The Detail (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

The Past Is Never Dead

1 Told you once, I'll tell you again You really are - Hey.
- My very best friend - But I - Hey.
- - What? Is everything OK? I don't know.
You tell me.
Hmm hello.
- What about the kids? - Miraculously still asleep.
So what do you say, Mr.
Hall? You wanna do it? - Well, it has been a while.
- Yeah, it has.
- What? - Nothing, it's just we've got tons of stuff to do.
I mean, Nate's starting with the new EA at school today, and you've got that beaker cake you gotta make for science club.
- I thought that was Thursday.
- No, Tuesday.
What? Ugh We used to be so much better at this.
- Yeah.
- (CELL PHONE RINGING) - Will you pass me that? - Yeah.
What's the address? I'll be right there.
The Kyle Price? - Yeah.
- Back in town, huh? Since when? Uh, you know, a week, I guess.
- You didn't tell me? - Why do I feel like I'm being interrogated? You're not.
I just would have liked to have known is all.
OK, well, we will talk about it later.
And you're gonna have to make the cake.
I've got a murder.
- (DOOR CLOSING) - OK (CELL PHONE BUZZING) Ugh! What do you want? I hope you're happy because you win.
What are you talking about? - You can have my condo.
- Are you serious? If you agree not to tell my wife about us.
- What else can I do? - OK, don't play the victim, alright? You cheated - And lied to me, remember? - So I guess you feel pretty good about yourself right now, don't you? Yeah, top of the world.
- So when do I get the keys? - When I say you do.
I'll get back to you.
Medusa's been asking for you.
And I've got some aspirin in my car for that hangover.
Hey, how come you and I never cut loose together, Cooper? Because you're a rich mama's boy who'd step on anyone's neck - to get what he wants.
- Are you flirting with me? It's OK if you are.
Hey, look who's gracing us with her presence.
Massive trauma to the back of the head.
Laceration on the left temple.
Blood direction not consistent with a fall.
Yeah, he was standing up when he got hit.
This guy was definitely in a fight before he fell.
- Or he got pushed.
- Yeah, well, either way, if his hands were in a fight, I want 'em bagged.
- What does his ID say? - Uh, "Keith Mitchell.
" Just turned 20.
Still got a lot of cash in here.
Not talking about a robbery then.
Yeah, it doesn't look like it.
And first officer on the scene did find a cell phone - smashed into a million pieces.
- From the fall, maybe? No, it was a good 20 feet away from the body.
It looks like it was smashed as a deliberate transaction.
Let's find out where he parked.
Looks like the Price fan club is already here.
I bet they're discussing what kind of aftershave he uses.
Kyle doesn't use aftershave, he's allergic to it.
And how do you know that? Ladies, we have a murder to solve.
OK, listen up.
I want a list of all the people who parked their cars here.
I want any CCTV footage apprehended.
Price, take Finch, gather the troops, go ask people if they've seen anything.
- You want me to canvas? - Is that a problem? - No.
- Isn't that usually a uniform thing? - You think it's beneath you? - No, of course not.
- We're on it.
- Thank you very much.
(CAR ALARM HONKING) Damn, that's annoying! You know you could just press the door lock button? And you could've stopped at half a bottle.
If our victim's name is Keith Mitchell, why is the car registered - to a Samuel Fried? - And why would either of them have Larry Flynt's toiletries bag? Ooh, look at all these sex toys.
Wanna bet this has DNA on it? Alright.
Well, let us know what you find.
Aaron's looking into Samuel Fried.
Apparently there are no working cameras in that entire garage.
- Great.
- (PHONE CHIMING) Don't tell me.
More great news? Not at all.
It's Marc.
What is going on with that situation anyway? What situation? The one that you're clearly trying to drown in booze.
You try staying sober at the Baycroft Motel.
Jac, I have told you, you can come and stay with us.
Aaah you see enough of me already.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) So you're looking for a new place? Sort of.
Marc might give me the condo.
- He's gonna give it to you? - It's complicated.
Look, I wanna make sure that no matter how messed up things get at home - I don't have a home.
- that you don't bring it - into work with you.
- It's easy for you to say, - with your perfect life.
- Jac, my life is far from perfect.
- You ready? - No.
Mitchell? Yeah? - My name is Detective Hall.
- This is Detective Cooper.
Would you mind opening the door? What the hell did Keith do this time? Mrs.
Mitchell, we're sorry to say, but your son Keith died last night.
Can we come in? I need a cigarette.
MITCHELL WHIMPERING) (DOG BARKING) Badger, shut up! How? - How - That's what we're going to find out.
Mitchell Call me Kayla.
Kayla, we understand that this is a very difficult time for you, but we have some questions that we need to ask.
Is there anyone that you would like us to notify? - Keith's father, maybe? - He's out of the picture.
Keith's the only man in my life.
Keep it, I'm quitting.
- Thanks.
- We found some keys, some car keys on your son.
That belonged to a Samuel Fried.
You know him? When we arrived, you asked what Keith did this time.
- What did you mean by that? - Nothing.
Just that he wasn't perfect.
Did he run with a bad crowd? It depends who you ask.
Do you know anybody who may have wanted to harm him? His girlfriend.
This is her fault.
What makes you say that? She dumped him.
- When? - About a week ago.
He's been on a tear ever since.
I told him he'd better be celebrating.
I sure as hell was.
So you and Nadia didn't get along? Yeah, you could say that.
Why not? Do you got a sec? Yeah.
My baby.
MITCHELL SOBBING) My beautiful angel boy.
Maddox? My name's Detective Hall.
This is Detective Cooper.
I'm sorry that we're meeting under such difficult circumstances.
The investigation into Keith's death is obviously ongoing, but it appears that his death was not accidental.
You think he was m-murdered? - Sorry.
- Oh no, you take as much time as you need.
- Who did it? - We don't know that yet.
We were hoping you could help us figure that out.
Keith's mother said that you broke up with him about a week ago; - is that true? - Did she accuse me of this? What makes you say that? 'Cause she hates me.
Why? She's threatened by me.
So what did happen between you and Keith? I couldn't take it anymore and his drug problem.
I'm going to school on a scholarship.
- Where did you guys meet? - At a hackathon, coding.
I'm going into computer sciences.
I am still going to university, right? I mean, you guys don't think I have anything to do with this? We're just putting the pieces together.
Why did you break up with him? The closer I got to leaving, the more scared he got.
And the more scared he got the more he used? His mother didn't mention Keith's drug use.
Probably because he was her dealer.
When when he was high, there was no talking to him.
He was like two different people.
You never knew which one you were gonna get.
I mean, when I was 18 I couldn't even bother a slice of bread without dangling it She's bright, just maybe not the best judge of character.
Even smart girls fall for bad boys.
Hey, guys.
Check this out.
Oh I'm in love.
Meet Samuel Fried, our pervy car owner.
- That's his LinkedIn profile pic.
- What does he do? - Besides wear his pants too high.
- He's an insurance broker - from Brightwood Financial.
- That was my second guess.
- No priors.
- The guy is cleaner than a dog's mouth.
But here's the weird part: there's no record of him reporting his own car stolen.
That's strange.
- What, are you working cold cases now? - Hey.
You looking for a connection with that AMBER Alert? That AMBER Alert's name is Brooke Dodson.
Do me a favour, go and snoop around someone else's desk.
Try Donnie.
You kidding me? I might actually find my own head in there.
It's impossible, Finch, it's already up your own ass.
Go make yourself useful.
Bring in the insurance guy.
I'm not some pervert, OK? My psychiatrist and neurologist, they can confirm everything.
- You have a neurological disorder? - No.
Well, actually yeah.
Uh, apparently, my brain has been rewired by porn.
After our son was born, my wife and I pretty much stopped having sex.
So you started using porn to cope with problems in your marriage? I thought it'd be, uh an easy way to ride it out.
- It's hard to explain.
- No, no, I get it.
You don't feel connected anymore.
- You're out of sync.
- Yeah.
But you still love her.
- Yeah, I really do.
- Yeah.
Jesus! Feels like I'm in group therapy, - and not in a good way.
- She's just building trust.
Yes, I know what she's doing, I just wish she'd do it faster.
Why aren't you taking a lead on this? It's your turn, isn't it? Yeah He has kids.
Stevie made - an immediate connection.
- Great.
As long as it doesn't have anything to do with the distillery I'm smelling.
- Why don't you tell me about the car.
- Oh, God Um My wife thinks it's in the shop, but actually, - I gave it away.
- You gave it to Keith Mitchell? Uh Who? Um, who did you give the car to? Peyton Sanders.
Owns a site I go to.
After, uh, I came clean, my wife had our joint account frozen, took away my credit cards, but then I relapsed.
I, um I racked up a tab, but I didn't have the So you gave the car to Peyton as collateral? OK.
- You're not gonna tell my wife? - Personal lives are not my business.
Murders are.
But my unprofessional advice? You should tell her.
(SOFTLY): Yeah.
I am camera-ready.
Where do you think you're going? I figured you'd want an extra set of hands on this one.
Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that this one involves a porn studio, now would it? - No.
- Nice try, Sullivan.
I don't think you volunteered your assistance since that double murder at the hotdog factory.
Well, I think maybe I'm going through a growth period.
- It's like a flowering.
- I can't un-hear that.
- I'm gonna get my coat.
- Nice try, Pee-Wee.
You're staying home on this one.
Strong effort.
Not exactly the Playboy Mansion.
So, you're Peyton.
You run a cam girl's site out of this place? Owner, director, cinematographer, actor.
Trust me, takes a lot of acting.
Have a seat.
Good to stand, thanks.
I didn't know cops cared so much about what people do in their own bedroom anymore.
- You live here? - Are you kidding? No.
But if the camera's angle's just comme ça, looks like my bedroom to anyone who's watching.
They can imagine Mom and Dad are just down the hall.
Uh, we're here about Keith Mitchell.
Is this about that stupid car again? No.
No, actually, it's about his death.
He's dead? Oh, my God.
How do you know him? He was my IT guy.
Nothing more? This is a business.
Everything is professional.
Until he stopped being professional.
You mean when he stole Samuel Fried's car from you? - He always had the car.
- I don't have a license.
Sometimes I need a ride from someone I can trust.
On house calls.
We're from Homicide, so we don't really care about your house calls.
We're just here about Keith.
I liked him.
He was a good kid.
Unfortunately, in the past few weeks, he became just another misogynist in an industry full of 'em.
Drinking, getting high, - hitting on his boss - So he wasn't always like that? He got so angry, picking fights I figured eventually he'd pick the wrong one.
I fired him.
I told him, "Bring back the car.
" What did he say to that? Squealing tires sound effect? He took off.
Did he take his work computer with him? - No, I managed to salvage it.
- We're gonna need to see that.
(BOTH CLEARING THEIR THROATS) (PEYTON CHUCKLING) Usually, I charge 50 bucks for that view.
But for you two, first one's free.
Cash in his wallet, phone deliberately smashed What story are we being told here? Once upon a time, Sam knew Peyton, Peyton knew Keith Yeah, but nobody knew Nadia.
We're missing something.
What are we missing? - Lunch? My treat? - Yeah.
(BOTH SIGHING) I'll be a minute.
- What are you doing here? - I was in the neighbourhood.
I thought I might just get this over with.
How long have you been here? - Few minutes.
- Why are you sweating? I I don't know.
Maybe I'm nervous.
Sociopaths don't get nervous.
That little vein in your neck is pulsing.
Been up to the fourth floor by any chance? I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah, you do.
You came here to report me to my superiors.
Ran all the way up there and then realised that if you did, I would go straight to your wife.
So you chickened out, ran back down.
How am I doing so far? Jac we need to talk.
Really? 'Cause I think we covered all the major bullet points: dishonesty, adultery, impersonation of a single person? This is my job; you don't get to show up here.
Hey, hey, hey.
I still have a few things at the condo.
- My pinstripe suit is - Hmm.
The one you wore the night we met.
- Jac - Don't.
Just come by tonight and get the rest of your stuff.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - (PRICE): OK, there you go.
Hey, are you on your way to the morgue - to look at the Mitchell kid? - I am.
Mind if I tag along, get an introduction to the pathologist from the boss herself? I suppose, if you've done everything else I've assigned.
Well, Finch is taking care of the canvassing paperwork, which leaves me free and clear to do whatever else it is - you need me to do.
- That smile of yours isn't as endearing as you think it is.
Yes, it is.
Before we give it to Tech for their deep dive, I was hoping that we could piece together a bit of what Keith's last day looked like - through his browsing history.
- OK.
Ahem! You got a password? You know, I'm really good at figuring stuff like this out.
His name was Keith, so you're gonna try, like, K-Dawg, - K-Man, K-Pop or - Yeah.
I'm in.
Myself, I just use the same password for everything.
Yes, you do, which is why you paid for a d-bag hacker's ticket - to the Super Bowl, wasn't it? - Yes, yeah, I got hacked.
But at least my team won.
- This is a sad last day on Earth here.
- No porn? Worse.
Relationship advice message boards.
If he had asked me, I would say just run.
"The only way to make someone love you is to ignore them"? That is terrible advice.
Actually, that one I can kind of get behind.
Oh, so that's what you're doing with me, huh? Eww.
- Look at this.
- What? Well, Keith's posting to the site, but then an hour later he's answering a thread from a different IP address.
Probably his personal computer.
Wasn't at his mom's, so where the hell is it? Tox screen shows that his insides are a pharmacy.
No indication of internal bleeding.
Sorry, have we met? - No.
Detective Sergeant Kyle Price.
- I'm one of Fiona's new men.
Moretti, Price.
I would shake your hand, but I'm wearing protective gloves.
Impressive mattress stitch.
Well thank you very much.
I'll try not to let that go to my head.
Speaking of heads - Ugh, that's bad.
- I'm here all week.
This laceration to his left temple - Definitely not from the fall.
- He was struck with something hard, - possibly with a rounded edge.
- Uh-huh.
Would you mind unbagging his hands, Detective? Yeah.
On it like a bonnet.
- He's eager.
- Like a beaver.
- You gonna keep him? - I haven't decided yet.
- (PRICE): I heard that.
Take a look at this.
He must have grabbed at the killer on his way down.
I'll send that right up to get swabbed.
- Thank you.
- Alright, let's go brief the team.
Post-mortem confirmed Keith suffered blunt force trauma before taking the fall that eventually led to his death.
- Detective Price found - Uh, a button in the Vic's hand.
We think he may have yanked it off the killer's shirt on his way down.
- It's being tested for DNA.
- Chances that we find a usable sample are slim, but you never know.
So, how was the visit - to the Porn Palace? - The owner confirmed that Keith was on a drug-fuelled heartbreak bender.
And that when he was high, he was a vicious piece of crap.
She didn't have his personal computer.
But she did give us access to the admin site that Keith built, so we might be able to find some info on him there.
Aaron's doing some digging now.
Keep me posted.
Everyone else, you know what you need to do.
- So, the pathologist - Christ, you're back in town five minutes, you wanna know if she's single? Oh, I wasn't asking for me.
What what exactly are you getting at? Oh, here I thought you were highly trained to read people.
This conversation is over.
I got 20 bucks says it was you she was hitting on, not me.
What part of "this conversation is over" didn't you get? - Uh, Cooper, Hall? - You're gonna want to see this.
So Keith had a few different email accounts, but I managed to hack into one of them, and it led me here.
Revenge porn.
Pissed off dudes posting - sex videos of their exes.
- And look who's on here.
- Keith's filming.
- (COOPER): How do you know? He's in the video.
He's about to show up.
Oh, turn it off.
So Keith has posted a video of them to get back at her? And then somebody took her own revenge right back.
Oh, I like the other one better - Nadia we know about the site.
- The porn thing? Yeah, it wasn't exactly every girlfriend's dream job.
No, the revenge site.
Why didn't you mention that in our first interview? I I don't know, um I guess I didn't think it was relevant.
Really? Smart girl like you? I find that hard to believe.
You were wronged, Nadia.
By a jerk.
Why did he do that? He was out of his mind with jealousy.
But it was it was the coke that made him paranoid.
He threatened to he threatened to post the video unless I got back together with him.
I I just didn't think he'd actually go through with it.
But he did.
Risking your scholarship, all that hard work? This has nothing to do with that.
God, if they took a scholarship away from everyone with a sex video We're gonna need to confirm where you were last night.
- I was at home.
- Was there anybody else there? Yeah, uh, my dad.
I made him dinner, left him in front of the TV, went to bed; why? We're gonna need to get ahold of him.
- He's at work right now.
- And where is that? Chestnut Street School.
He's the head custodian there.
I can get him to call you.
Uh, no.
No, it's it's fine.
We need to speak to him in person so Please, uh, don't mention the video.
- (BUZZING AND BEEPING) - (DOOR OPENING) (PEOPLE CHATTERING) When did eight grade start looking - like a nightclub in Miami? - I have that shirt.
You know, if Katie ever tries to leave the house - looking like this - Then you would handcuff her - to your refrigerator? - Yes.
Which is why I'm the cool aunt.
- Did you tell her we were coming? - No, no.
I didn't want to worry her.
Anyway, it's a big school, no chance of actually bumping into her Mom?! What are you guys doing here? - Uh, we're just - just working a case, sweetie.
- Cool! - Someone got killed here? - No, no.
- Oh, OK.
What? What's with the this and this? You would have noticed if you weren't gone before I got dressed again this morning.
Come on, we're gonna be late for science club.
Dad didn't have time to make your cake.
See you around, Auntie J.
- I need a drink.
- Now, you're talking.
But we should probably find the janitor first.
Maddox? - Yes? - My name is Detective Hall.
- This is Detective Cooper.
We're here about your daughter.
- Nadia? Is she OK? - She's fine.
We actually just came from talking to her about her boyfriend.
We're sorry to say, but Keith is dead.
Ohhh How? We think he might have been murdered.
Hmm I wish that I could say I'm surprised.
Last night, where were you? - Home.
- Can anybody confirm that? Nadia.
But you just spoke to her.
- She said she made you dinner.
- That's right.
- What did you have? - Uhhh, pork chops.
(LAUGHING): Grain fed or some such nonsense.
And then? I went to bed.
- Before your daughter? - Yep.
That's funny 'cause she said she went to bed before you.
He's obviously trying to alibi her out.
Fiona's secured us a warrant for the Maddox's residence.
Let's head over, see what we can dig up.
- (WHISTLE) - (PEOPLE CHATTERING) Nadia's mother.
Funeral announcement five years ago.
Teenage girl with no mother around is never a good thing.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Ha! "Quantum Physics.
Applied Chemistry.
" I mean, this girl is a serious egg head.
Hey, speaking of chemistry, you and Price? Ooh, nice pivot, Cooper.
Learned from the best.
So what is the story there? I'm assuming he's the guy - you slept with.
- What? Yeah, I'm that good.
Uh, we were young and we were stupid, and it was a million years ago, so no big deal.
Maybe not to you, but I know pining when I see it.
There is nothing of any interest here, so why don't you make yourself comfortable, and I will go and search the rest of the house.
I thought there was plenty of interesting stuff going on in here.
So Nadia takes care of her father.
She makes him dinner.
But she doesn't do the dishes? Looks like dinner for one to me.
She wasn't here.
He ate alone.
He's covering for her.
I wish Katie's room was this tidy.
How does a kid who's going away to college afford two laptops? I'd say between her part-time job and classes, she doesn't.
This one's Keith's.
There's blood on it.
Let's get Forensics in here and have her picked up.
The doorframe's split.
Ian, you know why we had you picked up and brought down here? No.
OK, I'm gonna explain exactly what's going on.
Keith Mitchell was found dead in an alley beside a parking garage after posting an explicit video of your daughter - on the Internet.
- What? You didn't know about the video? No.
Tell me again what time you got home from work last night.
Uhh 6.
Around 6.
Stop anywhere on the way home? No.
I don't think so.
Doesn't school finish at 3:30? For the kids, not for the cleaning staff.
According to staff at the school, no one saw you after 3:30.
But you're saying that you stayed on at work? Mm-hmm.
Did you change out of your uniform before you got home? Uh no, I don't think so.
How many work shirts do you own? I don't know.
Uh, three, maybe four.
Here's why I ask.
The victim had a button in his hand that we think he ripped off whoever threw him over that fence.
And that button is in the lab being swabbed as we speak.
My guess is that it's gonna come back with your DNA on it.
) Because that's the thing about buttons, you have to do them up every morning.
Why don't you tell me what happened at that garage.
Because once the lab calls down, and I have got concrete, physical evidence linking you to the murder of Keith Mitchell, then we are done talking.
Why don't I tell you what I think happened.
I think you found out about the video.
And I think that you lost control.
You confronted Nadia, almost ripping the door from its frame.
Nadia is too small to be able to do that kind of damage.
- To a doorframe.
- Nadia had nothing to do with this.
You just wanted to protect her.
I get it.
I'd want to protect my daughter from someone like Keith Mitchell.
We bring them into the world, and they're so helpless and innocent.
It keeps us awake some nights.
All we want in the world is to protect them, and we just can't.
I did my best.
And what did she do in return? Hey? What did she do? She just threw it all away.
I think you found out about the video.
Didn't you? Didn't you, Ian? How? The boys at school showed it to me.
Pfff! Told me they were gonna take her into the bathroom with them that I'd have to clean up after them.
Why would she? I wanted to AAAAH! I would never I never I have never laid a hand on her.
I drove to his house.
I waited outside.
I followed him to that garage.
And then I I just wanted him to take the video down.
That's it.
Just take it down! But he wouldn't.
He shoved me.
So I grabbed that computer and and I hit him with it.
I did.
I never I I really I I just I wanted I just wanted him to take the video down.
(SAD MUMBLING) (IAN SNIFFLING) But I didn't I'm sorry.
- (BUZZING AND BEEPING) - (DOOR OPENING) (DOOR CLOSING) Ah, what a day! - What a week! - What a year! - (TAP WATER RUNNING) - Should we keep going? - Haha! - I'm sorry about letting the whole Marc's thing get in the way.
- You've been through the ringer.
- Yeah.
Well, I want you to know I'm through it.
Or getting there.
(CHUCKLING) As far as partners go, I'm lucky.
Come on, let's not start thanking each other.
It'll set - a really bad precedent.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you.
Uh, hello? Medusa? You're supposed to call me that - behind my back.
- Right.
What's up? Wanted to let you know the button we pulled off that Vic - Came off a work shirt.
- Yeah, we already cracked it, - but thank you.
- OK.
- Oh, Moretti, hey! - Yeah? - Hold up, come here.
- Earlier today in the morgue, were you flirting with Detective Price? No.
No, God, no.
He's not my type.
Oh, really? 'Cause he's a man.
Yeah, sorry to intrude.
I I None of my business.
Good talk.
- Yeah.
Leave that open.
- OK.
- Hey.
Tadaa! Wha? You made the cake.
- No, you did.
- At least, that's what we're gonna tell Katie when she gets home from your mother's.
I don't deserve you.
Well, wait 'til you try the cake first.
Hey, how did Nate get on with his new EA? The usual: he hates her.
Says she smells.
- Yeah? - I met her this afternoon.
She kind of does.
Hey, Katie said you were - at her school this afternoon.
- Mhm.
- Everything OK? - Yeah, yeah, although the school's gonna need a new janitor.
Oh! Oh, no.
No, nothing like that.
He just killed his daughter's boyfriend.
Oh, 'cause that's way better.
- I'll break down for you - (STEVIE CHUCKLING) I'd break down Look, um, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Price.
- And I know - Yeah.
Listen, about that, I don't care about Kyle Price, even though he was madly in love with you.
- Jono - I mean, you picked me, right? I did.
I do.
- Then the rest is commentary.
- I will show you Oooh Oh, I like it when you're all Beaujolais cocky.
- Oh, you like that, yeah? - Yeah.
Hahaha! I would do anything I'll break down for you I'll break down - Hello.
- I remember you.
I'll break down So, uh, I'll eventually need your signature down at the bank.
- Sounds good.
- Mm-hmm.
- What? - Nothing.
- No.
Say it.
- I can't believe you're doing this.
- Doing what? - Screwing me - out of my property.
- One way of looking at it.
- How would you look at it, Jac? - I would say it's just two people getting exactly what they deserve.
Enjoy your condo.
Enjoy your wife and kids.
I'm not gonna stand here I'm not gonna take this I'm telling you - That I'm worth more alone - (STEVIE LAUGHING) I've been through enough hell I've been through enough pain I'm telling you I'm about to walk away I'll break down for you I'll break down Ooh, I'll break down for you Girl, I'll break down I'll break down for you I'll break down Ooh, I'll break down for you Girl, I'll break down