The Dead Zone s06e10 Episode Script


Previously on The Dead Zone Sarah, there's something I need to talk to you about.
That you knew Walt was going to die that day? And when I asked you if you'd seen anything, you lied to me? All I wanted was to protect you.
I don't think that there's a future here after all.
Watch out! Gotcha.
Nice catch.
The Sox could use you in center.
I can't hit a curve ball.
Say, you wanna get your hands off my girl? Hey, buddy.
Hi, boys.
Maria's beautiful, man.
Yeah, you got that right.
Go get him, Drift! What kinda name is that for a horse? Uh, actually it's Splendid Drift.
Drift for short.
The way I heard it, she had a nasty habit of Drifting in and out.
Drove jocks nuts.
Nobody'd go near her.
Maria got her to run in a straight line.
Two years later, Drift had a chance to make a lot of money.
Now, this match race I read about.
Yeah, battle of the sexes.
Splendid Drift versus Jitterbug's Boy.
Colt versus Filly.
500 grand.
Winner take all.
I mean, I think the colt would have a big advantage, no? You never seen her run, my man.
Life is good.
Practice is booming.
I met the girl of my dreams.
Heck, the only thing missing around here is you.
How do you think Drift will do? No worse than second.
How's Frankie? Oh, he'll be ready to go.
Frankie? Ah, yeah.
That's how I met her.
There's Drift's main man.
Frankie! Hey, I heard a lot about you from Bruce duringour rehab sessions.
Nice to meet you.
So you see me winning on Drift? It doesn't work that way.
Nah, if it did, I'd be a Billionaire.
How come you're not out there working on your horse? Bruce here has me re-habbin'my knee around the clock.
Besides, my daughter, she likes to ride the horse during the morning.
Lets her know how she's doing.
- Oh, Maria's your daughter.
- Mm-hmm.
Excuse me.
Rags to riches.
Press eats it up.
Hi, sweetheart.
How's the knee, dad? Oh, I'm still standing, huh? Whoa.
Wild, huh? Is it something I said? Uh, she's a little shy around new people.
There's an easy cure for that.
A couple of these sugar cubes, and you oughta be best friends.
Grab her.
Looks like the two of you got off on the wrong foot.
That's one way of puttin' it.
Someone's gonna kidnap Drift? That's what it looked like.
And you're sure that it's Drift's stall that you saw? Pretty sure.
Why? Match race is tomorrow.
Maria's shipping her off to the farm for a three-month rest right after.
Meaning it happens tonight.
What happens tonight? Planning something fun without me, huh? We're just gonna catch up while you get a good night's sleep.
You got a big day tomorrow.
Oh, I can't wait till it's over.
The media's driving me nuts.
In fact, I have a press conference in a few minutes.
Ya wanna come? I would love to.
I'd love the support.
See ya in a few? Yeah.
You didn't want her to know? I don't wanna worry her if it's nothing.
Although with you usually nothing is something.
Let's hope not.
Are we moving again? Well, you knew this was just a temporary situation.
Is it because you and Johnny aren't getting along? Who said we weren't getting along? I got it.
Something wrong with the space shuttle again? Well, that'd be news to me.
As far as I know, we got nothin' up there.
Vice president.
Uh, Johnny's not here.
Uh, actually I dropped byto see J.
Me? Yeah, you know, I've been on vacation for the last two weeks.
And now I need to fly out to Detroit, and I was wondering if you'd like to take that trip on Air Force Two like I promised? - You are invited as well, of course.
- Yes! Yeah, yeah! Today? But you've got that big tree planting project tomorrow.
But mom, it's Air Force Two! I know, honey, but you're already so far behind in school.
I'm afraid that you'll just-- I'm sorry.
It's just that J.
's missed so much school already with everything that's happened.
We've just finally gotten into a schedule again.
Sarah, I understand.
Sometimes I like somebody saying no.
Normally I'm surrounded by "yes" men and women.
You all right? I've had better weeks.
Uh well, if you ever want to talk, always got time for friends, and you and yours are friends.
I better go.
I'll let myself out.
Please, let J.
know that I will make it up to him.
I'm Bill Stark, Jitterbug Boy's owner.
Welcome to the 127th running of the New England down's battle of the sexes.
And now a word from Drift'sowners, the Rasmussens.
We're thrilled to be here.
Drift's a special filly.
Dad forgot to mention that, uh, she's gonna win.
Sorry about that, jitterbug.
Father-son owners? And a father-daughter jockey-trainer? Press loves it.
We're here to win too, so someone's going home empty-handed.
How good is jitterbug's boy? Damn fine.
Comes from the Clouds.
But if Drift can manage her speed, she'll pop the gate and never look back.
You've been spending way too much time around here.
Okay, everyone.
We're gonna open it up to photos and interviews now.
Ready to go.
Ready to win.
Well, thank god that's over.
Now I can get back to worrying about the horse.
Grab her! Boring stuff, huh? No, I wouldn't say that, no.
The horses are coming on to the track for the first race.
The first of the daily double.
One swipe and I'm done? Pretty nifty.
Especially since you're footing the Bill.
Much simpler with my visa card.
I get too many hits off of money.
Should we call the cops? Ah, nah, man.
Let's say we go to the cops, and tell 'em that a horse is gonn a get kidnapped on the word of a psychic, they'll think that it's somehow tied into a wayto fix the night cap.
Who do ya like? Who do you like, man? I'm sorry.
I don't know you.
Doesn't mean you can't give me a winner.
So who do ya like? I got the five horse.
- That's 15 to 1.
Are you sure? - Yep.
All right, listen, great.
I got one for you.
Jitterbug's boy tomorrow.
I heard action's being bought up all over town, huh? Oh, a tipon a two-horse race? Doesn't seem like a fair trade.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Yeah.
So you really like the five horse? Maybe we should bet it.
You don't want to do that.
Oh you were just tryin' to get rid of the-- Maybe it's today for acceleration because here she comes between horses! Amazing run in the final quarter to win! Wow, she looked hopelessly beaten at the quarter pole, and down by a length I could have paid my mortgage for a year with a horse like that.
Attention, please.
The stewards have posted an inquiry into the running of the first race.
Never should have doubted you, bro.
Any suggestions on Drift? You still don't wanna tell your gal? Wow, you really don't want Maria to know, do you? She's just gonna worry herself to death.
Well, that sounds vaguely familiar.
All right, look, this is nothing like Walt.
We know when and where this is gonna happen.
We just gotta be ready.
Hey, they dq'd the nag.
Now, you owe me100 bucks.
You didn't have to bet on that horse.
I didn't have to bet on that horse? - You gave me a tip! - Go bug somebody else, man.
So, uh, you up for midnight watch duty? Yeah.
That guy stole my wallet.
He took everything but my credit card.
Good thing for you they've got plenty of those machines around here.
You know I always sleepin the stables the night before a big race.
It'll be your fault if Drift loses.
Superstitious brat.
Overprotective man.
Don't get him in any trouble.
Yeah, like that would ever happen.
Are you gonna make her an honest woman? Uh, mec.
I've been carrying this thing around with me for a week.
I'm worried she's gonna see it.
So what are you waitin' for? The match race.
I'm giving it to her afterwards.
If Drift wins, she'll say yes.
If she loses, maybe it'll make her more happy than sad.
That's really cool, man.
It just seems wrong, me being so happy, and you being miserable.
Yeah, it's my own doing.
All I've ever done is cause Sarah heartache.
You know that, though, right? Next thing you'll be saying is you shouldn't have come out of that coma six years ago.
Come on, Johnny.
You and Sarah are meant to be together.
It's not like you-- Look, I'll go look around.
You go check on Drift.
Grab her.
Johnny? Johnny! What? I got knocked out, man.
I didn't see him coming.
Me either.
She's gone.
They took her! What? Drift's right there.
What are you talkin' about? Maria! They took Maria.
Come on.
- What's this? - Come on.
Call the cops and the girl dies Call the cops, the girl dies.
Scratch Drift from the match race, the girl dies.
Win the race, the girl dies.
I got this when I turned on my phone this morning.
I got mine on my answering machine.
So what the hell are we supposed to do? I have to ride.
Ride and lose for Maria.
What, we're just gonna throw it all away? After getting this close? I'm sorry you guys are in this position.
We could have used the money.
I've dreamt for years about getting to a big stage like this.
I guess that's the thing about dreams, you've got to be prepared for something to come along and shatter them.
Frankie, whatever you have to do.
There's always another race, right? I'm sorry.
Not like this one.
We're gonna head back.
See if we hear anything else.
I hate doing this.
Those men have been real good to me.
We got the whole day to figure out where she is.
Come on.
Don't you have a country to run? Or is this morning drop-in going to be a regular thing? I guess I should try calling first, huh? Weren't you supposed to be in Michigan? I came back early.
I can do that.
I am the vice president.
Please, come in.
- Mr.
- It's okay.
I'll be fine.
So does this mean you guys have changed your mind about the plane trip? Sorry, J.
, I can't go against your mom on this one.
Why not? You're the vice president.
Your words count, like, I don't know, triple.
So, uh, is there any particular reason you're dropping by? I had a good idea to help J.
out with his tree planting project.
What makes you think this pickpocket is still hanging around? I only had 60 bucks in my wallet.
The guy's not gonna give up prime hunting ground for that, right? So this is more than about just kicking his ass.
I want to find about that bet.
He said there was a lot of money coming down on Jitterbug's boy.
He might know something.
Like who's puttin' the fix on the race and took Maria.
Hey! Sit down.
You got the wrong guy.
In that coat? I doubt it.
Hey, I don't get it.
I already gave you a tip.
What more do you want? Quit messing around with us! Who's laying out those bets? All right, listen.
But all I heard is that it's an insider thing, you know, some owner-trainer deal.
Who told you that? I wish I knew, pal.
Listen, guys, you know, I hear a lot of different things every day.
This is what I do.
I collect info.
This owner or trainer, is it someone involved in the match race? It's inside dope.
Didn't I tell ya? What is it with you? You don't speak english? So are we done here? Give me my wallet back.
I tossed it.
What? I was gonna use it for fake ID's, but John Smith Pal, you gotta come up with something better than that.
Who is it that owns Jitterbug's boy? - Bill Stark? - Yeah.
You know where to find him? For my science project I thought it'd be a good idea for all of us to plant trees.
It's a way of giving something back to the Earth, instead of taking it away.
This tree I planted here, I planted in honor of my father, sheriff Walt Bannerman.
He was a good man who dedicated his life to make the world a safer place.
And tha-- that's exactly what I want to do.
Well, of course I'm too young to carry around a badge and chase after the bad guy.
But then I realized that a healthier environment is what makes the world a safer place.
Then I could be just like my dad.
And now I have a special guest who'd just like to add a few words.
Everyone, give it up for vice president Greg Stillson.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you, J.
You know, uh, J.
is right.
Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate.
So much so that each one of you, by the time you graduate high school, which is actually not that far from now, the damage done to this planet will have nearly doubled.
Now, as vice president I am committed to getting american companies to help combat this.
But it begins with the individual.
It starts with each one of us thinking about others.
It's what Walt Bannerman did.
And that's what J.
is doing here today by honoring his father.
Now, what we can do is we can follow in their footsteps.
And by doing so we will make this country, this world, a much better, much safer place.
Let's hear it for J.
Stark's horse is one aisle over.
It's pretty close proximity for the competition, no? Well, it's not like there's a lot of secrets around here, Johnny.
I mean, run fast and win.
That about covers it.
Anything? Any word? Well, somebody's betting a lot of money on Jitterbug's boy.
It might be Stark.
I don't think so.
He's an honorable man.
Besides, if his horse wins, he gets 400 grand on the purse alone.
Yeah, but if he knows it's a lock tell me another way somebody can double their money in under two minutes.
Well, if that's what he's done, I don't care.
Lord knows I love this filly, but Maria means the world to me.
Same here.
I knew it the moment you two met.
It must have been my second or third rehab session.
Maria came to pick me up.
These two start talking.
We were an hour late for lunch.
They couldn't get their eyes off each other.
I just want her alive.
I tried to pull her back, but she wouldn't stop.
How is Drift? I didn't have the heart to tell him they put the horse down.
Unless we get this internal bleeding stopped, he's gonna be joining her.
I'm sorry, girl.
But if it means throwing the race, then I throw the race.
So how bad is it gonna be, what you saw? Pretty nasty, Frankie.
Drift breaks down when you try to pull her up and throw the race.
Well, at least I know what to expect, huh? Look, there's still time to go see Stark.
The press is gonna wanna know where Maria is.
Well, you and the Rasmussens have to fend them off.
We gotta tell them that she came down with a stomach flu or something.
Whatever it takes.
Even if it means Drift and I sacrificing ourselves.
That is what Maria's doing now for us.
Maria Toro's friend.
Bruce Lewis.
My friend Johnny Smith.
How's Maria doing? Why do you ask? I meant nothing by it.
Big day.
A big race.
Butterflies are natural.
How confident are you in your horse? Working great.
Worth a bet? I'm not a gambling man.
Then why be in this business then, huh? Horse racing's a passion.
Smith, one that my other businesses allow me to enjoy.
I bred Jitter's daddy and grand-daddy.
I'm just a proud parent when he gets on the track.
Ladies and gentlemen.
In light of today's events, we are donating all the purse money to the horseman's relief fund in memory of that great competitor, Drift.
And my company will match those donations.
We send our prayers for Frankie Toro.
Smith, I take it you're not a horse person.
That's a safe bet.
What'd you see? Stark's not our guy.
If Drankie and Drift go down, he donates the purse to charity and then matches it.
Well, you gotta figure a guy who fixes a horse race isn't just gonna give away a million dollars.
Yeah, exactly.
Got another idea? No, but I'm hoping that Drift does.
Iit's kind of overwhelming.
What's that? The peanut butter? No.
No, you being here for J.
, talking to the kids, the shirts.
Happy to do it.
Without a reporter or a photographer in sight.
I'm on vacation.
Remember? What do you say you trade me a couple of those carrots for my nice, shiny apple right here? Oh, forget it.
No, I know how that works.
You take the carrots, and trade it in for a half sandwich, which in turn gets you a cupcake.
Pretty soon we're all eating apples, and you're running a bake sale.
Oh, you got me all figured out, don't ya? Well, it has worked for my political career.
And look where it's gotten you.
I always end up coming home.
You know.
I thought you were from Texas.
Mm, way back when.
I was a tadpole when my mama died, and daddy brought us up north.
You were close with him, right? That's one way of puttin' it.
We spent time together.
Yeah, I remember hearing that he passed away recently.
A heart attack.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to dredge anything up.
It's all right, really.
I mean, I should feel something for him, but I just don't.
Well, you don't haveto explain anything to me.
I'll tell you everything you need to know about my father.
When I was a kid, maybe six or so, we were on the road selling bibles.
And obviously he was using me as a sympathetic shill to exceed his quota.
I remember we were somewhere outside of cincy, and I found this stray dog next to a diner.
Named him Blur.
He was-- he was so sweet.
I think Blur was with us maybe-- I don't know, maybe a month.
But that was-- that was the best month ever, I tell ya.
And I made the mistake of telling my daddy that I'd rather play with that dog than swindle people out of their hard-earned pay.
He dragged me out of there by my ear.
He had me knocking on door still my knuckles were raw.
And I never saw Blur again.
Then one day I found oneof my daddy's boots.
And it was covered in fur and blood.
And I knew what he'd done.
You stayed with him all those years.
Well, you live the hand you're dealt.
You know.
Maybe I don't have youso figured out after all.
Oh, that's quite all right.
I'm still trying to sort it out myself.
The first vision I got came from feeding sugar cubes to Drift.
The second one came at the press conference because I realized Maria was holding Drift's blanket.
And the next time you gota vision was after Frankie grabbed your arms.
And then I got one off of jitterbug's boy.
I keep getting it from horses.
Be careful, though, Drift can be just as skittish.
Yeah, jitterbug's boy didthe same thing.
It's almost as if they sense something different about me.
Be good, girl.
It's okay.
Easy, girl.
Grab her! I just saw what Drift saw.
Maria was kidnapped by Drift's owners, not jitterbug's.
The Rasmussens? What kind of person sabotages their own horse's chances? Someone up to their eyes in debt.
Do you remember Tommy saying he could use the money when we talked about the kidnapping? I know the kid gambles.
I didn't realize how much.
Fixing a two-horse race is agreat way to get out from under.
They could have gone to Frankie and Maria and had them throw the race.
Nah, nah, they would never do that.
I wouldn't expect anything less from a girl that you fell for.
Well, Tommy's dropping dad off.
Let's split up, I'll stick with Sonny boy, all right? You go with pops.
All right.
Be careful.
You okay? Maria, it's Johnny.
You son of a bitch! You okay? How'd you find me? Drift.
She, uh-- - Oh, my god.
- What? It was Tommy who kidnapped me? And his father.
You never knew? I was blind folded this entire time.
I never saw him.
They were never let you know.
Until now.
it's 40 minutes till post time.
Don't give up yet.
Bruce always says if your basement floods at 3:00am, Johnny Smith would be the first one over with a couple buckets, won't leaveuntil the job's finished.
Lucky for me, Bruce doesn't have a basement.
Lucky for him he has you.
You're just saying that because Tommy's about to charge in here.
I don't imagine this is what you expected when you left cleaves mills.
You were supposed to talk to Bruce about Sarah, not be locked up with me.
Nah, I'm used to detours.
How are things with her? How much did Bruce tell ya? That much, huh? We don't have any secrets.
Yeah, I think I kept one too many.
Bruce blames himself.
What the hell for? Talking you out of telling Sarah the truth.
Nah, he shouldn't.
I wanted to tell her, Maria, I just couldn't.
Sometimes I regret that more than anything.
Have you told her that? No, I tried to.
You should try again.
It's a little too late for that.
A minute ago you were telling me not to give up.
Listen, Frankie, when you pop the gate-- I know, amigo.
Drift and I, we're going to be as safe as we can be.
We're going to do it.
For Maria.
I was gonna ask her to marry me today.
I will be so proud to have you as my son-in-law.
- But if you - No, you are going to ask her to marry you today.
I will not think of this any other way.
Hmm? Help! Let me out! Let me out! Would you shut up already? You're wasting your time.
No one can hear you.
Let's get out of here.
Best of luck to you, amigo.
- You too.
- Thanks.
I wish I could get my hands onthe bastard making me do this.
Me too.
Johnny? Here's somebody wants to talk to ya.
Bruce? Oh, my g-- are you okay? Yes, I'm fine! Johnny made sure of it.
Has the race gone off? No-- no, uh, we're just leaving the paddock now.
Is my dad near you? Somebody wants to wish you luck.
Maria? Yes, daddy, it's me! I'm fine.
Thank god.
I'm gonna miss the race.
As long as you're okay.
I will be as long as you win.
Johnny says there's nothing stopping you now.
I'll do my best.
I love you.
I love you too, daddy.
Go get 'em.
Who was that? That was Maria.
Maria? It's okay! Just a little disagreement about a horse.
Oh, I guess the sitter's upstairs putting hope down for a nap.
I can't believe how late it is in the afternoon.
I really oughta get going.
Can I get you something for the road? A drink? Coffee? Whatever it is one can offers to the vice president.
How about a soda? I can manage that.
So where's Johnny? Honestly, I don't know.
You tell me if I'm poking my nose where it doesn't belong.
I just thought you two were That was a long time ago.
Things have changed so much.
I don't think we could really get back to the way things once were.
No need to explain.
Actually, there's nothing to hide.
The truth is, I think that Hope and J.
and I have overstayed our welcome.
It was always meant to be temporary.
Any idea where you're headed? Well, that's the thing, I just found out that Walt bought a cabin up north.
I think it was meant to be a surprise.
Problem solved, then.
Not really.
Seems to be some question about how he got the money to pay for it.
That ridiculous investigation? Still? I mean, in my heart of hearts, I know that Walt would never do anything illegal.
But what if I'm wrong? I don't know.
I just-- I can't move in there with a clear conscience.
Walt Bannerman was exactly the man that you though the was.
No one will convince me otherwise.
That's nice of you to say.
I just hate it when a friend is on the wrong side of a raw deal.
Maybe there's something I can do to get to the bottom of this.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
I want to.
You'd be surprised how often I get something when I want it.
Actually, that doesn't surprise me at all.
Well, ya see? I'm not that difficult to figure out after all.
You just wave it over the reader, and it's paid for? Not you again.
This is all I got left.
I thought you tossed it.
I lied.
What? Are you gonna sue me? You gave me my money back.
I made a fortune on Drift.
I thought you had a hot tip on jitterbug's boy.
After the one you gave me? Forget about it.
Man, the longer I'm here, the less this place makes any sense.
That means you're getting the hang of it.
So what's the deal with the rasmussen boys? Ah, do not pass go.
Go directly to jail.
Of course it didn't stop them from paying for this party.
What are you talking about? Oh, because of the racketeering and the kidnapping charges, they had to forfeit their share of the purse to the new minority owners.
Minority owners? Yeah, you're looking at them.
You never said anything about that.
Well, you know, it really wasn't a whole lot to brag about.
I mean, they each only own a percent of Drift.
For two percent they get 400 grand? Actually 500,000.
Since they're one and the same Nnice wedding present, huh? No, actually the best gift I got was you bringing Maria back to me safe and sound.
So does this meanI'm off the hook for my wedding gift now? Hell no! By the way, what are you gonna do about you and Sarah? I think I'm gonna take someone's advice and give it another shot before it's too late.
Really? Who told you that? One very lucky gal.
Do you have to go? Yeah, I'm afraid so, champ.
Thanks for coming to my school.
The t-shirts, everything.
It was the best day ever.
Well, I had a blast too.
And I promise I'm gonna get you up on that plane.
All right.
Go get ready for bed.
I'll be up in a minute.
See ya.
I'm sorry this day had to end.
and I will never forget it.
Me either.