The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

Everyone gets way too excited
-around this time of year.
-I can't wait!
One of the most important parts
of high school life
is the class trip.
-This is my first time in Okinawa!
-This is my first time flying!
Next week, our school is going
to Okinawa for three days.
-Is it hot over there?
-Well, yes, it's pretty far south.
Good grief. I don't really understand
the appeal of traveling.
Because I can get to
and from Okinawa in three minutes.
Saiki, did you decide
on your group for the class trip?
You should have three boys
and three girls in your group.
A group I don't really care.
Just group me with whoever.
Right now, the undecided ones
are just Nendo and Kaido.
I shouldn't have picked leftovers.
That's three guys!
Let me know once you've found three girls.
I'm dreading this even more now.
Looks like Saiki is grouping up
with those guys after all!
Just as I thought.
The question is how do we get
into the same group as those three.
-I'm too embarrassed to suggest it myself.
-Hey, why don't we ask Mera?
She's not around right now.
She's working
to save up money for the trip.
Wow, she's working hard.
She even sent me a postcard. Look.
What should we do?
I know! I'll ask Kaido.
Wow! Asking your target directly?
She's surprisingly aggressive.
Teruhashi has mistaken Kaido
for Yumehara's crush.
Oh, but Kaido is gone.
Okay, I'll ask.
Nendo is right over there.
Going straight for her target?
I'm impressed!
Yumehara has mistaken Nendo
for Teruhashi's crush.
Hey, Nendo!
-Would you like to join our group?
-Don't get in my way!
I can't say I'm going with Nendo
in front of all of them.
If you say something like that,
everyone will think you're into him.
What's up?
Teruhashi's popularity has backfired.
I have relatives in Okinawa,
so I can show you around!
I used to live in Okinawa!
I know all about the islands!
I'm friends with the bassist
from a famous band there!
Liar! The band you know is from Shizuoka!
It can't be helped.
We will draw names to see which guys
and girls will group up together.
First, Teruhashi.
Just leaving it to luck is a bad idea!
But it will work out!
God is looking out for me.
The odds are one in six.
If I beg a little, then
Please, help me!
This is easy!
I can't believe she actually managed
to pick my name.
But too bad.
You can't beg me for help.
This is it!
Teruhashi's group will join
Takahashi's group.
Whenever you want to talk to Teruhashi,
you will have to get my permission.
Let's just play cards in our hotel
during free time.
I'll bring UNO.
So with that,
Teruhashi's group has joined Takahashi.
What about the rest?
Should we keep drawing names?
-I don't care about the rest.
-Do what you want.
Wow, everyone's depressed.
We kept drawing names
to decide groups, but
Nendo's group? Gross.
You'd better let me draw again.
I'm not giving up
on my vacation like this!
That's too much.
Nendo doesn't deserve that.
As long as it's not Teruhashi's group,
I don't care.
Then, we will switch.
But only if Nendo's group is okay with it.
This is my chance!
Usually, it would look weird to say
I want to join Nendo's, but
Idiot, you know why she's doing this.
In this situation
It is to protect Nendo's group.
-Teruhashi is so nice.
Sacrificing herself
Teruhashi is amazing! What a goddess!
People will like me more,
and I'll smoothly join Saiki's group!
Let's have a good time!
You're way too lucky.
I'm so relieved.
We will just dig holes in the sand
during free time.
Yes, all day.
-Hairo, a minute.
Whose group is Mera in?
She's with us.
-Mera can't make it to the trip anymore.
They couldn't fish enough tuna.
That's too bad.
-I see.
-That's too bad.
So we have decided
to create five groups of seven instead.
So please,
each person in Teruhashi's group
join another group!
-Teruhashi, join our group!
-No, join ours!
Looks like God sided with me today.
Next week is your class trip, right?
Be careful over there.
You will have Nendo and Kaido,
so you will be fine.
They are the reason I'm worried.
But two nights
-Don't slip and use your psychic powers.
-That will never happen.
To think that he used his powers
in his sleep until fourth grade
Our little boy is all grown up.
Shut up.
Well, I'm glad groups are decided now.
But, I do feel bad for Mera.
Who would that be?
I'll get it.
Good grief.
Is it true that you're going
on a vacation with Kokomi?
This is Makoto, Teruhashi's older brother.
Hey, where are you looking!
He is a top star,
but, in fact, he's a pervert.
So best not to get too close.
Answer me!
I'm asking whether you're really going
on a three-day trip with Kokomi!
It's a class trip.
-Kokomi is still in high school!
-It's a class trip.
And other guys are going, too?
It's a class trip.
What are you planning to do
to my sister? You shady pervert.
You're the pervert.
-Shut up! All of you, cancel this trip!
-You're insane.
If you're still going to go,
I'm coming with you.
Sorry to disappoint you, pervert.
I'm sure you wanted
to peek at girls while bathing,
but I won't let you!
I don't want that.
You probably thought
you would go hang out
with the girls at night
and almost get caught by the teachers,
forcing you to hide,
winding up under the same sheets
as Kokomi.
But I won't let that happen.
I wasn't going to,
but why is it so detailed?
I'm going next week,
even if I have to skip work!
Wherever you go, I'll be there.
What a pain.
Good grief.
I thought I had successfully
broken up the group,
but having him come would ruin everything.
I should make sure
his manager doesn't let him skip work.
Cheer up, Mera!
I really wanted to go on that trip.
You will go next time!
You only get to go one class trip
in your life.
Cheer up, will you?
We even got this fish as a souvenir!
It's a pretty gross-looking fish.
I really wanted to go to Okinawa.
Teruhashi, you win.
Oh, Saiki?
Trouble was bound to come up.
What should we do?
This isn't good.
Those words were sinking in for all of us.
Due to a hurricane,
the ten o'clock flight to Okinawa
has been delayed.
Our class trip is already in crisis mode.
Just ten minutes ago,
everyone looked so excited.
-I can't wait!
-I want to go here!
Then we heard the news.
And now they look like this.
-Damn it.
-Oh, gosh.
This is the first time I've seen
people's spirits plummet this fast.
The depths of despair
I thought I could actually go.
I thought I could finally be with Saiki.
Even him
Whatever, class trips are boring anyway.
Saiki, let's ditch.
He was putting on an act earlier,
but he really wanted to go.
You could see there were bags
under his eyes
because he was too excited
to sleep last night.
It's the same with Yumehara.
-Look at all these snacks I bought!
-That's way too much!
Before, she was showing off the snacks
she had gotten for the flight.
Now she's numb and stuffing them
in her mouth.
Even Nendo
Blonde ladies firing off guns!
Putting aside
that he mistook Okinawa for America,
he was excited.
And now look at him.
The flight is delayed!
He seems to have gone crazy.
If we don't take off,
are we postponing the trip?
-No, it will be canceled.
You might not care that much,
but we were all excited What?
I want to take you all, too,
but I can't.
-I'm sorry!
-Mr. Matsuzaki!
This is tragic.
Don't give up everyone! It's not over yet!
Come on, sun! You can do it!
Hey! Why aren't you joining me?
If nobody is responding
to Hairo's enthusiasm,
things are pretty serious.
Hey, everyone! Let's work together!
-Cheer up!
-Just stop
Good grief.
This is tough to watch.
Hey, the plane can take off after all!
The hurricane disappeared!
-We are going on a class trip!
Saiki, where were you?
What? Why are you wet?
Don't worry about it.
I just went to Okinawa
to fight the hurricane.
Let's get going.
We are flying!
A lot happened,
but we finally departed for Okinawa.
-I was really worried there.
-Such a relief.
I'm glad we are flying now.
-I was about to cry.
Let's play UNO later.
I won't lose easily.
You're on!
Hey, we are flying!
How do we open these windows?
I'm glad everyone has cheered up.
Except for this guy.
Kaido, are you all right?
Why don't you take some medicine?
I did, but it didn't work.
I thought I brought something
effective for nausea,
but I left it at home.
It'll be okay. I just need to hang in
there for another two and a half hours.
-Teruhashi's smile cheers me up
-Hey, Little guy, are you okay?
Hey! Why did you throw up
after seeing my face?
Kaido, are you okay?
That is going to make me feel sick, too.
There's nothing here, either.
Since he hit puberty, I was worried
he would have some pornography in here,
but I'm relieved.
I'm sorry for the intrusion.
The Ten Dark Commandments
This notebook
It was in my pocket all along.
I feel so much better.
That's great.
Hey, Little guy, you get motion sickness?
If he knew what was going on in his room,
he would probably feel a lot sicker.
Good grief. I'm pretty tired
since I teleported two ways and back
and even fought a hurricane.
I'll take a nap.
Are you all right?
Good grief. What is it this time?
-A passenger suddenly fell ill.
-My stomach!
Hey, Takahashi, what's wrong?
Oh, it's just Takahashi.
Good night.
Is there a doctor on board?
There isn't! What do we do?
We can make
an emergency landing in Fukuoka.
I can't let that happen.
We are forcing our way to Okinawa.
Hey, get it together!
I can't! Let me off.
We are almost there!
It hurts so much
What? It went away.
I didn't cure him.
I just rewound time to return his body
to the state it was in yesterday.
So he will just suffer tomorrow.
I'm ready to conquer Okinawa!
Well, good luck.
I had to use my powers again.
I'm taking a nap for real this time.
We have received reports
of a major accident.
An aircraft full of students has been
forced to land on water.
This occurred on flight ASO-815.
One crisis right after another.
I can't believe this.
This aircraft will crash.
That was precognition.
Can I rewind time for this aircraft?
No, I don't know if this plane
was in the air a day ago.
I need to find the source of the problem.
Bathroom again?
-It's almost time to land.
Captain, something is wrong!
-That meter is messed up!
-What? That one?
What's going on?
Hurry up and try pulling some
of those levers!
It's no use! There is no response!
So try pressing random buttons!
The yellow ones, green ones
No response! We are losing altitude!
This is bad! At this rate
We will crash!
-What is that?
-That is a huge earthquake.
Oh, captain! We are regaining altitude!
Really? I guess banging on stuff works!
Well, we haven't fixed it, but
Oh, well.
This is easier than figuring out
the source of the problem.
It's a little heavy, though.
I don't know how, but we are flying!
Great! We will prepare to land!
We made it!
Hey, pal, you look tired. Get it together!
It looks like Saiki's not great
with flying either.
Give me a break.
is Japan's westernmost prefecture.
Filled with nature, culture,
and tourist destinations,
it's a premier vacation spot.
-On your left, you'll see
-And it's here where
Look! The ocean is so pretty!
our class trip begins.
Three days
Hopefully nothing happens, but
It's so blue!
The view hasn't changed.
Is someone dripping paint into it?
Do you know, pal?
Good grief.
Well, Nendo is not
the only one who's excited.
Yes, Okinawa!
I want it to get even hotter!
Hairo, you're sweating like crazy!
Everyone is so excited,
they can't sit still.
Don't strip here!
It's fine! It's my bathing suit.
Okinawa soba, pork dish,
bitter melon, red bean soup
Kaido is the only chill one right now.
Hey, Little guy! What are you reading?
Look outside! It's the ocean.
How kashimashi.
-That ocean is absolutely chura.
I'm opening the window.
This is ippei achisan.
Oh, I've heard of that!
Okinawa dialect, right?
Chimu don don!
I forgot!
I was speaking in the Okinawan language.
Oh, dialect?
Like the word, menthol, right?
That has nothing to do with Okinawa.
By the way, men sore means welcome.
Kashimashi means obnoxious.
Chura means beautiful.
Ippei means very. Achi san means hot.
Chimu don don means
your heart is beating quickly.
Kaido, you're such an expert!
-Can you teach me?
-Of course!
Good grief.
Kaido wasn't chill after all.
It's time for lunch!
So this is Okinawa soba.
It doesn't look like soba at all.
It's called soba, but it wasn't made
with buckwheat flour.
Whatever, I'm hungry!
Let's dig in.
Yes! Ma san!
This is definitely ippei ma san!
Since Teruhashi complimented him earlier,
he's been getting carried away.
Eat up! It's ma san!
This is getting annoying.
Mera, you're such a gachi maya!
What? Sure.
Wow, this food is so ma san
that I feel like nada soso.
Oh, ma san means delicious.
Gachi maya means glutton.
Nada soso means crying.
Shut up. This is overkill.
That's cool, Kaido.
-I can't keep up.
-Here's my chance!
Don't worry!
Even if you don't understand
the Okinawan language,
Nankuru naisa!
In Okinawa, that means it will work out.
You really wanted to say that, didn't you?
That was awesome!
Thank you for the food.
We still have some time.
-Do you want to look for souvenirs?
-Yes, let's go!
A death match between a habu
and a mongoose?
-That sounds scary.
Yes, let's go get souvenirs.
No need to get souvenirs.
Wouldn't you rather find out which one
is the strongest creature in Okinawa?
This side of him is obnoxious, too.
-Cool! This looks fun!
-Let's go!
I'm not interested.
I'll go look at souvenirs.
You can't eat all those samples!
-This pineapple is so juicy
-Gachi maya! Gachi maya!
Where did these people come from?
What a cutie! Chimu don don.
Actually, I would rather go and see
the strongest creature in Okinawa.
Welcome to Habu versus Mongoose show!
-It's a real snake!
-It's a real snake!
Don't worry, this one is friendly.
He definitely won't bite.
A snake! Get it off!
It's going to kill me!
You will be fine.
If you encounter it in the wild, run away!
Hey, do you know why snakes
are so good at rapping?
-Let me tell you!
Because they wrap around their prey!
If you see a habu,
ask it whether it carries venom.
It will say, "Yes, I have."
The other day, a habu talked
to me in the woods.
-This old man is out of control.
-And it threw a hissy fit!
Get it?
Let's watch the match
between a habu and a mongoose.
What? We don't get to watch it live?
We have new animal protection laws.
So it's just a replay.
After three minutes,
the mongoose won. It was anticlimactic.
-Let's go.
Wait, hold on.
How about this for a souvenir?
I already have a lot of luggage, so
Don't worry. How about
some snake powder or snake oil?
From then,
his sales pitch lasted for 20 minutes.
Nada soso.
Kaido was forced to buy all of them.
Dinner is at six o'clock. Come
to the dining hall on the first floor.
Each class will have 20 minutes to bathe.
And do not leave the hotel grounds
during free time!
-This is a pretty nice hotel.
-They have an arcade.
Our first day is finally over.
I would like to take it easy,
but the real challenge starts here.
I can see the ocean!
-The room is fine, I guess.
-No bugs, I think.
Hey, don't block the entrance.
Not only do we not get to be
in Teruhashi's group,
but we have to share a room with you?
-We will be using this space over here.
-You got scammed, too?
Takahashi, it's fine.
We can still enjoy ourselves.
Yes, you're right.
What's wrong with those three?
What are they trying to do?
I don't care.
6 P.M.
Mera, you have such an appetite!
She took all my snacks, too.
-Another, please!
-Where are we going tomorrow?
First, the pineapple garden
-Pineapple garden?
-You're still hungry?
Oh, and that!
The famous aquarium!
-Fish! So tasty.
-They are not for food.
But our first day is already over.
Time flies so fast.
What are you talking about?
We still have so much time.
You're right. Let's go to the bath!
-What are they planning on?
-I still don't care.
This is the main event of the trip.
-Peeking time!
-Peeking time!
-I scouted out this place earlier.
-For real?
They swap the men's
and women's baths daily.
So I know the layout of the other side.
You are so dedicated.
And you are creeping me out a little.
It's worth it
as long as we can see the other side!
The best spot is under that lamp.
We can climb each other's shoulders.
Climb each other naked?
I brought three. Let's use them.
Let's go! Steamy bath periscope!
Why do you show up?
One more time! Steamy bath periscope!
What are those?
What is with these periscopes?
-Peeking isn't cool.
-Saiki, you kept your glasses on?
What's the point of seeing
other people naked?
They are clouded.
I don't understand the appeal.
These are so cool!
Shut up! Get out of here, Nendo!
No way.
I'm going to stop making fun of Nendo.
They have been gloomy
since we took the bath.
They're idiots. Leave them alone.
One, two
-Good evening!
-Good evening!
Let's hang out!
A bunch of boys came to our room,
so we came here to escape.
-This will work!
-We are totally in sync!
-That's enough practice. Let's attack!
-I'm nervous.
Sorry, but I'm bad at UNO.
I don't need to worry out here.
I'm tired.
Fighting back a hurricane
and lifting an aircraft
I had to remove
my controlling device twice.
This will be a long trip.
Where did Saiki go?
Why does a perfect lady like me has to
Is he sleeping?
This is a huge opportunity!
I'm going to
What? What was I thinking?
A perfect lady like me,
acting like a common pervert
I wonder if Ku is all right.
-What do you mean?
-What if he uses his powers in sleep?
It's fine. He hasn't done that
since fourth grade.
Since fifth grade!
Wasn't it since he started wearing
that headgear?
Oh, right.
If those things are stopping him
from doing that,
taking them off might make him
use his powers in his sleep again.
You're overthinking it.
I'm sure you're right.
Let's see.
I took this off without asking,
but I hope that's okay.
If he falls over, they might hurt him.
Saiki! Wake up! There's a huge problem!
I guess I fell asleep.
You need to wake up!
What is it? You're so loud.
What time is it?
I need to go back to the hotel.
Bring the hotel back!
You mean go back to the hotel?
What is he panicking about?
What is going on?
Why did the hotel disappear?
You did this, right?
I did it again.
Our class trip has been one crisis
after another.
I even got tired and used my powers
in my sleep.
Next time
Don't worry, we are still in Okinawa.
I still have things left to do.
Subtitle translation by Takuya Sawaoka
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