The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

Is that Kuboyasu?
Why is he standing there?
He does show a lot of potential.
If he wishes,
I can make him a powerful soldier.
When the coming war
against the Dark Reunion begins,
he could be a valuable asset.
-Quit screwing around!
Do you think you can run into me
and just say sorry?
My arm broke! I will need
one million yen for the hospital bill!
Did you hear that?
One million yen!
What is he doing?
He is in big trouble now!
It can't be helped. I'll need to step in.
Wait! I'll find somebody who can help!
Please let me go!
I'm someone who can help! I'll go!
I'm really sorry.
Stop this! You're killing him.
What happened?
Was what I saw this morning real?
I never imagined
that Kuboyasu has a hidden power.
Thinking about it now,
there were many signs.
When he came to this school,
he wrote his greetings using gang slangs.
During the school festival,
he said that he spilled ketchup,
but it didn't smell like ketchup at all.
Also, I thought that it was strange
that an interrobang appears
above his head from time to time.
You can see that?
What's wrong, Little guy?
Don't sneak up on me!
I can give you some advice.
He is the last person
I would want advice from.
-The truth is
-You're telling him?
It's about Kuboyasu.
What about me?
-Oh, transfer student.
What are you talking about?
Let me join you.
Was he always this scary?
It's nothing, sir.
"Sir"? What's wrong?
You are acting strange.
What happened?
Did you see something scary?
What's wrong? Are you stupid?
I don't want to hear that from you!
I was just a little dizzy!
-This guy is weird, right?
You're the stupid one!
What are you saying?
I can't understand you.
Sorry about that.
Stop that!
Are you okay?
I'm fine. It's nothing.
Apologize to him, Nendo!
My nose was kind of itchy.
Oh, you have something here.
Don't use the same cloth!
I'm fine.
He hasn't gotten angry despite all this.
Is this kind person really a delinquent?
I'm fine.
He's on the edge.
We have PE next. Let's get changed.
Right. I just misunderstood the situation.
Kuboyasu isn't like that.
Look. He is changing like a girl.
He couldn't be a delinquent.
I must have seen someone else.
Kuboyasu! Why are you
changing like a girl?
Stop! Give me my clothes back!
He is completely different
from the neck down!
-We are playing baseball today.
Maybe he just likes weightlifting.
That's right. He isn't a delinquent.
Why is he looking at the bat
like it's his former buddy?
He is giving it a knowing look
like they went through
a lot of pain and trials together!
-Kuboyasu is up next!
are you really a delinquent?
He looks like a natural,
squatting down like that.
Kuboyasu! Are you okay?
This is bad! If Kuboyasu is a delinquent,
that pitcher is dead!
-Where are you throwing it?
-Quit screwing around!
We aren't here to fight.
We are here to play baseball.
We've got no outs,
one runner on base. Let's play.
Now he sounds like a former delinquent
whose life was changed by baseball!
It's raining!
Get inside!
We were winning.
What's this? Are you lonely too?
This scene is very delinquent-like too!
Why is there a puppy
on the school grounds?
My suspicions were correct.
Kuboyasu is a delinquent!
He acted normal to hide his true self.
I can't believe him!
Isn't your backstory the same?
I need to avoid Kuboyasu.
Well, he is just a human anyway.
If I unleash my powers,
I can crush him in a second.
Let's see your powers then.
Saiki, do you want to grab some food?
I know this is sudden,
but could you lend us some cash?
You can't escape either.
No way.
The bad delinquents got us!
Give us your money!
Hand it over!
This is troublesome.
Oh, no! These scary guys are from
that famous school of delinquents.
Saiki is scared. That makes sense.
Shall I use it?
No. That power is too dangerous.
-Don't ignore us!
Get him!
What is happening here?
We've hit him 100 times,
but he just won't fall.
Is he invulnerable?
-What are you doing?
This seems like fun. Let me play.
I will use this.
If you hit him with that, he'll die!
Just kidding.
Let's go for this one instead.
What? My arm!
I've had enough.
Sorry, it's too late now.
This is your fault.
It's my farewell gift for you
who'll end up in Hell soon.
This is the power of the Black Beat!
Are you listening to me?
It's too late now.
You're just idiots. So weak.
Humans are too fragile.
Hey, hand your money now!
Your daydreams last too long, Shun.
What? Didn't I beat you?
What? Are you underestimating me?
-Where is Hyakkimaru?
-What are you talking about?
The Hyakkimaru you always see
in comics doesn't exist here.
I see! I was daydreaming!
Are you mocking us?
Calm down. If it was a dream,
there is no Hyakkimaru.
I can easily take out these weaklings.
You shouldn't underestimate us.
What? Why does he have that?
Where is your wallet?
These guys are too much.
To make things worse,
Saiki is here with me.
If he wasn't here,
I would pay up straight away!
-I knew it.
-But I can't look weak in front of Saiki!
Let's do this!
I'm already tired of seeing you look weak.
I don't have one!
Everyone has a wallet, don't they?
I'm sick of this.
-Look at all the cash.
-He's rich!
I could have bought
so much coffee jelly with that.
You hand it over too!
Mine is enough, isn't it?
Shut up!
Your friend already gave us his wallet.
How about you?
What are you doing?
Nice. So you're
a reasonable guy after all.
Go on and take it.
I cast a spell which will drain your blood
from your pores in three months.
This is my apology for that.
Run, Saiki!
Wait! Stop right there, bastards!
Let me go!
What is with him? He is so slow.
Why did he even try to escape
if he is so slow?
Sorry, Kaido.
I'm going to keep running.
This is the perfect chance
to end this fake friendship.
Are you just going to
leave your friend like this?
Saiki, thank goodness.
At least he was able to escape.
What a pain. This is pointless.
He stopped!
So, you are a true friend after all.
I'm tired of hiding this.
I'll show you what I really am.
I mean, I would have shown you
if this guy didn't come.
What are you doing?
What is this?
Kuboyasu! Nice timing.
Kuboyasu is actually strong.
I just need to ask him for help.
Another friend?
Kuboyasu! What are you doing?
-Hurry, run away!
There's no way I could ask for his help!
We are just playing around!
What was I thinking?
I can't ask him for help!
Take Saiki with you and run!
I can defeat these guys in a second!
You are asking for it!
Sorry, Kaido.
Did you think we would just let you go?
I used to be a delinquent.
But I had to change.
So after I transferred,
I tried to be a law-abiding citizen.
You're dead!
But this path is tougher
than the path of a delinquent.
I can't stop myself
if others are looking for a fight.
-This is me.
Don't touch my friends!
If he hadn't crushed all those people,
this would be a touching story.
You knew?
Of course.
Did you think you could deceive
my demonic eye?
Really? I thought
I had blended in perfectly.
So, he already knew the truth
when he told me to run away.
I don't care about your past.
What matters is who you are now
and who you'll be in the future.
-That hurts!
-You are really too weak.
They aren't serving ramen today!
We walked for 30 minutes just to get here!
It can't be helped.
The owner has allergies.
Don't underestimate allergies!
This is no time for running a restaurant.
I'm not blaming the owner.
I'm blaming you!
I'm going home.
Let's just go somewhere else.
There is an arcade! Let's go there.
Why would we go to an arcade
instead of another ramen place?
What can we do? The owner has allergies.
Do you know how hard it is
to have allergies?
That's not the problem here!
Shouldn't we look for another restaurant?
I'm getting mad now.
Let's end this today.
Do you want to take me on?
Sure. I'm tired of
these peaceful days anyway.
Let's settle this.
-Arcade, it is!
-Arcade, it is!
You get along really well.
How long has it been
since I've come to an arcade?
I liked them as a child.
Mom often brought me to the arcade.
Hey, no running!
I especially liked the whack-a-mole game.
It is a simple game
where you hit the moles that pop up.
But after I hit them once,
they didn't pop up again.
Okay! I've got this!
What? I can't turn right.
-You should insert coins.
-Is this thing broken?
Your head is the only thing broken.
How's that? Is that all
you zombies can do?
I was feared on the battlefield
as Double Bullet.
What? I'm out of bullets?
I'm reloading!
I hit you! I know I did!
This is just a silly game in the end.
It isn't realistic at all.
Because it is a game.
You really suck.
How about we have a battle?
Sounds good! I'll crush you!
So, which game should we play?
I can beat you in any game.
This one is the closest.
How about we play this quiz game?
You really want to win.
Actually, the game you are leaning on
is closer. What do you say?
You screwed up.
Let's leave the decision to Saiki.
I thought you could beat me on anything.
Don't get me involved! Good grief.
Air hockey.
The first player to score nine goals wins.
Let's give this a shot!
Air hockey.
I have played this several times,
but my opponent is an athletic freak.
I will lose if I'm not careful.
How do I attack?
Game start.
Shooting straight is the fastest.
But it may be blocked
by his animal-like reflexes.
Just shoot.
I can use the walls to fool him.
That is pretty common.
Tall Hammer Shot!
It was too fast to see.
What's the problem?
I just picked something random, but Nendo
may have too much of an advantage.
Kaido can't win if it's a physical battle.
I have no choice.
That's the same attack.
You are too slow.
You have two mallets!
This is the Double Mallet!
-You're violating the rule.
And you lost easily anyway.
That's nothing.
Damn it!
The puck won't fall down.
Is it on your side?
Meteor Smash!
Dirty trick.
It looks like the puck is
on my side after all.
Sorry to ruin your victory,
but you just violated the rule.
Well, whatever.
If I don't overlook this,
he will get shut out.
After this, Kaido used his intellect
to manipulate Nendo.
It's Teruhashi!
This puck is broken.
Let's call someone. Staff!
Triple Mallet!
Triple Mallet featuring Bag!
Ignoring their discrepancy in skills,
Kaido racked up points.
However, Nendo continued
his counterattacks.
After a back-and-forth match,
they were tied at match point.
The battle reached its conclusion!
Not bad.
But this is the end.
Take my Zig-zag Attack!
This is too fast!
It is slowing down.
I got it!
I'll take that.
I got him.
Mallet Bullet!
A dirty trick until the end.
Game over.
I won!
What do you say?
Don't call me a cheater! A win is a win.
I lost. Damn it.
You beat me.
I never thought you'd block the goal
with the mallet.
Why do I feel this guilty?
Nendo won.
I didn't use my powers this time.
That's fine. It is forbidden
to interfere with a battle among men.
Let's take a photo!
Come on, Saiki!
Why do we have to?
What a mess.
Where is that idiot?
I haven't seen him today.
I haven't bought this week's issue
of Shonen Jump yet.
Let's drop by here.
-You guys?
Do you work part-time here?
Didn't I tell you?
I started yesterday.
Nendo is working? Impossible.
-Zoned out.
-Is he really okay?
-I don't think so.
-I agree.
It's just a convenience store though.
Don't underestimate convenience stores.
In addition to stocking shelves
and cleaning the store,
you have to remember how to manage
deliveries, pay bills, and fry chicken.
There are many things to remember!
You know a lot.
Have you ever worked at one?
Yes. I worked for a while
when my bike got broken.
-He has a customer.
It will be around 500 yen.
Are you just guessing?
He can't even use a register!
Use the register!
I did that before.
But when I was playing with it,
the thing broke.
Use the other register!
Sir, I'll ring you up on this register.
It will be 777 yen.
Three sevens! That's lucky!
As a prize for the three sevens,
I'll give you this fried chicken.
No, you won't!
Your change is 333 yen.
Come again!
Hey, did he just say
that his change was 333 yen?
I'm buying Shonen Jump.
I'll scan it.
Why do the customer need to be
20 years old or older?
It's a magazine for young boys!
Are these your friends, Nendo?
Sorry about this.
You are Nendo's friend, right?
Don't worry. I trust you.
Nendo saved my life.
One week ago, he saved me
when I collapsed due to a heart attack.
I wanted to show my thanks.
He said that he was looking for a job.
I see. So that's how he got hired.
I'm really grateful, Nendo.
Thank you!
You're fired.
You destroyed the register twice
and the copier three times.
The register is short 32,858 yen.
There have been 27 complaints.
Sorry! If this continues,
I'll end the very life that you had saved
with my own hands.
You did get the job in a way
that only exists in the world of fiction.
I guess that's okay.
I still have other jobs.
-Other jobs?
You're early! You must be ready to go!
-Ramen shop?
-Ramen shop.
I came early
because I got fired from my other job.
It was my fault for screwing up.
I also look like this.
Idiot! Quit complaining and get ready!
We're opening.
Listen up!
Everyone makes mistakes at first.
Looks don't matter!
All that matters is motivation!
If you are motivated,
I will never give up on you!
You're fired!
You wanted to buy this so bad
that you worked part-time, right?
You love bananas.
Not that!
My mother's birthday is next week.
I'm saving up for that.
Your mother's birthday?
Right! My father isn't around.
So my mother does all the work by herself.
She works from morning to night every day.
She makes my meals.
I really appreciate her.
So I wanted to get her a present
to show my thanks.
Why are you guys crying?
Because they're idiots.
We aren't crying.
In that case,
the restaurant by the station
is looking for part-timers.
-Let's all go for an interview!
-All right!
I'm going home.
Let me introduce
our three new staff members.
Kaido, Kuboyasu, and Rikii.
-Nendo failed the interview!
-Nendo failed the interview!
This is bad. I only did this for Nendo!
I completely forgot!
Someone who looks like him
can't work at a restaurant!
Let's do our best!
Who are you?
Don't worry.
It makes sense
that Nendo would fail the interview.
I had to do something.
You showed up, Pal!
Right, Rikii Nendo?
I made everyone else see Nendo
as another person.
Of course, he hasn't noticed this.
Don't suddenly call me by my first name!
I changed his name on his resume to Rikii.
Water! You're pouring it on him!
The rest is up to you.
-We apologize!
-We apologize!
Why do I need to clean up
this idiot's mess?
Oh, no! I'm so sorry!
If you start screwing up, we're finished!
Yo, part-timer!
There's no ketchup on my fries, you dig?
Bring me some ketchup!
You're seriously useless!
I'll get you some ketchup. From your nose!
Get over here!
Manager! The new employees
Even I can't help them.
This is a school event held in winter,
which makes students hate
the teacher and his warm coat.
Gather around!
Today is the school marathon!
Right. The school marathon.
I only have to run,
so this is
one of the easier school events.
I can use my pyrokinesis to stay warm.
You'll feel warm when you start running!
Where's your tracksuit?
Aren't you cold?
I'm fine! I have sleeves this time!
Does that change anything?
Quit complaining that it's cold.
Kaido! Are you okay?
Your bandages are made of fleece.
I'm so sleepy.
He is just an idiot. Let him be.
Nendo, how about we run together?
Sounds good.
I can finally prove who is faster.
I will avenge my loss at the fitness test.
-This area is warm.
-It is like a heater.
The distance is ten kilometers!
Teachers will be at checkpoints
every two kilometers.
We will know if you take a shortcut.
Saiki, I'm sorry, but I'm going on ahead.
I will be waiting for you
at the finish line.
Eat my dust!
What? Wait!
If you run that fast from the start,
you will get tired soon.
I'll wait for you at the finish line.
There's something I need to do.
Okay. I'm in 45th place.
There are 90 runners. I'm in the middle.
I can just maintain this position
until the finish line.
No one is behind me!
If I maintain this speed, I can win.
Hey, you're fast!
I went to buy something to drink.
A drink? You bought a drink
and still caught up with me?
It is important to drink fluids
when you exercise.
"Corn potage"?
-That warmed me up.
-Damn it!
Only eight kilometers left!
So, this is the first checkpoint.
I better sweat a little.
Saiki, you are running too fast.
Despite his lack of athletic skills,
it's impressive that he's keeping up.
Get in!
Isn't a taxi too much?
Don't worry!
We will get off before the checkpoint.
Oh, it's the three idiots.
-Where are we going?
-Two kilometers ahead.
Back to the school.
-I will be waiting at the finish line.
So, there is a "Go Back to Start"
in real life too.
Saiki passes the four-kilometer mark
without any problems.
He maintains his 45th position
as he reaches the six kilometers.
Only four kilometers!
He seems to be at each checkpoint.
What? Everyone is giving up here.
What is happening?
Look! Saiki!
I told you that they would get tired!
Not as worn out as you though.
My pace is off.
Hairo and Nendo!
I tried to keep up with them,
but I just couldn't!
What a pain. The fastest runners
tried to keep up with Hairo
and became exhausted.
Saiki, everyone looks so tired.
We should rest a little too.
At this rate, I'll end up finishing
before most of them do.
It can't be helped. Here you go.
What is this?
I'm not exhausted anymore!
Saiki! I feel completely refreshsed!
Let's run!
Okay! The first place is mine!
I just turned back the clock in your body.
My body feels so light!
Turning back time resets
one's level of fatigue.
Your rest had ended.
Rise, my zombies!
The students in first place is coming!
It's Hairo!
No. What is that?
-What did you eat yesterday?
-What is this?
He is running backwards,
but I can't catch up!
Is he human?
I can't do it. I can't run any faster.
I've lost. I will
Look! Isn't that the popular comic artist
Shuichi Aso?
Goal! Hairo is in first place!
Where? Wait, who is this Aso?
Nendo is in second place.
I won.
Are you really happy with that, Hairo?
That's odd. I thought
that they were farther behind.
Even with a full recovery,
they weren't able to catch up with you.
But the most impressive one
was Mr. Matsuzaki.
Okay! Great job!
You're the one who did a great job.
Well, I reached the goal in 45th place.
That's all that matters.
Saiki, 44th place!
That's odd. There should be
44 people ahead of me.
Did I pass someone?
I ran too fast.
By the way, the girls' marathon
took place on another day.
Are there any treats at the checkpoints?
I haven't been running recently.
But I'm the perfect beauty.
A marathon is a piece of cake!
This is Kokomi Teruhashi.
Thank you for always watching
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Kusuo? It's not Kunio?
In the next episode,
I'll go to Saiki's house,
and our class will sing in a karaoke!
I'll make them gasp nonstop.
Subtitle translation by James Burns
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