The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

I heard there is a new
transfer student coming today!
-A guy? Or a girl?
I heard it's a guy.
-So, did you do your homework?
-Yes, but I'm not letting you copy mine.
You could act a little more interested.
I wonder if he's cool.
My love fortune for today is really good!
They are a little too interested.
Stop getting your hopes up
with transfer students.
-Have you already forgotten that tragedy?
Everyone, have a seat.
I would like to introduce you all
to our new transfer student. Come in.
He seems gloomy
-He's so-so.
-Please introduce yourself.
My name is Aren Kuboyasu.
I moved here from Ibaraki.
-"Was here"?
-Oh, no! That's just an old habit!
Sorry, forget that happened!
-Nice to meet you, Kuboyasu!
-What was that?
What's up homies?
-Nice to meet you.
You're an interesting one.
He does seem like quite the character.
I wish that were all it was.
That was close.
They almost found out about me already.
It's not easy acting normal.
I'm a former punk.
My parents were delinquents too.
My old man led a biker gang
and my old lady led a women's gang.
Naturally, I, too, strayed
and grew my hair out.
When I was in third grade,
I took control of my elementary school.
When a guy grabbed my weak point,
my hair, I barely managed to beat him.
Every day during middle and high school
I fought and kept growing my hair.
Before I realized it, I had my own gang
and my hair grew to the ground.
I was a little crazy at that time.
I wouldn't say it was a waste of time
but I was sure tired
of stepping on my hair.
With this transfer, my punk days are over.
I won't fight anymore!
I'll study hard and live an earnest life.
You'll see!
If someone tries to get in my way,
I'll knock them out!
Knocking people out isn't very earnest.
Everyone has a past and secrets
they don't want others to know about.
That's fine,
but people don't change that easily.
If he causes problems at this school,
I'll get him transferred.
So he's the new transfer student.
What do you think you're looking at?
I'm sorry! I just
It seems as though being normal
will be a tough road for him.
I completely forgot.
Normal people don't get into fights
just from looking at each other.
Oh, my bad.
They also don't attack from behind
with fire extinguishers
when they bump shoulders!
I guess delinquents wouldn't either.
I can't do anything!
It's like I have no freedom anymore!
Or you just used to have too much.
Hey, new kid!
Don't they use this too often?
Who the hell is he? A punk?
Not to mention he seems pretty fired up.
Things are about to get interesting.
I guess I've got some time to kill.
No! I won't fight!
Oh, you're not going to take those off?
I accidentally spoke with an accent.
That was a close one.
What? Are you scared?
What did you say?
I guess that can't be helped.
I may not look it, but I'm a punk myself.
Well if you looked like that
and you weren't a punk,
you would just be stupid.
No, he is just an idiot.
I used to be pretty crazy,
but I've calmed down.
Are we trading war stories now? Bring it.
Oh, how so?
The worst thing I've done
is chasing around mosquitoes
with a mosquito coil.
I've even eaten a whole watermelon
by myself once.
I was really wild.
See, he's just stupid.
Hang in there, kid!
That wannabe really pisses me off!
Damn it! The old me would have
torn him to pieces in seconds!
A real punk doesn't
talk about his war stories!
A man let's his actions speak for him!
They'll find out about your true identity.
But I didn't fight him.
True. That was quite impressive.
A real man
doesn't go back on his word.
Give it to me already.
Please don't make me.
What are you looking at?
Get out of here!
-Now hurry up.
-I'll give it to you right away.
-Want me to tear you to pieces?
Don't act like scum in front of me!
You piece of shit!
I'll show you who the boss is!
Just as I thought,
people can't change very easily.
You'd better not say anything.
Please let me go!
Well, I guess I'll let it go this time.
A week has passed
since I transferred to this school.
No one has found out
about my delinquent past.
So why? Why don't I have any friends?
Before, all I had to do was beat up guys
who picked fights with me.
But how do I make friends
without fighting?
Well, just thinking about it won't help.
I'm going to go talk to someone.
Except him.
If I hang out with him,
my plan will be ruined.
His face annoys me.
I may accidentally punch him.
Hey! How about that guy?
What was his name again?
Well, that doesn't matter.
I'll see how things go
with that weak-looking guy!
-Hey, I'm Kuboyasu.
-Are you picking a fight?
And then that guy shot him
for breaking the brotherhood between them.
Good grief. Even if I ignore him,
he just keeps going on about
some stupid yakuza movie.
And he's a horrible storyteller.
How many guys are in that movie anyways?
This is a pain.
I didn't want to use this technique,
but I have no choice.
It's time for my annoyed face.
See? You don't always need powers
to drive people away.
Well, see you later then.
Who does that guy think he is
giving me such an annoyed look?
But I did learn something.
I have nothing in common
with these people!
Hey, new kid!
My name is the Jet Black Wings.
This is a boring world in which
you just wait for death
This is no use.
I just can't understand
what normal people are talking about.
Be careful, he's not a normal person.
We must complete
the Grand Cross right away
and house the carved seal of cross!
Grand Cross? I've heard of that!
Oh, right! That legendary
What? You know about it?
They're not the same.
Yes, they destroyed Samantha
and Paramount!
Wow, to think you know of Samantha
and Paramount too!
Miraculously, they seem to be talking.
I'm so glad I found someone
I have something in common with.
Hey! Are you the new transfer student?
-I transferred here too!
-Who the heck is this guy?
Wow, in the second term of year two?
No, it was pretty long ago. Let's see
In the second term of year two!
-Anyhow, there are so many cute girls!
-Stop acting like we're friends!
Were there cute girls at your old school?
Introduce some to me!
Well, I guess I should get along
with guys like him too.
No, I went to an all-boys school.
What a scumbag!
What kind of a man
just chases after women?
You're Kuboyasu, right?
Have you already gotten used to school?
I'm Kokomi Teruhashi, your classmate.
I hope you'll remember me!
I doubt you could forget me though.
-What did he say?
-Man, she's cute!
I've never seen someone like her!
I'm even tempted
to put "Kokomi forever" on my arm!
No! I'm acting just like that guy!
-Don't give in!
-Don't give in!
You can do it! Push past it!
Isn't he the class representative?
Why is he doing sit-ups
in a place like this?
Anyhow, I should stay away
from weirdos like him.
-Hairo, keep going!
-You're as hot as ever!
He's popular! Why is a guy like him
Hey, Kuboyasu!
Want to do sit-ups together?
Don't be silly, Hairo.
He doesn't seem to be into exercise.
He's all skin and bones.
Just wait until I show you.
Stop that, guys.
You shouldn't judge someone
based on their appearance.
What I mean is,
you shouldn't judge in general!
You're the only one
who can decide your limits.
This guy
Don't worry about what others say.
It's up to you in the end!
He's saying exactly
what my old leader said!
To think there is someone like him
at this school
I'm Aren Kuboyasu. Nice to meet you.
-He's the first one
-Nice to meet you,
-I want to be friends with.
Why are you doing sit-ups here anyways?
There's an amazing guy I want to defeat!
A man even someone like him appreciates?
What kind of person could he be?
The guy who's insane enough to think
that beating guys up
doesn't count as a war story?
My fighting instinct is aching.
I need to see who is stronger!
Hey, pal!
In other words, a man that even Hairo
admits he is no match for?
Him? I went all around
and came back to him.
Even if we shouldn't judge people
on their appearance,
this just can't be!
Saiki, is alpha plan going well?
Hey there, Saiki!
Saiki, how are you?
Hey, Saiki!
What is going on?
Why is everyone gathered around that guy?
Could it be
Is he the leader?
I'm never using my annoyed face again.
I know visiting my dad's grave
isn't very fun.
I was just passing by.
Give me a break already.
I'm only here because Kaido said
he needed me to come.
Good grief. I sure wish I hadn't.
Who exactly are you praying to?
He's right over here.
What are you guys doing here?
Visiting your grave.
I may be a psychic,
but I can't see ghosts.
However for some reason,
I can see this guy.
Dealing with one Nendo is enough.
I can't handle two.
-It's you.
-Now there are three.
I didn't expect to see you here.
Thank you for always looking after my boy.
I hope you will stay great friends.
Kaido, I know how you feel,
but stop staring!
Do I have something on my face?
Oh, no. Sorry!
We're happy to have him as a friend.
Hey, wrong one.
-No, I was mistaken!
You sure are lucky to have me!
Shut up, idiot!
That is his mother.
I'm sorry.
This may come off as rude,
but you look so much like your son.
Yes, that is rude.
I look like him?
Yes, stop messing around.
He looks like his father,
not at all like me!
You really do look just like him,
right, Riki?
Riki, did your hair get longer?
That's you.
They look crazy alike! How hilarious!
Look who's talking!
Oh right, ghosts don't have reflections.
He doesn't retain memories, so he
doesn't know what he looks like either.
If he did,
he would instantly know
they were related to him.
In any case, these two
really peak my interests.
Come on over and have dinner.
Come on in.
-Is this your room?
-That's right.
The chance has finally come!
I'm going to find
the prohibited sealed porno magazines!
In short, you mean the ones
this scumbag collects?
Where could they be? Here?
I found one!
So this is what he reads
I'm going to put this here.
What exactly are you trying to do?
That's right,
I came to Nendo's house to find out
what's keeping him
from going to the other world.
What is he staring at?
Oh, it's a picture of himself
How will he react?
His old man looks just like him too!
This is no use. Maybe I should just go.
It's already been 17 years.
The sadness and loneliness are long gone.
But I feel as though he's still close by.
Well yes, he is.
You're sitting right on him.
It may be because my son
looks just like him.
Make yourselves at home, boys!
Why is he so quiet?
Hey, is something wrong?
I've fallen in love!
-I felt a profound love for that woman!
-Hold on. Wait!
They used to be married, so naturally
Please! Tell her how I feel!
Tell her I love her!
I don't want to get involved.
Please! Just tell her!
Then I can leave peacefully!
Oh, wow.
-So, you were checking it out?
Where did Nendo go?
He's right there.
He fell asleep even though
he has friends over.
-This is convenient.
-I'm going to use the restroom
-What do you have there?
-This is
What are you doing?
What do you think you're doing?
Calm down. I'm creating
an out-of-body experience.
I can extract the ethereal body
from anyone but myself.
However if I don't put it back
within 44 seconds,
they will return to heaven.
With this, Nendo's body is available.
What is going on?
My body feels so heavy! I can touch it!
Now you can tell her how you feel
on your own.
Go on.
I wish I was better looking
All right! I'll tell her!
You only have 30 seconds left.
Hey, you!
That's no way to speak to your mother!
-I love you!
I don't know how to say this,
but I've fallen for you.
Just looking at you makes my heart pound!
I really love
Riki! What happened?
Did he go peacefully?
It seems as though his regrets were gone
after he conveyed his feelings.
Now you can rest in peace.
What just happened?
He's finally become a man.
This magazine he was hiding
was that important to him, I guess.
I guess I just have to
give it back to him.
No, you've got it wrong!
Rest in peace.
Saiki! I didn't notice you here.
Thank you for always
spending so much here.
You need to work on your way of speaking.
I have been a regular here.
Their coffee and coffee jelly
aren't too bad.
It's also quiet and there aren't many
Am I the only one here?
We haven't gotten many customers lately.
Ever since that shop opened,
fewer and fewer people come here.
The manager is always like that.
Tall? Grande? Just say medium and large!
He'll be angry one moment
then calm the next.
Our cafe days are over.
And then he starts making fun of them.
Two strawberry macchiatos,
grande size, please!
He seems very emotionally unstable.
I used to have to apologize a lot
because I often drop and break plates,
but now I just apologize
before they even break!
How about just not dropping them
in the first place?
Hey, stop chitchatting! You're working.
I'm sorry!
If you're free,
you can refill the customer's water
or clear their dirty plates.
Yes, sir!
It's just that no one else is here, so
Well, I guess I'll get going
You're going to the shop next door,
aren't you?
I'm just going home.
I always get so worried
when I think about this cafe closing.
Chisato. You really care about
this cafe, don't you?
I don't think I can remember
all those terms.
Tall, grande Piccolo? Enorme?
Do you plan to work there if we close?
I do need to make a living.
It's over! We might as well shut down!
I have an idea!
How about we think of ways
to bring in new customers.
Saiki is here, so we can ask his opinion
as a customer as well.
I'll take the check.
Let's begin the meeting to come up with
a strategy to revive Cafe Mami!
Or a strategy to crush that shop.
No, I could end up working there.
Good grief.
I've been thinking about it for a while,
but I think the exterior is off-putting.
The name is kind of strange too.
But we don't have the money
to do a renovation.
We don't need money!
We just have to put up fliers all over
advertising the low prices!
Won't that make it worse?
It's not a bad idea,
but lowering the prices further
Trust me!
Even by just one yen would be enough.
Is this a discount store?
All right! Let's get to work!
No! Are you stupid?
He sure is emotionally unstable.
I haven't changed the prices
since this shop opened 26 years ago!
This is my pride as a professional!
I won't lower the prices even one yen!
I won't raise them either!
I couldn't really hear that last part.
But, you are right.
If our cafe was as modern as that one
I got it!
How about a maid cafe?
Those are popular now, right?
That's old news!
Chisato, you'll wear a maid outfit, right?
What? No way!
I'll even raise your pay by 20 yen!
Make it 30 yen and I'll think about it!
It looks great on you!
I don't think I'll be coming here anymore.
But, this outfit
I think I can even raise it by 50 yen!
She's in high spirits.
But can you really afford that?
Yes, don't worry about it!
I'll raise all the prices by 100 yen
Where did your professional pride go?
We can use the 99 yen strategy
from earlier!
That's right!
Things are coming together!
Let's start making the fliers right away!
If I use my powers,
it will be easy to get customers.
But even if I do come here regularly,
I'm not going to help them.
That cafe is done for.
Saiki went home, didn't he
Yes, what's gotten into him?
Anyways, let's get started!
We should make the interior cuter too.
Rather, should we change
the coffee name to Angels Sweet Relief?
Sorry, on second thought,
maybe things are better as is.
We may have fewer customers,
but they come regularly.
I don't want to ruin the cafe for them.
Okay! Then let's keep going like this!
-Until we go out of business!
-Don't jinx it!
That is best.
Customers aren't dumb.
They know what is happening.
Even when he was emotionally unstable,
the coffee and coffee jelly
still had the same taste.
That is unmistakably the work of a pro.
I like this cafe.
The coffee is great and it's quiet.
It's been a while.
What? They're closed?
No way!
I really wanted some coffee jelly.
Good grief.
I guess I could help a little.
Oh, they're open! Let's go in!
I see
It has been determined that this red stuff
is Mr. Hattori's blood.
In other words, the weapon
is this golf club.
There is no riddle I can't see through.
-I am the magic eye detective
-I am the magic eye detective
Shun Kaido!
Are you retarded?
You're not one to talk!
So he's been influenced by that show.
Joker, the Magic Eye Detective
is a popular detective show.
But I wasn't a fan.
Do they want to start a new trend?
I see
He says that every episode,
I'm sick of it.
Besides, the detective is played
by Touru Mugami, so I'm not interested.
I see
However it seems as though
Kaido is addicted to it.
I see!
He says it a bit differently though.
What is that commotion?
This is
This noise is My right eye
is twitching. I can smell a crime!
Is it your ears, eyes, or nose?
It's broken!
Who could have done this?
I see!
He looks delighted.
Inspector Hairo!
Oh, morning Kaido! "Inspector"?
Tell me what you know about the incident.
I don't know much, but I heard
it was discovered by Mr. Matsuzaki.
He found it when he
unlocked the door this morning.
He was also the one
who locked the door last night,
and it hadn't been broken then.
So it must have occurred
between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
You're pretty informed.
Was there anything else
out of the ordinary?
The vase in front of the principal's
office was also reported missing.
I see!
So the criminal showed up
after Mr. Matsuzaki left,
broke the glass to get inside,
and then stole the vase!
He was targeting the vase!
We all got that, Mr. Detective.
All right! The police can take it
from here. I'll give them a call!
Hasn't your job just begun?
It may not be how it appears, however.
Doesn't the glass look strange
if you look closely?
This is
TK Takahashi!
Not that. Most of the glass shards
fell outside rather than inside.
Oh, yes! That!
Mr. Matsuzaki is the only one
who could have broken it from inside.
Where is he right now?
He's in the principal's office.
They came to the same conclusion as ours.
But Mr. Matsuzaki isn't talking.
So he's the one who broke the glass?
Good question. I can't tell either.
-My right eye
-Out of the way!
TK Hashi.
Find somewhere else to sit!
What happened to your hand?
I just got some cuts!
What? He seems quite restless.
Takahashi! How did Matsuzaki's scolding
go yesterday?
You said you would come yesterday,
but you never showed up.
Right, I had something to take care of.
Scolding? Something to take care of
-It was you!
What are you talking about Kaido?
Takahashi is suspicious, but you can't
just blame him for what happened.
I don't think you are any better.
What the hell are you talking about?
It was you who took the vase
that was outside the principal's office!
That was such an obvious reaction!
Takahashi, you
How did you know?
Your hands told me.
Takahashi resented Mr. Matsuzaki
for scolding him yesterday,
so he broke the glass,
and moved the shards
from the outside to the inside.
He tried to blame Mr. Matsuzaki!
That's where the cuts
on your hands came from.
And your bag
obviously has a vase inside!
Oh, you're right!
What? Sorry.
-What is this about?
-I'm sorry!
-I'm sorry!
I was scolded by Mr. Matsuzaki yesterday,
and in my anger, I broke the vase.
I promised him we would apologize together
after he fixed the vase,
so I couldn't talk until now.
-We are truly sorry!
-We are truly sorry!
Don't worry about it.
So he cut his hands while fixing it?
Then why was the glass broken?
I figured out who broke the glass
when I used psychometry.
I remembered how I had left my umbrella
at school last night,
so I exchanged it with a tennis ball.
But the tennis ball dangerously
got jammed in the umbrella stand,
and it flew right out.
It was me.
I'm so sorry.
No way.
All I want is to be alone,
yet instead, another annoying guy came.
Next time
It's time for the fall school talent show.
Subtitle translation by Ashley Ishizuka
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