The Detail (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Off the Path

1 Notify missing persons.
- We found Brooke Dodson.
- Young girl, long red hair - You know what that means, Stevie.
- 15 years ago, Flowers was the main suspect in the serial killing of Nancy Brown, Paula King and Wendy Fraser, all 14 years old.
Hextall Importers.
What makes a dormant virus like Flowers wake up after 15 years and just start killing again? Maybe he never stopped.
Found my dad hanging in the garage.
Brooke Dodson's linked to my dad's case.
Detectives for the Metropolitan Police Homicide Division discovered the body of Mr.
He didn't kill himself.
It was someone who knew the inner workings of a crime scene.
- Like a cop? - Yeah.
But Stevie, Flowers left you a note.
Why, why, Stevie? Why'd you have to keep digging? Mom said to make her a margarita.
Katie, when did she say this to you? Where is she? She went for a walk with Grandpa.
- Stevie? - (DOG BARKING) (CELL PHONE BUZZING NEARBY) Katie, did your mom say anything else when she left? Anything at all? - I don't think so.
Why? - What's wrong? - Is there a problem? - What about your grandpa? Did he seem upset at all? How was he acting? Fine.
You're scaring her.
What's this all about? Jack? What is it? Jack? Jack! She took her gun.
Why would she do that? Why would she take her gun on a walk? I don't know.
There's gotta be a reason.
The same reason I found her phone tossed on the driveway? I'm calling Harry.
- He's not answering.
- His car's gone.
Where would they go, Helen? Do you know? Well, maybe they just went for a drive.
Maybe they needed to talk.
- With her gun?! - I don't know.
Fiona, it's me.
I We have a problem.
I think Stevie's missing.
- Excuse me.
What's going on here? - Are you Jonathan Hall? - Yeah, why? Inspector Currie would like to talk to you.
OK, everybody, listen up.
We're gonna run through what we know, starting from the top.
When did Stevie take out Flowers' file? I saw him on shift.
She said she was looking into the death scene; timeline looked off.
So what, she didn't think that Flowers killed himself? I guess.
We didn't talk about it after that.
I just thought she was digging at old wounds.
- And did she tell Harry about her theory? - Yeah.
She called him and he came over for dinner.
I thought they went up to her room to talk about it.
- How long after that did they leave? - Not long.
They left the front door open.
Stevie told Katie she wanted a margarita.
I knew something was up because she hates tequila, so I went outside and found her phone.
OK, we already have a BOLO out on them in addition to a description of Harry's car.
Intelligence is wiring the phone so give them the floor, please.
Who's checking hospitals? I am.
I am.
There's nothing yet, but I'll try back in 20.
Make it 10.
Stevie's weapon is MIA, so no missteps, got that? Her gun's missing? What the hell's going on? Where are the kids? They're fine.
They're upstairs with Helen.
Why haven't you been answering your phone? I It died.
Where's Stevie? She left with Harry.
I found her phone outside, her gun is missing They're gone, Jono.
- What do you mean they're gone? - We have a situation that we're dealing with and I need you to stay clearheaded.
What kind of situation? What are we talking It's OK.
Go wait with the family.
Someone will be up to talk to you.
We still don't have a signal on Harry's phone? No, we've been trying for over an hour.
He must've taken the battery out.
Keep trying.
Before we jump to any more conclusions, I need more information.
Get me Helen Barker.
I want the family down at the division.
This place is a crime scene.
You get eyes on the Barker house.
- Already done.
- OK, head over, start looking.
Kyle's gonna join you after.
After what? I want you to finish up here, see if there's anything we missed Starting with Jono.
You got a problem with that? - Why would I? - Good.
(MUFFLED CRIES) (BANGING) - Who's Irvine? - Our therapist.
You can call her, she'll tell you.
Little late for an appointment.
We got coffee.
- With your therapist? - Yeah.
We lost track of time.
How were things between Stevie and her stepfather? I don't know.
Fine, I think.
Anything occur that might explain why they took off like this? No.
They're close.
He helps out with our kids.
OK, listen Did Stevie happen to mention her father's old Flowers case - that she was working on again? - I'm so sick of that name.
Jono, we need you to stay calm, OK? Don't you tell me to be calm.
Don't you don't My wife is missing and I'm sitting here answering questions with the guy she's screwing.
Nothing happened between Stevie and me.
Oh yeah? Nothing? Then look me in the eyes and say that.
Nothing happened between Stevie and me.
This time.
Let me ask you something.
What kind of self-centered idiot shows up at a married woman's house? - Hm? - A drunk one.
) Listen, do you really wanna do this now, or do you want to focus on finding your wife? Oh please, don't act like you care about her more than I do, because you don't.
Is that why you had coffee with your therapist? Because you care so much about Stevie - Jono - No, keep talking.
Keep talking.
You don't wanna go down this road, Jono.
If you hit me, I have no choice.
I gotta charge you.
(SCOFFING) I should've been here.
I would've known, I wouldn't have let her walk out the door.
You and me both.
(MUFFLED SCREAMS) (BANGING) Help! Help! (CAR STOPPING) (SCREAMING) Let's walk through the details one more time.
At 9 pm last night, detective Hall left her home with Harry Barker after going through the Alvin Flowers casefile.
Why? Stevie thought the death scene was fake.
She told Harry.
Maybe they came up with a lead together, so she grabbed her gun and they went to go check it out.
She would've told Jack.
Instead, she asks for a drink that makes her sick and says she's going for a walk.
- Alright, so then that's the signal.
- So why'd she feel like that? She couldn't communicate in front of Harry.
This is where her missing weapon comes in.
She found something out about the Flowers death scene and it might have been something Harry didn't want her to know.
It was his old case.
Where are we on his car? Nowhere.
It's a really old car, there's no GPS.
I did get a warrant to track his credit cards.
Alright, Finch, contact Public Order Unit.
Let's start organising some searches of the area, set up a hotline, get it out to the media ASAP.
Thank you.
What about them? You wanna keep me here for a few more hours until things progress? Yeah, someone's figuring out a hotel.
We'll get 'em over later.
So boss, you know Harry as well as I do.
Are we really saying we think he had something to do with Alvin Flowers' death? We're not saying anything right now.
(GRUNTING) Hi, darling.
How are you? - Where are we? - Ah, it's good to finally hear your voice.
I don't like it when you go quiet like that, it's unnerving, you know? Look I messed up, I know it.
But I can explain.
Explain why you pulled a gun on me, drove me here and tied me up? Well, I think you need to relax, sweetheart.
Don't "sweetheart" me.
Not now, not ever.
That life is gone.
That's fair.
I deserved that.
How'd you know about the note, Harry? Let's know play this game.
You know how I knew.
I wrote the damn thing.
So I was right.
Flowers didn't kill himself, it was a cop.
Just like I thought.
But what I didn't realise is that cop is you.
I had reason to.
After all those things he did to those poor little girls? No, that does not make sense.
We were bringing him in.
We were getting justice.
Justice? The only justice for him is death.
I know it, you know it.
I did the right thing.
And taking me from my family in the middle of the night, you did that because you were doing the right thing? No.
I brought you here so that I could explain myself.
I knew you See, I didn't want you to blow the whole thing open on me until we'd talked.
So you just want me to keep my mouth shut? If that's how you'd like to put it.
We're in this together.
This was our case, and we did it.
We got the bad guy And he is the bad guy, not me, so please don't forget that.
It was my dad's case.
What? You just said "ours", like it was yours and mine.
It wasn't.
It was yours and Dad's case.
- So what? - So what?! My dad killed himself over this case.
Another reason why I couldn't take it anymore, why I did it.
When I walked onto that scene at the farmhouse Alvin Flowers, the gun, the way he was sitting I recognised that feeling.
It was the same one that I felt when I walked into the garage and found my dad hanging 15 years ago.
Of course, sweetheart.
It was another suicide.
They all feel the same.
Except he didn't kill himself.
Did he? You killed Flowers.
Remember, Harry? I didn't know Harry was such a wilderness buff.
Jack, throwing stuff around won't bring her back any faster.
Yeah, neither will stoic silences.
He's got five copies of Grimm's Fairy Tales.
'Cause that's super normal.
He's bookmarked Little Red Riding Hood.
Harry always had a theory that the murders had something to do with those books.
Turned out to be a dead end, like everything else for Flowers.
How do we know that Flowers wasn't a dead end too? I mean, we didn't prove anything there.
He died before we could, possibly at the hands of Harry.
I know we're all dancing around it, but do you think Harry killed Flowers? Flowers was his guy.
Him and Gene's.
They spent the latter part of their careers chasing him.
Thought Flowers was your guy.
- Only 'cause I inherited him from them.
- Fine.
But why wait 15 years? If you're gonna off the guy and call it suicide, why not do it back in the day? I don't know, maybe Harry thought he'd stopped.
Then Brooke Dodson happened.
Flowers gets back from Calgary, picks right up where he left off - Harry could've snapped.
I almost did.
- Were you guys close? Harry didn't much care for me.
He didn't hide it, either.
He was a good cop, though.
Always a step ahead.
Anything on there? Possibly.
It's protected.
Hextall Importers.
Isn't that the building where Brooke Dodson was kept before she was murdered? Son of a bitch.
Harry knew where Flowers was keeping Brooke Dodson.
And he went after him himself.
(CELL PHONE BUZZING) Like I said, always a step ahead.
That confirms he was stalking Flowers.
Did 'you find anything else? No, nothing yet.
We gave Forensics the go-ahead to rip this place apart I got a flash drive.
I need Finch.
OK, I'm sending him over.
Let me see what I can dig up here.
You can't be serious.
You really think I'd hurt your father? He was my partner, I loved him like a brother.
Like you love me? Look at me! You tied me up! You did this to me! You! It was the only way I could get you to listen to me.
You put a gun in my face! And you know why you did that? Because you planned it.
I was getting close to something that you didn't want me to find out, - and now you've panicked.
- No, I told you what I did! Something here does not add up.
So you killed Flowers So what? Big deal.
I didn't have any proof.
It was just a theory.
Why would you go to these lengths? I was ashamed.
Of killing a man that had murdered four girls? No way.
It's bigger than that, isn't it? Did you do something to my dad, Harry? What did he find out? (SIGHING) What did he find out that made you kill him? He found out about the girls.
- How's it going, Finch? - Be patient.
This thing's locked up tighter than a drum.
Well, the clock's ticking, just so you know.
Just get off my back.
I'm almost in.
OK, I got it.
Couple folders, dates No, no.
He took a lot of care to make sure only his eyes saw what was on there.
There's gotta be a reason.
Here it is.
Harry's photo album looks a bit different than mine.
He did a stint undercover.
She could be an informant.
This was encrypted like Fort Knox.
Donnie, back me up on this thing.
You don't do this kind of thing to hide case folders.
You do if you're on the wrong side of the case.
What's going on? You OK? No, uh Forensics pulled apart the greenhouse.
This was buried in the ventilation system.
Well, what's in it? You should, uh You should just look, Jack.
Audrey Reed, She disappeared in 2006.
She was 18.
This is Sarah Keller and Maya Conley.
They disappeared in 2010, both runaways, aged 15 and 16.
Amy Lucas disappeared in 2015.
She was 21, and she disappeared from her rooming house.
Brooke Dodson, Nancy Brown, Paula King and Wendy Fraser have all been confirmed from the samples that we found.
OK, am I the only one who thinks it's crazy that Barker might be responsible for the deaths of 8 people? And counting.
Moretti's still ID'ing some of the samples.
How the hell did we miss this? Wrong MO.
It wasn't the red hair, girls from rough neighbourhoods Those are just the ones he wanted us to find.
The rest of his victims lived on the fringe.
- Until Brooke Dodson.
- Since 2003, this guy has just been preying on people that nobody was gonna miss.
Until Flowers was back in the picture.
Timeline matches exactly dates Flowers left and returned.
When he came back, Harry just couldn't help himself.
OK, I'll say it again: How did we miss this? I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Helen, why don't you sit down? Maybe they were on a case, something they couldn't tell us about, - something undercover - It's snack time.
It's time for snack.
I need snack.
Uh I I didn't bring anything, Nate, I'm sorry.
How about I get you something out of the vending machine? No, I want apple slices and peanut butter.
I know you do, but we don't have that.
Can I get you a chocolate bar? - No! - Will you shut up? - Hey! - Don't you get it, stupid? She's gone! Mom's gone and she might not be back! - Katie, wait! Katie! - Mom's gone? - Come back here! - Mom's not coming back? Why not? Where is she? - I don't know, Nate.
- Take a walk.
- I'm fine.
- No, no.
I said take a walk.
I got this.
- Go see about Katie.
Go take care of her.
- Behave.
How about you and I find some apple slices around here with your name on them? Hey, Nate! Donnie's got a new game on his iPhone that looks really fun.
You wanna go check it out? Good boy.
Donnie? Yes? Nate! I've been around police enough to know that look.
You found something, didn't you? What's in the box? You tell me.
I, uh, I think that is your kit.
And I don't I don't think that you've shown anyone your kit and I'd like to see it.
(SCOFFING) Narcissist, right? You're playing to my psychology? It's a wee bit transparent.
Actually, I would like to see what my dad died over.
What I'm probably gonna die over.
Grimm's? You used to read Red Riding Hood to Katie over and over when she was little.
She she loved the Big Bad Wolf.
And he loved her.
Is that why they had red hair? Because of the book? Stupid.
It had nothing to do with the hair.
So what was it about? You remind me of Paula.
She loved to talk too.
She was a tough one, that one.
She didn't cry until the very end.
- You remember Paula, don't you? - Yeah, um Paula King.
She came from a big family.
Um two brothers and four sisters and her mom, Katherine.
She was a single mom, barely getting by.
Paula was just another girl from a troubled home just looking for a bit of attention.
- That's what the victim profile said.
- And were we right? Why did you force your way into my family? Why did you infiltrate my entire life, my children and my mom? We trusted you! (SNIFFLING) I loved you like a father, and all this time I didn't even know you! Don't look at me with those innocent eyes.
I know what you've been up to.
You're no different than those girls.
You went off the path just like 'em.
What path? "And her mother said, "'Come, Little Red Riding Hood.
"'Good little girls stay on the path, "but sometimes they need help to do that or the Big Bad Wolf will eat them up.
'" So it's the path that keeps the girls safe? I was the only one who saw their true natures.
I was the one who was watching them closely.
I could see it in their eyes.
The same way I can see it in your eyes.
When you look at Kyle Price.
(GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) Do you recognise these, Helen? They found them in the ventilation system of your greenhouse.
I what Is this hair? This is gonna be hard to hear, but these samples all match the girls who were murdered.
The ones from Gene and Harry's redhead case.
I What do you mean? I don't understand.
We think Harry is responsible for their murders.
That's impossible.
I mean, if Harry had those, it's it's probably evidence.
He and Gene devoted all their waking hours to this case.
The police did not have these samples.
Only the killer did.
You're asking me to believe that a man I spent 13 years with is a murderer? Stevie got too close to figuring out that it was him, and now her life is in danger because of it.
No, he didn't kill anyone.
If she was here, she'd be telling you how crazy that is.
But she isn't here.
Is she? And we are afraid for your daughter's life.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) (SCREAMING) (VEHICLE RUSHING BY) (VEHICLE RUSHING BY) (VEHICLE RUSHING BY) Stop! Please! (CAR HONKING) Come on! Come on! Come on! Stop! Stop, please! Call 911! - My name is Detective Stevie Hall.
- This is Tera Sava.
I'm with Detective Hall (GUNSHOT) Oh, my God!! No! (GUN COCKING) Sometimes he would've leave you.
He he wouldn't tell me where he was going, he just he went away for a few hours.
Did he ever go overnight? I I never thought anything of it, because Gene did the same thing.
I thought it was just because they were cops, you know, I just figured it was part of the territory.
And and when he got home, he always took a shower.
And he did the laundry.
I didn't notice that until just now.
I guess he was washing away what he'd done.
So he didn't normally do the laundry? No.
I remember I used to find these receipts from this really cheap motel.
I asked him what they were for and he said he just wanted a quiet place to think.
Do you remember what the name of this motel was? Do you remember where it was? I don't know.
I don't remember.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Jack, get me Audrey Reed's file.
Donnie, you looking into Harry's credit cards? Focus on motels.
Yeah? Helen says he'd disappear to the same cheap motel when he needed time to think.
That picture was taken in 2006, same year she went missing.
Crappy paint job, bad carpeting It's gotta be a motel.
Guys, guys! I got Fort York Motel off Highway 7.
Matches the dates of all the girls and then some.
Call SWAT, tell everyone I want them suited up now.
We don't have much time.
Jack, pull back.
Evidence is coming in from the Barker place.
I want you go through it all and see if you can figure out who the rest of these girls are.
Wait, you're pulling me from the motel? Well, no one has your eyes and instincts and you know it.
Are you afraid of me going? In case she's dead? Find me those names, Jack.
(SNIFFLING) I heard Fiona pulled you from the raid.
Shouldn't you be gone by now? Jack you OK? I'm fine.
- Come on, Jack - I said I'm fine.
- We're gonna find her.
- Yeah? What if we don't? You and I both know the numbers.
The longer she's gone She's my partner.
I should be out there looking for her.
You should.
Is that supposed to make me feel better? No.
What do you want me to say? I I want you to promise no matter what happens no matter what you have to do, that you will get her home safe.
- Aaron? - Yeah? Thank you.
(SIGHING) Auntie Jack.
What are you doing alone? Huh? Where's your dad? Is Grandpa Harry really a criminal? Oh, honey - I'm so sorry.
- (SOBBING) He's hurting my mom, isn't he? We are taking care of it, OK? Everything is gonna be fine, I promise you.
Are you gonna kill him? It's not our job to kill people.
Come here.
Hey, look.
There's your dad.
I think they're ready for you guys to go now.
I'm so sorry about what I've said.
I didn't mean it.
I know that, honey.
I know.
It's OK.
Shh Shouldn't you be at the motel ripping off Barker's face right about now? Yeah, I thought so too, but apparently somebody else thought my skills were best used here.
I need to go through the chain of evidence.
Yeah, I'm just about to input that now.
It would go faster if you helped.
Just saying.
ID 170895564.
My sister has this exact same badge.
What do you mean? It's for attendance, I think, or something.
I don't remember.
Why would he have a girl's camp badge? Could've belonged to another victim.
Oh, we should get a list of names from the camp and contact anyone who's been in attendance in the last 20 years.
That's gonna be a hard list to get.
That place closed up shop Not enough bad girls to fill it out, I guess.
What's that supposed to mean? Camp's called The Right Path for a reason.
It's for troubled teens.
The Right Path? What what are you doing? OK, that's Yep, we're not supposed to do that.
Kyle said that Harry told him this book had something to do with the case, but with everything that's been going on, I totally forgot.
This is the page that was marked with the card.
I saw it when we were searching the house.
It says, "Come, Little Red Riding Hood, and when you are going", walk nicely and quietly and do not run off the path.
" How do I get to the camp? I don't know.
I think it's off Highway 50.
Damn it.
It's the last one.
They're not here.
We'll reconvene back at the station, figure out next steps.
- (CELL PHONE RINGING) - We don't have time for next steps.
Yeah, what? - It's me.
I found Harry's car.
- What? Where? Outside a cabin at the Right Path Camp, off the 50.
Pretty sure Stevie's in there.
The Right Path Camp, off Highway 50! We're on our way.
Wait for backup.
Don't go in there alone, Jack, do you hear me? Jack! Oh, Stevie! Oh, my God! Hey! Hey! OK, come on.
Come on.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) I need an ambulance at the Right Path Camp off Highway 50.
Hurry, please.
We're detect - (GUNSHOT) - (THUD) - (GUN COCKING) - Look at me.
So, what are you gonna do, Bims? Finish me off? Can't do that.
You'd be doing it to an unarmed man.
A man who kept me captive.
A man who killed people? I'll be fine.
You're a cop.
You took an oath.
You'd be breaking it.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! So in the end, you're no different than me.
Why should I be surprised? I made you.
My father made me.
Stevie, what are you doing? He killed my dad.
And he kept me and my mom in the dark for years, thinking that the man we loved abandoned us without so much as a note.
So yeah, I think I'm gonna kill him.
OK? Whatever happens, I'm behind you.
OK? Whatever we need to do, whatever we need to say, I'll say it.
You will? Of course.
But I need you to know that there will be times when my support won't cut it.
Jack Don't talk me down, please.
I'm not.
I'm just talking to you.
Because I love you and because I know you, Stevie.
I do.
And whatever you choose, I will be there for you, because no matter what happens, I know I can live with it.
Can you? Harry Barker, you are under arrest - for the murders - (SIRENS APPROACHING) of Nancy Brown, Wendy Fraser, Paula King, Brooke Dodson, Alvin Flowers and my dad, Gene Mailer.
(SIRENS APPROACHING) You look rough, Hall.
Yeah? Then why is it that I still look better than you, Price? You had me worried.
How do you think I felt? Look, uh I guess this is as good a time as any.
Stevie! Stevie! I was so scared I'd never see you again! I can't lose you, I can't! - I'm here.
Ooh! - Sorry.
- Are you OK? Did he hurt you? - I'll live.
Where are the kids? They're meeting us at the hospital with Helen.
I can't believe that bastard did this to you.
- I'll kill that son of a bitch.
- Look, it's over.
That's all that matters.
I love you so much.
I haven't been good to you.
I haven't been But we got a second chance, and I I will be better.
We'll both be better.
I need you to manage the scene.
I wanna go to the hospital, make sure Stevie's good.
Sounds like a plan.
You know, if you want, I can update you every hour on how she's doing.
You OK? Thought we weren't supposed to talk about personal stuff, you and me.
Yeah, we're not.
Hey, uh Look, if you wanna go to the hospital, I'll be overseeing from here.
- Is our girl OK? - Yeah, she's OK.
A little banged up, but not bad, considering.
Day like this That's what it's all about, right? Endless nights, 72 hours straight, no break This is a moment, this is what it's all about, I guess.
- Today was a good day.
- Hell of a day.
You're something else, you know that? I'm surprised you're still here.
I thought you'd be home in your underwear by now.
You know, we're gonna miss you around here.
- Aww, you mean you're gonna miss me.
I'm gonna miss you.
It's been a pleasure, Cooper.
I'll miss you too.
You know how I feel about relations among staff.
Well, it's a good thing I'm not your staff anymore, then.
- I'm gonna see if Price needs me.
- Yeah, - why don't you? - OK.
I didn't follow orders.
No, you didn't.
I'm sorry.
I know I should've listened.
Wow, even I am sick of hearing me say that.
- Do you know why I hired you? - Stevie made you? Because I saw a young detective who was willing to risk everything to get the job done, including yourself, and today I saw that again.
Stevie is alive because of you.
But you don't listen, you're bullheaded and you have a hell of a lot to learn about respect.
I don't know how 45 Division's gonna deal with you.
Well, maybe they'll straighten me out, huh? I don't think so.
Which is why I can't, in all good faith, send you.
Not until I've whipped you into shape.
Wait, does this mean Quit dawdling, Cooper, we've got somewhere to be.
(LIVELY MUSIC) - Stevie.
- I've already told Jono, I don't need any help getting to the hospital.
Yeah, the hole in your arm says otherwise.
Just shut your pretty face and let us support you.
Do you not need to stay on scene, make sure you got everything? Hey, he shot a cop.
If he doesn't go down, we should all get fired.
Listen to her, she's an expert on getting fired.
Living the dream.