The Detail (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

It Takes a Village

1 - Hey, Mom.
- Oh! Jesus! I didn't even know you were here! And why are you here? You're supposed to be - at Grandma and Grandpa's.
- Yeah, I didn't feel good on the way to school, so Dad dropped me off and said - that I could stay home today.
- What's the matter? - I have a stomach ache.
- Well Well, you don't look or feel sick, kiddo.
- I am, Mom.
- OK.
Are you sure you're OK to stay home alone all day? I'll be fine, I'll have my phone.
Well Go get into bed before I change my mind.
Are you and Dad getting a divorce? Is that why we've been staying with Grandma and Grandpa - without you? - What? No! No, it's because they miss you so much and because of my crazy work schedule - these past few days.
- Emma's mom took her to stay with her Grandparents for a week last year and now, her dad lives in a condo in Liberty Village.
Hey, come here.
You are far too perceptive for your own good, you know that? It's one of the millions of reasons why I love you so much.
You're right.
Me and Dad have been a bit off, but divorce? Nah-ah.
We are team Hall.
We operate as a unit of four.
Yeah? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Go on.
Go get into bed.
(SIGHS) (PHONE RINGING) Oh Stop! (PHONE RINGING) (SIGHS) Stop! Stop! Stop! (SIGHS) Ow Oh! (SIGHS) Good morning! Is it? You're right.
Good morning, sir! It's a great day.
Wonderful day.
It's a gift! It's a fricking blessing! (SNIFFLES) Nope.
Hey Sir Huh Which says "I'm a grown-up" more to you? This one or - this one? - What? Perfect.
Nice to see you again.
Huh, victim's name is Jason Dune.
- 50, Caucasian.
Three gunshots - Where's the body? - Huh, in the basement.
- Thank you, Phillips! Huh, it's Phelps.
Where's the gun? We bagged it and sent it off to the firearms unit for examination.
- The wife? - She's upstairs with Sullivan.
- She's still pretty wasted.
- [3-50.
] [Forensics just pulled in.
Should we send them in?] Tell them to wait.
I want my guys to see it clean first.
Copy that.
Boss says hold them up.
- We're waiting on her detectives.
- Any kids in the house? - No, boss, no kids.
- Teri-Lynn Dune, I'm Detective Fiona Currie.
I'm gonna be in charge of this investigation.
- How did you get that black eye? - I don't know.
- Was it from your husband? - I don't remember.
You want to tell me what happened last night? I woke up.
There was so much blood (CRYING): But I don't remember what happened! I want you to listen to something, Teri-Lynn.
- 9-1-1, what's your emergency? - He's shot! He's not breathing! Oh, my God! There's blood everywhere! - OK.
Ma'am, ma'am, who's shot? - My husband.
I think he's dead! - Ma'am, who shot your husband? - I have the gun! I shot him! Oh, my God! Who's voice is that, Teri-Lynn? Mine.
It's my (CRYING) (MUSICAL THEME) Cooper! Pfff! Woman who downed a bottle of whisky last night and shot her husband smells better than you.
(SCOFFS) Alright, ladies.
What do we see? - .
45 caliber.
- Nickel plated Colt 45 registered to our victim here.
Bought it 2 years ago.
- Lockbox is upstairs in their bedroom.
- They get wasted He gets violent, he punches her and then - passes out drunk on the couch.
- She's drunk herself, fed-up with her abusive husband.
She get upstairs, grabs the gun, comes back, then pops three off on him from here! Passes out, wakes up from her drunken stupor at - 6:50am.
- Gun in the hand, dead husband, - called 9-1-1.
- No sign he was in an altercation though, right? No scratches, mark, no pulled hair fabric burns I don't know.
Something doesn't feel right.
You know what? You're right.
Why would come - all the way down the stairs - Yeah.
go over there, sit down and then shoot him? This is a crime of passion, so she would've come down the stairs, seen him and shot him either from here or if she wanted to be face to face from here.
It's weird to walk all the way over there and take a seat.
And another thing.
The whole area of disturbance doesn't have an erratic violence sense to it.
You wouldn't pass out right after shooting somebody.
Adrenaline would be pumping through your veins - no matter how drunk you are.
- Let's get a warrant for a tox screen on her.
There's more to this scene.
She's still mad at me for interfering with my brother in that case last week.
- She hates me.
- Just do your job - and it will pass.
- Well, easy for you to say.
You're not the one who might be transferred.
I couldn't have.
I've never held a gun, let alone shot a gun.
Can you tell us about your relationship with your husband? That left eye looks pretty sore.
He can't hurt you anymore.
We fought a lot, yeah, but still, I would never shoot him.
- Ever thought about it? - Sure.
But I wouldn't have done it like that.
What a mess Could you tell us who this young lady is? It's my daughter.
We didn't notice a room for her in the house.
What does this have to do with my husband's murder? What's your daughter's name? Annabelle.
- Where is she? - She was taken - away from me when she was seven.
- From you and your husband.
Jason is not her biological father.
He moved in with us when she was five.
And why was Annabelle taken away from you? I was in and out of rehab.
She ended up being left alone one weekend and Children's aid showed up.
Did you ever try to regain custody of Annabelle? I couldn't afford the lawyer fees.
What would Annabelle say about yours and your husband's relationship? I don't know.
She can be off in the head.
Probably because she's not with me.
My daughter loves me.
She loves me.
And I'm a great Mother.
Alright I got Annabelle Martin, 15 years old.
Lives at a Kingsfield Place Group Home in Scarborough.
And why are we talking to her, again? A better question is: Why are we not charging that woman with murder? I'm not convinced she did it.
- We talk to the neighbors.
- Yeah, every single one of them confirmed that the couple was always fighting.
Bryson says he heard them yelling at each other last week.
Has her quoted as saying, I QUOTE: "I'm gonna kill you.
" And she had the gun.
Lockbox's key was on her and confirmed GSR on her hands and on her clothes.
Price's neighbor said she yelled at him.
That doesn't sit right.
Most abused victims are afraid to yell back at their abusers.
This woman doesn't make any sense to me.
- Maybe they were abusing each other.
- No, he had no marks on him - to suggest an altercation.
- Her left eye.
Localised nature of the bruising definitely suggests a right hook.
His right hand, look at that ring.
Thick ring, that would have left a distinct mark.
There's something off about where she shot him from.
Why take a seat on the other side of the living-room? Personal killing.
She sat down, wanted to see him die, to talk to him - before she did it.
- Get your own! I smell it now.
This is your hangover food.
When she woke up, she was covered in blood.
She went over to him, she tried to save him, she tried to hug him.
Why would you do that if your intention was to kill him? I'm sure she woke up, - regretted a few things - Hall, Cooper, go talk to the daughter.
I'm curious to see what she has to say about them.
And the rest of you, go talk with Teri-Lynn's friends, family, any coworkers Is there a side boyfriend? Same with Dune.
Who else wanted him dead? I wanna make sure we've got the right person before we charge her.
Don't think I didn't noticed the Alvin Flowers file.
That case is closed.
Why did you sign that out? There's just something about this case Fiona's twig at the murder scene just got me thinking back to how we found Flowers and I think his suicide may have been staged.
- Don't do this to yourself.
- I am not ignoring my gut anymore.
Seems to me you're kind of good at ignoring your gut.
- (DOORBELL RINGS) - Hi, I'm Detective Stevie Hall.
- This is Detective Jac Cooper.
- Hi, I'm Faye, social worker - on shift right now.
- Is Annabelle Martin home? - Yes.
Everything OK? - We'd like to speak to her - if that's alright.
- Huh, yeah.
- Is it cool if I'm with you? - Yeah.
That's fine.
Actually, the news we have is quite heavy, so - Your support would be welcomed.
- OK.
Yeah, sure.
I'm not putting my Air Maestros in there.
- They're pristine! - Just get them.
They're just shoes, they'll be fine.
Guys! Washer is overloaded, it's overflowing in the basement.
- Huh Why me? - You're the closest to me.
You all have individual days to do your laundry, you know that.
Annabelle's up in her room and I doubt she'll come out.
- You'll have to come up to her.
- OK.
Hey, who are they? Just get downstairs, clean the basement up, OK? - All of you, now.
- (KNOCKING) Annabelle? There are a couple of nice ladies - here to speak to you.
- (DOOR OPENS) Hey, hon? These women here are police detectives.
- Hi, Annabelle.
I'm Stevie.
- I'm Jac.
We have some Huh, some bad news for you.
About your stepfather.
Jason Dune.
Unfortunately, he was found dead this morning - at your mom's house.
- Oh, my God! Annabelle Do you understand what I just said? - (LAUGHING) - Annabelle? (LAUGHING) (LAUGHING) Just assumed Annabelle's mom would have told you.
- (LIQUID POURING) - She has bipolar disorder and she is on the spectrum for dissociative identity disorder.
She can react in uncommon ways to situations when she's having an off day is all.
Right, Belle? Not a good day, huh? We completely understand.
Annabelle? Can you tell us about your mother? Teri-Lynn? Or your stepfather? Sorry.
She's not choosing to evade your questions or anything.
Did your mom and stepdad get along? Did your mom ever talk to you about him? Sorry.
Sometimes I disappear in my mind.
That's OK.
- We all do that sometimes.
- Sorry, girls.
Can you give us a minute? Thanks.
Annabelle, do you remember where you were last night between 10pm and 6am? (LAUGHING) Sorry! Sorry, I just I just thought of Imagine a chicken - and a tea cozy - Belle? Last night? Probably sleeping, yeah? Another staff, Molly, was on the overnight last night.
She can confirm Annabelle was here.
She's actually Annabelle's personal support worker too, so she knows Annabelle the best.
So, if you could give us a call back or come in to the precinct today - We really need to speak to you.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) Thank you, Molly.
I saw that.
Why is Marc Savage calling you? Huh Marc's wife found out about the affair, she kicked him out He came crawling back trying to play house - No! No, no! - No, don't don't worry.
- I'm not I left.
- What do you mean, you left? - Technically, he kicked me out.
- What? Hold on.
Pardon me? All real life, unfortunately.
So where are you staying? (SIGHS) I slept in my car.
- Oh! - But first, I drank a whole bottle of wine to my face on the beach while listening to CNN on my phone.
- CNN? - That is the detail that you bumped on? You know, Syria, Trump, people with real problems, perspective All that good stuff.
You're staying with us.
I'm just gonna Airbnb or whatever.
It's fine.
Stop it.
I am not asking you, I am telling you.
- (KEYS CLINKING) - OK, fine.
Thank you! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (GUNSHOTS) Hall! Anything from the daughter? Huh, not sure yet.
Huh She wasn't in a coherent state of mind, so we are waiting to hear back from the social worker she was with last night.
Tox screen came back from Teri-Lynn and Dune.
Both tested positive for ketamine and a lot of it.
It's a miracle neither of them died from an overdose.
- So they were drugged? - Or using.
They found packets - in the basement.
- Get Aaron on the phone.
He's still out there talking with Dune's people, yeah? - I believe he is, yeah.
- Tell him to check if either of them are known users.
Maybe she was lying.
Hey, Thelma and Louise! Molly Apfel's out front looking for you.
As soon as I got your message, I came in.
I I already talked to Faye, she told me about Annabelle's stepfather, the It's crazy! - Thank you so much for coming - Yeah, I I just wanted to make sure Annabelle wasn't in any kind of trouble, right? Yeah.
We just wanted to ask Annabelle - about her parents.
- Oh, OK.
- Right, yeah.
- You OK, Molly? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Um I I just It must be my nerves, I just you know, you're cops! (SIGHS) I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I've just been weird today.
Um I tried to take a nap, but my head is just - spinning, so - You want some water? Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
You're pretty close with Annabelle, yeah? Oh, yeah.
I I got a pretty big soft spot for that kid.
We we kind of have similar backgrounds.
I was raised in the system too.
I had pretty terrible parents.
- You've met Annabelle's parents? - Huh Just her mom.
She can be a real piece of work.
- Victim complex, narcissist - Does Annabelle ever talk about them? Mentioning either of them can be pretty triggering for Annabelle.
- What do you mean? - Like, if the conversation is directed towards either of her parents or even after a visit with her mom, we usually lose her.
Sometimes for days.
And why do you think that is? These are just assumptions.
Annabelle has never come out and made any accusations, but 90% of people who develop dissociative identity disorder, they they're almost always victims of severe abuse.
Mostly sexual abuse.
Molly, you were on the overnight shift last night.
Was Annabelle home with you? Actually, she had an overnight at Brightwood Center.
Huh, a sleep clinic thing, cause cause of her meds and we all hopped in the caravan and we dropped her off around 9pm.
Huh, and I I totally forgot to log it into our calendar, but you can call Brightwood, they should be able to verify.
And then, you were home with the other girls for the rest of the night? Hmm.
So the stepfather sexually abused her.
Offers more motive for our suspect right here, no? - Molly was hiding something.
- Stevie's right.
- She was nervous.
- OK.
I want someone on Molly.
Let's spin her for 24 hours, see where she's going, - who she's talking to.
- OK.
- Shall we? - Yeah.
We dropped by Kingsfield Place today.
Can you tell us more about Annabelle's relationship - with her stepfather? - Why? But they weren't close.
- I already said that.
- Would you say she was avoidant of him? Or scared of him? - He never laid a hand on her.
- What about when you were away in rehab and she was left alone with him? I mean, if I had found out anyone touched my kid, I'd probably pop one off on them too.
No! What do you know about Molly Apfel? That bitchy social worker? Her attitude is so disrespectful.
I am Annabelle's Mother, not her.
I would probably have Annabelle back if it wasn't for her.
I don't wanna talk anymore.
My head is pounding.
All the pieces in place to lay charges.
All the physical evidence points to her.
She made the call, had the gun.
We have motive now.
Seems a little too pat for me, Price.
And I don't want to step into a well-laid trap.
(STEVIE): You're doing laundry? Yup! - Your sheets? Did you get sick today? - I got my period today.
That's why I stayed home, - I had like cramps and stuff.
- Oh, my God! Your first period! Mom, it's like my fourth period.
Huh, I'm gonna go watch TV.
Bye! Mom, it's not that big of a deal.
It's not a thing.
Emma and Ruby and Joy all were with me, - so I just talked with them.
- OK.
So the fact that you don't think this is a thing tells me that you are not emotionally mature to have your period.
This is why I didn't come to you! Wha Katie! - You good? - Yeah.
Just a typical Mother-Daughter hallmark moment.
Let me get you some sheets for the couch.
Um Why did you have these Flowers files send out? Uh, because Harry is coming over tomorrow and I wanted to go over the scene of the suicide - with him.
- Huh - Where is your salt? - What? Huh, I just figured you might want to pour it - in your wounds and all that.
- OK, stop that.
I get enough sass from my teen daughter.
At least she does her own laundry.
Hey You know, at the group home this afternoon The social worker, Faye She was having a go at the girls because they were all doing their laundry on the same day, right? Yeah.
They they weren't supposed to be.
They each have their own specific days or whatever.
OK, so why were they all doing their laundry at the same time on the same day? Huh Molly? I mean, she was with the girls and they were definitely interested in what we were talking to Annabelle about.
Maybe Molly spearheaded some kind of vigilante act.
It's possible.
I think we should look into the other girls.
Hey, partner.
You were gone before the kids were even up.
I know.
I couldn't sleep thinking about those girls, so I did a little digging.
Check it.
Joney Macintosh, the oldest girl in the home, she was raped for years ago.
Had her rape kit done at St.
- Pressed charges against her assaulter.
- Interesting.
He get convicted? Yeah.
He got five years.
Now, I couldn't find anything on Soj Reyes, but Tayla Jones, her foster father, who she lived with for a few years has a record of domestic abuse.
And judging by Molly's saying that her and Annabelle have similar backgrounds, I'm guessing that she's probably got abuse in her past too.
- Yeah.
- Someone still surveilling her? Huh Aaron was.
He said she's still at the apartment.
- You wanna go pay a visit? - Hmm.
Just eat the whole thing.
- You're my best friend.
- Halfway there.
It's against the home rules for staff to sleep - while they're on shift.
- But you did? It's OK, Molly.
- Just tell us the truth.
- It's never happened before.
So you don't know if the other three girls were home all night.
No, I don't.
I don't even remember at what time I It's like I blacked out.
I I woke up feeling groggy on the couch at 6am yesterday morning.
I was jittery the rest of the day.
But everything was fine.
I mean, all the girls Joney, Taylor, Soj, they were all asleep in their rooms - when I woke up.
- Would you mind taking a drug test? No.
They they wouldn't do that to me.
They couldn't have done this.
(SIGHTS) My tea I had my tea and then, yeah.
I felt anxious, drowsy Like I didn't know what was happening.
What the hell! I guess we don't have to ask who made you the tea.
- (KNOCKING) - Just heard back from the lab.
They found ketamine in Molly's system.
Price! I want a warrant to search that group home.
So, what? You think they drug Molly, sneak out, break into Annabelle's parents' house, drug them Wait until they're out, shoot Dune and frame Teri-Lynn.
We don't have a single piece of evidence that links us to those girls.
What'd they do? Take the transit up there? Can you even get across town in the middle of the night? - A cab? Paid cash? - OK.
Check any CCTV footage within a 2K diameter of the group home and Teri-Lynn's house.
Track down those girls.
Annabelle and Soj are at Kingsfield.
OK, bring them in.
Price! Search that group home.
Tayla Jones goes to Camden Collegiate.
- Sullivan! Pick her up.
- I don't know - where Joney Macintosh is.
- Find her, Cooper.
Joney Macintosh? - I need you to come with me.
- What's up? I'll explain on the way.
I knew there was more to this case.
Those girls are involved.
Two nights ago, Molly, your social worker on the night shift She was drugged.
She passed out on the couch.
- Really? I had no idea.
- And what were you doing - that night? - I was watching The Handmaid's Tale with Soj in her room.
- And then I went to bed.
- What time? From about ten to midnight.
Then she went to her room.
I stayed up on Facebook for a bit.
- And where was Tayla? - She was in the bath until eleven.
Then she was in her room, listening to music.
- What was she listening to? - DJ Maza.
And what were Soj and Joney up to? They were in Soj's room, watching The Handmaid's Tale.
The other girls in the house Joney, Tayla and Soj You like them? Yeah.
A lot.
They're nice to me.
That's great.
Like older sisters.
Can you tell me about Annabelle? What kind of relationship do you have with her? Huh, she's cool.
You know, once you get to know her - and everything.
- Did she ever confide in you about being abused by her stepfather - in any kind of way? - No.
- No.
- No.
Did you ever tell the other girls that your stepdad hurt you in any way? My daughter is thirteen and her friends are her lifeline.
She tells them things way before she tells me.
Why were you all doing your laundry - at the same time yesterday? - Oh, we had a bet to see which one of us could have the cleanest room.
I won.
We went and searched all your rooms.
Cleanest teen rooms our detectives had ever seen.
Did you know that your stepdad owned a gun? - Yeah.
- And did you ever tell the other girls that there was a gun in your house? Yeah, I think so.
Who did you tell? Joney.
Have you ever been to Annabelle's parents' house? Joney, I know what it feels like, that bundled up rage in your guts at your age.
Do you? I'm pretty sure we had very different upbringings, detective.
(CLEARS THROAT) - Got her story down to a T.
- Beautifully rehearsed.
I'm just going in circles now.
I didn't get much out of Annabelle.
But I do think she told Joney about the gun.
- We heard anything from Price or Finch? - Nothing yet.
Did you go through all their social media? Yeah.
(SIGHTS) - Is this Joney's file? - Hmm-mm.
- Jonathan Miller.
- Yeah, what about him? Oh, he's getting out next year.
That must be pretty upsetting, huh? Out? No, he's not exactly in.
You didn't read the fine print there, huh? No, he was deemed a vulnerable person.
He's a serial rapist! The judge didn't think that prison was safe for him, so he's been in this this hospital or something.
Yes, we have a system that repeatedly fails sexual assault victims.
Is that why you decided to take justice into your own hands with Annabelle's stepfather? I had nothing to do with his murder.
- You knew where the gun was.
- What? What gun? - Are you right or left handed? - I Hmmm? I'm gonna guess right.
Think if we X-rayed that hand, we'd see any fractures, markings? Indications that you might have punched someone? Yeah, probably.
Because I box every Tuesday night at Joney! A man is dead.
And regardless whether you think - he assaulted Annabelle - Regardless? Regardless? Screw that Do you know that Annabelle's messed up for life? No, no, her brain is literally fragmented because of them.
Those people are monsters! And if you ask me, he got what he deserved.
And so did she.
He can rot away in the ground and she can rot away in prison.
They did it.
They totally did it.
Joney's not giving me anything else and they are all stonewalling us now.
There's nothing that puts these girls at the scene.
It's incredible, really, what they might have pulled off.
They didn't pull off anything.
Aaron, you found something? Where did they get the ketamine? - I don't know! - CCTV footage? Their phones? If they did it, they left them behind.
Location puts them at their home.
- Oh, come on! - Are we even really sure this is what went down? I know what Joney said to you, but - maybe she was messing with you.
- Molly, Teri-Lynn and Dune had ketamine in their system.
That is not a coincidence.
The staging of the murder scene, Teri-Lynn's mystery black eye, washing all their clothes the next morning.
Come on! How did they do this? Could they have even done it within the time line? Left their house, walked a few blocks.
I checked.
There is a transit route that would've taken an hour and 20 minutes, - so possible? - Then they break in.
They know Teri-Lynn and Dune are alcoholics, so they spike their whisky bottle.
They wait for them to pass out.
They stage the scene, they flip the table, they mess things up.
So let's say Joney knew where the gun was.
She props it in Teri-Lynn's hand.
The other two stand out of the way, make sure that they - don't get blood on them.
We didn't find anything.
A hair, a single fiber, - anything linking the girls! - They're wearing gloves, balaclavas.
(GUNSHOT) And before they leave, Joney stops in front of Teri-Lynn, punches her in the face.
Did they mean to kill Teri-Lynn but ran out of time? - Why frame her? - Enable her.
She was drunk or in rehab.
She left her alone with him.
You two, go back and talk to the daughter again.
The rest of you, call cab companies, transit operators at the time, neighbors.
Did they see anything with the girls? Come on, - let's find something.
- Yup.
Annabelle We think that your friends may have been involved in the murder of your stepdad.
We think they may have been protecting you or getting back at him for hurting you.
Did he ever hurt you? You haven't done anything wrong, OK? And you will never get in trouble for anything that you tell us.
My mom will get mad at me.
You don't have to see your mom if you don't want.
There were checkups.
At nap time.
That's when I would turn into a teddy bear.
And did your mom know that Jason was giving you these checkups? (CRYING) It was my mom.
She did the checkups.
Jason took the pictures.
"Mother and Daughter.
October 2015.
" Just like twins.
"Mother and Daughter, June 2016.
" "Mother and Daughter, April 2014.
" You know, my mother used to put up pictures of me when I was a kid too.
Always wrote my name on the back of them.
But it's as if you see Annabelle as an object.
Your daughter.
Annabelle has accused you of sexually assaulting her when she was a child.
She's lying.
You met her.
She's not right in the head.
And I think we know why now.
So regardless of the murder charge, you're gonna be facing an investigation by the SCU.
You know what might help your case? To admit to sexually assaulting your daughter provides a strong motive for the other girls.
I want to see her.
Where is she? Don't look at me that way.
Where is she? - With the sex crimes unit.
- I want to see her.
- Now! - (BANGING ON TABLE) You're never gonna see your daughter again.
I'm gonna make sure of that.
I did it.
I killed Jason.
I killed that bastard.
She'd rather confess to the murder than to the sexual abuse.
I don't understand why they didn't just kill her too.
I'm not discrediting here, but this is super rare.
Right? Maternal incest? Rare? Who knows? Under reported, under recognised, under researched, yes, yes and yes.
She did confess.
All the evidence points to her.
I say we charge her, let the lawyers figure it out.
Yeah Why not? She screwed her kid up for life.
Girls were right.
She got what she deserved.
Rather than some long, drawn out SCU investigation.
Turn her over to sex crimes.
And when they're done with her charge her - with second degree murder.
- What about the girls? We got nothing concrete to keep here.
It's all circumstantial.
- Nothing will stick.
- Release them.
But we're gonna keep tabs on them, right? Absolutely.
One missed step and we're on them.
Come here.
- What? - Your mother She was in Montclair penitentiary.
Life sentence.
She took her own life.
I mean, she tried to kill herself twice before that and third time's the charm, right? You know, she used to write me these letters about how prison was way worse than being dead.
(SCOFFS) You know, it's not fair that your mom died.
It's not fair that you went shuffled around from home to home or that you were raped when you were 14 years old.
Every terrible, horrific thing that has happened to you is not fair.
And it doesn't matter, cause those are the cards that you've been dealt.
So now, you got to play the hell out of them.
- Come on, Joney! - Take it.
See you at home? I'll be right behind you.
I just have a couple of emails - to finish up.
- OK.
Good night.
- Good night, all.
- Huh, boss! Huh Do you have a sec to talk about my upcoming potential transfer? Yeah, I spoke with the staff sergeant at 45 division and you start there in 2 weeks.
Oh, that's why I wanted to talk to you.
I actually Cooper, I am so sorry, but I'm late to meet my daughter.
I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.
45 division is pretty boring, kiddo.
Thanks, Harry.
You called about the Alvin Flowers case? You're not going down the rabbit hole, are you, Bims? He didn't kill himself.
He didn't.
I felt it when I walked onto the scene.
You know, the redhead murders were all about the process.
They were calculated, every detail was thought through.
He would never have killed himself in such a careless way.
He would've wanted to create a spectacle.
- What are you thinking, Stevie? - That it was someone who knew the inner workings of a crime scene.
- What? Like a cop? - Yeah.
I know it sounds crazy, but it was only cops who knew about Alvin.
I think someone could've taken advantage knowing that we were onto the wrong guy.
But Stevie, Flowers left you a note.
Salad's ready.
Auntie Jay, sit beside me for dinner.
Hmmm, I don't know.
You were kind of a bit mean to my best friend last night, so What are you doing, Stevie? How did you know about the note? I didn't tell anybody about the note.
I was ashamed of it.
Why? Why, Stevie? Why did you have to keep digging? Let's go for a walk.
Let's talk about it.
Hmm? Yeah.
Let's do that.
Mom? Auntie Jay is refusing to sit with me and it's your fault.
Sweetheart, why don't you go back into the kitchen, help your grandma make dinner, huh? Grandma's not making dinner.
Auntie Jay is.
OK, go go and tell Jac, huh, that I want a Margarita, OK? We're going for a walk.
- Like the pizza? - No.
Like the drink.
- OK.
- I love you! - Auntie Jay - Oui? Mom said to make her a Margarita.
- She hates tequila.
- She hasn't had it since she was in Mexico for her wedding.
Katie, when did she say this to you? Where is she? She went for a walk with Grandpa.
She was acting kind of weird.