The Detail (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

When One Door Closes

Any degree on this side - or that side - (MAN): Yeah.
We found Brooke Dodson.
Price? Wake up.
Right away.
- (MAN): I can't speak to that yet.
- Please.
Thank you.
(INDISTINCT SPEAKING) This toast is too crispy.
- You don't have to eat it, bud.
- I want Katie's toast.
- Too bad, so sad.
- Why do you have to be that way? What, now it's a crime for me to eat my breakfast? - I'll make more toast.
- Why do you have to tease him? - You can see that he's upset.
- What about me? - Agh! God Almighty! - You OK? Yeah.
I'll be fine.
What the hell? - Hey! - Hell is not a bad word.
It's just what I'm living in.
What's up, boss? OK.
I got it.
I'm on my way.
- Not good? - No, I gotta go.
- Here.
- Love you.
- And? - Well, they show you fully passed your gestational sac.
So there's - nothing.
- That's correct.
There's no need for any further intervention.
Uh, thank you.
I guess.
It's a heavy blow.
But from the physical standpoint, there's absolutely no reason why you can't conceive again, carry to term and deliver a healthy baby.
Yeah, maybe, but there's about a million other reasons why that's not gonna happen.
(PHONE NOTIFICATION SOUND) It was a few weeks ago.
I just got transferred when Missing Persons got the call.
A young girl was reported missing, um by her mother.
- The Amber Alert.
- Brooke Dodson? Young girl, long, red hair, you know what that means, Stevie.
- You're jumping to conclusions.
- Am I? She's wrapped up in a blanket.
We should wait and see what the toxicology shows.
I don't have to.
I already know who did it.
Yeah, good.
Get some shots in there.
(THEME MUSIC) OK, everyone.
Listen up.
The Brooke Dodson case is ours now.
It's up to us to do what Missing Persons couldn't.
- That's right, boss.
- Homicide detail.
You know, that's the Latin for sharply dressed and unimpressed.
- (SPEAKING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE) - Children, please.
Our prime suspect, Alvin Randall Flowers.
We have uniforms stationed at his house and his place of business, Flowers Treasures in the West End.
No sign of him yet, but when those search warrants come through, we're gonna pick both places clean.
- Anyone check in the sewers? - (CHUCKLING): Yeah, no kidding.
So as some of you may know, 15 years ago, Flowers was the main suspect in the serial killing of Nancy Brown, Paula King and Wendy Fraser, all 14 years old.
Three girls and we couldn't pinch him? Did someone forget to read him his rights? - No, Finch.
I read him his rights.
- We just didn't have enough hard evidence to prosecute is all.
- Sorry.
I had no idea.
- All we had was circumstantial evidence.
Even had footage of him talking to Wendy Fraser - the day before she disappeared.
- All right, so what's - this creep's snack bracket? - He targets pubescent females.
All of his suspects have pale skin, red hair.
And he kept them all, for a period of time, anywhere between two and four weeks.
So what makes a dormant virus like Flowers wake up after 15 years - and just start killing again? - If we knew the why, Sullivan, - we'd be home free.
- Well, maybe he never stopped.
- How does he kill them? - Toxicology's not back - on Brooke yet, but - He killed the last two with - a lethal dose of heroin.
- He deserves worse than he'll get.
No argument here, but our main focus now is to find Flowers and make sure this time - Thank you, Staff Inspector.
- I ll take it from here.
- Superintendent.
- Good morning.
I'll be brief.
The Dobson murder has been given top priority by the chief.
That means every cop in the city has just one job: apprehend Alvin Flowers.
That's right, boys.
Boys? Sorry.
This is an old-fashioned manhunt, and if we don't haul this monster in, or if God forbid another 14-year-old body washes up Yeah, I think we all know what's at stake here, sir.
That's good, because so does the media.
Price, nobody knows more about Flowers than you.
I'm assigning you lead investigator on this.
Any problems with that? No.
Give us some details on Flowers.
Well, besides driving back and forth to work every day, he, uh goes to garage sales, estate sales, flea markets.
- That kind of thing.
- You've been tailing him - on your own time? - Yes, sir.
I have.
His last known whereabouts? I tracked him to the Purity Massage Parlour in Ossington, five out of six days.
Five massages in a week? Nobody's that sore.
- Maybe he pulled something.
- I also spotted him twice with the same woman: petit, dark hair.
Once outside the massage parlour.
The second time, a couple doors down - at the Crescent Street Diner.
- Sure it was the same woman? - 100 percent.
- Good work.
You and Hall see what you can dig up on this massage parlour.
Sullivan, go with them.
Never hurts to flex a little muscle.
(SCOFFING) Beer muscle doesn't count.
- Haaa.
I'll get my stuff.
- Perfect.
I'm sure you know your way to the massage parlour by heart.
You have me confused with Finch.
All right! OK! Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Open mic night is over.
Everybody get out there, find this animal.
And don't screw up.
(SOMBRE MUSIC) You wondering why the hell I married him? - No - You're a lousy liar, Hall.
Hey, it was a beautiful wedding though.
And if memory serves, Price was your date, wasn't he? Yeah.
CURRY): I knew you were the right guy for this position when I assigned you here.
The Division has a great reputation, sir.
They're a great team.
I just hope I can do a good job and carry as much water - as everyone else.
- I'm not worried about that.
- Thank you, sir.
- All these years, you never - gave up on Flowers, did you? - I guess it's kind of like true love.
Once you've had it, it's hard to give it up.
True love.
I like that.
- What about Detective Hall? - What about her? Do you think she's up to working the case that killed her old man? Yeah, I do.
She's not her father.
She can do it.
Go get him.
And if, uh the Staff Inspector gives you any grief, let me know.
Thank you, sir.
He rip you a new one too? Just the opposite.
(KNOCKING) Yeah? - You all right? - Yeah.
Why? Superintendent give you my office already? - No.
- Mh.
And if he did, I wouldn't take it.
- What about my job? - Hell no.
- You sure about that? - (SIGHING) Would we be even having this conversation if I had been assigned to this office by anybody other than - your ex-husband? - You know, you are crossing a line I don't think you wanna cross and I'm telling you that - as your superior officer.
- And I'm your subordinate.
I got no problem with that.
Do you? We're done here.
No group rates.
What? No.
Oh, God.
No, no.
My name is Detective Stevie Hall from Homicide Division.
These are Detectives Cooper and Sullivan.
We are looking for a man named Alvin Randall Flowers.
- Have you seen him? - Um let me see.
I don't think so, but we get so many clients and after a while, every back starts to look the same.
Well, I imagine faces aren't your area of expertise.
I'm not an RMT, if that's what you mean.
- What's your name? - Charity.
- What's your real name? - Karen - How old are you, Karen? - 20.
I know, I know.
Everyone says I look younger.
Karen take another look.
Are you sure that you haven't seen that man before? Like I said, we get a lot of clients.
Let's cut the crap.
We know he was here five times last week.
We also know that he was spotted two blocks from here, eating with a girl matching your physical description.
And our officers are going through security camera footage right now.
Do you think your face is gonna pop up in one of those clips, Charity? Forget it.
I'm gonna call Vice and have them do a number on this joint.
- It's a beautiful day for a raid.
- No, please, please don't.
I have a baby.
She's not even one.
If I lose this job, I don't know what I'll do.
(WHISPERED): Please Talk.
Tell us the truth.
He's been here a handful of times.
- Where do we find him? - I don't know.
I swear.
- You went to lunch with him.
- Because he paid me! - To eat with him? - Yes.
I know it's weird.
Did he tell you he's wanted for the brutal murder of a 14-year-old girl? No (PHONE BUZZING) I had no idea, honestly.
We're on our way.
Search warrant is signed, sealed and delivered on Flowers' place.
Curry wants us down there right now.
- OK.
Which Curry? - The smart one.
All right.
I'll get Charity here to Division You guys storm the castle.
- Thanks, Donnie.
- Be safe.
- Get your stuff.
- Ugh.
Dodson Until the pathologist completes her report, - I can't let you touch her.
- What does that mean? She's still my baby.
- Yeah, of course she is, but - But what? She's also a crime scene.
There might be evidence on Brooke's body we can use to catch whoever did this.
I get it.
Brooke's nothing more to you than a torched car or some drug store robbery.
That's not true, Ms.
I know it seems insensitive or cruel for us to ask you to understand.
She was my life.
Look what he did to her.
I'm so sorry.
I just wanna hold her.
Was she in pain? Before I don't know.
Did he do anything to her? Honestly, we don't know that yet either.
The post-mortem results should be back soon.
And then you'll let me know.
Either way.
- Because I wanna know.
- Yes, of course.
I'll call you as soon as we know anything.
Tell your pathologist to be gentle with her.
And then you give my baby back to me.
(SNIFFLING) (JAC): I get that Flowers was before her time, but come on, people! Google search! We can't do everything, you know? - Stevie? - Stevie? Care to share what's on your mind? I was thinking about my dad and if he'd had more time, I know he would've got what he needed on Flowers, and then Brooke would still be alive.
- That's dangerous territory, Stevie.
- I know.
Burning time thinking about what might've been is throwing good money after bad.
- Any activity at Flowers' place? - Negative.
No one's gone in or out since I've been here.
- Got a pick gun on you? - Yes, ma'am.
Gonna need to borrow that.
The way I see it is as long as that heart of yours is pumping, you still have the chance to finish - what your father started.
- When did you start getting - so Yoda-like? - You mean the short part - or the green complexion? - I meant wise.
- (GEARS SHIFTING) - I don't know about wise, but ever since I lost the baby, I feel like I've aged 100 years.
(MEOWING) (WHISPERED): Stevie! - Is that what I think it is? - Well, they say there is somebody for everybody.
- So there's hope for me yet.
- What's that? Ooh, should've doubled-up on those gloves.
"Hextall Importers.
" I'm gonna call this in to Kyle.
I don't know.
A labelled key chain? I think he's messing with us.
Turn around.
He's making a scrapbook.
And he's left space for more victims.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- I'll get forensics over here.
- Great.
Oh, man.
I've got handcuffs tied to a rope over here.
This has gotta be what, five, six feet long? He let her move around.
With a view of the outside world.
With some music not exactly your garden-variety dungeon.
Yeah, he kept her comfy.
He made her believe there was hope that she might actually walk out of here alive someday.
(SIGHING) - I got somethin' here.
- What? What is it? It's for you, Stevie.
(TENSE MUSIC) Come on in.
Let me guess you got a pound of dark chocolate with you because you know nothing less than a pound's gonna cure what I've got.
No, but I do have Brooke Dodson's toxicology report.
- Cause of death was - A lethal dose of heroin injected into the arm.
- Part of his MO.
- Exactly.
How does someone become that? You've been a cop for how long and you're still asking yourself - these questions? - Yeah.
I don't usually, but I don't know.
This one is different, somehow.
There's more.
Virgo intacta.
No evidence of rape.
- You're sure about that? - Positive.
- Thank you, Moretti.
- You're welcome.
- Next time, bring chocolate.
- Oh, I probably won't.
(DOOR CLOSING) Is it unusual for the same client to come and visit you five times in one week? A little, I guess.
But I was his type.
Did he tell you that? Over and over.
You don't think he was going to you know, like he did to that other girl? Let's let's not speculate.
Oh, my God.
I'm shaking.
Did you have sex with him during each of those visits? It was never full service.
Just release.
And he never wanted to touch me.
And before last week, did you ever have contact with him? None, but the first time he came in, he asked for me specifically.
I thought, "OK, great.
" "Word of mouth.
" You know? So I asked him how he knew about me and he said Hot Gus'd told him he'd really like me.
- Wait.
Who's Hot Gus? - I have no idea.
And that's the God's honest truth.
Go on.
So I told him he must have the wrong girl, because I haven't had this job very long.
I'd remember someone named Hot Gus.
And what did Flowers say to that? He just kept saying I was definitely the right girl for him.
And after that, when he came in, I just went along with what he said.
I need the money.
I have a daughter.
Can you excuse us for a minute, Karen? - (BEEPING) - (DOOR OPENING AND CLOSING) (STEVIE): We need to hit the phones.
Call the Division, see if anyone's heard of this Hot Gus.
Right now, he is our lifeline to finding Flowers.
- I'll wrap this up.
- Yeah.
(DOOR OPENING AND CLOSING) (INDISTINCT SPEAKING) (PHONE RINGING DISTANTLY) What's goin' on? I just got off the phone with Brooke Dodson's mother.
- That's rough.
- She wanted to know when she could come by and pick up Brooke's belongings.
Did you tell her she should check back in about a year? - Didn't have the heart.
- If that woman lives to be 200, - she won't get over this.
- No.
I had an older brother who drowned when he was 19.
And, uh Since then, I don't think either of my parents have laughed and meant it.
- What about you? - Me? Yeah, well I've tried to fill in some of the space he left, but - Well, you know how that goes.
- Sure.
Well, thanks for checking it out.
Nobody in Robbery's heard of him.
Hot Gus in Robbery? That would've been too easy.
- We could try the Fraud Squad? - It's lunch time.
Bet you a beer there's no one in the office.
I'm gonna try my buddy Marcia down in the UC.
- Ugh.
Marcia Lannigan? - Yeah.
We were in the Academy together.
That woman knows - how to make a short story long.
- Yeah.
She certainly knows how to talk, but that means that she knows everything.
Hey, Marcia! Hi! It's Stevie Hall.
Yeah, fine.
- Fine.
- Oh, wow.
Yeah, that sounds, um Yeah, wow.
That Marcia, listen.
Um, I am working a case at the moment.
Have you come across a guy, goes by the name of Hot Gus? Yeah? OK.
No, that is that is great.
I will shake the tree.
I will see see what falls.
Yeah, that's that's great.
OK, I No, I have gotta go.
I gotta go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Bye! Bye.
Oh, wow! - Nobody's home in Fraud Squad.
- Thank you very much.
I will take that beer imported.
So, Marcia broke up an illegal poker room on the Danforth a few months back.
Guy that ran the room, Augustus Conlan.
All right.
Worth a shot.
- Hello, handsome! - Ooh.
Augustus Raymond Conlan, aged 44.
Career dirtbag.
Last vacation was a six-year stint in Montclair for indecent assault.
He changed his name to Augustus Conlan - from Warren David Flowers.
- Boo! - Yes.
- Nothin' but net.
- That's our guy.
- Who knows? But I will go double or nothing on that beer that his parole officer knows where we can find him.
- Can you tell me what this is about? - No.
- That's him, right over there.
- Thanks.
You got it? Augustus Conlan! Police! - Yeah, kiss it! - (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) (GROANING) (HOLLERING) - You shot me! - Augustus Conlan, Metropolitan Police, Homicide Division.
You crazy bitch! You electrocuted me! Yeah.
Well, you should've stopped when I told you to.
We're looking for Alvin Randall Flowers.
- We believe you're a relative of his.
- Am I bleeding? Oh, frick! It feels like I'm on fire! - Yeah you need to relax.
- The more you move, the worse it feels.
- Where can we find Flowers? - I don't know! - Liar.
- You stay away from me.
- I ain't talking to you.
- Where's Flowers? Look, on my mother's soul, I ain't seen him in like like two years.
All right.
That's it.
I'm lighting you up again.
Oh, no! Wait, wait, wait! OK! OK.
"OK" what? My phone, it's in my pocket.
All right.
Get it.
But you pull anything other than a phone out of that pocket and I'll turn you into a bug lamp.
A text from Alvin from this morning.
Need cash ASAP.
Well, you always told me desperate criminals are sloppy criminals.
Do you think we can squeeze Big Boy here into a trap? I don't know, but it's sure gonna be fun to try.
Let's go.
I heard about your, uh the baby.
News travels fast.
Why didn't you just tell me yourself? Because there was no possible way you could be the father, so what's it to you? - OK.
You know what? Forget it.
- I was just gonna say I'm sorry.
Livin' life, eh boss? Oh, yeah.
Just like I always pictured it.
You know where I'd be if I wasn't a cop? - I'm all ears.
- I'd be in Florida.
No kids, no mortgage.
No endless supply of homicides to solve.
- Jeffrey and I, we're gonna buy a boat.
- We're gonna live on it.
Gonna run sailing tours.
It's gonna be really romantic.
- I didn't know you guys sailed.
- Oh, we don't.
Jeffrey hates the water also, so - (FIONA CHUCKLING) - I'm a cop.
Well, I've heard worse reasons.
How you feelin'? Angrier.
- Than what? - Exactly.
I hear you.
It's probably a good thing for Flowers you and I are out here - on the periphery.
- I'm sure Fiona was thinking the same thing.
- Finch - Yeah? Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Flowers is no idiot.
He sets a meeting with Conlan in broad daylight.
They make us, forget it.
We've gotta nail him right now.
You read that note.
- This isn't personal, Stevie.
- Yeah, right.
(FIONA): All units, T-minus three minutes.
Report your positions.
- Good to go.
- Locked and loaded.
(KYLE): In position.
He's just gone past us.
Now he's headed your way.
- Copy.
- Copy that.
Everyone stand by.
He knows something's up.
We should move on him now.
If he thought it was a trap, he would've bolted by now.
Come on in, Alvin.
I won't bite.
I don't believe that for a second.
Do you think he knows something's up? (FIONA): He's pulling in to position.
(INAUDIBLE SPEAKING) (DONNIE): He's supposed to get him out of the car.
Why is Conlan going off script? - What the hell is he doing?! - Going down! - Get out of the car! - Hey! Whoa! Don't let her kill me! Stevie, we have Flowers heading your way.
Stevie Stevie! Get off the road! You could've got yourself killed, Stevie! What the hell were you thinking? I wish I had a bigger gun.
Before we get started Mr.
Conlan Let me explain the situation that you're in.
Let me explain the situation that you and your vicious partner are in.
If you think that was vicious, buttercup When I get out of here, I'm pressing charges.
Police brutality, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder.
You and your crazy bitch partner tried to electrocute me.
And I have a heart murmur.
That certainly is your right, Mr.
But let me lay out the case against you.
Not only did you try and drive over two detectives It was chaos.
How the hell was I supposed - to know they were there? - Which amounts two counts of assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon.
But you've also been charged with multiple accounts of obstructing justice.
I never told Alvin it was a trap.
And even if I did, I would've been protecting him against police brutality.
Let's not speculate about what might've happened to Alvin and let's talk about what is happening to you.
Once the prosecution gets hold of your case, with your record? I think we're safe in saying that you are going back to Montclair until you are so old you won't remember if I am blonde, brunette or bald.
Conlan does that mean anything to you? Oh, yeah.
One more thing.
When we do arrest your cousin for the murder of Brooke Dodson, we'll be adding a charge of aiding and abetting a first-degree murderer.
And when you add all of that up, you get a very big number.
What do you want from me? Where do we find him? Does he have any weapons? Are there any other victims? Anything and everything that you know about the murders.
I got nothin' for you.
Then I have nothing for you except life with no parole in the Love Hotel.
Hang on.
Yeah? Yeah.
I don't say John F.
Squat 'til you cut me a deal.
Excuse me a minute.
It is one way to get to Flowers.
The wrong way.
So what do you think, boss? - I think we should deal with him.
- So do I.
- I don't.
- You wanna risk losing Flowers - over this sleazeball? - As far as I'm concerned, Flowers is lost.
And you lost him.
Stevie you wanna take Conlan down to holding? Cooper, Price, get out now.
You had him, Fi.
You let him slip through your fingers.
Now I'm supposed to stick my neck out and cut him a deal? - No.
Not a chance.
- This is just like you, Andrew.
You like takin' all of the credit and none of the blame.
At least I can admit when I'm wrong.
When there's no one left to throw under the bus.
Listen, there is not a shred of evidence that links Conlan to the murder of Brooke Dodson or any of the other girls.
Maybe your people just haven't found it yet.
You know, I don't wanna argue with you on this because there is too much at stake here, so how 'bout this.
How about we push to drop everything - but the obstruction charge - Oh, no, no.
I'm not having his free pass on my hands.
It's not a free pass! He'd still face - several counts of obstruction.
- I said, "No.
" I can't believe you are doing this.
Believe it.
You were a terrible husband.
Oh, OK.
Here were go.
You were selfish and moody and needy and hurtful.
- Is that what this is about? - But I never thought you'd put protecting your legacy above nailing a psychopath who murders young girls.
Our daughter was 14 once.
Oh, right.
You weren't around for much of that.
(OBJECT CLATTERING) Do me a favour? Go get me a coffee? I got you.
Shut up.
Do you have a father? - What are you talking about? - I said, "Do you have a father?" - (STUTTERING): Yeah, yeah.
- I don't.
Not anymore.
But when I did he meant the world to me.
He loved his family and he loved his job.
Hey, look here, I don't know what you're talking about He hanged himself.
In our garage.
I found him.
You know why he did it? Alvin Flowers.
You're the wacko detective's kid? Watch your mouth.
Carrying the dead weight of your dad around can make a person do things that she would normally dream of doing.
Hey, listen.
I don't know what your trip is, lady You know what I like best about the men's room? Not one, single camera.
So I am gonna count to three.
And if you don't tell me where Alvin Flowers is my story is this.
It all happened so fast.
He he forced me into the bathroom and he went for my gun.
We struggled and then it it just it went off! One.
(FAST-PACED MUSIC) (GUNS BEING COCKED) - (MAN): Go, go, go! - Go! (MAN): To the left! To the left! Go! Living room, clear! Main floor, check upstairs! (MAN): Hallway clear! West room, clear! - We should probably go inside.
- No.
Hang on a sec.
- What is it? - I just I hope us closing the book on Flowers helps you, you know turn a few pages of your own.
You and your metaphors today.
- (JAC CHUCKLING) - Thanks, partner.
I've got a feeling that it might.
So any booze in that house of yours? - Gallons.
- Then what are we - doin' out here? - Wait, wait, wait.
- It's my turn to say something.
- Oh, no.
What have I done now? - Nothing.
- I'm I'm trying, Stevie.
- I really am.
- I know, Jac.
I know.
And I know that you are suffering over the baby.
And you have every right to be.
And I admire you.
- You admire me? - Mm-hmm.
- For what? - For doing this job and shouldering all that pain alone.
- I'm not alone.
- No.
You're not.
Shall we? Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- (DISTANT SIRENS BLARING) - Good evening.
I'm Superintendent Andrew Curry of the Metropolitan Police Department.
The statement that we issued this morning named the prime suspect in the abduction and murder of 14-year-old Brooke Dodson as 43-year-old Alvin Randall Flowers.
Flowers was also a suspect in the 15-year-old murders of Nancy Brown, Paula King, and Wendy Fraser.
A short while ago, detectives from the Metropolitan Police Homicide Division discovered the body of Mr.
Our preliminary findings indicate that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Again, the department would like to extend its condolences to the Dodson, Brown, King and Fraser families.
We have detained a relative of the suspect for further interrogation.
All right, Harry.
I think that's enough of that - for one day.
- I'll take your questions now.
Do you think Dad would've been OK with that? Probably not.
Your father wasn't the kind of guy to celebrate a tie.
Please, could we just not talk about your father now? What's that supposed to mean? It means stop thinking about your father - like he's still a cop.
- I don't see what's so bad about me and Harry having a conversation about what Dad might've thought of something Well, it is.
You think it's not painful to hear you wonder how my dead husband would feel about a dead murderer? I don't care one bit about cases or criminals or convictions.
Gene was a man who loved.
And he was loved.
And now, that's all gone.
(HARRY): I'm sorry.
I probably should've waited for a better time to open my mouth.
I meant the whole thing's just bittersweet.
What's bittersweet? The fantastic, triple-chocolate brownies that I brought especially for you.
Can I have one before dinner? Yes, but don't tell your dad.
- You're a good mom.
- You think? Wanna go tell Katie that? She's upstairs in her bell tower.
She's boycotting dinner but mostly, she's boycotting me.
Leave it to me.
Teenage girls love me.
Yeah? - You were the same as her at her age.
- What? No way.
No, it's true.
When Stevie was 13, she wouldn't talk to me for three days because she didn't want anybody to sing "Happy Birthday" to her and I insisted.
What? You didn't tell me that "Happy Birthday" - was your favourite song.
- I hate it.
- Oh, what? - I hate it.
You hate it? Well, I think that really calls for a one, - two, three! - (ALL): Happy birthday to you Do you not understand the words "I hate it"? (ALL): Happy birthday dear Stevie La la la la la! (VIDEO GAME NOISES) - What's going on down there? - It's no one's birthday.
- Oh, you got me, kid.
- Married people are nuts.
- No kidding.
- Hey, you and I are super tight, right? Right.
So I'm just gonna cut straight to the chase 'cause I'm starving.
I know what's been bothering you.
- You do? - Yes.
One of the many spectacular things about me is that I have a ridiculously good memory and I vividly remember being 13.
- It sucked, didn't it? - Ugh! Big time.
You're not a little girl anymore but you're not quite a woman yet.
Welcome to no man's land.
- What do I do? - You're not gonna like it.
- Try me.
- Talk to your mom.
- Ugh.
- Tell her how you feel, even if - you're not sure yourself.
- I'm the last person - she'd wanna talk to.
- Not true.
And I guarantee, if you call a truce with her - Me? - Yeah.
Sometimes you gotta be the bigger woman, don't you? Where do you get this stuff? - I don't know.
- A girl slash woman hears things.
So what do you say? You wanna come downstairs? Definitely.
I'm starving too.
- Was the roast abducted? - Not now, Nate.
Why is it tied up? Hmm.
My keen detective skills tell me that this roast was, without a doubt, not abducted.
I'm freeing it for us to eat.
- Need me? No, no.
It's fine.
I'll call in.
- Hmm! - All right, who's hungry? - Who needs forks? - Let's get started.
Ladies? You OK? No.
- You been drinking? - Yes.
- But not enough.
- Right.
Why don't you come inside? There's food and people that might make you feel better.
You make me feel better.
OK, so come inside with me.
We never got him.
I never got him.
- He got away.
- OK.
Kyle, don't.
He killed himself.
That is hardly getting away with it.
He killed himself because he knew that we had him.
OK, so so he won't be tried.
He'll never be convicted.
But he also will never hurt anyone ever again, and I can live with that.
- Can you? - I'm empty, Stevie.
Hey, I know.
But you will fill back up.
- How? - By doing the job that you love.
Being with the people that you love.
- I am with someone I love.
- You don't mean that.
We've both been through a lot.
Please don't tell me how I feel.
I know.
My love ends with you, Stevie.