The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

Excuse me!
I have gotten much better
at controlling my throws.
I used to have a lot of trouble
finding balance.
Throwing 300 balls a day was worth it.
Of course, I can't remove this.
This device controls my powers.
If this is removed or broken
Sorry. Please throw that back!
Good grief. Again?
What is this dirty little ball?
-Please throw it back!
-Is that how you ask for a favor?
Fine. Here.
That is a tacky expression.
What just happened?
I used the same amount of strength
as before.
I lost the ball!
Go get the ball.
This is bad. I can't control my powers.
Right. That ball from before!
I need to repair this.
-This is bad. Really bad!
I can't control my powers.
In other words, if I lean on a wall,
it will crumble like a wafer.
If I run into someone,
they will go flying.
If I run like this,
the gust of wind
will tear people's clothes off.
Simply put, I am like this.
Each move I make can destroy this area.
It is too dangerous for me
to return home like this.
I will use my ability to reset objects
to repair it.
This power returns objects
to their original state one day ago.
Turn back time!
This should solve the issue.
Right! I cannot control my powers.
My powers have been enhanced.
It went back seven years?
I can't use this now!
I will have to use telepathy
to tell my parents to pick me up.
What? Why do I hear
so many foreign languages?
This power has been enhanced too!
My telepathy radius
was only 200 meters before.
Shut up all of you!
This won't work.
I can't hear my parents like this.
What should I do?
I forgot!
What was that sound?
Seven years back!
Did you hear some noise around here?
Has this wall always been this clean?
That was close.
But thankfully, I could hide
behind this wall.
I can use teleportation here.
-What are you doing, pal?
Why are you here?
Why are you lying down in my garden?
This is your home?
The wall looks so nice.
It looks the same as it did
seven years ago.
He is so sharp that it's scary.
It looks newer, right?
X-ray vision?
Even my x-ray vision is enhanced.
That jaw bone is amazing.
-The wall looks new, right?
-I don't have time for this.
-I need to go home.
I won't let you go
until you say the wall is clean.
I'm just joking.
You want to eat ramen, right?
Sure, I'll come along.
Why does it seem like I invited you?
I need to lose him.
I'll use that strategy.
I will disappear. It is unnatural,
but he's an idiot. It will be fine.
Right. He's an idiot!
Let's go.
I shot something.
What was that?
Where did you go, pal?
Don't you need to work?
You have a meeting
with the comic artist you manage.
Don't worry.
You are more important to me
than any comic artist.
-Ku will be back soon.
-Don't worry.
I'm back.
Ku! Did you teleport home?
Your hairpin is gone!
Thanks for noticing that quickly.
-Kusuo! What happened?
-Are you okay?
I am just relaxing my whole body.
If I don't do this,
this room may be destroyed.
Right. Your control device
It broke. Try to fix it.
-You build models, right?
-I can't. There is no manual.
I am begging you.
That is not the position for begging.
Can I do this?
Is there anything we can replace it with?
How about a lollipop? It looks similar.
-No way.
-I did it!
I could do it since I often build
plastic models!
That is just a toy car.
You pull it back and it goes forward.
Try again!
I can't do it! Ask the person who made it!
I made it.
It wasn't just you, right?
Kusuke did most of the work, right?
Right. I'll give Kusuke a call.
Hello. It's been a long time, Mama.
I am doing well.
What do you want to ask about?
The control device, right?
Come whenever you want.
It is for my younger brother, after all.
This is the worst.
I never imagined
I would need to ask for his help.
Mr. Saiki.
What is it, Jaime?
The paper that you helped me with
was highly praised by the professors.
You are 100% a genius.
Jaime, I am no genius. I am average.
Those who overturn modern science
and basic assumptions
are the true geniuses.
We made it! The Saiki family is in London!
Honey, take a picture.
-Honey, you look like James!
-Stop that.
We came to meet him
to fix my control device.
Do you have it?
Of course!
We did not come here for fun!
It didn't seem like that before.
Let's go to Cambridge!
Quit sightseeing.
Let's get on the train to Cambridge!
Here we go!
Good grief. We finally got on board.
This is the London Eye!
What a lovely view!
Enough. I am going by myself.
If you lose control up here,
we are all dead!
You were the one who brought us up here.
Fine. Let's go see Kusuke!
Ridiculous. I didn't even want
to see him in the first place.
Long time no see.
Good grief. What a flashy entrance.
-It's been so long!
-It has been so long, Mother.
Hey! Kusuke!
How are you, Kusuo? You look well.
If I were well,
I would not have come here.
Papa, it has been so long!
-You've gotten much bigger.
-I am over here.
I am just joking, Papa! Long time no see!
-Oh, okay.
-He is just playing around.
It's really hard to deal with him.
Listen, Kusuke.
It's about Kusuo's control device.
-He doesn't seem unpleasant at first.
-Can you fix it?
But even if I fix the control device,
it won't solve the actual problem.
-My brother is not worried about me.
-Wouldn't it be better if we just
-replace his brain with a new one?
-I don't like him
because he doesn't like me.
But I understand why he doesn't like me.
It was 18 years ago,
a baby boy was born to an average couple.
The reason that my parents
weren't shocked when I was born
was because of him.
At one month old
That was his first word.
At two years old, he mastered
basic reading, writing, and mathematics.
His IQ was 218.
He was a genius.
But at three years old, he hit the wall.
I am bored of this puzzle.
I'll read Young Jump.
That wall was me.
He must have felt humiliated.
Facing his jealousy, sense of inferiority,
and hate on a daily basis,
I came to dislike my brother too.
At 14 years old
No little brother is greater
than his older brother.
He made this
strangely familiar declaration
and decided to study in the UK.
It has been four years since then,
and I haven't met him once until now.
I'm just joking.
I don't hate you at all.
Let me see the parts you brought.
Does he mean that?
I can't use telepathy, so I can't tell.
What is wrong, honey?
It can't be.
You lost your bag?
Were the device parts in that bag?
-Yes. It also had my tourist guide.
-That doesn't matter!
But I know I had it when we arrived!
In other words,
you don't remember anything.
Okay! It's in London.
That is all the information I need.
What is this?
London's CCTV.
UK is called
the Kingdom of Security Cameras.
They are installed everywhere.
It filmed you an hour ago.
Don't look at that!
But I still had the bag.
-We can go back there.
-It is probably the souvenir shop.
How do you know?
The shirt you are wearing underneath
is different from the one in the video.
You must have bought it and changed.
But since you don't have the other shirt,
you must have had the bag then.
The London Eye requires a security check.
If you had one,
you would have remembered that check.
I know where it is.
There it is!
Please help fix it, Kusuke.
I will do my best.
-Please! Kusuke!
Okay. This should work now.
That was quick! You already fixed it?
It just needed assembly.
Kusuo stood up! He has recovered.
He did fix it more easily than I expected.
I won't be tricked by your act.
-What? What is happening?
-What's wrong, Kusuo?
Did I make a mistake?
I cannot read his thoughts at all!
My name is Kusuke Saiki.
Aside from my psychic brother,
I am perfectly normal.
-My earliest memory is of my own defeat.
-Amazing, Kusuke!
You can ride a bicycle at three!
It is like taking candy from a baby.
You were a baby until recently.
I don't need training wheels.
Take them off.
That is too dangerous.
No, Ku!
Get off! That isn't for children!
My brother is a genius. I am average.
At three years old, I realized that.
However, an older brother
cannot lose to a younger brother.
Amazing, Kusuke!
You scored perfectly on all of your tests!
It was like taking a test with monkeys.
You got a 900 million on your test?
You brainwashed the teacher again,
didn't you?
My little brother always surpassed me.
Amazing! What is this?
My summer break project.
I made it from junk.
Did you make one too, Kusuo?
What is that?
It looks like I won this one.
No! The Kusuke One!
I lost again.
Even still, I never gave up.
I kept trying.
But I never beat him once.
When I was in junior high school,
I invented a device
to weaken Kusuo's psychic powers.
But I still lost.
At 14, I became forlorn
about my inferiority.
I escaped to the UK
and entered Cambridge University.
I spent each day in self-loathing.
Two years ago, I received my masters.
I am currently engaged in research
for my doctorate.
One day, I realized something.
I discovered a way
to block Kusuo's telepathy.
You can't read my mind, right?
That is thanks to this!
It is a telepathy canceler.
Telepathy canceler?
You came up with
another amazing invention.
So, that thing stops Ku
from hearing your thoughts.
I thought that it was just
to create an eccentricity.
-There's that too.
-I figured.
Good grief.
Now there are two humans
whose minds I can't read.
Well, there's a very fine line
between genius and stupidity.
Kusuo, come to my research lab.
I want to show you something.
Why can't we go with you?
I want to see where you spend your days.
You can enjoy London by yourselves now.
I got you a reservation at a restaurant
with great roast beef.
Do you want to go on a date?
I wouldn't mind.
Me? I wouldn't mind either.
This isn't your first date.
See you later!
-Those two never change.
-What is your intention?
I have no interest in your lab.
-Let's play rock-paper-scissors.
-Don't ignore me.
Rock paper scissors, shoot!
I lost.
Are you happy now? I'm going.
My record against you is 0 wins
and 725 losses now.
Your winning percentage
is the lowest when you play rock.
Well, I guess that's because I chose
to play scissors only 104 times.
I have lost the word game 31 times.
I have also lost shogi 59 times,
chess 10 times, and video games 189 times.
I have also lost mah-jongg four times
and the memory game seven times.
There are others too. Altogether,
how many times have I lost against you?
He remembers all of that.
That is really creepy.
My total record against you
is 0 wins and 4,254 losses.
What is he scheming?
Teleportation is really amazing!
Where are we? A hotel room?
Are we in London?
That can't be. I must have misheard.
Did you already figure it out? Correct.
They are in the next room.
Look at that, Little guy.
The buildings look like drawings.
Why did we have to come here
for a surprise?
Is this the Dark Reunion's plan?
-Why are they here?
-I summoned them.
I called them a day before you arrived.
I asked them to come to London
to surprise you.
I sent them plane tickets.
You must be joking!
They wouldn't fly to London
Well, they would.
Why did you bring them here?
Let's play a game, Kusuo.
A game?
Let's play tag in London.
I lost rock-paper-scissors. I will be it.
The time limit is three hours.
As long as you don't leave London,
you can take buses, taxis, or subways.
Well? Sounds like fun, right?
What is the point?
London is larger than
the 23 wards of Tokyo.
You will play with those two
so you can't use your powers.
I don't want to play.
You don't care what happens to them?
With one signal, I can make those two
explore London and return to Japan.
Let me go with them.
If you beat me,
I will treat you to afternoon tea
at this hotel.
Okay. Let's play tag!
-Hey, pal!
-Did we surprise you?
-Enough of that.
-We are in London!
-Just come with me.
Let's play tag.
I will be it and Kusuo will hide.
You two need to help him.
What about the surprise?
-He was surprised. We did it!
-That's it?
The time limit is three hours.
You can go anywhere
within the borders of London.
You can take buses, taxis, and subways.
Get ready! Start!
I will begin searching in 30 minutes. Run!
Have fun.
The game begins.
What is this, Saiki? I don't understand.
I'm sorry to involve you,
but just shut up and follow me.
This is a serious game.
I am used to being chased
by the Dark Reunion.
Tag is nothing to me!
But I'll make it interesting.
Sounds good.
I am known for my skills at tag.
Well, you two are excited.
It is time for me to start.
I wonder how they're doing.
He hasn't noticed that yet.
Isn't this too easy?
London is larger than Tokyo's 23rd ward.
There are cameras in the subways too.
Well, we could put
some distance between us.
Where are we going?
We're taking the subway to run from it.
The shutter is down.
Good grief. That's how it is.
The workers are on strike.
-You can take buses, taxis, and subways.
-They're not operating today!
He knew about this.
We can still take buses or taxis.
The line for the bus is long!
This is bad. We need to move
or we'll be caught!
Yes. He is coming quicker than you expect.
Let's run!
Since he is watching us,
I will watch him, too.
He is headed this way!
He's close! He can reach this place
in less than five minutes.
What should we do?
Get in line for the bus?
-Your eyes
-What should we do?
I was a little late.
I see. They used that.
Public bicycles.
Good grief.
We have escaped pretty far.
You're completely out of breath.
Let's take a break.
We have been biking for 15 minutes.
But we tried to avoid cameras.
We should be okay.
If we move around too much,
he will detect our location.
-Perhaps we shouldn't move.
-That's what you think.
Seriously? Why is he here?
-So cool!
-This isn't the time for that!
Let's run!
We avoided the security cameras.
How did he find us?
-How did he know where we were?
-Maybe he has psychic powers.
-That would be me.
-Does he have a tracking device?
Tracking device!
I am a fool! He put a tracking device
on my control device.
That jerk!
That figures. I need to finish Kusuo
in one move.
Is this a department store?
As long as he knows our location,
this is better than walking around.
We need to avoid standing out.
Let's escape in this.
That is impossible.
This game console
hasn't been released in Japan yet!
-We have an announcement.
-That voice?
Please look for three Japanese males.
One has pink hair and has climbed Big Ben.
Another is a bad child with shifty eyes
who calls football as soccer.
Another is a serial killer gorilla.
-It's them!
-Get them!
You aren't safe anywhere.
-Come out!
-Don't climb our Big Ben!
Good grief. What now?
Okay, everyone. Don't worry.
That was a false announcement.
-A false announcement?
-Well, he goes to Cambridge
Checkmate, Kusuo.
I know that you are there.
It was 0 wins and 4,254 losses.
It has been a long battle.
But now it ends!
GPS can identify a location,
but it cannot determine height.
We are in the bathroom.
But we are in one that is upstairs.
Also, I used hypnosis.
As we ran away,
I made some passersby appear like us.
Just then we ran up the stairs
and went into the bathroom.
Time's up.
I lost. Again.
So, that's what happened.
Kusuke is always competing with Ku.
-He must be sad that he lost.
-That's mine!
I don't think so.
He is the type to lose 4,255 times
and challenge me again.
Just the opposite.
Simply put, he's a masochist.
I lost again.
You are the only one
who can beat me, Kusuo!
That's why I don't like him.
The Dark Reunion?
What is that?
It is better not to know.
It is too dangerous.
How do you battle with them?
I possess a dark power in my right hand.
What sort of power? Let me see!
Well, that's a bit
What? You can't?
This power is too massive.
If I release it,
this building would be destroyed.
I have a protective shelter at my lab.
Let's go there!
-I'll call the lab.
-But the power is sealed.
Those bandages seal it?
If you take them off, will something
happen? You were fine yesterday.
What are you two doing in the morning?
-The Dark Reunion is real!
-Good morning.
-I'm not lying!
-I am trying to cheer myself up
after losing to you
and your friends in tag yesterday.
Quit that.
I feel much better now.
He seems really down. What was he told?
That jerk said that my mother
had an outie belly button.
That's it?
I could only get you the afternoon flight.
I want to go back as soon as possible.
-We still have time.
-I'll show you around.
-I would like to see Kusuke's home.
-They left.
You students should go there.
An art museum?
It isn't a place I would go for fun.
It seems like a quiet place,
but I can still hear voices.
-I don't get it.
-I see. I don't get it.
-I honestly don't understand art.
-So pretty.
I am only able to give
the same evaluation as him.
-Let's take one look and leave.
-Conflict and fear.
Those are the messages
this painting conveys.
This painting is about the conflict
in life and fear of death.
This surely is the antithesis
of modern art
which focuses too much on originality.
What is he talking about?
What? Do you know about art?
-Discord and panic?
-I'm just saying how I feel.
It just looks like a landscape to me.
What about this one?
The geometric layout and color
distribution were carefully calculated.
It produces a unique rhythm.
The circle in the center disrupts this
and generates disharmony.
It successfully created
a new visual experience.
Who are you?
How long was I standing here?
Around ten minutes.
No good. I was too into it.
That happens a lot.
-I was conversing with it.
-Shut up.
-Should I stand here another five minutes?
-You call that a conversation?
-I wouldn't.
-I look so cool now.
That section seems interesting.
Contemporary art?
Look! It's so funny.
This is a fusion of an ordinary chair
and an object of pure art.
Don't explain each one.
That looks like a chair and that to me.
It teaches us the unpredictability
of this world.
What? They just put poop on a chair.
-What is this?
-A string telephone.
By adding randomness
to this ordinary string telephone,
the artist created a truly unique scene.
This piece teaches us that anyone
can create original works.
I doubt that.
What is this?
Just scribbles.
The disjunction of soul!
By mixing mass and absence,
this work stimulates our inspiration
and teaches us
about the unpredictability of the world.
Didn't you just say that
for the other piece?
I am glad you like it.
I drew this in three seconds.
He got you.
What does this picture teach?
-"Excellent." He's asking what it is.
-What are you doing?
-You drew this?
-Don't look at it without asking.
I am Michael Scofield,
Director of this Museum.
Director? You speak Japanese?
I used to live in Japan.
Then I didn't need to interpret
simultaneously with my telepathy.
That picture is really interesting.
-It's excellent.
The director is simple.
Can we display this picture?
What a joke!
I can draw a painting like that!
Director, please look at my painting!
Did you paint something? Let me see.
How is it?
-That is a simple answer.
This one appears to be more artistic.
Can he really spot the difference?
What is the stir?
That is the master of modern art,
John McMahon!
Everyone is speaking Japanese now.
Look at this painting!
Wow! That painting is awesome!
-I know, right?
Good grief.
It wasn't priced yet, so I could apport it
with something of the same value.
This is amazing! Right?
I just don't understand art.
Well, Kusuo.
The second round of tag shall begin.
There won't be a second one.
Just go back to London.
Next time
Summer break is coming up.
I'm going to clear my entire schedule.
Subtitle translation by James Burns
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