The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Kusuo Saiki,
I know that you have psychic powers.
Of course, I will not tell anyone else.
I wrote this letter to tell you
that I am not your enemy,
and I'd like to be your apprentice.
I also have rare skills which I used
to find out about you, Master.
He is already calling me master.
I will visit you soon.
From your loyal disciple.
What happened to apprentice?
However, it is surprising
that there are others with psychic powers.
Who is this?
I need to find that out
before he shows up.
It's also called token-object reading.
It's an ability to read human thoughts
or memories dormant in an object.
For example, this Shonen Jump.
The production process,
spoilers of the pages I haven't read yet,
the overworked artists
I can see these things
just by touching the magazine.
That is why I usually wear
gloves so thin that they are invisible
to block this power.
Psychometry only works
when I touch an object directly.
But it is useful now.
Using Psychometry, the author of this
This is actually a pretty normal house.
He came too soon.
Why did he bother to send me the letter?
Sorry. Let me introduce myself!
Nice to meet you, Master!
I am Reita Toritsuka.
I am 16 years old
Well, you can use telepathy to learn that.
I've heard all sorts of rumors about you.
Well, I did hear them from ghosts.
I see. You can communicate with ghosts.
Can you see ghosts?
I can't.
That must be nice.
I can see 15 ghosts right now.
There are that many in here?
It's like they are having a party here.
The ghosts came
to see your psychic powers.
There is an old lady
in the corner of your ceiling.
And someone is mooning you
right next to
Forget about that, Master!
Please accept me as your apprentice!
What about the mooning?
Don't worry. He can't hurt you.
He's hurting my mental health.
He went away!
Oh, no. Now he is rubbing it on his face.
Don't underestimate me.
To be honest, I can't do anything.
You can't?
You must be able to do something
since you can see ghosts.
I can only see ghosts and speak to them.
That's all.
I was born in a temple.
I have always had those abilities.
You were born with them? So was I.
As a child, I couldn't even tell
the difference between humans and ghosts.
My dear grandmother taught me
how to spot the difference.
Ghosts do not have bodies,
so you can tell by touching them.
Then I realized it.
-My grandmother was a ghost.
-That is sad.
When I got down,
my grandfather consoled me.
But he was a ghost, too.
So I started touching everyone.
People got angry and called me a pervert.
I was only doing that to check
if they were ghosts.
The look on your face says otherwise.
I wondered whether this troublesome power
could be helpful.
It could.
Many people have been saved
by speaking to the dead.
How can I get rich using this power?
Then I heard about you
from a ghost friend of mine.
How was the girls' bath?
He told me there is a man
with telepathy, x-ray vision,
teleportation ability, clairvoyance,
and psychokinesis.
You were only asking about girls.
Please make me your apprentice
and teach me your skills!
-Even if you learned my skills,
you would use them for evil.
Master, you can read people's minds.
I know I can't lie to you.
I will be honest.
I want to use psychic powers
to see naked girls and win the lottery.
There are many more I'd like to do.
You're being too honest.
I want clairvoyance
because I can peep
using the power. And also
This is the first time I have seen
such an honest creep.
But he has many misconceptions.
My head is filled with the cacophony
of others' voices.
I see too much.
I cannot touch anything
without wearing gloves.
Does he understand how much I suffer?
Don't underestimate me.
I will go home for today.
Don't tell anyone about today.
Can I come again?
Just go
Psychometry? Right, I took off my gloves.
When I touch a person,
I can experience their senses
Master? What is wrong?
Nothing. We both have our burdens.
Yesterday was a surprise.
I believe that medium's name
was Toritsuka.
An interesting student
has transferred to the other class.
What spirit is protecting me?
I think she's a beautiful noble
from the medieval era.
-Just like you.
-Oh, my.
What about mine?
-Master! Thanks for yesterday!
-What about our promise?
-Switch schools!
-Please, wait.
Why are you so angry?
-Didn't I tell you about this?
-I thought you would read my mind.
-I didn't.
Are you worried that I will tell them
about your powers, Master?
First, stop calling me Master.
I won't tell anyone.
My weapon disintegrates in water.
Flush it and the case goes cold.
I feel like the bully has caught me
on the first day of school.
Why do you need to hide it?
Psychic powers really stand out.
I don't like that.
But I wouldn't like it
if someone is able to read my mind.
Not only that, see my body
That means that you can see
all the girls naked
The new boy is already into me.
Who is that beautiful girl?
That is Teruhashi.
She passed by us on purpose.
Be thankful.
-Can you see her through her clothes, too?
-Don't be a creep.
-Can you see my protective spirit?
-What is mine?
Saiki, I am going to be just fine.
All right! I will get to all of you!
Get in line.
What is a protective spirit?
As the name indicates,
it's a spirit that protects you.
Wow! What is my protective spirit?
You have
the spirit of a samurai!
He will protect you.
Yours is a royal lady of a European house.
-What about mine?
You have
You have a poet from France or somewhere.
-He is in his 20s with long hair
-You see me.
He is a really charming guy.
-What's mine?
-What about mine?
-Mine first.
-Are there any other girls?
Hey! Don't ignore me!
Well, old man, old lady, old lady,
old lady, done.
-Now, back to you
-You didn't even look closely!
-Hairo, go on.
-No, I'm not interested.
-You have an amazing protective spirit.
He is a passionate man.
He is full of energy!
-His name may be Matsu
-He is still alive.
This is all so stupid.
Well, I suppose I will ask.
-Who is my protective spirit?
-He really wants to know.
Your protective spirit is abnormal.
Seriously? Abnormal?
A demon? A sealed monster? A dark spirit?
What is it? Go on.
It's a Chihuahua.
This is a joke.
You made that up, didn't you?
What is the fuss? A festival?
Now, here comes the weirdo.
He claims he can see protective spirits.
-Protective spirits? What's that?
Don't push. There is a line.
What is my protective spirit?
Nendo's protective spirit? I am curious.
Your protective spirit is a politician.
-Completely ignored.
-I am so glad I came here!
-What is my protective spirit?
-My rose-colored campus life has begun.
-Tell me what my protective spirit is.
-Saiki, would you like to know yours?
-I don't really care.
-But tell this guy his.
-What's mine?
-He is annoying me.
-What's mine?
Shut up!
I told you to stop following me!
Why did he get mad all of a sudden?
What? He isn't a ghost?
You thought he was a ghost?
Didn't you also ignore him
like you couldn't see him?
I saw him but ignored him.
How dare you?
-He's real!
-Good grief.
He can't tell the difference
between a human and a ghost.
It must be tough to be a medium.
Saiki, I want to show you something.
Can you use psychometry on me?
You will understand
why I made that mistake.
This is
This is my protective spirit.
You really do have it rough.
This is heavy
Watch out! Are you okay?
Where are you bringing these to?
-To the teacher's room.
-Kineshi Hairo.
He is a central figure
of our class committee.
His kindness and leadership
have won the trust of most classmates.
Carry them here!
Humans become stronger
when they push their limits!
Come on!
Keep it up!
Push yourself harder! Good work!
His energy can also make him
a bit annoying.
All right! I will do my best, too.
I will hop to the teacher's room!
He is tough to others,
but he is tougher to himself.
-As a result, his classmates follow him.
-Look at Hairo.
I want to hop, too!
I will join in
even if I have nothing to carry.
Teacher's room, I am coming for you!
I don't dislike him,
but I don't think we will get along.
Did you know this, Saiki?
When humans sleep,
we produce about 300 milliliters of sweat.
That is so random.
The sports festival is coming up.
We are building the entrance.
But my helper Kudo caught a cold.
Why are you giving up?
Colds are all in your head!
You can do it! Don't give up!
Are you a monster?
It's almost done.
We just need to connect
the base to the arch.
So could you help
No! Base!
You were fine yesterday!
Base! Speak to me! Base!
-You can't motivate inanimate objects.
-Don't give up!
Good grief. The two of us can't fix this.
-I am going home.
-Wait, Saiki!
Let's try our best!
If we hurry, we can catch
the last train home!
Just let me leave.
Okay! I can do it! I can!
-Never give up! Never!
-Shut up.
-Why am I doing this?
-Never give up!
It's hard to control my strength.
No! How can this happen?
We don't have enough materials!
Is he giving up?
-I'll go get some more.
-Just give up.
Saiki, keep up the good work!
-All right!
-What a pain.
I can just leave,
but I don't want to be lectured tomorrow.
Why did you leave? Did you give up?
It's much easier
If I don't use the mallet or saw.
But it may look suspicious.
I'll just read until he comes back.
He is late. What is he doing?
It is unlikely that he is being lazy.
I'll search for him.
There he is. What is he doing?
Where did he find that?
The stores were closed,
but I found the perfect log.
What is he doing?
Did he escape after being tied to a tree?
I shall never give up!
If you can't buy wood at a store,
just accept that.
Saiki is working hard all alone.
I cannot give up here!
I'm fine. Give up.
-What is this?
-What's wrong?
There is fungus growing in this log!
-Throw it out.
-It is far too early to give up!
You slipped.
Sorry for the delay!
We can finish this by dawn now!
-No, you can finish it sooner than that.
Why are you here?
We were at practice,
and we saw you sliding on that log.
You always help us.
Let us help you!
All right! Let's do this!
Let's huddle up!
-Don't huddle. Just get right into it.
-Go team!
Get rid of the fungus!
I'm cutting it!
Don't just sit there!
-It's done!
-It looks great!
Good grief. It took a lot of time
to finish it.
Normal humans have it rough.
Well, it's not bad to do
something like this from time to time.
By the way, why are you preparing
for the sports festival now?
-It is still a month away.
What are you saying? A month goes by fast!
I knew it. We'll never get along.
You are in charge of the house, Ku.
We will be back around dusk.
Right. It is father's colleagues' wedding.
I can't believe Kirishima is holding this
during the summer.
It is so hot. Right, dear?
It is even hotter outside.
You are warm
because you are stuck together.
Are you really not coming, Kusuo?
You have met Kirishima, right?
I'll pass.
At first glance, it would appear
to be happy and celebratory.
But inside
Welcome to your living grave.
It would be filled with jealousy,
sympathy, and other complex emotions.
-That's about it, right?
-Poor guy.
I can't celebrate unhappiness.
I see. Too bad.
You could have used your skills
to steal the show.
Psychic skills are not for show.
It's quiet now. I'll watch TV.
What a mess.
It can't be helped. I'll tidy up.
It's so dusty under this furniture.
Good grief.
How could they let
this place get this dirty?
What if there are insects?
There was a cockroach.
I am scared of almost nothing,
but there is one thing I fear.
It isn't because they look disgusting.
Well, maybe a little bit
The reason I hate insects is
that they are unpredictable.
I can read the minds of not only humans,
but most animals.
However, insects are too small for me
to read their minds.
I cannot tell what they are thinking.
That is why I hate them.
I could use psychokinesis to catch them,
but I don't want to touch one
even with psychokinesis.
However, I didn't need
to run away to Texas.
And yet, I don't want to return home
while that cockroach is there.
Zuzuya will deliver
white garlic onion mochis.
Please receive it for me.
Right. There will be a delivery.
It can't be helped.
Five minutes have passed.
Should I go back?
It was on the first floor.
I should be safe on the second floor.
What should I do?
I will need to go downstairs
for the delivery.
If father was here
There it is! Save me!
No. Mother takes care of insects.
-There's a little buggy?
-Mother catches them
as nimbly as a veteran shortstop
and releases them outside.
Go back to the forest!
Should I use my teleport ability
to bring mother back?
It's here!
I never expected it to arrive this soon.
No. This is for the best.
Once I accept the package,
I can leave this house.
Once I accept it, I will teleport.
The issue is the route to the door.
I got it!
It was Nendo.
I suppose I didn't need to run away.
After the unreadable insect
came the unreadable Nendo.
Give me a break!
Nendo and gross insects
are no good for me.
I need Nendo to
Right! That is a possibility.
It was only a second,
but I saw that he had a net.
Okay! Leave this to me, pal.
Whether there's one or a hundred
cockroaches, I'll catch them all for you.
I will take a trip to Brazil.
Call me when you find it.
Found it. He's under here.
-There are two.
-I'm not happy about that.
Can I lift this up?
It's actually not heavy at all.
I need to help him catch the cockroaches.
-I've got you now.
-You can't let go.
Toss that outside now
Do you have tissues?
Okay. Let's go eat ramen.
I apologize for being rude,
but could you leave now?
We're back!
Wow! The house looks so clean.
Ku, did you clean?
Good grief.
Thank you, Ku.
As a thank you,
here's some chocolate I won at
I dropped them!
What? Ku?
Did you break up with Minako?
You are too loud.
-You're single again.
-Welcome back.
-My ex-boyfriend was too jealous.
-Good grief. It is the season of breakups.
I don't understand the excitement.
I don't understand Yumehara.
Oh, no. I am staring at Saiki again.
Chiyo Yumehara.
I don't know what's gotten into her,
but she grew feelings for me.
She has tried to approach me.
I have managed to block each attempt.
I thought she gave up
and dated another boy.
He has kind eyes.
He is as handsome as a prince.
His skin is as white as porcelain.
-I can't help but stare at him!
-Get your eyes checked.
No, Chiyo. I have Takeru.
But we haven't been getting along well.
Are we growing apart?
He used to be so romantic.
I can see it's raining in your heart.
I'll be your heart's umbrella.
I'm your heart's umbrella.
He loved that phrase. It was a bit tiring.
He finally used a different line recently.
I'll be your heart's swim board.
I'll protect you from drowning
in the great sea of life.
That was so confusing I was turned off.
I see, the season of breakups
is coming for her.
It's not just that.
His feet smell.
He makes noise when he eats.
He holds his chopsticks strangely.
He is mean to store clerks.
-He lacks fashion sense.
-Sorry, I'm late.
When everyone is having fun,
his jaw becomes unhinged
and he ruins the mood.
I have been seeing his bad sides recently.
Good grief.
I don't care about the romance of others.
But if they break up,
she will start bothering me again.
It can't be helped.
I will become the shelter
protecting their love umbrella.
-Are you serious?
-That must be Takeru.
That's so funny!
My jaw
Are you okay?
Yes. I'm fine.
That hurts. Sorry.
Sorry for making you laugh.
The mood is ruined.
Takeru, how are things
with your girlfriend?
-Not at all.
I feel so down.
Sorry to make you wait.
-I can now protect your heart from rain
-It's okay. I just got here.
Do you want to go somewhere?
I don't care.
-Let's take a little detour.
-I can't go too far.
It is far from perfect.
-How about a game center?
-I'll pass.
-Where do you want to go?
-Nowhere in particular.
This is worse than I thought.
Yumehara's rating of Takeru
is now at 57 points.
It keeps dropping.
He doesn't remember.
This is our third month anniversary.
I see. Women care about special dates.
I know because my mother is like that
every month.
Does Takeru remember?
When I am with you, my heart relaxes.
It is as though you are my heart's
massage chair.
Too bad.
I'll have to tell him.
Three months.
-Three months?
Did you remember
our three month anniversary?
-I'm so glad.
Of course. I have a present, too.
His rating improved,
but does he really have a present?
-Oh no. I don't have anything.
-It was a bluff.
I have that dry squid I ate in class.
Thank goodness.
She isn't an old man.
-Can I open them?
Of course not!
-It's so cute! What a lovely bunny!
-She did look closely at that before.
Good thing I bought it just in case.
I am taking 3,900 yen
from your wallet later.
What a lovely present!
I smelled squid before.
I knew that couldn't be my present.
Of course not.
Thanks to Saiki,
Takeru's rating continued to rise.
It finally reached 90 points.
-Today was so much fun!
-Let's get food.
-There's a hamburger
All right!
I was just thinking
that I wanted to eat okonomiyaki!
His rating is so high that he could
propose to her right now.
They won't break up now.
Welcome. A party of two?
Isn't that obvious? Show us our seats!
I am hungry.
Let's eat!
I can't take it anymore!
What happened?
Right. Humans can ruin their image
in a second.
My most hated school event,
the sports festival, arrives.
As Hairo said, one month passes quickly.
Next time
Each day is precious.
I will live each moment
without forgetting that.
Subtitle translation by James Burns
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