months and I|don't rate a hi-how-are-ya, Pop? Where's her stuff? She fit the whole caboodle|in one suitcase.
One of those new|Samsonites with wheels.
I was thinking we should|get a couple at house, a lot easier to carry|around all this crap.
She wouldn't walk out on me.
Come to think of it, I don't think she's wasn't|walkin' she was runnin'.
If i was her Sticky situation|you gonna end to a great.
A baby Lucky old Dad was around|to clean up your mess.
What the hell did you do? All I did is give the girl a couple|of box and the right address.
Listen to me, you listen to me.
You may not be the brightest|bulb in the box, but you were meant for somethin'|better than this.
I can feel it.
But you can't feel it too.
I loved her.
She was a loose end, Greg.
We can't have loose ends.
Listen that guy|you talked about.
Call him.
Tell him he got a deal.
It's the smart move, Greg.
|You won't regret it.
Let me know|how that turns out.
What's that all about? Just tyin' up some loose ends.
James, Pendragon has Smith's friend in custody and|he's telling them we were in the apartment I need to go over there remove|the taps before the feds show up Well, you'll do that.
Smith! Smith! Smith just stole a cab,|he's headed west.
Go, go, go! I have a visual of the cab.
Heading North towards the bridge.
I need that bridge close.
|Right now, Force come in! Smith! It's over.
John, you don't have a chance.
|Don't make me shoot you.
You won't have to.
No! No! Get guys down and sweep|the river bend.
Find him.
Yes, sir.
Let's move people.
Come on! Thank you! Thank you all.
Rebecca, glad you could make it.
Move along.
Johnny I always liked that jacket.
|It suits you.
I know what you're doing.
I also know it's going|to get you killed.
It doesn't matter.
Your life matters.
|To me, if not to you.
What happened to "Stopping Stillson"|no matter what it took, and not just for|Rachel, but for the future? This can't be the only way.
What if it is? If I have no choice.
You do have a choice.
|You just need to do the right one.
Johnny I won't let you do this without a witness.
If you kill this man you'll|have to do it in front of me.
Don't make me|watch you die, Rebecca.
Visual contact with Smith.
Directly East|of the steps, next to the news truck.
Congressman, You need to head inside,|right away, sir.
Why did you pull the trigger? What were you doing|in this hotel room? Were you having an affair? Find out.
Sometimes it's good|to be invisible, huh? "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just|to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all|unrighteousness.
If we say that|we have not sinned " " we make Him a liar, and His|Word is not in us.
" First John, Chapter One|Verse Nine.
Do I know you? If you're asking,|"Have we met?" Yes.
But I wouldn't|remember me either.
Malcolm Janus.
Longtime admirer.
I hope you don't mind? I told the|Deputy we were business associates.
You lied.
It's up to you.
I represent a group|of concerned citizens.
Powerful individuals with an|equally powerful thirst for change.
How does this concern me? My employers aren't interested|in fame or notoriety.
They've watched you turn Faith Heritage|into a regional power base and believe, given the right resources,|that you could go global.
Resources? We have access to several|broadcast satellites.
You're serious? If I were to tell you some of the names|of the people involved, and I won't, you'd realize how serious I am.
I've already posted your bail.
You should be home|in time for dinner.
You're a very certain man, Mister Janus.
I'm a student|of human nature, Gene.
I can call you Gene? We feel you've been given|an incredible opportunity.
Look at all those letters.
|All that love.
I can feel it from here.
|And yet how do I find you? Huddled like some|friendless penitent, mumbling scripture in the dark.
I betrayed my flock.
I've given false witness in|the death of a close friend and I must be punished.
Why? Because you stepped off|the path of Righteousness.
It happens.
We don't get to judge ourselves.
That's God's job.
And His judgment is forgiveness.
You've been summoned, Reverend.
Called as a warrior to battle.
Will you answer that call? There a hick Sheriff|convention in town? Ah, that's funny.
Mind telling me what you're doing|in Rebecca Caldwell's apartment? Ms.
Caldwell's become "involved"|with Congressman Stillson, and she's afraid of stalkers.
One in particular.
Is that why you killed|Mike Kennedy? Kennedy killed himself.
Found a witness who saw someone matching your description|getting out of his car the night he died.
DNA evidence|in the passenger seat.
You want to provide|a sample for me? I've got a feeling the only|evidence you've got is the psychic variety.
You know, inadmissible in court.
You should stay home and take care|of that cute little wife of yours.
Or is that Johnny Smith's job? You shouldn't grab|a private citizen.
That's assault.
That's assault.
Walt John, where are ya|I got a present for you.
Present? This is your plan? I was looking for something|of Elliman's for you to touch.
And you settled for his blood.
Seemed like a good|idea at the time.
Are you gonna criticize my investigative|methods, or you gonna touch my hand? Elliman buried Rachel's body.
But I didn't see Stillson there I saw his father.
He was trying to help Sonny|clean up his kid mess.
Walt, Rebecca's going|to kill Stillson.
There's still time.
|But not much.
I saw her being led from a|hotel after the shooting There's a reception after|Stillson's press conference.
Hotel Gerard.
Are you in danger? This is really overwhelming.
|I feel like the walls are closing in.
I have a suite upstairs.
If you like you could relax|freshen up for the reception.
That would be great.
|Thank you.
Any commit? Congressman? So what he say? He claims Smith is trying|to protect Stillson.
Protect him?|From who? Won't say.
Meanwhile, the Congressman's people make|Smith out to be some kind of homicidal maniac.
Somebody's yankin' our chain.
Find Smith.
She's not answering.
So whose vision is this anyway? Yours or mine? You want the answers to those|big questions, don't you? Walt Good old Walt to the rescue.
Too bad you're going to kill him, Sarah and Bruce too.
I won't do what you're asking.
You don't have to do anything.
Just let fate take its course.
This isn't about fate.
|It's about you manipulating me, using me to turn|Rebecca into a killer.
Sounds like you've got all|the answers already.
You promised me the truth.
The truth.
I wouldn't|know where to start.
How about at the end?|Armageddon.
When does it happen?|How? There's still time if Rebecca kills Stillson.
Why her? Because she's willing|to make the choice that you couldn't.
How much further? We're almost there.
Rachel she tell you we were close? No You're even more beautiful|than she was.
Wait Is there a bathroom I can use? Yeah, in front of you.
Don't take too long.
I don't care what|the Congressman said, Go back on this door.
I need Greg Stillson room number.
Bannerman Get rid of him,|then go back upstairs.
Ladies first.
I don't think I'll be needing your|help on this, if you get my drift.
Here we are.
Smith! Please, no, No no I didn't it.
I didn't tell him anything.
It was you.
You killed Rachel.
- Well|- Hey Well That is nice.
It's very nice.
But I gotta ask one question.
Why why are you really here? What do you mean? Well, What I mean, is why are you really here? Rebecca! Don't What? I was wrong.
He didn't kill Rachel.
|His father did.
What? Your father kidnapped Rachel, then he beat her|he beat her to death.
I saw it.
I saw it|when I touched him.
You really didn't know|about it, did you? Get out.
Get out! Is it true? My god, I'm I'm sorry It's okay.
Wait for me by|the elevator would you? Smith was here in the building Yeah, I know.
We have|exchanged a few words.
What did that lunatic said you? Daddy.
What actually happened|between you and Rachel Caldwell? Greg That bitch was nothing but trouble.
She should never have|access to the campaign.
Did Did you kill her? Gary Hart could have been President.
Couldn't keep his hand|out of the cookie jar.
Did you kill her? Let it go.
You did it? Why did you do that? To protect you! She knew all about|the voting machines.
She had us on tape.
I had to clean up the mess, just like I've always done everything|you were nothing but a snot nose kid.
You stupid old man.
You stupid, pathetic old man.
Don't you talk to me like that.
I was never good|enough for you, was I? No matter how many|Bibles I sold.
You had to control everything.
If I cared about something,|it must be garbage, right? If I loved a girl, she must be|a whore.
Am I right? You always were|your mother's son.
Don't talk about her.
I ever tell ya 'bout how we met?|She was drunk I'm warnin' you.
She was giving herself to anybody|with a five dollar bill I wasn't sure if I was even your|daddy until the blood test came back.
Now, stop! Shut up! Shut your dirty mouth,|right now! All these years I've let you|treat me like an animal! Like a goddamn pet! You shut up! Greg son Don't ever call me|that again! Shut up! Shut up! ###### me later.
He won't talk to anyone Don't let anyone touch the body.
Greg, I have told you about this guy.
Stand up, Congressman.
I'm not Sure There was an accident.
Your father had been drinking, he he came to your suite and, unable to locate|the light switch, he stumbled and he struck his throat on|the corner of the dresser.
Say it.
I killed him There was an accident.
Your father had been drinking Say it.
I'm sorry, I'm not There was an accident.
Your father had been drinking Say it.
Uh, there was a an accident.
My father was drunk You've suffered|a tremendous loss tonight, and tomorrow the newspapers will tell the story|of your father's tragic, but accidental death.
You have a crucial role to play.
I'm here to make sure that nothing stands in the way of your destiny.
Take Mister Stillson's body|back to his suite so we can button this up and|notify the proper authorities.
I'll need a few moments|alone with the Congressman.
To be truly reborn, we must accept our sins and we must accept the absolution for our sins.
Witness Luke's description in the Book of Acts of the Apostle Paul's epiphany.
"And glow a great light from heaven"|shone down on him a light brighter than the sun and the voice|of our Lord spoke to him.
Saying "Rise and stand upon thy feet: for behold I come to thee for this purpose, " " to make thee a minister and a witness both of these things|which thou hast seen and of those things in|which I will appear to thee.
At least you're not|a suspect any more.
With Stillson's father been dead, apparently doing all he can|to make the whole thing go away.
A better he'll succeed, too.
Why so sure? Things have a habit|of breaking his way.
But not yours? You're not coming back|with me, are you? Another vision? Not this time.
I came really close|to doing something I I didn't think|I was capable of And I still I just need some time.
I understand.
Maybe someday I love you.
Rebecca? Think I need to figure it|out on my own.
You all right? Yeah.
Help me! The only thing more|to matter than this psychopathe is what Johnny has to do.
|Catch him.