The Dead Zone s05e02 Episode Script

Independence Day

I had a perfect life.
I have been in coma for 6 years.
When I woke up, I found my fiancee married to an other man And they're raising my son.
Everything has changed Including me.
One touch, and I can see things Things that happenned, things that will happen You should see what I see Happy fourth, friends and neighbors.
Two hundred thirty and the old girl's still kickin' This is Jammin' Jack, keepin' you hoppin' and boppin' to the music that helped make us the land of the free, home of the brave and birthplace of the five dollar cup'a coffee! It's one o'clock and it's time to be good Johnny B.
This is Chuck Berry! - It'll be a good trip, man.
- Good trip.
Double bacon chili cheeseburger and fries for tall, dark, and handsome.
Garden salad, dressing on the side for blondie.
- Ketchup? - Yes.
So, where you boys headed? - Harborfest.
- Biggest fireworks display on the East Coast.
Sounds like fun.
Maybe I'll head over with one of my girlfriends after work.
Okay, you guys can pay at the counter.
Yeah Hmm What? What? That girl was totally into you.
She was? Y'know, you might be able to see everything, but sometimes you are completely blind.
Come to think of it, she reminds me of this girl that I went to high school with.
Yeah? Marsha Harris.
Man, that poor girl was crazy about me.
Hmm-Hmm Took her to the Junior prom.
Gave her a night she never forgot.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
"never forgot?" Marsha Harris, uh? What's so What's so funny? What's so funny?! I was just wondering which part of the prom you think Marsha remembers most? you comin' up short on the good-night kiss? or your Mom drivin' you guys around in the family station wagon I'll get the check, man.
What? You barely took a bite.
I lost my appetite.
Come on I was only kidding.
So you were a late bloomer.
I missed my prom with the flu.
Sarah still hasn't forgiven me.
It's not about the prom, it's about you and me.
You think it's hard being a psychic? Try being a psychic's best friend.
That's hard.
I mean, it'd be nice to spend just one day without you peeking inside my head.
Alright? You've got a deal.
You're off limits for the next 24 hours, alright? You cannot be serious! What's wrong? Some jerk smashes into my car and he doesn't leave note.
What is wrong with people today? It's really not that bad.
I don't see any other damage.
Oh, dude, we are seriously behind schedule.
Bruce I just had a vision about that If it's about me, or my car, I don't want to hear it.
- You gave me your word.
- uh uh nothing.
A deal's a deal, Johnny.
Alright, but I'm driving.
Come on, let's go.
As long as we get on the road.
- You comin'? - Yeah, I'm coming.
Dude, you think we can try and make it before July fourth of next year? Huh? It'd be nice if we get to the harbor today.
I'm doing the speed limit.
That was Pete Townsend and the boys with "Summertime Blues", wrapping up a thirty-minute commercial-free music sweep.
One fifteen in the PM.
Time for a Jammin' Jack's traffic update.
Looks like smooth sailin' unless you're headin' towards Boston on Interstate ninety five.
It's a parking lot out there Did he say I-95 to Boston? That's what he said.
We have to get off this road.
That might be a problem, my man.
Could this day get any worse? Look, I got to tell you about the vision I had.
I'm not interested.
Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll set it right.
Just let it die.
That's what I'm afraid of.
What's that supposed to mean? I saw you in a car accident.
And it was a bad one.
How bad? As bad as it gets.
I'm sorry.
I had to tell you.
How does it happen? I don't know.
I've been touching the inside of the car, but I just keep seeing the same thing over and over.
Don't worry.
We'll figure this out.
In the vision you were driving, so it'd be best that you don't get behind the wheel.
I'll just stay calm.
Keep cool.
Keep cool.
Keep cool.
Look at the hawk.
This is goddman ridiculous, man! That's nice.
What happen to keeping cool? What was that? The engine's starting to overheat.
Must be the air conditioning.
I'd better turn the engine off.
Maybe we should get some fresh air.
Stretch our legs.
You know what? I think I'm staying right here.
Thanks to you, I have a few issues I need to work out.
I can tell.
Keep cool.
Just in case.
Not bad.
Go long! How do you know if you're a real hillbilly? Your house has more miles on it than your car.
Dude! Look out! Sorry man.
I'm still trying to get the hang of this thing.
- No harm done.
- You're Johnny Smith.
Have we met? No, not officially.
I'm Brian.
We're like your biggest fans.
We? Nikki.
My wife.
Oh, my God, you should totally meet her.
This would, like, just blow her mind.
I've got to get back to my car Hey What's the rush? - I thought you were staying put? - You kidding? It's like an oven in there.
Beside you took the keys.
Our camper's just down there.
It'd be a real honor.
Of course he'll go.
Johnny Smith never disappoints a fan.
Awesome! You coming? No, no, no.
I'm gonna check out the neighborhood.
Use my time productively.
The time I got left.
Your friend seemed kind'a fried.
He's got a problem with his car.
Oh, fine.
Baby, are you dressed? I got someone you should meet.
Brian, I'm just trying to chill out for a minute.
Oh my God! No way! I know.
It's really him.
Isn't that cool? This is such an incredible honor.
Brian and I have every article ever written about you.
You do? We're way into the whole spiritual nature of the cosmos thing.
Man versus Nature.
You probably already knew that being you.
Hey, do you want to chill out for a bit? Just sit down, we got lots of room.
Maybe just for a minute.
So, your visions, are they in black and white or are they in color? - Well - Is there sound? - Stereo? - Surround! It's not exactly like that Can you tell how something's gonna' turn out? Like if there's going to be a happy ending? Happy ending? We don't mean to be rude or anything, but would you mind? Gee, I don't know We just wanna' know if everything's cool with the baby.
Nikki gets these feeling sometimes.
Like when something bad is going to happen.
Not like you.
It would just make us feel better.
I could give it a try.
Baby There's something wrong! my baby! Well? Is everything alright? Yeah, everything looks cool.
He looks fine.
I told you it was gonna be fine.
- I love you, baby.
- I love you, too.
I love you so much.
It's called the sciatic nerve It runs from the lower spine all the way down to the bottom of the feet.
Oh, I'm Denise by the way.
Nice to meet you, Bruce.
We have to talk.
Is it about me? Maybe some good news? Not this time.
Then I'm kinda' busy.
It's important.
Give me your cell phone.
It won't work.
Excuse me? There's no signal.
It's like we're in some kind of dead zone.
What's going on? I met a girl.
She's pregnant.
Pregnant? You were only over there for ten minutes.
That's funny.
She might be into labor in any moment, ok.
- Out here? - Exactly.
Maybe they can drive out on the shoulder of the road.
The shoulder is too narrow for a car, plus there's drainage pipes every hundred yards.
I checked.
Hey! Wouah wouah wouah! Watch the leather, Jack! Allright, Keep trying 911, allright.
- Where are you going? - To find somebody who can help.
Can I help you? Officer, thank God you're here.
Look, there's a lady down here.
She's going to need medical attention.
Going to need? She's about to go into labor.
I don't think we have much time.
- You a doctor? - No, I'm not.
Then what are we talking about? If you could just get on your radio and call in a helicopter or a medevac or something A helicopter? Alright, I think I've heard enough.
You should go back to your Officer, there are lives at stake here.
Allright? Please Dispatch, this is Unit 557 requesting assistance Over.
Please Dispatch, this is Unit 557.
Officer needs assistance.
One of the transmission towers must be out.
Out? It's micro-wave.
The signal drops offline sometimes when it gets too hot.
It should be back up soon.
You'll keep trying, right? Unit 557 I've got an abandoned pickup on Potters Road.
Maine tags Over Roger 557.
Proceed with caution.
Suspect is considered armed and dangerous.
Copy dispatch.
Dispatch, this is 557 all clear.
Suspect is gone.
Contact CSU to gather evidence.
Of course, I'll let you know when I make contact.
Until then, I suggest you return to your vehicle.
There something else on your mind? It's three o'clock in the east.
I'm Jammin' Jack with a prime time news flash Police activity has a ten-mile stretch of interstate ninety-five completely shutdown.
No word yet on what's going on.
For all you unfortunate souls stuck out there Happy fourth of July! This is 'The Boss' Bruce Springsteen What did the cop say when you told him about the vision? I didn't.
He already thought I was nuts.
I'll tell him when I know what's going on.
Besides we have bigger problems.
Now, look, I've asked around and you're the closet thing to a doctor we've got.
Me? I can't believe this! My last day on earth and I'm stuck out here playing midwife to some Dead-head wannabes! Look, it's hot and it's uncomfortable, but you are not gonna' die today.
Not if I can stop it.
You ever wonder if bad things happen for a reason? Like maybe there's a plan for each of us and when we mess with it, we throws the whole thing off balance.
You mean, when I mess with it? I just wonder if it has consequences we haven't considered.
Trust me, I've considered them.
Besides, if there is a big cosmic plan, Bruce, my dead zone got to be a part of it, right? I guess Heads up! only eighteen.
only eighteen.
We miss you, babe.
July fourth that's today.
Hey, mister! Little help! Sorry about that.
What now? That kid is going to die today.
I just saw his parents standing over his grave.
How? I don't know.
Now I'm thinking we should have both stayed in the car.
Sorry about that.
This belong t'you? Yes, it does.
Can I have it back? Give the kid his football.
Sure thing, little brother.
Here ya' go.
Oh, no.
What's your problem, man? Hey, guys! What's going on? Guy just stabbed my football to death! Bring it on, college boy! Walk away, Walk away, allright? He's looking for a fight, Jake.
How'd you know my name? - Who are you? - I'll explain later, take it easy for a second.
That's right! You go have yourself a good cry, You'll feel better bitch! Don't you think you've had enough to drink? What's it to you, bro? Alcohol and the sun doesn't mix too well You hear that, little brother? My new best friend thinks that maybe Maybe I've had too much to drink.
Well, maybe he's right.
Don't worry about it, I'll keep an eye on him.
Son of a it was you guys! You sideswiped my car back at the truck stop.
Wow, wow, wow Your beef is with me.
I was driving.
Ok, Then you're gonna' pay for the repairs.
Like Hell I will.
What's going on? Come on, stop.
This jackass smashed up my car.
I'm gonna smash more than that, if you keep flappin' you lips, boy! Let's go, Jethro! Hank Wake up.
Hank, you wake up! You wake up, Hank! Help! Somebody get some help! Come on brother, wake up.
Come on.
Help! No! No! Next idiot throws a punch is gonna spend the rest of the afternoon locked in the back of my cruiser with the windows up! That guy started it.
- That's garbage! - You're garbage! Allright, that's enouch.
That's enough! Traffic is about to get started 'till that happen, I want everyone to go back to their own vehicles now! now! That includes you, Doctor.
Officer, listen to me.
Something is going to happen here.
People are going to get hurt.
Some peaople might even die.
I checked on your pregnant girl.
She's doing just fine.
My friend know things, Officer.
Call Sheriff Bannerman in Cleaves Mills.
I Can't call anyone right now.
When you know, you'll just have to trust us.
It was Nikki.
Contractions are fifteen minutes apart and getting stronger.
Is that good? It Means there's still time.
She's okay for now.
How could you know this was going to happen? Because he's psychic! It's true.
See for yourself Can I talk to you outside for a minute? Maybe you are what you claim, or maybe you're just lucky.
Lucky? Woman's nine months along.
Baby was bound to come out one of these days.
I know how the con works law of averages and such.
That doesn't matter.
The point is we have to get that girl to a hospital.
I'll go back to my cruiser and I'll try my radio again.
You let me know if anything changes.
You'd better watch your step.
Don't move! Don't move! Hey wait! What now? The traffic jam.
They're looking for an escaped convict.
That's why the road is shut down.
I'm right? Yeah, his name's Marvin Felps.
He escaped from the State Penitentiary late last night.
Is he dangerous? Extremely.
He's here.
What? Felps he's here somewhere.
Hour three and no end in sight for you tortured souls stranded out on interstate ninety-five.
Jammin' Jack knows just how you feel.
Hang in there folks.
Sweet relief is on the way this is the Voodoo child himself, Mister Jimi Hendrix.
The oil I stepped in must have dripped from whatever car Felps was riding in.
Any idea what he looks like? No.
But he's got a gunshot wound in his left side.
Right about here.
Then he shouldn't be that hard to find.
What's that cop doing about it? He's checking ID's.
He's making sure everyone's who they say they are.
That day just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
And the body count keeps rising.
Listen, Do you think this has anything do with me you know, what you saw that happen to me? Bruce! Mister Smith! Something's wrong with Nikki! She just stopped talking.
It's burning hot in here.
The engine was overheating.
I had to turn it off.
Nikki! Nikki, sweetheart, can you hear me? Is something wrong with my baby? No, no, no.
The baby's fine.
It's you.
You're dehydrated.
Do you have anything to drink? Brian! Uh, diet soda.
That's no good.
The sodium'll only make things worse.
We were going to stop and pick up supplies at the next rest stop.
What I need is some Do you guys have any water? Sir, do you have any water in the truck? Any water, sir? What's your problem chief? I need water.
There's a pregnant woman back here.
She needs fluids bad.
You heard the man.
Let's get the lady some H20.
Spread out.
Thanks guys.
Any water, sir? You done with that? No.
Now you are.
Have a nice day.
Excuse me.
Do you have any water? No.
Look, I don't want any trouble, all right? It's all right.
Grim's sleepin' it off.
He's He's not a bad guy, just lets his temper get away from him.
Yeah, well, it hasn't been an easy day for anyone.
Will you tell your friend I'm sorry about his car? And I'm good for the repairs.
Yeah, it's cool.
He'll appreciate that.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Some Some ice.
For the girl.
Alright, thanks, man.
It might help cool her off.
- Thanks.
- Here you go, man.
Thank you.
Hey chief! Somebody say they need a drink of water? Oh, thanks, yeah.
That's nice of you guys.
That's really, really great.
Any sign of Felps? No.
How's Nikki? She's burning up, which means the baby is, too.
We've got to get her body temperature down.
- There's some ice.
- Yeah, but that's not enough.
How about some rocky road? Excuse me, sir? What do you want? Is your freezer still working? Sure.
It's got its own compressor.
We need to put a woman in there.
Come again? There's a woman, she's pregnant.
If we don't bring her body temperature down, her baby might be in danger.
Yeah, well, my freezer's full.
If I can't account for the inventory, it'll mean my job.
You take plastic? Peppermint? How about bubblegum? Ten minutes in there and her body temperature will come right down.
Yeah, but it's not going to stop that baby from coming.
No, but at least they'll have a chance.
What about you what about the rest of these people? What can I do to help them? Okay, well.
This all started with me, right? So what? So, let's go back to the beginning.
I trust you, John.
Hank, wake up.
Somebody get some help! Hank Get some help! Do you even wonder if bad things happen for a reason? Bruce! Bruce, hang in there, buddy.
Hang in there.
You gotta' fight.
Bruce! It's a pile-up.
What? It's a chain reaction car accident.
How? I don't know.
Hey, man, what's going on? Radio's sayin' they're about to reopen the highway.
We're goin' home.
That means they must have caught Felps.
All right, I've got to find Massey.
You start warning everyone, okay? Keep them in their cars as long as you can.
What do you want me to tell them? Tell them the truth.
Bruce! No matter what you do don't leave without me, all right? Dispatch, this is Suspect is gone.
Call CSU to gather evidence.
I told you to watch your steps.
Listen, go straight to the emergency room.
Don't stop for anything.
- And not too fast.
- Will do.
- Thank you.
Thanks for everything.
- Good luck.
So you're Felps.
Wow, you really are psychic.
So that radio never was broken.
You could've called an ambulance at anytime.
Drawing police attention was not in my best interest.
So the real Massey is in the trunk, right? Oh, you should take your act on the road, buddy? Every cop in the State is looking for you.
But now I've got an insurance policy a genuine clairvoyant.
That ought to count for something, huh? You need a doctor.
No, what I need is for you to start the car and drive.
Now! Alright, alright! Come on, Johnny, where the hell are you, man? He took the keys! All those times I locked myself out of my car are finally going to pay off.
He'd do it for you, man.
He'd do it for you.
Where are we going? Just let me worry about that.
This isn't going to end well.
I've seen it.
Just keep your foot on the gas.
There's going to be a very bad accident.
A lot of innocent people are going to die.
You can prevent it.
Look, I cannot go back to jail.
No! No.
I cannot go back to jail.
I can't let this happen.
What are you doing? This! John! John! Are you okay? I think so.
Massey's in there.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Help's on the way.
Come on.
Help's on the way.
Thank you.
You know, if we hurry, we could still make it for the fireworks.
Hey I'm driving.
Oh, that's cold-blooded.
Who needs a jolt of hot Java? Hey! Great.
Oh, Brian? What is it, man? Twins! A boy and a girl! Don't touch! Don't touch the arm.
Yo, congratulations, man! Oh, that was one for the books, huh? Oh, yeah.
Oh, you know what? That reminds me, I have something for you.
What's this? It's a list of my deepest, darkest secrets.
You know, it's like, stuff I'd only want my best friend to know.
It might even things up between us.
John, you don't owe me anything, not after today.
Does that mean you aren't going to read it? Not read it? Are you crazy? I might even memorize it! I might put this to music! All right.
That's a bit much.
Hand it over.
It's the Ballad of Johnny Smith! That was a little bit much.
Give it to me.
Hand it over.
- This might go platinum.
- Oh, you know, I have another good idea.
- What's that? - Why don't you drive? - That's not funny.
- Come on, it was a little funny.
No, that's twisted, that's what it is.
- It was a little funny, though.
- It's demented.
Then how about we just go home and pretend this day never happened? Yeah, that works for me, jack.
You're sure you don't want to drive? Just turn on the damn radio! Have it your way.
Do you even have a license? Well, rock 'n' rollers, it's time for this fat cat to catch some Z's.
I'm Jammin' Jack wishing you and yours health and happiness.
And remember, "the love you take, is equal to the love you make.
" These are the Beatles