The Dead Zone s05e04 Episode Script

Articles of Faith

I had the perfect life Until I was in a coma for six years, And then I woke up And found my fiancee married to another man And they're raising my son.
Everything has changed Including me.
One touch, and I can see things, Things that happened, things that will happen.
You should see what I see.
Anybody hear about this "colorful" little incident in L.
? Seems a bunch of black kids shouting "black power" Beat the crap out of two white high school geeks.
The cops refuse to classify it as a bias crime.
Talk about double standards.
Heard about that, seattle korps.
When are people gonna learn that racism isn't just a "white thang"? Time to pick a side, 'cause rahowa is coming! Yo, yo, seattle korps.
Where you been, dude? Feels like the twilight zone, but the yokels call it "maine.
" My dad, in his infinite wisdom, decided to ditch the pacific northwest.
"Make a new start.
" Must be some local skins you can hang with.
Yeah, only now he's threatening to ship me to military school.
You believe it? Life's a bitch and then you die, my brother.
Still, lethal skills may come in handy.
Like blitz says, the war's coming.
One cannot understand intolerance without understanding its roots And its roots lie in fear and ignorance.
Nowhere is this clearer than in the chasm That the terrible events of 9/11 opened between muslims and christians, A chasm we've just begun to bridge.
It wasn't muslims who crashed those planes But extremists who abandoned the central tenets of their faith Peace and love, the same values we cherish.
- Who is he, Gene? - William Cotton.
A former seattle minister who's getting involved in local politics.
There should never be another excuse For muslims and christians to go to war.
He is a forceful speaker with an important message tolerance.
- I'm not sure everyone's getting it.
- Dialogue is the key.
Not to mention press coverage.
This is the first time the festival has enjoyed This amount of media coverage.
Thank you for stopping by, John.
- Yeah.
- Excuse me.
I'd rather be bowling Enjoying my morning off.
Now it all makes sense.
If it isn't my favorite psychic? Bruce.
You're a network correspondent, huh? Boston isn't exactly new york, or even washington, But it's a start.
How'd you get roped into covering Purdy's shindig? My bosses remembered I started out editing the student newspaper.
Oh, speaking of which, I'd like you to meet the current editor, Josh.
Hold on.
- Josh blake - Johnny Smith Hi.
Bruce lewis.
Yeah,"the miracle of cleaves mills.
" Reverend Purdy likes to drop your name in his sermons.
- Don't believe everything you hear, Josh.
- I don't.
And so I leave you with just one word Tolerance.
Let us all embrace it.
Thank you.
"And they will deceive every one his neighbor, And they will not speak the truth.
" No idea what triggered it? No, man, the crowd was so thick, I could've gotten a vision off of anyone.
But you're sure that it was a racist killing? Well, whoever did it painted the words "white power," Plus another word I didn't understand.
- "Rahowa"? - Ra-Ho-What? It's an acronym.
Means "racial holy war " The jihad Every good little white supremacist hopes and prays for.
Dana, I, uh Meant to say goodbye but got caught up in something? Sounds familiar.
Mind if I tag along? So, splash of milk, no sugar, right? Yeah, Roscoe said that Walt would be another five minutes.
Oh, there he is.
Dana, how are you? So the psychic and the reporter Kind of makes you feel nostalgic, doesn't it? Yeah, kind of.
So how've you been? Not bad, considering.
"Considering"? That covers some ground.
And you? Well, with the help of copious amounts of therapy, I've managed to break some bad habits, Like falling for very successful but manipulative men.
- Oh.
- Don't worry.
You didn't qualify on either count.
Anyway, I decided to put my social life on hold And focus on my career.
- So how's that working out? - Great, as far as my career goes.
So A handsome tabloid hero like yourself How come I'm not reading about you and Angelina Jolie? - We're keeping it on the down-Low.
- Haven't found the right gal, huh? I've found one or two.
Really? Uh The doctor is in.
Oh, we're on.
Most of my likely suspects have either drifted out of the area Or are in jail on other charges.
And there's no record of a crime like this that already happened? None that match John's vision.
So it's definitely in the future.
So, what do you know about some of the more extreme fundamentalist groups Attending Purdy's festival? Well, some pro-Lifers want to protest a local family planning center, But other than that, very little.
Faith heritage is its own little world.
They even have their own police force.
We should check with them.
Campus cops? Forget it.
I have my own sources.
Okay, good.
You tell them we're running color? All right.
If your clips are strong, I'd be glad to recommend you for an internship.
Seducing my staff to the dark side? Selling your soul isn't a requirement for working in tv, Though I guess it never hurts.
Bad time for a victory lap.
I'm not here to poach a story, if that's what you're worried about.
We need your help.
Look, I know you have your doubts about me, but my visions are real, And I had one this morning about a murder.
No poaching.
Cross my heart.
Meet William Cotton, The '90s version, With a decidedly different slant on interfaith tolerance.
- This is the same guy? - Oh, yeah.
It took an f.
Request to get the feds to cough up that surveillance photo.
For someone who lectures on tolerance, he certainly keeps some odd company.
Why would Purdy bring him here? Isn't he aware of his past? I don't know.
I wanted to run the story before giving anyone a chance to spin it, But Cotton, the new guy, has credentials.
He wrote this book on muslim-Christian relations That made him the go-To guy on the college speaking tour.
What if he's genuinely turned over a new leaf? Well, check this out.
This is the home page for the american liberty organization.
It's the political party Cotton started when he moved here from Seattle.
Now, superficially, it's clean, but if you look a little deeper, literally, You'll see the Cotton site is cross-Linked to all these others Having to do with government conspiracies, ultra-Violent video games, Even some of the less virulent supremacist web forums.
Now, these are all sites that are frequented by young, alienated teens.
In other words, he's still recruiting from the same pool.
Our philosophy is simple Less government in people's lives.
Socially, it means promoting tolerance.
"Live and let live.
" You seem to be reaching out mostly to young males.
Well, they're the future.
I was hoping you'd be more revealing.
I was hoping you'd explain why you're using a psychic as your cameraman.
Smith, isn't it? My regular guy got sick.
Is that so? Well, it's my fault.
I should have introduced myself.
There's a story running tomorrow in the faith heritage student newspaper.
It claims you have ties to certain right-Wing organizations.
My past is no state secret, ms.
It's been misconstrued by the liberal media.
In what way, sir? To promote tolerance, you have to understand the roots of intolerance.
I'm afraid I've got to cut this short.
I guess we'll be leaving, then.
- Is this your son? - Yes, it is.
Do you think we could talk to him, Get his perspective on his father's political career? I'm afraid darryl's busy packing.
I'm sending him to school overseas.
Too bad.
Maybe next time.
Only thing I could find is this stolen vehicle report out of seattle.
A couple of years ago, Cotton reports his son's car stolen, And then calls back the next day to say they found it abandoned.
Not very damning, is it? Walt, we've got a problem.
Wallet I.
s him as Rashid Mahmud, cleaves mills address.
So much for robbery.
They painted the motive on the wall.
This hasn't gone to forensics yet, so If you want to touch a corner It's a victoria cross.
It was awarded to his grandfather during world war II.
From father to son to son.
Okay, John.
You're on.
Stop! Why are you doing this? Where did all these people come from? Someone has a police scanner.
They heard about a hate crime.
- This kind of stuff doesn't happen here.
- Well, it does now.
- Is there a preliminary cause of death? - One shot to the head.
We haven't found a weapon yet.
You think it could have been a baseball bat? Something you're not telling me, John? I think Rashid knew the person who killed him.
Okay, so we'll check out his friends, family, and acquaintances.
If this is a hate crime, People are going to be screaming for an arrest.
That's exactly why I don't want to point a finger until I'm sure.
- You called them? - Yeah.
The media's going to be all over this.
I thought I might as well get a head start.
What's between us stays between us.
I'm standing outside the home of Rashid Mahmud, The young man whose bludgeoned body was found this morning Only a few miles from here.
News of the crime prompted reactions Ranging from shock to sorrowful introspection in this small-Town community, Which this week played host to a religious conference, Sponsored by the reverend Gene Purdy's faith heritage alliance.
I spoke with reverend Purdy this afternoon following an afternoon prayer service.
Every day brings us news of some terrible yet distant crime.
When a crime in our midst raises the specter of intolerance, We are forced to stop and take stock and question our own prejudices.
Cleaves Mills is a god-Fearing community.
I believe this is an aberration, but like the tip of an iceberg, We have to examine carefully and thoroughly what may lie below the surface.
Others might question that statement, among them, Josh Blake, Editor of the faith heritage student newspaper, Which today reported that a local speaker at Purdy's conference, William Cotton, Has white supremacist ties.
Do you feel like there could be a connection with this crime? Well, that's not for me to say, But the factthat Cotton's building a political organization here Scares me.
Scared is how most people here feel Scared about the end of one small town's innocence.
I don't know why I keep it on.
I guess I keep hoping for some explanation, Something that tells what happened It's okay, Syeda.
It's okay.
You have news about my son's murderer? Yeah, we have information that suggests your son knew his attacker.
Did Rashid have any enemies that you knew of? Enemies? No.
He was a very kind Shy boy.
You can't think of anyone who might want to hurt him? No.
I'm very sorry about your family's loss, sir.
We called it the "fast-A-Thon.
" Over 150 colleges participated, And the idea was to give non-Muslim students a taste For the meaning of ramadan, and for what it's like for the poor to go hungry.
See, Rashid? A college girl who's also observant.
Faith and good works The path to salvation, as the koran says.
I hear you're applying to college, Rashid.
What are your top choices? I was hoping to find a school close to home.
Not too close, I hope.
The way he eats, we can't afford him.
Mahmud We'll find who did this to your son.
I promise.
Learn anything new? Nothing that helps us.
Hey, my car just died.
Can you handsome fellows give me a lift? I got a tip where we might find Darryl Cotton.
- "We"? - Mm-Hmm But we might want to pick up a pair of earplugs first.
- Man, do I feel old! - You're cold? Old! I feel old! You guys know Darryl Cotton? - Hey, do you know Darryl? - Yeah.
Oh, could you hold on a second? You guys! Hey, you guys, this is Billy.
He knows Darryl.
- Is he here tonight? - Was.
I had to throw him out.
He and his friends were getting too aggressive.
These skinheads, they don't get it.
They think it's all about violence.
It's not.
The music's about energy.
Hey, try the alley.
Thanks, man.
That's him.
So how do you usually handle a situation like this? "Hi, my name's Johnny Smith.
"I'm a psychic.
"I'd like to shake your hand and see if you're guilty of murder"? You two just, uh Stay close.
Excuse me.
You guys wouldn't have happened to have seen a guy with a blue mohawk run through here? Guy jacked my car stereo.
You sure you don't have that backwards, bro? I'm sorry? Yeah, you see, where I come from, it's guys like you who jack stereos, Jack cars, jack pretty much anything That's not nailed down.
Darryl Cotton? Who wants to know? I'm John Smith.
I'm a psychic.
I just really want to shake your hand.
Why? To see if you killed Rashid Mahmud.
Now, why would I kill that raghead? Well, for starters, you and your boys here are obviously racist.
Second, the killer painted "white power" on a wall.
Didn't he? And clearly you've got " white power" tats on your arm there.
So how about it? - Get lost.
- Not yet.
Tell me you didn't do this.
I thought you'd be proud of me.
It's what we stand for, isn't it? Get off me, freak! I put a couple of butterfly band-Aids on his cut.
I got him to lie down for a while.
Bruce really takes his job seriously, doesn't he? His job? Taking care of you.
I guess he does.
Well, I seem to remember putting in for that job once myself.
It's my producer.
Yes, gary.
I know I've been off the clock, but No, I didn't know that.
Yes, I'm on it.
The articles of faith website just posted a story Saying that the police have a suspect, Darryl Cotton, And that you led them to him.
What? I have to go, but I may have to call you later for a quote.
All right, see you.
I can't believe I lost it like that last night.
It's understandable, man.
Well, yeah.
He provoked me.
Well, I meant because of what happened the night you turned 17.
Your dad let you borrow his car, right? I saw it yesterday, right here, when you touched me on the shoulder.
Saw me getting pulled over and beat up by those rednecks For dating a white girl? I bet that's not the only time You had to deal with racism, right? I'm still dealing with it The convenience store clerk Who's checking his surveillance mirror when I'm standing in the back Or the middle-Aged woman who casually crosses the street when she sees me coming.
Makes me think that a punk like Cotton is just vocalizing stuff that's in everybody's subconscious.
Yeah, but "everybody" isn't killing people.
They're not covering them with white paint and writing racist slogans on the walls.
Come on.
Which is why I want us to nail him.
Thing is, you've touched just about everything there is to touch.
Give me the flashlight.
All right, stand there and face away from me, all right? The killer would've stood here.
Oh, you think standing in his footsteps will trigger a vision.
Maybe, if we could find them.
John! Whoa! It wasn't a baseball bat And Darryl Cotton was not the killer.
Blake has done us a service By pointing out William Cotton's ties to certain extreme elements Past ties that we were unaware of.
Cotton may have made a break with his past, But his son's involvement in this crime Reminds us that our failure To confess openly and atone for our sins Is what condemns us to repeat them.
Nice sermon, Gene.
There's only one problem The story isn't true.
The paper stands by every word.
Oh, yeah? Darryl Cotton is not a murderer.
I've been assured by the sheriff's department They're seeking him as we speak.
Tonight, I will be leading a candelight vigil, And tomorrow, a march in memory of Rashid Mahmud.
We've got a witness Who put the Cotton kid with the victim the night of the murder.
A witness? Yeah, the news stories must have spooked him.
Walt's got everyone out shakinthe trees.
If you would have come to us sooner, we could've brought him in quietly.
I didn't want to implicate him till I was sure.
And now you're sure he's innocent? Look, I had a vision that he committed an assault.
I don't think it's this one, but I just need to talk to your witness.
I told the cops everything I know.
Why did you wait to come forward? I didn't realize the kid was a suspect until I saw it on the news.
Hey, all I know is that they left together.
The other kid, he sat right here.
Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! It only looked like they left together.
Rashid went around back and got into a car.
Walt, I'm telling you, Darryl did not do it.
John, there have been some developments while you were out.
Developments? This is Dana Bright reporting live with a WPKV exclusive.
Darryl Cotton, sought-After by police In connection with the murder of a local teenage has surrendered And agreed to make a public statement In exchange for his confession.
Um I've been accused of murder.
Some people are calling it a hate crime.
Well, if it's hate To stand up for what you believe in, Then I plead guilty.
They, uh They say the victim of my hate Was a pakistani kid, An immigrant.
Well, I don't hate immigrants.
How could I? I'm descended from immigrants.
But my ancestors White, protestant europeans They built this country.
They made it what it is, Or at least what it was.
Now the people that they call "immigrants," Arabs, asians, mexicans, They don't come here to build, But to exploit, To take what they can for themselves.
It's unbelievable.
Just like the blacks and the jews And all the other minorities.
All they want to do is tear this country down.
So do I feel hatred? Yes.
Hatred for them, And for anyone else who would turn a blind eye While they try to drag us back into the muck that they came from.
My father taught me that this is war.
You choose a side, Or you die.
Son of a bitch.
All right, cuff him.
Well, what do you think, John? Is still an innocent to you? What do you want from me, John? The kid confessed.
Hell, he's proud of it.
Hey, Walt, something is wrong here.
You said you saw him involved in an assault.
Maybe your visions mixed up the particulars.
No, I know what I saw, and I know what I didn't see.
What are we disagreeing about? I don't have time, Dana, okay? He found me, Johnny.
Darry asked to make that statement.
Excuse me.
Listen, Walt I had another vision.
I saw Darryl being taken out of here, dead.
Dead? - How? - I don't know.
All right, I'll keep him in isolation, Put a suicide watch on him.
He's not arraigned till monday, So he'll be safe until then, all right? All right.
If Darryl's innocent, why did he cop to it? Good question.
Right now, I'm more worried about finding the real killer.
Where do we start? My father is a photographer, And I keep finding more pictures of Rashid.
You two were very close.
When we came to America, neither of us spoke english.
We only had each other.
So he'd never keep anything from you? Tahmina, I'm a psychic.
When I was here before, I had a vision of a date That I think was arranged by your parents for Rashid.
Now, the girl was very attractive and very intelligent, But he didn't seem too interested, and then he looked at you.
Is there anything else that you didn't tell the police about your brother? Was there another girlfriend that he had That he didn't want anyone to know about? Rashid didn't have a girlfriend.
Tahmina, was your brother gay? Our parents would never understand.
He was going to tell them, but Did Rashid have someone that he was close to? They met on the internet.
He never said his name, but I saw an email, And it was signed "J.
" - "Jay," like J-A-Y? - Just the initial.
Tahmina, do you have anything that your brother would have touched? Um He gave me these for my birthday.
Not here.
I don't care what the Koran says, Any more than you should care what the bible says.
How can you say that? Because I know what we feel isn't wrong.
Josh, look at me.
I'm going to do this.
I'm going to tell my parents That we've been seeing each other.
If you can't handle that, then Okay.
Let's go inside.
Please! Why are you doing this? Blake's not at his dorm or at his newspaper.
I've got an APB out on his car.
What are the chances that the murder weapon's still in his trunk? None of this explains why Darryl would confess to a murder that he didn't commit.
Want to give it a shot? - Are those his? - Yeah.
Go ahead.
They're not evidence.
I'm still seeing Darryl dead, Walt.
We've got a guard at his cell.
It's not going to happen here.
It's going to happen somehow, If I don't find out how or why.
What's she doing here? She's doing a cross-Check on our records on the Cottons.
So you found anything? You said you had a vision of Darryl Cotton attacking someone With a baseball bat? Look at this.
The night William Cotton reported his son's carbeing stolen in seattle, There were three murders two by gunshot, And the other cause of death was blunt trauma.
The autopsy found flakes of aluminum in the wounds, Indicating that the weapon could've been a baseball bat.
- What about the victim? - It was a black teenager.
The murder still remains unsolved.
I think the police think it's a feud between rival gangs of car thieves.
Car thieves and a stolen car.
- Thanks, Dana.
- You bet.
We'll be right outside.
I confessed! What more do you want from me? Look, I know who killed Rashid.
Right now, I'm more concerned about what may happen to you, all right? Me? They got me on suicide watch.
Do you think I'm suicidal? Why else would you confess to a capital crime, Unless you wanted to punish yourself? Or is it someone else? What, your father maybe? I've said all I have to say.
That's the beauty of it, Because you don't have to say anything.
Come on! Whoo! Well, well, well No! Do it.
Come on, do it, Darryl.
Do it! It's a war, son.
You choose sides, or you die.
"Choose sides or die"? I hated him for that.
I hated myself! And now he wants to send me away, like none of it ever happened.
It's time to make it right, Darryl.
Get away from my son.
What's going on here? He's being released to his father.
What? He got a court order dismissing Darryl's confession as coerced.
You can't take him out of here.
The hell I can't.
Get out of my way.
What happened? His father got him released.
They're taking him out now.
Yeah, well, good luck getting him out of here.
Purdy decided to end his march outside.
Come on.
We need some room here, please.
Let's get some room.
Excuse me.
Back it up.
Back it up.
It's Blake.
He's here to shoot Darryl And shut him up before he can recant his confession.
I'll go after him.
You warn Darryl, all right? All right, all right.
Move back.
Bruce! It's over, Josh.
It's over.
It's over.
You saved a life today.
You both did.
One dead kid, two more that'll be tried for murder Don't know if we can call that a victory.
You think you recognize the face of hatred It's just the idea that a young man like Josh Blake Could be moved to hate and fear his own nature Because of his faith, and to lash out at others Or how about Darryl Cotton, trying to be a good son, Even if it meant hating and killing? This town needs to heal.
It's a time for reflection And for prayer.
How do you do that, Gene? Just pray things get better.
You begin by asking that question.
This is Dana Bright with a WPKV exclusive I was pretty hard on you, wasn't I? You're a lot harder on yourself But I forgive you.
I really just Came here to You know, I just wanted to say Goodbye, so Goodbye.
Dana? It was really good seeing you again.
Sometimes I just feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
If you ever want to lighten the load, you know where to reach me.
I say it's crap! Now they're claiming some faggot church boy Killed that raghead.
Don't believe the media.
Just remember who owns it.
Yeah, I know our boy did it.
Pardon my jumping in, But can I add my voice to the choir? Welcome to the fold, O.
How's the weather out there? Sunny and warm.
A perfect day to start a war.
Amen to that, brother man.
- Rahowa! - RaHoWa!