The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s02e17 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 17

You have a package!
For me? What is this?
Did you hear a loud noise just now?
-I heard it too.
-Like an explosion. Weird.
I rewound my house back one day.
There's only one person
who would do such a thing.
Kusuke Saiki, my pain-in-the-ass brother.
Kusuo, how's it going?
If you're watching this, it means
you've dealt with the bomb.
I know you like coffee jelly,
so I thought that would trick you
into opening it,
but I regret it.
Now I'm stuck eating these coffee jellies
every single day.
Oh, it's tasty.
If I keep watching this,
I'll blow up my laptop.
-I've placed another bomb in this city.
Let's play a game, Kusuo.
-Well, the bomb is a lie.
-Why you!
Once time is up, fireworks will go off
that reveal your psychic powers.
That's a lie, right?
The fireworks will go up in three hours,
and there's only one way to stop them.
Find the cards at these five locations.
Maybe I'll just go punch you instead.
I'm in a dark room right now.
I know you can't teleport to a place
you haven't seen.
What a joke.
There should be one around here.
I'll try thoughtography,
but I'm sure it won't work.
There's one person in this mall
who knows where the card is.
Find that person with your telepathy.
How many people do you think
there are here?
I can't isolate a person in this crowd.
That means listening to thousands
of people. But I have to do it.
I guess I don't have to announce it.
-Oh, my phone rang.
-That's not it.
-That store!
-Still no.
-There'll be fireworks soon.
-That's it!
I hope I can take a girl
to see them someday.
No, just some sad loser.
I finally found it.
He knew I was coming,
so I used the PA to announce
-my description.
-Pink hair, and
Then I used telepathy to locate
the person who reacted.
This is the card he gave me.
"HB." What does it mean?
Whatever. Next is this park
with this rather avant-garde sculpture.
It's huge.
It's hidden inside the round sculpture
in the middle
of this park.
Look inside with X-ray vision.
Once you know, report to the person
who gave you this letter.
What? Look inside that thing?
It has a radius of at least two meters.
To see through one meter,
I can't blink for an entire minute.
Two minutes then. Here we go.
X-ray vision!
Okay. Looking good. What?
Wind, at a time like this?
I see it. "Tuna"?
I found the second card.
More mysterious letters.
Whatever. Three more.
The next location is on a deserted trail.
Another obstacle lies ahead.
There's less than an hour left.
He can't dig through 25m right now,
but Saiki clears this hurdle.
Claiming the third card, he moves on.
The next card was hidden inside
the vault of a major bank,
but he used invisibility
to easily slip through.
With one card remaining,
he had less than 30 minutes.
Use your psychometry
to identify the real card.
There's way too many!
Going through them one by one
in 30 minutes will be tough.
I'll start on the left.
Damn it!
He's planted gross images
into the cards that are wrong.
Looking into them is too risky.
There must be A doorknob?
He must have touched this.
He predicted that!
I finally found it going through each one.
I have all the cards now.
You were late by a minute.
-So close, Kusuo!
You've got guts showing your face to me.
What kind of sick prank is this?
It's not the time to worry about that.
-You finished late by one minute.
You'll miss the fireworks
that reveal your secret.
Hey. Wait!
Okay, do like this
This is a birthday card!
It's more fun if it's a game, right?
-Fun? You bastard.
-Here's your present.
A year's worth of coupons
for coffee jelly.
You think you can placate me with that?
-I can have this?
-Of course.
Let's go home.
That was some useful data. I have
a solid grasp of Kusuo's powers now.
Next time, I'll play to win.
Summer vacation is the best.
Drinking iced coffee
in an air-conditioned room
-while babysitting.
-Cider-Man Version Two!
-Just the best.
-Beat them up!
-Finish him!
-Good grief. They have some town meeting.
I wish they'd stop
pushing this kid onto me.
Well, as long as he's distracted.
-I'm bored.
-That was fast.
I want to go to the zoo!
Cider-Man Version Two, take me!
-The zoo?
-Let's go!
-Take me to the zoo!
-Be quiet.
This place is crawling with animals!
Can't you think of a better word?
I didn't think he would beg
for over an hour.
-So cool!
-Good grief.
I might as well make the most of it.
It stinks here. Can we go home?
I'll throw you into the lion's den.
But since we're here, I'll deal with it!
Yes, deal with it.
I'm putting up with things too.
Like all the thoughts that I can hear
from this crowd.
-Animals are disgusting up close.
-It's not even just people.
I can hear the animals' thoughts as well.
You just woke up?
I stayed up all night playing
with the tire.
There are some who sound
like schoolkids during vacation.
By being here, I've escaped
the cycle of conflict.
But is this what I want?
There are some who
question their purpose here.
There's an audience. Show off more!
We need to earn our living!
Some are self-conscious.
How dare they lock us up!
After I escape, I'll kill them all!
And some are freaks like that.
There's an animal I want to see.
What, a lion? An elephant?
-An eland!
-That's an odd choice.
It's an eland!
It just looks like a big deer.
Hey! Oh, it looked this way!
It has a name.
Try calling it by name.
Oh, right! I'll call him this.
Pez! Come here!
Not even a twitch.
I want to see it up close.
All right.
-Hey, you.
-What the
That human just spoke to me?
Yes, I'm talking to you.
You can hear me!
Come here.
The lion's den is that way.
Obsequious eland.
This kid wants to see you.
He's a big fan.
The eland is so cool!
Wow, he's showing off for us!
-I never expected
-I'm glad.
-a pose like that from a bovid.
-You saw what you wanted. Let's go home.
-Okay. I'm satisfied. Thanks!
-You're set?
I want a picture with the eland, so
Don't tell me you lost your bag.
I can already tell.
I thought we would get to go home.
My bag
If I knew what it looked like,
I could find it with clairvoyance.
I should've kept better track.
they finally came looking for their bag.
Too late.
-What happened to the bag?
-Oh, my!
You saw his bag?
Where is it?
Where? Let's see
I might remember if you give me a banana.
Stingy informant.
So, a high schooler came by and took it.
How did you know?
I can read your thoughts.
Good grief. After grilling the kid
who picked up the bag,
he said he threw it away.
That's my bag!
That's a rather annoying place
to throw it away.
I could use my psychokinesis
to retrieve it,
but there are too many people around.
Asking a zookeeper would take a long time,
so I just need to have him
throw it over here.
That's ours.
How can a human communicate with us?
Toss it over.
Don't order me around!
You're nothing but a weak human!
Make me give it back then!
You lesser species.
You think monkeys are superior to humans?
Of course!
You can speak our language,
but it's just a pale imitation.
Well, good luck figuring out
how you're going to get this back from me.
And don't try any monkey business.
You're the monkey.
I'll make you remember what it's like
to live in the wilderness.
Animals live by their instincts.
At that moment, the animals
instinctively understood
that the human standing before them
Remember what it's like to be prey.
was at the top of the food chain.
That's a relief.
He gave it back and even apologized.
Oh, no! I forgot to take a picture
with the eland!
I need to go back!
Give me a break.
-No. We're not going back.
Ku, what are you doing?
You're not bullying Yuta, are you?
There's someone else above me
on the food chain.
Silent Cyborg by Fudekichi Shiragami.
It's the series I enjoy the most among
those published in Weekly Youth Cognac
by my dad's publishing company.
Kusuo! I need your teleportation.
Sure. I'll teleport you
to prison or outer space.
Damn it.
I have to let Mr. Shiragami know that
I'll be late picking up his manuscript.
-Hey, wait.
Mr. Saiki, you're early today.
Right on time.
Yes, earlier than usual.
-Come in.
-Okay. Thanks.
Could you close the door?
Oh, I forgot.
I guess he got in?
I'm a spirit right now,
so I can pass through doors.
In exchange for teleportation,
Dad agreed to let me
observe Shiragami's workplace.
These are the artists who
draw the background art of Si-Cy.
This is next week's chapter.
Turn the page for me already.
-Let me take a look.
Don't look!
Doesn't he realize the whole country
will see this anyway?
I'll put it in an envelope,
so you can look later.
What is this, a love letter?
But if there are any errors
Then I'll look through it again myself.
Oh, well. I'll wait here.
I can't wait. Let me read it.
-Mr. Saiki.
-What? Aren't you Kumogata? What's up?
I drew a new manga.
Could you look at it?
You finally finished it!
I wish Shiragami
would have this level of confidence.
-This is the script?
It's an action manga
depicting the battle between
a man with the powers
of Archangel Michael and Lucifer.
It's titled Bad Angel!
Sounds like crap.
I'll take a look.
Please do!
As I thought, it's crap.
-How is it?
-Kumogata, you're right-handed?
-I am. Why?
-I thought so. Your character's faces are
facing left too often.
-Facing left?
Most right-handed artists
draw people facing left
and left-handed ones
draw people facing right.
Sticking to your comfort zone
makes your layout too simplistic.
You're right. I do.
You have too many close-ups of faces.
It makes the art repetitive
and tiring to read.
The writing could be better too.
It's too wordy.
Even during the exposition,
you need to explain using images
as much as possible.
Use gags and layout to communicate too.
For a new artist,
they won't read every word.
Ideally, you would barely even need words.
That's challenging even for pros,
but do your best
-to cut as many words as you can.
-Something isn't right.
-Too many lines, and a simple layout
I see. So, that's why it was hard to read.
That's not the only reason.
Your borders are slanted a lot, right?
It adds impact for fight scenes,
but you need to be more selective
with that technique.
What is this uncomfortable feeling?
You should know when
to employ different layouts.
Did he say "employ"?
What's with me?
I couldn't help but interject.
Oh, here, going beyond the border.
And that's an ink stain.
-I missed that!
-You have to be careful.
Here. The clothing isn't consistent.
You're right!
Manga is a product.
Make sure to inspect it very carefully.
-Pros would already know to do this.
It's all wrong!
What? Dad's clothing isn't consistent.
And mine?
It's not good to use a monologue
to explain the setting.
Too much reading.
And the fight scenes are confusing.
Plus, the weird objects
on the protagonist's head
are never explained.
Oh, we can forgive that.
But the biggest issue
is that the characters are flat!
He's lazy but keeps getting involved
in incidents.
It doesn't make sense.
Mr. Saiki, please have some coffee
and cake.
Oh, thanks.
-Something is off.
This scene is confusing.
Mr. Saiki, in Harajuku the other day,
weren't you apologizing
to three middle school students?
-You saw that?
-That sounds about right.
There's another problem.
Why can this protagonist
use demonic powers?
It's written here.
-Because he ate the devil's fruit.
-The devil's fruit!
-That's it!
-You know One Piece, right?
-Of course!
Putting that aside for now
What powers did he gain from that?
-Super speed.
That's from Assassination Classroom.
What were you thinking?
You can't plagiarize!
Some jerks try to get around that
by calling it a parody.
-One more thing.
-There's more?
-Your ending is too sudden.
Punchlines are very important.
If it doesn't feel complete,
it won't do well no matter how good
the rest of it is.
Be careful of that.
Okay, I understand.
-Where's the punchline?
It's a Sunday and the weather is great.
The city is peaceful, as usual.
But this peace may end soon.
Because of an evil group
known as Dark Reunion.
They are trying to take over the town
with their evil powers.
But we have a powerful ally on our side,
the best person to take on Dark Reunion.
Sorry for the wait.
My big brother!
I got soap and toilet paper.
And you?
Yes! I got the triple-A batteries.
I'm Toki Kaido. I'm in second grade.
I want to be like my brother
when I grow up.
Mission complete. Let's go!
Wait, can I watch this a bit more?
What's this?
It's the good part of Cider-Man.
-Five times.
I could've beaten this villain
five times already.
I mean, my brother is really strong!
Just how strong are you?
Stronger than Cider-Man?
-About seven times stronger.
-Cider-Man drinks this!
Let me explain! When Cider-Man
drinks cider, he gets ten times stronger!
Wow, ten times.
I see. Then maybe I'll unleash
my true power and fight him.
That's right! My brother
keeps his right arm bandaged
to hold in the insane power
stored inside it.
If the seal is broken,
he will destroy the world.
So he can never take it off.
-I do see him take it off at home,
-This is okay!
but he says there's a force field
inside the house.
I hope I can get that kind of power.
-Let's go.
-Hey, wait.
Anyway, my brother is really cool.
-He's my role model.
Hey little guy, what's up?
-What're you guys doing here?
-Does my brother know them?
-Figured we would stop by your place
-My brother said he
didn't really have friends.
-I don't need friends.
-Oh, I get it!
They are your underlings!
Oh, he's your little brother!
What's your name, super little guy?
-I'm Toki.
-Let's go outside!
You go. I'll hang out
with this super little guy.
This is bad!
I have to protect Toki's image of me.
And I don't want Nendo to know about it!
Hey, you. Why are you so full
of yourself as an underling?
You think I'm little guy's underling?
What can I do?
Well, that's right!
I was going too far as an underling.
Sorry, Kaido.
I'm still new at this,
so tell me about your brother's powers.
-Don't goad him on.
Sure! My brother
Wait, Toki!
You won't tell me?
Maybe I'll quit being his underling.
He's dumb but oddly manipulative.
-Cut it out, man!
My brother
used to be the head of a biker gang!
-He can knock you out!
-It's over now.
Seriously! That's insane!
When he was in fourth grade!
A fourth-grade biker?
Anything else?
There's plenty more!
Hey, that's enough!
-Do you know what this is?
-A lightbulb?
The one who invented this
is my brother!
-He's Edison?
My brother is the first
to walk on the moon.
Armstrong now?
He also beat a sumo wrestler
in less than three minutes.
I'm pretty sure that's someone else.
Good grief. Leave him be, Nendo.
You play dirty.
Wait, I can't laugh!
You're actually an amazing guy!
You believed him?
I didn't know.
Are you really that amazing?
-There's more.
Cut out the racket. I'm trying to study.
-Sorry, Sora, we will keep it down.
I don't care if you're partying,
just go outside or something.
I have exams coming up.
We're really sorry. We'll be careful.
Who's that?
My little sister.
You have a sister?
You're too loud.
Seriously? Get her out here again!
You're being too noisy!
What's her name?
Keep it down!
Shut the hell up!
We will go outside.
He's weak to his sister.
She was like an angry animal.
Sora has high school entrance exams
coming up soon.
She's usually more chill.
You're her brother, aren't you?
Knock some sense into her.
I would never hit my siblings!
God damn it!
You've got to be kidding me!
Why are you sold out of Energy Cider!
Damn piece of shit!
Hey, you.
Don't kick that machine!
What did you say, punk?
Toki, what are you doing?
This is your territory, isn't it?
This neighborhood is my territory.
-So cool!
-I did say that.
You got a problem with this?
Well, no.
We'll take you on!
You're going to help me out?
We'll stay a safe distance away,
so give it your all.
Bring it on! Take this!
This jerk isn't even worth
my brother's time.
I want to be like you,
so I've been taking martial arts.
Nothing compared to you, though!
He's already surpassed his brother.
-Teruhashi is pretty again today.
-She's an angel.
I'm soothed just by looking at her.
I can hear everything you're saying,
you know.
Pretending not to hear is annoying for me.
I'm a vulnerable maiden
who doesn't know how pretty I am.
Don't make me break that disguise.
I have to not look that way.
Pretend not to hear.
-Kusuo? That girl just said it so loud!
Let's go get cake later!
Saiki and, Aiura the transfer student?
What are those two
Hey, you're in the way.
Acting so friendly with Saiki,
darn that bitch!
Good grief. I told you not to talk to me
at school, Mikoto Aiura.
Good grief.
Teruhashi was watching earlier.
I hope nothing happens.
-She's coming.
-What are you doing?
-Talk us out of this.
Oh, Aiura what are you doing here?
Oh! It's Kokomi Teruhashi.
You're alone? Weren't you with someone?
Yes, I was on the phone. What's up?
I heard you talking, so I came over.
Kusuo was running away from her?
But damn, she's cute!
What an intense aura!
Did I interrupt you?
When I realized she was my romantic rival,
I was pretty upset.
Who said you could check?
She really is something else.
Mikoto Aiura, I saw you chatting
with Saiki earlier.
How do you know each other?
Is Saiki into trashy girls like this?
I'm so much better than her.
My looks and intellect
are leagues above hers.
My personality is better too.
I wouldn't be so sure.
There's no trait in which she's better
-Her boobs!
Aiura, if you're done, just walk away.
I'll get cake with you or whatever.
-Well, I have to run. See you later!
-Oh, wait!
Damn, I couldn't ask her about Saiki.
What about her? Her boobs aside,
is she really Saiki's type?
I wanted to talk to her more.
She's crazy cute!
So charismatic too.
-Oh, my!
-No way!
Teruhashi, what happened?
A makeover.
-She's so edgy now!
-She looks great!
-What is she doing?
-How cute!
Saiki, you're looking at me.
Will you gasp now?
No, I'll just sigh.
You've got the wrong idea.
Terukoko, that look fits you!
And you, what did you do?
What do you think? I'm mainstream now.
-Terukoko, you looked really cute.
So I tried a more conventional look
like yours.
-It's a wig, though.
-What are you trading looks for?
Those two are together again.
What's going on?
Aiura doesn't even look like herself.
Is it not about her looks? Then
-is it her boobs?
-Still no.
Did you forget what I said yesterday?
Oh, sorry.
Oh, Aiura.
She looks down. Maybe
I hate your new look.
That must be it!
Why would I care?
It's like that saying,
"opposites attract!"
You're still wrong.
Stop jumping to ridiculous conclusions.
Now I know what to do!
-Oh, my god!
-Oh, my god!
-That's Teruhashi, right?
-Can't you tell?
-She's still so cute!
-Why the sudden change?
You really did it.
Teruhashi, what did you do?
-I just felt like it!
-So edgy!
A personality makeover too?
I changed my girlish looks
and my internal self as well.
All that's left is to make you gasp,
Kusuo Saiki.
Good morning, Saiki.
No reaction! What's wrong?
What's wrong with your brain?
What do I need to do?
Do I need the boobs after all?
You're still fixated on boobs?
I don't want her to fall deeper into this.
Oh, well.
Aiura, I need a favor. Help me out.
-Why did you do another makeover?
-Teruhashi is back to normal!
-She's not edgy anymore!
You dropped that look!
It was just a phase.
There's still a little left!
-I did what you asked, boss.
-That makeover is bad.
The person you're thinking of
doesn't like people
who change themselves to fit others.
He likes confident girls.
I see. That would explain why
Saiki didn't react to you
-or to me today.
-Forget him and find a nice guy.
So I'm back to normal.
To think that I was swayed by others.
I'll make Saiki gasp with my own style.
I haven't made her give up,
but I'm glad
she's at least back to normal.
So, Saiki's type is
someone who stays true to themselves.
That's totally me! I didn't need to worry.
It's just a matter of time.
I must have imagined it.
I'm pretty sure that gasp came
from Saiki, but
Hey, Aren,
when Teruhashi changed her style,
we weren't around at all!
I wanted to see that!
Why weren't we there?
We would've gasped so much!
On the next episode,
a new transfer student arrives.
He talks a lot.
Subtitle translation by Takuya Sawaoka
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