The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

You, pick up the pace!
You're late! What's with that outfit?
What? You're pissing me off.
Better get out of the way.
You're about to meet a tragic fate.
What are you talking
What the
The transfer student is arriving today!
-And it's a girl!
-This season has come again.
-Give me details.
-It's second semester.
-Is she cute?
-We have a new character.
-They are disgraceful.
If that's the case,
get rid of the old ones.
Like this guy. He's useless.
Please be seated. That was fast!
I'm going to introduce
our new transfer student.
-Come in.
-Pull it together.
-What's up?
-A gyaru.
-She's a gyaru.
-That's not how I pictured her.
I wanted someone more innocent and modest.
I guess those make up for it.
I'm Mikoto Aiura. Just call me Miko.
My hobbies are fortune-telling
and decorating nails.
Fortune-telling? I'm into that too!
Really? Fortune-telling is awesome, right?
What's your name?
I'm Chiyo Yumehara.
I can show you this fortune-teller
who's really good.
Thanks. But you've got it wrong,
You already gave me a nickname?
I'm a fortune-teller myself.
She's really popular.
Maybe I'll have her read my fortune too.
Well, I have zero interest in this.
Your past actions say otherwise.
I mean, I'm not interested either.
Better to not get involved.
Chiyopipi, what do you want me to check
about your future?
-Romance! Boys!
-How about my career?
-You're not fooling anyone.
Oh, come on. You want
to know about boys, right?
-How did you
-I told you.
Let's give this a shot.
A bucket and ink? And an eraser?
What are you going to
-What's that?
-What's that?
Your compatibility is two percent.
How could you tell that?
You should give up on your current crush.
What? I don't believe you for a second!
Yes, I'm not convinced.
Chiyopipi, you've had bad luck with boys,
haven't you?
Weren't the guys
you've dated before all trash?
Broke guys or just general losers.
I don't believe you!
You're still not fooling anyone.
But this girl is for real.
She's thinking of words
that all accurately describe Chiyo.
I can read her mind after all.
-Well, that didn't go well.
-She's no fraud. She's a real psychic.
-What abilities does she have?
-What's wrong pal?
You want your fortune read too?
-Who's next?
-This could be bad.
-She could figure out I'm a psychic.
-Me! Me!
Do you have a minute? I have a request.
I want to know my compatibility with you.
I'm Toritsuka from the next class.
Retire from this show.
A compatibility of zero percent.
Who are you anyway?
Yes, my apologies.
You couldn't even do one simple thing.
Just retire from this show.
Excuse me! I have something to ask.
What is it now?
Can you find my missing father?
That's heavy stuff.
What's your name?
I'm Chisato Mera.
Okay, Chisapoyo. I'll find your dad.
He's in Puerto Rico.
Puerto Where is that?
Next to the Dominican Republic.
I'm off my game today,
so that's all I've got.
That's more than enough!
I'll check it out!
I'm impressed.
But how can she track people down?
Not even I can find someone
without any clues.
What is the secret behind that ritual?
What are those things you did?
Spinning buckets
and crushing the pencil lead.
Oh, that. I'm just winging it.
Winging it?
I'm just doing things that seem like
they would inspire me.
All I really need is my crystal ball,
but it's hard to see through
with all the accessories.
Don't accessorize then.
I have to be careful not to let
her perform that ritual with me.
But I'm off my game today.
Are you sick?
No, that's not it.
I'm pretty good
at seeing people's auras but
-Yes, like their spirit energy.
With a single glance,
I can see someone's fate or potential.
But I can't see them very well today.
She has that power?
Then I can't even let her look at me.
Why did you transfer here anyway?
-You want to know?
I read my own fortune,
and apparently, he's here.
Isn't it obvious? My mister right!
Wow, you can find that out too?
-I was in great form that day!
-Is it me?
-It could be me.
-I look like this, but I'm still a girl.
-I figured I should read my own fortune.
-Is he in our class?
Well, it's not clear that she can
figure me out through my aura.
I'll just stay away
I just know he has pink hair,
has some crazy abilities,
and his initials are S.K.
-Who could it be?
I can figure it out through his aura.
This girl is bad news.
I have to do something.
I can see it.
All right! I'm back on my game.
I can see auras again,
so today is the day to find him!
Time to go to school.
Good grief. What should I do?
Mikoto Aiura, the transfer student,
can read people's futures
and see their auras.
She apparently transferred here
to find her mister right,
who is probably me.
If she sees me, she'll figure that out,
and she'll know that I'm a psychic too.
I didn't want to resort to this,
but I have no choice.
I'll skip school.
Saiki didn't come to school today?
It's unusual for him to skip school.
Well, I played hooky yesterday myself.
Oh, I heard there's a transfer student.
Who is it?
It's weird timing in the semester
to switch schools.
You transferred here around the same time.
It's her.
Wow! She's popular.
Of course, she is.
She's a self-proclaimed psychic after all.
A psychic? You believe that?
What a joke! That's hilarious!
Well, it is suspicious.
Why are transfer students all such freaks?
Did he forget he's a transfer student?
Oh, she's coming over here.
What do you want?
Wow! You're different from the others.
You've seen your fair share of battles.
-Your aura is sharp.
You probably hurt everyone
who gets too close.
Your mullet's aura is incredibly powerful.
Mullet's aura?
How did she know I used to have one?
How did she figure out my past
with mullets?
Quit talking about mullets
with such a serious face.
Staying home was the right decision.
She accurately read
Kuboyasu's true nature.
She's the real deal.
-Kusuo is staying home?
-This is really bad.
-Is he being bullied at school?
-If I can't suppress her abilities,
-I'll carefully ask him.
-I can never go to school again.
I can hear you whispering.
I'll observe a little longer.
Get off me already!
Call me Mikoto! I love aggressive men.
I don't care! Get off me!
What are auras anyway?
You see them in anime all the time, right?
I can see the aura of anyone,
and read their emotions,
personalities, and strengths.
And your aura is huge and rugged!
I still don't get it.
Hey! How about my aura?
Let's see, your aura
Yours is special too.
It looks like a squirrel's.
You're a fraud!
Calm down, man.
Well, then,
let's take a look!
Well, yes. Let's see here.
His aura is literally on fire.
He's pure and passionate.
And over there,
that guy has the aura of a rich old man.
He's loaded for sure.
Impressive, but he's not the one
I'm looking for.
What's with this aura?
It's him, I'm sure of it!
My mister right
Definitely not!
Oh, the aura is from behind him.
A girl?
Wow, she's something else!
I've never seen an aura that huge.
It's a sphere?
-She spoke!
-It's even more intense up close.
-Nice to meet you.
This aura! Those are wings!
She's on a totally different level.
I'm Kokomi Teruhashi.
What is she, an angel?
Though there are
some black feathers mixed in.
But it doesn't bother me.
I mistook her aura as this guy's.
But this one's aura is tragic.
There are some amazing guys here.
But none of them is my mister right.
It's pretty exhausting to use
clairvoyance and telepathy simultaneously.
But now I know.
Her powers are incredible.
She understood our class dynamics
with a single glance.
I can't fool her.
There's nobody else.
What? This feeling
I'm done running away.
Now that it has come to this,
I'll meet her
and tell her I'm a psychic too.
-What happened? I can't see auras again!
But I haven't found him yet! This sucks!
Really? What's with this timing?
I can't see them at all!
And I was about to make
my grand appearance.
No, wait.
What? It's back!
-So that's how it works.
-What the heck is going on?
I've figured it out.
The solution is to do nothing.
I was right to observe.
She thinks she lost her ability
to see auras,
but that's not really the case.
My aura is too big.
It has a radius of roughly 200 meters.
My aura outshone everyone else's,
so she was unable to see them.
So as long as she can't see me alone,
from a distance,
She can never Crap!
I still can't find him
Wow, that aura!
It's him! That's mister right!
Then again, maybe not.
You little brat!
-Kids fighting. Should I break it up?
-I'll punch your teeth out!
-I'll show you my secret move!
-I'll leave them be.
-Children grow through conflict.
-Here goes! Gummy punch!
I changed my mind.
Don't use superhero moves for bullying.
Hey, Takeru! That guy is staring at us!
Oh, no, let's get out of here!
Good grief.
I didn't think you'd get
caught up in this.
Are you all right, Yuuta?
Hey, where are you going?
What's with him?
I see
I did notice the scratches, but
Keep a close eye on him for a while.
He's been acting strange lately.
Kind of depressed, I guess.
He doesn't laugh much,
and he only ever smiles
when we have burgers for dinner.
Or when I tell him he can have a shake
He smiles pretty easily, then.
He doesn't even laugh
when he watches Cider-Man.
Could you talk to him sometime?
He seems quite fond of you.
There's probably not much
I could do for him.
Better to leave him be.
-I'm not letting you go this time!
-Good grief. This again.
I'll make you cry with my secret move!
Get ready for a black eye!
-Take this! Iron
-Don't use superhero moves for bullying.
But there's not much I can do right now.
-I'm out.
-Don't dodge!
-Who are you?
-I'm five-year-old Kusuo Saiki.
-What are you looking at?
-I transformed into a younger me.
Let's see, my body is five years old,
but I still would feel bad
if I beat up these kids.
You better apologize quickly.
-They're pretty big up close.
-Takeru here beat up kids
-older than him.
-I guess they're older.
-Cut that out, Namekawa.
-Wait, you're actually pretty old.
I won't forget this!
Good. Don't come back.
Well, I could have beaten them myself.
I doubt it. But more importantly,
you need to tell me why you're depressed.
Hey. Show me how to fight!
I want to be strong!
What? Why?
Have you heard of Cyborg Cider-Man?
I've been a huge fan since I was a child.
You're still a child.
I realized something one day.
Cyborg Cider-Man, Beast God Pao Piper,
Battle Mask, Invincible Joe
What do they have in common?
-No clue.
-I figured it out!
You can't tell anyone.
The secret is
they're all really strong!
Don't tell anyone.
-Oh, right.
-That's why I'm secretly training.
Don't tell my mom
or Cyborg Cider-Man Version Two!
So that's what it is.
I want to be able to
fight monsters with my fists!
What monsters?
That's why I want you to teach me!
I shouldn't have transformed
for a problem this petty.
They're still here!
I'll make you pay for what you did!
Apologize before it's too late!
We came to get payback.
It's them again!
Why do you have such a grudge
against Yuuta anyway?
This is all because
you kicked us for no reason, you know!
So, you started this.
They were being brats.
You're the brat!
Why are you apologizing?
You started this, didn't you?
Then we're the ones at fault. Apologize.
No way!
Which is it? Will you apologize or not?
Why are you covering for him?
-Why won't he fight them?
-You've had it now!
-He's strong enough to.
-Crush him!
-That voice.
Close your eyes.
-Hello, Yuuta.
-Cyborg Cider-Man Version Two!
You came just in time!
I'm going to take out those two guys,
so make me into a Cider-Man!
I can't do that.
What? Why not?
Because you lack something you need
to be a hero.
The heroes you mentioned earlier
have something in common
besides their strength.
Do you know what that is?
They were made by the same company?
That might be true, but it's not that.
It's a heart of justice.
If you lack that, no amount of strength
will make you a true hero.
You have to do the right thing
and apologize for your mistakes.
That's what true strength is.
I get it now!
Thanks, Cyborg Cider-Man Version Two!
-Just watch!
-Why is he talking to himself?
Is he just crazy?
I'm sorry for kicking you!
I'll never do it again!
I'm so glad they forgave me.
I understand now. It's not enough
just to be good at fighting.
I'll become a hero like you.
Good grief. I've done something
pretty out of character.
I'll give you one of my treasures
as a sign of our rivalry.
I'm giving you this grasshopper!
I beat him already.
Let's go get some ramen.
Ramen again?
Good grief. The same routine, every day.
Don't they get tired of it?
We did that yesterday.
Let's go somewhere else.
Somewhere else
Hey, I know. Let's go to the pool.
Why there?
We were talking about where to go eat.
Let's go get some ramen.
We're back to this.
He's even more dense than usual.
-Ramen again?
-We did that yesterday.
-Why's he repeating himself?
-Aren't you going to call him out?
-Hey, I know. Let's go to the pool.
What? Is this déjà vu?
No, this is
It's all the same!
Could this be
Let's go get some ramen.
As I thought.
-Ramen again?
-I'm sure of it.
The world is repeating itself.
Time isn't progressing,
and it's repeating.
In other words, a time leap.
A time leap.
I've done it.
But it's fine if I just do a time leap!
The ability to move through time
into the past or the future.
I developed this ability
because I once traveled back to the past
-20 years ago.
-Somewhere else
-It's been a new source of anxiety.
-Let's go to the pool.
Here. About 13 seconds.
Let's go get some ramen.
I've heard this line now 17 times.
Hearing the same line 17 times
is oddly terrifying.
-But I know how to break out of this loop.
-Ramen again? We did that yesterday.
What is it, pal?
I have to clear out my head completely.
This loop is being caused by
-my subconscious.
-Does your stomach hurt?
-If I clear my mind, time will move again.
-You have a stomachache?
Let's go to the pool.
What? Why the pool?
-We were talking about food!
-Yes, that's what I wanted to hear.
Crisis averted. The loop is broken.
Why the pool?
We were talking about food!
-Why the pool?
We were talking about food!
-Why the pool? We were talking about food!
-I thought it was over. Apparently not.
And this loop is even shorter.
-It's fine. I'll clear my head.
-Why the pool?
We were talking about food!
Why the pool?
We were talking about food!
Why the pool? We were talking about
Shut the hell up.
The pool is fun, though.
Saiki, what was that for?
I finally broke out of the loop.
That should be the last time.
Watch out!
That boy is in danger!
-Oh, crap!
-Stop the car!
You idiot, you'll get hit too! Nendo!
Good grief, I thought it was over.
-Now this.
-The car suddenly swerved!
-The problems just keep on coming.
-Watch out!
-Now what?
That boy is in danger!
-Oh, crap!
-It loops here?
-Stop the car!
-You'll get hit too!
How do I clear my head in this situation?
There's no way. It takes all
my concentration to save them.
The next loop is about to start.
I have to figure out
how to get through this.
I have about six seconds.
At the three-second mark,
the car will hit the kid.
I must clear my mind
in the three remaining seconds,
but that's difficult.
It's a battle with time.
Watch out! That boy is in danger!
-Oh, crap!
-Take that!
And clear!
Nice, four seconds left.
I can do this!
-It exploded!
-Stay back!
-The driver is still inside!
-With children!
-Hurry, a fire hydrant!
-Pull it together!
Hey, are you all right? Hey!
I can't clear my head now!
-Watch out! That boy is in danger!
-But now I know.
If I stop the car too early,
it triggers an accident.
In order to avert that,
I have to wait until the last second.
But if I do that,
I have less than three seconds
to clear my head.
Watch out!
The fourth loop. Well, I'm sure
it will work out eventually.
But it did not work out.
The challenge of using his abilities
and then clearing his head,
combined with a string of accidents,
made it near impossible
to break out of the loop.
And on the 16,785th loop
Watch out! That boy is in danger!
-Oh, crap!
-Oh, crap!
-Stop the car!
You'll get hit too!
He was finally able to
break out of the loop.
By repeating the same action
over and over,
he was able to use his abilities
while clearing his head.
Finally, I broke out of the loop.
My body is fine, but my mind is exhausted.
This should be the last.
Let's go get some ramen.
What is it, pal?
Don't freak me out like that, you idiot.
Sixteen years ago,
an adorable baby girl was born.
She wasn't adorable in the way
that babies usually are.
Upon seeing this baby,
the doctor blushed.
Doctor, what is it?
That's right, this baby
somehow already looked like a model.
Rumors about her
spread through the hospital,
-and people gathered to come see her.
-There are more fathers than babies.
Get them all out of here!
That girl continued to grow
and became even more beautiful each year.
And now,
that girl, by which I mean me,
became the perfect,
most beautiful human being.
What? You don't believe me
because I'm talking about myself?
-What a cutie.
-Of course,
-I would never say this out loud.
-You're right.
-I'm not like other girls.
-She's hot!
-She's innocence itself.
-You see, a truly beautiful girl
has to be blissfully unaware
of her own beauty.
Even though I've received
countless compliments about my looks,
I always pretend
to be clueless about my own beauty.
Because, you guessed it,
I'm the perfect, most beautiful girl.
-But maybe this isn't enough
-to convince you of my beauty.
Try picturing the prettiest girl
you've ever seen.
Done? Take that image,
and make her 18 times more beautiful,
and you'll get me!
But even a perfect girl like me
currently has a crush on a boy.
No, not him.
He's cute, but he needs
to be 60 times cuter to date me.
Not that wealthy-looking man, either.
I don't really care about money
since I can get anything I want for free.
And obviously, it's not him.
I mean I'm intrigued, but not like that.
It's actually this average-looking boy,
Kusuo Saiki.
He's an average boy,
and I'm out of his league.
-Why do I have a crush on him?
-How unusual to see you after school.
Hey, let's go for some coffee.
How about I take you for a ride in my car?
Would you like to discover Atlantis?
-Don't get in my way.
-I talked to her first!
-I'll give you a million to disappear!
-I know why have a crush on him.
It's because he ignores me.
To me, that is unforgivable.
All men who see me must immediately blush
-and make fools of themselves!
-I must also make Saiki say
I've lost sight of him.
I should have ignored them,
and invited Saiki for a shake.
Having to remain polite to all my suitors
is one of the challenges of being perfect.
-I ended up with a gaggle of 26 men.
But if he thinks
he can get away that easily,
I'll use my secret move.
Angel Breath!
Please let me help you!
-Just one sigh is all I need!
-Are you lost?
-I'll show you the way.
-Five, ten
Just one sigh attracted them
-like moths to a flame.
-I'll lend you money!
The world is too kind to me.
-My second secret move,
-I lost my friend.
Angel Upper Beam!
Could you help me look for him?
-We'll find him!
-Let's split up and look!
-Have you seen this man?
-Post them every ten meters!
Spread out!
Someone saw him!
I don't see him from up here.
This is so easy. Thank you so much!
Since they're all looking for him,
I'm free to drink
this strawberry-vanilla shake!
Commander! What are you doing there?
I'm trying to call my friend,
but he won't pick up.
Did he just call me Commander?
How is the search going?
The searchers have been looking
for over 30 minutes, but
You still haven't found him?
-Good grief. Sorry to disappoint you,
-We've searched the whole town.
but you won't find me.
You have your power to charm,
and I have my powers.
That's right. I'm Kusuo Saiki, a psychic.
I can wield any psychic power at will,
including the ability to become invisible.
Though touching me will break
the invisibility.
I can also teleport, read minds, levitate,
and do other things as well,
but I conceal those powers in my life.
-So I don't want to be near Teruhashi,
-I'm sorry we were unable to help.
-who constantly draws attention.
-No, it's all right.
Besides, I know
what she's really thinking.
I'm grateful for your help.
I can't believe them.
Useless! Pathetic! Trash!
You can fool them, but not me.
Your veneer of perfection is admirable,
-but you're wasting your time chasing me.
-Oh, well.
-That was close!
-I'll just finish my shake.
Did someone drink from this?
Mikoto Aiura,
I have to be wary of her abilities.
Her slang makes it even harder
to decipher her,
so I'll have to listen carefully.
Next time, Aiura and Yumehara play tag,
we hold a second semester event,
and Teruhashi skips school.
Subtitle translation by Takuya Sawaoka
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