The Dead Zone s05e03 Episode Script


I had the perfect life until I was in acoma for six years and then I woke up and found my fiancee married to another man and they're raising my son.
Everything has changed including me One touch and I can see things things that happened things that will happen.
You should see what I see.
This isn't fair.
It seems completely fair to me.
That's because you're old.
Do me a favour just pull the knife out of my back, will you? Pull the knife out.
Yank it out.
Go ahead.
Come on.
Oh, and did you light Mrs.
Nagley's garbage can on fire? What's up with that? Huh? It was an accident.
Okay, I was born at night but not last night.
Listen, you're lucky all you have to clean is the attic.
Walt told me something about public toilets and a toothbrush.
Know anything about that? Promise me, no more fire.
- Promise.
- All right.
Look at this.
This must have belonged to my grandfather, John.
See, he would've been your great-grandfather.
He built this house.
It stinks.
It's been packed for nearly 60 years.
No treasure.
That just depends on your definition of treasure.
Look at this.
I'll hang on to that.
Hey, I got an idea.
We'll carve our names so they'll be here forever.
Best friends? Best friends.
I'll get it.
Not so fast.
Do me a favor and drag that trunk down to the basement.
By myself? Well, you can't expect an old fart like me to do it.
I'll break my hip.
Okay, okay.
Dad, I'm home! What happened to the power? Better drink this milk before it goes bad.
Phone's dead, too.
Dad? Daddy can't help you.
Who are you? I think you know.
Help me.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know what to They killed him.
They came in the house and shot my father.
I've got to go back.
Hold hold on.
Take a breath, okay? You live across the street, right? All right.
What's your name? Jensen.
Randy Jensen.
Okay, Randy, I'm John.
I know who you are.
Everybody knows.
You saw it, didn't you? - You saw it all - Listen, the men in your house, have you seen them before? They murdered my father, and I'm next.
Why would they want to hurt you? - I have to get out of here.
- All right.
Hold on.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Oh, look at this.
You're bleeding.
Hold on.
Hold on.
My leg.
- They shot me! - It's okay.
No, you don't understand.
They'll be coming, and they'll kill us both.
You have to call the police.
There's a phone in the kitchen.
Come on.
Come on.
You can do it.
Come on.
Sit down.
No more calls coming out of that place.
Now let's go get this little rat and finish this thing.
My cellphone it's in the car.
All right.
Hold on.
I'll be right back.
Thank you, god.
Nice ride.
Think I'll take it with me.
Forget the phone.
The front door I forgot to lock it.
We're going to stay inside.
I'll set the security system.
Since they cut off the phone lines the panic button won't work but the independent zones will.
My father liked it here.
He felt safe and they shot him in the head.
Is that blood? So why don't you tell me again how this car miraculously appeared in your garage.
- Call for you.
Line one.
- Busy.
No, you're going to want to take this.
Let's go, slick.
- Bannerman.
- Sheriff this is federal marshal Dwight Connors.
What can I do for you, marshal Connors? I'm calling regarding a pending operation we've been conducting in your county.
What kind of operation? Let's just say it's in the nature of a long-term, low-profile relocation.
We wouldn't normally reach out to local law enforcement but after running a profile check on you and considering the immediate nature of our dilemma we decided to roll the dice.
Why don't we just cut the word games, and tell me what you want.
Need you to intercept two witnesses that are essential to a high-profile federal prosecution and sit on them till my team can get there.
What kind of witnesses? The kind that don't exist.
We haven't been able to reach them on their secured phone lines, and we have strong reason to believe their identities may already have been compromised.
Now, sheriff, the people involved in this case would do anything to make these two go away.
I'll ask you not to discuss the situation with anyone not even your own people.
Yeah, I understand.
We'll have our team on the ground with you inside of three hours.
I'm sending you the information by fax.
Sheriff, be careful.
These people are very dangerous.
Got it.
I'll see you in three hours.
So, what should I do with mr.
Car thief? Don't know.
Park him.
I've got to run out for a little bit.
Anything I can do to help? No, I got it.
All right.
All right, this should slow the bleeding down till we get you to a hospital.
- I feel cold.
- You're body's still in shock.
I got to use the bathroom.
Okay, but do it fast.
We're behind schedule.
Please, mr.
Perez, be reasonable.
It wasn't my fault.
That wasn't the deal.
Well, the deal just changed.
You got my money or not? I need more time.
Time just ran out.
Do you see the man that pulled the trigger in the courtroom today? Look, you were really brave to testify in court the way you did.
I know how scared you must've been.
Everything they say about you is true.
You're still shivering.
Got some blankets in the closet.
, you stay here.
I'll be right back.
It must be cool having a psychic for a dad.
It's okay.
My dad sold fertilizer.
We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this late bulletin.
We are at war with Japan.
Yesterday's early morning attack on Pearl Harbor caught countless sleeping soldiers unaware as up to 100 japanese fighter planes decimated the pacific fleet.
As details continue to pour in, our only certainty is this treacherous act has ensured a tremendous loss of american lives.
Earlier today, president roosevelt spoke to the nation.
Yesterday, december 7th, 1941 a date which will live in infamy the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of Japan.
The united states was at peace with that nation, and, at the My god, what have they done? Johnny! Johnny! Johnny! - What's happening? - I don't know.
What the hell are we waiting for? Why don't we just burn this place down? No need to attract attention.
How the hell are we supposed to get by the goddamned alarm system? Simple science.
If electricity travels through a circuit in an unintended path, it causes a short.
What are you, an electrician? I was in another life.
Watch and listen You might learn something.
Reverse the polarity Create a big enough short every circuit in the system in the system gets fried.
And? And this guy's alarm system is toast, and we get the kid.
- And what about the others, then? - You know the deal.
No witnesses.
Here they come.
This is sheriff bannerman.
Anybody home? Anybody home? Oh, damn.
Dispatch, this is sheriff Bannerman.
Yeah, Walt, it's Roscoe.
Dispatcher went home early.
Roscoe, I need you to connect me to a federal marshal Connors in Washington.
Tell him that one of his packages opened up.
He'll know what I'm talking about.
And send C.
Out here.
Hold on a second.
Come again? I didn't catch that last transmission.
He's still at john's.
Do you copy? Over.
Walt, do you copy? I'm sorry I got you mixed up in this.
Hey, what are neighbors for? There's no way I can outrun them.
It'll be safer up there.
JJ, you, uh lose somebody? Now, I'm disappointed.
You guys didn't even put up a fight.
You're a real killer, aren't you? Everybody, upstairs now! Open up.
We won't hurt you.
All right.
Have it your way.
Maybe they decided to give up.
I doubt it.
- What do they want? - Me.
They want me.
We're going to get through this.
We got to stick together.
We got to start thinking.
Holy Don't move, or I'll shoot.
Take it easy, officer.
Drop the weapon, or I'll shoot you.
I'm not kidding around.
Now, I'm afraid I can't do that, sir.
Yeah? Why's that? My partner would have my ass.
- You said no witnesses.
- A cop might come in handy later on.
Tie him up.
Hey, where're you going? Don't ever touch me.
Where are you going? To get the ax out of the van.
It's time to finish this thing.
I can't keep my eyes open.
Well, you lost a lot of blood.
What about the window? We can jump.
Ah, good job.
The security deadbolts are still engaged and without power, I can't get it open.
Let's break it.
It's reinforced glass.
Shatter-resistant and soundproof.
I figured it would keep people out, not us in.
Wait a minute.
We know they're in there, smith, and we're not leaving without them.
Either you send those dirty japs out or we're coming in to get 'em.
Come on! Get 'em out! This way.
It's a secret way to the cellar.
My father will be here any second.
Give me a hand here, son.
I think I've found a way out of here.
It has to be there.
What is it? It's a dumbwaiter.
- It's like a mini-elevator.
- How'd you know it was there? Well, my father showed me, in a vision.
We don't have much time.
Randy, get over here.
We'll talk about this later.
What about you? - I'll come down next.
- Be careful.
- We're down.
- Where does it come out? - I don't know.
It's boarded up.
- Kick it out.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can, JJ.
Kick it as hard as you can.
It's the basement.
Help Randy out of the car, and I'll pull it back up.
Okay, go.
In the closet! We found them.
He and his father are stashed away in the house up in maine.
Those two are the only things keeping me in this rathole.
Without them, the prosecution doesn't have a case, and I'm a free man.
- We'll take care of it.
- You'd better.
If they live to see my trial you two won't.
Johnny? Are you okay? Oh, yeah.
Let's do it again.
Move it! That was close.
The door.
I'm gonna kill every one of you! You hear me? Every one! What do we do now? Now we go talk to the cop.
Damn, that cop's head is hard.
I need a drink.
Hick sheriff.
Is that what you are? A hick sheriff? Go to hell.
You know, cabot, you're absolutely right.
This pig does have a hard head.
Now, the question is what were you doing sneaking around this house in the dark? This is why.
Well, maybe we shouldn't call him "sheriff.
" Maybe we should call him "Da-ad.
" 'Cause you're his dad.
Get my tool box.
I'm going to talk to that one in the basement.
Through that thing? Because, uh the power's dead.
I know.
I I'm the one who killed it.
Now I'm going to bring it back to life - at least this little bit here.
- Yeah? Hey, Randy.
Randy? Is he dead? Did I miss anything? Can you people hear me down there? Yeah, we can hear you.
What do you want? There's somebody up here who wants to say hello.
John, it's Walt.
- Dad? - Whatever they do to me, do not open that door! That was really stupid.
Now, the way I see it, this situation has two possible outcomes a) you send the kid out, and then we just walk out of your lives forever, or b) you continue to break my balls and sheriff daddy here gets a brand new hole in his head.
Either way, my associate and I will not be leaving until we get what we came for.
You've got 10 minutes to decide.
Clock starts now.
We have to do something.
But Koji and his family have nowhere else to go.
Don't you understand? Our family name will be ruined, my business destroyed.
For doing what's right? Isn't that what you've always taught me? I'm not going to tell you people again.
Get off my property.
Where are they, Smith? I don't know what you're talking about.
You're a traitor and a liar.
We know you're hiding the enemy in there.
Enemy? Roosevelt says we're at war with the japs.
Can't trust any of them.
Cowards ambushed our boys, murdered my only son.
- My deepest condolences.
- Keep your condolences.
I want justice.
You sending them out or not? This is my problem.
It's not about you.
You're not going anywhere.
We're in this together, right? Come on.
Come on.
We've got plenty of water, plenty of air air.
Help me with this.
It's risky, but Walt needs our help.
See these air ducts? They crisscross the entire house.
They're bigger than modern vents.
I might be able to crawl through them and find Walt.
What's wrong? What if they catch you? I can do it.
All right? We've still got five minutes to save Walt.
How much longer are we going to keep playing games? Oh, they still have four minutes.
I'm going to go take a leak.
- Don't do anything until I get back.
- Whatever.
You know, it's just as easy to kill six as it is five.
Okay, you know what to do "100-Mississippi," and then you open the door.
Not one "mississippi" before.
Okay? Here's your wrench.
- Here's your quick fix.
- All right.
- Good luck.
- You too.
Next time the kid wants to go bowling just go bowling.
No, you want to play Mr.
Mom and punish the kid.
Now who's getting punished? John you're a real genius.
Oh, my god.
- What about JJ? - He's fine.
I screwed up coming in here by myself, John.
I just had this horrible feeling, you know? It's called being a father.
I would've done the same thing.
I'm touched.
You're the guy causing all the trouble, huh? Yeah, I'm the guy.
Get up.
You don't look like much to me.
Maybe you're not looking close enough.
What happened? - He burned my eyes! I can't see anything! - Idiot.
JJ, open up now! JJ! You all right? That's it.
That's it! Is this the kid that witnessed the Perez murder? - Perez? - Yeah, big-time drug dealer in Nevada.
Killed a local businessman over a land deal.
Put him away for life, but he just got granted a new trial.
If they can't testify, Perez walks.
That's why you were in the neighborhood.
Feds got tipped on the contract.
They called me and asked me to bring in the father and son until they got there.
As you can see, I'm doing a great job, right? Come on, you had no way of knowing.
Besides, this isn't over yet.
There has to be another way out of here.
You want to play games? Let's play.
- They're going to burn us out.
- When? It's no use.
They're gonna burn through that door any time now, and the FBI has no idea we're in your house.
- Get me to a doctor, man.
- Later.
You're not hearing me! I can't see! - I can't do this anymore, man.
- Fine.
I told you not to touch me.
Why do they hate us so much? What did we do wrong? I don't know.
I think they're just afraid and angry and they want to blame it on somebody, someone that looks different than them.
Grown-ups do crazy things sometimes.
Don't worry.
My father's here to help.
The tunnel was built during Prohibition to smuggle illegal whiskey.
It'll take you as far as the woods.
There'll be a car waiting for you there.
It's enough to buy you safe passage anywhere you want to go.
Food and water, enough for three days.
I'm not a righteous man.
If it had been up to me, I'd have handed you over and never looked back.
Sometimes we don't teach our children sometimes they teach us.
- Goodbye, Koji.
- Goodbye.
Koji? Best friends forever.
Walt, give me a hand.
Wait here.
I'll be damned.
Come on.
Let's go.
All right, come on.
Everybody, in.
Come on.
Come on, JJ.
Come on.
Run, run, run, run, run.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Keep going, JJ, keep going.
Come on.
Let's go, JJ.
Move it.
Go, JJ.
You first.
Run into the woods, JJ.
We're right behind you.
- Just a few more feet.
- Come on, let's go.
Get the kids out of here.
Come on.
Come on, JJ.
Come on.
Go, JJ.
Run to the woods.
End of the line, mister.
Yeah, seems that way.
Sheriff Bannerman? John Smith.
You're lucky the fire didn't spread from the basement.
This is a great old house.
You have no idea.
What do you think will happen to him after the new trial? He'll be relocated until he's of legal age.
- We won't see him again, huh? - Afraid not.
It's in his own best interest.
Why do I get the feeling that none of this is in that kid's best interest? I still don't know how we made it out of there in one piece.
We had a little help from the past.