The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s01e22 Episode Script

Episode 22

It's almost summer break.
An entire month
without any annoying people.
How wonderful.
Hey Saiki! Do you have a minute?
And here comes nuisance
number two and eight.
I guess I can listen
to what they have to say.
Do you want to get a motorcycle license
with us over the summer break?
-Let's get one together!
-Well, I'm done listening.
I have no interest in a vehicle that can
only go as fast as my brisk walking speed.
Foremost, I don't have the money for that.
Okay, I'll use that as my excuse.
Oh, that's too bad.
Well, it does cost quite a lot.
I was able to protect
my precious vacation.
-Do you have a minute?
-Here comes another nuisance.
Do you want to work with me
over the summer? It's a little far, but
Again, no thanks.
If there aren't enough participants,
it will get canceled!
-It's only a week long. Please?
-Stop messing around.
All you have to do
is take suspicious pills
given by suspicious researchers
at a suspicious laboratory and sleep!
It's too suspicious.
A clinical trial? That won't end well.
Somehow, the hourly pay is 920 yen!
Once they examine my body,
they will conduct a research on me.
I'll just tell her
that it's too far from home.
I'm going to clear
my entire summer break schedule.
Oh, Saiki! I was just looking for you.
Nuisance number three.
Do you want to join our club's
summer training camp?
I'm not even in your club.
One member canceled,
but we don't want to waste
the trip money. What do you think?
Why would I choose to tire myself out
during the break?
You will have a lot of time to sleep.
You do know there are 24 hours
in a day, right?
Come to think of it,
I did join a club the other day.
I'll just tell him that I have to go
to my club's training camp.
Oh, I guess there's no way around it.
Good grief.
I don't need to listen to him.
Hey! Let's have
the Occult Club training camp!
What is the Occult Club?
Help me get with Arisu
at the training camp!
I clearly remember that Arisu
did not look like that.
-It's called Operation Spirits:
-Love-struck Arisu and Popular Reita.
-I'm scared.
I did tell Hairo
that I was going to participate in this.
I don't have an excuse either.
-But, I won't go.
My completely free summer break
is about to begin.
I can't find Saiki.
It's nuisance number four,
the biggest danger!
Gosh, where did he go?
I need to give this to him
before vacation starts!
Just the thought of going to
an amusement park with her is terrifying.
Oh, no!
It almost got blown away by the wind.
You've got to be kidding me!
What were you doing in a place like that?
What if you had fallen?
This is what I was trying to avoid.
By the way, were you making
a weird face earlier?
This isn't good. You can't decline
an invitation from Teruhashi.
That's how this world works.
There's no one around
I'm going to go for it!
Do you have any plans for summer break?
-I happen to have tickets to
-What happened?
-Are you okay?
That's why you have to be prepared
before she asks.
I used telepathy to echo her scream
through the school.
-What's wrong?
There is no way she could ask me out
in front of so many people.
-What do you have there?
It's nothing!
I managed to drive her away.
What is going on here?
Not sure. I just got here too.
They're here too?
-Oh, Saiki! Let's go to the training camp!
-Enough with the club!
What? You're not going?
Crap. I told him I was going to this one.
What? You're coming?
All right! It will be on the first
and second of August.
-Good grief. I guess I can spare two days.
Good! Our training camp
is from the third to the ninth!
I'll put down that you're going, okay?
It's in Tooi-cho!
It's a week long?
You've got to be kidding me!
What? The job I told you about
is in Tooi-cho too!
And it starts on the tenth
and lasts a week!
-Oh, no.
My completely free schedule
is suddenly filling up like crazy!
You're getting a job?
Then you'll have enough money, right?
-It takes two weeks to get the license.
-We have time to get it!
Hold on. What does my August schedule
look like now?
I only have one free day?
After that, Teruhashi called Saiki
and his last day was filled too.
Okay, I'll tell him!
This is the last day
of my summer vacation.
Saiki! You're late!
-It hurts!
-Thanks to this guy.
-Come in.
This isn't my house,
but my dad knows people here,
so they are letting me stay.
Wow, how cool!
I bet his dad kicked him out.
This is my room.
-Come on in.
-It's so stylish
What do you think of my bachelor pad?
Temples don't need a bachelor pad.
My precious Arisu!
With the help of my 108 worldly desires,
I will knock on your heart 108 times.
-Is your head and cheek okay?
-This is my chance!
A night under the same roof as Kaido
-is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!
-You, too?
Don't use telepathy.
Many people go missing in this forest.
In the dead of night, the members of
a murder-suicide family appear and drag
-That hurts!
-Enough of that.
This is not the place for games.
I can feel many dreadful spirits.
She sounds like the spirit mediums on TV.
I was born in a temple, you know?
That doesn't mean you'll be okay.
Let's begin the test of courage!
We will take this path in pairs.
Let's just go with the flow
and make our own pairs.
Sounds good!
It would be a waste of time not to.
So I'll be alone?
I guess that's probably easier
Hold on. I want to be with Saiki.
I want to be with him too.
-Being alone with a girl makes me nervous.
-Don't drag me into this.
What? Why Saiki?
Kaido is kind of helpless,
and you're a little weird.
So it was a process of elimination.
A process of elimination
Why are you relieved?
She just shot you down!
Then let's draw lots to decide.
You had the sticks?
Those who get the sticks
of the same length will pair up.
Then let's do that!
We have plenty of time.
Saiki, you can go first.
Saiki, please!
Choose the one on the right!
I hate doing what he wants me to do,
but I would rather be on my own.
Okay. Arisu it's your turn!
You got a medium-length one.
Next is Chiyo! What will you get?
Chiyo! Choose the middle one!
Which should I choose?
Middle? Got it!
I said not to use telepathy so naturally.
I got a long one!
This is so trivial.
-I'll go next!
-What about me?
If I choose the middle one,
I will be with Arisu!
What? It's long.
You were getting on my nerves,
so I turned back time.
What's wrong with him?
Why am I even here?
I just realized that it's so eerie here.
It's almost as if ghosts
may really appear
Watch out!
You should watch your step.
Thank you.
Let's get this over with.
You're not scared, Toritsuka?
Didn't I tell you I was born in a temple?
No, my heart is just pounding
because I almost tripped.
But Toritsuka is more reliable
than I thought.
Just how easily does she fall for someone?
What is she? A newborn chick?
Too bad Toritsuka is in love with Arisu.
She doesn't stand a chance.
I'm sorry. I'm feeling a little nervous.
What is this throbbing?
Gross, what are you grabbing?
No! I have Arisu!
Who is that?
The spell has finally been lifted.
Let's go.
-How scary.
When people have love on their minds,
do things progress this quickly?
I'm scared.
Don't worry. I'll protect you.
It's a wild boar!
But it's okay.
I'm sure Reita will protect me!
What the
After that, Kaido saved Yumehara,
and her feelings toward Toritsuka
completely disappeared.
Yumehara! Are you okay?
The end.
These are my classmates, Saiki and Nendo.
They are joining our training camp,
so please welcome them!
If there's something you don't know,
just ask me.
I didn't know they invited Nendo too.
Why are you guys just standing around?
Oh, coach!
I was just introducing them to everyone.
Oh, is he the one
with the amazing physical ability
who will dominate the future of tennis?
He has set the bar high.
He doesn't look it though.
Everyone, 50 laps around the court!
Yes, sir!
He's a pretty tough coach.
Fifty laps?
Do you have a problem with that?
Don't go easy on us
just because the tournament
is approaching!
Everyone, let's do 100!
Don't increase it.
All right, then 100
-No, make it 105!
-Got it!
Don't compete with him.
Where is your determination?
Who said you could lie down?
Who is next?
Oh, him.
Get ready!
He has incredible reflexes and speed!
But is he fast enough for these?
He caught up with them!
But the second ball is on the other side.
What? He got that one too!
But what is with his movements?
He certainly has talent!
Could this guy be good too?
I'm just an ordinary person.
What do you think of him, Coach?
Hairo, play against him!
He's going to dominate
the world of tennis.
I was the one who said that.
If I play against him, he will
Oh, you're supposed
to hit it with the string bed?
No wonder it was so hard.
I was hitting it with the outer edge!
I'll show you what I've got!
Nendo! Do you want to play against me?
A match between Nendo and Hairo?
It'll be tough for Nendo.
I will if I can team up with my pal!
Team Hairo is playing
against Saiki and Nendo!
Let's do this!
Good grief Why do I have to play?
If you beat me,
we'll make you the president
and vice president of the Tennis Club.
No thanks.
But if you lose,
I'll have you both join the tennis club!
I'll end up in Hell either way.
There's no way a beginner
can return a serve like that!
-He got it!
-Is he really a beginner?
Nendo, you really are a genius!
He hit it toward me.
You won't be able to hit it this time!
-I don't plan to.
-He hit it!
-They're way above high-school level!
-And their movements are so weird!
Win or lose, I'll end up in Hell.
Nendo! The team that fails
to return the ball loses this round, okay?
Sounds good to me!
I guess I should do that.
It's right on the edge!
No problem!
Let me. It's my ball.
The ball went to the other player!
I forgot it was a doubles match.
-You can do it, pal!
-Sorry, but I'm going to end this.
-Where is he aiming?
-It's totally out!
He's a total amateur!
That should do it.
We lost, but they probably
won't ask me to join the club now.
Just as I thought,
that guy is very talented.
But the other one is just an amateur.
-Oh, it's still flying.
-Where will it land?
I forgot.
I'm better at throwing a ball now,
but not so much at hitting them.
-Wow, that was amazing!
-What kind of superpower do you have?
If it wasn't out,
no one could have returned that!
I was right!
I will let both of you join the club.
After that, Saiki and Nendo
were watched closely
for the remainder of the week.
-Let's go home!
-Good grief, it's finally over.
Look over there, pal!
Someone's sleeping there.
She collapsed.
That looks like
Yes, it's Mera.
Oh, Saiki
I felt dizzy after eating this mushroom.
Why would you eat something
obviously poisonous?
All I've eaten during the break
is grass, so
-We're already halfway through the break.
-Hey, Mera!
You shouldn't eat that. It's gross.
Why did you eat that?
But I'm all right!
Let's get going! The high-paying
job is waiting for us!
-Thank you all for coming today.
-Clinical trial
There are many scary rumors
and legends about it.
But in reality,
clear explanations are given
and a carefully thought-out plan
is carried out,
so the risks are low.
Concerning the medicine you will be given,
-it causes a lot of side effects
Most of the rumors are false, however
This medication carries no risk,
so please feel at ease.
In this case, those urban legends
may actually be true.
This seems kind of weird, right pal?
Why are you even here?
I asked him to come along too!
I haven't bought
my mom a present yet, so
Just how reckless are they?
Well then, I will now explain
how things will go over the next week.
Do you mind explaining what that was?
You will be taking this medication
in the morning and evening.
It is just a simple stomach medication,
so please don't worry.
There is no way that's true.
We will draw your blood thirty minutes
after you take it,
then you are free to spend your time
as you wish.
There is no stomach medication
that looks that dangerous.
Excuse me! I have a question.
Mera must have noticed too.
If I take two at a time,
will you double my pay?
-Obviously, they won't.
Everyone, please take the first pill now.
There's no need to add
such a forced laughter there.
Good grief. What do I do?
One hour after taking the pill.
Hey, Mera! You want to play?
-I have other stuff to do.
-She sure doesn't waste time.
I read the researchers' minds to confirm
that these pills are harmless,
but it was pretty suspicious,
so I was cautious at first.
It seemed to be an unnecessary fear.
But the next day,
something strange happened.
Day two.
Good morning! Did you sleep well?
Oh, it's Mera. Something seems off.
I had a good night's sleep!
My body feels so light.
Especially my shoulders! What?
They're gone!
Well, not completely, but still
They were my only assets!
If something were to happen,
I was planning to sell them!
Don't act like they were
a brand-name watch.
Is this the side effect of the medicine?
Nothing has happened to me
Sorry, I overslept a little!
What happened to your right arm?
How scary!
Nendo, what happened to your arm?
What about it?
How could you miss something like that?
Wasn't it always like this?
It must be the side effect, after all.
Well, I guess I'll turn back time
for them.
-Oh, they're back!
-It shrunk!
-I'm so relieved!
-Anyway, what is going on?
Day three.
Good morning!
Who the hell are you?
I ate too much at the buffet, so
You can't gain that much weight
in one day!
-Your chin!
What happened?
What? Wasn't it always like this?
You should pay more attention to yourself.
Day four.
-Good morning.
-You're huge!
Oh, you've gotten smaller, pal.
We're the ones who got bigger!
Well, that shouldn't be a problem.
I'm sure we'll go back to normal soon.
I'm the one turning you back to normal.
Something strange has been happening
to Nendo and Mera's bodies.
They shouldn't
take the medicine any longer.
Oh, this pill tastes kind of sweet.
-You're right! It's like chocolate.
-if nothing happens to them tomorrow,
it was surely the medicine.
Day five.
Good morning!
Now I'm confused.
Day six.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I have one more thing to tell you.
This pill is actually a placebo!
We gave you the impression
that this pill was dangerous
to track the changes in your body.
You've got to be kidding me.
That may be what you were told,
but look at them!
There is no way an assumption
would lead to this.
This is not a medication
created by modern science!
Who are you? Are you part
of the Dark Reunion?
Could it be
You two ate this mushroom yesterday,
didn't you?
This is called the parupun mushroom.
If you eat it,
your body will undergo various changes
the next day.
It goes back after an hour or so though,
so it's harmless.
-I'm back to normal!
-It took a little longer today.
So, it was you
who was affected the most by this study!
Oh, I guess this is a gag anime.
I'm Baiku Manabe, your instructor.
Your name sounds like
you were meant to do this job.
Oh no, we got a scary-looking one.
I will burn the knowledge
into you boneheads with my teaching!
BKB! Yes!
All right. Go get your motorcycles.
What just happened?
No idea.
Oh, that must be it.
A 400cc bike?
Why did you start the engine
without permission?
But you said to bring it
Push it here!
Wait another ten years
and you can start the engine!
How many decades will it take to graduate?
don't tell me you were riding one
without a license?
No, of course not.
I feel sorry for bikes
that carry reckless riders.
First, let's practice picking up the bike.
Pick up these bikes.
I feel sorry for those bikes.
Just pick it up?
You idiot! Use your legs!
It weighs over 200 kilograms.
Arms alone won't do it.
How did you pick it up?
With my legs.
-Didn't you use your arms?
-I used my legs.
I got it! This will be a piece of cake!
Nothing is happening.
You idiot! Use your legs!
Rest your hip on the motorcycle and
Oh, you're doing it. Perfect posture.
You're hopeless. Go home.
-You're telling me to quit after all this?
-We haven't done that much.
Let me try a little more!
I really want to ride a motorcycle!
His eyes show
that he really loves motorcycles.
-He looks just like me back in the day.
-Don't flatter yourself.
Then go ahead and blow all your money
on our school, bonehead.
Blow, Knots, Bonehead!
BKB! Yes!
-What is happening?
With this, Kaido had a tough start.
Kuboyasu did too.
I don't get this at all.
I thought the questions
would be way easier.
This isn't a kindergarten entrance exam.
Hey! Four-eyes with the middle part!
What does this sign mean?
Meaning? They have meanings?
Of course they do.
I've seen this somewhere before!
Oh! It's the weapon Katsunori had
when he fought Sureibu!
So that must mean
Bring it on?
What are you talking about?
Well, how about this one?
I'm pretty sure
Enoshima was swinging that one
in a one-on-one fight.
Watch your back?
That's enough. You're not capable
of getting a license.
No, wait! It's true that I used to be
a delinquent,
so I understand where you're coming from.
But I want to ride a motorcycle!
His expression
is totally different from before.
He's really starting to look like me.
He's like my long-lost twin.
What part of him looks like you?
What do I do with you guys?
-Read these and study on your own.
Boost your Knowledge with these Books!
BKB! Yes!
What exactly is that about?
And their training camp
full of hardship began.
Then finally
I did it!
I knew you could!
Wow! You did it, Shun!
Isn't it too early to celebrate, Kuboyasu?
Tell me what these signs mean.
Number one. Road closed
for light vehicles except for bicycles.
Number two. Horn zone.
Number three. Towing vehicles
should use the left-most lane.
The passing lane is designated
You got them all right.
You finally did it.
How about you, Saiki?
Wow! You passed!
-Yes! We did it!
-We're great!
All three of you did well.
You're all graduating!
Thank you so much!
Don't you still need
to go get your license?
The last day of summer vacation
is a gloomy day for most students.
-Daddy, let's go!
-What about me? Well
Of course I feel depressed too.
But I'm sure for the guy meeting me today,
this will turn into an amazing day.
Isn't that right, Saiki?
I'm here!
Were you waiting long?
No, I just got here. Thanks for coming!
I can hear the excitement in his voice.
I bet he was looking forward to today.
I'm so excited! Let's go Peach T Girl!
-Sure, let's go!
-That's the lost children center.
I can't believe this.
Who would bring someone else to a date?
According to my plan,
I was going to make him gasp three times
on the roller coaster,
seven times in the haunted house,
and 38 times on the Ferris wheel.
But now it's all ruined!
I'm so glad I brought him.
We would completely stand out
walking together at a place like this.
Even now,
there are people gathering around us
as though we are park characters.
-Well, there's no point in complaining.
-What do you want to ride?
The go-carts?
Then, how about the coffee cups?
Or maybe the roller coaster?
What exactly did you come here for?
I want to see this!
Boys and girls!
A hero show?
-This is a family outing, not a date!
-I'm so excited!
Hurry up and come out, Cider-Man Ramune!
You sure love that character, don't you?
I do! I love him!
I love Cider-Man Version Two too,
of course.
Don't worry about that.
-But, I like Yo-kai Watch the best!
-You don't need to say that either!
I have a chance to be alone with Saiki
while he is watching the show!
Hey, Saiki
He is recording it!
I'm going to cover
the entire world with ginger!
Oh, no!
Monster L. Ginger
has entered the audience!
Everyone, be careful!
I'm going to squirt my ginger juice!
-Oh, no! L. Ginger is coming this way!
-How annoying. It's just an act.
I wish the monsters
would just take him away.
First, I'll pickle you in ginger juice!
Oh, no!
-L. Ginger has kidnapped a girl!
-You call yourself a man?
-What? No way!
-Who is she?
-She is beautiful!
-She is so cute!
That brat. I will definitely
get him for this!
He took Peach T Girl!
Good grief. Just what
does she think she's doing?
-Why do I have to go through this?
I'm going to cover you with ginger!
The girl is in danger!
No! Please stop
I I'm sorry.
Don't stop.
-Oh, my! He stopped the attack!
-Wait, what am I doing?
-Oh, no! He's attacking her again!
-Stop it right there!
That must be Cider-Man!
Or not!
Cut it out!
Who the hell are you?
Yes, stop right there!
-The show is falling apart.
-Stop right there!
Cider-Man Ramune has arrived!
Stop right there,
Monster L. Ginger!
-Come on! Get him!
-No way!
She's even cuter up close!
Cider Kick!
Cider Kick!
Is that all he can do?
-What did you think of that?
-So strong!
You bastard!
You made me look weak in front of her!
Is she trying to say something?
Minoru, defeat him!
Is she rooting for me?
The finishing blow! Take that!
The Cider
What a surprise!
L. Ginger counterattacked!
Is Ramune okay?
He has become a flat soda.
Good grief.
-Teruhashi always complicates things.
-Oh no, Ramune is in danger!
Help him, Cider-Man Version Two!
Are you the Cider-Man Version Two?
If you are, then do something!
I'm obviously not.
-Do something!
Stop pushing.
Wear this!
Wait! Someone has appeared
from the audience!
-It's Cyborg Cider-Man Version Two!
-The legendary hero is back!
-Saiki What are you doing?
I have no idea.
-Who do you think you are? Stay away!
Good grief.
If I don't do this, it will never end.
He did it! The original Cider Kick!
When his friend was in trouble,
Cider-Man Version Two Appeared!
-Saiki, you're amazing!
-So it ends like this anyway.
I guess I can't defy God's plan.
Thank you for watching!
My long summer vacation
was gone in an instant.
Now the second semester is starting.
You don't mean
Next time
I knew it.
A transfer student is joining our class.
Subtitle translation by Ashley Ishizuka
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