The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

The PK festival is just one month away.
Let's decide what to do for the festival.
PK festival is our school festival
held every year.
You can probably tell by my face
-just how excited I am.
-How about we sell yakisoba?
Should we sell yakisoba?
Wait! I can't because I have to attend
my club's event on the day.
Me neither since I'm in the band.
I see. What should we do?
How about we put up a display?
That way, not everyone has to be there.
That's a good idea!
Let's make something together
after school!
Sorry, I can't. I have
an after-school club to go to.
I have to go to work after school, so
Hey, what are you holding?
What? Oh, this?
It's a rock I found outside.
It had an interesting shape, so I took it.
Well, how about we put
this rock on display?
-That's a good idea!
Let's all bring interesting-looking rocks
and display them!
Good idea! Then we can be free
for both the day of and after school!
Okay, Hairo. Let's do that!
-All right!
-All right!
So, our class will display
interesting rocks
found in the schoolyard, deal?
Sounds good!
We only get to take part in this festival
three times during high school.
Do you really want to waste it
on something like that?
Where is your passion?
Man. Now, I'm all fired up.
I guess things are going to get busy.
I guess we have no choice.
-I guess.
-This is absurd.
All right! Let's give it our all!
-Good grief. The rocks were fine.
I have a suggestion for our display, too.
Oh, what is it?
How about each person makes
a thousand paper cranes?
Wouldn't having 36,000
cranes on display be magnificent?
Actually, let's make that 50,000.
About 1,389 cranes per person.
One month is plenty of time!
No one seems to be on board with the idea.
That's not a bad idea, but
How about a food stall?
Good idea!
That would be more fun
than holding an exhibition.
I guess
I thought my idea was good though.
Your idea was plain torture.
Well, I'll write mine down for now.
He's writing it down?
Any other ideas?
-Takahashi, tell me your idea.
I don't know if it would be okay, but
What about a maid cafe?
Takahashi, we've covered that
in the last episode.
Not a bad idea, but
Then how about this?
A cross-dressing maid cafe!
-The guys will dress up instead!
-That sounds interesting!
What? Do I have to shave my legs? No way!
-You don't seem that upset about it.
-I've never worn a bra.
Someone will have to let me borrow
their makeup then!
Just stay in the kitchen
and make some omelet rice.
Any other suggestions?
You're not writing it down?
Do you have any ideas, Teruhashi?
Don't ask me!
How about we turn the room into
a planetarium?
There are those machines
you can use at home, so
What a great idea, Teruhashi!
That's not a bad idea,
but won't the machine do all the work?
-Are you really giving it your all?
-Shut up.
-We'll go with her idea.
It looks like Hairo's charisma
-lost to Teruhashi's.
-Planetarium, the one and only truth.
I oppose!
Oh! Mera, any ideas?
I propose a Korean barbecue stall!
It's my favorite food!
Mera, you know you can't eat it, right?
It also costs quite a lot
Then how about we combine the two?
A barbecue under the starry sky!
I see! Nice! Any other ideas?
-If it's nice, write it down!
-If it's nice, write it down!
Kuboyasu, what about you?
What? Me?
Maybe participating in the festival
like a normal person is a good idea.
How about a haunted house?
We can all wear zombie makeup
Wow, that's stupid. You
He doesn't even need makeup.
You don't seem to realize
how terrifying zombies are.
Oh, Kaido is here?
Zombies aren't scary. And they're slow.
That's true.
But if there's an army of them,
you can't run away.
By the time you're cornered by them,
you'll realize that they are not just
plain marchers but vicious attackers!
-What? Marchers?
Oh, they rhyme.
-So lame.
No! I wasn't trying to
The TV show I want to watch
is about to start.
-This could take a while.
-I guess I have no choice.
-Cross-dressing maid cafe!
Everyone, calm down!
-Let's make 50,000
-Let's come to a decision
-What was that?
-It's a
-A meteorite!
-What? No way!
I used psychokinesis
to pull a meteor here.
This should settle things.
It must be valuable.
-How about we put it on display?
-Oh! That's a great idea!
Good job.
But just having this
would be boring, right?
I've got it!
Class Three will display
a meteorite and interesting rocks
found in the schoolyard!
Have you decided on a rock yet, Hairo?
Not yet. I found some okay ones,
but they're not great.
You found those?
I thought this was a dumb idea,
but they seem pretty into it.
-What's up?
The school festival is coming up!
What'll your class do for the festival?
We're doing a cross-dressing maid cafe.
-I'm so not into it.
-We almost did the same thing.
So, Saiki,
do you want to form a band
for the festival?
Beat it.
Here are the members!
First, we have Takeru, the guitarist.
Takayuki is the bassist.
Shinya is the drummer.
And me, Reita is the vocalist.
The four of us make up
Eternal Diamond Veronica!
I see.
So, what do you say?
No way.
Why not?
Do you like a different kind of music?
I like a different kind of person.
Anyway, four members are enough, right?
Actually, we have a problem.
No one can play an instrument?
Takeru used to be our vocalist,
but we made him the guitarist because
he'd dislocate his jaw whenever he'd sing.
Takayuki doesn't even know the difference
between a guitar and a bass.
Shinya has played drums
only in video games.
You're just a group of idiots.
I can't play any instruments either.
But that's okay since I'm the vocalist.
Your problem is that attitude of yours.
Why would you form a band
if none of you can do anything?
To be popular among girls!
What other reason is there?
Well, it does sound cool
when he says it so proudly.
Obviously, we're not getting any better.
I was hoping you could give us a hand
with your powers.
These guys are completely hopeless.
What makes them think I would help them?
The class trip was tough.
I wonder what would have happened
if I hadn't woken you up!
Hey! Are you threatening me?
You have quite a nerve.
I was just talking to myself.
But he has pressed the right button.
I hate being indebted to someone.
Meet our new member,
-Wow! You're so good!
-Are you a pro or something?
You pass.
You, however, fail.
Well, anyway, Saiki
I mean, Psi. You can do anything, right?
Of course, but I will not join the band.
What? You want me to play?
I came to teach you.
I can't! I don't even know any chords.
Just play it.
Wow! He can play!
But when he played it yesterday,
it sounded like dying cicadas!
-Wow, what is this pleasant sound?
Just yesterday, he sounded as bad as
a fly buzzing around your ears!
Wow, what a dynamic sound!
Yesterday, it was as annoying as a mom
hitting a pan with a ladle!
Wow! What a piercing high-pitched voice!
Yesterday, his voice sounded like
a clogged drain finally being cleared!
-Let's play together!
-All right!
I don't wanna be caught
Staring at the girls
I'm gonna check out their bath anyway
So much steam covering up
I'll have to feel my way inside
Wow! That was perfect!
You sounded just like Natsuki Hanae!
I could even see the red glasses!
Psi, you're amazing!
What? Where did he go?
Forget him.
If we're this good now,
we have nothing to worry about.
You're right, Hanae.
Hey, cut that out!
At any rate, Saiki is amazing.
Not only did he make himself good,
but us, too!
He is quite the psychic!
Hanae, what are you talking about?
All I did was create a suitable illusion.
Of course, it was actually horrible.
I used telepathy to send
what each player thought they sounded like
to all the other members.
If you try again,
you'll realize that you still can't play.
Toritsuka, I don't owe you
anything anymore.
You need to practice day and night
until the day of the performance.
Now, I'm going to practice
-signing my autograph!
-Your autograph?
Let's practice the song again
-Hey, Take
-We were perfect earlier. It will be fine.
Yes, I want to get
the full experience on stage, so
All right.
Forgetting about Toritsuka and his band
who never practiced again after that,
the day of the school festival
has finally arrived.
-We're going to become legends!
Okay! Has everyone arranged their rocks?
My rock isn't just an ordinary rock.
It's one that seals in evil
with magical powers.
Mine is better.
A Jizo statue doesn't count.
Look, mine is shaped like a heart!
Isn't it cute?
Wow, you're right!
It looks cracked though
-Wow, yours is nice too, Kokomi!
Kuboyasu, what is that?
Oh, this?
I found it hidden behind the school!
That reeks of a crime, you know.
All right! This turned out pretty good.
It's all thanks to your hard work
searching for rocks!
I don't think I can ever find a rock
like that no matter how hard I look.
I heard the class with the best exhibit
will win a prize.
Let's do our best to get it!
Let's make the PK festival a success!
-Then you're dismissed!
-What was that huddling about?
Well, let's enjoy this brief moment
of peace while we can.
Hey, Teruhashi!
Do you want to look around with us?
Oh, with Saiki? I want to, but
Sorry, there's somewhere
I have to be this morning.
Contestant number five.
I'm Moriko Utsukushino
from Year One, Class One.
-I like visiting art museums
-Since when did we have a beauty contest?
Well, it's obvious Teruhashi
will be the winner, don't you think?
Yes, I guess
Why are you here?
But she was the last contestant.
This concludes the self-introductions.
Oh, you're right.
What did you think, Principal?
Regardless of their appearances,
they're all my sweet students, so
-It was very
-Let's ask her as well.
Teruhashi, Miss PK, what did you think?
They all looked beautiful,
so it's very hard to decide.
-Should we go?
-Yes, let's go.
A haunted house, cafe, beanbag toss,
haunted house, cafe, haunted house
There are so many things!
So many haunted houses and cafes that is.
Should we just pick one and go in?
Good grief. I don't find
haunted houses scary at all.
First of all, let's get something to eat.
Well, the food is made
by high school students after all.
-Let's go there!
-Sounds good. Let's go!
-That haunted house cafe!
-Don't combine the two.
I don't really want to look at ghosts
while I'm drinking coffee.
Yes, he's right.
It wasn't scary at all!
They said, "I'm going to get you!"
How stupid!
PK needs to step up their game.
-Who the hell are they?
-Probably from another school.
Let's go in here next.
I want to check
all the haunted houses out.
I think I will go in that one as well.
I actually really like scary stuff.
This one looks scarier.
Listen to those screams!
Just how scary is it?
It is indeed a massacre room.
Well, should we go in here too then?
It's pitch-black. I can't see anything.
I, on the other hand,
can see everything clearly.
Even the guy who is
about to jump out at us.
-Hey, go already.
-What? You came in here first!
I'll lead you cowards toward the light.
Follow me.
I hate scary stuff.
That's not part of it.
-Let's keep moving toward the light!
-That's the entrance.
Why are you screaming in a weird voice?
We're going ahead.
-Wait! Don't leave me behind!
-Is this the right way?
I'm going to scare the hell out of them
and make their eyes roll back!
Wow, this is realistic.
Because he fainted for real.
Even I would faint
if I saw your face so up close
in a dark place like this!
Oh, you think so?
-What do we do? If someone else comes
-It's so dark! How scary!
This is bad. We need to hide him.
Look! Let's handle this ourselves.
Oh, Mom.
One Nendo
You should have told me you were coming.
I'm just stopping by during my break.
We ran into Nendo's mom
and became friends!
This is one friendship
that I hope doesn't go anywhere.
Now that I've seen what your class
is doing, I'm going home.
Good luck with the haunted house.
What? We're not doing a haunted house.
What? You're not?
Our class is doing
the schoolyard rock display.
I'm going to wash my face.
Good grief.
This is why school events suck.
All these characters show up
and just cause trouble for me.
But whatever.
I finally got away from them,
so maybe I'll just head home.
-What is this?
-Do you like them, pal?
Give those back, idiot!
The glasses I wear every day
are to block a certain power I have.
When I look at living things
with my bare eyes,
they turn to stone.
The glasses I wear every day
are to block a certain power I have
that turns living things to stone.
But those glasses are broken,
and the world's most ugliest
stone statue has been created.
To return him to normal,
the first thing I can think of
is to turn back time one day,
but that won't work.
Turning to stone is the same as death.
Even if time is turned back,
they can't come back to life.
Well, they do go back to normal
on their own after one day.
Although they won't remember
that they had turned to stone,
naturally, they will become suspicious
about the missing day.
Well, I'm going to get some ramen.
But then again,
we are talking about Nendo.
-The real problem is
Oh, god! This is
Hey, Dad. Nice timing.
-You carved this yourself?
-Give me your glasses!
-Hey! What are you doing?
All right, now that problem is solved.
Anything will do if it covers my eyes.
Give my glasses back!
Without the glasses, your eyes will
look like number three.
-Without them, I can barely see!
-Wait, four?
Oh, so that's why he turned to stone.
What are you going to do, Kusuo?
Nendo's mom is waiting for him outside.
That is Nendo.
Don't make such a mistake again.
I have no choice.
-Let's teleport him
-Are you listening to me?
Kusuo, look after your mother for me.
Hello? Is this the police?
I killed someone.
Calm down, you don't need
to turn yourself in.
What? Really?
In this case, I can turn back time
and put it back together.
What was that sound?
Oh, no. Nendo's mom is going to come in.
Dad, hold the door closed!
-What is going on here?
What happened to "Okay"?
Riki? Is this the rock display
you were talking about? Wow!
It looks just like my son!
She would never think
that her son was turned to stone.
Riki? Where did you go?
-Well, maybe the bathroom?
-That's where we are.
He said something came up and
What is up with him?
In that case, I'll help you.
Aren't you taking this
to the classroom? Let's go!
-But why Nendo?
How did they carve something like this?
Things are going downhill.
There's no way high school students
could make something like that.
I'm sure some will find it suspicious.
-Oh! Is this
This is an exquisite statue!
-Is it a gorilla?
-Close, but not exactly.
I'm very impressed! So
the Best Class Exhibit Award
goes to Class Three!
-Wow, so this is how we won?
-Stop pushing!
Now, it's the showpiece.
This is bad, Kusuo.
Can't you teleport it out of here?
There are far too many people here.
Then, how about we destroy it?
You can put it back together again.
My power to turn back time
can only be used once a day per target.
-Naturally, there are limits.
Otherwise, I could turn back time
as many times as I wanted.
-What if it breaks again?
-Then Nendo is over.
Oh, no. His finger broke.
-Never mind, it was his sleeve.
-Be careful with that!
It's so hard!
-Look at how gross his ears are.
-Don't touch!
-What? What is with him?
-A weird old guy is yelling!
Keep out!
-Something is off about it!
-Get the teacher!
-Come with me!
-Don't touch me! No!
No matter what, don't mention my name.
I have no choice but to make
Nendo's safety my priority.
After all, if he dies,
it will be about two percent my fault.
Hey! Get off!
-Take that, Baron Cola!
No, Yuuta. Stop!
What are you doing? Get down!
Oh, it's Cyborg Cider Man Version Two!
Look! I've captured Baron Cola!
No, that's a gorilla. Get down now!
Don't worry.
I'm holding onto his ear so I won't fall.
But the ear will fall off.
-Take that! Surrender now!
-It's falling!
Hey, Hairo! Did you hear?
Our class got the Best Class Award!
I just heard!
Even though we did that huddle,
I didn't think we had a chance.
I heard it was because the principal
liked the statue of Nendo.
-I didn't know we had one!
-Neither did I.
-Are you okay?
-Saiki sacrificed himself to save it!
-It didn't break!
Good grief.
It happened so suddenly
that I couldn't even use my powers.
Saiki, are you
Hey, did you get new glasses?
Let's move it. Oh, you did get new ones.
Really? Now? Anyway, this is bad.
Even my classmates have seen it now.
That stone statue is amazing. Who made it?
How do I get out of this
Obviously, it was Saiki, right?
Only the creator would risk
his own life to save it!
-Well, I guess they are friends.
Even so, isn't it a little too much?
Maybe it's more than just friendship.
I'm a little worried
about Saiki's mental state.
Maybe I should have just let it break.
Anyhow, it's just an after-party.
Why didn't they pick somewhere close by?
We didn't need to have one anyway.
-Are we there yet?
The map is a little hard to follow,
but if we turn here, the restaurant
Isn't here.
Get fired up! More!
Kaido, where are you?
Everyone is already here.
Sorry, we're a little lost.
Have you started?
No, we're waiting for you.
I'll have the Japanese-style Steak Patty
with Autumn Mushrooms.
You just ordered, didn't you?
Well, since we're a big group,
I thought I should get it out of the way.
Anyway, how do we get there?
-We followed the map, but
-No, we didn't.
We turned at the first light
instead of the second.
I didn't tell him though.
I have no interest in this party.
I would much prefer to stay lost
the entire time.
It seems as though we went the wrong way.
Let's go back.
The crazy party should be
right around the corner!
What is with you? You suck at directions!
You're not even helping!
If we just go left here,
-Not here.
It seems as though we've been attacked
-by a new enemy!
You got us lost again?
No, I didn't!
It seems like Kaido
is just bad with directions.
After turning at the second light,
we should have made a right.
What I mean to say is, the restaurant
is actually right behind us.
Then, how about you lead the way!
-I won't say anything though.
-Give it to me.
He's no good.
He's no good with directions,
so give me the directions.
Where are you? What do you see?
I see a bluish-white tower
Tell me something else.
How about a restaurant called "Todoroki"?
-I see one called "Sha Sha Sha."
-"Sha Sha Sha"?
Yes, "Sha Sha Sha."
Do you know this place?
It doesn't sound familiar
That's "Todoroki," you know.
-Hairo wants to talk to you.
Just as I thought, you need help
from the Jet Black Wings!
It's me who is helping them though.
Anyway, have you guys already started?
No, not yet. We're still waiting for you.
I thought I just heard "Cheers."
That's another table!
Can you go back to the place
you're familiar with?
We're back at the train station.
Okay, I'll guide you. Listen carefully.
You can see a hospital, right?
Yes, I see it!
All right! Go straight toward it.
-Okay, what next?
-He's already lost.
He got the first step wrong.
Keep going down that road
and you'll see a postbox.
Turn left there.
A postbox?
-Oh, host!
Hairo, what are you doing?
Let's play bingo!
-Sorry, I'm on the phone.
-I thought you said "post" for a second!
Sorry about that! Did you find it?
I think so. By the way,
you haven't started yet, right?
Yes, of course not! Did you go left?
We did, but
is this really the right way?
Do you see a school?
A school?
There's no way a school would be here!
A genocide would happen here!
What? That's strange
Oh, there's the school!
Oh, found it!
Wait, are you sure?
Ask Hairo if you don't believe me!
Is it possible that the school is called
"Three Thumbs Up Girls Academy?"
-He said that's it.
Is there really a restaurant here?
Sorry about that. Did you make a turn?
Just keep going straight
and you'll be here!
I'm hanging up. We're waiting for you!
So this is the restaurant.
Something seems off.
For you? Or the people inside?
Hey, what are you punks looking at?
Beat it!
Sorry, we'll be on our way!
We're customers too, you know!
What's your problem?
What did you just say, punk?
What did you just say, asshole?
Stop it!
Just show us to the gang already!
Year Two, Class Three.
Fine! We'll take you to the headquarters.
No, please let us go!
I guess it's about time to stop this.
Please forgive us!
Oh, you're here!
No way. This is the right place?
Obviously, we teleported here.
I didn't plan to help,
but things were getting out of hand.
Moreover, I felt like
I had to protect your enthusiasm.
Now that we're finally here
-Let's get started!
The after-party, of course!
Where is the menu?
Or are we playing bingo first?
Everyone, I know you're having fun,
but it's time to wrap things up!
-Too bad it's already over.
-Great job, everyone!
Who is up for an after-after-party?
-I'll pass.
-Me too.
Just thirty minutes.
I somehow made it through
another school event.
The phrase "Things go without a hitch"
never seems to apply to PK Academy.
Next time
What? Christmas and New Year's?
Didn't we just cover those?
Subtitle translation by Ashley Ishizuka
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