The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

We made it!
-The air is so fresh here.
-It has been a while.
We've traveled
an hour and a half by train,
two hours by plane,
another two hours by train,
and then additional 45 minutes by bus
to get to this countryside
in the middle of nowhere.
-It smells great.
-That's fertilizer.
We came all the way here
to visit my grandparents.
This is where I will spend
my spring break.
What are you doing, honey?
I am giving thanks
to the land you grew up.
That is so sweet of you, honey.
But this is quite far.
How about we have Kusuo teleport us back?
We can't! They don't know
about Ku's powers.
And a long family trip
is so much more fun.
That's right. What? Kusuo?
I got cold, so I went back
to get my gloves.
All that travel for nothing!
-Hello! I'm home!
-Welcome back!
-Kusuo! You got so big.
-This is my grandmother, Kumi Saiki.
Hello. You look young as always.
Thank you, Kuniharu.
She is past 60 years in age,
but still looks young enough
to pass for 40.
By the way, Mother's maiden name
also happened to be Saiki.
It is just a coincidence.
But according to my father
We were destined to be together
even before we were born.
At that moment, I thought, "Then Satos
must have a lot of fated partners. Idiot."
But I didn't say it.
I digressed a little.
Grandmother is a good person.
-Honey! Kuniharu and his family are here!
-The problem is the other one.
Everyone is here.
-Good grief. Quiet. Let me read my paper.
-This is my grandfather, Kumagoro Saiki.
Long time no see, Father!
You don't have to come for no reason.
You never change.
Look. It's Kusuo. You haven't seen him
for a long time.
Unlike my cheerful grandmother,
he is stern and terse.
He got big.
He is a temperamental person.
Long time no see!
Who are you? Get out!
He is a very temperamental person.
Your grandfather was actually
looking forward to seeing you.
Don't be foolish.
I'm going to the other room.
Call me when dinner is ready.
He is still so stern as always.
-Should we not have come?
-Of course not! Visit whenever you want!
Don't worry about him.
That's right. He's always like that.
He really is an annoying one.
My grandparents don't know
about my powers.
So I usually don't tell my parents
what I learned through my powers.
However, the annoying side of him
that I learned about
can be described with a word
that was popular a while ago.
-He is so big.
Kurumi. You finally came.
My grandfather runs hot-and-cold.
However, he is the type to be cold
in front of others 99% of the time.
If Kumi hadn't said that,
I would not have left the room.
I want to chat more!
Don't whine. How old are you?
In any case, he is a very annoying person.
How long has it been?
About two years?
It has been two years,
and one hundred and twelve days!
Kusuo got so big! I am so touched!
Tell me directly. Don't be ridiculous.
I want to see you more often.
-Come visit me every week.
He does love us, so I don't hate him.
He's just a pain.
-Let me hear your voice.
-A big one.
But this place is really relaxing.
You have no right to talk, you insect!
He does hate my father.
How long can you stay?
-Until tomorrow?
-That's right.
Stay here! Live here!
We might stay here for two or three days.
That will be nice.
This is great! Three nights!
Where should we go?
I can spend my pension!
I thought we were only staying
for one night. I have work.
Okay. We'll leave tomorrow.
It's over.
You aged so rapidly.
You can't take a day off
from work, after all.
I can, but aren't we bothering you?
I feel bad for my father-in-law.
-I only came to get the newspaper.
We are thinking of staying here
for two or three days. Is that okay?
Say it. Please!
Stay for three years.
Be brave!
Do whatever you want.
That was the happiest reaction
Grandfather has.
This is great! Okay!
I can spend three days with my grandson!
Don't jump around. Think about your age.
This is great. I am so happy.
-He will stay here for a few days.
-Why do you talk like a girl?
When I went to the next room
I finally did it!
When I passed him,
I was able to touch my grandson!
I'm so happy.
That might have made
a real connection between us.
That's impossible.
Oh, right. Mother.
I bought this for you. Let's have it.
-Is this castella?
-Right! Father loves this, right?
That's right. You have a good memory.
Of course.
Quit that.
Grandfather will be touched again.
Kurumi picked out a gift just for me?
To be honest, I actually dislike castella.
But I am so touched by her thoughtfulness.
Don't cry if you don't like it.
Let's eat together.
This is for Grandfather.
Ku, please bring it to him.
My grandson is coming here!
My grandson is coming here.
What should I do? What to do?
Hello, Father!
Please enjoy some castella.
-Get out of here!
All I did was bring him some castella.
Sorry. I didn't want to bring it
to him myself.
Idiot! Why did you bring it?
Why did it have to be you?
It can't be helped.
I thought my grandson
was going to bring it!
What? What do you want?
How can you still put on an act
in that position?
In this situation,
I expected him to panic more.
He does have a long history
of running hot and cold.
He isn't affected at all.
It's Grandson! Grandson!
Although he is affected on the inside.
This is bad. He saw me acting strangely.
I don't know what to do
when we are alone together!
That's creepy, Grandpa.
Good grief. I'll just leave it here.
This is bad. He's leaving.
If I don't stop him, I will lose
my chance to chat with him!
Say something!
He left! I'm such a fool!
It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
I am so pathetic.
At this age, I was more worried
about keeping my dignity
than getting close to my own grandson.
I'm such a pathetic grandfather.
I will die alone.
I have no choice.
You have a longer history
of running hot and cold.
I will play hot this time.
the two ate castella in silence.
Kusuo, do you have a girl that you like?
Of course not!
You are 16 years old, aren't you?
Don't be shy.
Grandpa, come closer then.
Is it a secret?
You can't tell Mother and Father
about this.
It was just a dream.
I didn't know there was
an amusement park around here.
I completely forgot about it, too.
We went there often
when Kurumi was a little girl.
Hot springs are great, but it's nice to go
to places like this, too.
This is ridiculous.
Why do I need to go to an amusement park?
It will be fun, honey.
Who suggested going to an amusement park?
You did.
I wonder why that pamphlet
was sitting there.
Children don't like hot springs.
We need to bring them somewhere fun
so that they come visit again.
I can watch my grandson having fun!
How old do you think I am?
You're ridiculous.
It should be around here. Is this it?
-Did I take the wrong road?
-This is it.
-This is it.
-This is it.
This is it?
This takes me back!
Is this place okay?
Don't ask me.
It has been more than 20 years.
That rotten sign,
the Ferris wheel that's always broken,
the rusty roller coaster pillars that look
like they're about to collapse
Nothing has changed in 20 years!
Change something!
Is this place really okay?
There is a roller coaster
that seems to be working fine.
What was that?
-Let's go back.
-Good idea.
Hey, honey.
Let's go back and try the hot springs.
I bought free passes.
Kusuo, you can ride anything you want.
Thank you!
Ku, what do you want to ride?
The car back home.
-First, let's try the roller coaster!
-No, thanks.
No! That's not a good idea.
What? Are you afraid of roller coasters?
This one is really scary.
Don't worry!
I rode this many times as a child.
Let's go!
I saw some people riding it.
It should be okay.
Sign this, quickly!
What? Sign what?
Isn't that obvious? The release form!
It's a roller coaster.
Of course, you need to sign one!
You too, Ku!
This is what you sign
when you go bungee jumping overseas.
Once seated, please lower the safety bar.
Kusuo, if anything happens,
don't worry about me. Save your mother.
You don't sound like someone
preparing to ride a roller coaster.
We're off.
For a psychic like me,
this is somewhat boring.
I don't need to pretend to fly.
I can actually fly.
Those two could never imagine that.
Grandmother's clothes are so trendy.
We're near the top.
And what's left is the fall.
This went up.
It's upside down!
What is with him?
-The sky is pretty.
-Was it really that scary?
What sort of man is that?
Don't be so harsh, honey!
He used the fact that I couldn't ride
to steal the seat next to my grandson.
They got so close.
Is this revenge against me?
I hate this!
How can you call yourself a man?
You are one to talk.
Let's ride something a bit more relaxing.
What? Look!
The Ferris wheel is moving!
-It's finally moving!
-Incredible sound.
Let's ride that!
Honey, you can ride that, right?
I should be all right.
Papa! You suddenly aged!
-He is mentally scarred.
-Sorry! I need to look after him!
You can ride the Ferris wheel without us!
-Hang in there, honey!
-Is it dinner time?
Will he be okay?
He is so pathetic.
Why don't you two ride it?
You don't want to?
Did you forget?
I am afraid of heights.
Please do not stand inside the cars.
I am finally alone with my grandson!
This is so exciting!
My heart is beating so fast.
I couldn't say anything yesterday,
but I will talk to him this time!
What should we talk about?
That's right! What about the war?
No! He was born after the war.
That's it!
What if I ask him about school?
That is easy to answer.
I thought about it yesterday!
Okay. I'm going to say it.
No! All I did was grunt!
-Our ride is going to end in silence!
-Be quiet.
He is so pathetic.
How can a man collapse
at an amusement park?
What does Kurumi see in him?
He's such a fool.
Don't grow up to be like him.
I actually spoke to him!
Good. Keep it up.
It must be tough
to have a father like that.
If you have any trouble, come to me
What's happening?
My father is certainly not
the most reliable man.
But he is still my father.
I don't like you mocking him.
This is bad!
Your father is riding that one!
-What is happening in there?
What is happening?
Someone save me!
You are showing your true self now.
I'll shake it even more then.
Kusuo! Hold on to me!
I will save you!
I might have gone too far.
But that was impressive.
In that situation, he tried to protect me.
He is different from Father.
I should say thanks.
The sky is pretty.
The sky is blue.
They are similar in the end.
We're leaving!
-We're leaving already?
-Papa, you have a bed head as always.
My father will give us a ride. Get ready.
We'll miss them.
I'm so sad! Please stay longer!
Thank you, Father.
-It was nice to have a family vacation.
-We will visit again.
I wonder when we can.
It might be sooner than you expect.
Good grief. He has another strange plan
in mind.
What time was the train?
There are only two or three trips a day.
We can't miss it.
This is bad. We ran out of gas.
What? Oh, no!
There aren't any gas stations around here.
-This was an oversight.
-You did it this time.
I drained the gas before we left.
Forgive me, Kurumi, Kusuo.
Forgive me for doing this.
What should we do?
If we miss the train,
there won't be any until tonight.
We can't go home.
That is a problem.
We can't walk to the station from here.
I guess we just need to go back.
You are so bad at lying.
What is it, Ku? In the trunk?
There is gasoline!
Why is that there?
Did you know about that?
No. That was for emergencies.
Of course, I knew about his plan
before we left.
I put that in the trunk.
What is going on?
But Kusuo,
how did you know
that there was gasoline in the trunk?
Don't stay silent.
Just tell her that I saw it
from the back seat.
Just intuition, I guess.
I don't really know.
Let's not worry about the details.
You are bad at lying as well.
Right! Maybe some mysterious power
was in effect.
No! Not a mysterious power!
I don't know anything about powers!
Stop acting like a comic book character
who just let something slip.
Good grief.
She is even more suspicious now.
Well, it doesn't matter if they find out
about me. They are family.
When I was in elementary school,
my parents tried to tell them about me.
You shouldn't tell them.
Normal humans won't accept him.
If they learn that he is a monster,
Grandpa and Grandma
will have heart attacks.
I remembered that jerk.
What's wrong?
Don't brake suddenly.
Look ahead.
I never expected this to happen.
What is this?
It's a miracle!
-Too bad. We'll need to turn around.
-You sound happy.
This is bad.
We won't make it
even if we walk from here.
We could use Kusuo's powers.
But they are here.
What are you doing? Get in!
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
You need to tell us something
about Kusuo, don't you?
I know that much.
Since yesterday No, I knew something
was strange since long ago.
-Did you know?
When you lie, you always hide your thumbs.
Could you make it any more obvious?
It's okay.
We have lived longer than you have.
We won't be shocked by most things.
I see. I'll tell you.
Kusuo has psychic powers.
So, you are really shocked.
You can't even speak.
Psychic powers? Like a magician?
Close, but a little different.
Can he fit himself in a bag?
Well, it's quite different from that.
Okay. Let's try this again.
They are still shocked.
Next is psychobeat.
I understand that Kusuo has powers.
I need some time to think. Leave me alone.
You must be joking!
If he can do that,
they could have come visit me more often!
If he can read minds,
he might have known my true feelings.
I did.
That was a shock.
I never imagined Kusuo had such powers.
That may have been the reason.
I'm talking about Kusuke, Kusuo's brother.
Yes. That may be true.
I can't relax when I'm wearing this.
I am wearing this at school
because of the popular game,
which was released yesterday,
Kunio Saito's Horror Stories:
Fight the Monsters.
I am trying to avoid spoilers for it.
-Oh, really?
I usually have no interest in new games.
But this one is based on a comic I like,
so I need to play it.
After all, it is a game based on
the Kunio Saito series.
It's Saito.
Actually, I was going to buy it
on the release day.
But Nendo got in my way, so I couldn't.
While I am at school today,
I had Mother buy it for me.
I can play it as soon as I get home.
Hey, Saiki.
What's wrong, Saiki?
I was startled by him
because I turned my telepathy off.
Good grief. Should I remove the silencer?
No one would have finished the game
in one day.
By the way, Saiki,
have you played the game,
Kunio Saito's Horror Stories?
I didn't sleep last night
and finished the whole game!
He did it! I shouldn't remove this.
I will just need to wait
until school ends.
-Okay. It's over. I need to leave now.
Oh no, it's Kaido.
What should I do?
-What is this?
-The Book of Life?
That's mine!
You should leave those things
at your house.
Okay. I can make it outside now.
I can just ignore him.
What's wrong, Saiki?
I made a mistake! Let's try this again.
What's this? I feel so warm.
Same result.
I'll use my apport ability to exchange him
with something of the same value.
However, humans have no value.
Our school uniforms have
the same value as a Japanese pit toilet.
Because I wasted time with Takahashi,
others are laying ambushes.
She is probably looking for me.
-Okay. I'll use invisibility
-Saiki is not here.
to make it outside.
Saiki! What are you doing?
Toritsuka is a spirit medium
who can see the invisible.
If something touches me,
my invisibility power goes away.
After then, I cannot use the power
for one minute.
What should I do?
Good thing no one else saw me.
Let's go to tennis club together!
This is a tough opponent.
I have no choice.
Okay! Let's hop to the tennis court!
That went well.
I used hypnosis to make
Toritsuka look like me.
Saiki. There is something interesting
behind the school building.
I don't know what that is.
But I am sure
that it wouldn't be interesting to me.
What would this do?
-Hand over your money!
I'm not going to go easy on you!
That actually went well.
Why are you sprinting side-to-side?
I have no choice.
I will need to take a detour.
When I woke up, I was stuck
in the toilet and my clothes got all wet.
This was my only change of clothes.
I don't know where he changed,
but this time it seems like I can exchange
that armor for something more valuable.
Another toilet.
-Kusuo, please!
-Why did you appear?
Mr. Aso cannot make the deadline
for the manuscript.
Help me, Kusuo, please!
Who is that?
So, this is Kusuo's school?
Another tough one appeared.
Now let me through.
Kusuo! What a kind grandson!
Kusuo! Let's play the Saito game together!
I stayed up last night to finish it!
For you!
So, Grandfather was the final boss.
What should I do?
I will save it here for now.
It is a waste to clear the game
in one day.
This really is a terrific game.
I've been talking about the game,
Kunio Saito's Horror Stories.
On your screen,
it may have appeared to be me.
But that was just hypnosis.
I made Saito look like me.
This isn't a Saiki K. game.
Let me repeat that.
This isn't a Saiki K. game.
However, it is a wonderful game.
I hope you will all give it a try.
I mentioned this in the beginning,
but this episode was
about my spring break.
A new school year is starting.
Don't worry about that.
I will continue to be in class 2-3.
Next time
Toritsuka? Good grief.
Should I turn into a girl?
Subtitle translation by James Burns
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