The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

When I woke up, the hotel was gone.
What is going on, Saiki?
What about everyone inside?
Did they all die?
Shut up. For now,
if I make returning the hotel
my top priority,
those inside will probably be safe.
If I had blown it away with psychokinesis,
they would all be dead.
The cut looks too clean for that though.
I must have sent it elsewhere
with a transfer power.
Saiki! There is something at the bottom!
Is everyone really okay?
Yes, probably
most likely perhaps
in all likelihood
See, they are all dead!
You bastard!
Why not only guys, but girls too?
Calm down! These aren't the skeletons
of those who were in the hotel.
High-school girls are a national treasure.
Whoa! What is this?
It's a ship. Furthermore,
it's probably not just any ship.
It's a sunken ship carrying treasure
equal in value to the hotel.
If this was teleported here in place
of the hotel, then the hotel must be
at sea.
What? A power outage? Oh, no.
I can't sleep if it's pitch black.
Maybe they cut the power
because it's after lights-out?
Wow, seriously?
Forget that. Let's talk about
the girls we like!
Oh, no! The air-conditioner
won't work either!
Hey. Don't avoid the subject, Zolbe.
Everyone has told us except you.
Hairo hasn't said yet either!
That's only because he went
to bed at eight o'clock.
But one thing, you can't choose Teruhashi
because she's more like a model.
It has to be someone from school.
It's burning up in here!
I'm going to open the window, okay?
Did we have an ocean view?
What? Weren't you
the one complaining earlier
about not having an ocean view?
Except now, it's the other way.
I can't see anything but ocean.
That's absurd. What are you talking about?
No, really. Take a look for yourself.
What ocean?
What? No way!
You must have been mistaken
since it's dark outside.
Oh, the lights are back on!
Jeez, that was close.
Wow! It came back on in an instant.
This means the case is closed, right?
-Not yet.
Give this back.
You're the one who pulled it out, right?
Oh, your head thing is gone.
Did you lose it?
What? Me? I didn't take it!
What was that?
Really! I don't know anything!
-He doesn't seem to be lying.
-I don't know!
-Then who the heck
Kokomi isn't back yet
even though it's after lights-out.
I think we should tell the teacher.
Yes, she isn't the type to sneak out
without telling anyone.
I'll go talk to the teacher!
There's no doubt about it!
It was Teruhashi.
She disappeared somewhere
with my control device.
Well, to be more precise,
I made her disappear.
If that's the case, then she should have
switched places with something too.
But there was nothing
on the ground around me.
No, calm down.
It will be faster if I find her
with clairvoyance.
Oh, good, she's okay!
Saiki, are you making a weird face?
Oh, no, she isn't safe!
Oh, what kind of face is that?
What? Saiki?
Jeez, if it has come to this,
I can't make excuses anymore.
It's my fault.
All I can do is be honest and
Is this a dream?
Good grief, where are you?
I'm going to go back.
There he is!
Where did you go?
It's way past lights-out!
We were worried sick!
About me?
-We are so glad you're back!
-Me too!
What's going on?
Could it be that I'm finally popular?
Don't worry us again like that, Kokomi!
What have you been doing, Teruhashi?
Teruhashi? Me?
What's wrong, Kokomi?
Are you half asleep?
Saiki must have done something.
That's right! I used hypnosis.
I made it so that
you appear as Teruhashi to them.
We don't want things to get any messier.
Sorry, I can't use this ability on myself.
This makes me popular
with guys, not girls!
Why do I have to solve his problems?
-Well, let's get going.
-What? Where?
Our room, of course!
Come on! Let's go!
Saiki, thank you!
Teruhashi, what's wrong with your face?
Don't do anything strange.
Well then, things should be okay there.
Now all I need to do is swap him
with the real Teruhashi, but
What on earth do I do?
Now, how do I get out of this situation?
Wow, this is a first!
I've never had a lucid dream before.
A lucid dream
is one in which
you're aware you're dreaming,
and you can do anything you want.
It seems as though Teruhashi
thinks this is a lucid dream.
I might as well take advantage
of her misunderstanding.
This is so realistic for a dream.
There's just one problem.
Wow, this feels so real!
I'm going to touch Saiki!
My control device
isn't attached right now.
In other words,
I currently cannot control my body.
Normally, I would want to
hit her neck and knock her out
then carry her back to the hotel.
That didn't come out right, but whatever.
Without my device, it's not just
my powers that are out of control.
Everything I touch will be destroyed.
In this condition,
a simple hit wouldn't end well.
If I did, her head would come right off.
If I move my arm even the slightest,
Teruhashi will surely get blown away
just like a bottle rocket.
For that reason, I must follow her lead
until she falls asleep.
Sleep, sleep
-I hear a strange song in my head
-Go to sleep
The most I could do at this moment
is continuously play
a lullaby in her head.
Nevertheless, I wonder where I am.
I don't like it. It's kind of creepy.
We are not even in Japan to begin with.
Oh, right! Since this is my dream,
I can pick somewhere I like!
Then I want to be in a big castle!
What? Nothing is changing.
Maybe this isn't a dream after all.
Wow! Amazing!
The interior is slightly
different from what I imagined,
but this is pretty close!
Don't be so picky.
This is the closest place I could find.
You can have anything you want
in your dream, right?
Though for me,
that's usually how reality is too.
Anything I want
That's right!
Saiki, say "Oh!"
Since this Saiki is a part of my dream,
obviously, he will do whatever I say!
I'm feeling sleepy.
But I'm in my dream right now.
I wonder if I'm changing
from REM to non-REM sleep.
It is already after 2:00 a.m.
But there's no way I'm sleeping
until Saiki says "Oh!"
You know staying up late
is the enemy of beauty.
Now, kneel before me, Saiki!
He said it!
He blushed when he looked at me!
I'm so happy!
Oh, no!
I was just in the girls' room.
Where am I now?
I made it so that
Toritsuka appears as me to her.
Well, I'd better get back
and get some sleep.
Hey, Saiki.
You really don't want
to say "oh" that bad?
Of course not.
I was able to sleep well.
That class trip was really exhausting.
There really is no place like home.
I guess I'll continue to try my best.
When did you get back yesterday?
You weren't in the room
at lights-out, right?
-Where were you?
-Don't worry about that.
-I just took a short trip overseas.
-So good!
Because of that strange dream
I had last night,
I can barely look at Saiki.
I still can't believe he was in my dream.
If it were me
Kokomi, you were acting
so weird yesterday.
-Right after we got to the room,
you wanted to wrestle
and take off each other's clothes!
What? I did?
That idiot!
All right! Once you finish breakfast,
get on the bus!
We are going to a pineapple plantation
and an aquarium today, right?
Yes! And in the afternoon,
we finally get to go to the beach!
It's an Emerald Beach!
Yes. My class trip starts here!
Just for this day,
I haven't eaten sweets for a month
and exercised non-stop!
After we got here
I did get a little carried away
and ate some snacks, but
Anyway! I did it!
Yumehara. Oh, my mistake.
My summer paradise baby!
I even bought a new swimsuit
to get Saiki to pay attention to me!
I'll do my best to get him to notice me!
Good grief. Now you?
On the second day of our Okinawa trip,
we, the students of PK Academy,
went to a pineapple plantation.
What? I thought pineapples
were those ring-shaped things.
This is a sample. Just to taste it, okay?
We will see about that!
Gross! What's up with him?
Then the aquarium
Wow! It's huge!
The capture level for that thing
must be close to 20!
So your world is surrounded
by darkness too, isn't it?
Fish are gathering around Teruhashi!
They think she's a mermaid!
In the afternoon,
we finally arrive at Chiyo's destination.
Emerald Beach!
You're in the way!
Wow! It's like we're in a foreign country,
right, pal?
What is taking the girls so long?
What is that crowd looking at?
Emerald Beach sure is beautiful,
but this is something else!
Yes. We definitely can't miss this!
This is the whole reason
we came on this class trip!
Here she comes!
Sorry to keep you waiting!
Just then, the beach was filled
with enthusiastic applause.
Sorry! I couldn't find an open locker.
It's okay! We weren't waiting long!
Right! Don't worry about it!
This amount of skin exposure
is sure to get Saiki to say "Oh."
Well, let's get going!
Everyone is waiting.
Oh, Yumehara and Mera aren't here yet.
Really? I just saw them
in the changing room.
Hey! Yumehara!
I can't go out there.
Going out after Kokomi is impossible!
No, it will be okay!
Pull yourself together, Chiyo!
You're at your best weight
and your swimsuit is nothing
but perfect! Right?
I won't lose to Kokomi!
Thanks for waiting!
Sorry, I forgot to put on sunscreen.
They made it an everyday scene?
The characters are huge!
Where are the sparkles like Kokomi had?
Now we are just missing Mera, right?
That's right!
What? No reaction?
Have they already moved on?
My swimsuit was a bit small,
so I had trouble putting it on.
Even Mera got a close up!
She's even posing!
Has her character changed?
Mera is bustier than I imagined.
And she's wearing an old-style swimsuit!
I love girls with a figure like hers.
I wish I had eaten more for lunch.
They are still focused on her?
I'm starving.
So her name is Nakao?
Who is that?
Well, whatever!
As long as Saiki notices me
My summer paradise baby!
Wait, where is Saiki?
Oh, he said he was going ahead.
He didn't even check me out!
It's over.
My class trip has ended.
What? You're not going to get in?
Yes, I don't feel well.
Could it be You can't swim either?
Actually, I
I can. Aren't you going to get in?
I've been put under a spell
by Poseidon, god of the sea.
If the water touches me,
it burns like acid.
Why must the gods be so cruel!
So what you mean is, you can't swim?
That is not true!
Did he just blush when he looked
at my body? He did, right?
So cute! He turned away.
Have you seen a ball rolled over here?
No, I haven't!
Did he just roll backwards three times?
I can't believe
the difference in reaction!
This is so cruel.
Someone say I'm cute.
Wow! She's so cute!
-Hey, you over there!
Wow, you look amazing.
Do you want to get
some shaved ice with us?
No way.
Are they really hitting on me?
Come on! Let's go.
Do they really think
we are in the same league?
I know I'm cute and all,
but this is just reckless!
This has nothing to do with bravery!
But maybe by some chance,
one of them secretly has assets
worth 400 billion yen!
Then again, they look just plain stupid.
What are those guys doing?
Are his parents wealthy?
Okay, it's decided! Let's go.
Good grief I suppose I should help her
before things go bad.
-Let go!
She's obviously not interested! Beat it!
On the second day
of our class trip to Okinawa,
Emerald Beach is packed with people.
Here, there has been
an incident concerning Teruhashi.
She's obviously not interested! Beat it!
-Who the hell are you?
Well, she doesn't want to go
Stay out of it! Got it?
Well, I'm her classmate, and
If you don't stop,
I'm really going to get serious
What are you mumbling on about?
No, it's just Well
-Please stop!
Sorry, but we are on a class trip.
If you cause any more trouble,
I will go get the teacher.
What? Who do you think you are?
Stay out of this!
We were talking to her!
Get lost, stupid girl!
Or could it be that you're jealous
because no one is hitting on you?
You assholes! Apologize to Yumehara!
What do you think you're doing?
Apologize to her, scumbags!
You've really done it now, bastard!
That hurt.
Actually, it doesn't hurt at all.
He did punch me, didn't he?
It just looks like you got bit by a bug.
You weakling!
Your punch feels like nothing!
That's where you're wrong.
-It hurts now?
Of course it hurts.
You've been hit by
The Jet-Black Wings of fury.
It's like my cheek is being pinched!
-Are you all right?
-It hurts!
Don't think you'll get away with this!
Ouch! Mine hurts too!
I guess they weren't
as tough as they seemed.
Are you okay?
They were really rude.
Yumehara's vision.
Yumehara, don't let
their words bother you!
Yumehara's hearing.
You're cute in your own way, Chiyo.
He's so amazing.
Nice job, Kaido.
With this, the second day
of the trip ended
and the final day has arrived.
Our trip is almost over, right?
It sure went by quick.
Well, it was only two nights
and three days.
It felt like two weeks to me.
You didn't get enough sleep, Little guy?
You'll be short forever.
It's your fault I couldn't sleep!
Oh, he's having a flashback to last night.
You were snoring so loudly!
Since you were so loud,
I tried to wake you up, and then
You really scared me!
Why were you sleeping
with your eyes rolled back?
Who are you to talk?
You were noisy too, you know!
What did you say?
You were sleep-talking yourself.
You are going to have a flashback too?
What kind of power is that?
Has he gone on a rampage?
You were so noisy,
I thought I would give you a kick, and
Stop! I can't breathe!
It was freaky!
I can't sleep
without a blanket on my face!
It's better than your snoring!
Sleep-talking is noisier!
I was the one who had to sleep
in the middle of all that.
Well, that's over now! I feel relieved!
Yes! Let's get some souvenirs
and head home!
Not just yet.
There's still something I have left to do.
On the plane, on the way here
Yes, I am having a flashback as well.
I found that in a book
I happened to be reading.
That's right. Coffee-flavored anmitsu,
the recommended sweets
on International Avenue.
Only five are sold a day.
It's a rare bean dessert
by a well-kept secret shop.
Seeing as it was in a magazine,
it's not such a secret anymore.
In any case,
before I go home,
I want to eat this coffee-flavored
In order to do so,
I need to get away from them.
If I'm in a group,
they will definitely get in the way.
Oh, where did the girls go?
You're right. They are not here.
I have an ally among the girls,
so I don't need to worry about them.
Hurry up, Mera! Everyone is already gone.
Chinsuko is so good!
Let's go already!
You can't just go into every store
that offers free samples!
It seems like sampling food
is all she's doing on this trip.
We are going to lose
the guys at this rate!
You go ahead, Yumehara.
-I'll stay with her.
I think Kaido is still
around here somewhere.
Why Kaido?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought that you might
The girls can do whatever they please.
The real problem is
Is bitter melon any good?
Shut up!
-We just ate it at the hotel.
-Is it good?
these guys.
I need to get rid of them somehow.
Let's pick up where we left off
on the last day
of the PK Academy class trip.
There is something I must do in Okinawa.
That is
eat coffee-flavored anmitsu.
For that reason,
I need to get rid of these guys.
All they will do is get in the way.
I can't believe Teruhashi
could tell that I like Kaido!
Is it really that obvious?
I'm sorry, I won't tell anyone!
But I also know
-who you like, Kokomi.
-It's Nendo
-No! Don't say it!
Keep it to yourself, okay, Yumehara?
If someone else says it out loud,
I think I'll
All right.
But I can't just leave you here.
Then we need to hurry
and take Mera with us.
You! Come with me!
That guy seems to have gotten her first.
Also, how about you start calling me
by my first name?
Isn't calling me Yumehara
a little too formal?
Since you even know who I like,
call me Chiyo!
I'll call you Kokomi.
What is it, Kokomi?
This is the life.
Are you still eating?
Yes, they won't be a problem.
The problem is surely these guys.
Hey, you, the cool guy over there!
-How about a t-shirt?
Wow, this is pretty cool!
Isn't it? How about one as a souvenir?
Really? Thanks, man!
My pleasure. Hey! Wait, you didn't pay!
I thought you were giving it to me.
Why would I do that?
You can't just run off with it like that!
I'll give you a discount, mister.
But I did already buy
snake powder and stuff.
It's usually 28,000 yen,
but for you, I'll make it 3,000 yen.
You'll make it that cheap?
I'll take it!
Well, if you buy one,
I'll give you one for free!
Okay! Then I'll buy this one,
so make it free.
It doesn't work that way!
-Hey, where did Saiki go?
Oh, my pal is gone!
Okay! I was able to lose them all.
Now there is no one to get in the way
of my coffee-flavored anmitsu.
I should be able to get
to the shop as soon as it opens.
All I have to do now is get there.
It hurts!
-What's wrong?
-What's that?
My stomach!
What is it, Takahashi?
He's still here?
I thought he went home on the second day
due to a stomachache.
Oh, that's right.
I turned back time for him.
Ouch or not?
But since we are about to leave,
I'll just let him be.
Hey! Saiki!
Can you get the teacher?
How about one of you go?
Good grief. What a pain.
We will take care of him here,
so go get a teacher!
We are counting on you!
You're not helping at all.
Hang in there, Takahashi!
Good grief.
I wasted time on something so small.
Well, whatever.
No one else can get in my way.
There you are!
The perverted guy is here.
Where is Kokomi?
He really came all the way to Okinawa?
I ditched recording JUMPolice for you!
Another TV Tokyo show?
So where is Kokomi?
Kokomi! I missed you!
Who are you?
That's what I should be asking you!
Touru Mugami? I'm a huge fan!
-Can I get your autograph?
-Hypnosis is a pretty useful power.
The shop! There it is!
Hey there, pal!
Over here!
Where did you go?
I'm surprised you found us here.
Now our whole group is here.
I knew before I even opened the door.
Oh, the coffee-flavored anmitsu?
I'm sorry,
customers over there got all of them.
Thank you for waiting.
Yes! It's here!
It looks so good!
They do sell only five a day.
Good grief, so this is how it ends.
Hey, pal! Sit down!
I'll share some with you!
Mister, give me a bowl and spoon!
I'll give you some too!
Have some of mine too.
Even you, Mera?
I had too many free samples.
All right, it's ready!
Now yours is the biggest, Saiki.
Then give some back to me
Well, let's eat!
This is the last memory of our class trip!
-Let's eat!
-Let's eat!
This isn't too bad.
Although a lot happened during our trip
to Okinawa, it ended peacefully.
Now our school life
will go back to normal.
Next time
Good grief, we are getting
another transfer student?
Things are about to get interesting.
Subtitle translation by Ashley Ishizuka
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