The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

You should tell him how you feel, Miko!
No way!
You should make a move!
-He's popular, you know?
It's a feeling I know nothing about,
but almost all high-school students
are interested in love.
Oh, there he is! Good luck!
-Would you like to go to a movie with me?
-Well, that was fast.
Sure, let's go.
-You said you would go with me, too!
-I'm going with Reita too!
Do I have something in my eyes?
Man, this is tough!
Being popular is harder than it looks.
It doesn't look like
it bothers you that much.
Well, in a sense,
it is thanks to you, Saiki.
Remember how I performed
at the school festival?
-It was a huge success.
I was really bad at first.
I even heard a weird sound,
but had no idea how I made it.
But just when I was about
to give up, he showed up.
Are you all right?
He was a ghost
with a mop-top haircut and glasses.
He was a world-famous legendary musician
who died at the young age of 40.
You couldn't possibly mean
That's right. It was John.
It was John Komatsu!
How about entrusting your body to me?
Who the hell is that?
Once he possessed my body,
he overtook the souls
of the audience in an instant!
Spirit-summoning is a wonderful ability.
-I'm sure he will mess it up soon.
-Why are you checking another guy out?
-It hurts! Let go!
-Don't lay your hands on a girl!
This has nothing to do with you.
How pathetic you are, being so jealous?
-I'm going kill you!
Saiki, did you catch whose move that was?
An action star who passed away
at the age of 32.
You don't mean
Yes, it's Bru
It's Bru Scorpion Jr.'s!
-I summoned the legendary kung fu master!
-Don't know him either.
Saiki, this ability will make me
the most popular man in the world!
Spirit-summoning is certainly
a useful ability.
But there surely is some kind of fault
with that ability.
Let's go see a movie!
Well, this is certainly a harem.
There are 13 girls here.
That means there are 26 boobs!
Let me take your place soon.
Hey, when is my turn?
No need to rush.
But how can I choose one
when there are so many?
Oh, that girl
She's cute, but
she gives off a vibe
that she would rip my heart right out
if I laid a finger on her.
You're quite intuitive.
-Toritsuka, tell us something funny.
-I want to hear one too!
Something funny? Then, I'll tell you
about the erotic movie
That was close!
I almost spoke on my own!
I should leave everything to the ghosts.
Is that really what you want?
Let's leave it to the one
who is a good speaker
like that charismatic CEO.
Not Jobs, right?
Montecarlo Sudo!
I changed my phone
to an iPhone the other day,
but then I realized
it was actually an iPod Touch!
Montecarlo is boring.
Good grief. I came out of worry,
but I see that wasn't needed.
Hey, Montecarlo!
That's enough. Time to switch!
That's enough!
What's going on? I can't go back.
I'm the only one
who's able to switch personalities!
Switch with me. I want to sing!
Komatsu? I didn't summon you!
Really? I had no problem switching.
What the hell is happening?
Maybe the entrance expanded
after so many ghosts came in and out.
You mean it's like
the elastic on underwear?
I mean, why can't I switch back
when it's my own body?
That's because it's not your body anymore.
Saiki? What? This girl?
It seems like they have been using
your body more than you lately.
It's like when your dog gets attached to
the person watching them while you travel.
Is that how bodies are?
So, you mean my body has been taken over?
It looks like your hair has been as well.
No! Saiki, please help me!
-No way.
He's turning all the girls off!
Damn it! I thought all ghosts were kind!
They just seem that way because they have
nothing to get angry with.
But you made them remember the feelings
they had when they were alive.
You're not going to get your body back
that easily.
Hey! Switch with me!
Just for a second, okay?
Good grief. I guess I should help.
Take this!
Being a human isn't always pleasant.
They must have learned a little
about the hardships too.
Saiki, thank you so much.
I've learned a lesson too.
I'll try to do things on my own
without depending so much on ghosts.
Okay! Let's get going
-I'm not into him anymore.
-Suddenly singing and screaming
-Saiki, are those boobs real?
-You should go to heaven too.
How many members did you get?
The new term has started.
Every year around this time,
students try to recruit new club members.
I was just looking for you! Saiki
How annoying.
Actually, I wanted to talk to you
about something.
I'm not joining your club.
Saiki, do you want to start
a club with me?
The answer is still no.
The clubs are recruiting right now!
We have no choice
but to go along with it too!
You're just after the freshman girls,
aren't you?
Since I need some members to start a club,
I talked to some students.
I'm not sure what kind of club
I'll start though.
How about the club of shame?
Actually, I just wanted to join a club,
-but not one would let me in.
-Club applicants, gather around!
I'm Manami Nakamura, freshman.
My strong point is the crawl.
I'm Minako Tagami, freshman.
I went to swim school for six years!
I'm Reika Toritsuka, sophomore!
My boobs float!
-Get him out of here!
-The girls' swim club rejected me.
What were you thinking?
-Who are you?
-So did the girls' basketball team.
They need defense against you.
-I tried to get in other clubs.
-How about an indirect kiss?
-I'll do your laundry!
-But I was rejected by all of them.
So I have no choice but to make my own!
-I need to build my own harem!
-You mean, a club?
-I just got an idea of what club to start.
-I don't care.
The occult club.
The occult club?
-What does "primarily girls" mean?
-They are taking the bait!
Will that poster really work?
Have you heard
of misattribution of arousal?
It's a theory stating that people can
mistake fear for attraction.
He never studies,
yet he knows stuff like this.
The occult club is the perfect way
to put this to use!
There may already be new applicants!
I guess we need more time.
There is someone there.
I would like to join the occult club.
That's a girl's voice!
Nice to meet you.
Oh, no! Saiki! It's a ghost!
Calm down. Aren't you used to
seeing ghosts?
Anyway, she's not a ghost.
I'm Arisu Makino.
In middle school,
I read around 3000 books
on black magic and spiritualism.
Because the devil summoning ceremony
requires six people as sacrifices,
I have come to join.
She's crazy.
Maybe she's pretty
when she pulls her bangs back.
The people from the occult club
went that way.
Oh, really?
Hey, you're the club president!
-Welcome to the occult club!
-What? Is this it or not?
The occult club?
My name is Jet Black Wings,
an exorcist who just happened to pass by.
Not you again.
Oh, Saiki!
Do you know him, Saiki? Hold on.
-You're that Chihuahua!
-Don't call me that!
Guys are not allowed to join the club.
Excuse me,
I would like to join the occult club.
Oh, my!
Kaido! What a coincidence!
You surprised me!
-You're making it too obvious.
-I'm into occultism.
-You came in right after him.
-I didn't know you'd be here.
-Yes! A cute girl is here!
But wait,
I feel like I've seen her before.
That's right!
She is Takeru's ex-girlfriend.
I guess I can't make a move on her.
Welcome! Are you ready
to have a dangerous time?
-Hey! So, guys can't join this club?
-That's right. This is my harem,
the occult club!
Girls have stronger
spiritual powers than guys,
so you can't join.
What? Kaido can't join the club?
Sorry, I quit.
Kaido, how about we make
our own occult club?
What? Yes, okay.
-I want to join too.
I will allow you to join.
Shoot. A guy has entered my harem.
Let's have fun together, Kaido!
Does she like this Chihuahua guy?
Well, I'm sure she will fall for me
soon enough. He's just a Chihuahua.
You don't stand a chance.
But "misattribution of arousal"?
That is interesting.
-What happened?
-A black-out? I'm scared!
Look at the TVs!
Oh, no!
They show a static screen even though
everything is digital these days!
-The door won't open!
-Calm down.
Let's remain calm and chant a spell.
Kantera, kumeve, amusara,
geraeroe, supamiria,
-You're making it scarier.
-I guess that's enough.
Did things work?
Oh, good!
Her fondness score for Kaido is 95.
It was high from the start,
so that doesn't mean much.
Kaido's fondness score for Yumehara
is only 52.
Good grief, there was no point.
It went down!
Great. Things backfired.
-My heart is pounding.
There is no doubt about it!
I'm in love with Arisu Makino!
Misattribution of arousal is amazing!
What do we have next?
I don't hate studying. It's just boring.
I would rather watch TV at home.
It's Home economics.
I heard we're making crepes.
-Well, then
-Let's go to the Home economics room!
-You already changed, Saiki?
In today's training,
we will be making crepes!
-Why are you even here?
-I don't know how to cook,
but I have the recipe!
Your apron is too cute.
-I wish they taught us more useful
-Your apron is weird too.
Setting that aside,
Crepes are good by themselves,
but also go extraordinarily well
with whipped cream, chocolate, and fruits.
It's a perfectly balanced food
with infinite flavor possibilities.
All right! Let's get cooking!
I have no choice but to cook.
This is a class.
I have to take it seriously.
I am a little worried
about my group, however.
Let's do our best together!
Well, at least Nendo is not in my group.
I see. There are three of us,
so two should be plenty
Wait, Saiki! Let me crack the eggs!
I can crack them with one hand.
I already know how this is going to go.
Shoot! The shell fell in!
You should have used both hands!
Don't tell me they
are terrible at cooking.
Mix it well.
Make sure there are no lumps.
Who would have thought
-he'd be better at this.
-My mom works,
so I sometimes cook on my own.
No way! Me, too.
Kuboyasu can cook too?
Good grief. I chose the wrong group.
Okay, we managed to get the shells out.
It's a mess, but it will be all right.
"Next, add some flour to the mixture."
How much is "some"?
I don't know.
-Well, for now, let's add three pinches.
-Flour is not a seasoning.
-Let's see. Next
-Kaido is being too cautious.
"Add some sugar." Another "some"?
Should we add all we have?
You, on the other hand,
are completely fearless.
This is bad.
If I let them do it,
my crepe will be ruined.
I have to do it by
An entire stick of butter?
Since it says "some,"
that should be enough, right?
Oh, I just realized
it says "melted butter."
Oh, shoot.
-How about we microwave it?
-Good idea!
-Did you see sparks?
-That's a steel bowl!
Who would have thought
that making crepes would
lead to a broken microwave.
I didn't know we couldn't put metal
in the microwave.
Kids, don't try this at home.
What should we do?
I'm sure this is what breakfast in hell
looks like.
I hate to waste it,
but let's throw it away.
-I guess we have to.
-Give it to me.
If you're going to throw it away,
give it to me.
Okay, let's pull ourselves together
and start over!
-It will go perfectly this time!
-Here you can see
the finished product.
What? You finished it!
-Did you make this Saiki? Not bad!
-"Not bad"?
Not bad at all!
Of course not!
-We are the ones who made it!
-It was me who made it.
We put our blood, sweat,
and tears into it!
Stop, you're making it sound gross.
You haven't even gotten
to the hard part yet.
What? One of the microwaves
has already been destroyed.
If it becomes harder,
the whole classroom will explode!
Stop joking around.
Watch and learn.
You can't teach us anything
we don't already know!
First, lightly coat the pan with oil
When do you pour the batter in?
Pour it in the center, like this.
-Won't it be too thick?
-That's when you spread it evenly.
How long do you cook it for?
Flip it when it becomes light brown.
They are learning a lot from him.
-Like this.
Well, good luck, guys.
Shut up! We don't need your help!
-It seems like you do.
-The flipping part seemed hard.
Other people are using chopsticks
-or a spatula to do it.
-Is he looking at me?
Let's play it safe and do so, too.
If we do that, Nendo wins!
No, it's simpler than that.
I've always wanted to try this!
No! Kaido!
What the heck do you think you're doing?
I'll try it with the chopsticks.
I'll leave it to you, Hairo!
-Isn't that enough?
-Are you sure?
-Not yet.
-Isn't it burning?
It needs to get hotter!
It looks like a dessert from hell!
We have no choice
but to leave it to Saiki.
She took it so naturally.
Well, leave it to me.
Let me just get the batter
We fed her too much.
You're out of batter?
Well, I guess I can share some of mine.
Nendo, I knew you can do it
when all else fails.
Take a look at Nendo's
special tuna salad crepes!
Savory crepes?
Lately, there have been some guys
lurking around me.
Good grief.
My fears have come true.
They have started taking action.
Kusuo Saiki.
He appears to be a low-key,
quiet student in his class.
A guy like him? Dangerous?
This guy is so subdued
that you wouldn't even notice him.
We have received many eyewitness reports.
-Really? This guy?
-I can affirm that the danger
is even closer than ever.
But it's not too late just yet.
We will protect her from that man!
Us, here at the Teruhashi Fan Club,
Member number 521!
What is article three of Kokomins law?
Yes, sir!
We must protect Teruhashi
from other men,
even if our lives are at stake!
We must eliminate anyone
who comes close to our goddess!
Eliminate Kusuo Saiki!
If this were bound to happen,
I'd rather face an evil organization
after my powers.
Oh, it's Teruhashi!
-She is as beautiful as ever.
-My heart has been purified.
Maybe I'll test my luck
and tell her how I feel.
Don't do that!
You will be kicked out of the fan club.
It's an enormous organization
that includes not only students from here,
but also other students, teachers,
and important politicians.
If you want to talk to her,
you must become a member first.
Member number 36853?
-I can talk to her about the weather.
-That's the member's benefit?
What a terrible organization.
Oh, Saiki! Good morning!
-The weather's so nice.
-Is he a member too?
No, but Teruhashi talked to him first,
so he isn't violating the law.
-It still annoys me.
-Then how about we change places?
Well, see you later!
I'm glad I talked to him.
Good grief.
That must have pissed them off a lot.
I won't fight when they capture
We have been waiting for you.
Good grief.
We are the Teruhashi Fan Club.
We will decide what to do with you now.
This is pretty excessive.
-There is nothing to decide.
-That's quite a title.
Let's punish him!
That jacket wasn't the best choice.
And who is this guy?
The useless character that seems
to be in every group of bad guys?
I don't want to hurt you.
-How about we talk it out?
-You are
I'm Sawakita, the leader of Kokomins.
Who would have thought
the leader and I were classmates.
Saiki, do you know
why we brought you here?
Because of Teruhashi, of course!
Given the circumstances, I would be
surprised if it were anything else.
You seem quite close to her.
We are very unhappy about that.
Their unjustified resentment
is actually quite interesting.
Nishi, show him.
-Do you know why my hand is like this?
-What is wrong with your tone?
At the entrance ceremony,
by some miracle, I sat next to Teruhashi,
-and we shook hands.
-Nice to meet you.
Since that day,
I haven't washed this hand once!
I sealed it, so it doesn't get wet
even in the shower
-or when I use the bathroom!
-That's disgusting.
I cannot contaminate this purified hand.
The smell of Teruhashi
That's your smell.
And you, show it to him.
Got it.
Saiki, do you know what this means?
My feelings toward her are so strong
-that they appeared on my back.
-Stop lying.
And this is the proof of my love.
I changed my e-mail address.
How lame. Why is he the leader?
This address means he gave up on
a real girlfriend.
I have so much respect for him!
-I see.
-Well, let's begin the deliberation.
Is it true you went on a date
in a neighboring town?
What is this, a gossip magazine?
I'm so jealous!
And explain this!
I never expected them
to take a picture like this.
Did you kiss her?
-Purge him!
This is a good chance
for me to cut my ties with Teruhashi.
-Wait guys, look at this!
Why are you speechless?
-A secret child?
-It can't be!
-Purge him! Smelly handshake!
-So you know it stinks.
-Executive leader.
-What is law number one of Kokomins?
Protect Teruhashi's happiness,
even if it costs us our life!
That's right.
This guy has become crucial
to her happiness.
Even though he may be garbage,
he is the father of Teruhashi's child!
If we hurt him, Teruhashi will suffer.
Saiki, despite this, we will continue
to be the Kokomins.
-I'll always support her.
-What is going on?
See you.
Purge me!
A hundred yen
-You found it?
-There's a police box there.
The angel and the devil.
One thing bothers me.
If you had 100 of them,
you would have a million yen.
It's one-hundredth of that.
Well, it's a small sum.
Instead of turning it in,
I'll return it to its owner.
Well, how about we go
-to the 100-yen shop over there.
-I already gave it back.
Why don't we go to the new department
store 100 yards ahead instead?
-They opened about 100 days ago.
-Why are you using yards?
You mean the place with 100 stories?
It's not that tall. Saiki, are you coming?
-I'm not interested.
-They have the 100 world's best sweets!
We only have 100 minutes.
A picture is worth 100 words.
I get the feeling something strange
is happening here.
It took more than 100 steps!
Stop acting like a kid!
You'll still be childish
even when you turn 100.
It's so crowded.
There must be 100 people here.
Want me to sumo slap them 100 times
and see what happens?
-You look like a criminal with 100 counts.
Performers of 100 poems
by 100 poets, please gather here.
-All right!
-Bring it!
They said the winner
gets one million dollars!
Something is fishy after all.
You are our millionth customers!
-I knew it.
I'm Momochi, the store manager.
You get 100 lilies from our president,
Hyakutaro Domeki.
That's quite a name.
-By the way, he is 100 years old.
-My vigor is still 100%!
This man is unstoppable.
No one could miss something
repeated this many times.
I probably feel out of place because
Also, you get a King
of 100 beasts stuffed animal
and 100L of 100% orange juice!
It's 100. That number is appearing
way too frequently.
That's why I feel strange.
We will also add 100 points
to your member's card.
He said it again while I was talking.
What does that number mean?
Furthermore! You can choose one item
from our top 100 products.
-I need 100 hours to decide!
-We each get one?
This number means
What an amazing encyclopedia
-with over one million words and entries!
-Is it really popular?
"Hundred Days of Waiting."
That's my mom's favorite sake.
Sake is in the top 100 medicines.
By the way, colds can lead
to 100 diseases.
Why did you add that?
A Stevenson screen
can measure up to 100 degrees.
-He's really pushing it.
-And the best is
a Blu-ray set of 100 horror stories!
It has stories of 100 demons
being noisy at 100 decibels,
the Fiend with 100 faces,
100-day prayer,
-and more!
-You're so noisy.
Thank you very much!
Anyhow, what does this number mean?
If I look around, it's everywhere in town.
Where is it from?
Do you know the title
of the Jump manga by Mizuki Kawashita?
-Strawberry 100%, right?
-That was too abrupt.
-That's it!
-Good grief.
If you know both your enemy and yourself,
you'll survive 100 battles.
You two are almost 100% alike.
-Also my bust size is 100.
-Who the hell are you?
I'm getting away while I can.
-My hip
-I'm going to go crazy.
Hey, Four-eyes! It took me 100 years
-to find you here!
-Teruhashi's older brother!
Now explain what happened the other day
-in 100 seconds or less.
-Good grief.
I won't feel better
until I punch you 100 times though.
Depending on your answer,
I'll tie you to this car
and drag you around at 100km/h
or I'll make you spar
with 100 bodyguards of mine.
You're obsessed with that number too?
I can't believe you took Kokomi out
and held hands with her.
When she came home, she showed me
a smile that was 100% my type.
She's too cute that my hatred toward her
-is zero!
-You're not saying it?
She's too cute that you hate her 100%.
Why am I saying this?
She occupies 120% of my thoughts!
It is 2000% true love!
-This guy is so annoying.
-Let me tell you,
my bodyguard has a grasping power of 100kg
-and can torture you in 100 ways!
-Oh, pal. What are you doing?
You're Touru Hyakugami, right?
-His name is Mugami.
-Oh, Mr. Mugami!
I'm a huge fan!
I've watched 100 of your shows!
Thanks! I don't have many male fans.
The male to female ratio
is one to one hundred.
No way!
I can't believe you're only
100 centimeters away!
If you see his true form,
your 100-year love
will instantly disappear.
Congratulations on 100 million sales
-of your autobiography!
-He has one?
-I watched R100!
-He was in that?
I have one more favor.
Can you say
Detective Joker's signature line?
Oh, right, he liked that.
If there are 100 cases,
I will solve all 100
with 100% accuracy!
I'm the million-horsepower,
great detective, Joker!
You had lines like that?
-Wow! He's the real deal!
-Are there any more requests?
Really? This is 100% pushy,
-but say the line of Dodohyakuzo!
-That's crazier
than the store president's name.
A 100-mile journey starts with one step!
I'm 100% broke, but I'll change that!
Do Momose's line!
I'll shock your heart with 100 volts!
Love is like 100 pieces of chocolate.
-I'll love you after 100 years.
-How lame.
Mozu, please!
Shall you fight 100 matches
against 100 centipedes
under a million-dollar sky?
I want to see that one.
Do him next!
-One hundred flowers blooming
-Enough already!
One hundred?
One hundred? Why that number?
You don't get it?
-Who is that?
-If not, I'll tell you.
-It's the 100th episode of this animation?
-That's right.
This episode marks the 100th episode.
-In order to help you notice
-I get it now.
But even so, this isn't the 100th week.
It was published as week 99
in Jump as well.
For this animation,
this is the 20th episode.
Things are back to normal.
Wait, who was that?
It's a little late to mention it now,
but I live in a town
called Hidariwakibara-cho.
If you didn't know,
you should watch again from episode one.
I may not have mentioned it though.
Next time
I don't really want to,
but I'll go visit him
in London.
Subtitle translation by Ashley Ishizuka
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