The Detail (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

A Junkie's Broken Promise

1 (FEMALE SINGER VOCALIZING) (FEMALE SINGERS VOCALIZING) - (MAN LAUGHING) - Though some folks say - That the devil's dead - It's not bad.
Though some folks say - That the devil's dead - Here I am.
Haha! The devil's dead I spot Tom devil at - At the head of my bed - The head of my bed - Come here.
Come here.
- I spot Tom devil at - Hold on - At the head of my bed Singing (FEMALE SINGERS VOCALIZING) (FEMALE SINGERS VOCALIZING) (FEMALE SINGERS VOCALIZING) - Hey.
- Hey.
Look, I know that you just came for your bag, but I-I think we should talk.
(MAN SIGHING) OK I'll start.
I don't like that you took the kids to your parents' house.
He came to our house.
Yes, but I did not invite him.
No, you just kissed him on our street.
- He tried, I stopped him.
- (MAN SIGHING) You can't blame me for his mistake.
It was a bad case, it it bled out.
Right, the same one your father killed himself over, the one that had you pouring over pictures - of dead girls every night.
- That's not fair.
- OK.
- OK? I'm gonna be late.
I just I want you to understand my side.
- Oh, I understand.
- Your job is all you have room for, and the rest of us civilians, we're on the outside.
- No.
Uh - You're supposed to come home, Stevie.
At the end of your shift, you're supposed - to come home.
- But I am home.
No, you're not.
You don't care about home unless Kyle has his car in front of it.
Is she just gonna sneak out? (GASPING) Hi.
Must be the morning breath.
(MAN IMITATING BLEATING) - What? - That's Gerry.
He was gonna be for the baby.
Look, Jac.
I went back home and I tried, but it just showed me why I left in the first place.
What do you want, Marc? I want this.
I want you.
(SCOFFING) I, uh, I gotta go.
(THEME MUSIC) (WOMAN): OK, at 6:30 this morning, a kitchen worker found a body in a dumpster outside J and Y Foods.
The victim had suffered multiple puncture wounds before his body was doused in gasoline and set on fire.
The wounds are thin, cylindrical.
Traces of rust.
Murder weapon is unconfirmed, but Forensics' best bet is a screwdriver.
Now the wounds were in different stages of healing, so we believe the victim was held and tortured for a period of three days before the body was found.
Oh, final thing: a dog collar was found tied around the victim's neck.
Hey, Carl! Stand-up young man took it upon himself to share some photos online before calling it in.
OK, there's got to be some kind of Millennial joke here.
Yeah? Well, he got 30 likes and an arrest for indignity to a dead body.
So whatever the joke is, it's on him.
Press is of course treating it like it's the start of some sort of spree.
Did we pull anything from the scene? Dumpster was a contaminant, and whatever evidence was left - was burnt up.
- Dental records? A meth habit got to the teeth before the perps did.
- So we got nothing.
- But we have a limp.
Did you just say "limp"? Victim's left leg was two inches shorter than the right, showed signs of an old surgery.
It would have been distinct, so I'm holding a press conference to get that detail to the public.
We'll set up a private line for information.
Don't you think having a press conference isn't just gonna make it worse? We're gonna be sitting around answering calls from whack jobs and soccer moms all day.
Wait, who's the boss? Oh right, I am! - Yeah.
Good to be on same page.
- Right, absolutely.
Listen, this guy was a vulnerable member of society whose last days were filled with torture and fear, so when we find the kind of person who could do this to somebody, I'm gonna take great pleasure in watching him go down for it.
Alright, let's go.
Could be a long day, long couple of days, so get rest when you can.
No, ma'am, we don't think it's related - to the clowns in the woods.
No, they freak me out too.
- How long has it been? Yeah.
Would you be willing to come in and answer a few questions? Yeah.
George Tate lost touch with his brother Leroy a few months ago.
Leroy's got the limp.
He's got the meth habit.
- He ticks all our boxes.
- Get a residence? - Yeah, Randall and Kaufman.
- Nice area too.
- Take Forensics, head over.
- You two, talk to the brother when he comes in.
Body's too far gone to ID, but see - if he knows anything, alright? - He burned through his share of the inheritance a couple of years ago, and he started asking me for help.
My wife wanted me to just cut him off, but I mean, you know, what can I do? He's my brother.
When was the last time you spoke to him? Last February.
He came to my son's birthday as if he was there to catch up.
But Julie saw right through it and and things got - they got kind of ugly.
- We are gonna do everything we can to figure this out.
- Do you think it's him? - That is what we wanted to talk through with you, George.
We would like to take a blood sample from you.
As we mentioned in the press conference, the body was subjected to fire, but from what you told us, the body is a close match to Leroy.
How do you know it wasn't? You said fire, - so maybe it was an accident.
- It appears as though the body had been through - a period of abuse.
- What kind of abuse? OK, George, um, please know that we will not hold any information from you once we have determined the identity of the body, but for now, those details are not helpful.
- OK.
All right.
- We just want to focus our time on tracking whoever did this.
- So, what can I do? - Tell us about his addiction.
We were skiing, and he broke his femur.
So that's how he got his limp.
Because he was in so much pain, they just refilled the prescription.
Did they put any hardware in his leg? It would help us get an ID.
Three pins and a plate above the knee.
The left leg.
He IDed the same hardware that they found in the coroner's report.
It's Leroy.
Have you heard back from Kyle about the victim's residence? Typical.
You know: no food in the fridge, no furniture.
Is, uh is the brother - still in the building? - Forensics is taking - a blood sample now.
- Think it'd be up for taking a walkthrough? He could pinpoint something off, - something we missed.
- He didn't exactly - take it well.
- He'd come.
- He really wants to help.
- Good.
Then, you take him over, you build a rapport, but when you get there, - watch how he reacts, right? - Why? You think he's involved? Well, we can't rule that out.
You know, the abuse, the dog collar; these could be signs of a sadistic revenge.
And he did mention that Leroy wasted his inheritance.
So if he feels like he's lost half a pot of money to an addict, you know, people have killed for less.
- OK.
- Great.
Yeah? Uhhh, I just wanted to check and see - that we were OK.
- Do you think we're OK? - No.
- Good guess.
- Fiona - It's done, Jac.
- Back to work now.
- (STEVIE): I know this is difficult for you, George, but if you could just focus on anything that strikes you as odd.
This place, there's there's nothing.
If I only would have known it had gotten this bad.
(GEORGE SNEEZING) Are you, uh are you feeling OK? (BLOWING NOSE IN TISSUE) It's just allergies.
(SNIFFLING) Is there a dog here? - No.
- I don't know then.
Tate, there was a dog collar found with the body.
What do you mean with "found with"? - At the scene.
- People will go to incredible lengths to care for an animal, even if they can't take care of themselves.
Is it possible Leroy had a dog? He always wanted a husky.
Our parents would never get one because of my my allergies.
But I think a dog would have made him happy.
Do you think my brother was happy? (INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO) - - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Hey! I'm Jac.
What are your names? I'm Barry.
That's Hugo.
You guys know the dude who lives in that house? - Leroy? - Yeah.
You know him? Why? He got his dumb ass killed? - I'm afraid so.
- Damn! Lopsided Leroy got caught.
You know who did it? Uh, that's what we're trying to figure out.
- I bet it was Tanya.
- Yeah, she was so done with his crap.
Tanya? Yeah, I remember they went at it last week.
What do you mean? Lopsided Leroy is like making a scene, yelling about some money or something.
She's so big that he's walking around her with a limp.
And do you remember, like, damn if she didn't catch him.
Like, one clap to the side of the head and bam, and he's all yelling about Oh, I can't I can't hear nothing.
Oh, oh, I I can't hear nothing.
So where would I find this Tanya? With the skanks in the park.
Well, thanks.
(SIREN) You think that's her? - Just whatever.
- Tanya? - OK.
It's the cops.
- Tanya Pink? Just wanna ask you some questions.
I haven't done nothing.
- We just wanna talk.
- I'm not helping you.
- What? Because we're cops? - I'm just out for a walk, that's all.
You got no right to follow me.
Maybe we go and talk to your friends over there, see if they're just out for a walk.
Wanna talk to you about Leroy Tate.
Leroy? - You know him? - No.
- This is Leroy.
- Ring any bells? Oh yeah.
Leroy, huh? Walks a little So you do know him.
I didn't know that's his name, But yeah, maybe I've seen him.
What do you mean by "seen him"? Do you wanna go somewhere else to talk? Privately? What? Like Red Lobster? No, Tanya, not like Red Lobster.
We're trying to place a timeline on Leroy's last few days.
Unfortunately, he was found dead this morning.
Yeah? I don't know.
Are you surprised that he's dead? You don't - seem particularly surprised.
- I don't get involved.
- Involved with what? - With nothing.
You asked if I seen him.
I said, "Yeah, I seen him," but I don't get involved, OK? That's fine.
We're not here about your work.
But we do have some eyewitness reports that place you at Leroy's house just last week.
The people we spoke with said you two were fighting.
What about? He's cheap.
- I only seen him once or twice.
- He wasn't paying? - Did he have a dog? - What do I care about a dog? What do you care? Leroy was murdered, Tanya.
Am I under arrest? Why would you say that? We said we just wanted to talk to you.
I don't want to talk no more.
I want a lawyer.
OK, if that's what you want.
And a good one too.
OK, let's leave it there.
Wanna come with us? Can you show this young lady out? Thank you.
- Anything? - She knows something.
We didn't have anything that'd stick.
She asked for a lawyer; - we couldn't keep her.
- Ahhh, great.
Going on hour 12 and we got nothing.
Go home, get some rest, see Jono and the kids.
I want a fresh set of eyes in the morning.
I'll stay if that's OK.
Send Jac.
Her brother's over.
How could I forget? OK, Cooper, go.
Just keep him away from any active murder scenes.
- We're kind of slammed as it is.
- All right.
I bet you're starving.
You're still here.
And, uh I made chicken.
Straight for the wine, huh? Sorry.
Like made made or ordered made? Your fridge was a little empty so I ran out to that butcher, and I got hot sauce, your favourite.
All you need.
Come on.
Come and eat.
I, uh, I didn't get much sleep last night, so you're planning on staying or? You want me to go? Oh.
I did a light tidy.
Just, you know, trying to be helpful.
Uh, where where is it? Where is what? You're untidying my tidy.
Where is Gerry? Oh, Gerry the giraffe.
Where where where is he, Marc? - I threw it out.
- What?! I just think you need to move on.
Jac, what are you doing? - Jac? Jac, stop! - Why did you do that? - It was morbid.
- You don't get to decide that! I was doing everything right.
I I was actually trying to process.
I was mourning, and you took that away from me.
So just go! - Go! - Jac.
Jac, stop, stop.
I'll get it.
Look, I'm sor I'll get it.
OK? Come on.
In your work clothes? - (JAC SIGHING) - OK, all right.
Here he is.
Here I am! Here I am.
Uh I'm sorry I threw out your stuffie.
I can't do this.
- (BUZZING) - I know.
- Hey.
We need you back.
We got another body.
- Oh, another one? - Yeah, fresh.
No fire, but the stab wounds are the same diameter as the first murder.
Same flecks of rust.
And the body is in a truck park three blocks away from the first.
You OK to come in? (SIGHING) Yeah, I'm good.
- Text me the details.
- OK.
Did you check the pockets? Uh, no.
Not yet.
(SIREN BLARING) Oh, a phone number from one of those tearaway posters, the kind people - put up for missing dogs.
- Call Fiona.
- Yep.
- These quick solves are gonna go straight to her head.
Why didn't you go home to get some rest? Fiona gave you the chance, you didn't take it.
Wanted to see this one though.
Really? What makes this one different? Huh? - Are you being serious? - Murder's a murder; it's not like the first victim was a saint.
Are you looking for a fight? I'm looking for a detective, Stevie; maybe you wanna ask Cooper to point one out.
- What the hell, Kyle? - You skipped the pockets Stevie.
That sets us back an hour.
OK, this isn't therapy.
Don't come to work 'cause you're trying to get away from the crap - that's going on at home.
- That's rich coming from you.
No You know what the difference is, Stevie? Me, Cooper, we're better for it.
Paul Giggs? Hi.
I'm Detective Jac Cooper.
- This is Detective Stevie Hall.
- This is my husband Roy.
Thanks for coming in so early.
Take a seat.
We were already up.
Early risers.
So tell us about this missing dog.
- This is Baracus.
- Gate wouldn't latch.
We put up the missing posters the next day.
It's been two weeks now so we're kind of freaking out.
Uh, how much was the reward that you offered? Figured a hundred would be enough, but we got this call from this guy asking for $5000 to get our dog back.
- And when was this? - Last Friday.
- Did you get a name? - No, I'm afraid not.
But when we got to the park, the guy looked rough.
You know, to be honest, the guy looked kind of scary.
- Could you describe him? - Uh, dark hoodie, kind of, I don't know, weaselly.
He didn't get very close.
He seemed high.
We weren't surprised he needed the money.
I said, "You're not getting the money until we get our dog.
" And that's when he got aggressive.
Said he was gonna take the money.
Thank God, we saw a bike cop riding by.
And the guy took off as soon as he saw her.
And did you happen to save the phone number of the person who called? Yeah.
Look, please, losing him has been really hard; we just want Baracus back alive.
You've reached Jono Hall.
Sorry I missed your call.
- (BEEP!) - Hey.
Everything OK? Yeah, it's fine, um It's nothing.
It's fine.
It's fine.
Hey! Phone number came back to a burner.
The genius bought the phone with a debit card.
So traced the bank account back to guess.
- Aaron - No, no, this is good, - you should guess.
- Holy Idiot.
Ohhh! That is actually really good.
Guess, Stevie.
- Jac.
- Sorry.
- "Dustin Pink"? - Tanya's brother.
- Oh, damn - Guess we got a couple - more questions for our gal.
- Did you hear the news? Stevie, get Price! Go fetch our lovely lady, will you? Jac, Aaron, pick up the brother! Let's move! Nice place.
Are we fine? Yeah, we're fine.
This is about the other night? - What did you think? - What? Hmm? That you could just come back into my life, blow it up? I wasn't thinking, Stevie; I was acting.
It was honest, it had to be said.
You were the one that went away! You were unreliable then, you still are! What do I have to say to you to make you understand that I do not want you? I chose Jono.
It should be right around the corner.
Oh, look who's paying her brother a visit.
- That's Tanya Pink? - Yeah.
Off you go.
All right.
I got Tanya Pink outside Dustin's house, back alley - Come on! - She's making a run for it.
(DYNAMIC MUSIC) Oh-oh! Ugh! - You OK? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Go, go! - (TANYA PANTING) - Tanya? (GRUNTING) Hey! Get off! Get off Jac! - Get off! - Bitch deserved what she got! - Get off me! - Up against the car! Let's go! Get up there! Now! Hands behind your head! Hey, you all right? Jesus, Aaron! Hands behind your back! Let's go! - Hey, what happened back there? - What do you mean? It looked, ahem She was choking you, all right.
Use of your weapon was justified, but it looked like you just let go.
You had her cuffed.
- Did medical clear you? - All good.
Good! OK, to catch you up, Forensics is working on IDing the prints from John Doe and we have Sullivan on Dustin Pink's house, though it looks like he split town.
Stevie, I want you to take the rest of Tanya's interrogation solo.
- Yeah, no kidding.
- The vehicle registered to Dustin Pink rear-ended an off-duty cop about a year ago.
Meth and fentanyl in the trunk.
So what's more prudent for our investigation is who was in the car.
Three people, each with more priors than the last: Ruby Palmer, possession, solicitation; Joshua Livingston, aggravated assault, trafficking, possession of a prohibited weapon; and our first victim, Leroy Tate.
Now, Josh and Ruby have gone dark, but with their records, it's only a matter of time before they're picked up again.
We got uniforms, parole officers - all trying to find 'em.
- So our main focus is Dustin Pink.
Now I know most of you have been on this for more than 24 hours, but we're close.
So don't get sloppy, let's get this done.
Have you had any thoughts since the incident, Tanya? Anything you want to tell us? Ask me maybe about your situation? OK.
Let's keep going.
Do you know someone by the name of Joshua Livingston? What about Ruby Palmer? No.
Have you spoken with Dustin? No.
We believe that Josh and Ruby are friends of your brother.
Is that the case? No comment.
Dustin has been arrested with Josh and Ruby in the past.
Leroy Tate was also with them.
- - No comment.
Last time we spoke, you said that you would like to have a lawyer present.
No comment.
(BUZZING AND BEEPING) (BUZZING AND BEEPING) The prints just came back from the big guy, the second victim.
It's Dustin Pink.
- Well, that changes things.
- And there's more.
Detective sergeant from 5 called; he's got an informant who just made a buy at an address in Scarborough - of Josh and Ruby.
- Who's going? Everyone.
After Tanya's stunt, I'm not taking anything for granted.
You mind if I use that? Dustin's death might open her up.
What? With this chatterbox? Be my guest.
No comment.
I'm afraid to inform you that we have located your brother.
He's dead.
- Somebody killed him.
- No comment.
Tanya, I'm not asking for a comment.
I'm very sorry.
We found his body bearing similar wounds to those found on Leroy Tate.
No comment.
- All right, go, go! - Police search warrant! Clear! We're clear! Let's check downstairs.
- Clear! - North room clear! Clear! Clear! Clear! We got a cook operation.
Everybody, get out of here! - I'm calling the crime lab guys.
- Give me two minutes.
Hurry! (BARKING) - Finch you got the dog.
- Yeah.
It's here.
- Come here, boy! Come here! - It's OK.
Come here, come here.
- Come on.
Good boy! - - Murder room.
- Not much of a cleanup job.
C'mon, let's get out of here.
We gotta sweep the top floor.
- (COOPER): Clear! - (PRICE): Clear! Hey! Get out of there.
Let's go! - Come on! - (PHONE RINGING) Stand up! Turn around, face the wall! Turn around.
Turn around! Up against the wall! Hands on your head! - Don't move! - What's your name? - Identify yourself.
- Josh.
- Josh what? - Joshua Lawson Livingston.
- Ruby! - Ruby what? Ruby Palmer.
What do you want? Josh Livingston, Ruby Palmer, you're under arrest for suspicion of murder.
What?! WAIT! WAIT! (BUZZING AND BEEPING) We've just brought in Josh and Ruby.
You understand that if you don't cooperate, I can't help you? Do you want my help? OK.
Did you murder your brother? Then why are you helping whoever did? - I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
By not answering me.
My colleagues are talking to Josh and Ruby right now; you think they'll be covering for you - like you are for them? - We are investigating the murders of Leroy Tate and Dustin Pink.
For the sake of simplicity, I think we should separate these two murders and just focus on the first one: Leroy Tate.
Can you tell me what you know about Leroy's death? No comment.
Do you know this man? It's Leroy Tate, - the man who was murdered.
- No comment.
All right.
Um, you work with Tanya; you must know her brother Dustin.
No comment.
Was that your dog that we found at the house? No comment.
- Who did the dog belong to? - No comment.
Who took the dog? - Was it Dustin? Leroy? - I don't know.
Was it Leroy's plan to take the dog? Nooooo - Comment - Can I remind you that you are here under charges for murder, a horrific murder where a man was held, tortured and set on fire? If you look up at those cameras there, you'll find that they are recording.
Do you think a jury will appreciate the way that you're behaving? So maybe just don't sing at me, yeah? - Do you think I can see him? - Your brother? Let me see what I can do.
(BUZZING AND BEEPING) (SIGHING) It was all that dog.
We were out, and it just came up to him.
Ruby and I were hanging out when they just showed up at home with it.
It was like OK, I guess we got a pet.
- - Ruby's got a brain works kind of funny, spinning all the time.
What was she thinking? She said someone would give money for it.
And Leroy says, you know, "Let me take care of it.
" 'Cause he liked it.
He did.
He really liked it.
The dog liked him too.
That's why he wanted to keep him.
- For himself? - Yeah.
'Cause he loved it.
Tanya's talking, Josh.
She's telling us a little bit about this dog.
She says Leroy was just taking care of it.
We're getting answers.
She doesn't seem particularly happy about what happened to her brother, so it's in your best interest to start talking.
All right.
But listen, I'm innocent in all this.
Taking care that's a laugh.
Leroy wanted that dog because he wanted the reward.
Dustin wanted the reward.
But Dustin, he isn't reasonable.
And then Leroy goes silent.
He's not texting us.
He's not answering our calls.
It "weren't enough to talk.
" Not for Josh.
He says he's got to teach Leroy a lesson.
He's talking about this dog like it's like a diamond or something, like it's personal.
- He wanted to hurt him.
- It's kind of, uh foggy, you know? Ha! Memory's not so good! Dustin asked me if I seen Leroy.
Maybe I could get him to talk.
He was nice when he was with the dog.
And then Dustin kicked off.
Tanya grabbed Leroy, put him in the trunk.
Violent, right? She's a violent kid.
But Josh wanted the dog, so he could buy some new beakers 'cause he's selling crystal out of that house.
Did you know that? I can tell you.
I can tell you all about it.
I help you and you help me.
That's how this works, right? I didn't know they were gonna do that to him.
I followed him home, and Josh was like I never seen anybody like that.
He was so mad.
What happened at the house? Josh and Dustin tied him up.
Josh took the dog.
Ruby took the collar, and she put it on Leroy.
It's just not right doing that to him.
Josh had the screwdriver in his hands, and I said, "What are you gonna do with that?" "That's what.
" Why did you keep him? Leroy, he's kept all that time; why not just end it? 'Cause he didn't know when to keep his mouth shut.
I do.
I know better than to say nothing at Josh and Dustin when they're like that.
He just made it worse for himself.
So what happened to Dustin? After? Well, he lost his mind because Ruby said that Tanya had been pinched by one of your lot.
So he was gonna go down and confess about it.
Ruby wasn't gonna have that.
Ruby did that to Dustin all by herself? On my dead mother.
(PHONE RINGING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - The security cam got the whole thing.
- Mm-hmm Oh! Anyone make any sense of this? OK, that's it.
I've had it.
Let their lawyers figure out who did what.
Tanya may not have stabbed him herself, but she's just as responsible as any of them.
Charge all three with the murder of Leroy Tate and Dustin Pink.
Thank you.
Hey Tanya.
They said you gave the dog back.
The owners are on their way to pick it up now.
Do you believe in, like, destiny? - How so? - Me and Dustin, we been alone since we were young.
Dustin likes these jokes.
It was the jokes that made Josh like him, made Josh want to smoke with us.
Now he's gone, I don't know, maybe if Mom hadn't OD'ed, maybe we wouldn't have ended up with Josh and Ruby.
Maybe we would have ended up OK.
When I was a young girl My momma told me Don't let those pretty boys Tug at your heartstrings So I kept my distance - You like it? - Left through the breeze Let me put it on.
Hey, hey.
What happened here? Work today.
Went chasing down some rough chick.
She got her hands on my neck, and it was pretty close.
You know what I thought? I thought, just for one second, "Wouldn't it be nice to just go to sleep?" That's not Jesus, Jac, that's not OK.
I can't say that.
I was serious when I told you to go.
You can't be alone right now, not after saying something like that.
You think I want to be alone? So let's not be alone.
You got a family, Marc; I don't need that on my conscience on top of everything else.
You wanna talk about family? - Nope.
- She found out.
She knows everything, so no, I-I don't have a family to go home to.
It's not my problem.
On a lonely road Breaking hearts Two at a time Emily knows, so the crap you pulled with the condo, that's not gonna work for you anymore because this is my property.
Well, you signed it over to me.
I'm a lawyer, Jac, you really want to go down that road? I'd love to see you explain to a judge how this place ended up in your name.
If you, uh, if you don't want to try to make it work, then just get out of my condo.
I can't believe it's happened I didn't come here to make trouble for you.
I'm sorry I did.
Why did you have to come back? The superintendent's choice.
You could have fought it.
I didn't.
Why? Spent half my life pretending it was over.
Just didn't want to do it anymore.
I just don't feel anything anymore.
I thought I'd get past it.
Thought maybe her affair happening at the beginning of our marriage, that maybe, I don't know, we'd be better for having gone through it, but now that I see it happening again, I just I don't know.
I don't even care.
Is that awful? No.
It's honest.
But I'm sorry, we're gonna have to stop there.
Seriously, that was like 10 minutes.
- You were enjoying yourself? - Yeah.
I like talking to you.
Well, I got you in next week at the same time, so we can pick it up there.
Or we could keep talking over scotch at the Duke.
- I don't drink with patients.
- Then you're fired.
OK, we can talk about this next week.
And you've been making these comments, and it's perfectly normal to project feelings onto your therapist, but, um we should talk about it.
We should talk about it over a scotch.
Like, I I don't know, maybe it's normal for patients, but, uh what about therapists? - - (SIGHING)