The Detail (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Wake Up Call

1 The wind that will Bring me Out to you Is a wind I can sing out With another tune The same wind comes rushing I'm late.
I know.
- Ah.
- Wow.
You really dressed up.
OK, not quite the reaction I was hoping for, but thank you.
There we go.
So So It's kinda nice being back here.
Where we had our first date.
We totally had our first date here.
I can't believe I forgot that.
How did I forget that? - No, it's fine.
- No, it's not.
Are you OK? It's over, Jac.
What? It's over.
I thought I could wait to say it, but I can't because I'll chicken out.
Oh OK.
Um I'm I'm not following.
So so what is this, then? You wanna take a break? No.
We're not gonna take a break.
Jac it's too fast.
It's been a year! It has been a whole year, Marc.
I just signed papers to sublet my apartment so we could move in together.
I made a mistake, Jac.
You know, uh you know, coming here tonight, I I thought you were gonna ask me to marry you.
Wait, wait.
Where are you going? What did you expect? Some big, emotional blowout? Me bawling my eyes out? I'm better than that.
MARC! Oh, come on, Savage! I know you're up there! What the hell, Marc? You're a real piece of work, you know that? Oh, yeah.
Don't touch me! So so what is it, exactly? Is it that I work too much? Oh, or is it because we don't see each other anymore? I am not leaving until you tell me! Seriously, Marc! Spill it! Jac! You wanna do this? Fine.
The other morning when you were over here, you woke up late.
Did you go straight to work? - What? - You didn't shower here.
- Did you shower at work? - Oh Are you seriously saying that I am unhygienic? I'm saying you're a lot.
You're loud.
You work too much.
And you drink.
- Oh, and so do you! - No.
Not like you do.
And look around, Jac.
Who does this? Hm? It's embarrassing.
Is there somebody else? Who? Who is it? Tell me, Marc! Tell me who it is! Your ride's here.
- I'm not runnin' away - Marc please.
Please go home, Jac.
Detective Cooper? Is that you? Yeah.
It's me.
It's always me.
End up running away Late-night mugging at an ATM.
Suspect must've got nervous.
He forgot to take the victim's wallet.
What about the murder weapon? Judging by the lacerations, I'm gonna have to go with pocket knife.
Yeah? - Yeah! - Dad is going to be - so pissed.
He hates this game.
- This is a crime scene.
You're a contaminant.
- It's not a real crime scene.
- Katie, do you have to wind him up? Nate, Nate, Nate.
She's not a contaminant.
OK? I got you.
I got you.
You forgot to wash my gym clothes? Nate, can you get changed please, buddy? It's pizza day.
I always wear this on pizza day.
You can't wear that shirt.
It's dirty, like my gym clothes.
Hon, can you pass me a towel, please? Thanks.
We don't have time for this.
The bus'll be here any minute now.
Oh, shoot.
That's Fiona.
I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Have a good day.
Here you go: - my tea, your wallet, my 20.
- Thank you.
- I love you.
- You better.
See you later.
Hey, shut the TV off on your way out, will you? OK.
Ketchup goes on hot dogs, buddy.
We've talked with some, uh Amber Alert.
Amber Alert.
Brooke Dodson is 14-years-old with blue eyes and red hair.
Last seen at Dovercourt and Dundas.
If you have any information, please - Good morning, boys.
- Good morning, boss.
- Hey, boss.
- Donnie.
- Yeah.
- You wanna bag those flowers for me, please? I I don't have any gloves.
Don't come to my scene if you can't be useful.
- Sorry.
- Find a suicide note? - Uh, nothing yet, boss.
- Check the trash.
- OK.
- Where's my body? Upstairs.
Ah OK.
I'm gonna need a shot of that ligature.
And of these hands.
I'm on my way.
This morning was a whirlwind.
What's up? Deceased female.
Alina Rashi, 39-years-old.
Family practitioner.
Pillar of the community, I'm told.
OK, what's the address? I'll meet you there.
- It's a hanging, Stevie.
- When's the TOD? Got the call two hours ago from the husband, a neurosurgeon at Memorial Hospital.
Surgery was cancelled.
He came home, broke in, found her hanging.
Door was latched from the inside.
Post-mortem is not done yet, obviously.
So you're not convinced it's clean? Yeah, well, just covering our bases.
I'm heading to the division later.
You wanna meet me there? Or of course, I can get somebody to cover if you prefer.
No, it's fine.
I'll see you there.
Oh! Ah.
- Hey.
- Uh - Let me get these, OK? I-- - No, 'cause I need them - to be in order.
- I'm putting them in order.
No, you're not putting them in order, so just let me do it.
- Please.
Thank you.
- Same old Stevie, huh? Look, I've been meaning to catch up with you since you started, but, you know, it's been hard.
Our paths don't seem to cross.
It's only been three days.
You gotta pace yourself, Hall.
You don't wanna show all your cards at once, do you? - Nice to see you, Kyle.
- Yeah, you too.
Hey I meant to say I heard about that commendation you got.
The old man would've been really proud of you.
Thank you.
Just who I was looking for.
So how'd it go? What'd he say? What didn't he say? Well, did he ask you? Jac! Why does it feel like you're avoiding my questions? Finch, how do you expect people to forget who your parents are when you're dressed like that? You mean when I'm dressed amazing? C'mon, this suit tells a story! Yeah, I love that story.
"There Once Was A Jackass "Who Had More Money Than Brains.
" OK, who keeps stealing all the creamer? - I do.
Here you go.
- Ew.
- That's revolting.
- They're warm.
You keep that crap in your desk, Donnie? Jesus, you're not gonna be walking, man! I grew up on a farm.
My gut is like a steel trap.
Punch me in the stomach, you'll see.
- Ha! I'd love to.
- Oh, I know you would, man.
- Stevie, you're up.
- No.
I will pass, thank you.
I'm surprised you're in a laughing mood after what your - partner got into last night.
- What's he talking about? You two? A word.
Disturbing the peace.
Drunk and disorderly.
Conduct unbecoming.
Need I go on? - It was a conversation.
- That ended with you putting your hands on a civilian! The sergeant from that division is calling for suspension, and - I'll call them, clear it up.
- You? No.
Don't talk to anyone.
Don't look at anyone.
You just sit at your desk and you be quiet until I can figure out what to do.
Can you do that? - Is it really that bad? - Yes.
It's the second complaint about her off-duty conduct.
I mean, - remember the parking officer? - Parking officers - hate everybody.
- It's not a joke.
Her rotation is almost up.
Why am I keeping her? She sees things other people miss.
It's useful.
Ligature wounds aren't consistent with the cord, and there's more.
Alina Rashi was pregnant.
- Any other kids? - Yeah, three.
Staying with their grandparents.
Husband's with Victim Services.
Rashi, sorry that we are meeting under such difficult circumstances.
My name is Detective Stevie Hall.
This is Detective Jac Cooper.
OK Dr.
Rashi, the post-mortem's not official yet, but Alina had a number of unexplained injuries that are not consistent with her hanging.
Do you know what that means? Do you think she was murdered? It's possible which means we have to investigate you as a potential suspect in her death.
Me? No.
No, no.
Sorry, I don't I don't understand.
She had to have done it.
I had to break the window to get in.
Why didn't you use the back door? I lost my keys a couple days ago.
We'd been keeping the side door open and when I got home the door was locked.
And so was the front door.
Do you have any idea why your wife might have done this to herself? She was depressed.
She said she'd rather be dead than be married to me.
Did you fight a lot? Yes recently.
Were these fights ever violent? No.
No, they were not.
How far along was she? She was 12 weeks.
Oh, God.
I asked her I asked her to get help and she just lashed out.
She was angry with you? I wanted the baby.
She was so She was so overwhelmed with our kids and her job and My brother's son needed a place to stay.
I let him move in to the basement.
She didn't want him there.
I I really thought we were on the track back to being happy again.
Did anybody else know she was pregnant? Friends, neighbours? Just her doctor.
Why? Because she had been subject to a blunt-force trauma to the abdomen.
Like she'd been kicked.
Can you walk us through your morning? We can confirm when you left your house, but did anybody see you at the hospital before your surgery was cancelled? I don't I don't know.
Ah Other doctors, I Nurses, interns.
I don't know! Will they remember me? What about your nephew? Where was he this morning? I don't know.
Thank you.
You find anything on Rashi's nephew? Only that HR removed him from his department at work last month.
- That's never a good thing.
- Female coworkers found him in ladies' john more than once.
- So the kid's a perv? - Yeah.
- You sound surprised.
- No.
It's just looking around here, you wouldn't know it.
Computer's clean, no porn at all.
All he reads are manuals.
Well, what about that lotion? That's not for dry skin.
Grow up.
You're a mother! Oh.
Marc used to pound this stuff.
Never worked, though.
- What the hell? - What? What is it? You were right.
The kid is definitely a perv.
I told you that lotion wasn't for dry skin.
The print on the underwear is the same as the victim's camisole found this morning.
We found 'em in Norman Bates' room.
Still doesn't explain the lilies found at the scene.
I already got a call out on Dean.
Go home.
Get some rest.
I'll see you in the morning.
Wanna grab a bite? Tell me what happened between you and Marc? I can't.
Thanks, but I got somethin' else on the go.
You looking for Marc Savage? Oh! I'm sorry.
I I know it's late.
I was supposed to get this stuff to him earlier.
There's no one on the concierge.
I hope this is OK.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, of course.
I I lost my key, I was actually just about to call him myself.
And you are Wow.
Where are my manners? Daniel Bernice.
I'm assisting with the Samson case.
I forgot to bring him the affidavits.
- Bernice.
he mentioned you.
- You must be his wife.
Emily? You're a teacher, right? My mom's a teacher, actually.
She she's been teaching for about 30 years.
She really loves it.
Do you love it as much as she does? Well, if you find an order for any that I emailed you, could you call me on the number I gave you? Ask for Detective Hall.
Thank you.
You OK? Uh, fine.
Why? Because you're almost an hour late.
Oh, but I'm not.
I picked up Alina's medical records.
See? Very good.
Alina Rashi's medical records.
Don't say I never gave you anything.
Hey, Cooper.
What's happening? - Hm.
- You got mascara on your What? Uh, no! Let me guess, - lawyer boyfriend? - Ex.
I told you that guy didn't deserve you.
Hey! Hurricane Jac! I have a system.
- Well, so do I.
This is it.
- Yeah, well, your system's - making a mess.
- Cell phone.
Where is it from? We found it in the glove box of the husband's car.
Now, why would a doctor who's on call half the time leave - his phone in the glove box? - Hey! Whoa! You can't take that! Hickman had a second phone.
They found it in his glove box.
There's only one number on it.
Well, should we find out who it belongs to? Depends.
Have we picked up the nephew yet? - Dean Rashi? - We have not but Aaron Finch has.
He's got him in the interview room now.
Why would I hurt my aunt? She's been so good to me.
It doesn't make any sense.
Neither does having your aunt's underwear in your room, Dean, but there it is.
And that's a perfect match, no? How mad were you when your aunt asked you to leave? I didn't care.
I wanted to go, ever since they found out that baby was coming.
So you knew about the baby? That's interesting, Dean, because the injuries that Alina sustained coincide with someone who knew she was pregnant.
I only knew because she fought with my uncle all the time about it! So you're saying you think your uncle killed her? No.
You're twisting my words.
I'm just trying to tell you why I wanted out of there.
I was tired of him yelling about it.
So the husband didn't want the baby.
Except when we talked to him earlier, he said he did.
Where were you this morning? - Figuring out a new theory.
- Mm.
That new theory have anything to do with me giving Aaron the lead - on the nephew? - No.
It has to do with Hickman Rashi's booty call phone.
Well, well, well.
Where's he staying? Friend's place 'til we get done with his house.
So what are you waiting for? Go talk to him.
Marc's married.
You're kidding.
Oh, Jac.
I'm so sorry.
When did you find out? Ah last night.
His wife's name is Emily.
Can you believe that? I keep going over it in my head.
I just don't get how I didn't know.
Sometimes we get fooled.
I don't.
I'm a detective! How can someone do that to another person? What Marc did was deplorable.
But Over time, when the pain goes away, you will be thanking your lucky stars that you did not end up with him.
So that's it.
He screws me around and gets off scot-free.
And what about his wife? Doesn't she deserve - to know what he did? - Maybe she does now.
What does it matter anyway? Justice.
That's what.
I should run his car.
I could find out who she is and tell her myself.
Except if anyone finds out you did that, you could get fired.
And so could I, for not reporting you.
I'm being serious, Jac.
He's messed with your life.
Don't let him mess up your job.
There he is.
Let's go.
Rashi can we have a word? Yeah.
Detectives, what are you doing here? 647-555-0195.
Whose number is that? Should we do this somewhere else? Who is she, Mr.
Rashi? Or should we just call and ask her ourselves? Michelle is a nurse at the hospital.
Now I didn't tell you at first because relations with a subordinate is against policy.
Did your wife know? Is that why she was so upset with you? I loved my wife, OK? The affair meant nothing.
I don't know.
Big-time doctor takes an interest, probably meant something to her.
Did she know your wife was pregnant? No.
She didn't even know I was married at first.
Look, I know I'm a walking cliché, OK? I get it.
Doctors and nurses.
I've been propositioned before.
What made Michelle so different? - Nothing! - Nothing? Look, I just found out that someone I brought into my home, my own nephew, killed my wife.
OK? Why are you wasting my time on some girl that I screwed?! Dean is only a suspect, Dr.
We still have to eliminate others from our investigation.
So you think that, what? Alina found out and that I killed her?! Is that what you think? - Maybe she was gonna leave you.
- No.
No, Alina would never be threatened by Michelle.
Trust me.
What does that mean? Would you like me to spell it out for you? It was sex.
And sometimes, that's all it is.
Is that what you told Michelle when you tossed her aside? I didn't toss her aside.
OK? - You know how it goes.
- How does it go? She was young, emotional.
She threatened to tell my wife until I reminded her that she knew what she was getting into.
Really? 'Cause you just said she didn't know you were married at first.
OK, we're gonna take a break there.
Hm? Are you OK? Never better.
Let's finish him.
Finish him for what? Do you remember why we're in there? - Yeah, of course I do.
- Are you sure? You heard the way he was talking back there.
Yes, about a woman he slept with.
Not you.
OK, please don't make me pretend that he is some amazing guy, 'cause I really can't.
OK, then maybe you should go for a walk until you can.
You're kicking me off the interview? No.
I am asking you to take a deep breath, clear your head and walk.
- You're being unreasonable! - And you are walking.
Yeah, hi.
This is Detective Jac Cooper.
I need you to run a vehicle for me.
License plate alpha zeta delta pie six zero seven.
Owner is Marc Savage.
Yeah, I'll definitely hold.
Are we having a talk with the mistress yet? - We've been on the husband.
- According to Dr.
Rashi, - she didn't know Alina was pregnant.
- Mhm.
Where is she now? She's a nurse at the same hospital as Rashi.
We're heading there now.
OK, good.
Jac, you go.
Take Finch with you.
Stevie, you wanna hang back a minute? Wow.
I'm punted for Aaron Finch? Guess it pays off to be the judge's son.
I have to be political.
Blame my vagina.
Everyone else does.
So, um what's goin' on with you and Jac? I heard you asked her to leave the interview.
- I didn't think I needed her.
- But you worked pretty hard to convince me that we did.
You still feel that way? It was just a fling.
I didn't even know he was married.
By the time he told me, I mean, I was mad, but How is he? God, those poor kids.
Let's stay on you.
When you broke up, how'd that make you feel? We work together.
I didn't wanna seem unprofessional.
I didn't wanna be one of those women who spiral because of a guy.
It's pathetic.
But you threatened to tell his wife.
Let's get something straight.
I ended it.
He would've kept stringing me along otherwise, even after she got pregnant.
So you knew his wife was pregnant? Yeah.
It's all he ever complained about.
He didn't want any more kids.
He told her to get rid of it.
So their relationship was fraught.
Yeah, I'll say.
He said he felt trapped.
And that he'd if he'd ever leave, he'd still have to pay for everything: the kids, the house.
It just got too real.
That's why I ended it.
You ever go to his house? Meet his wife? No way.
I could never.
It was just a couple times in the office.
And once in his car.
I know how I may seem, but I'm not the type of person who does this sort of thing.
I don't wanna be that girl.
No one does.
Did you commiserate with the mistress? Sorry.
Too soon? She broke up with him.
Apparently, she didn't wanna seem like a pathetic loser who spirals at work.
Good instinct.
All right, everybody.
Listen up.
The underwear found on the nephew have come back and Alina Rashi's DNA is confirmed.
He's admitted to stealing them.
Did he admit to killing her? No, but he has asked for a lawyer, so I won't be surprised if he starts asking for a deal.
Bravo to you.
You found the underwear.
Thank you.
That was useful.
Well, what do you think of that? I'd still like to know where these flowers came from.
Don't worry, Hall.
I'll be out of your hair in a minute.
I've got a dinner to go to, actually.
Celebrating my award.
Wasn't that ceremony like a month ago? Is there a statute of limitations on dinner that I wasn't aware of? Why don't you just admit you've been dodging it? I'm sure Jono's got a nice meal planned for you.
That is why you liked him.
No, I liked him because he's a good man, and because he didn't have a badge.
That's what you always said.
- Let's not do this.
- Do what? Pretend like we have something to say to each other.
Look, I know the way that we ended it was not ideal-- You ended it, Stevie.
You just forgot to tell me is all.
Oh, give me a break.
We were kids.
We were messing around.
You went off to re-certify.
I had to make a choice.
Why don't you blow off dinner, come get a drink with me? Boss, I think I found something.
For old time's sake.
Have a good night, Price.
The hospital gave me Michelle's work schedule.
She'd mentioned picking up some extra shifts, and now I see why.
- She took last month off? - Mhm.
- Interesting.
- Isn't it? I also seized her phone records.
Know who that number belongs to? OK, stop showing off and just say it.
Morgentaler Abortion Clinic.
Michelle had an appointment a month ago.
Oh, I thought you felt bad for her.
But now, here you are, investigating her.
I should've known.
She seemed so calm when Aaron and I interviewed her and after what Hickman did, it just didn't make sense.
Blunt-force trauma to the vic's abdomen seemed motivated.
Maybe it was motivated by the abortion.
Not bad.
And Dean said he heard his uncle screaming at Alina about the pregnancy, but what if it wasn't his wife Hickman was yelling at? He could've been on the phone to Michelle.
Have you told Fiona? Not until I figure out how she got in.
I bet you have a pool, you bastard.
I'm Jac.
I just thought you should know, you are married - to a cheating piece of crap.
- Hello.
Can I help you? Uh hi.
I am um Detective Cooper.
I just wanted to let you know hat there was a break-in - in the area.
- Oh, my God.
Yeah, and do you mind if I come in and ask you a couple questions? I was called in to help with the canvassing.
But, you know what, maybe we should just - wait for my superior.
- No, please! Come in.
You can wait in here.
It's been quiet all night.
It goes to show you, you never quite know the truth.
Yeah, well, sometimes it's better that way.
I'm sorry, are there children in the house? Yes, our son, Peter.
He's asleep.
I don't need to wake him, do I? No.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
How long have you lived here? - Seven years.
- You've been together - for seven years? - Well, no.
Married for seven.
We've actually been together for 10.
That is a long time.
Yeah, I know.
I'm lucky I caught a stable one.
Sweetie! I thought you were staying in the city tonight.
This is Detective Cooper.
There's been a break-in a few houses down.
Detective Cooper, this is my husband, Marc Savage.
Well, it's nice to meet you, Mr.
It's a lovely home you've got here.
Detective Cooper, wait.
I just have one more question about the break-in.
So you come to my house? Yeah.
And you have a kid! Look, I know how much this hurts-- Hurts?! Oh, no.
I am way past hurt.
I am furious.
And you're gonna make it up to me.
I want the condo.
You can't be serious.
Okie doke.
Let's go see what your wife has to say about it, shall we? - Jac.
Jac! JAC! - My life is moving forward without you and that's fine, but it is moving forward.
Now, get out.
You were pretty quiet at dinner tonight.
Sorry, it's nothing.
I'm just just tired.
You want a drink? Although we are out of scotch.
- Bourbon'll have to do.
- Yeah.
Your dad used to drink Jim Beam with apple juice.
- I miss that nut, you know? - Me too.
Brooke Dodson.
still missing.
- Jesus.
- Yeah.
Well, let's hope it was just a bad fight with her folks.
Did you see her picture? She remind you of one of yours and Dad's girls? The three redheads? That was years ago.
Oh, I know, but I don't know.
Do you still have Dad's personal files on the case? Somewhere.
I can't promise you I'll find it.
Your mom keeps moving my stuff.
Could you see what you could do? You got it, Detective.
You get some sleep.
I mean it.
Hey, Jac.
What's up? Marc has a kid.
Great, big house with a garden and everything.
Did you run his car? Jac, did you? Yeah.
Do you realize that you've committed a crime? And by telling me, I am now implicated in it! What were you thinking? I don't know, I just guess I wanted to see what was worth - giving me up for.
- This is bad.
Yeah, I know.
I broke an oath.
But I mean, what was I supposed to do to get in there? Buy her flowers? That's how she did it.
You sure she should be taking the lead on this, not you? OK.
She figured out the flowers were from the hospital and she built the connection between Michelle.
It's hers.
Only if she gets a confession.
Michelle, why did you tell us that you'd never been to Alina Rashi's residence? I was too scared to tell you the truth because of what happened to Alina I thought you would think it was me.
And why did you go to Alina's home? Was it to bring her flowers? I wanted to apologize.
I wanted to tell her the truth me and Hickman.
I I never hurt her.
So walk me through it, then.
You arrived at the house I I knocked on the door but when she answered, I lost my nerve.
You don't know how hard it's gonna be once you're there, - face to face.
- You froze.
I handed her the flowers and ran.
Why did you wanna tell Alina about you and Hickman so badly? Was it because of the abortion? That's why you took all that time off work.
Isn't it? After I got pregnant, he told me I had my whole life ahead of me.
He didn't want another baby.
I thought she deserved to know what type of guy she was married to.
The doors were all dead-bolted or chained when Hickman found Alina's body.
Only person who could've done that would have keys.
Now, I think that eliminates you right there.
What the hell is she doing? She just gave her her defense! Did you see that? But for a second, let's just go back to when you got the flowers.
In that moment, your intention was to tell Alina about you and Hickman, correct? - Yes, that's right.
- Now, why would you buy someone flowers to tell them something devastating like that? I felt guilty.
I wanted to make it up to her somehow.
I know it sounds stupid.
You know what I think? I think you brought the flowers so you could get inside.
What? You wanted to see what his life was like.
His home, his wife, the books on his shelf; see what it was that you were missing.
Maybe I was a little curious, - but - No.
You were consumed.
But I don't blame you.
I would be too.
It's difficult, getting inside of someone else's home.
Isn't it? You have to build a trust.
It'd be easy if you could just tell Alina you were a cop.
But you're not.
You do have a hospital ID, though.
You could've told her that you worked at the hospital.
Sweet, attractive, mild-mannered woman from the hospital.
Why would anyone assume that you had ulterior motives? - You're wrong.
- Trouble is once you got in there, you saw something that you weren't prepared for.
When I was at the crime scene, I noticed a brand-new bassinet sitting in the corner of the living room.
He didn't tell you she was pregnant, did he? It must've hurt like hell to find out like that.
It's not like that.
Then what is it like? Because right now, it's your word against his.
Are you a crazy bitch? Is that why he didn't wanna have kids with you? Is that why you killed her? Michelle, tell me what happened.
OK, you kicked her.
We already know that.
How many times? Once? Twice? Was she in pain? Did she beg for her life? What did she say when you were strangling that life out of her body? You don't understand! After my abortion, I had an infection.
They s They said I might not be able to I gave up everything! I got nothing.
- Because of him.
Because he-- - NO! BECAUSE OF HER! If she wasn't around, I could've kept my baby.
We could've been together.
I wanted her to die.
I don't know what happened.
Suddenly, she was on the ground and I couldn't stop kicking her.
OK? - That's why you strangled her.
- Yeah.
I loved him so much.
He used to say things to me.
He he said if she wasn't around, you know, like, I He wanted me to do it! Why'd he think he left the keys out? Did he tell you to kill Alina Rashi? Did he tell you to kill her? No.
No, but he didn't have to! You don't understand! Actually, Michelle I think I do.
Nice job with the confession So that's it? We're not gonna arrest Hickman Rashi? For what? Implying things? Knock yourself out.
But you heard her! He put ideas in her head.
He left the keys out for her! He made her believe he loved her and he used it to manipulate her.
Except you just conducted a fantastic interview that proved exactly the opposite of that.
You remember that part, right? The part where you got a murderer to admit to taking an inference that wasn't intended? Yes, he wanted to get rid of her Michelle, not Alina -- and now he's gotta live with the fact that he has lost his wife and his unborn baby and his three children are without a mother because he got involved with a crazy bitch.
So if you think I should arrest him, I'm worried that says more about you than it does him.
Take the win, Jac.
You need it.
I'm a little impressed.
Don't rob me of that.
Go away! - Hey.
- Stevie? I was just on my way home.
I thought I'd stop by and let you know that we closed the Rashi case.
Nice work.
Neurosurgeon, had everything: beautiful wife, three kids, one on the way.
And because he got a little bored one day seven lives were ruined, just like that.
Do you wanna come in and talk about it? No, no.
I'm good here.
- It's cold outside.
Come on-- - No, Kyle.
- I'm not coming in, just - OK.
- I'll come out.
- Will you just stand there? OK? I will stand here.
I I came to say I can't see you anymore.
Excuse me? You said that I never told you it was over.
So, here I am.
I am marrying Jono.
- You're breaking up with me? - 15 years in the making, but yeah.
This is We're freezin' our asses off here, come in.
I said, "No.
" Kyle, I like my life my job the way things worked out, that was right for me.
And you coming back does not change that.
Then I will see you at work.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.