The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

The Devil's Budget Is Saved by Neighborliness

1 Who could that be this early? I don't know.
It's too early to be a newspaper salesman.
Salutations! Salutations? My lord, could it be That girl who fell down the stairs yesterday? Probably.
Salutations! Y-Yeah? I'm sorry to trouble you at this hour.
My name is Kamazuki Suzuno.
I have taken residence in the dwelling abreast your own.
Please accept my sincere contrition for the disturbance yestereve.
Ashiya Shirou Maou Sadao C Contrition? Er, welcome to the building.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Maou Sadao.
I offer you this gift, though 'tis but a trifling token of my gratitude.
I was advised that noodles were the most fitting offering in these circumstances.
Thanks for your— A-Are you okay, my lord? Yeah Excuse me.
My name is Ashiya.
I'm an old friend of Maou's.
I was told of you.
I have yet to meet the owner of this establishment, but she advised me in a recent missive to seek you out should I encounter difficulties.
There was also a photograph enclosed within— Yes, that must be the landlady.
No doubt about it.
It eases my heart to have neighbors upon whom I may depend.
May we cultivate a long and fulfilling relationship together.
"Cultivate"? Seriously? Is there someone else? Yeah, another roommate who moved in recently.
I'm Urushihara.
Cheers! He's a shut-in.
Not like I've got any say in it! And whose fault is that? I just Of course.
I understand.
You understand what?! I shall take my leave.
May we meet again upon the morrow.
The morrow.
Get out of the gate True sky Here and now is where it all begins kono shunkan kono basho ga sutaato Let's think of everything we can do from where we are imeeji shite miyou nani ga dekiru no kana I'm sure we can accomplish the unbelievable if we try shinjirarenai dekigoto datte aru We can always reach for more motto koeteyukeru ne Power of dreams All the things born from zero shine so bright zero kara umareru subete kagayaite Fly I want to soar the skies ano sora he omoikkiri habatakitai Light blue wind Let's put on our brightest smiles and go saikou no sumairu de warainagara saa ikou Let's jump into a brand new, unknown world michi no sekai he to ima tobidasou yo Into another world We can choose and shape our own futures mirai wo erabi kimeru no wa jibun So let's chase after our dreams yume wo oikakete yukou There might be days when we cry naku hi mo aru But those times are important too sore wa daiji na negai Don't go anywhere, because kienaide kitto aeru kara Your future's waiting for you asu no kimi he Get out of the gate True sky The Dark Lord's Finances are Saved By His Neighbors The Dark Lord's Finances are Saved By His Neighbors The Dark Lord's Finances are Saved By His Neighbors The Dark Lord's Finances are Saved By His Neighbors The Dark Lord's Finances are Saved By His Neighbors The Dark Lord's Finances are Saved By His Neighbors The Dark Lord's Finances are Saved By His Neighbors The Dark Lord's Finances are Saved By His Neighbors Food Urban Heights Eifuku Tokyo, Suginami, Eifuku Yusa Emi Hello! This is Emerada Etuva.
I know.
I'm Yusa— I mean, Emilia.
I got this package that says it's from you.
What is it? Whoa, it's already there? I only sent it yesterday.
That was fast! It's sacred power! What? Sacred power? I converted it to a form that won't stand out in Japan.
Holy Vitamin Holy Vitamin B? Not B, beta! Who cares? Point is, I can restore my sacred power by drinking these? Yes.
Just be careful with the dosage.
There's a recommended dosage? Yes.
Consider two bottles a day to be the maximum.
You're best off having a bottle in the morning and another in the afternoon.
But if you forget your morning dose, for instance, you can't double up in the afternoon.
Right I get it.
Please use them carefully and stick to the recommended dosage.
Later! Where is she? Guess I should give it a try.
Why is it so damn hot every day? They're not even doing anything worth watching.
I'm gonna sweat myself to death here.
Let's just look at this objectively.
The Dark Lord just spends his days working and eating like a normal person.
A nice, peaceful life.
But again, looking at it objectively that makes me some weirdo who's stalking a couple of regular guys.
Good grief.
Are you incapable of hanging out your own laundry? Your knowledge in the field of housework is limited indeed.
Give me a break.
You must smooth out each article before hanging, lest it lose its shape and fail to dry evenly.
Who's that? Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry.
Why do I feel like we just got another Ashiya? Wait, what's going on? You should try to be more useful.
As you almost never leave the room, you should at least help with the housework.
Is that girl another demon? Villa Rosa Sasazuka This is kinda dangerous, but it's all I can do.
It is imperative that you properly fulfill your duties, Hanzou-dono.
Do you follow? You chop the spring onions on the board like so, and then grate the ginger.
The broth should be diluted with cold water.
Then you need only boil the noodles, and the meal is prepared forthwith.
If you wish to serve chilled noodles, rinse with cold water thereafter.
A raw egg would be the crowning touch.
Huh? You want to cook noodles in this heat? Shirou-dono carries out this duty each day without fail.
Do you not feel you should contribute? You tell him, Kamazuki-san.
He just won't listen to me, no matter what I say.
Now, grate the ginger.
You can at least use a grater, I trust.
Sure thing.
Huh? Ashiya, we're out of ginger? Oh, right.
I used the last of it yesterday.
I'm sorry, Kamazuki-san, but let's make it spring onions only today.
Urushihara, close the fridge already! That's all? Really? Oh, there is some ginger within my quarters.
I shall retrieve it.
Crap! Can't you just walk down the stairs for once in your life?! D-Dark Lord! Seriously, what kind of hero can't handle a few stairs? What on Earth are you two doing? Sorry.
I am to blame for opening the door so suddenly.
Not at all.
It's my fault I lost my footing so easily.
Can you even still call yourself a hero? Yusa, I picked up the stuff you dropped outside.
Ah, thanks.
Just put it down there.
Your arrogance kinda pisses me off sometimes.
What is this, anyway? You're chugging energy drinks now? Hey! Drink too many of these and you'll get all dehydrated and tired out like Ashiya.
Huh? You're tired out from the heat? There are days when even I'm not in peak condition.
It is my fault for cooking such light food.
If only I had prepared something more nutritious No, I don't blame you at all, Kamazuki-san.
I must introduce myself.
I moved into the adjacent quarters last week.
My name is Kamazuki Suzuno.
I hail from a distant land and a family deeply steeped in tradition.
I have yet to grow accustomed to contemporary manners.
I would be deeply grateful for any assistance you can render in helping me acclimate to the city.
Just like me, huh? I'm Yusa Emi.
Nice to meet you.
Thanks for the meal.
Geez, I've got so much to do and remember.
It's really tiring.
But your work's just the same as always, isn't it? While you've been spending your days in a gloomy, gray haze, I've continued to grow as a human! Oh, are you now? I don't recall you being human to begin with! Did you forget, Emi? As of this Sunday, I'll be the shift manager of the MgRonald's at Hatagaya Station! I'll be a deputy boss! Wonderful.
You don't believe me?! Shift manager's an important position with lots of extra responsibility and plenty of extra pay! The only part I find unbelievable is that you think this is actually worth boasting about.
Just watch! I'll reach heights you can't even imagine! You're nuts.
Yusa, how dare you speak like that to the lord of this house? What? Emi-dono, are you and Sadao-dono in a close relationship? Give me a break! It is just that your conversation sounded so carefree.
It felt as though you have no need to guard your words against each other.
Well, they do go way back Don't make it worse! We might not have to watch our words, but there's no trust, or friendship, or any kind of positive relationship between us! In all seriousness, I wish he'd just drop dead right now.
I hope you understand.
I-I understand.
I feel like I've seen this before.
Don't tell me you're after him too! Wh-What? Wh-What if he had heard us? I'm sorry I hoped I was wrong.
But you're quite impressive.
How did you figure it out? That's a tough question to answer.
I shouldn't tell her I've seen all this before.
It was just a gut instinct, you know? I see.
You're quite something.
At first I thought she was an assassin from outside this world, or conversely, a new demon.
But it would be weird for an assassin to move in and not make a move for a whole week, and she's way to respectful toward me to be a demon.
I should just leave her be.
Hey, Suzuno-chan.
I know I sound like a huge busybody right now, but please hear me out.
What is it? You shouldn't get too close to him.
He'll only bring you misfortune.
What do you mean? He's not a man just anyone can handle.
You're better off not getting close to him.
I may not look it, but I'm quite experienced.
But If you say so, I'll heed your advice.
You must have your own reasons behind those words.
But even so, I cannot simply leave this place.
I know this is presumptuous of me, but I hope I can count on your assistance.
I'll do anything I can to help.
That's reassuring.
Oh, right! Just a sec.
I hope you didn't try any funny business while I was gone.
I'm not quite that daring.
Here's my phone number, email, and postal address.
If they cause you any trouble, just call me for help.
Thank you.
I am in your debt.
Don't make us look like criminals.
You're bloodthirsty demons, lower than cockroaches.
I doubt you'd try anything now, but if you hurt Suzuno-chan, I'll chop off your head and leave it on the windowsill to dry.
Are you some tyrant or what? I should get going.
Don't worry.
They're as law-abiding as it gets.
See you! I'm fine! I made it this time! Is she past the K-point? She managed to stop midway.
Seems so.
All right, I'm off.
Take care, my lord.
You don't have to see me off.
Get some rest.
Having to put up with Emi's rants tires me more than anything.
Sadao-dono! Ah, Kamazuki-san.
Sorry about earlier.
Did she tell you anything rude? No, nothing of the sort.
All right.
I gotta head to work, so Please take this, if you'd like.
Huh? And how is the Holy Vitamin Beta working? Well, I've been drinking them, but I haven't really had a chance to see if it works.
I haven't exactly been in any battles lately.
Then how are you and the Dark Lord getting on? Same as always.
We butt heads every time we meet, but we're both so busy working that worrying about private matters is out of question.
That makes you sound like lovers who are so busy at work that they hardly get to see each other.
Wh Wh Wh What are you saying, Eme?! In Ente Isla, I was a hero and he was the Dark Lord! We'll be enemies no matter what happens! How could we ever be l-lovers? That's completely unthinkable! I was just keeping tabs on him this morning, just like now! You've got no idea! Don't say stuff like that! All right, all right.
But please, don't do anything that'd leave us on opposite sides, okay? Don't worry.
I'm a hero.
I swear on my parents' names that I will not waver.
So, how is it over there? Well, no countries are openly taking action.
But they could be moving in secret, right? Yes, that's a fair assumption.
I hear things, but it's all still just rumors.
Also Also what? The Church Mission is investigating the truth behind Orba's disappearance.
Someone might be looking for you too.
In other words, please be careful.
They might send people after you who'll get carried away and cause trouble for Japan.
They just can't give me a break, can they? Yeah.
Anyway, it'll cost a fortune if we talk too long, so I'll just hang up.
Okay, later! As you well know, our soon-to-be arch enemy, Sentucky Fried Chicken, will open a new store in the area tomorrow.
I'll be gone tomorrow afternoon.
I'll leave the place in your hands, Maou-kun.
Yes, ma'am! I'll make sure you can contact me in case of an emergency, of course, but unless it's something of really grave importance, I'll leave the decisions up to you.
It's important for your professional development as well.
I understand.
You're working an easy shift today, but stay sharp.
Think of it as though your job as shift manager has already begun.
Maou Sadao Shift Table Sasaki Chiho You should take your break now.
Month Year You can get something to eat if you can make it back before six.
Or did you want to eat here? Yeah, I brought my food with me today.
Taking a break, Maou-san? Yeah.
I'd better eat something.
Maou-san, what's that? This? It's a lunch box.
Lunch? It looks pretty fancy.
Did Ashiya-san get it for you? Nah, it's not ours.
It actually belongs to our new neighbor.
Neighbor? In that building? Yeah.
It's a young girl— A girl?! Don't shout like that! A girl? And you have her lunch box? What's the meaning of this? Chi-chan, stop shaking me! D-Did your neighbor pack this for you? Yeah! Please, just stop shaking me! I hope I'm wrong about this, I really do, but is it hand-made?! I think it is.
C-C-C-Can I take a look at it?! Yes! Just stop shaking me! I'm begging you! New Year's delicacies? Are they? Wanna see the lower compartment? Wait! I'm not ready yet! O-Okay.
I've got a really, really bad feeling about this.
I came all this way without really thinking, but maybe this is time to bail out.
But But! I can't turn back now that I've come this far! Maou-san! Open it! S-Sure.
And once again, I spent today being a stalker.
And once again, I grabbed the same food.
Please come 'gain.
What's goin' on here? Are you all right? Watch out! Stay inside! Call the police right away! I don't know if you're human or demon, but what are you thinking, attacking here with people around? Coming after me is one thing, but if you cause trouble to these people too, I'll make you pay! Huh? What's this? Hey! Where d'ya think you're goin'? Are you okay? How about you? Are you all right? Sorry to shove you like that.
Don't worry 'bout it.
Jus' hit my forehead.
Did you call the police? I rang the alarm, so the police and security guards oughta be on their way.
But you see Yes? Sorry, but 'ccording to procedure we gotta keep customers in the shop durin' emergencies.
Could you please wait here 'til the police come? It did work.
This time, when I called forth Better Half, it was much more powerful than when I fought Lucifer two months ago.
Now I might be able to summon my Crusader Armor too.
But still, I have no idea what that purple light was.
I've never faced an enemy who could nullify my sacred sword or powers.
Um, are these yours? Yeah, sorry.
I-I kinda like this one, you know? Ah, that so? Yusa-san! Huh? Chiho-chan? Yusa-san! This is bad! Chiho-chan, what's wrong? Maou-san Maou-san What did he do?! He He brought Wh-What? A-A-A A lunch box with a heart drawn on the rice! Hand-made! From a girl! A double-decker lunch box! Double-decker! Huh? The sky is quiet and the morning draws near doko kara asa ni naru shizukana sora I try to ignore how our fingers link in a pinky promise minai furi wo shita yubikiri koyubi no saki Laughter chases the moon from the sky warawareta tsuki nara kiete yukun da Toward yesterday kinou no hougaku he If I was really a liar, a coward, and all that usotsuki okubyoumono minna matomete boku nara I'd just say it was all a dream saiteita no wa yume no naka da Hiding in the shadow of the moon, I was crying tsuki no kage ni kakushiteta hontou wa ne naiteta But my tears have all dried up and left me namida wa mou nagarenai karete shimatta no Though if everything is forgiven, maybe I can cry again nanimo kamo yurusetara nagareru ka mo shirenai kedo There are so many things I want to protect mamoritai mono bakari da na The Hero Joins The Fray The Hero Joins The Fray The Hero Joins The Fray The Hero Joins The Fray The Hero Joins The Fray