The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

The Hero Experiences a Fray

1 Sasa Tana bata Fest ival hata Huh? Aren't there more people here than usual? Apparently there's a local celebration called the Sasahata Tanabata festival that begins today.
Now then.
We're here at Hatagaya, but it seems that the MgRonald's is running short on customers at the worst possible time.
This isn't good for a lovers' quarrel.
The shop needs to be crowded, or things are really gonna go south if the mood takes a turn for the worse.
If the guy ends up being right, we might have to seriously trash the place.
But look, here's a Sentucky right where we need it! Let's have a strategic meeting there first.
You're totally enjoying this, aren't you? Get out of the gate True sky Here and now is where it all begins kono shunkan kono basho ga sutaato Let's think of everything we can do from where we are imeeji shite miyou nani ga dekiru no kana I'm sure we can accomplish the unbelievable if we try shinjirarenai dekigoto datte aru We can always reach for more motto koeteyukeru ne Power of dreams All the things born from zero shine so bright zero kara umareru subete kagayaite Fly I want to soar the skies ano sora he omoikkiri habatakitai Light blue wind Let's put on our brightest smiles and go saikou no sumairu de warainagara saa ikou Let's jump into a brand new, unknown world michi no sekai he to ima tobidasou yo Into another world We can choose and shape our own futures mirai wo erabi kimeru no wa jibun So let's chase after our dreams yume wo oikakete yukou There might be days when we cry naku hi mo aru But those times are important too sore wa daiji na negai Don't go anywhere, because kienaide kitto aeru kara asu no kimi he Your future's waiting for you Get out of the gate True sky The Hero Learns The True Meaning Of "Lovers' Quarrel" The Hero Learns The True Meaning Of "Lovers' Quarrel" The Hero Learns The True Meaning Of "Lovers' Quarrel" The Hero Learns The True Meaning Of "Lovers' Quarrel" The Hero Learns The True Meaning Of "Lovers' Quarrel" The Hero Learns The True Meaning Of "Lovers' Quarrel" The Hero Learns The True Meaning Of "Lovers' Quarrel" The Hero Learns The True Meaning Of "Lovers' Quarrel" The Hero Learns The True Meaning Of "Lovers' Quarrel" First, tell me all about this "Maou" guy.
The more we know, the more clues we have to resolve this conflict.
He's a Dark Lord, and I'm a Hero.
There's nothing but conflict between us.
But will this girl realize this is just Rika's misunderstanding? I'll have an ice coffee.
How about you two? I'll have a maple biscuit set with an ice tea.
With milk, please.
Ice coffee, please.
My treat, okay? That's it.
Would you like a coupon for our grand opening sale? Thanks.
We'll now put our hearts into preparing your orders.
Our products will be overjoyed to have been bought by such beauties.
Here, your change.
All yours.
I have committed the gravest of sins: making a lady wait.
Please accept my most sincere apologies.
Here is your order.
Guys who act like that around girls are pain in the ass.
They're so lame.
His cologne is gross too, and don't get me started on those sunglasses.
What're you talking about? Never mind.
Let's go.
First things first.
Let's hear the whole story from the beginning.
Maou Sadao-san, was it? I wanna hear the whole story from you.
To me, he is simply my new neighbor.
We get along pretty well, though.
Really now? I want you to defeat the Dark Lord Satan with my help and return to Ente Isla with me.
She said that just a while ago! And now she has the gall to say they get along well? What about you, Emi? I'd gladly kill him without a second's thought.
Quite the difference of opinion there.
But you're not being honest, Emi.
Listen now, Rika.
There's nothing between Maou and me! I have another reason for not wanting Suzuno to fall into his grasp! We're not fighting over Maou or anything! See, that's what I meant.
You're even lying to yourself.
Why do you keep trying to bring Maou and me together? The very thought disgusts me! He's cruel, he's sly, he's greedy, he's thoughtless, he's miserly, he lacks common sense, and he acts like giving away a cheap umbrella is some huge favor! I can't just sit here and listen to your slander! Ashiya? Why are you here? What's taking Ashiya so long? You want me to carry out a thorough consumption of Sentucky Fried Chicken? Uh, you can just eat it normally.
Had you told me to visit the Saifu Supermarket by the station during discounts hour and thoroughly consume the fried chicken available there for mere 88 yen per 100g, I might have accepted.
But considering the dire state of our finances as they are, we cannot afford to have them line the coffers of Sentucky, your mortal enemy! Just listen to me! We need to do this precisely because of the whole mortal enemy thing.
To win in battle, you must know your opponent.
Don't tell me my master strategist forgot that.
My lord I'm not telling you to go there just to eat.
When you're there, I want you to learn everything you can of their strengths and weaknesses.
These are necessary expenses for my own social climb.
If you insist to this degree, I shall not go against your wishes.
I, Ashiya Shirou, shall investigate them at the lowest possible cost.
Ashiya! My lord! Just leave it to me! Ashiya! Those boneheads.
My lord! Ashiya! I told him to investigate thoroughly, but this is taking forever.
Maou-san? What's wrong, Chi-chan? We finished everything that needed to be done.
I see Right.
Morale's at an all-time low.
That's hardly surprising, though.
The Tanabata festival's brought record crowds outside, and compared to our arch enemy, Sentucky, it's like a funeral in here.
What should I do? We can't just sit on our asses.
Should we stand out the front to attract customers? Attract customers That's one option, but I'd rather do that after Ashiya returns.
How can we attract customers without knowing our enemy? Should we act now? But wait! If we act now No idea.
Not a single idea! I never thought a clash between fast food giants could be this complicated! Maou-kun, you okay? You shouldn't try to solve everything yourself just because you're the shift manager.
That's true! I'm a squad leader now! If I falter here, the unease will spread to my men! Now is not the time for us to move.
At the moment, the tide favors the enemy.
But it is bound to turn in our favor before long! That is the moment we must wait for! And as we prepare for that glorious opportunity Let the windows be cleaned! Roger! Ashiya, hurry up! What are you doing here? Or rather, where were you hiding until now? I saw you enter the premises, and wished to avoid needless conflict.
However, I cannot stand idly by while you crush my lord's honor underfoot! Yeah, whatever.
Oh right, Ashiya! This is your chance to help us out! This is about you and Maou, after all.
What? Why would I help you ? You're here to research this shop, aren't you? I'll treat you to whatever you want.
If you need my help that badly, I guess I can't refuse.
We all have a price, but I didn't expect yours to be that low.
Don't get me wrong.
My top priority is to preserve the finances of our household.
To that end, there is no depth to which I will not lower myself to.
That's just sad.
Anyway, I have not yet looked into salads or desserts due to budgetary limitations.
Let's order those later.
I don't really get it.
Are you two friends? Absolutely not! Perish the thought! I don't know you.
To introduce myself in terms relative to the people present, I am Kamazuki-san's neighbor.
My name is Ashiya Shirou.
Ah, my pleasure.
I'm Emi's colleague, Suzuki Rika.
If you're neighbors with Suzuno-chan, does that mean you live with Maou-san? That's correct.
Do you know my lord? I'd like to know about him! I've got lots of questions! You want to know about him? Oh, that's nothing you need to concern yourself with.
To cut to the chase, I hear that Emi won't let any other girls get close to him.
Yusa, could you explain what this is all about? Believe me, I'd like to know myself.
Yusa won't allow any other girls to get close to him, huh? I see.
So that's it, Yusa? Very well.
This will also be the first time you've heard this, Kamazuki-san.
Back in the day, Maou and I headed up a company.
A company? A-Ashiya? What is he talking about? Wait a moment.
You look about the same age as us! How old are you really? Our company specialized in land utilization and staff management.
We got involved in construction projects as well.
Our company was called Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc.
Maou Inc? Staff management, my ass.
Yusa was employed by one of our rivals.
Emi, you used to work at a construction company? Wait, how old are you again? Uh, well If I recall correctly, you were a temp back then.
A temp? I see, so the Hero's a temp? Don't take him seriously! We carried out business extensively, even though the company was so small that we, the management, had to work at the sites too.
Yusa had her own talents, and was backed by a big company.
We often competed for jobs.
Back then, we were all young and lacking in real experience.
Furthermore, we were right in the middle of an economic crisis.
A company run by young men is easily ruined if a big corporation snatches all the work.
In the end, Yusa got the contract.
We lost, and our company went bankrupt.
We drifted for a while and ended up in a small apartment in Sasazuka.
Then, one year later, we ran into Yusa by chance.
Takoyaki? Yusa must've taken pity on us, knowing our history as old rivals.
She comes to check on us every now and then.
Ah, I see! However! My boss has not given up on starting a new company and leading it to success! He works hard every day at MgRonalds to master management from the basics up.
In just a year, he was promoted to shift manager.
On the other hand, I spend my days doing housework.
It's a huge step back compared to my previous position.
But under his leadership, we will once again form a company of our own! And I will do my best to support him! But as you know, every start-up is much like a gamble.
Who knows what would wait for Kamazuki-san with us? So I can understand why Yusa wouldn't want to let her get involved with us.
I'm already way too involved.
My boss is quite obstinate.
He still considers Yusa an enemy, and basically despises her.
That's why I think your image of the situation is somewhat mistaken, Suzuki-san.
Phew, that's quite a story.
You're pretty much the same age as me.
Yet here I was, letting my imagination run wild.
I'm embarrassed.
Geez, Emi, you should've told me the details! I tried, but you weren't listening.
My family runs a small factory too.
When times are bad, we all have to work together.
You said it's a step back for you, but Maou's eating your cooking, sleeping under blankets you aired, and wearing clothes you washed, isn't he? Yeah.
Then you're supporting him by taking care of the essentials.
You should be more proud of that.
If you can support each other like that, I'm sure it'll work out in the end! You're the first person who's said something like that to me.
Thank you.
Your words have lightened my heart a little.
Rika? What? What? I should be asking you that.
What's gotten into you all of a sudden? Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing! She said it four times.
I see You guys go way back.
Now that we've cleared up the misunderstanding, can we get go— I wanna see this Maou guy for myself now! Huh? If he's really talented, it might be profitable to make his acquaintance.
What's that supposed to mean? And you need to report the intel you collected, right? Then let's go together! Rika! Of course you will come too.
Anyway, order one of those maple biscuits and a salad with Thousand Island dressing for take-out.
Wh Wha Why.
Kamazuki-san, I still owe you my thanks.
If you'd like something, just say the word.
Why did it have to come to this? This is getting worse and worse.
Now, now, young lady, if you sit down to eat with such a sour expression, your food will sour as well.
If you say so.
No matter what troubles you shoulder, remember that in time, things will change.
You shouldn't blame yourself when things don't go your way.
I've never seen a Sentucky cashier so keenly interested in my personal affairs.
Please, forgive my presumption.
But allow me to say this.
When a lady shows a moment of weakness, that is when men make their move.
Please be careful.
What do you mean? Only what I said and nothing more.
Thank you very much.
Please come again.
Coupons for the grand opening sale? And as far as I was able to tell, their signature fried chicken is so good you could even eat the bones.
Even the bones? Wait, why'd you eat the bones? Not to mention, they apparently use organic coffee.
What? Coffee made from ogre meat? Organic.
Made without artificial ingredients.
I see.
Ogres are known for their artifice and greed.
It doesn't seem to differ much in other aspects.
The service was nothing exceptional either.
I can only conclude that it attracts passersby solely out of novelty.
I see.
Time for us to make our move.
Good work.
I am not worthy of your praise.
However, please allow me to make a contribution to your sales, however insignificant.
Two Big Tuna Burger sets with a large drink and fries each.
Urushihara might complain, but tonight we shall dine on fast food.
If he does, you have my full permission to smack him one.
As you wish.
Also, you can expect great things from those three.
Okay, though I don't really get it.
I'll be praying for your success.
They're quite close, aren't they? And they conduct themselves so professionally.
There are so many capable people around you, Emi.
Can I count myself as one too? Whatever you like.
The chairs here are harder than Sentucky's.
Excuse me, dear customers.
What? Would you be so good as to order before taking your seats? I'll have an small ice coffee, then.
We're a self-service restaurant, so if you could kindly make your way to the counter— Then if you could kindly throw in an apple pie as well, you may have the honor of delivering it to my table.
Ma'a— You're Maou-san, aren't you? You're nowhere as charismatic as I thought you'd be.
The store sure seems empty with you at the counter.
Ma'am, who do you think you are?! Is that any way to talk to a customer? I've half a mind to file a complaint with the company.
Gimme a break.
Even the customers need to follow certain rules.
Who are you, even? I'm Suzuki Ruka, Emi's colleague.
I've heard all about you from Ashiya-san and the girls.
Even Ashiya? When? What did he tell you? Ashiya-san and Emi both told me a rather one-sided tale about you.
I came to take a look at you myself.
I don't really see what you're getting at.
Are you the kind who has to meddle in other people's affairs? Oh geez.
The one customer we get, and it's Emi.
Don't say that, Maou-san.
Yusa-san's as important a customer as any other.
Here, your freshly-made ice coffee and apple pie.
Sorry, Chiho-chan.
I got carried away talking to Maou.
It's okay.
I get it.
Chiho-dono, you seem most gay today.
Hello, Suzuno-san.
Are you a friend of Yusa-san's? Yeah.
I'm Emi's colleague, Suzuki Rika.
I'm Sasaki Chiho.
Yusa-san's taken good care of me.
So cute Excuse me? So cute! What's with this girl? She's too cute! Hey, what're you doing? Emi, there are just too many great people around you! She's well-mannered, enthusiastic, and so damn cute! It's not fair! Cut it out, Rika! Quit acting like some drunken old lecher! Yeah, yeah.
Sorry, Chiho-chan.
I got too excited.
S-Sure I don't really get it, though.
So, what about you? Huh? You told Ashiya-san you were going to make your move now, didn't you? Let me make this clear: I want to see you in action.
What's up with you? Look at Ashiya-san and Chiho-chan.
There are so many talented people around Emi.
I sure hope you're not as thickheaded as you look.
So you're saying I look thickheaded? It's more than just looks, huh? Perfect! Sentucky goes with coupons? We'll use flyers! Would you like some MgRonald's hamburgers? Please do stop by! It's not working.
What?! In that case Unlike SFC, our burgers don't have bones! Let's use "easy to eat" as our selling point! Would you like to try a Big Tuna Burger? It's 100% bone-free and super easy to eat! Doesn't it go without saying that burgers don't have bones? She says the darndest things.
But she sure is cute! It didn't work.
Don't worry.
Kawachi! At this point, maybe we should even let people who don't buy anything use the restrooms! Why would we do that? This is hopeless.
Maou-chan, you in? Nabe-san, thank you for coming! I could never say no to you, Maou-san.
Sorry for taking so long.
No problem at all! You're a lifesaver! C'mon, have something to eat! On the house! Nah, I'm here on delivery duty only.
Thanks for the offer, but my wife's already making dinner.
See you at the next neighborhood cleanup! Say hi to Kisaki-chan for me! Wow, it's amazing! Let's decorate it in time for the dinner rush! Yeah, let's! Maou-kun, I brought the stuff! Will these decorations be enough? All right, let's use the flyers too.
Are you sure we can just use these to make decorations? I'll allow it as shift manager! What's going on? Maou-san came up with the idea of participating in the Sasahata Tanabata festival by having customers write their wishes and decorate the bamboo themselves.
He asked the manager to request permission from the higher-ups so that we could give a complimentary small drink to everyone who wrote a wish.
And he got to know Watanabe-san, who dropped by earlier, through volunteering at the neighborhood cleanups and asked him for a bamboo plant from his garden.
Maou volunteers in the neighborhood cleanups? There's no way of knowing if it's actually gonna work, but it sure gave the shop a whole new atmosphere, didn't it? Hey, that ain't half bad! He sure is enthusiastic about his work.
Huh? So pretty! They've got a cute girl too! This is awesome! I'll tweet this! What's going on? Mom, let me hang a wish too! You're kidding me! They brought in this many customers just by putting out a bamboo plant? What kinda feng shui is this?! It's unbelievable! All personnel to battle positions! It's time for battle! Yeah! Welcome, welcome! Once you've decided on your order, please queue over here! Welcome.
There are open seats over there The sky is quiet and the morning draws near doko kara asa ni naru shizukana sora I try to ignore how our fingers link in a pinky promise minai furi wo shita yubikiri koyubi no saki Laughter chases the moon from the sky warawareta tsuki nara kiete yukun da Toward yesterday kinou no hougaku he If I was really a liar, a coward, and all that usotsuki okubyoumono minna matomete boku nara I'd just say it was all a dream saiteita no wa yume no naka da Hiding in the shadow of the moon, I was crying tsuki no kage ni kakushiteta hontou wa ne naiteta But my tears have all dried up and left me namida wa mou nagarenai karete shimatta no Though if everything is forgiven, maybe I can cry again nanimo kamo yurusetara nagareru ka mo shirenai kedo There are so many things I want to protect mamoritai mono bakari da na The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord