The Dead Zone s06e11 Episode Script


If this is true, John Smith is in for a big surprise.
You lied to me? All I wanted was to protect you.
I don't think that there's a future here after all.
I just found out that Walt bought a cabin up north.
Seems to be some question about how he got the money to pay for it.
That ridiculous investigation still? Walt Bannerman is exactly the man that you thought he was.
No one convince me otherwise.
Maybe there's something I can do to get to the bottom of this.
Uh, Bruce Lewis.
This is Alex Sinclair.
Oh, the lady psychic.
In the flesh.
A vision of my death.
I've had it nearly every day since I was a little girl.
You think I'm gonna be there when you die? You always have been.
So where are you anyway? To be honest, I'm not sure, Sarah.
I left Ohio about an hour ago.
That puts me exactly somewhere in Indiana.
Look, Johnny I know that we didn't leave things on very good terms.
No, we have no future.
I think those were the words you used.
I just wanted to know when you were coming back.
Because there's some things we need to discuss.
Really? Like what? Well, like, me moving out.
That was your decision, not mine.
Yeah, well, I found a place.
And I really think that it would be good for J.
, if he could see you before he leaves.
Okay, look, when you're ready to talk about this, you can give me a call on my cell.
I'm in Washington for a couple of days.
To see Stillson? Yes, he's asked me to speak at a fundraiser.
I've got the kids with a sitter.
A fundraiser.
Yes, Johnny.
A fundraiser.
For the families of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty, like Walt.
Is that okay with you? So you're going up to spend a couple days with Stillson.
Oh, damn, it, Johnny, for the last time, there's nothing going on with me and Greg Stillson! - There you go.
- Thank you.
Here's your change, mister.
Here you go for the postcard.
Listen, how far away is Fallsburg? It's about 60 miles up the road.
Pretty dull place.
Not for long.
Thanks for calling.
Please leave a brief message at the sound of the beep.
But if you're calling to wish me a happy 30th birthday, feel free to leave a super-long message, and you can even sing.
Alex, it's john.
If you're already there, just hang tight.
I'm coming to get ya.
I don't know where you are but whatever you do, just stay out of Fallsburg, Indiana.
Oh, and happy 30th birthday.
Oh, perfect.
What the hell is wrong with you? I'm not paying for that.
I'm sorry.
That was my fault.
Learn to drive, moron.
You have a great day too.
I heard there was an accident.
You okay, mister, uh? Smith.
John smith.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Thank you.
The other guy seemed pretty pissed off.
George fitzsimmons? He's a hot head.
He give you any grief, you come and see me.
Hey, sheriff, have, uh-- have you seen this woman around Fallsburg in the last few days? No, how long has she been missing? That's the thing, I'm not sure that she is missing.
Well, I got good news and bad news.
What's the bad news? The guy that does my body work isn't in until tomorrow.
Looks like you'll bespending the night in Fallsburg.
Okay, so what's the good news? I got one of the parts you need.
You're lookin' a little rattled.
Car accidents can do that to people.
Why don't you grab a bite to eat? Try the pink spoon.
The best place in town.
That's because it's the only place in town.
Sure pretty.
Your girlfriend? No.
Not exactly.
I just need to find her.
Well, then you come to the right place.
Because if she's in Fallsburg, sooner or later she'll end up here.
- The pink spoon is the- - the only place in town.
Well, I was gonna say the best, but all right.
Where are you from? Cleaves mills.
It's in Maine.
And you've come all this way for someone who's not exactly your girlfriend? Yeah, it's hard to explain.
I didn't really leave Maine looking for anyone.
This is just more about getting lost.
Honey, I invented getting lost.
The million-dollar question is, why? Sarah.
I am so sorry, I fully intended to meet you at the airport, but my budget meeting ran a bit long.
You get in okay? Are you kidding? I feel like the queen of England.
You didn't need to send a limousine.
Or the secret service agent.
Well, they weren't secret service men.
They were staff aides.
Still, don't make any quick movements, but, uh Well, you went to an awful lot of trouble for me.
I have to warn you, I'm not the world's best public speaker.
Come on, Sarah, you're gonna be fine.
I'll tell you something I learned, you speak from the heart, people will listen.
And this happens every time you touch something? Not every time.
Thank god.
I think I'd chop my hands off.
Phew, it's a hell of a gift.
So you believe me.
Most people need more convincing.
Well, it's not the weirdest thing in the world.
I get feelings about things sometimes.
Nothing big like you.
And I can usually tell when it's gonna rain.
You go, Wanda.
You ever just get the feeling that sometimes the best thing you can do for another person is just take yourself out of the equation.
I tried that once a long time ago.
Thought I was doing the right thing.
But I was young and foolish.
Give me a beer, Wanda.
What bit your heel, George? Your old boyfriend.
But don't you worry.
I took care of him.
How's your car? It'll live.
Damn it! Why don't you do this town a favor and hire a young, pretty waitress? You're old enough to be my mother.
Hey, that was really out of line.
If I was your mother, I'd have myself neutered and write the world a letter of apology.
Clean it up yourself.
Sit down, pretty boy.
You better get out of here before the sheriff shows up.
Keep the sheriff out of this, Kenny! You see what he did? We all did.
He had it coming! Do yourself a favor, and get out of here! Kenny! Mr.
Hutchins! John smith, you are under arrest for the murderof George fitzsimmons.
You have the right to remain silent.
That's the girl that smith fellow was looking for yesterday.
Do you think he killed her too? What a tragedy.
Sheriff, I didn't kill anybody.
The woman I told you about yesterday is really in a lot of trouble.
I can't help her from jail.
Shut up, smith.
You're in it up to your neck.
I was at the motel all last night.
After beating George fitzsimmons half to death at the pink spoon? And then you waited in the alley out back to finish him off.
Sheriff, if you lock me up, another person's gonna die today.
Just so you know, premeditated murder is a capital crime in Indiana.
You're going down.
Wow, would you look at that? Alex! Johnny? What's going on? I'm tryin' to save your life.
Get me outta here.
I thought I told you not to come.
Well, you leave me a message like that, and expect me not to come? Yeah, Alex, that's pretty much what I expect.
Yeah, well, fat chance.
Besides, now I don't get to be alone on my birthday.
Look at you.
God, it's been so long.
What you been doing? Uh, besides being arrested for murder? Not much.
Oh, that'd explain the handcuffs.
You know, really we should plan on getting together when there's not, you know, a big crisis.
Hey, did you see hat big, pink spoon? Yeah, I saw it.
It's so weird.
I have had a vision of a big pink spoon every year on my birthday since I was a kid.
I just figured it was just because, you know, I was supposed to go taste a bunch of ice-cream samples, which I always do, but I never knew there was a real big pink spoon.
What do you think that means? So far it just means trouble.
What the hell are you doing? We can't out run 'em on open road like this.
He's probably got very road in the county locked down.
Okay, so we'll stash you right under his nose, and then you can tell me what happened.
This is all my fault.
If you hadn't had that vision of me dying, you never would have come here.
Don't you have that backwards? If I hadn't called you, you wouldn't have come here, even though I asked you not to come here.
Well, if I hadn't come, who would have rescued your back at the big pink spoon? All right, the point is you have to get out of Fallsburg.
The sooner the better.
How'd you end up driving through Indiana anyway? Uh, things were a little complicated at home.
I think I took a page from your book.
Keep moving.
Don't stay in one place too long.
Don't get too attached to anyone.
Um, Johnny do you know a tall guy with an american flag baseball cap? Why? 'Cause he's standing right next to you.
Grab my hand.
Take a look.
Who is he? That's the guy I supposedly killed.
Ask him who killed him.
It doesn't work that way.
That's my line.
Ask him anyway.
What's his name? George something or other.
Hello, George.
I'm Alex, and I was wondering if maybe you could help us out here.
Uh, my friend Johnny Smith and I would like to know the name of the person who killed you.
He's not talking.
What happened? Where'd he go? He's going somewhere.
I'm gonna follow him.
What if it's dangerous? Maybe he's leading me to his killer.
That's my point.
I'll go with you.
With your hands cuffed? I don't think so.
You look beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, relax.
You're gonna do great.
I hope so.
It just feels a little weird, you know, talking about Walt when I know sheriff Turner's back in Cleaves Mills building a case against him.
Not anymore.
What do you mean? Remember what I said before about how when I really want something I usually get it? Well, I asked a colleague of mine to make some discreet inquiries into walt's banking history.
Maybe we should talk about this later.
Sarah, there is absolutely nothing illegal about Walt's secret bank account.
He inherited the money from a man named Brian Meeks.
Walt saved his life.
Apparently Meeks was extremely grateful.
And extremely rich.
But he never told me.
Maybe he wanted the cabin to be a surprise.
But the point is there's absolutely nothing illegal going on.
Are you sure? I've already spoken to sheriff Turner.
Her investigation is officially over.
I know you're trying to tell me something, but just standing there isn't really helping me.
In fact it's creeping me out a little.
Look, George, maybe you have forever, but I don't.
A little help here, George.
Oh, okay, I get it.
You don't have to get all poltergeist-y on me.
semi-auto, 90k.
What the hell are you up to? Wanda, what are you doing here? Relax, I wasn't followed I figured you could use some help.
Just like you helped me last night.
You took a big risk coming here.
Thank you.
Like I said, I get feelings sometimes.
And I got a feeling you're in some kind of trouble that you don't deserve.
Where'd you find the handcuff key? Old boyfriend.
Long story.
Is it the old boyfriend George talked about last night? Just say thank you and stop being so damn nosy.
Get in! Don't even think about it! You know what, sweetheart? Your boyfriend's going down for your murder too.
- Have a nice trip.
- No! Did you see Alex out there? If she's your, uh, not exactly girlfriend, yeah.
She just went into the truck stop.
We need some more help.
Wanda, have you ever done any acting? Come on, sheriff, George's locker's right back here.
What is it? A list of every gun we ever shipped.
Apparently he wasn't bluffing about the blackmail.
Oh, my god.
He's got our whole operation in here.
George could have dropped us in a very deep hole.
Good thing you dropped him first.
Sheriff, I just saw him! He just climbed right in.
It was a Toyota.
Sort of a bright blue-ish.
He took off down the highway.
Headed west.
Thanks, Wanda.
- Sure.
- Catch you later.
Alex? - You okay? - Yeah.
That was close.
Are you? No, I had a vision.
I think I know who killed George.
Sheriff Lambert.
You had a vision too? No, he was right here.
He practically admitted it.
Why do you think it's the sheriff? Because in my vision I saw him kill you too.
So the sheriff has the log book? Yeah, he took it with him when he left.
He said their whole operation was in that book.
Apparently George was gonna blackmail Kenny and the sheriff.
Perfect moment to kill him.
Alex, in the vision that I had, I saw the sheriff lock you up in the trunk of my rental car.
And what I saw next was I saw them pull the car and your body out of the lake.
You know your visions are really kind of depressing.
I can't believe I'm gonna die on my birthday.
And whenever anyone sees my gravestone, that's all they're gonna talk about.
It's so weird she died on her birthday.
Why don't we try to figure out a way that you don't die on your birthday? Yeah.
You know, last year on my birthday, you were the only person who called me.
You know why? Because you're the only person in the world who actually knows my birthday.
That's not possible.
What about that message you left on your cell phone? Yeah, that was for your benefit.
I knew you were gonna call me again this year, and I didn't want you to think I was a loser.
What about your family? My parents died when I was in high school.
And a few years after that my sister anne.
I can't make up for those losses obviously, but I want you to know that you'll always be a part of my family.
And I'm gonna make sure you have a lot more birthdays.
The In The Line Of Duty Foundation can help families in so many ways.
But most important, it is your family that will save you in the end.
It is the love that you find from those left behind.
These are the people who give you the strength to move on.
They are the ones who will point the way forward.
And one day you'll wake up and you'll realize that you're finally ready to take that first step.
Thank you.
Johnny, tell me about the vision you had.
What exactly did you see? You were at the garage.
And you were struggling with the sheriff.
You were fighting him.
But he was a little bit too strong, and he had a gun.
So he put you in the trunk.
And he slams the lid.
Well, does he hurt me? Like, knock me out or something? No.
You don't die until the car goes into the lake.
It's okay.
Alex, this is Wanda Purcell.
Wanda, this is Alex Sinclair.
Ah, the mystery girl.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
You too.
Johnny told me what you did back at the truck stop.
You saved my life.
I thought you could use some food and some information.
I overheard sheriff Lambert.
He's shifting his search west.
Thanks to the tip from yours truly.
If you're planning to run, I'd head east.
All right, that settles it.
You gotta get going.
What will you do? I'll be fine.
I'll think of something.
All right, you're right.
I should go.
Why didn't you go with her? What difference would it make? I'm still a fugitive.
Wanda, do you know anything about sheriff Lambert? Huh, more than I'd like.
I dated him a few years back.
He's the boyfriend? Well, where else would I get handcuffs? Wanda, I need to get into the sheriff's house.
Can you help me? You just wait right here, honey.
You all right, Sarah? I guess.
Well, it's not about the speech, is it? 'Cause I tell ya, you were brilliant.
Was I? Well, I guess I had them fooled.
Aw, come on.
What are you talking about? All this talk about strength and moving on, when the truth is I haven't moved one inch.
Well, nobody said movin' on was gonna be easy, ya know? It's been almost a month since I decided to move out of Johnny's house.
I told him that I found a place, but I lied.
You take your time.
So you don't think that I'm stuck? Well, I'm certainly no expert in human psychology, but no, Sarah, I don't-- I don't think you're stuck.
And you know something? You'll take that step forward when you're ready.
And don't forget, you are the proud owner of a nice, little cabin in somerset county.
Maybe walt could see the future just as well as Johnny.
Doesn't look like he's home.
You sure about this? No, but it's the only shot I have.
Well, if you're right about the sheriff, I guess I'll finally be leaving Fallsburg.
Why is that? Well, no matter how guilty he is, there'll be a lot of people who'll put the blame on me for helping you expose him.
That's just the way these towns are.
I'm sorry, Wanda.
Are you kidding? I shoulda left 30 years ago.
I was runnin', just like you.
But there's one thing I've learned.
You can't run away from your own life.
What were you running from? Bad situation.
I got pregnant right out of high school.
My boyfriend pulled a disappearing act.
I didn't have a job.
I didn't think it was right to saddle the baby with my problems, so as soon as the baby was born, I decided to, um-- how'd you put it? Take myself out of the equation.
And I ended up here by myself.
You never went back, huh? I don't know what you're running from, Johnny, but do yourself a favor and don't makethe same mistake I did.
I've get going.
George? I considered your offer.
I got a counter offer.
Sheriff, no! Well, look who I just caught breaking and entering.
Down! People are gonna come looking for me.
I don't think so.
After you escaped custody, you stole your car and took off.
Lots of unmarked roads.
Easy to get lost.
You know what Kenny? He must have driven right off the highway into the lake.
Not that it matters.
They're never gonna find the car or you.
Remember that girlI was looking for, sheriff? She's a reporter.
She works with George fitzsimmons.
She got the whole storyand left town while you were hiding inthe alley waiting to kill him.
Shut up! Get him in the car.
Let's get out of here.
Someone's at the door.
I know what you're doing, sheriff.
And I knowyou killed George fitzsimmons.
You're not gonna get awaywith it.
You know what? That's just what your boyfriend said.
Right there, don't move.
Don't move, don't move.
Now over here.
Now get in! Get in! Get in! Get in! Don't even think about it! You know what, sweetheart? Your boyfriend's going down for your murder too.
- Have a nice trip.
- No! You ready for this? Let's go.
One, two three! Come on! Bon voyage, baby! Yep.
Let's get out of here.
Very impressive, Alex.
Crazy and suicidal, but very impressive.
You stashed all that stuff in your trunk? Yeah, that's why I asked you if they knocked me out in your vision.
I knew if I was still conscious, I'd have a shot.
You risked your life to save me? Oh, god, no.
I didn't know you'd bein the car too.
I was just trying to frame the sheriff for murder.
You're crazy.
You know that though, right? Hey, the scuba stuff was easy.
I learned it in Hawaii.
What about how to break out of a car trunk? I've been in a couple bad relationships.
What's up, Wanda? What's the problem? Well, there's a couple people here who'd like to have a word with you.
You tried to kill us, sheriff.
I can testify to everything that happened outon the lake tonight.
And I got your name tag to prove it.
You're kidding, right? You can pick up a name tag anywhere.
Yeah, but you can't pick these up anywhere.
These are pages from George's log book.
FBI! Don't move! You killed George.
Don't forget, premeditated murder's a capital crime in Indiana, remember that part? And just to be on the safe side, I called in the feds.
I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.
you know, you can still take a limousine back to the airport.
Thanks anyway, but I'm more of a taxi kind of girl.
I know.
You know, I've been thinking about what you said, about taking that first step.
And I think I'm ready.
Forward's always been my favorite direction.
Thanks, Greg.
Take care of you.
So where are you gonna go from here? I don't know.
Maybe chicago.
Maybe cleveland.
Maybe not.
How about you? Back to cleaves mills? No, I don't think so.
Not yet.
You should go.
No one's ever gonna be waiting for me to get home.
But, Johnny, you got a lot of people waiting for you.
I'm not so sure about that anymore.
After walt died, I just feel like I'm losing everybody that ever mattered to me, you know? You're not losing me.
Although last night was close.
I still don't get it.
I mean, why all this happened and how? I mean, you showed up here because I called you.
But I only called you because I had this postcard.
So? How did I get a vision off this postcard if you never touched it? Photo by Wanda purcell.
Hey, that's you.
Yep, took the picture myself.
Had the postcards printed too.
Wait a minute.
Wanda, you made these postcards? Do you know the day that your baby was born? Well, of course I do.
How could I forget? It was 30 years ago yesterday.
Uh, this is a little weird, but are you, uh, were you-- were you adopted? Um, I don't really talk about it, but yeah.
She turned 30 yesterday.
And she's adopted.
Oh, my god.
What's going on? Wanda, I think, uh You're even more beautiful than I ever imagined.
And I've imagined you a lot.
Johnny, how'd you make that connection? I saw you when I touched the postcard because your mother made them.
Then I saw you again because I touched her hand.
That's why I always see pink spoons on my birthday.
I think I'm gonna be staying here a while.
Are you sure it's okay if I borrow your truck? Yeah.
Go for it.
Just don't sink it into any lakes.
All right.
Thank you, Johnny.
For what? Almost getting you killed? Are you kidding me? If you hadn't made that call, I never would have met my mother.
But you know you're always part of my family too, right? Yeah.
You're damn right.
What is it? What do you see? Your friend walt.
He's sitting right next to you.
- What does he want? - I don't know.
He's holding an envelope, and he looks worried.
I don't know.
I'm sorry, Johnny.
He's gone.
But whatever it was, it looked really important.
Otherwise I wouldn't have seen him.
I guess I know where I'm going after all.
Back home.
Johnny, you saved my life.
Now go save yours.