The Detail (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Bad Traffic

Looks like a fun party.
- You should see the inside.
It's like a bomb went off in there.
What's with all the bikes? Bunch of bike couriers.
We confiscated enough MDMA to kill a buffalo.
Or make it really happy.
Neighbours called in a noise complaint.
Unis were on their way when a second call came in - reporting a body in the alley.
- One of these guys call it in? Donnie's collecting cell phones as we speak, so we'll know soon enough.
We're waiting on vans and they're late again, as always.
A bunch of under-slept bike couriers coming down.
Fun times.
I can't wait to take statements.
Fiona's with the body.
Make sure you check in - with her before you do, OK? - Mmhmm.
I don't know who looks worse: you or them.
You OK? Me? I'm fine.
Why wouldn't I be? Kyle (SIREN BLARING) - (FIONA): Hey.
- (STEVIE): Hey.
The victim's 28 years old, a bike courier.
His name's Philip Heward.
- Heward? The whiskey? - Yeah, I guess it's possible.
- It's an out-of-province ID.
- OK.
No holes, no knife wounds - and his wallet's still here.
- So he wasn't robbed.
Well, not if they left him carrying this.
- He's a dealer.
- Maybe someone didn't like what he was selling, let him know.
Well, he fought back.
His hands are pretty scraped up, and that ring will have done some damage.
All right.
Let's prioritize individuals who look like they've been in a fight.
So check hands, next faces - for signs of combatants.
- I'll canvass the neighbours, - see what they know.
- Oh, I already have uniform boots on the ground.
Why don't you and Price talk to the owner? What, are you saying that one of those kids owns this house? No, it's a weekend rental and that looks like the owner there.
- His name's Ted Matthews.
- Ted Matthews.
Well, I hope Ted Matthews is insured.
(SIGHING) It's her bird bath.
I understand this must come as a shock to you, Mr.
Matthews, but we have a few questions we need to ask you.
Lily loved her garden.
I mean, - look what they've done to it! - Is Lily your wife? - Mm-hmm.
- We understand that you - rented the house out.
- Just for the weekend, online.
To who? Have you seen him here? Uh No.
He was a polite young man.
I mean, there was a whole bio and photo of him on the website.
He even brought the deposit in cash so I wouldn't have to do one of those - e-mail transfer things.
- Cash, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- Can we see - the renter's agreement? - Yes, it's in my bag which I left at the hospital.
- The hospital? - My wife.
She has a brain tumour.
I've been staying at my sister's, near the hospital.
We're renting this place out for extra cash.
We're saving.
There's a clinic in Mexico and a doctor who can help her there.
Don't worry about this mess.
Your insurance'll cover it.
No, you don't understand.
Everything's been going towards her treatment.
I can't afford insurance.
I'm done for.
We're going to have to bring you down to the station for a full statement, sir.
You can get a ride with us.
Come on, guys.
If you don't mind stepping up, just a few - short questions for you.
- It'll be super easy and we'll - have you on your way.
- Awesome.
That's exactly - how I wanna spend my day off.
- Come on, people.
The faster you get in, the faster you go home.
Think of it like a spa day without the spa part.
What the hell are you doing here? - Nice to see you too.
- Come on.
- Where are we going? - Away from here.
What's the big deal? You're strong.
Did you work out? Whoa.
What the hell happened - to your face? - I fell off my bike.
- While high? - No.
I hit a curb wrong.
Your eyes are pinned! I I don't know.
I mean, I smoked a joint.
What? It's a party.
What do you want from me? I mean, here I thought you were out west planting trees, eating organic.
Now I find you at a murder scene?! Yeah.
Well, I like to keep things interesting.
I'm kidding.
I got bored.
I came back.
I thought you were cleaning up out there.
I did clean up.
No more needles.
What about coke? Hm? Right.
Is that why you were partying with these all-stars? They're bike couriers and I'm one of them.
You gonna help me out or not? Only if you swear to me you know nothing about what happened back there.
I swear.
Get in.
So I just got off the phone with the victim's parents.
Good call on the whisky.
Turns out this kid was heir to an empire.
Phil's a rich kid.
Is there a motive there? Well, doubtful, only because about four years ago, his folks washed their hands of him, but anyway, they're - flying in from BC now.
- They must be devastated.
And connected.
Which means we're gonna need answers by the time they get here.
Happily, we have about 30 potential witnesses waiting for us out there, so we have our work cut out for us.
OK, everybody.
Let's do this, huh? All right.
There's a text on your lock screen here that says, "1278 Sycamore.
Be there.
" Do you have any idea who sent that? But you didn't actually throw the party, you were just spreading the word.
Whose party was it, then? His name's Billy.
They said he provides a killer evening.
It's not what I had in mind.
I paid 20 bucks to get in.
Who'd you pay the 20 bucks to? Now you are not Billy, but you collected the cover fee for him.
She's lying 'cause I'm into her friend and not her.
- Who collected the cover fee? - It was some dude with crazy hair.
He was also selling molly.
I don't see him here.
We know there were drugs at the party.
- Were you selling MDMA? - Were you selling? No, of course not.
What, have you taken a vow of silence? Come on.
Just give me something here, sunshine.
Do you know who was selling? Do you know your name? Do you know what day it is? My friend bought a couple of lines, OK? Not me.
Of what, cocaine? I thought MDMA - was the drug of the hour.
- All I know is the guy in the alley was definitely selling coke.
The victim, Phil Heward? Yeah.
My friend thought he was hot.
(GAGGING) Sorry.
I think I'm gonna barf.
In the basket.
(VOMITING SOUNDS) - What's your name? - Sarah Dawson.
- Date of birth? - 23rd of May.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
How you doing? I don't think I'm ever gonna get this bike-greaser BO off of me.
Somebody wanna give me a hand with the rest of these muddy ankles? Finch? No.
I'm on phones and IDs.
Come on.
I'll buy you lunch.
I'll buy you two lunches.
Finch, listen to me.
- I will buy you all the lunches.
- Anyone know anything - about this 911 call? - It came from a payphone near the scene, but there's no CCTV cameras in the area.
What about the IDs? Have you come across a guy named Billy? He was the one that hired the place, threw the party.
Oh, really? Because according to the rental agreement, it was Lance Armstrong.
Ted is not a cycling fan.
- What's this? - It's nothing yet.
Nothing my ass.
That is Jac's brother.
What are you doing with his ID? What? Answer the question, Detective.
What are you doing with his ID, huh? Would someone like to tell me where the hell Detective Cooper is? What happened to finishing your degree? I thought you only had like, one credit left.
Well, not everyone is obsessed with their careers, Jac.
Besides, I prefer the school of life.
Where are you staying? You really don't read my emails, do you? No.
I figured you were just asking for something, - as per usual.
- Well, if you did read them, you'd know I'm staying with dad.
Well, I mean, I would've stayed at your place, but you didn't even get back to me.
Did you know the dead guy? No.
I mean I think his name was Phil or something.
And he didn't have anything to do with your banged-up face? No! OK? I told you.
I I Fell off your bike.
I know what you told me.
You don't believe me? I'll I'll drop you off on my way to the division.
As far as my coworkers know, you were never there.
Except I gave them my ID.
Let's get his hands now.
You saved my ass just to throw it under the bus, huh? Owen, please be quiet! All right.
His clothes as well.
You've gotta be kidding me.
You heard what he said.
Hey, don't you think you should check in with Medusa at some point? Yeah.
Nice of you to drop by.
- Boss, I was just headed - My office.
(TENSE MUSIC) Close the door behind you.
- What the hell were you thinking? - I'm I'm sorry.
I just wanted to bring him in myself.
Or maybe you realized that we had his ID and you had no choice.
This is a major breach of trust, Jac.
You could've compromised the investigation, never mind the integrity of this entire squad.
Trust me, he didn't do anything.
I know my brother.
He is a person of interest who looks like he was in - a physical altercation today.
- He fell off his bike.
I'm gonna need your badge and your gun.
- Seriously.
- (SIGHING) Phone too.
- My phone? Really? - You removed a potential suspect from a crime scene.
You are now officially a witness in this investigation, possibly an accessory after the fact.
- An accessory? - You will be held in isolation - until you can be questioned.
- No, I I know I made a mistake, but you don't have to do this.
Actually, I do.
You have tied my hands and you know what happens now.
Let's go.
Jac, they're acting like I did something wrong.
Tell them - that I just fell off my bike! - Why is he cuffed? Keep walking.
Don't talk to him.
- All this because of his face? - Jac! All right.
Sit down.
Someone will be with you shortly.
(TENSE MUSIC) When we ran Owen's ID, guess who we found - on his record of arrest? - Phil Heward? Oh God.
This is so bad.
It appears they did quite a bit of business together: selling, trafficking, always side-by-side.
A real Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
So you think things got ugly? Poor Jac.
We're not gonna feel sorry for her.
Do you understand me? But oh, I could just shake her! I swear to God Right.
What do you want me to do? I want you to talk to the brother.
Let him loosen up first, but he may know something that will help us, and I want him to talk.
How long do you want me to let him stew for? Well, like any other suspect, you know, 'til he's soft and gooey.
Don't go easy on him, Stevie.
He's a person of interest, Jac or no Jac.
All right? We do our job - no matter what.
- Yeah.
Of course.
- Man, that sucks.
- I know.
Dude, there's like - a zillion of these things.
- I meant Jac.
Oh, yeah.
Well, actually, I'm kind of surprised the boss didn't kick her ass all over this bullpen, so Here, look.
He doesn't look like your type, Donnie.
All right.
Look, she's cheek-to-cheek with this creep, and her post is, "Me and Billy chillin'.
" And it's time-stamped for three this morning.
Let's find out who she is.
Already done.
- It doesn't prove it's my feed.
- How stupid do you think I am? Don't yeah, don't answer that.
It's quite clear that you and Billy have a relationship.
I'm gonna I just gotta tell you, aiding and abetting a murderer, you are looking at 10 years.
You can't put me in jail for dating somebody.
I can if I prove that you tried to help him commit a crime, which this statement, your statement, "Cops coming, we gotta bail.
" It kind of does for me.
What do you want? I want you to tell me everything you know about Billy, and I want you to start with his last name.
(JAC SIGHING) They sent you to interview me? Yeah.
Everyone else was busy.
Well, how is he? Is he all right? (FINCH SIGHING) You know I can't tell you anything.
I need to make you aware that I am recording this interview You can skip this part.
When was the last time you saw your brother? A year ago, maybe longer.
So I take it you guys - aren't close.
- Not really.
I mean, not anymore.
When you saw him today, were you surprised that he'd be - at a party like that? - No.
I mean, yes, I was surprised to see him there.
But he had troubles growing up.
You know, drugs, booze.
We had a bit of a rough start and he never got over it.
Does he have an anger problem? No.
Not at all.
When we were kids, he used to cry if I killed a mosquito.
When you saw your brother at the scene, did you ask him - about the homicide? - Yeah, of course I did.
I asked him if he had any information about it and he said he didn't.
And you took him at his word? Has he lied to you before? Yeah, but that was a long time ago.
Did he make you aware that he had a personal relationship with the victim? They had committed repeated drug-related offences together.
He did not.
Knowing that you had orders to question the party-goers who had been injured, why did you then not do that when you saw your brother? I'm sorry, is this a disciplinary interview or an interrogation? It's both, Jac.
- What do you think? - I don't know.
All these hipsters kind of look the same to me.
Heh heh.
HEY! Get out of the way! (DONNIE GROANING) Out of the way! Out of the way! Out of the way! Hey! Coming through! (TIRES SCREECHING) (HONKING) (FAST-PACED MUSIC) (TIRES SCREECHING) OH! (HOLLERING) (GROANING) Oh, you came out of nowhere, kid! There, there.
No, no.
Don't get up.
Don't get up.
Just flip over.
There you go, sunshine.
- Nice driving, Donnie.
- Thank you, buddy.
- I wasn't expecting that at all.
- Yeah, neither was he.
- You really surprised me there.
- All right.
(RAGGED BREATHING) Phil Heward was found dead earlier this morning at a party you threw.
What do you know about that? You can't really think I killed him.
Look at me.
Why did you run then? I run because people chase me.
Are you going to pay for damages to my bike? Smart kid.
Nice clothes.
No one would ever suspect you of breaking the law, would they? Makes you feel smarter than other people? I am smarter than other people.
Not smart enough to choose the right girlfriend, though.
- Ginny? - Yeah.
She told us how you hired people to work that party, sell drugs for you.
Interesting theory.
Can I see some evidence to back that up? I got a feeling that laptop will provide us with all the details we need.
See, this is the third rental house of the month to be trashed at a party.
I bet once I get our tech guys to do a deep dive on that hard drive, I can trace all those back to you.
It's a smart plan: target an unsuspecting guy like Ted Matthews, rent his house out under a fake name, throw a party, - push your product.
- Even if it was true, it doesn't mean I killed anybody.
Yeah, except you hired people to sell drugs.
Your drugs.
And your girlfriend said that you were none too pleased when your realized that people were moonlighting.
- What do you mean? - The victim was selling his own cocaine and pocketing the cash while he was on the clock for you.
Ginny said you were pissed about that, which I could understand.
OK, maybe it's true, but all I did was ask the guy to leave.
If all you did was ask him to leave, how'd he get - the bashed-in head? - I don't know.
Ask Owen Cooper.
He's the one who had a fight with him.
So the kid had the funds to do whatever he wanted with his life and he chose drugs.
Oh, yeah.
And lots of 'em.
Toxicology came back.
There is so much cocaine in this guy's system.
I mean, I don't know about you, but I just can't party - like that anymore.
- Yeah.
Are you OK? Ugh.
One of my detectives, her brother's under investigation and ugh.
It's a big mess.
Owen Cooper is related to Jac? How do you know Owen Cooper? Oh, man! I saw it in the file but I didn't - put it together.
- Yeah? Oh.
The cuts on Owen's knuckles and the back of his hand were consistent with a fight.
Then, Sergeant Price sent me his picture.
They swabbed this cut.
There's silver residue in it that matches the silver ring from our victim's right hand.
Also, Owen's shirt tested positive for our victim's blood.
So Owen and Phil were definitely in a fight.
That is an understatement.
It was a nasty fight.
Check it out.
That's a broken nose and Phil died from a cerebral hemorrhage.
There are internal injuries that indicate some kind of weapon was used.
This isn't just fists, some kind of hard object.
Was there anything like that found at the scene? (SIGHING) No.
Fiona just called me.
She wants you out of the building.
Well, why can't I just wait 'til he's done? - What do you want me to do? - I want you to help me out, Aaron.
Let me at least see him before I go! I'm all he's got.
He needs me.
I have to escort you out.
Finally! I've been asking for you.
I only have a minute so you need to listen.
No, no, no.
It doesn't matter.
They already think I did it.
Look, you need - to tell them that I'm innocent.
- Are you innocent? - Do you believe me? - What matters right now is what Stevie believes, which is why you need to be honest with her.
She can sniff out a lie a mile away.
She will like you if you tell her the truth.
OK, but wh Hey, come on.
Time's up.
I gotta go.
You can do this.
(SIGHING) Looks like you've been in a fight.
I'm a pacifist, a Buddhist.
A man is dead, Owen.
Don't waste my time.
I thought you weren't gonna lose your job for me.
Well, if it was my brother in there, I'd break in myself, so I get it.
(STEVIE): The pathologist has confirmed that Phil's blood was on your shirt.
And we know that his ring made that gash under your eye.
Billy Chamberlain told us that he hired you to sell MDMA at the house party where Phil's body was found.
You've worked for him on three separate occasions.
I don't sell drugs anymore.
Billy's lying.
I think we know who's lying.
You do it again, and we're done.
You got that? She's right.
He's lying.
Just let me talk to my sister.
You can't talk to your sister.
- That is a non-starter.
- He's not doing - what I said.
- But I'm her partner.
- Come on, Owen.
Stop fronting.
- A friend which means I am not here to trap you, but I do need you to tell me the truth.
OK? Good.
That's very good.
So obviously, you and Phil fought, and soon after, he was found dead.
We were only supposed to sell for a few hours, that's it.
But Phil always had to make things more difficult, you know? By selling his own drugs and pocketing the money.
It made me look bad.
So what, you ratted Phil out? It was either him or me.
Billy told him to beat it, but Phil couldn't go easily.
- He got pissed off.
- You know, if hadn't just been such a (SIGHING) Billy had one of his heavies take him out into the alleyway.
Phil, being a total nut job, he started smashing his bike into the backyard fence, trying to get back into the party.
And I worked hard to make a connection with Billy, you know? For both of us.
And Phil, he made me look like a goddamn amateur.
So you wanted to stop him, show Billy that you - you weren't both amateurs.
- Yeah.
But I just I wanted to talk to him.
I ran into the alley to talk man to man, but he he he didn't wanna listen, and he he he he freaked out.
He he threw a swing at me.
- You were defending yourself? - Yeah.
He laid into me, and I I started punching him.
He's gonna make himself look guilty because he sucks at high-pressure situations.
(OWEN): It got out of control.
I need your phone.
(STEVIE): And then what? Hm? You pick something up off the ground? Something hard and metal and you hit him with it? No.
He got back on his bike and he kept ramming it into the fence.
It was a fixie a sweet fixie.
It was cream with green rims.
No, Owen.
No bike was found on the scene.
No! I I'm not lying, OK? I'm telling you the truth now.
He was on it.
I I I I went back in the house and I got a beer and then the cops showed up.
And that was the last time that you saw him.
Yeah! - And he was OK? - I think so.
- I think so.
- (STEVIE): You think or you know? What? Who the hell called him? Owen, was Phil OK when you left him? Honestly, I, um I don't know.
I thought that's what happened, and, uh I don't remember.
Maybe I killed him.
Maybe I hit him so hard that I killed him.
Had your fun? Until I've conferred with Mr.
Cooper in private, that'll be just about everything.
What the hell are you doing here? I'm saving my client.
Hi, Owen.
I'm Marc Savage.
Your sister called me.
Do you take cream or black? As I'm sure I don't need to remind everyone, the clock is ticking, but I want no stone unturned because if we are gonna charge Owen Cooper with murder, it will be because we know, 100 percent, without a shadow of a doubt that he killed Philip Heward.
I thought that he confessed.
I doubt we'll be able to use that.
Because Marc Savage is representing him now and he interrupted that interview.
So, further to that, I want to remind everyone of protocol: no contact with Detective Cooper until this is cleared up.
This unit is impeccable and it's gonna stay that way.
Back to work.
You're worrying.
- Don't worry.
- What do you mean, don't worry? My brother just confessed to murder! That's not going to stick.
We'll say he made it under duress.
He was sleep-deprived.
He didn't know what he was saying, OK? You just need to stay calm and not make this any worse, OK? I know that'll be hard for you, but you have to try.
Look, I meant what I said on the phone.
I'll sign whatever you want, a confidentiality agreement or whatever.
I will stop holding what happened over your head, OK? We'll talk about that later.
Right now, I want you to go home.
All right? I'm gonna take care of this.
Wait! Jac! Jac! Where are you going?! How was the briefing? What are you doing here? Fiona's gonna have your head on a platter if she finds out.
You think he did it, don't you? You decided he was guilty before he said one word.
Jac, I know that you are hurting but I have to do my job.
Now you have to go home.
I'm serious.
You took one look him, remembered the stories that I told you, and saw a criminal.
That is not true, and I am offended that you would even think that.
You're offended?! I saw the way you looked at him.
I looked at him like he is a suspect in a murder case, and I think you need to face the reality that Owen might - actually be involved in this.
- Yeah? Face the reality like you're facing reality about your feelings for Kyle? And how you're risking your whole marriage over them? Why are you here? I sent you home! - She's leaving.
- No.
I'm not.
Charge me with something or bring me back in.
Are you trying to force my hand? 'Cause, um, I'm not in the mood.
You can't penalize me if I haven't been convicted of anything.
That's protocol.
Oh, OK.
So you call your union rep and you tell them I'm out of line, and be sure to mention that stunt you pulled today.
You wanna get charged, Jac? Be my guest because I've just about had it with you.
Go home.
- Please.
- Looks like I - better have a word with Finch.
- No, no.
Finch Finch didn't have anything to do with this, OK? He walked me to the door and I snuck back in myself.
Then perhaps he better walk you a little further this time.
We got unis looking for a bike that fits the description in the neighbourhood but nothing so far.
It's probably just another one of Owen's fabrications.
Let's walk through what we know so far.
All right.
The 911 call came in from a pay phone outside a convenience store near the house.
Now really, who uses a flippin' payphone - these days anyway, right? - Someone who doesn't - wanna be traced.
- Exactly.
So how far is the convenience store to the house? You wanna know if Owen had enough time to leave the house, get rid of the weapon, make the call and get back to the house.
But why would he make the call in the first place? I don't know, Stevie.
Philip was his friend.
That doesn't explain why he went back.
(TENSE MUSIC) Thanks for not throwing me under the bus earlier.
I saved my colleague and drove it right over my own brother.
This thing will work itself out, all right? Nobody wants to charge your brother.
He didn't do it.
I just need to prove it.
Turn the car around.
Oh, no.
I'm not I'm not gonna take you back to the scene, OK? If I don't get back right away, Fiona will know.
So that's just not gonna happen.
Forget about it, OK? (FINCH SIGHING) Noise complaint came in at 5:46AM.
And what time did the unis arrive on the scene? 6:20.
By the time they got there, the 911 call had come in.
EMC arrived at 6:35, so the body dropped between 5:46 and 6:20.
That is enough time for Owen to get to the convenience store and back if he was the one that made the call.
Five minutes, OK? And then we go.
So this is where we found Phil.
Now, Owen said the last time he saw Phil, he was on his bike.
That is where Phil rammed that bike into the fence, just like Owen described.
Look - he was telling the truth.
- So where's the bike? OK.
So I got the call at 7 to go to the scene.
I arrived at 8.
Then the owner arrives at 8:14.
They called him at 7:59.
He showed up 15 minutes later - at the scene.
- What? No.
- 7:59, 8:15.
- No.
It is not possible.
He was staying at his sister's near Saint Victoria's Hospital, so that he could - be close to his wife.
- Yeah, so? Look.
So that is way further than 15 minutes away.
He must have been closer.
So why is he lying to us? They already canvassed the whole neighbourhood for - that bike.
They found nothing.
- Well, they must have been - looking in the wrong place.
The colours match Owen's description of Phil's bike.
- Forensics didn't catch that.
- Yeah, but tiny specs like this are easy to lose in the dirt and gravel.
I don't understand.
- I'm the victim here.
Matthews, why does your cell phone's GPS put you at the exact same time and place the 911 call came in from a payphone - on Miller Road? - What? How could you have made that call if you hadn't already seen a dead body? Hmm? Which means that you were at the crime scene before you met us this morning.
But why would Phil's bike just be flaking paint? The paint on those bikes, they don't just shed.
Look, there's more.
Maybe there was an impact with a hard object.
- Most likely metal.
- Yeah.
What kind of metal object hits bikes? I'm thinking it must have been really hard for you to rent that place out.
It meant so much to your dying wife.
It must've hurt like hell when you showed up, see the place trashed like that.
Some young punk ramming his bike up against your fence.
Your wife is dying, and yet this loser is all free and clear.
I think you snapped.
If a car hits a bike, the car gets damaged too.
Aaron, look.
I see it.
Matthews, it's unlikely a man your age would've done the kind of damage we saw on Phil.
Unless, say you used your car.
Oh, that's ridiculous.
I didn't even know him.
You ran him over, didn't you? (KYLE): You revved your engine.
You drove towards him.
He saw you.
He took off but you didn't stop.
- Hey, what are you doing? - What does it look like I'm doing? (KYLE): You hit him.
He flew off his bike, and the impact of the fall killed him, gave him a cerebral hematoma.
Caused his brain to bleed.
- (SIGHING) - (MR.
MATTHEWS): Every day I sit with her.
I hold her hand and I tell her, "It's gonna be OK.
" Because that's all I can do.
And I'm tired of it of being powerless.
Not so powerless anymore am I? Thanks for everything today, - I won't forget it.
- You know, I think you and I should go for a proper drink sometime.
- Jac - Owen! - Hey.
- Hey.
- Ooh! Ow.
Ha ha.
- Sorry.
Thanks for busting me out.
Given everything, I figured you might just leave me in there to rot.
Well, we should probably get out of here.
Hey, I understand why you had to do what you had to do.
Jac, could I have a word before you go? One sec.
Before you say anything, I want to apologize.
What I did today I should have been smarter.
Well, it was understandable.
You love your brother and you - wanted to protect him.
- Yeah.
That is it exactly.
- OK.
- But just because it was understandable doesn't make it excusable.
I can't trust you and I need to be able to trust every single person in my unit.
But I was right! Owen didn't do anything.
I'm removing you from the third division when your rotation is up.
I think you might be better off somewhere else with someone else.
No, no, no, no, no.
Please don't do this.
This is where I belong.
I know that I screwed up today but I can make it better.
Just please give me the chance to make this better.
That's all I wanted to say.
Close the door on your way out, please.
(DOOR CLOSING) You live here? Wow.
I guess sometimes working for the man does pay off.
It does.
Hey! No way! You still have this thing? Actually, that's a new one.
Oh, wow.
I remember this.
It looks just like the old one.
You loved this thing.
You used to sleep with it every night.
No, you used to sleep with it every night.
I guess I always had a vice, huh? You know, you, uh you really saved me today, so thank you.
You know, every time my phone rings I'm worried someone's gonna be on the other end telling me you're dead? You know, I realized it would probably be a relief, because I'd finally know where you were.
I'm I'm sorry, Jac.
I hate the sound of that word coming out of your mouth.
It doesn't mean anything anymore.
You're right.
You're you're right.
It shouldn't have been Phil in that alley.
It should've been me.
- No, I never said that.
- No, it's true.
The guy came from a rich family.
He had everything and I I mean, I'm the one who got him into this crap.
I resented him for having such an easy ride.
So I let him down, like always.
Then change that, Owen.
- Do something! - I can't! Look at me! Are you shooting up again? Jesus, Owen! I tried to stop.
I did.
Don't you get it? This thing doesn't work right anymore.
It's just - (OWEN SIGHING) - OK.
- OK.
- I'm sorry.
Why do you hate yourself so much? I can help you.
I know people, but you need to let today be a wake-up call.
Wake up, Owen.
I just I don't want to be alone anymore.
I know.
So stay here.
Hmm? With me.
I can take care of you, and we can beat it this time.
If anyone can, it's you.
That's the food, um It's just downstairs.
I'll be two seconds.
Are you good? Yeah.
Don't forget the hot sauce.
What's with the suitcase? I'm taking the kids to my parents' overnight.
I think we need some time away.
Time away? - OK, what the hell is going on? - Sh.
I don't want them to know anything is up.
I told them you've got a lot of work to do - and you need your space.
- Why? I saw you the other night.
You and Kyle.
I was taking out the garbage and I saw you guys kiss.
That was not what it looked like.
He kissed me.
I was I was in shock.
I was not expecting that so I j I froze, but I did not kiss him back.
- I can't do this again.
- Do what?! I'm not 25 anymore.
I know you cheated on me with him.
You were in police college.
I chalked it up to you being stupid and young, but Why didn't you tell me he was back? You left a family dinner the moment he texted you and five minutes later, you're kissing him.
So what would you think? Please don't don't do this.
I didn't.
You did.
They didn't have any hot sauce, so I just grabbed Owen? (SIGHING) Oh, come on! Oh! DAMN IT! (KNOCKING) Owen? It's me.
Can I come in?